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Bisbee Arizona Daily Orb Newspaper Archives Oct 23 1899, Page 4

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Bisbee Arizona Daily Orb (Newspaper) - October 23, 1899, Bisbee, Arizona Pm ? her sgt pm a Iota 7,. T a it. A f. List. Fri my Virv m met a act to i Vaif 3 Thi til in Fol. B. F. Braham o mexican Amer u a i u 1. Pc a t fa.--4 it a a up i w w off Uby if subscribe for the tonight. Yesterday afternoon about 5 o clock to Blifil the train Tio base Job str Batuik m ii orb. J,.,. T0 Mcwith all0ut t0thomas Sutton the Andy mania a Pun out a shooting scrape started to Bisbee visitor. J1 twee i. Uhf mexicans awl americans latest at Vlf s it millinery goods at Over forty shots being Exon anted. When firs . bin Oke away there Weka thera la Soma talk it Hrin Almi two mexican guards Laid out in the Tucson Ball team Here. Into near f u . T. A. J go and see those ,1 fold Tutor. " " Slit the Tuchon tuft air was he Pat of Twoy Arimo t of Thrif by Thomam of that city.? the-game4 were for purse of $300 a Side and Kate recon pts. Pow stb3l6ult, roat eked with Iii Etui ii Ritt of new busies , Riu Vui is Lucacc and Ionuti Tai n Spring wagons Trippa to make i first Clam in a Fow Dilys. On Al ready announced be.twfe.11 two of our Wal known Fnnnk Tito Plaja scheduled. 0v the nuns future .10- Cicik it Seno Siv Kkt Kyj Wili. Sror a 6dtishr Undy time ant Wius cur the worst col d lip Iweis wird it Honor refunded. 25 i6 for a ale Bielee drug Forel on awl u i. I ? it to Walti i a main s grand circus is to he in Ben Ion on thursday Komber 9th. La is pm Bible that an . Cunil Owh from Here. a " when our boys Woro Almo St dad from tit e whooping Couch our Botor Jive one minute cough Fiey raved rapidly writes y. If. Jet Lei Argyll pa1 it cures cough.", cold Grippe and All Throat and lung troubles. Copper Queen store ". The reported killing of okie. Of the Hunting party in the Ajo Inonu Tajnai Sonora has proved to he a hoax Niue into the gratification of the Turkey track company expect to. Ship Twenty three " Ca Raof Catilo Tomor Row from either Cjon Louis of Naco. Past Oft Beattie , balance los Angeles tick headache apol Necly by cured by using Moki a ple Pant. Herb drink. Cures on step action and in.0 0" of eat sleep work and action Rante enl Money 5m cts. Aiiil.60 cts Foi,8ale. By j. 8. . Mrs. Edward Barker while doing up lierjiousework.this-. Morning broke one of the. Bones Anjier Nankie. A doctor was called broken limb. Ruicis in splints. The Many mrs. Bar. Ker Are nailed to hear of har Accident and Hope for her speedy recovery. Acker s. By Sersia t,aklkt3 Akk sold in a positive. Guarantee. Cures heart Burn raising a distress after eating any up Riiff dyspepsia. One Little Tablet gives irn mediate Relief 25. Pts. And 50 cts. For aleut Bisbee Perug riders Ilitch Ocic and. Miller made Beveral. Small seizures of smuggled yesterday. Parties going Down from Here thought Thev would like to bring Home a Box of Good cigars a bottle of Mescal but most of them were detected and made to give up their pos sessions. Moki Tea positively cures sick head ache indigestion and1 constipation. A delightful Herb drink. Removes All eruptions of Iuie skin producing a per it u u complexion Money refunded. 25 it Ahu 50 cts. For Sale drug store. J Pat Dougherty a Miner employed by fio Copper Queen company was taken Uvrl no Hospital in an almost Ive Pless condition Tow tiles ii he was caught by a and injured in the kide arts hat a Buthe thought the injury of comparatively lit -. Tie Iid Wen t to Bis. Cabin expecting to in b Day two. U wi8hrtoexpre8 my thanks to the manufacturers in Chanberlain a Colic cholera and Diar Hrit li3 remedy for hit Viii put on the Ina set such wonder Fulche Alciie say 8v. W Massingill of lieu Miniti test there Are Many 4 Liioi Isande of mothers whole children have Peon saved from attn eks of dysentery and cholera inf Antum who net aia Odel thankful. It is for . All Iru Kista. 0 the Tunal of health in san Francisco have upon recommendation of the Best authority ordered the e old gov Ernman special Rosire whisky to be Yatri used among. The sick and inva. Lids of n. Returning soldiers. Sold exclusively. By Dubacher & Muheim. T.ol0 your face. Shows the state of your feelings and he Slatt Fol y6ur health As w1i impure blood Winket self apparent in a Pale and Sallow complexion pimples a fit jr0tt, Are feelings weak and worn out and do not have a healthy appearance you should v try. Acker s Ulolo inf Xix it cures All blood diseases where cheap Sar spar failed. Runners. All know. J no to Bis o sell every bottle on a pos five guarantee. For Sale at Libee Kitag i Bree to both very seriously wounded bail Burger a minor from Here 0ulj a. Ratje to h number passed Over the Flat car s on Wutoh were hundreds of women and. ,,. ,a , we. A the Eusuf the a Waener Choju tithe train at the time Heine not Over two Hundred feel from the contestants the Batty e started Over a Small Fristic encounter Between a mexican a l on the mexican Side of the line the american knocked the mexi cart do in acid Tarie a Nome. into . Ii uts when the mexican police started Jor him Wyten a shot Una fired which it 8 a Einal of general Fuci Lade armed and guard he earing Fri Tutaj sides while the cowboys. Came quickly to the Aid of the few americans Lut were armed. At pne of the. Just Ylioja Ian Burner whew a to ving to from the Stoie to. Geta boar d Tjio train fell with a bul let in his right leg Anil after falling bul be a Ini Jln the. Dust Fly Al a found dim. Shiu Louiie Ortii narrow .e.sxjapps, and i Iliavi lbs Iii h hot. By lying Flat on the ground an reporter who waa on the. Scene., with others started to go but Ilia Bulele in Elope proximity to their Heads made them think that the Doner they hugged Mother Eurth the better it would be for them. Alter the firing had stopped Burger Al wound Wai bound up As Well As Coull. To and he waa brought to town and placed in the company Hospital. After the train had left about Twenty minutes the guards killed a Man named James Ryan a freighter and a British subject. Ryan was employed in unload ing freight for the Cobre Grande com Pany and was in no Way connected in the affair. He was on the mexican Side ,and his body is said to have been Riddle with bullets. Joe Rhoden. An Aniie afcan Cowboy Well known. In this if Yoko happened to be on the mexican aide when the affair took place waa arrested and placed in jail As was also James Marks an american employed at Naco who is Ajao. Quite Well known Here he having served As a Packer in the cuban War. Grad the fight started five minutes 09110 a when the Street leading from the Ball ground waa tilled with men Binen and children it is hard to. Have foretold the renal hand Inore we e not killed wounded seems u Brnoit miraculous. The scene on the cars ,1wuh one Moat a Wiful women and child ten fat Tom screaming. For husbands to 1. Ers and brother1while a number went into Tina episode when now the third Cuba Pler in the Naco warfare promises to Lead to More serious com plications than tie one at the time of the killing of Hob Clayton Soma six weeks ago. The american authorities will undoubtedly take no the matter while British subjects Here Are already taking Steps to Call the attention of Tan British government to the killing of Ryan. It would not have taken much to have aroused the crowds that gathered in the streets last Niht to a fut Iii trim and. Making a raid on the mex Ings hut Wise counsel on the Pari of some quieted matters Down. It was reported this morning that an attempt Wai to be made to Rescue Rhodes and marts but up to tiie horrid gluing to press nothing had happened to disturb the q Siut and peace of Naco although Tuexi Ilbok is any Ming put a Saunig. In Spain s greatest 1 co. ,.,. A 01iviaof bite Elona Spain j spends his Winters at Aiken s. C weak nerves severe pains in the Back of his head. On using electric bitters. America s greatest blood and Nervo remedy All pain soon loft. . Lie says this grand Medicine is what his in Union country Needa. All America knows that Alj a it cures liver and kidney . Milieo tie blood tones up thu stomach strengthens the nerves puts vim vigor and new life into every muscle nerve and Organ of the body. If week tiled Ailin you need it. Every bottle Gur Anteen Only on cents Soia by Bisbee drug store and Copper Queen store notice of dissolution. Trutt it n to a Looi to l Ltd i iflf4 Caius Curiston sick Olft-4t. F a. Var. Lost i lost h Vij Mitiu re Between Bisbee Carl Case containing Money and papers papers valuable Towner Only. 53.00 Reward loft return of ii Iii. O Reilly,,ri2., r notify by. Mail. It 3i wholesale and p .51 1 s & r Wiite for Catal go pianos on monthly payments. If a if 0ffice-.i2 1 Broadway Loi Angeles. Calir Torii the Ball game. The match game of b Aso Ball Between the a. & s. E. And Copper Queen niner played yester Lily at Nabo via one of tin Best games that has been played in Lii Vicinity for some Tuinei arid managers c f. Nicola credit for getting toilet tier Uch an of Imler players vib d for Fivi 1 tie people ru5j1 Hill i played Yee verday on thai o ija8 e Ball ground the game waa exciting a and never Lakei Intel eat i Roin St artto Aniali. With on two except tides both teams player As Good Ball a i could be found in a profi Sion team Hui pitch lug b f both delay nil Arm Strong Vas of tie Vefik la St eco till base work of 1rrehaney of the Copper Queen team was something of order 1. Such games of Nulf As this will vhf Aye draw Lurie crowds no matter where played. Shuitt 300 people went do whip from Biscoe to Bee the Gaius. The old being i s t he official score by innings. A12 u 5 c 7 8 1 10 Copper Queen 0 0 t 0 1 0 8 2 0 0 . 2 0 1 10 0 1 0 1 i Baees on Balu Ada ins Graf. Two Bas e hits Teli Aneyci Armstrong Howe. Ii1 i double plays Tehaney to Twoomey grat to Johnaon. " r hit by pitched Ball adans. Struck out by def Luneau Arm Strong 11. A i Asse balls Graf 21 Adams 1. Umpire rone., Scoter . Larri Aguiri " time of game 1 her stud a minutes. Attendance advertised Ile Tersh of remaining uncalled Tor in the Billiee Postol Lonc for Hie week ending october 21, 1809 " Almanza anal Millar Francisco a . A Lumiel. Nav. Maude i -2 ? a Bernal Segundo " Posey. We. E. 2 Blanc Hui Fie ii re Lichetti Eneato Booth j. I of few e. P. Cordero eve so Skiffington. J. Crowell Frank Salcedo Jesus. Con arc . Thnh Ipson John Eaton Leov of loins Albert food h. Is Warner e. A mrs Gryalba a Franco. A. Gleeson John Whiteside Joe 5 Guildard c e Wiit aide j. A. Loyle Arthur Ura hoj Concepcion Leon Guadalupe Valencia Loreto to whom it May concern. The cobra Grants flopper co. Will not be responsible in any Doi t contracted by j. j. Henry Woods any Peiyon acting for them after this Date. T by order Board of directors Cobre Grande Copper co. A. C. , Bra one sept. 20, 18 3. Predut ii Al Ezekiel f6l,Merl duty United states marshal under w. K. Meade air recently interested in mining in the dts goods is in jail in Meson charged with murder he he Lvii on Sui inlay la Elshof to death of tie Street in tic de t i 0 c. an old resilient of in fat l ii. The As thus for Fhil cat e thai tie killing wits utterly . T f v ,1awiierin the Atlan a cont Tut inn tells , perhaps a Ito , of an. Author Vjio being Fialli pressed by his. I editor a Rolv Foo Lin editor fur he had done some work Pii hmm Sajid Check at once As my eat Oil the candid editor Replie in this Brief to is mine. Heaven help Gen shatter on 6d. Ber 10 reached the age of retiring from the Anne but will be kept in command of the depart ment of California with Hia pie seut Volunteer rank As major Senegal until All the volunteers Are returned from Manila for Muster out and until the ,a8t f Tab Nev int regilnent8 have started across the Pacific. The ladies of the Catholic Church Are to give another one of their annual fair Durt Nii the Middle of next month. The Iid off stir. Inn hum time to time 118 Tho programme ii a ranged. T rent. A Large sunny Well ventilated room 8iiitablefor off Hij Woll ave. Next to chamber s1 Denull Parlours. 021 of it i. Y. Vickers. A returned to Tomb Stone after. Peu Diu a few dues in our Eity ? Mehlo Chris retiring a .n0"9 Bru no m1f i Lara i i retail dealers in " organs. Pm to a f you find the Way to Ioir Liestal Parlours Rit it now it May save j up. A lot of Exine and Nain from now. Some exile Aren t very my h Itono Erwied about troubles that Are a year in the distance but a year Wil by around in a very time. It s neither expensive pain Fil l to have Little cavities 111 the Teeth filled. You la tie obliged for the hint. Do. W. A. Cila Minnito Chisholm building. Folding Beds at. To. F. Graham it Cors. From $1 5 up to $85 a fint line of them now ready to be shown. Slot f j does your watch have fits spasms j h ankle the jeweler cures them. At Blewett a. To arrive at o k livery stable a car Load of Rii i t class buggies of All kinds built Toor Dei for b. F. Graham & co. Anyone wanting tin Siu Jot. Iron work should Call on e a. Omi to. Next . Fronery. &7 if Proi .raslination.ia. The thief of. Tinsel so have Hinkle the jeweler catch the Hief. Blewett s shoo store. T for Sale one six Roo nouse with Bath. And water Conno Mona Loca Tion in Lori. Al one extra lot. rent Loute at $30 per . Line, of Otto Yon Katiel. .27-t l Sale a two room Furt limit Hogue , centrally Lii Fancil. Lots for if 15.i Man in. Only $o0i. A i a at in 14 of Jee. ,. J27if for Sal a two room Houpe tar opera House a Lia Tain. Apply at. This Olyce Seploff Fly gallery opposite residence. Of Van. Harris brewery Gulch. ,nil8-t f avoid assessment work and have your claims patented before oct. 1st. Geo. C. Clark e. M., Howell ave. S15-2 if you want a new hat neatly Iii Nam to stint your Liiste leave your order at org. Blewett s. Fit f wanted situation As clerk sales lady by one who is Well acquainted Here Jund thoroughly competent. For address apply at this Liliee. 04- of do you want your old watch Good As new if so have it in paired by Klinkle the jeweler in Blewett s shoe Storo t go to o k livery stable if you want Good driving teams. T White pique skirts at reduced prices at Blewett s. of for galvanized Iron. Tanks an i v ant Lee ii o of All Siw 1 0 10 0. . Maps of coclii80jtouiity for Bale at this Tolice. 25 cents each. Of. For air fun Civ roof and muttering. C4ii on 3sja Vinn in hit j a full Lin of Hiiri Wool skirts All Ooi Orn. Cum. To Ceiva h at tie Vii said Togo to . G Rah Titi a co. Fin Fuini utne Ani l inn Lun i Oiin a fool. T for ult i Inonu a an Itil to Miuji ii Ermnie s. go toe. G. Old cd Tor tanks and lunch in. Nextdoor Impi of trowery. 87 of b. V. Graham & will have two carloads of furniture Ami Furni Ahins Roods in next week. Rain Hail Snow that watch must to Klinkle the jeweler does that at Blewett s shoe store. Miss Mary Good body intr Clor of piano. For lessons apply at resold . William ii. I Ropley. Be for rent. Three Roome House Brood Loci lion $12 per Mouth apply at this mice. Bill to f Stop thief of time and have you watch repaired Klinkle the jeweler saves you the be Comdr. Blewett shoo store. T. Alo Lin s. Kivi ill Iatros is Trio nement nil to the Renti Tir of mouses i i leptin i Lents and to All outlier he Siuess that maybe of interest to Julian a Rilius. f House o k Twe carry a Genera i line of House aim tin Ware Ware. 1wmiiiiiitti simi1i Iwin wms him Cor sift o. K. Stref t anti rail Rouil Avenue. I f " j. Of Astill and second hand goods and sold. " Tim in mum my horses by the Day horse and sold. Hack Wilt meet All trains. Good. R x x. Y St the Furni Siers funeral directors livery feed and Sale stable Ecksmith shops Hac Aesi and Saddle s5iop furnishing goods v furniture carpets linoleum Bia Loee it rugs Granite stoves maps ? crockery new Kwh and new Royal sew1nq Pacil ikes c. A. Kewman Sis a Tinner plumber Sheet Metal Wojer Era. Bought Pis atm Griffith proprietors finest turnouts the City boarded week month. Bought Complete service. Hacks service. Upper main Elisii be Ariz a turf Saloon Jas. Letson propriety pc a Home bakery j. A. S. Miller prop is now open for business in the Duffy building. Brewery Gulch and is now read to Furnis a patrons with the Best of Fesh bread cakes Annc pies at Edro cd he will also for a next the orb pm Tims by that All of the Best meat and of Union f Vsev. Prices. " " s re people in Bis bets buy their f Harket. Wimm continue business a time the old Taud o. Sheet to office 1,. ". R x ,. F $xs-ooe0 a s z y bread c. A. Overlook & bro., i &. t yet Krak a it lpjw.vo0 a of Bisbee drugstore keeps on hand a Large assortment of pure drlg5, Hal inclines and chemicals also a Lull line of the leading Patent medicines. Notions toilet articles and perfumes. Physicians prescriptions carefully and accurately compounded. Also a Well selected Stock of Tho beet Call and see us. ,.r if. m m Iti my ,. Us . Jhom vim a we my . W " . J u. A w h . Tvs Jet i. I. I nit by b. A vat w " la. J. J ,. Vau t. N1 n w Alhi. Us re. R nor Muj. Jtr., tub . J a. v t of -a-Ett?,?jw04kttw l " i w a Tui " r avs " Kyj Tjw ref a Al ajl ". T my for i., i. T t of no thu v 4 a i
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