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Bisbee Arizona Daily Orb Newspaper Archives Jul 15 1899, Page 1

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Bisbee Arizona Daily Orb (Newspaper) - July 15, 1899, Bisbee, Arizona V4. It 1 4 Ollit wk1 kits of of s?33 Shiv ?1 r Kloch Mincu in Illuas jew lib. Gebru to. Swk3j a sex lev it & w claw in f v f y i of i i t if. I. K to j Raf my m i or 1 a ,. Ffi7mfc -. V. T Wom Leroal time tab1.ks &tis&4 " a Tii Habibun i. 1 f i a Virji. I. Or i Smith 2 ""meta1ujb 4 b4 Ward. 4 c it. Giot. 15th. 1693. 2 r Mixon. Glrst owns s. Stations. Dully l. Itv.,.llijhar3 ts0.in. In i Rodeo. , 1 25l.oi Dan Lull. 51.su 1 108.hmnrojuiiotlon. 4u 12 55 12.4 l Eckard. 2.0 12 15 18.1lilu Ullner. 2r.11 12 ski to.2 water tank. 12 05i&0. Charleston. 123.8 ,3 , 11 25 Unkart jh15li.0,.coutcntton. "15i7 11 00 145. 8. Land .5 Lotu .55.3 .0 10 00 y pel3ii Tinb. Station stops on Sis pm. Vav. . V y v " v bout Lehm. Vaivio ii Load " Katoff stations West-1joun Fuyuno . Kenn Cleo. 4 45 i. M. Vip it. W. Los annul 01. 9 00 . 5r In Yuma. ,11 k . A Jan mar Coja Tuu Cou W87 . ,. Lonson. 1 i. I Fri Slesh Slomo Prust Fie time. to Citison. V Library in Oulu. 1c k a. A toj2 00 at. 3.w K c0v.,moll8t l. M. Mib. A Ciu. Professional cards. T tic is e. Roiman Dost Atto Nev j of 1jw, Kos co. Arlz6tm. Will lion Otico in All the court of the territory n in court of Tho United states. L Dask u. sett k. Ha7.jsakd, Hui Ford & hazzard lawyer Tuo Hoti Arizona love u office at Tombstone with s. A. D. Upton. Utto Ruoy it Law. And will it Tonkonoh court term at Tombstone. William schk1 usher Justice of Otai y Public Toul t univ Ono or. Of Hub in Wallace d old Litif a Libeu Ariz or. J w. by in nil Ita bran ones. Buann Teet l. Office Shearer Bull Dine bul Favi xon a. Leo. W. Swain attorney at la " will practice in All the courts of thelver Mitory. Toon Stone arts Tom. Allen r. English a to Uliey and counsel or it la Rodico of fourth . Arizona. Ujj c. Staehly. A Tonky and coun a. Bollor. Tomb Tont. Cohuo county a. C is. Vaixliji8i Justice of the Peack. . La col to. Hempel. Piano instrumental music. Call it j Low. The . Nkiru not Ashlar Lodge. Nol2l a. A tits first thursday of each month. Vat it Nir Liro Chiron cordially invite it to attend. V. . . a lows Woro tary. T ant1mark chapter no. 0. N. A. 11. Stato convocation third tuesday in in Cut month. Vols Lelm comm Nous u Kook vhvil4. Bak. Seo rotary Lodge no. 6, a. O. U. A. Milk k v every suture any evening ill tons lrou1. rally invited. We. A Jalta Alf Tusk Godfrey recorder. Ii. C. If Tasipit Rinau Oler. R 0.0?. Bidder Lodge. No. 10. Meets every evening Vuctir Arbroth y invited to attend. A. V. Wat a n4 get Emit be Marks 11. B. Pm proved order of red men. Cochise 1 tribe no. 7., meet every even a s at the opera House Hull visit Iii bulb Tiff cordially . C. Benton Schom. .a.maukey, c. Of. Or. Edmundson Moji Ciro sum. Re Home Foi Juji buteo Foi it is not. Llison meets lit and third in a Chopou Unusco 7 s0 p. In. Ultine com a. Ecu Liik Ulm us k Welcome. .h.w. St lies. Pros. T. ?. Vii. Ii a lieu Hor so. Y Fatuki Howell. No. 11, Forks to bsds of Amorita ingot every worm by no lit. . Soylu u. R. Jah a Kelly financial Secretary. L. Juning and scientific press Matt Ait a year 24 pages 1 weekly 1 illustrated. Indispensable i $3 per year postpaid. Jaxn Roit a ample Coit. Ponc "4 scientific press oj0 Marxt St. Sait frat Cisco. Cal. A Lamaj so yeahs v Ysasi vhf he blk Ift a rmnm3h vmj2jhsii is2f$jr Trade Marius tom4 &.c. Anyone and nit n a Hatch and Way nil Clr our opinion fro Vcci Iii on Larom Lon Ispiro Hubly . . Lei Twila. . Hortto Ohrn i aleut Miu. Free. Ducut Neemre for eve Urli r up Tiiu. Talent taken Tai Roupli Luna & co. . Without chante Latha by tic Emi Imi it 11tiiftlrif w1 trn Rolv. Jitt tit to Cunt Iii i but Epcie Shiun Journo j Cri. Aycart four month., in sum by Xii miicnicr.fijnn&go.3c1cffievtqrf irn Nch of. Via it Venn 1. C cured i stricture 10 Days. Jas a o ii Igor Gleet of univ Civ or or. 1 111.1. 8k Lill. R. In in. Mail. St., 1., v.,. ,. Arizona news. Interest my items culled from our exchangqs.1 Prescott a to have a now this month. Honey by the Carload a now going out from Tempo to Tho Eastern Mark its. A move is on foot to run to Ali Toni x City railway Lino to Tho Indian school j you can t euro dyspepsia by dieting. Eat Good wholesome food Ami plenty of it. Kodol Dye Pepsi curo digests food without Aid 110m the at much and a made to Cusk. Joppru Queen min ing co. Kingman celebrated two Days. Two Banda came from Mendlea and fort to have at Phoenix $2,700 has been raised a. Sex mayor Damon tote funds to to used in advertising that town. Jolin Landma Ilc a former sergeant in Tho globular army died in Phoenix on saturday. Llo win n Swedo Vag cd. 39 a Al vow vis. 1j.j t i ii. To a i in 1 Lulf and h -. Coi fault a. I Itti c 1st. Colonel Hurley i a died in ban fran Cisco hi3t week. Ilo was an old timer 1 1 to Fiovo county and lie Lold Many friends in Kingman and Tho . Articles of into Apo Iii Ion of to Canyon railway ,Ai y lilo u also Mollico of the St retry on saturday. Tho cup Ufa och a $1,050,-c0 0 and its shares $100 a. Diseased to Mach surely under nine a health. It Iidle Htiu Tridiv kill Jeri i destroys the in Yud by Dieury and predisposes to ii Sanuy and butyl diseases. All it Portio try Bulwa Aru quickly cured by dil Ctm i t has cured . U d of is eur inc Thom every if. A 1 tvs sent. Are such Tunit it Cau ii a can big. Vii be Queen my ing i. The fourth of july was appropriately cok in Florence wit i races fire works and a Duco. Thoro wore no mishaps except a premature pyrotechnic display and a Jolly time was had. Mrs. Ii. V. Jan you of Detroit mich., is in Florence. She is the Mother of hairy Jackson who was formerly District attorney of Pinal county and has property interests which Olio Canio to look after. Olvitt Early expel irom pole Onona to Zumut Lati dres Srog Lafe Tho ,.f1bbtvgia an ". A. T. F i c. V in 1 id. Ai., ill ,. M ii a. A1 pleasant cures contain action and indigestion makes you eat sleep work and. Happy. Satisfaction guaranteed or Money Back. 25 Eta. And 50 Eta. For Sale by j. S. Williams & co. Colt ii a surveying from Flor Enca i8 in Tho upor Anition mountains and Wilt run a Basa Lin e 0,1st to Tho neighbourhood of Globe where n Tovin Ehi p will a survived. The party Eon Aist Sof a. T. Coitan Alton Whitlow Chinloy yj1itl0w, Walter Bailey Phil. Ivc be John Grady meant Vicy Lilliott and Jam Gray i hey have an outfit of ten animals n expect 1 in three months. U or Lino of Wall paper 13 Tho very intent a Jug 1898. Anouar Jonas scr Fula a vile inheritance scr Fula is Tho most obstinate of blood troubles mid is often Tho result of in inherited taint in Tho blood. S. S. S. In Tho Only remedy which Rocs deep. Of .1i.1l.Iii Mivi T .1 r. Tir him i. Mns3 of sorts and Ida Fri eyesight. Also became of Fhi Icett a. No treatment v a if was up Broil hint wot. Oliou Brut would relieve Saf lie knew pro room Jav t 2? i until his crud Lou visor a sdmk3indeed pit Lawn. I Hai Lefi Viss almost despaired of his Al Fitwi by Hie adv toe of a Friend a Kivo film s. A. A a wort Assoc Lyle. Ado. Elded was the result and Altero Lind Zakoji a dozen bottles no of of is former div Adful condition would Lime recon Ltd film. All Trio Gort s on his Bod have Lio Alt a huh slain is perfectly Clear and smooth quid to Haa been restored to perfect health. M is. S. S. Majuig. S s3klm&t.,.mnculi,u. For real blood troubles it is u waste of Timo to a Sweet n euro from Tho Doc Toi Jul toil no beyond their skill. Swift s specific c5j Cut is Ortr u. To. 101$2srqigz&0m t a Pia. Roselies Alt drop seat d cases Shioli Btl Iov rom Wilps tvo no upon. It is Trio Only blood remedy purely logo Triblo and to Rijina no pot Wisn Mercury or ump Niue. Books infilled from to Jiny jul Drcsak by Awin Specic coauanta., . I v Library w us Rem cobwebs about a House Are usually the sign that the housewife has More than she can do the Way she goes about it that All her time and strength Are utilized in doing heavy work that she uses soap in her cleaning. If she would Only use m$3 Hli was Biog powder Kufs m twit fs1work would be so Piffl neglected. Gold dust gives Liff Kokk ssmpb4 Vii to read Anil Lime 10 sew. 11 for a11 cleaning for greatest Mem the n. K. A. .,., -. Uli Vuu St. A clips t n n Oil Jav saw. I s i. Frosli oysters kinds of Casein that Ablo supplied affords. R wh3&3j w Al j ii a til 1h m my be., Fine m Lulli 3835? m fam 1 1 i y we w1tww my ". W k 4 u0st94 a season. With Pil 1 Trade especially catered Leon or . For Ifni i. Imported wines Reading card rooms attached. Give a Call. Opposite Trio Ili foray Bisbee. To m " v jfl5 Cis Yew Wjk it a Ujj Beds a Jael Yeti va4 to anything Lilit , any thins thut needs careful Handlin t.,"calt 4? Armstrong Bros j uni for. Cupid be Flory. Pitoau Crabie Kates. City shop Bath a dds Maries &. Wittiv proprietors. V ii of a t a 4. Firs. N. Crossly top. A i it Clah s centrally . Furni Blizil rooms. Lighted by electricity. ,. Equipped after modern Metli ods All a Vujih Contr Butu to the trav Elor a Comfort. Travel Init Public in invited to at the blk Semkiu. J. Is. Jack i i ibs to Small Lii co. " x Utida Nalii dul Maher Canyon y of nil Ken div on $ v dish h nud Mould s i Tutles ii naps Ute o. Lor stud a Burr Wun oin j n. V. Lie i l 3iati a state t7 3 7 v4 & Arizona is it Taw my lightened the things need t be a woman to rest to visit time 13 mum a unto Usu i ii or Economy buy our Largo package. Fairbain 11 cum pain y new la c i3i.zns&vrj rup rooms i m Rind All Tho Best Tho Market &. i Buahin Gessl proprietors liquors and cigars. Umof Fth Bisbee to. Larrieu. Pietor. Fam Bank. And us apis toe 13 p move a Riber a hotel with the Tho Call 0swft8ft3t ffftttar4 the Yard h i also sushi Iii a that Little time time York i wines via a Mem Reg not huh vat fir a be tips u it life Tel Arista. Saloon a i rep. T h j liquors and cigars. 1 a s i. W. Wallace agent and broker. Bisbee Arizona rear Csc Ting mining prop erties. Real estate bought and sold. Money loaned and made. In lift m of Praught club Tanto of 11 urn 1. Fine imported and do mostly wines liquors Anil cigars. Your patronage licence Nelly Solon Ltd. Dubacher c muh Ehn. Ill i ". i assay offi ii. L Rob list Taota and Silver in Ono Sample 1.25 til apr. 1.00 uld 1.00 or Maori Iron Zinc Silica Lime Sulphur Antimony and Lead each o Rutn pm by mull Orex Orcas re cello tiros it and eur Irful . Is Ioia rata Tfirn on Sivu an triples. Call Lor Hui Plu Burkt. Bam plus to Lett it Anir. Scofes. Ull Tuo i a r Ali we on to til. V a i Ilam Nisbet Aiu Onn Heap cars Orlf i ionic. Choice family groceries. N filli3 i Iii clods my Dally. Wines liquors cigars and tobaccos goods delivered to nil ports of town. I. Take the. Of from vow l q. To intr until ii Iii Iii to All Northern or Eastern Points. Close com sections made at Kansas City and Chicago with All the Northern and Eastern lines. Through coaches tourist curs Uno Pullman sleeping i All meals not served in dining cars Are taken at the popular 8anta to route Harvey eating houses. Full information cheerfully furnished upon application to f. B. Houghton or goal at Elpaso Tex. A through. i i i i to and passenger service the direct through line from Arizona and new Mexico to All Points in the North East and Southeast. Low Altitude. Perfect passenger service. Through cars. No Lay Over late3t pattern Pullman Buffer sleepers. Handsome. Now chair cars a peer safety Anil comport for particulars address. Urn a f. Darbyshir13, a w. Curtis s. W. F.&p.a., F. &p.-a. Elpaso Texas. Elpaso Texas. E. P. Turner g. P. & A., Dallas Texas no trouble to answer la Julian Cardenas. Proprietor. Of her so Cist .4. Re i e. Cd h a Pinna left m2ukbiuilhj w. R. Brown F. P. A. Al Tex freight m i k. Street Bisbee Arizona. Rooms. Elf Vici ss2s up Llly Ghisa f Akizo Nul draught quiet and a . Est wines liquors and cigars my has lies class accommodations newly furnished rooms. Tables Bupp Liedwick Tho Best tie Market affords at live ind let Liv e prices. Tho patronage Public respectfully solicited and satisfaction guaranteed. A. A. Castanado proprietor. to f if pm if i nil nil it Sill Ull fill urn Gilill ii Lull Bey Saljr a Izoita. Class rooms from 50 cents per Day upwards. Fires for families specially in flood at 23 cents. Bar to the House. Sati fat Tion guaranteed pay. Sa3e. A?r5edu3akproprietor. Caretto s gateways Alvoni Union Salo ii Street Bisbee sit Fine Lis Lepors , Boll Jorlei Anft bom esotto you w la. Be Toh mils ool d Beer constant Yiem when you visit u i ites a 13 8 is of this in n 6 r ii i i a. " h " in " win i i n n1 ii r j w m i v w ". Of j k w m. Imo & paso combined. O. Jiichi club m is f ,. Isi la ump bpm Mai i fir3t a rooms meats attached or no equitable i is Luli up step ass induce Doc Moor i 1sd7 f051.1fl5,8s7i Nom Aik Ifranco Rutton in 181 7. 15,55,g0s. Or Tronita fur Aas Franco examined and declined 24,491,97s.0i i Home 48,572,269.58 t acc mlmr.1l,l.s97 236,876,308.4 l in Rio on nil Inis Tinti policies per cent. Standard and All other liabilities 122.i8,5 i a fit. Flt Nard 00,543,1744 Laid policy hold i in 1ud7 21,106,314,14 largest mob Enrco. Carmst surplus. Hugo St dividends More during last five years. Issues bettor Poluz. I avalt1cr n. General Mann or now Mexico und a Lonu n. f. C. Fennel Bibbee states Soho est Best u,000,000 park11urst Alburl torque Pavs death claims six my try pit resident agent r Arizona we sufi . S2t-nv Razz but c t 1x4 Jimim Lilian Ilia Ali. ?2arwslwws3l5a ?- w in m to tilt Wilh a Pamm Liki Mihi ""1rmwjlrirjtj?ct-y-f-" of Kwint 7"mr 1vtk-yr " f Tot f s t i a Obj myst a Gilill i a suck pirs a
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