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Bisbee Arizona Daily Orb Newspaper Archives Aug 2 1899, Page 1

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Bisbee Arizona Daily Orb (Newspaper) - August 2, 1899, Bisbee, Arizona Fyk Wjk is a daily Arizona orb. Fee is volume Iii Bisbee Arizona wednesday evening august1899.number i i birr 1 Iii i ? i 1 a e & go not special Sale of ladies Muslin underwear gowns skirts corse6overs, Chemise and drawers a Flims it 52 a h111 sir --52 Means fully 3o a r cent lower than any other prices offered. Come and be one of the of the Lou still $ compete. The is la lots4or Sale at Naco Ariz. Title 6uaranteed prices reasonable. Apply in person or by better to a " . 0reili.y, Naco Ariz. Tim Kirifi Itu. Proprietor. Finest turnouts in the City horses Boa used by the week Day or month. Horses bought and sold Complete Hack service. Hacks will meet All trains. Good service. ,. Upper main t. 5 n Bisbee Arizona. -. Via a y. I we a tof3 s 1 All arts the st.,0 and to any of the i. F j delivery. W v and reliable work at mining placed on mines and on. All work to. 144 r a of Cono & Wood Colo. He or. A enl. Kos 3ftk up Resh pref j ,74 6oods delivered to. Re come &3 first take advantage prices coi hot Erate prices. Nia Marke proprietors. Towns by teen. Street. Bisbee Arizona. Sheet Metal worker. Bisbee Transfer company freight. Baggage express delivered part City. Prompt service and Quick assayer chemist properties commission. Examined reported correspondence solicited. Promptly attended Wood Pennington Street Tucson Arizona. Form orly Denver Calif Muil Dii Park yell sans sages Ebe. Choice. Cats of meats Only. Fresh bread daily. Free upper Irain. James f. Trotter j United states Deputy Mineral Surveyor and civil Engineer survey1no in All branches. 4fllctttlit Kiln acc. Arizona c. A. Newman. Tinner plumber and 44 hand a fwd sold. My a m of o. K. Its telegu Pic Sparks fresh from the wire from a Points. Juro a gym 6 bed the work of building Washington aug.-2. The ?flv1 Extension of their Railroad statement of the Public doff saved in w cow Fri. The surveying party Kyj the Treasury shows that at the close of business on july 31, 1899, the debt Lees Cash in the Treasury amounted to $1,101,587,671. Washington aug. 2. The International Puiia of the italian Lynching in Louisiana has has aimed a rather More t j 1 Noppert a thu Reful of Hovi Val reports received Here. These slow that the italian oth Ciula on the scene believe that four of the five men lynched were italian citizens. While the reports Are not final the italian authorities have no doubt they will be borne out by the inquiries now in pro Gress. San Francisco aug. 2. Colonel Hawkin s of the Pennsylvania regiment died in july 18, Whilo on Board the transport senator while in route to this City with Hia regiment from Manila. Apo pm by is said to have been the cause of death. Denver aug. 2. The operating. Com. Mittee of the american smelting com Pany at a meeting today decided not to re open the smelters in this City and Pueblo at to Scalo recommended by the state Board of arbitration.7",. Now York aug. 2." miss Barton in a newspaper article says there Are now in Cuba 50,000 destitute orphan children of the who have in last few years died of starvation and want. These children Are scattered throughout nearly every City and town of and importance to receive thu Drin ii out country people. They ate. Not children of Low or doubt Ful origin but Many arc of the Bent cuban Fumi Liea. Miss Barton says thu cuban Are rot Resno Anibio for tin1 destitution of thus children. When the starving were driven into the towns the residents divided food and clothing with them and divided again and again but there was a Point at which they had to top for the cuban rations distributed by our army it would to a sorry Lookout for Theeo helpless Little ones. They Range in number from thirty to one Hundred in the various towns utterly homeless end no one has the least personal inter est Iii them or responsibility for them. Is it eight uj3" for an editor to Leleo Mirlend Patent medicines j from Sylvan Valley news Breve and. C. It May be a question whether the editor of a newspaper has the rights .10 publicly recommend any of the Vari Ous proprietary medicines which flood the Market yet As a preventive of suffer ing to feel it a duty to say a Good word for Chamberlain s Colic. Cholera and Rudai Tisot i 7iiihhly wi1 have known and Iii d Thi nigh hire in our Lar Twenty tub Ami have always o in it Tori help. I n Manv a,1., i tin i ii of no of suffering while a priv Bacun Aii. J w f. Do not tie Liee in Lep Mim by on any pm a w but do believe that if a bottle of chamber lain s diarrhoea remedy were kept on Hall and administered at the inception of an attack much suffering might be avoided and in Many eases the presence of a Phye Eian would not be required. At least this has been our Jer Ienco during the past Twenty Venia. J Sale by All druggists. Dwelling houses Are still in demand notwithstanding Tho fact to Many Havo been built during the unit eighteen Mont lip. Nestor any a bins. U hindu called at the Oku of lion and her a House in he Hhd w. Of Stirk Loring Tho Day time l not have time to look Uio Iid. Thu wanted an to Movo out of our Casa Grande to lot her have it. To Are naturally of a chivalrous disposition Al wave willing and really to a Crifie Oun Easo and Comfort to oblige the fair sex but Woro necessarily co spelled l refuse in this instance. Jut did so with a vat Deal of reluctance. Neat attractive Job printing 011 Short notice Utt Sikoun. On to nac05ari.v taif Naco Brancho f the . To Eyvend into Sonora. Of do a most reliable a Turco the Omi Hwi that Theo Opper Queen company iriv. Us aug organizes Anu win Tuuu Mno Tho Fjeld. The preliminary Survey Wab completed Home , and the estimated Cost of the Road has Bee made. The building of much for Leto future of Bisbee and Naco. It will open up a mining country in Sonora that is of pre Iff Aff Fin the attn Fention of capitalist to my part of the of Coultry. Tuii Quin co Pitny Wlinich operates in Sonora umber air amuse of the upper company if put in thousands upon Tsiou funds 01 1 during the past six months in the Way of Liui hingsetc., at nac Sari and in order to successfully work the new Plant when completed it will require an enormous amount of Coke and Coal which cannot be taken in by Wagon in sufficient quantities to Keri the Plant moving. The Road will be built Only to Naco Sari at present but will ultimately be continued Down to the Gulf of Mexico the. Concession having already been secured Froni the mexican government. The building of this Road will take a vast amount of Trade from Nogales and Elpaso and give it to Bisbee or rather to Naco which is destined to become the principal Poi of entry into Mexico on the Southern Border. The Trade that now goes to Elpaso by Way of Casa Grandes will All come this Way As Well As All of the supplies shipped in. The Road to nac Sari will open up a vastly Rich Mineral As Well As Agricula Tif ural country. It will pass right through the pan Miguelita group of mines owned by James Shea and partners. The Roy grop which was recently sold by Mori and associates to Denver parties will be within about fifteen Miles of the proposed line and the Ore will be ship Ped this Way instead of via Casa Gran de and a Vonu a at present. The no do Mayo in 1 other Well known Piofer tres will in most thoroughly Hen 1 to tool. The Ruho ail will of Only Piave of Imine he k m it to the already developed non us but will be. The menus of opening Many Aiu Ablo prospects we Iii arc not Oil Edwn Ayco Upton their Hub in t remoteness. The san Miguelito group is about eighty Miles East of the cananea mountains and hot quite so far from Arispe. Near Arispe is located the famous Santa Rosalie mine which was lost for three centuries. Mention of this mine recalls one of equal interest i the san Miguelito Region. It is called the lost Hucal mine. The location papers of this mine have been preserved in the old Spanish ruins. It was owned by the Spanish before they were Drivon out by the mexicans and they left a Man. Which locates the Mina near placentas it is described As being Raar Velon Ely Rte in native Silver. Tradition says the men used to get the Silver fro Muthe Workings with chisels and the o pieces taken wore imbed with the Gold of the Santa Rosalie in Orna menting the Cli Urchea and Public buildings for Miles around. When the spaniards deserted the Hucal they carefully concealed Tho opening expecting at Home time to return. The Santa Rosalie was concealed in the name Way but it was Dis covered and reopened a few years ago. Although hundreds of people have Foucht the "1t a no " their Effort a been a i its fitful Blunder will Ofton a Heibie Burn in Tiu or . Ii i i 11 Arnica .1 a the be-5 tin a Olla. Will kill Tho pain and promptly heal it. Cures old sores fever sores ulcers boils felons corns All skin eruptions. Best pile cure on Earth. Only 25 Eta. A Box. Curo guaranteed. Sold by the be Sibeo drug Stote and Copper Queen co. N 11estaukant Presh Kansas City heats constantly on hand. Pc Cater to All cuss Sci. Private parties and ban Quets a specially. Nothing but White help employed. Give us u Call. V. Omer Barker propel the Copper it s and Between there now. In interim Between the final outgoing of the summery goods and the Advance on coming of the new season s merchandise Little prices on lingering lots of present need goods prevail. For instance shirt waists Well made arid of Good material reduced from 65c, 75c and 85c to "5oc. This is a thrice Tol d tale but it bears repeating. Shirt waists a that were $1.25, 1.35, 1.50 Andl 1,75. $1.00 and ,$1.25. If you Veun j if a Waist Ulicne Lew words air important Low. Priced lawns to our regular 8c assortment have been added a lot of. 10c coloured lawns. And this Means greater Choice and an added element of cheapness 8c Yard. Women umbrellas Nat ural Wood crooked handles 756 steal rods 85c and $1.25. I coloured undershirts two ruffles at Bottom together with dust ruffle a White pique with we its 11 it 1 n cad of horizontally. 1" j s local main it 20c Yard women Low shoes the Odds and ends of sizes and kinds. The Little prices marked on them will make it Worth your while to look for. Your size. Ujj. ?.,. " Ini f. Queen 4 r 4,1 mens Wool pan str a Small the lot of Only 71 pairs left. For Mer prices were from $1.50 to 1j $4.50 now $1.00 to $3. a pair. Riens work pants not Wool but Wear resisting Corr. Donade in dark dirt pro of col ors from $1.25 a pair to $1.00. Little weight underwear for Hen the fancy sorts. 1 t broken assortments make prices much less than usual. Nevilee shirts soft or stiff Hoosin collars and. Cuffs attached or detached every desirable style and kind 85c to $4.00. Mens Straw or rough braids soft or Flat a Bairn. Reduced $2.50 to .,$1.50. Mens Linen crash and co cil suits have had a Dollar knocked off their Price. Re a adj .j., now $4 ,00 a suit. Boys Wash suitsthe$2.59,. $2.75iandv$3, sorts All a Psi 1 $2.ool mining co. T the Copper Quee Iti v l yet it
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