Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, March 19, 1916

WAR BABYOfficials to Act Despite Positions Offered Miss BurkeDelia Burke, the 18-year-old Irishgirl who gave birth to Boston's*, first war baby some time ago in the Somerville police station, will have to go back to Erin as soon as she recovers from the nervous breakdown for which she is at present being treated at the Carney Hospital in South Boston. The baby died soon after birth, and since the intention of the immigration authorities became known, at least 1000 persons have offered to take her into their homes as a servant, but immigration officials have stated that such offers will not deter them from deporting the girl._PLENTY OF OFFERSI'li© widespread Interest which the girl’s plight aroused Is evidenced by the fact that one day recently the station at Long wharf was the recipient of 510 calls by telephone and letter from people as far away as New York city. Offers of a position for the girl, with good wages and a good home, poured In upon the immigration authorities.Immigration Commissioner H. J. Skef-fmgton said last night in regard totiie case:“It is up to the authorities at Washington whether the girl is to ne deported or not. We have applied to the bureau for a warrant of deportation. The mere fact that Miss Burke has been offered positions In the city does not necessarily mean that she wmuld not become a public charge, and therefore would not necessarily prevent her being sent back to Ireland.“No person has offered to file a bond with us on the girl’s account, although reports to that effect have been published.”Miss Burke, although a patient at the hospital, is still in the hands of the immigration authorities, and is not allowed to receive any visitors. She has, however, received many letters at the hospital from people who are anxious to help her from her predicament.Forced to Leave HomeNo.official action on her case will be taken until she is fully recovered from her illness. Permission for her to “land” in America will have to come, if it does come, from the Board of Special Inquiry.Miss Burke, according to the story which she told the police, was forced to leave her home w'hen her parents discovered her condition and disowned her. With what money she had she secured a passage to America in hopes of obtaining employment. The police saw her for the first time some Weeks ago when she entered the Somerville police station and asked for a doctor. Tier baby was born before the physician arrived, and she was then detained for the immigration officials.r a xr. a mc rr.T