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Bingleys Journal (Newspaper) - March 23, 1771, London, Middlesex U N I V E R S G A Z E T T From S A T U RJD A March io S AT U R D A March aftlie Nqfociation with Copfof a Letter frvm Lord Vifcount to dated at by Received on die your letters of the a8th by I have your let 57aad by die Printc Maifetin a in whidhhe ifrrfco dif avow any particular orders given to Monaeur upon tteff at the fame tone that he ie to tiat he acted agree mhiyr to ids inltr and as Jmc U ftirtiter to ftipulatc thtf reititution of FalktaiMf tohis Cadiolic to thofe Iflands j to difavow die menace of Captain M Majetty is he ays gave occafion to the fteps taken by tie Spanifh Thisjs tie fobftance of Tie propofed Which Prince Mafferan told me hie had full The report which I made to the jf a propofition b inadequate to die fet faction de and gave his Majerty greit fur prife and as every delay dirows new diffi culties IB the way of that amicable accommodation of which hs has moft fincerely at I was ordered to tell the that when the Kings moderation condescended to de of of to difavow the gro peedings of tie Governor of Buenos and to reftore diingsptecifely to that fituatbn in which ithey ftood before the rafh and unwarrantable under taking of tie as the fnnlleft reparation for the injury received that he could poCibly his Majefty thought there was notiiing kft for dif except die mode of carrying thtt difavowal that reftitation into execution I was alfo or dered to that his Majefty adheres invariably to his iirii demand and that witiout entering into the jinfurmouritable objections to the natter of thispro rd alone is totally inad for his Majefty cannit under a that fadsfaclioh to which he has fo juft a entering into any engagements in procure it diat the idea of his Majefty becomiBj a contracting upon this occafion is entirely foreign to the cafe for having received an and demanded diemofl jnodcrate rcpi that injury his honour will permit to Accept that rep irationroTes its if it is to be and to wharlbever on tie part of hu Having executed iis comminds to this his tiathehadho power to proceed in tiis except and that he muft fend to for further inftruc tipns j I am ticrefore cprnmanded to ftgaifj to you his Majeftys tAatyou wait upon Mpjirienr without lofs1 of and that laying the wjiole of this matter fairly before as I nave ftated demand a communication of his thoEc whichyou will immedi ately tranfmit to for his Majeftys I fecret Letter from Lord Wcymoutb feat by James tO In order to relieve you from the difficulties of a of fuch a as tiat which you arc charged with in my of this days lam permitted to that when you have verbally explained to die fubftancc of that in ftead of delivering him a memorial on the fubjeft of you tell him that in order to avoid ygu will leave die original with for Jus or fend him a copy or if he thinks I Letter from Harris to Lord Vifcoont Brought by and received tbe igfb of Mr Efcurial the arrived here witi your Lordfhips and at ten in tie I die next day Waited on de and as I had very little to add to what I had before faid to him on tie fame after having in a concife to fliew to him the great mo deration with which his Majefty had acted on this andthe juft grounds on his demands were read to him your Lordfhips 11 at tic fame that if he chofe I would leave a copy of it with preferable to any as well fortiefake of avoiding mif as becaufe nothing could give his Excellency fo perfect a notion of his Majeftys I read it twice over to endeavouring to abide by die literal meaning as far as I was On his defiring me to give it him in I told I had no provided the Englifh ori ginal was by which the fenfe muft be in an affair of fo delicate a na tie difference of idiom by being art fully pervert the true He heard and anfwered me witi die greateft coolnefs and temper tiat he perfonally had nothing fo much at heart as an amicable accommodation and that he felt the moft fenfible concern to after the conceffions diey had already weftill remained He allured me thefe were die fen timents of his Cadiolic Majefty who was moft ready to make us reparation in any as far as was compatible with his own I wiii to added Iknewwhatyouexpeft Itiought we iad done fo much riat there remained nodiing for ns to I anfwered diat your Lordfhips letter was very explicit j tiat if he considered the difference both in rie matter of their and in the manner of tieir intended ie could be at no lofs to compreiend what he fince we had ncidier added to or taken from our firft but adhered to tiem invariably thai as tiey were die moft in tie oiily ones we could witi our he ought not to be mrpnfpd diat we perfifted in He we ttave allowed ouritlves in tie wrong we offered you the moft ample parations furely it is very in thepoint where in we are inmlted meaning the hienace ofCaptain Hunt you will not liften to our al tipugh they are fuch as you inight acquiefce in without the leaft diminution oftie fatisfaclion we give I returned for that a party in jured never could receive fatisfaction under any con ditional fince die fo doing was a kind of difavowal of the injury it was needlefs for me to dwell on this as had my initructions in diere remained nothing for me to fay from myfe You are not then impowered to treat on diis added I told not otfterwife than he few in your Lordftiips which I would immediately lay before hisdatholic agi give me the earlieft anfwer he was fince every delay gave rife to new and rendered moment of accommodation more He an it was neccflary his Majefty fhould caH a council upon this as he alone could by no means venture to decide j tiis will take up fome days but depend on concluded we are the final determination as you can my was the fubftance of ourconver I fince have waited upon him feveral and prefled as much as lay in my for an anfwer and was very forry to find fo much time pafs without my receiving a few hours ago he Tent for told that he by the Kings written to Prince impowering him afrefi totreat on this affair that die purport of his initructions to His Catholic Majeftys delire of coming to an amicable and of preferving Thai his Catholic Maidty is difpofcd to give every reafonable fatisfaclion to the inluit his Majefty thinks he has fuffered by his fubjedls being diflodged from Port And That his Cadiolic Mjjclty is moreover to come into any method regarding the manner of giving tits fatisfac as appears moll eligible tohJs Mijelly how at the fame he agrees three he That as he has gono fo far to lave tlie honour of his widtout lofs of time and that laying the ie of this before as I have ftated 3u demand a communication of his Catholic Majefrys which you will immediately traftfinit to me for his Majeftys Copy qf a Letter from Lord Vifcount to I Jamesst TRrar difpatci of the 7ri by was rccQttedat my on tie morning of die It is with great pleafure I acquaint tiat when I had die ionour of laying before tie King tie pleafed with the man I nis upon a Fomuch Your intelligence is Ills Day was Price Ttree SKBbigsfevjfd1 Embellifheft with ah elegant Frontifpfece AN ESSAY on NATIONAL wanflaWf om the German of Mr 1hyficLn in Ordinary to his Britannick Majefly at Omnes morbo jaftamur Printed for Pauls Churchyard and oppofite EflexStreet ih tl A LETT Price to the JOHN WESLEY J in contents of di to c nef Prince language hithqrtp does not look like If you have any fecure means of giving the Governor of and die Conful ac Cadiz a hint of it woijldbe right to put tiem on dieir par ticularly the Capj ofa Letter from Lord Vifcount Weymouth to Sent by Lauzun to and by to Pritfai continues to hold a language which gives very little reafon to expccl juft fatisfac tion for tie infulr committed in the rriidtLof pro found and the moft friendly declarations of coSrt of it thought proper that Coates CioTildbe difpatched you with diis infpr order that you may take fuch methodsai Anfwer to his late Vindication of publified uiidet the TJtJe of Thoughts 6s Srtte of pubfo foAe ObletVauolis refyeaing the popular Party m the Free of his to and Examination of hh politicil Priccipies arrt Reafonre Printed for Jv in Foie Street Cripplegate and fold alfo by Erani in i It is oMerved in the la ft Monthly t that his Majcity would allb as fir as it did inter contribute to the fiving ferewith the fatisfaction ha that the affair be now ultimately widiout leaving behind it any traces which might hereafter interrupt the good harmony of the two tint there be a recipro cal and authentical aifurandc of tlic whole being my was dve chief matter of Marquis dc Grirnuldis dif patci to Priricc whici he read to diis He that he hoped to God it would produce rie defircd effect and by die affair being thoroughly it would be ef fectually my is a fummary detail of what has pafTed between the minifter here and me and riey feem ready to agree to every thing we demand except our not difavowing the menace of Captain Hunt in every die they feem difpofed tocometo an I have the Jaraes Copy 6J Lord Vifcount Weymoudis mentioned in tbe preceding Letter delivered to tbe Marquisde Grimaldi by Jamess Prince Mafferan has propofcd a in which he difavow any particular orders given to Bucarelli upon tiis at the fame time diat he his to that he acted agreeably to his general and to his as He is furtier to ftipulate the refti tution of Falklands Iflands without injury to his Cadiolic Majeftys right to thofe iflands amd he expects diat his Majefty is to difavow the menace of Captain he gave occafion to the fteps taken by die Spanifh This is the fubftancc of tie propofed which Prince Mafleran told me he had full power to Tiereport which I made to die of a propofition fo inadequate to the fatisTaction de gave his Majefty great and con as every delay dirows new difficulties in the way of tiat amicable accommodation of this which he has moft fincerely at I was ordeVea to tell the Spanifi that when the Kings moderation condcfcended to demand of tie court of to difavow die proceedings of dieGovernor of Buenos and to reftore things precifely to that fituation in which they ftood before die rafh and unwarrantable undertaking of tie Go as the fmalleft reparation for tie injury re tiat he could poffibly his Majefty tiought there was notiirig left for except the mode of carrying tiat difavowa and that refti tution into I was alfo ordered to that his Majefty adheres invariably to his firft de and tiat without entering into die unfur mountable objections to the matter of diis propofed tie manner alone is totally inadmifla for his Majefty cannot under a conven that fatisfaclion to which he has fo juft a widiout entering into any in order to procure it that the idea of his Majeftys becoming a contracting party upon diis is entirely foreign to die for iaving received an and demanded die moft moderate reparation of diat injury his honour will permit him to except that reparation lofes its if it is to be and to be obtained by any ftipulation on tie part of iis Having executed his Majeftys commands to tiis his Excellency told tiat he iad nojcw ers to proceed ia diis except by and tiat he muft fend to Madrid for further inftruc I am therefore commanded tofignify to you his Majeftys tiat you wait on Gri you fliall to as pri vately ts the Lieutenant Governor of Gib of this uncertain ftatc of and of let ting him knoW General Corn wall and other to diat are ordered to their and are to embark Will allbapprizc his Majors Confuls at in other ports of of tie dan ger of a that they may take fuci precau regard to their papers and as Ihall them prudent at this conjuncture as little rejfonas poifible to the court of to fuppofe that there is a want of confidence in his Catholic Majcftys good witi regard tothe time ftipuiated by for the removal of the pcrlbns and cffecb of tie fub jedls of both whichhis on his rcligioully I This jvas tie laft letter Lord Weymouri wrote to On tie 15th of Lord Weymouth refigned pnd on the iSth of die fame the Earl of Rochford was appointed Secretary of State for die foudiern in his tbe Earl of Itochford to Sent by All negotiations having been for fome time at an end between Lord or and the Spanifh to whom iis Cadiolic Majefty thought fit to commit his anfwer to the Kings de which anfwer was totally and its being inconfiftent witi his Majeftys ionour to make any further propofal to tie court of I am now to fignify to you the tiat your longer ftay at appearing entirely you prepare to return home with all convenient after taking leave in die nfual I Here the King of France tie de clared ponrively againft a In confequence of this the King of Spain fent frefh in ftruftions to Prince Maflerano of which die fol lowing is die The King of Spain out of re gard for his loving tie King of to relintfuifh Falklands But at the fame time protefts againft any claim tie Englifh may fet up to tie Copy of a Letter from tbe Ear of Rociford to Tejlerda arrived tbe Malts from France The Count cle Saldern h appointed ambaiTador from the EmpreTsof RnflU l it f t 13 tO the court of and wiU fctoat tie iith of next mondi on his accompanied by Count de Great Huntfman of Poland Warfavtt March An eftafette is from tie held Marflial Count de Remabzowwitk that conliderabie body of Tufts nivina ventured to pafs the Danube and attack J defcaced and loil According to received from uie Confederates have beheaded at eleven of tie principal who rhemfches to form a confederacy in favour of March Upon the Count de MallcfaoiS toeing appointed one of tie of Waf the Marlhals of France reprefented to the Kins that that officer had rendered iimfelf the pnft conferred upon by his affair with the late Marfhul which was decided by tribunal m His Majefty made K the Count de Maillebois acted I punifiicd inn for it but have fince that fcmce to c have given Notwithftaadifig thJi die Marshals of France have jepeai fentations to the and io Majel ced with them He has removed C6oit Mailleopis fromtie poft he iad given conferred it upon the LieutenantGeneral de COUNTRY March Saturday laft ended the at when Sarah FexhalL Sarah and Ann all and alfo George d fentence of Extras of d letter from March Yefterday Luke who oh Friday laft was found guilty of the murder of William Mller at Skelton wfc execured at and iis body fent to die iofpital for dif a ie told e leail mnr On Sunday cvemnj ton that without tl for three weeks before tie perpetration of the feveral times itj but had alwa from his mind effected when py of a dated at The king having from tie informations he has to that Prince de Mafle rano has orders to make frefh propositions of fatis for the injury done to his Majefty at Falk lands I am to fignify to you his Majeftys that yon may return to die court of Ma in order that you may be ready to hear any tiling which the Minifters of his Cadiolic Majefty may have in charge to fay to on the fame fub and to carry on the ufual intercourfe between die two in cafe the abovementioned pro pofitions fheuld prove and as in the prcfent circumftances your appearance at Madrid is very it is his Majeftys that you fhould not lofe any time in your journey on ac count of private affairs or and tiat you fliould remain diere till his Majefty mail think proper to fill your place by a Minifter of higher I What relative to this is die declaration of the Spanifli and tie acceptance figned by Lord which we printed in our paper fome time togedier with Juniuss observations for which the Pub lifher of diis and ten other periodical pub are underprofecution by tie foripnation in the We ihall tierefore take leave of this famona widiout ma king any further obfervations bnt public to a pamphlet An Exa mination of the Declaration and Agreement Spainr Price One which will be die Pnblimer hereof hi to any perfoji who has a ddire to perufe ftrong inclination tocdinmit hvavs got die cruel tioughr driven nH the unhappy night he hen he went to bur could not relt that he arofe from out of his and fell ttf in hopes of diverting tiefe thoughtsbut io irrenftible was the that he atdaftwcnt to the hoofe of William armed tock and broke tie door and found him afleep in whewgte ftruck him feveral times on the but whether with the mattock or hatchet he did not remember and that afterwards he took die deceafeda containing one half a quarter about live fiulHngs in and fixpence in declared that his wife was ignorant of the fcnadfefe and died The fame day the affizes for this county ed on tie wien Thomas for a highway robbery ThomasHenry Thomas for horfeftealing fon and James for Wright and Aim for burglary and Jofepjj for ftealmg cloth of the received fentence of deadi SHIP MARCH This morning Admiral Hughes s flag was hoifted on board the a 90 gun at S He lias taken the command of the of at this Admiral BuckleVffag is MARCH Came down and the Lon ard for Jamaica Claren for Philadelphia for Ma deira for and from Wind N N E PORT of ENTEREP From the From the From the Four From the From the The Succefs from the of from Same from the Difpatch From the Mary and From the From the Spes the Vrare Anna v and the From the Viers CLEARED Fr the ;