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  • Publication Name: Bingleys Journal
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  • Years Available: 1770 - 1772
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Bingleys Journal (Newspaper) - June 8, 1771, London, Middlesex From June R E or of the JUNE 1771 adenditm mak defterandum s prejudicial to the caufc of liberty than the defection of thofe who Bare diftinguiflied thernfelves in As it would be ab to conclude Teli becaufe its profcflbrs are frequently it would be equally ndi culous to exploite ptbfick becaufe the pre tenders to it fo frequently facrifice it to private in I hence fony to fee the minds of my fdtowcountrymen fo unfettled and on accodpt of divifibfis and perfonal that have arifen between the feveral and their ifl At the fame it is with indignation I perceive our nominal pa triots inculcating that deftruclive and unprincipled doftrine which infinuates that all men are and that not one is to be Found in the fame would not do exactly the fame The prefent oppofers of a bad fays a certain under the tide of the will follow the fteps of thqfe they if they mould gain their and become Minifters The who has obfcrved the progrcfs of one grub in its change into a but will naturally tell what another grub of the fame fort ffiaft come This political muft firft prove that all patriotic grubs are of the fame before he can juiUy they will all prove the fame land of minifterial To fay that Sandwich Rigby have been Patriots in thew is to infi that every man is an impoltor who pretends to patriotHm to affirm that Canxbden and Rockingham were enemies to their country when in is to fuggeft in like man ner the impoffibility of our ever having an honeft Minifter Melancholy if true I anda nielandioly ufe hath either artifice or defpair already made of We may be well it with the Minifters They are the worft we ever had but thatwry rcafon we fhould to keep Wfr ought to be weary of hoping for when fo rmny have proved for the arid fhould pray for the continuation of LordNorths adminiftra ti6njas the old woman wifhed long life to Diony for fear his fucceffor fhould exceed hiin in crudtyind as much as he had exceeded before The N0JITH BRITON is of a very different opinion and resrfons fot in his cafe like an old thinks on the that for whole nation to fit down in defpair in consent thy cannot becaufe their confidence is abated by would be as unbecoming the good fcnie as the fortitude of Theie declaimers faem to forget that we have a King on the when he deigns to liftcn to the voice of his will be enabled to emancipate both him fclf and them from the ariftocratical under which they now Defpair is a cowardly If things are fo bad in their prefent we may abandon all hopes of an honeft man at the head either ofadminiftration or the they are at the worft and of courfe muft Atleaft we riik nothing by endeavouring to a change as it muft of neccfiity be for the What fear lifn were our cafe dcfptrate as it is repre it would become us to fhew the refentment oi and by producing a fucceffion of defpotic fubmit rather to any other than thofi who have reduced us to the neccffity of fuch abjefli Rut we are under no fuch The1 Englifli nation need not be led like a petty faction or rebellious whofe caufc may be up pleafure by their The caufe of liberty is the caufe of human nature it is the of all and not of any particular Should it be fucceHively betrayed by a thoufand popular the body of the like a vrcll difciplined wduld fet up a new Deader en the defection of tHs and an impenetrable in impofition to thole would fudae them to Let riot iMlverfation then of any number of or bodies or prevail on my countrymen give up their to this and toevcrr other fuccfieding till they have obtained tKofe great national an effectual annual and a fair and equable representation CI the whole body of rhe r The popular in effecting thcfegttat bb lie the King whofe real is infeparable from that ol his Butj he ffiall make this iatereft ing and theiri to judge a little themfelves they mafttaice nip withfuch as them fair and promife moft nor Ought they to be either furprifed or thef find themfelves occafionally ott and that private individuals fatrifice geny l to felfintereft when they fee whofe perfonal interoft is more immediately volved in the cannot be prevailed on to take the national caufe into his If the father of the family cannot be induced to feciire liis own in that of hisehildren j how is it to be ezpeifted that among fuch a numerousf partially fquabbling for his common good jmouild not Jis it edly betrayed or wilfully neglefted Let the people of England therefore neither defpair nor fit down parently contented let them to bejfiege thione with fupplications and till their Sovereign take his own land their ca into his immediate and jrelieve xhem once from the impofitions of falfe Patriots and op preffive A general and a tophusIndex to of the N ORTH BRTTON the and will be ready to in about three weeks in the meanr tbe begs atP bis Subfcribers would complete their fets thatbe be for eighteen might be fa mf as to ejlfe the naffidn at the en1 of that jpcriod one million and an half in taxes itd in twentythree more ofanother million add or of threeBullion per slrin in In fortyone of twenty aM the our are fach that we favfyg af3oiai Author propofesi we he nothing to db but fit down and WMt a There is no way of paying debts iik by feme application of Our authors plJtafbntains the moft fpeedy and the greateft irii pwyemerit that can be made of debts cannot be legened by the means feWe the extincBon of them is by nature bf things Price asfarther receininendati fcns of this fuch confiderations as the foSowf were it and faithfully ft wouldte indifferent what intereft the ftate gave formoney j and that by keeping the ftock at or near it would put an end to that T i T J 1J jiow produces fo msiny diforders and is with the aid of annual us iiito a nitioh of and to turn gaolers and Doftof all of the purpofe of diminifliing the public to be be able to afcertain the number of cnnpkte Books which give an mconfiderable pre fent relief by increafirg fubfequem All fchsems for difcharging the public debt by according to abfurd and he in that by raififlg money in this all necdlefs expcnce is upon and lofs kave to difyofc of The wbde of tbe confining of two hundred nineteen the make two Volumes in and will UNBOUND at two Guineas rvvo Pounds ten NEATLY BOUND IN CALFAND TERED ELEGANTLY two Pounds fif teen To PRINTE intereft mnft be given for a courfe of years j the very which bears this if ipplicd m the way he defcribeSj would dif chargfe the fum borrowed in left than half Lj thisbbfervation he his pirticulatly in vitw the common methods of raifmg money on life annuities for building paving making inland L There are in that part of Prices work whichj and the national many obiervatious equally worthy the attention or at the helm ft remains to be feen whether following account of tie tained in the excellent Prices observations upqn it lately That ahde waiter beginswith inferming that in the year 1700 thepublick wasfttteeir lions that ip 1715 it ww iflcreafcd to fortyfive at the end of the whidh begun to feventyeight andat the cohclunon of the laft war to the frightful fum of HUNDREP Our that the dpnfequence of this accumulating if put into Inch a courfe of limits wits muft prove S I To the PJfe IN T E the nation derives from reaT caufc of fhc To the mofl tie Grand Jury aid r oftbe City GENTLJ more fatjsfaftory to a fni difiriteretted pai jthan fiadiag his free loydl tentivetp his puWiqk cpndnQ except tinguifhing his fernces with henodrabje of tljeir the highell reward he can Hope From the general charaders of the zenjwho Corapoffi the jrohd of the faetro I be perluadcdi ip this they expreiis the general iejjpvih to whichj I hold Siyfelf bound to pay all refpefl and in folemnlty of a I bow texeftfnce and gratitudfejto fo arS fo teftimouy of my it this poorj all thegrand or eletlors judged i part of duty to be attentive al thU perilous peiiodj to conduft of their reprefentatives in parliament for had not feen thereft of the people infa tuated into Aat degree of or feduced by that finifter influence with which the generality appear ftupified and their deareft rights are moft daringly inVaded If it be die intereft duty of all bbdiesrojf eleftcrs at all wafch over tlie condtfft of their chefcn in the coiuieil of the never was a point of time inwhicix the the the and fupport of the conitiments to tkeir were more effentially necefiary for tlie prefervation the political than jhe prefent pe They maft be blini ami infenfible indeed who ve not feen and felt the late gjganticiuides of minifterial power arnongit It is our misfortune to live in an in whieh opprcffion and corrup tion make up the fliatneful and though meafures of qdniiniibationi We Jiave lived to fee minitters fo weak and wicked a3 give the crown and the fubjcct feparate apd op poiite when both can have but mon confiftent with the eflential prin ciples of the We have fees the moft illicit and unconftitutiona traniaclions falfely anct audacipufly fanctified under abufed name and authority of We havcjived to fee public the moitiiiftinguilhed for and publick openly tra and difmified fVQm officea of Itigh which the profligacy of the Thofe adive wjth to the J r of the King and the ia times of have found c now turn ioiely on account ottheircoofciento ment to and female A kind of mcanncfsfpreadi itlcl fever every mind j and the nobler for want lie the national either pf which would gain the end with safeand andi fcnfibleexpence to the Accord4 ing to the firft of thefe time would of itlelf remove the publick burden without care But hegires the preference to tiie TterftaUifixtrntaf aftnallanaualjiiv to be invariably together with the accu mulatedintereft of all the Turns ex tbe national A plaa of this kiridjj under the name of the fmking up by But neither it been ried into execution accordingrto Oar ablecaleulisf tors nor hastfceprodiceofit with tolerable proper For our Minitters feldom fee beyond temporary and have made it their conftant practice to plunder the Sinking Fund on every real or ficial which knew not how wife to Price that fo fum as per aanapplied in the manner he inpinciyrilvee years dif filentiy and without inter1 fcring any of the no lefs than onehundred millions Of the publick bearing intereft at four per He that applied in the fame man ner from 1716 the year in which the Sinking Fund was eftabliihed wbuld by rffis prefent time havi caufed about per of the taxes revert tQ the at the other publick mcafure you have been the might have jfceeri pofleffcd of this fame Sinking Fund as at prefentv The excellent author mentionstherefore ticular regret the alienations ofdier8inking Fundj have been pracWed by in anfSver to excufc they Cbmf monly make for that not enee when money is whether from theSinking rievf he that the diflfetence isvery For the charge of borrowing a million at foor per amounts in years fo only three millions four hundred thoufand pounds but the by taking thefame fum frdrna fond appro priated to the of fame thnej to no lefs than t The effectual means Fbr as the Ihews Thepaynrel of producasfo little tharHere is no hopes of relief firsni the Some Jhore muft be if a fa ving with the help of the cliief barrier againft Bring back pub licj virtue will Tbe Addrtfs of tbe GrandJ wry of the City ty Dublinjf for to the moft tfobte W i L 11 Marquir CHAJILES Repreffntatives of thefaid City in enc in parliament while as well as iefledly of and who cliiiiaincd to accept of any place or favour incompatible with a popular have been puhlickly made the objcclspf abufe and equally unjuft and by per fons in the highcft as well as their depenr We have ken the places of well as new or un advanced falaries of uTekfs ars I WE fhould terial part of oiir could weat any butmore fhew oor felyesinatteatiye to the of the reprefeiita4 tivis of city in It is ivith Unipeakable fatisfaclion we con fidered your cenduft inparliament ever fincc the crtizetis 1p and juffily Tnadc you their uriani mous Your ftridi arid faithful attention to the duties of ypur you have given tlie moftin conleftablc proofs oFyour pure and perfect 10 maintainingand fupporting the Jionout and digJ nity rights and liberties people upon all occafions and pari dculfrly all to rhe true and to the fenfe of rour have defer vedly irifufcd yoii the KighcrlTefteem and coniidence of your Permit us to offer you onr tribute of with the of whom the prudence and qfViheirchoiceof We bodies of ejeftorf upon thefams as the onlymeans of feeurmg as ful and honourablea as this metro polis can now To tbe mojl Worjaipful and Reftefiabk the Grand 1 1 l l AM extremely happy in fhis hqnflurable of my in I Kave endeavoured to uniformly the Sfiriciples unfeigned loyalty nioft fincere efire to fupport the rights a free cpnftitutiony and the wafmeft wifh tcJ promote the happinefs of You niiay be that both gratitude KijaHonlwUIjever raipft powerfully bind me to the moft particular attejuioia regardMhe or police of this city j arid wayshave the happinefs to in fny ever rely ray inaft and the moil upright fuppbrf the held out as allurements to po or actually wages Lr giverfation and We have lived to lee brought to fuch fuch calamitous by thefe like as were Before Palpable and repeated breaches of fpfemn engagements and promifes frpm admlni have deftroyed all public and almoft fet parliamentsat nought wKife all endea vours are induftripufly ufed to fet the fimporary creatures ofthe will of a above the as well the defied gjurdiaris and triftees of the We have Teen thofe who dared not aftuaily to punifh the for the th4 moft juft and conftitutional difcAarge or the duty of their by a fudden as foon as the that could be were liberally whh out permitting the cfifpatch of any other And we fee an Lnfidioirs meafure i ov to and garliamen ay for encotfraging a perfidious muiffter to dif continue io infult or abafe or to interrupt their by their Illicit tefts and untimely prorogations If then there can b utnioft aid of grand their Faithful repr noti by your evcTf couri city and which retains con ftitutional upon this this critical L irlf my poor endeavpnrs to fenrfiv my my and my have found a able reccption from my I am fo vain as to arrogate the fole merit to myfelf it has ever a maxim that eon ftituents muft ever mate virtupas Itis hardly for wh6 are chofch and returned upon iHefe prindplcSj fe z loyal and ftce pathof virtue o It is aud grand jury ihat my were not difappoin tedjn my heart alfurfsme rivey It is with uncornmon as we havi coidmon ii we iidrntift By 1 Kftveitte honour your ;