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  • Publication Name: Bingleys Journal
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  • Years Available: 1770 - 1772
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Bingleys Journal (Newspaper) - July 13, 1771, London, Middlesex From July S A t U RD A July 1771 J U N I U s j and united at the fame time againft one poor are fearful The two former are only labouring in their and may tquaTly plead in excufe that their aim 5s a I admit the plea for the fecona his is an honeft and my clothes lawful game but I cannot fo readzly approve fa or commend him for making pa triotirm a and a fraudulent trade But what hall I fay to the the the didactic has been ndi cdoufly called the teft of truth furely to confefs that you lofe your moderation when mention is made of the does not promifemuch troth or juftice when you fpeak of him Yon charge me with a new xtal in fupport of Adminifiratfa and with enaeavoursin fa port of tttminifttrial nomination ef jsputatioh which your talents have de to the fignature of draws which I difdained to give to of You make frequent ufeof the word gentleman I only call myfelf a and defire no other diftmaiott if you are your are bound to make goad vour or to confefs that you have done me a hafty injuftice upon no I put the matter fairly to that fo far from any neiu zeal in fupport of adrni I am poffrffed with the utmoft abhorrence of their meafures and that I have ne made a fuccefsful landing at in Wales foon after the battle of Bof worth enfued which terminated the reign and life of Richard the Henry was wife and and too con fcious of the advantages arifing from a for midable fea force to negleft it parfimonious as he in repre there are no traces of it in his management and regulation of the naval as well as the and princely encouragement he gave to able naviga tors his long refidence in Bretagne gave him opportunities of a more perfect Knowledge in maritime than any monarch we have ever except Charles the Second many difco veries were made in this reign particularly that North America by Cabot and had this prince lived he meditated the increafirig his navy both in fax and number but death flopped hint this wife in the 2 jd year of his reign he left the fleet in a much more flourishing and respectable than ever it had before It is from this we may date the firft fixed eftablifliment of the navy Henry afcendcd the throne with every advantage an ambitious and luxurious prince could defire he found his coffers overflowing with and his fubjefts moft dutifully difpofed to obey his even to the facrificing their religion and liberties to his royal caprice the difpofmon of affairs in the different kingdoms upon the all confpired to render Henry a great and fuch he undoubtedly was and like wife a good for the firft 20 years of his reign but the contraft between and the was certainly considerable chough ever ihewn and am Hill in any ra tional to lay down all I in oppofition to thofe I that I have and nerer have had any communication or connexion Of any direftly or any courtier or minifterial or any of their adherents that I never or or or OF do now hope any reward of any fort from any party or fet of men in adminiftrationonOppofinon I that I never ufed any enJtawars port of tbt lamination of Sheriff That I did not folicit any one Liveryman tor his vote for anyone of the candidates nor employ any other perfon to folick and did jjot write one fingfe line or word in favour of Plambe and whom undedbyjd to OTI are Bound or a lofe yon Credit for veracity fads furmife and general abufey in however elegant ought not to pafs for You have every and I have every dif advantage you are I give nryname all both in and out of kave their icafons which I hall relate hereafter pr uniting in their wilhes againft me and the popular prejudice is as ilrongly in your as it againft the Singular M my prefent fituation is neither nor was it He is not fit for publicbufinefs who does not even at his entrance prepare his mind for fuch an for ttanquility and private connexions 1 have acrificed upon the altar of the public and Me anly return I becaufe I will not concur to dupe and miflead a fenfelefs is barely that they have not yet torne me in That zhis has beenthe only is my pride and a fonrce of more real than honours or I can pradife before I am the Jeffons I learned in my youth nor fhall I ever for get the words of my antient Tis the laft key Hone That makes the arch the that there were Are nothing till that comes to bind and Thea ftands it a triumphal mark then men Obfene the the the why and When It was erected and ftill walking Meet fame new matter to look up and wonder I Your humble not to my purpofe at to comment Henry puriued his fathers by increaftng and putting his fea force upon the moft regular footing he eftablifhed a and ap pointed commiffioners of k and gave all ima daring this hung down her drooping cramped with the manacles fhe was boundwith by Spanifh the Spanifh match our voyages to Ame rica were nof to be purfued and we were however to yield the pafs to the upon all occafions to com pleat the ruin of our new ally engaged in expfafive and dangerous war with us far BINCLBYS m the Prefent Eftablifhment of tbt EDWARD was a and reigned but two months hit ondeRichard fucceeded andnotwithftaading theblaek and wicked character the monkifh kiftohans have left of poUerity have wafon to think he on the whole a wife and able Prince and yet inconfiftenf as it may appear Richard certainly loft his and by his parfimony and folly for having intelligence of the Earl of Richmonds defigns tnd preparations to iavada this he his fleet to block the Earls fhips up in and prevent their putting to fea the royal fquadron perfonaed this feryice fo that dw Earl ordered kb Jbipsi tb be and laid up which King Richard being in ormed recalled bi fcet out of paid moft of then otf this the ftep the artful Richmond wanted nd he ftiled not to make ginable encouragement to his fea by creating their falaries and appointments con vinced oftheir importance to the fafety of his Commerce was increafcd to a pitch never be fore known in fingland and numbers of mips were fitted oiiton both by the go merchantadventurers many fea engagements were fought likewife in tiro reign which commonly ended to the honour of our sad to the weakening of thatof the Henry was extremely tenacious of his fflyn con and the honor of the Englifh flag looking upon both to be fo and connected a net tobe fcpartted He toTed dftetf to fey vNo Wight ever o recwve laws from a and this he nobly adhered when the Imperial con fiftingof 150 joined the Englifh fquadron under Sir Thomas upon an expedition againftFrance the Emperor much as to have the fupreme command center with bit admiral but noble Henry was and he gained his the Emperor being obliged to concede by doing he eftablifhed a precedent for future ages and the combined fleet put to fea under the command of Sir Thomas Howard the Englifh I made the that the con qtaeft of England by the Norman was primarily owing to the total neglect of the in the reign cf Edward the ConfefTor and the future advantage of a contrary conduct in muft be taken noltice the great encourage ment this King gave to feamen and maritime jomed to his care and attention upon every occafion to increafe his begat an eagernefs and emulation in his beft fubjects to engage in a fervice which they faw had the pro protection and countenance of their Prince raifed the fea fervice to an uncommon height of credit and reputation and the more as he took care his officers mould have proper appoint ment i an opulent without impo verifhing their own private when in foreign to maintain the credit of their fovereign and Henry himfelf experienced the good effect of this by becoming the arbiter of Europe i and his Queen infinitely more fo by the excel lent foundation the navy was put upon in this refgn it gave an by the continuance of the fame order and to defeat that amazing armament Spaniard had collected to make a conqueft of her kingdom Jand which her brave fleet happily The amiable prince Edward VL that filled the throne unfortunately for his too fhortatime make any great improvements or additions to his naval ftrength it is however that he took infinite plea fure in maratune and was a bountiful friend to feamen of which the pennon he Sebaftian is an amongft many The religion of queen and the France in the courfe of we loft not only every foot of land we pof fefled in that Kingdom a bitter and in to the laft degree though we happily know our own intereft than regret the not having poffeffions upon the Elrzajbeth certainly afcended the throne with great difadvantages and difpctimes j of fhe found meansto extricate by ier and her exteafive Capa She navy in a worfe coa dition than itiadbeen for many feefore buteaeof her trft cares was to reeftablifh it upon thejame footing as the time of her to itt for this fhe made a grand promotion of and encreafed of the common feamen fhe was a conftant of wherever fhe found it and promoted fuch an emulation amongft her for and build ing that the nation found the good afterwards when a force was wanted to op pofe the intended Spaaiflt We the firit lift of navy in the year 1575 at which time the whole number of the Queens no more than 24 the largeft ot carried near 1000 tons and the about 60 In the year of ithe we find the Lord High Ad miral her Majeftys 1hips with exclttuve ot thofe hired of the merchants by which perceive proper care had been taken to encreafe RAyal as well as encou ragement giwftft ta private JJlelt with of the ableft minifters the nation Elizabeth had prudence to follow their 3 made ufefttl foreiA aHiances j fhe reformed the po lice fhe exaaUiied the and raifed the revenue whheflt Burdening the indttfkrious fub inconcejrt with her every means was ufed to put the navy in the belt order i to fhew ihe it much at and that to fhew ihe it much at and that gratefully rMnetubered die iervices of het with infeiiie appropriated kfs t might indeed daily vifit jww morning with reprefentation of your as would fteck even your mind inilead it your and render it dead to every every Your plan 6f reducing the people of Americato youpurine without intcrmiffion or facred principleof theconfthtittQB or of can impede yonr Nothing can contribute moreto than putting in authority over men wjio have nothing to hope nor fear from thofe thejr my is the efience of your Jate innovation on the eftablifiied rights of the in raideriitg tbe tbt Gorcrvari Judges independent of them and dependent an the Grvaftfo The jial is now making in New Yoi k and Maflachufefi The Aflernbly of the latter province lias found their vote for the Governors faiary rejected for hejs to receive it through a new the reader may underftand the arbitrarytendency of Out he mutt be made equainted with the conftrtution of the from the nature of their offices bove the reach of law j the confutation hajftftea n tBe the tranfcendent power of impeachment to prevent or Uw hofe eyctur fed for i of the apaj of juf tut in America there is power of impeachmcntt Governors and wbuTd be lawlefs nd tyrinriitalywere not Tome other er part of their were left y a vote of of the people j yy which they were admohilh or iudge of abufed his Thcfcofficers thusen gying their places ar the of the but ending for their falaries on their good behaviour to the were kept in due observance of their duty to Jut your dehring rpf make the Crown and people rmferablej hasintroduced this which making theirplaces and falaries dependent on the mere pleafure or the King renders them the abfelute crea tures of the the fdma1 rived of every ehecjc and every faving the mifer ible confolation of tranftnitting tlieir complaints to that very mlaffter from whoni their miferies origiiiaUy Itwasundjrthe ihflaenceof this in the trials of Preftbn and the the be avcd with fo unbecoming and unjoft a partialityf This is the nfty Ldrdi whiclrismadeef thatArnericart from whJvb the people tfais country were 8at tered with of relief from their burthenfiatme Thono fuch thing was to palL ate in mens minds the injuftice of thvmeans by which itwU Its application is to corrupt the to provi e new falaries and places for the tools an unjuft andto dftablifli arbitrary by makttgr evay pubUc Topoifon the and level the bulwarks of tfie great objects of yonr Lordmip Jtrauti be that thejife you makeof the American difgrace its It is not that what was raited by hould be expended in This cpnmry has experieacedifie perverlion of acd the public which fuch of judges Occs Jt was a national complained of and dreffed even in the reign of Chajrfes the Your Lord the honour of America a which of in thofe the benefit of ma happy age wens bleft with portunities of fliewingtheir zeal andderotiorv to the bei of wnile their gratefulfovereiga advantage of by fittiftg Wfcfhips out and put o with the Btmoft tXfoSaatM as the fleet not to his in confequence of and her mar riage with the king of rendered ner fhort reign and lull of troubles a bowl fet a goes forward for fome time with out a frefh force to irnpe1 it fo the wife and judicious regulations the put during the two preceding occrfpifed fome little vigor and life ftUFto appear in while queen Mary helB the fceptre j for for thefe flie did much above five fhewed her approbation of their tie generous manner with which Ote rewarded them this excellent and wife Queen died in the year at which rime thfrRoyal navy conuttciof 42 and The fpiritof and fea which poffefled the nation in the laft glorious did not totally fubfide during jhe whole time of James Sir who com manded the had ferved with much repu tation in the during the late reign his efforts now to maintain the honour of his na and of its were not crowned with the fuccefs they deferred owing to the pufiUani mity and weaknete of James by his con temptible rendered abortive every fcheme to encreafe or fupport che national gran deur and reputation anc cowardly he dupe of and the fc rn of the nation he for their fins deftined to govern1 infulted in the narrow feas by that muihroorn the Dutch wormed out of the WeilIndia trade b the French the fhips of the merchants plun dered in the Eaftlndies by the Portuguese difhonoupable expedition againft under taken at the inlUnce of the Span ill agaiait the advice and opinion o Sir and moft experienced fsa the maffacre and ejeclment of the Englifh at Ambpyna by the withou obtaining the ieaft fatisfadtion for ic to nothing of fuffering the lofs of the palatinate and the murder of that brave and excellent fea Sir Walter Raleigh j arc tha muft ever be recollected ib the moft cooternptibl reign that ever difgraced the Englifh 1 may1 eafily be that a prince witl Jo very antimilitary a as anc who could fo meanly put up with the infult of the murder of his am the defpoilmg them of their coulc pay very little attention to warlike o to the itate of his as a proof of the tota neglect of ifmay be fumcientto obferve artbe time of his the whole number of warCOnfifted but of ten fail infteac of the which he found at his bt tonimuedin our FtT BlNCLEVl tbtEarrtf H I L L S B O R O U G writsr can be more fortfmate in his fubjed than It is imtooflibleto more copious matter for cnjfure thaniwhat faur Lordmips adroiniirration daily fur The errors Of your of yonr heart political which cannot all be treated as they without claiming mere of the pub tic than ate indulgwi to a ingle bet the fiijfjeVof fate Of in the refeal of ap aQ lately for regufetiivgafldduly coafiiiog thejurWUfrioh their The detaiTofiih ttiiij The Conre of in Virgiifiai Bad long ettrcifeiBlkn unlimited tRe general grievanceof trie The very nature of a Canrt of is totake cognlzauceof thofe matters which arife witbin theli14 the city in wliich it is The exercjfed in this was auufurpation as well as a The pafleB att aft fyr jegulatirig the jurifdicrion of this the whofe practice abridged by with a petty wrote over very iniignincant ftir up the tpbaced mererahts againft its receiving the Unjuft as the and the folicitatioa ot North whom the favour of the Vir ginians iad raifed from beggary jp as is their of exercifmg arbitrary moft readily un dertook the No intreaties could move thefe men to foliating redrefs of the grievances of and of their benefactors j bur they eagady embraced an oppor tunity of returning infult for and of flinging hand that had lifted them from obfcurity and Ihey to to indulge the di cent and difititeruftcd petitiorTof the attorney and 1hop whofe I were hardly heard Of be fore on the Exchange of Incredible as it may they fucceeded j ths aft was The whole body of the people are to endure a conftant that this attorney and hopkeeper mayreap their harveft from the furferin6s 01 Thus the tobacco to be more the Scotch part of are regarded as the better judges of the municipal lawe and internal regulations of VirgihiiT than the legiilature of the my is the wifdom and julticeynitli which you advife the exerciitf of that negative power which the comtitution has vefted in the folely to fecurt the rights ef his Crown from b ing Were the Royal rights invaded by this aft Were any other ought to held morp fa cred than thofe ot rue community at erndangere8 by it Could even yout Solicitor point out any my will the humiliation of eriti I Youhave fubjecled Uie legiflature of one of thq re fpeflable provinces to the controuj ef iome Scotch to bacco Inftruftcd by an obfcure arjd an There remains but one ftep yet mote more which I thercfoie recom mend to your Lordihips molt ferious 1 to appoint a Committee of Scotch to reportto the Hoard of Trade on every bill that palfes the two Houfes of before k is permitted to have the The Committee will be perfectlyworthy the Board with which they are to have the honour of and by unitingtheir repgrts with the opinion ef the Scotch whovhave fo happily enlightened you on this ao your Lordfhip will for your the col lecBve and of both of the my will complete the grateful nefs of your return to that for to your abolJhed their and left their bufinefs to your Go and to A proper and fpirited agent Iwould made even your alhamed of the tajggitous tranfaftion I have 1 he bafeft that will bend itfelf in to the maaneft and moft mifchievous wi 1 yet fhrink from being forcibly held apacpublic fpeftade of feorn and JUNIUS Whitechapcl July Hay from a 5 o to 3 10 a T Ptr from o 14 o to 14 6 j Load ;