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Bingleys Journal (Newspaper) - February 23, 1771, London, Middlesex V N1VER SAL Price FEBRUARY 14 The order of the day being read for taking Into confideration the papers relating to the dif pute about Falklarids and for the Losds to be Summoned It was moved by the Duke of Newcaftlej That an humble addrefs be prefented to his Majefty to return his Majefty our thanks for his gracious communication to this Houfe of the Declara figned by the Ambaffador of his Catholic his Majefty has been pleafed to To offer to his Majefty oar moft fincere ac knowledgments for having fupported the honour of the crown of Great by a firm and un varied adherence his juft demand of fatisfaftion for the injury violent enterprize againty Falklands by which fteady and uniform conduft his Majefty has obtained from the King of Spain an explicit difavowal of that together with an engagement to re ftbre things to the precife fituation in which they were before the late unjuftifiable To exprefs our fatisfaftion on the profpeft of the bleffing of peace being fecured to as we have no reafon to doubt the good faith of his Ca tholic in the performance of his engage ments and to declare our grateful fenfe of his Majeftys paternal care of his in not too haftily engaging them in the hazards and bur thens of To afTure his Majefty of our zeal and readi on all to exert our utmoft efforts to enable his Majefty to carry into execution fuch meafures as fhall be neceflary for the fup port of the honour and dignity of his Then the Duke of Manchefter propofed an amendment to be made to the faid by leaving out the words from the end of the firft paragraph to the end of the Which being objefted After Long The Queftion was put Itwas the Contents 35 Proxies 3 Not Contents 92 Proxies 15 107 Then the faid Addrefs was agreed to as at frrft and ordered to be preiented to his Ma by lieLoroajwfth Up HI which the Lords in the Minority entered A PROTEST Of which the following is a CORRECT Becaufe it is highly unfuitable to the wif dom and gravity of this and to the refpcft which we owe to his Majefty and to carry up to the throne an approving the acceptance of an imperfeft which has neither been previoufly authorifed by any powers produced by the Spanifh mi nor been as yet ratified by the King of If the ratification on the part of Spain fliould be the addrefs of this Houfe will appear no better than an aft of precipitate adu lation to minifters which will juftly expofe the peerage of the kingdom to the indignation of their and to the derifion of all Eu A Becaufe it is a direft infult on the feelings and understanding of the people of Great Britain to approve this declaration and as a means of fecuring our own and the general tran whilft the greateft preparations for war are both by fea and and whilft the of preffing is as in times of the moft urgent to the extreme incon venience of trade and commerce and with the greateft hardfhips to one of the moft meritorious and ufeful orders of his Majeftys Becaufe the refufmg to put the queftions to the Judges upon points of very effentially affefting this great and the refufing to addrefs his Majefty to give orders for laying be fore this Houfe the inftruftions relating to Falk lands given to the Commanders of his Majeftys hips employed is depriving of fuch lights as feemed highly proper for us on this from the Declaration and Cor refpondence laid before we are of opinion that the Minifters merit the cenfure of this rather than any degree of on account Of feveral improper and equally improper from the beginning to the clofe ef this For it is aflerted by che Spanilh and ftands uncontradifted by that feveral dif cuflions had pafTed between the Minifters of the upon the fubjeftof Falklands which might give the Britifti Minifters reafon to forefee the attack upon that fettlement that was afterwards made by the forces of Hunt alfo arriving from thence fo early as the third of June did advertife tfee Minifters of repeated warnings and menaces made by Spanifti Governors and Commanders of fhips of war yet fo obftinately negligent and fupine were his Majeftys and fo far from the vigilance and aftivity required by the truft and duty of their tfiat they did not even fo much as make a finglereprefeatation to the Court of if they had the injury itfelf might have been or at leaft fo fpeedily as to render unnecelTary the enormous expenses to which this nation has been com by waiting until the blow had been aftu ally and the news of fo fignal an infnlt to the crown of Great Britain had arrived in Eu To this and therefore negleft of reprefentation to the Court of was added another negleft a negleft of fuch timely preparation for putting this fiich a ftate cf the menacing appearances on the part of and the critical condition of Europe Thefe had they been would have been ex ecuted with more and lefs expence would have been far lefs diftreffing to bur and to our feamen would have authorifed us in the be inning to have and would in all pro ability have induced Spain to confent an im and equitable fettlement of all the points in difcuffion between the two Crowns but all preparation haying been the national fafety was left depending rather upon accidental alterations in the internal circumftanoes of our than in the proper and natu ral ftrength of the kingdom and this negligence was highly aggravated by the refufal of admini ftration to confent to an Addrefs propofed by a Noble in this laft for a moderate and gradual augmentation of our naval Becaufe the entered into much too from the conduftf ed upon principles as difadvantageous to thewif dom of our public as it was finally con uded in a manner difgraceful to the honour of e Crown of Great Britain far it that Court of Madrid did difavow the aft of hof as proceeding but juftified it under her inftruftions to her Governors under the oath by them takenj arid under the cftabliihed laws of America This ge neral ordr was never difavowed nor explained nor was any difavowal or explanation thereof ever demanded our Minifters and we appre hend that this j uftificatien of an aft of violence under generatordtrtt eftailijhfd tnd oaths of to be far dangerous and injurious to which has Seen as it evidently fup that the Governors of the Spanifh Ameri can are not only but re quired without any particular to raife great forces by fea and and to invade his Majeftys pofleffions in that the in the midft of profound peace Becaufe this powen fo unprecedented and under which the Spanifh Governor was juftified by his rendered it the duty of our Minifters to infift upon fome cenfure or punifhmerit upon that in order to de monftrate the fincerity of the Court of and of her defire to preferve by putting at leaft fome check upon thofe exorbitant powers aflerted by the Court of Spain to be given to her But although our Minifters were authorifed not only by the acknowledged princi ples of the law of nations to call for fuch cen fure or but alfo by the exprefs pro vifion of the feventeenth article of the treaty of yet they have thought fit to obferve profound filence on this neceffary article of pub lic If it were thought that any cir cumftances appeared in the particular cafe of the Governor to make an abatement or pardon of the punifhment that abatement orpardon ought to have been the effeft of his Majeftys and not an impunity to anting from the ignorance of our Minifters in the firft principles of public or their negligence or pufillanimity in aflerting Becaufe nothing has been had or de manded as a reparation in damage for the enor mous expence and other inconveniencies arifing from the confefled and unprovoked violence of the Spanifh forces in the enterprizeagainft Falk lands Iflands and the long fubfequent delay of juftice it was not neceflary to this that it fliould be made in any improper or offen five but in that ftile of accommoda tion which has ever been ufed by able nego Becaufe an unparalelled and moft auda cious infult has been offered to the hononr of Britifh by the detenfion of a hip of war of his for twenty days after the furrender of Port and by the indignity of forcibly taking away her rudder this aft could not be fupported upon any idea of being neceflary to the reduftion of the nor was any fuch neceffity No reparation in honour has been demanded for this wanton by which his Majeftys reign is rendered the unhappy xra in which the honour of the Britifh flag has fuffered the firft ftaln with entire Betaufe the Spanifh which our Minifters have advifed his Majefty to does in general words imply his Majeftys difavowal of fome afts on his tending to difturb the good correfpondence of the two Courts j when it is that no aft of violence what foever had been committed on the part of Great By this difavowal of fome implied in the vefy Declaration pretended to madYfor the injured dignity of his Majefty is made to admit a fupppfition contrary to arid injurious to and honour of his in the faid the refti tutioi is confined to Port when Spain offered to cede Falklands it is known that Die made her forcible attack oh of tkte to the whole and the reftitu not to have been confined tayt jfcfrt not can any reafon be why wftitatron ought to have been made in narrower or more ambiguous words than the on which her aft of violence was and offers of reftitution ori Becaufe the by his is to obtain pofleffiori of Port Egmontj contains a refervation or condition of the queftion of a claim of prior right of fovereignty in the Catholic King to the whole of Falklands being the firft time fuch a claim has ever authen tically appeared in any public jointly concluded on by the two No explanation of the of this claim has been there is juft rcafon to believe that thefe prin ciples will equally extend to reftrain the and confine the extent of Britifh No counter Iaim has been made on the part of his Majeffy 6 right of in any part of the faid ifland ceded1 to him any affertion what Majeftys right of has been from the beginning to the acSoinplifhment of this unhappy tranfaftion arter the expence of fettles no aflerts no exafts no but ftarrds as a monument of the wifdom of the national to Ithe effential dignity of his Ma and of difgrace to the hitherto un of the Britifli Aftei having1 given thefe founded on the appeared from the we think itneceflary here to difclaim an invidious and fubftituted in the place of fair Itgumentj that they who will not ap prove tKis are for precipitating their into the calamities of war we are as far fioaa the and we truft much far ther the aft of kindling the flame of liaiWiiSfrwfarJiave adrifed taaccept of the Declaration of the Spanifh We have never entertained the leaft thought of invalidating thftpublic aft but if Minifters may not be or even for trea ties though valid ara injurious to the national intereffc and without a fuppo fition of the breach of public faith in this that fliould ceirfare or or of a breach of the laws of in thofe whopropofe fuch cenfure or punifhment the ufe of the as a controul on and as the as well Council of the will be ren dered of no We have no doubt but a De claration more adequate to our juft and to the dignity of the might have been attained without the effufion of blood not only from the favourable circumftances of the but becaufe our juft demands were no more than any Sovereign who had another through or mif even from regard to its own ho to have granted and we are that the obtaining fuch terms would have been the only fure means of eftablifhing a and honourable Wycombej though the difavowal may be confi dered as humiliating to the Court of the Declaration and under the referva tion of the queftion of prior do in my after the heavy expences either convey a fatisfaftion adequate to the infult on the honour of Great or afford an y reafonable grounds to believe that on terms of can be An authentic accdunt of the lubicb happened in the Lower Aflembly on the of ctnctrning the Spanifh papers ivitb ivbicb is in ierwoven the Debate on the Both being inoft the fame though differing in time TH E public will that Dowdef wells motion for papers itfelf into three heads the firft calling for all papers relating to the claims ef Spain previous to the taking of Port Egmont the fecond for the correfpondence of the Britifh and Spamfti officers in South Ame rica with one and with their refpeAive Courts and the laft for the correfpondence of the Britifh and Spanifh The papers being broughi and laid on the rofe and I remember that the noble who is fup poied to direft public is at leall the urged the great number pagera now iyiag as them to your Tti to was not becaiife the An undertaking ought riefer jo preclude except that dilStutty amounts to a palpable irnpefBbility But tfcaogh it did not fllevrrfne abfurdttybf tainly fliewed the abfordity of engaging in fuch without due previous delibera Where a multiplicity of imjjqrtanf fafts circumftances ere too care and circurafpeftion cannot be JOT any judgment about the matter cin fgrmed from the and ftbin tjbe external appearance of the muft noty be the They mnft containniany however they may be deficient fn tfr enable the of their contents with accuracy andprecifionv frmbye that they be pabl fixed in the The peo to whom wecertainly owe expect this epennefj and at the hands of the If theift is nothing dark or myfterious in their let them now fhew by appealing to the and feeling the jpapers have been read and examined by the nation we fhall have an opportunity of knowing its Tenrirnent and of explicitly declaring whether we cr arenofj by approving or ing the opinion of eur LordNtrrb him thus What my opinion might have formerly I cannot precifely is not fo teuacipus as that of the Honourable tleman who mentions the anecdote or perhaps 1 did not think my opinion of monjent to be c immitted to Be ihis as jt my opinion now that the be read without There is for irrTerting them in may be in external the fo nor the matter fo as to it a difficulty for the meanefl capacity to tire matter of them in comjpafs of an Mr Since the noble Lord dojS not chafe to faasfy the or the people witMhe of thefe I hope ha will allow thenxiti lie pii the and confent tQ fdfettrn Hie tion of them till we iaveJteja time thorough coHfenori produced in the by the firit many different will xender our ideas and our determiiistiorts Let us therefore to make every due ta fift and canvas the matter fore we pafs a final fcntence The fame which induce me to think that there is no neceffity for publifhingtfeefe pa force me to that they ought to immediately is nothing in them complicated or Neither the nor the are The tTcatteit and the moft treacherous will not here complain of being put to the therefore the Houfe is and gentlemen feem to have purpofely attended on this I do not fee any good reafon for baulking their ex or trifling with their Influenced by thefe Mn Dbwdffwell withdrew his intended mo ion and the Clerk of the directed by Lord read the pa pers according to the order of their From the correfpondence of rhe officers of the two con tending Crowns in South it that the Spaniards had wanred our colony to quit Falkland Ifland in March 1769 a circamftonce which clearly proves that our Miniftry muft have had early intelligence of Spains hoflile and that they are therefore for wot having made more early and put the nation fooner in a condition to do itfelf By the fame channel it was Don Francvfco Governor of Boerros Ayrf was obliged by the terms of his official oath to prevent all new adventurers from fettling in the South he proceeded with much can and through the medium of the of ficer who headed the expedition even after warning was he fto nothing farther without the exprefs order cf his Catholic Words to this purpofe are in the fecond or third letter directed to Captain or And indeed the time that elapfed between the firft tice and the final aft of demon ftratcs that he waited for a direft and explicit com masd from the Court of By what poli tical maxim then did our Minifters regulate their in direft oppofition to their own they admitted the violent proceeding of Don Francifco as his own aft By their coa nivance they have given currency to infincerity in foreign and meanly cenntenancea a It muft be that Spain from the beginning difavowed Francifces and that Great Britain had been injured and From the correfpondence between Gri the Spanifh and our Envoy at it came that the Spaniards ufed from the beginning very gentle and arriicable and talked of nothing bat compromifing and fettling all differences in a peaceable But while Harris was amufing himfelf and our wife Minifters with their fugared Prince the Spanifh Minifter al oar held a finite different language and in confe quenee of this Harris to his recalled by a letter from Lord Wey Tbis is the fubftance ef all the intelli gence communicated by the Spanifa papers a circuraftance which made Cornwall ddire the Speaker to make the Clerk read the nrii of rhe three into which Dowdefwells original motion was The Clerks Ttiat an iddref be prrfentec to that be be pleafeu o ;