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  • Years Available: 1770 - 1772
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Bingleys Journal (Newspaper) - August 3, 1771, London, Middlesex From Aiiguft to For ExtraJfrom the Paradice HE general failure of ftrict truth and is an ar ticje of fad reProacl1 the Chriftian world at this time not to be whether we confider the frauds commonly ufed in weights and and the price or quality of what is fold and if here be taken in the unreafonable expectations of the and his defire topurchafe under the true we may of a truth that buying and felling is at this time feldom carried on without The unlaw ful combinations and monopolies among traders to raife an exorbitant profit from their is another great evil amongft common and un redreffed by thofe whofe Office it is to apply the remedy and to this muft be added that molt iniquitous practice of adulterating even of neceflary ufe it beingwell that the the the and the medicinal drugs buy at a high are gene rally debafed unwholefome mixtures thus are the principles of life and health corrupted and whether this may not properly be termed an indirect way of fo far as Jbealth is hereby or the reftoration of it I be It does not occur to me that this laft kind of trea cherous dealing is mentioned in fcripture if may fuppofe that is was or but feldooi pradifed in thofe bat is the growth of later improvements in To thefe corrupt practices in matters of commutative julfice miy be added thofe that attend the adminiftrations of public juftce in lawproceedings as the ex orbitance of the multifarious arts ufed to perplex and protract the iffues of cau fing intolerable expences and vexations to the heartbroken client ihe indecent raillery and banter of bold men to baffle and put mbdefty out of countenance the quirk and falfe colouring fuffered in to the iKfgrace of ferious truth and the offence of hea together with aH the practifed pains to defend an unjuft and fo putting dark nefs for and mifleading the minds of thofe that are to decide in Bat who can recount all the tricks and traps of fo many among the inferior practitioners in the by which many a poor man is ruined every day This is not faid dilgrace on a profeffion ho nourable in but togive it a mare in that leprofy of corruption which has overfpread the whole A departure from the fear of God in general will conquently relax the frnfe of every obliga tion to the relative and of courfe there will in proportion be lefs reverence and lefs of clutiful behaviour to fuperiors araongft inferiors this is remarkably exemplified in thefe as I beHeve the filih commandment was never lefs in force operation than now and fo the bold and irreverent behaviour of children to their parents becomes their fconrge for not bringing them up IP the nature and admonition of the Lord and as to the of fer it is generally complained efpecially among the genteel and polite the blame lies attheir own doors living as they molt of them fo much without Gdd in the their fervants are under no good influence or rfi ftraint from their and fo mbel againj they rebel agarnft Erom the decay of the fear of the Lord comes the lofs of due fegard to the obligations of JW whereby the ftrongeil fence to property is broken and all remedy from the civil magistrate ait to the unfpeakable detriment of Ibciety the lofs occafioned by falfe fwearingin thepublick is confefled to be very great at this time and the deficien cies caufed by fuch lofs muft be made up by addi tional taxes on the and fo the innocent fuffer through the To proceed that it may increafe wealth begets oppreffion and in order to fupport the pride of begets avarice of another whilft both con cur in producing the feme the rack renting of tenants and where this is attended with afondnefs for paftimes and vain an overproportion of the gentry will refert to the larger in order to purfue their fchemes of pleafure and by which means the country will only lofe the benefit of good ex ample and good government from perfons of jhigher but be deprived of its due fliare oi both in town and whence will wife p9 verty and general difcontent in the care lefnefs in their conduct through defperate circum combinations t cheat the their landlords and their diflblute and ruin in the their lands are raw info the bands of the and their defeendants noiu hola upon high rents and hard fare what their forefathers enjoyed as their The great difference fur oceajloned by thi change in the manners of the country the creafe of thi lofs of chearfut and as to moft of he innocent comfortt of a it not to be This obfervation be carried and point out how t fajhionable folly in a higher degree taking of the ancient gentry of this hasexter minuted great a part of than from their old family feats and which have bten bought up and are now bmying up by the wealthy that our land is flocking apace with a new race of gentry and without the hofpitality and gent of their Jluice off the wealth of the country to hoard it up in the ar ff fquan der it away prodigally in London or may be faid without thi gift of prophecy that it will not require many more wars and heavy taxes the ruin of this For BINGLEYS Continuation on the Prefent Eftabliftunent of the IT ING James had ferved with reputation at of the when Duke of Yjprk by which means he had acquired fome knowledge and experience in maritime affairs this gave him an opportunity of remarking many abufes and diforders which had crept into the ceconomy of the fleet to rectify was one of his fint fteps after his and he wifely endeavoured to prevent the like irregularities lace again his Majefty appointed a fti pend of to be paid quarterly out of the Treafury for the ufe of the and granted the officers confiderable favours amongft was the grant of prize and a handfome allowance to each Captain for his table promifing a in a particular every SnAance of courage and I fhall pafs over the imprudences of Jamess which could terminate no otherwife than in his or that of our religion and li berties I muft only th the force of this kingdom had never beer neir V gallant aftions by the Fnnccj it will dapjp emu damp and by infenfible a ftupor over The at this time very powerful by fea Louis had been indefatigable in the increafekdFhis navy 45 well knowing that thofe who were fovereigns on the would be maf teratof Englifti themfelves o coa trjbuted principally to this unfortunate aggrari djzemenc French by the deftructive fcheme of politics that prevailed in the time of MSromwellj for his own though agairift his was forced to France in deprefling the Spaniards by which Charles was conftrained to quit the French terri tories loft only friend who could aoft in recovering bis dominions as the Spaniards were jjjo and too much afraid of to attempt alliance the bafis of that great with which 1 at this time yet had in artfully fomented the quarrels be tween the Dutch and each would weaken the Other fafficiently to enable it to and fofar did its craft during the beginning of this French fleets were numerous and powerful enough to bi ableof themfelvesj without to face the two greateft maritime powers in till the hippyvyictary of Admiral Ruflel de ftroiyedjheir navy fo as never to fuSer them tomake head again ft with ajiy profpedt of France had however the in of triumpking over the united fleets of England ind Holland j for die Earl of who commanded in underwent much cenfiure andthough his was acquitted when brought to his yet his Sovereign Bought proper to entirely from his King with more fortitude and wif nature feemed capable tri umphed tiver difficulties and any pthet would have feemed almoll in The flake he for was great and for the fate of not only to the fovereignty of but his kingdpjRs had he loft the the other nwfthave followed j all depended upon jiis navy V perhaps life what was dearer to him than of the PrOteftaht and the liberties of the peo pie wHp hadeieAed him to preferve Admiral Ruffel had the to beintrufted with the fupreme command of the confederate to what it was at the by an i fleets which he continued cruifing during wealth Thus all things will go wrong apace to be remarked here with regard to tvr won nation in particular that a departue from ru ral jtmplicity to an affeflation of gentility and polite nefs in the inferior has almoft ruined the try people bcth in their mtrals this laft century well nigh extinguijhed an vfeful order of men amongft the yeomanry or who formed a kind of middlt between the trut gentry and the lowerrenting and who by their plain but plentiful of living were a main fupport of the poor labourirs and their and alfo of benevolence and goot neighbourhood in the country but fujfering them felvei to be drawn into a falfe and tajfi vjert no ways ft for by their die then amounted to fmall and a if pro perly el i one would have thought almoft fuficient to have prevented invafions from the whole worid but the hand of Providence feemed to guide the Prince of Oranges and to diftract thofe of King James who from the with apparent difmay and and in a very different manner to whatN he had ever done in any action of his fond of the monarch who had hewn them fo many continued loyal to the laft and it was not rill after their King had deferted that they and presented an addrefs to the Prince of The deliverer of the and preferver of our religion and was crowned with Queen Mary in February 1689 in a very few found himfelf involved in a war with Francewho had fent over King James with a ftrong and a confider able King Villiam named Admiral Herbert to the command or tne fqoadron which he ordered to at the fafiimerof wittysot any opportunity of bringing the enemy to a general the large mips as dafarmed in the winter and kid op while every arrangement was in the fpring in order to as the filiation of affairs might then render The who begaa to look upon them felves as a maritime had been very alert in their preparations and got their fleet ready for fea before the Englifti which was could be joined by the Thh intelligence by fome communicated to Count who commanded the fleet of and proved the happy means of bringing on the glorious action enfusd for the French elated that IH qaei of enemys fleet us arrival at he found he wastoo late to srevent the whkh had already aken place rail for him to was to fearch and endeavour deftroying the which had broughf over for this he made the beft of his off to intercept them in their but without uccefs being reinfprced with more men of and hearing no news of he fteered his courfe back for aiyl difcovered the French fleet at anchor in Ban trybay whofe force confifted of 28 fail of the line and that of the of detail of the action is not material here though it appears to have been only as reat part of Herberts fquadron was by lie wind from getting near the enemy the ad fuch as it refted on the fide of the French while Admiral Herbert retreated with his fquadronv to to refit j foon King William fhewhe was always ready to reward real even though not pointed but to him by he declared Admiral Herbert Earl of Torrington knighted Captain John Aftiby of the Defi and Captain Croudefly of the Edgar generoufly a bounty of ten hillings to every feaman and making provifion for fuch widows whofe hufbands had been killed in Tis by means like that a Prigce acquires the love of his people and it is certainly in a wife to reward and encourage whether fuccefsful or not the crown is the fountain of honor and if no notice is taken of in ft general have halfpf wJiife onlhore to be paid quarterly tut of thi eftimate of the 4 ft That the number ot fervants the commanders ftould for the Admiral of the iJpj and all other one tains of firftand fecond fix j fourth and iixdi the number offervanitf to out of every When this regulationnad of the royal navy was as of of 6th 4 12 9 8 I Surgeons o o 12 O 12 4 15 o 12 3 at this time that the allowance tor money which was granted iy King Jamei o the Captains in No engagement eafusd during the mainder of this war the French naval force was 6o much broke tovenf ore appearing agitffiri a the narrow feas To attention towards ruining oufttade by and intercepting our convoys bothof which but too fuccefsjal in Streights outwardboand which Sjr Gsbjrge look was efcorang to the MeJiterraneanif was alien in of tiiffcoaftoff bjfTour rille and a fuperior force many mipswere but the admirable condoft of Hook the greater part of the fleet by which inSnitely more honour Admiral did by his To It with his former and fired with the thoughts of ruining the navy of England at a fent an exprefs to with the earneftly defiring the Kings permiffioa to engage the Englifti fquadron di rectly uptinrthe return of the courier to with the he immediately put to fhapiSg his courfe for the Ifle of Wight off which he was informed Englifli mips were in of being joined there by The junction of the confederate hqv was known at within a few hours after Tourvilles courier departed and counter orders were fent by an which found him failed but two veffela that carried copies of the fame orders for were both taken by the Eng liih The Englifh and Dutch when iofesdKamoymedf to 99 fail of and the Couftt Tourvijles but to 63 the and detail of the is known too gene rally to need a recital here fuffice it to that on the return of the victorious fleet to the his Majefty being was fo extremely pleafed with the gallant behaviour of her fent down a gratuity of to be diftributed amongft the feamen and or dered gold medals to be ftruck and gives the of as tokens of and marks of royal The latter end of the following the King was gracioufly pleafed to take into consideration the fmallnefs of the pay allowed the fea officers and by the advice of the Privy he efta bliihed the following amongft fome That the fea pay of the flag lieutenaatSj and furgsons be doubled That all flag and captains of and fifth and fire and the i ft and mafter of firft and third who have ferved a yea a thciatae hips of thole or been The Admiral of fleet per day Admiralsof the and Blue Vice Admirals Rear Admirals to the Admiral ot the fleet df t tales rates rates of rates of rates 4 3 2 1 I O O o o to 4 o 12 to O O O Q O O O O O O O rates tates 5 of rates of 6 o Matters of fer month of of To THE notble ftruggle made by prefent Lord Mayor defence of the rights Charters has induqed the wretched tools of to inquire into origin of the jower and authority of the Clubf What is the refuh of their labours hiiang found that the City derives its charter from and that it was frequendy deprived viplencV the rigKt of electing a CKief tfeey very logically thit his Majeftjr right to take away what hist predeceflbrs i gave never confidering that by the act of William aod and by the fpirit letter of the articles at the its charter cannot bs Indeed in the nature of the Which contains one fixth of the cannbt be of franchifes by the whole mucu lefsby the wno is dnly a reprefentativa of the people in certain and muft fuomic to their whenever they ciufp to ftep To fay that the City has no right monftrate agauxft the invafion of their and the violation of all their is to urge that a fixth of the people ought quietly to fubmit defpotlfm of one If one fizth hjas no fuch right by a parity of reafoning the other five fixths have no fuch right and thus have doctrine of paffive obedience and nonrefiftance once more But where is the wonder that we fuch nohfenfical doctrines ob truded the when the daily who inftrdct the are only and womens taylors To what is the what are newspapers reduced O temporal O mores I O immortal John hovv is thy name profaned L O T T E R TICKETS now felling at WHITEHOUSEsState Lottery Dublin j at their State CollegeGreen at their State Lottery Office in ftreet andat tfafif State Lottery Office in Tbe fortunate at receive following befide many other confidsra in proportion to the price and quantity of For a fingle guinea you may get For half a guinea For five and fix Englifa For three For twoguineas For Shares of Englifli Tickftts at eight pounds pounds Five ftiillings 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