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Bingleys Journal (Newspaper) - April 6, 1771, London, Middlesex UNI V E R S A IV G A Z E T T 7 April to April r GEORGE SAVILEs Speech in defence of the I tered rights ci the city of having l Gentleman muft therefore pardos if I cannot Lord when WelTbore Ellis moved that he been confirmed by aft of I confider as vote fqf his amendment as a rneafure of kindnefs to law ofthe By Magma Cbarta no man CSiver for if are prdered adjudged guiby of a breach of H E prefent queftion is undoubt edly a queftion of You affirm that die Lord Mayor has commit breach of privilege he af that he has adhered to the the Your fuppofed la ftand in two ought to that your the or any individu whole He looks u upon the charters of the rity to your privileges becau of the whole and of the and the larter havi charters of the icftion which of the Lord Mayor appre ot fuperfede the ich lefs tliofe of the na and in autho Isformcr are branches of Other balls but ie queftion imagine a delicate the your Is it not frialpfcthe nature of the and of the is deeply involved in law I can h cafe that is more or that is of On one fide ftands die inalienable rights of die people on ftands die privileges of their you imagine that the utmoft difference is to be paid to your and that you not to allow rights to be debated by co at your bar If you have no refpeft for your conr difcover atleaft alittie common and do not refufe them the privilege of defending their rights a privilege which is to the meaneft to the mofl infam uj Were die Lord Mayoralone in this af can be tried for a criminal but by the in tervention of a Jury nor but by die judgment of his Peers I diftinguifh between die privileges of this which may give it a power to call for evidence as a in matters of po and that which is now contended to punilh for If the latter is it would create a junction of the judicial and legiflative pow ers in the fame which can never be blended without being deftrudtive to public The noble Lord has that this power has benn allowed the Houfe in all and diat no inftance can be till the of its having been ever I believe I may chal lenge nis Lordfhip to fhew me an of an cient when the power has been exercifed it is but a modern which been acquiefced becaufe no very ill ufe in been made of or becaufe odier mo dern precedents might have deterred from an en The time is like eneral diis however fanctt not the and indeed the whole na tion ijitereied I would not have been fo much jittprifed at your precipitation and Hav ing feen ycur behaviour to I can ne ver think it ftraiige diat you mould opprefs an in But to decide upon the rights of the Englifli upon die inheritance of the with out hearing is an aft of fuchfolly and as would have me in any other men but who took from their conftituents the right of and placed it in their own You pretend to be a court of Did you ever near of a court of except the diat would not allow the mnts of the caufe to be tried before them by Did you ever hear of a court that would nor appoint counfel for the if he want ed it inftead of denying him fuch a jaccefTary You diat you are die fole judges of yonr own and that you with out overturning this appoint Bin does counfel in pleading for the defendant judge of your privileges He does no more than what is done cpnftandy by every He gives his pri vate and paifcs no final fentence vpon your Con you mean any thin by being die fole judges of your own than that no final judgment concerning them can be given by any other cour You certainly can not expect that men in general will not judge of the or of any particu lar Can the pleadings of counfel be considered in any other light While I thus fup pofe your general maxim to while I allow diat the other courts have no right to determine your do not misconceive as if I meant that no privileges are no where Far be fuch blafphemy from my On the con I hold that not only your but the privileges and and of every and every body of are controvertiblc by the people of In the laft they are the judges of every great national They are die fupreme the Lord that muft finally determine what or is condu fied by before the feet of juftice ancj be univerfally was pleafed to tejf in Co iny Lord who complained that cafe was prejudiced and that muft be recaufe you found yourfelf at three oclock in the to pre die warrants for the commitment of Ob I you had die warrants brought you at you might make fome alteration in them but I have very good reafon for thinking they were prepared very early in the many hours before the quef for Olivers commitment was j Ai jf vu9 i j ai w vt ku to reprimand that We all know your ability to de it to fome Nor can human nature be earpofed fo a more humiliating or to iharper than by fubmitting to fuch a reprimand gs you will But in going to the there is nothing to tfeift him j on the con carry in his ewn bofom die bleffings of a good antKbe followed by the neral of his whilft judges profecutors will be purfued by die curies of the icorned by thofe who and pitied bjr thole who think moderate of But if no jeafbn for this I fliould die feelings of gendemen would incline adopt merely to get rid of a of we are all fo fick and I even at the ex peoccof Widi this view to I have oppofcd every part of this wretched in every They who now may live to me for I fee that many gendemen of the higheft rank and fome of by their gave and others who added vigour and impale to ays are now fiowind Brens jofeph and and Count Froni the Fropi the From johge Jan From the From the Aftlirjgi The Profperous from the EliiaJjethj and They I up by your Secre You will find long interval of which cive to the general notwithstanding the has fines they have not yet forgot the maxim of their anceftors recorded by de mnsribus rebus dc majoribus Whatever deference they may pay to their they will themfelves ftill judge of impor tant But why do I urge thefe confidcrations You have already predetermined the You have afnfted by the affiftant Solicitor to the and an honourable Member of this one of the Secretaries to the The worthy might olfo have been fur dw ftrengthened in his Opinion about predeter if he had heard another J was at the Tower I good thai an order was fent to that on Monday at three directing ten beds to be whom they were to be prepared matter of and one of them was for hall never do any thing wantonly and rafhly to defcrve but I mall never be afraid of occupying one of them in a that an honclt Icandinr up for the rights of the need not be afhsincd From what fell Very early in dip day froc an Gen who told us he would take down every word that mould be with new of calling to order I believe one of the beds might have been intended for an honourable who fat lately below but whom I do not now fee in his if he had made ufe of the farru ftrong expref fions he ufed on It is very kind of the gentlemen over the way to let every man have a bed to when they at lealt many of lie two or three in a The Gentleman himfelf once occupied an Irijb with two I believe he might flncehave had a bed to of a different kind to that now intended but he did not like to in the fame cabin with the noble or his I have fecn fo many inftancesof the mifapplica tion of the as to make me lament that it is ever ufed from one1 fide of this Houfe to the Tiie moment a man quits his friends on this fide the and gets into like the learned Gendunan f he abufes thofe he has and talks of faifion in terms the moft indecent and The noble Lord t has told that there is but determined enemies to all or I Several gentlemen who uniformly oppofed this mea fcave tomed their backs upon the Houfe widi many bitter of the indignadon which they With what Temper and opinion I may ever return te diisunpleafant I know not but I will not leave as long as there is a to catch at by which I can hope to keep the peace of diis tuifottarrate it is natural for men to complain of what diejrjjear from the report of others bin it what they fee and feel that provokes them to Here the difference betwixt commitment and The people without doors only hear the they will fee the other every hour of rite iraprifonment will add freih to their and raife fome new fpirit of com in t s rejected the modon for hearing out of your power to and put it this bufmcfs even with die appearance of jnitice or Your whole procedure muft to the rnoft fimplc and un tutored cjrry upon its face die ftrongell marks of arbitrary Every man of fenfe that is con cerned for the majefty of the and even for thehonour of this muft be ihocked at it let me tell your honour is when you do not lean upon the people for You become not only but Of diis truth I am fo fully in order toprevent your difgrace I move for the previous queftion and if it is not I am refolved to retire from the fcene of and not to fuftcr my eyes to be polluted widi the fight of fuch in flie following is the Speech of Sir JOSE PH M A WBEY in the Houfe of on the of Commit ment of the Lord Mayor to the Tower on the Zfth of ROSE feveral times to have given my opinion of the laft queftion relative to the breach of pri vilege i not being fortunate enough to catch your contented myfelf with giving a fmgle negative to As this queftion naturally arifes out of die I hope for the indulgence of the Houfe for a few words on the and in reply to force thfngsthat have palled in Icjuld not give my aflent to the former I canrot my aflent to the becaufe I deem themfubvcr fivcof and contrary to the char der and I do not know who are meant by that I am myfclf a friend to the Family on the Throne from If the noble Lord meant to throw any imputation on I will re un every imputation and and de that I do in my confcience believe there is a fadian of the worft iort exifting in this country I am afraid that faction is no fmall one I ir has for many years been inceflantly at in fnbverting the and in de ftroving the dearcft and moft valuable rights of die I have as good an opinion of the noble as of many of thofe around him but I am firmly there is fomeivherc in Admini ftration a faclion determined to ruin anddeftroy die liberties of die and to throw this country into I confider the prefent meafure as gve my having that and therefore mail ftrongeft negative to f Lord t W I Sir WILLIAM MEREDITHS r 3 I T That Oliver of 6eme committed to the mould be reprimanded in his 1FIND myfelf under a great eidierto agree to this or diflcnt from it for by agreeing to I may feem to addptan opinion of the worthy which I can ha no right to him I duril Did I ever think not him As a I am bound to rhink the man whom I till he has been fairly and til his guilt refults out of It is fpeak ing too well of diis to that this Magiflrate was not allonued counfcL He was allowed fo far as to let us fee faces of Counfel at the bar but clogged with a that gag ged their mouths from what was neceila ry for their clients It is an aggravation of init it under a falfe colottr arid in ry tc fioious of The Honourable We fat many hours part midnight daylight is advancing upon us let not die fun rife upon out fhame but let us clofe this mifera ble fcenc under the cover cf that darknefs which fuita and under the fhelter of our own think the public ought to know what pafleg I wifli to God I could bind you thewholjjHogfei with every Mef to fecrecy on this gut thaijvqya be may a if we keep to ourfelvcs if we dont fend our judgment to be executed to create and fe Moft do I call upon die noble Lord who fets on die Treafury Bench he has neidier my ill nor my ill wilhes and if his Lordfhip is truly fppken he has never approved this Let him then permit me to conjure for his own for the eafe and dignity of his and above all for his countrys to lay hold of the opportunity given by the worthy to clofe this fcene of mifchief The main objeft of thofe who are charged with the cares of is Great and wife have thought it not beneath to give up the for the fake of Minifters mull govern acci not be governed by But when Mi nifters themfelves endanger public peace for and raife difcord out of then is government itfelf in a ftate of The ftorm that now hangs over us was raifed by government and whatever coniequenccs may fol they who and who have countenanced this are to their their and their April Yfflerday arrlued the Mail According to fome advices re ceived from the contagious diltemper which prevailed there is at an The laft let ters from Con ftantinople that the new Cap tain finding the marine in fuch a bad con dition diat he had litde hopes of retrieving had refigned his Letters from Venice that Ali Bey has been killed by his arid that Mecca and Gedda are returned under the domi nion of the Grand Signor but this news feems to want April I This afternoon a fecond party from die caftle marched for Dumfries to quell the rioters about that who of late have been very troublefome to diat under pretence of regulating the price of A party of 100 men marched on the fame errand laft but die numbers of the rioters are fo gready increafed as to require this additional They have broke open feveral houfes and and ranfacked the mips in the and their numbers are faid to amount to S I P April Came clown and the for Jamaica the for Maryland the Lovely for Ubes the for Quebec ehe for Remains the Merliti floop of bound to Amfte Wind and the Dutch fliip April Came down Sid the New for Remaiu his Majeftys loop and a Dutch fliip for Wind PORT of April ENTERED froth the King Mar Hunter j Eiiikiiij MaohJin Juf frorp From John aiid J From Zoots Jonge 3r John Brack Frori Nomsjpjf From Royal From Charming From Sotth Csiolina Haywardj From CtEAiED OUTfcr For the For Dorothy and Campion For PORT of April ENTERED The Frederick from the Royal Chai from For the Maynardj and For the Webb and For the ft For the Charming For the London Walker Ycfterday the Right the Lord Mayor Oliver were carried by habeas corpus Lord Chief Jullice De who re them to the previoufly provided Alter being with another writ from the Rings they were carried before Lord Mans held at his chambers in Serjeants who hkewiie rciufcd to srant them a dif charge grant This is no new by the City for defending the general reafon alleged by their Lordfliips for not gr dif I am ob hged to go by law and I can neither oail nor diJ charge you white the Parliament is You rnusr be They were attended by Alderman Wilkesi and die Gentlemen of the Commfttee appointed KTI tk a 1 A r granting their enlargement that they eould not ture to determine an affair of fuch moment widi out die advice of the other Thus is diis important queftion left undetermined dll next which will begin on Wednefday die 17th Both die Chiefs capie to town yefterday mornj ing on the above bufinefst Lord Maiisrield came to ShWittram De bcSiic ke went te own fo diat the bufinefs feems to have beeri agreed on between thembefbie tie at high Change two attended by a vaft concourfe of paraded the and In the firft cart fat Jack as it were guarding fome paintings on which were fupported by a wooden1 frame fixed to die On the back of the three pafteboard figures were wrote on whofe bread appeared the c After him came Halifax and die latter of whom vyas reprefented in an Aldernaans each having a and drawn with grievous as if going to carry their accounts to the other tuc earc iat another Jack guarding fome figures with forrowful drawn by fome perfons that feemed well acquainted with the attitude and drefs of the undermentioned names w depifted on the backs of four Jemmy Da Luttfcl the and Oni An hour after this proccffion the right and true lull dyrngfpeeches of the executed on were cried about the The Lord Alderman and feveral othcf looked over the Towerwall to fee die Orders are given for flapping a quantity of goods in his Majeltys hip Panther of 60 on board of which Commodore Byron is to hoift his flafj defigned as prelents to different Indian tribes in al liance with It is faid that more hips have been ferit out ofa the Senegal trade this year than in any one year iince Great Britain became poffcffed of that Laft Tuefday four tranfporta arrived atPlymoudi to take on board fome troops The Defianccj and men of war from are arrived at The Vulture of war from is put into with die lofs of a The St from Limerick td was totally ori the I4th of March near Brett the people were favcd The Allen j and die arc failed from Gravef to proceed on their refpeftiye voyages Haberdaflier in TavillockStrecX to Mifs Pearion of that The fame Mr Mofes Rogers of to Mils Matilda Rogers of Thomas Efq of Greeii to Mifs Charlotte Seward of RedcrofsStrceti in Robert formerly a Solicitor itj The fame in a maiden lady April Fnm the L O D O N March The Ract zivil died here on northern Four Denmark and Swe den arc due as wellis a pofir front ;