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Biloxi Sun Herald Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 1

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Biloxi Sun Herald (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Biloxi, Mississippi Edition Pascagoula on Capitol Hill. Page c-13 served by a amp up serving Biloxi Gulf port and the Mississippi coast since 1884 of elite vane Cloudy Chance of rain. De tails on a-8 volume 90 a number 157 Mississippi coast sunday morning March 10, 1974 8 sections 114 pages single copy 25 r. By the associated press while Arab Oil ministers began gathering in Cairo saturday night for a meeting today to consider ending the Oil embargo against the United states a Senate study committee warned the arabs May again use Oil As a weapon in dealing with israeli issues. And a syrian military spokesman announced in Damascus that More artillery fire erupted saturday on the tense Golan Heights front where israelis and syrians fought with artillery and rockets in two engagements Friday. No casualties were reported in the 15-minute barrage. Arriving in Cairo saturday night were the Oil ministers of Kuwait and Bahrain. The Oil ministry said five others Are expected today. The appearance of the first two ministers reinforced Egypt s insistence that the meeting would go on As scheduled sunday afternoon despite some apparent opposition within the Arab bloc. A member of the Bahrain Oil ministers party said he expected the meeting to begin on schedule but he would not speculate on the outcome of the session. The Semi official egyptian newspaper a1 ashram predicted the four month old embargo which has contributed to the Oil Pinch across the United states would be lifted. However algerian Industry minister Belaid Abdeslam told newsmen in Algiers the meeting would amount to private talks to precede a full scale Arab Oil conference in Tripoli on wednesday. Syria and Algeria two previous holdouts sent word Friday nigh that they would show up said egyptian Oil ministry spokesman Mahmoud Roushdy. There has been no word from Libya which opposes egyptian president Anwar Sadat s efforts to talk his brother arabs into lifting the embargo in return for . Mediation in the Middle East he added. But Roushdy listed these countries a the major Arab Oil exporters to the United states a As having confirmed they will attend saudi Arabia the largest Arab Oil producer and Leader of the embargo Kuwait the second largest Arab Oil producer Qatar Bahrain Abu Dahabi Algeria Egypt and Syria. The prediction appeared to end earlier speculation that Only a few ministers would show up to consider the decision on ending the embargo before Israel withdraws a from All occupied Arab land and even before syrian and israeli forces separate along the Golan Heights. The arabs imposed the embargo a a total cutoff of Oil deliveries a on the United states and Holland following the october War. Judging . And dutch policies particularly pro israeli. In addition they reduced Over All Oil production As an additional Way to pressure nations away from Suddorth of Israel. Innocent Washington up seven former members of president Nixon s inner Circle marched grimly through a jeering crowd outside . District court saturday and pleaded innocent to criminal charges in the coverup of the watergate scandal. Two of them former White House aides John d. Ehrlichman and Charles w. Colson also pleaded innocent to separate charges stemming from the 1971 Ellsberg break in. In Ehrlichman s Case the combined charges carry a maximum penalty of 60 years imprison and $95,000 in fines. Sirica released the seven on per Armel Henrt and Ranii Tinell ordered them to surrender their passports ask his permission if they wish to leave the country and keep him informed of their whereabouts. He set May 1 for hearing pretrial motions by any defendant who might seek another trial location move to have the charges dropped or take any other Legal Steps before the coverup trial begins sept. 9. Pleading innocent besides Ehrlichman Colson and Mitchell were former White House chief of staff . Haldeman former assistant Atto by general Robert c. Mardi an former Haldeman aide Gordon c. Strachan and former Nixon Campaign committee lawyer Ken watergate coverup. Pou Ceman escort a Man Wear it ing a big Nixon mask to a waiting car outside . District court in Washington saturday. Police wrapped a coat around pants in a a treating attempt outside tie court Liere seven former presidential and Campaign aides pleaded innocent in awaiting go signal. More Tolian 4,500 persons less than 200 of them adults turned out saturday for the fifth consecutive Harrison county March of dimes Wal Cathon. This is about 400 persons More than the number participating in last years walk. The trek was 12 staff photo by George Ziz Miles. The Wal Kathon netted $45,000 in pledges this year compared to $32,000 actually collected last year. By Susan Irby Herald staff writer around 4,500 students and adults raised a pledged $45,000 in saturday s Harrison county March of dimes Wal Kathon to go toward research and treatment of birth defects. An estimated 95 per cent of the 4,500 participants mostly youth vrho began their trek at 8 . Along . Highway 90 from Edge water Plaza in Biloxi finished the projected 12-mile walk goal according to Wal Kathon chairman Rev. David Ehrenfeld and Rev. Clifford Herd. The average Walker should collect approximately $10 for his work according to the chairmen. Quot it is now up to those persons who sponsored the marchers to Honor their pledges after having seen evidence of the completed walk Quot Rev. Ehrenfeld 5 has been set As the deadline for collection of pledges. Marchers had previously contacted coast residents asking for Cash pledges for each mile walked by the individual marchers. The average Marcher took about four hours to Complete the hike Rev. Herd said. Olan Welch a member of the Biloxi High school Cross country track team easily sprinted the course however in 65 minutes or 5.5 minutes per mile to finish in the shortest time for the third consecutive year. The youngest Walker in the March was 22-month-old Tawnya fore daughter of or. And mrs. Frank fore of Gulfport. Tawnya reportedly walked a Little Over one mile before hitching a ride for the remaining 11 Miles. Some 100 Keesler fab personnel joined the group of mostly Junior High and High school students. The Only reported casualty occurred around 1 25 . When Sara Varnado 17-year-old daughter of or. And mrs. Lowren Varnado 2604 6th ave., Gulfport stepped on a Catfish Skeleton near the Broadwater Beach country club in Gulf port. She was taken by Lang ambulance to memorial Hospital at Gulfport for treatment of a puncture wound and released. A to m m Avivm my Portelly distributed bandages for minor blisters. A 25 per cent increase in marchers Over last year s total was recorded by registrants. Some 3,600 walked in 1973 As compared to saturday s 4,500 participants. Rev. Herd said $32,000 was raised by the 1973 marchers As compared with this year s pledged $45,000. Both chairmen said they were quite pleased with the efforts of this year s Dart Winants. Quot their whole attitudes were just great Quot Rev. Ehrenfeld said. Quot they knew Why they were walking they knew what was needed and they went out and accomplished their Gordon Myrick served As team chairman for walkers travelling to Jones memorial Park in Gulfport and Back and Sparky Wandler was chairman for the Biloxi Lighthouse group. The two teams reportedly were equal la divided Accordina to Biloxi and West Harrison residents. Aiding in registration were 25 members of the Harrison Central High school Beta club. Funds collected in the March of dimes Wal Athons directly ids the association s birth defects Center in the University of Mississippi medical Center in Jackson. A Good Deal of the Money also goes toward Mph Pfar a a for Hirth rip spots. Lifting of Arab Oil embargo won t ease prices Simon says Washington a Federal Energy chief William e. Simon said saturday lifting of the Arab Oil embargo would end Long service station lines but would not necessarily Stop the Rise in the Price of gasoline. But Simon scoffed at the notion that increased gasoline allocations this month Are cutting into supplies intended for this summer. Quot now the doomsayers have switched to gasoline Quot he said. In a interview in his office Simon said he continues to give the same answer at out the Odds of gasoline rationing. Quot there is a better than 50-50 Chance even if the embargo remains that we won t have to Institute this Burden on the american people Quot he said. Quot we believe we can handle the shortfall with our allocation system Quot he said. Even if the embargo remains in effect the Energy office can keep the gasoline lines Down by equitable allocation among the states he said. Quot if the embargo ends the Long lines will be a thing of Iti to Quot Simon is id in response to a question. The lines have been noticeably Shorter in hard hit areas in recent Days because of increased allocations. Simon said lifting the embargo a or Mart a finer q Orfo Otott nor of onto a of it of higher Price foreign Oil into the nation tending to push up prices of refined products such As gasoline. But he declined to say How much the Energy office which controls gasoline prices would allow the Price to Rise. The Price of gasoline would be higher in areas depending More heavily on imported Oil such As new England if the embargo is lifted he noted. Simon said he had no idea if the Omar Orr win ill to Lifton to tron an. A Oil ministers meet in Cairo sunday to discuss the question. Simon said that if the embargo is lifted he doubts that the american people will return to Many of their old wasteful ways in Energy. But some conservation programs May be relaxed including the voluntary ban on sunday gasoline closings he said. Quot we re concerned with its Impact on the tourist Industry. It won t make any More gasoline available but it will Holn snap of Nair to Miriam Nerpas Quot mrs. Nixon to on diplomatic venture Washington up first lady Pat Nixon says she has no fear about returning on an official visit monday to Caracas where 16 years ago she and husband were mobbed spat upon and stoned. Caracas is the first Stop on mrs. Nixon s six Day 9,195-mile trip to attend the inaugurations of the presidents of Venezuela and Brazil a third Solo diplomatic venture since husband became president. Her arrival monday afternoon was bound to bring Back vivid memories of the Day in 1958 when she and then vice president Nixon were ambushed by angry leftist demonstrators who smashed the windows of their limousines spat on them and chanted Quot death to on tuesday mrs. Nixon will attend the inaugural ceremonies for Carlos Andres Perez a 51-year-old former Interior minister who is Fez comes into Power at a crucial time in relations Between the United states and his own Oil Rich country. Perez has pledged to Speed implementation of a Law by which foreign Oil concessions will begin to revert to the state by 1983. But he also has promised that Venezuela will not Cut off Oil supplies to the United states its biggest customer As the arabs did. On Friday mrs. Nixon will be in Brazilia for the swearing in of Ernesto Geisel 65, a retired army general who was named As the country s 28th president last Jan. 15. Known for his austere dedication to work and an aversion to publicity Geisel is the first non Catholic chief of state in the history of Brazil. Mrs. Nixon expects to return to the United states saturday a 62nd birthday a and join the president in Nashville tenn., for a birthday Celebration and a gala Nixon to speak on Bicentennial key Biscayne. Fla. A president Nixon has scheduled a nationwide radio address for 12 07 . Cd sunday on the american Bicentennial. Viet Cong hit playground Saigon apr a Viet Cong mortar Shell hit a primary school playground in the Mekong Delta saturday killing 22 children and injuring 32 others the Saigon military command said. The school was near a military Headquarters and there was speculation the Viet Cong May have been aiming at the military compound and missed. Army wants Calley confined Columbus a. Up charging that is it. William Calley jr., was freed improperly the army has asked the Federal judge who set bail for him to reverse his decision. Quot guerrilla sentenced to death Beirut. Lebanon apr a military tribunal sentenced a lebanese guerrilla to death saturday and another to life imprisonment for seizing the Bank of America offices in Beirut and killing an american Hirisi Nussman Rii Irinco the pm oof hair a Ray a Hearst tape received san Francisco up a a fourth communique from the sym ionese liberation army containing 11 minutes of the taped voice of kidnapped Patricia Hearst was received saturday by a san Francisco radio station. The tape received by pm radio station san was noisy and hard to understand. The Fri immediately picked up the tape to determine its daily c-1 entertainment. Pages c-14-15 sports. Page b-1 plans Isiah adv data d a Quot i vix Quot -

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