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Biloxi Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 1

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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Biloxi, Mississippi Inside women s Page pm. 6 business amp financial pm. 9 to . 12 coast entertainments pm. .12 local amp Nai i. Sports pm. 20the daily he Rald serving Biloxi Gulfport and the Mississippi coast since 1884 served by associated press volume 86 a number 344 Mississippi coast monday afternoon september 28, 1970 2 sections a 28 pages weather Cloudy to partly Cloudy and rather Cool through tuesday. Highest today and tuesday 76 to 82. Lowest tonight 58 to 66. Details on pm. 13. Single copy Lor Nixon italian leaders Confer by Frank Cormier associated press writer Rome a president Nixon discussed War and peace in the Mediterranean with italian leaders today and made an unscheduled trip to Rome s Airport to Greet freed american a sky Jack hostages flying Home from Jordan. Nixon flew to Fiumicini Airport by helicopter and met the americans on the Tarmac As they walked off a special trans world airlines plane that is taking them Back to the United states. Arab peace Force police cease fir Rome talks. President Nixon confers with italian Premier Emilio Colombo left at Villa Madama in Rome. The chief executive is on the second Day of his tour of Europe which will include a visit to the . 6th Fleet on station in the Mediterranean. A wire photo via Cable from Rome Moonshiner Protection by Bill Niekirk associated press writer Washington a in an attack on Federal tax lavs the supreme court has been asked to extend the fifth amendment s guarantee against self incrimination from gamblers to Moonshiner. It o an old argument but judging from a decision in a lower Federal court Legal opinion is now divided. At stake Are Federal income tax Laws requiring the posting of a sign at a lawful distillery furnishing of Bond registration information and Purchase of tax stains for whisky. In 1968, the supreme court said the Federal Law requiring gamblers to buy Stamps in effect violated the constitutional Protection against self incrimination. Invoking the fifth amendment is an absolute defense in cases where the gambling stamp provision was used to identify gamblers the High court ruled. The new but similar attack on alcoholic beverage Laws was brought by Walter grooms and Cleona Hooper both convicted in Detroit in connection with manufacture of illicit whisky. Their argument had they obeyed the Federal Laws they would have been Force to incriminate themselves. In the past convicted Moonshiner have had Little Success in courts with their plea. The u. S. Court of appeals at Cincinnati rejected the incrimination claim saying the alcoholic beverage Laws Are essentially noncriminal Revenue measures. Quot indeed the alcohol tax statutes were drafted with the purpose of keeping persons out of the alcohol beverage manufacturing business quot the appellate court said. The whisky Laws Aren t exposure statutes the court went on while the gambling stamp Law was. The Only list involved in the alcohol Laws Are those of Legal distillers it said. But As an indication of the division of opinion. Three of the nine judges on the appellate court dissented. They argue that the High court s ruling in the gambling stamp Case had set a new precedent that should be ask rate increase by Mark Brown associated press writer Washington apr the nation s railroads claiming they Are caught Between labor unions on one Side and Bankers on the other Are asking for a fifth hike in freight rates in four years. Contending that inflation and increased labor costs have wiped out All gains from previous increases railroads in the Eastern and Western United states Are seeking a 15 per cent rate boost. Southern railroads Are asking for 6 per cent across the Board hike until next feb. 28, plus a permanent 15 per cent increase in Coal hauling charges. The interstate Commerce commission which scheduled a hearing today is studying All freight rates. But unless the study brings out evidence previously unavailable to the inc history indicates the hikes will be allowed. ,.in the last several decades inc officials admit the commission has never turned the railroads Down cold and in most cases has Given them everything they asked for. The financial collapse last summer of the nation s largest Railroad the Penn Central lends an urgency to the railroads plea. And the labor difficulties the carriers have experienced in the last year have evoked a sympathetic response from inc chairman George m. Stafford. In an interview last August Stafford said rising labor costs Are a major financial problem facing the railroads. The railroads also have Felt the Pinch of tight Money a problem faced by much of Industry but especially critical for the capital intensive railroads. Shippers on the other hand contend the rail freight rate increases Are the result of management. Some members of Congress contend the inc has allowed the railroads to raise rates without demanding improvements in service. Senate democratic Lader Mike Mansfield of Montana became so incensed at the last freight rate hike approved Only last summer he called for abolishing the inc p d eng out its duties to the department of transportation. Heberton Roth funds new Orleans apr colleges which bar Roth recruiters from their campuses could risk the loss of All Federal defense subsidies for education rep. F. Edward Hebert d-la., said saturday. Speaking at a n e w s conference at Alvin calender Field a naval air station at nearby Belle Chasse Hebert said they can t have a part of the cake. They have to eat it he said that although eight Ivy league schools had dropped Roth programs 134 applications had been made for the program on other campuses. By the associated press an Arab peace Force of 100 officers began setting up observation posts in Amman today to police a cease fire Between Jordan s bedouin army and palestinian guerrillas. Radio Amman said two convoys of observation officers moved in trucks to positions on Jebel Amman and Jebel Asbahr Fia two of the seven Hills in the jordanian capital. The Force is commanded by Gen. Ahmed Abdulmajid. Hilmi of Egypt and is made up of officers from Sudan. Saudi Arabia Kuwait Tunisia and Egypt. Hilmi appealed in a broadcast for the jordanian army and the guerrillas to adhere to the cease fire and cooperate fully with the peace keeping officers. Premier Bahi Langham of Tunisia headed for Amman to put into effect a 14-Point Accord restore peace in Jordan. The agreement was signed sunday night in Cairo by King Hussein and guerrilla Leader Yasir Arafat. Langham left Cairo to head a three Man committee including one member named by Hussein and another named by Arafat. It apparently will have virtual custody of Jordan s sovereignty until further notice while permitting Hussein to retain his throne. The 14-Point agreement which was endorsed by Nin Arab leaders meeting in Cairo did not say whether the committee s decisions will require the unanimous vote of All three men. The agreement like Many previous ones reached by the two sides Calls for jordanian troops and the guerrillas to withdraw from the country s capital. But even As the peace keeping Force established itself guerrilla broadcasts from Damascus Syria indicated it would have trouble. The broadcast said the guerrillas reached agreement Only to quot Stop the bloodshed but they will not quot concede one hairs breadth of its legitimate demands for Freedom of action and existence in any part of the agreement is different from previous pacts in that for the first time Arab nations will enforce it and provides for sanctions if either Side violates it. The agreement is essentially a Compromise which seeks to re establish in Jordan the same conditions that would have prevailed had a previous agreement reached sept. 15 Between former prime minister Abdel Munim Rifai and the guerrillas been applied. Such was the crush around the smiling president that authorities herded the 28 Hijack victims Back into the plane. Nixon followed and addressed them inside. The americans had arrived an hour earlier from Nicosia where they had spent the night after being freed by palestinian guerrillas in Amman. They were to continue on to new York after refuelling but the Surprise decision by Nixon to Greet them held them in Rome a Little longer than scheduled. Nixon said afterwards quot i think i feel As Happy As they . He told reporters that what the hostages went through May mean quot the possibility of this happening again in the future has been substantially he referred to measures that include armed guards aboard aircraft and Security at airports. Quot it sometimes takes an incident like this to bring world attention quot Nixon said adding that the reaction was one of quot outrage quot and one of compassion for the victims. Before visiting the hostages lie president told italian leaders the United states is committed to a Strong Force in the Mediterranean which he called the quot Southern Anchor of he made the reaffirmation to president Giuseppe Sara Gat at the beginning of talks seeking Means of a lasting peace in the hostages. Two released passengers from hijacked airliners flanked by Airport Security guard walk at Rome s Fiumicini Airport on their arrival from Amman Jordan. The pair was among a group of six hostages flown into the italian capital. At right is Mark Shain of Milwaukee Wise. Other hostage is Ynide Nti fied. A wire photo via Cable from Rome u. S. Hostages on last leg of homeward trip tropical storm demoted Hue by rockets Saigon a Viet Cong rockets dropped on Hue Vietnam s old Imperial capital for the first time in almost two months As the enemy tried to thwart the Saigon government s pacification program in five locations a military spokesman said today. The command reported few attacks on americans during the weekend but five helicopters were lost at a Cost of eight dead two missing and four injured. One of the choppers an air Force Uhl crashed in Cambodia because of an operational failure the first helicopter lost Over Cambodia since american troops withdrew june 30. Three persons die in California fires by John Philip Sousa and Bob Egelko associated press writers los Angeles a huge fires spread on Brush covered slopes outside san Diego and los Angeles today after destroying hundreds of Homes and forcing thousands to evacuate. Three persons were killed. One Blaze devastated 150,000 acres in Southern san Diego county advancing to the outskirts of several san Diego suburbs. A spokesman for the state division of forestry said this fire covered a greater area than any single fire in the state s history. Another Blaze blackened 115,000 acres around the los Angeles Basin. Fire fighters managed to Check the Western Progress of the san Diego area fire sunday night As winds wildly erratic during the Day subsided. But the fire moved southward toward the mexican Border. More than 50,000 residents fled the san Diego area fire and thousands of others were evacuated from Canyon Homes As flames raced along a 35-mile front Northwest of los Angeles. Other fires some believed set by arsonists burned in various parts of Southern California for the fourth straight Day. Weary fire fighters battled flames from the air and the ground. They faced another Day of temperatures above 100 degrees and winds stronger than 60 Miles per hour. Miami apr tropical storm Greta was demoted to a tropical depression before reaching landfall and sidled into the Gulf of Mexico leaving Only rain puddles and rough seas in her Wake. Quot we were sitting on a powder Keg that did t explode quot or. Robert Simpson director of the National Hurricane Center said sunday As the depression moved into the Gulf some 180 Miles to the Southwest. The Hurricane Center s Midnight advisory said the highest winds in the depression were clocked at 35 Miles per hour Wilh a few higher gusts to the East of Center. Conditions did not favor strengthening of the depression As it continued West Over the open Gulf at about 15 m.p.h., the advisory said. Simpson said the storm be a e disorganized before reaching the warm Waters of the Gulf Stream. Quot her Low pressure system outran her Cloud mass a body and soul did t stay together quot said Simpson. Nicosia Cyprus a Twenty eight americans left Cyprus today on the last leg of their homeward bound journey after being held by palestinian commandos for three weeks. Four of the 32 americans who arrived in Nicosia sunday aboard a red Cross Airlift from Cleveland policeman shot dead Cleveland a two men in a car slopped for speeding Early today on the East Side stepped out of their car and opened fire on two policemen killing one and seriously wounding the other police said. Killed was patrolman Joseph Tracz 27, who was shot in the Back of the head Back of the neck in the Back and in a leg. In serious condition at mount Sinai Hospital with Mouth Chest and abdominal wounds was patrolman Fred Fulton. Inspector Patrick Gerity said Tracz apparently had been shot while lying on the ground. Police took six persons into custody but Gerity said it was not known if the assailants were among the six. He said a search for suspects was continuing. Gerity said the two officers apparently were getting out of their car when they were shot at about 2 . Amman Jordan remained in the cypriot capital. There was no immediate explanation Why they stayed. The 28 left aboard a trans world airlines jetliner for new York with a Brief Stopover in Rome. Six other hostages remained in Amman but diplomatic sources in Beirut Lebanon said sunday that they also had been freed and were turned Over 1o the egyptian embassy which has been acting As a go Between for the International red Cross. An egyptian embassy spokesman in said that the six were being freed unconditionally but added he hoped the Western nations involved would free the commandos they held. The guerrillas demanded As Ransom for the hostages the release of Arab commandos he a in Britain West Germany Switzerland and Israel. Although Britain West Germany and Switzerland have indicated they will free seven commandos held in their Janis diplomats said sunday they will not go free until the release of All airline Hijack hostages in Jordan is confirmed reliable sources in Jerusalem said Israel was planning to free 12 Arab captives apparently As part of a Deal for the release of the hostages. Palestinian guerrillas hijacked three airliners to Jordan sept. 6 and 9. All but 54 of More than 400 passengers and Crew members were released before Jordan s civil War erupted sept. 17. Campus unrest. Presidents commission in report by Kenneth j. Freed associated press writer Washington a a presidential task Force s Multi edged fault finding for Campus violence has been greeted with much of the indifference and cynicism the panel indicated is reflected in student unrest. The weekend report by the prudent s commission on Campus unrest Laid a pall of blame across much of society a the student terrorist the authority who shoots needlessly the teacher who tolerates disruption the College administrator who Foi teits discipline. And the Federal government not Only for what it does or does t do but what it says. The report was submitted after a three month study. The commission headed by former Pennsylvania gov. William Scranton a Republican called on All of society to unite against the pressures that set off the mobs bombings and even killings at universities and colleges Over the past year. But it was to president Nixon that the panel and Scranton in particular looked for a solution. Quot Only the president has the platform and prestige to urge All americans at once to step Back from. ,2 Battle lines into which they Are forming quot the report said. Whether the president can or will take the moral leadership the nine member task Force called for brought divided thought in a Check of campuses and officials. Quot Nixon appointed this commission to pacify the Public not to listen to it quot was the reaction from a University of California student John Emshwiller a 20-year-old self described moderate. A slightly More positive reaction but one still tinged with scepticism came from William o Neill professor of american history at the Battle zone like University of Wisconsin. Quot the commission soundly rec omm elided Steps to isolate the Small hardcore of totally dissatisfied radicals from the infinitely larger number of sympathizers quot o Neill said. Quot but presidents appoint commissions to satisfy critics not to provide action there was of course much positive reaction. From Dan Vanson a University of Georgia student quot if the commission s recommendations Are followed the situation could improve from Clark Kerr the former president of the University of California and now chairman of the Carnegie commission on higher education quot i think it s easily the Best report on the subject that s been mad a quot with president Nixon in Europe there was no comment on the report from the White House. Similarly vice president Spiro t. Agnew an implied target of some commission criticism said he had vet to give the panel s finding a close Reading and Ifould not react until he had done so. But there were indications from both panel members and some Nixon administration officials that the president has been listening. Scranton said sunday quot i think there is quite a change already this summer in the wording and rhetoric that has come out of some of the High officials in the the former Pennsylvania politician who once aspired to the White House himself said he is certain Nixon will follow the commission s plea for greater White House leadership. In addition to the need for a greater presidential moral and leadership role the commission made these findings a quot nothing is More important than an end to the War in a any persons engaging in student violence should be quickly removed from the Campus and prosecuted a faculty members who encouraged violence by students and other Young people should be removed. A there can be no tolerance of abuse of Power by authority. Quot too Many Law enforcement officers have responded with unwarranted harshness and Force in seeking to control disorder quot Law enforcement officers have too often reacted ineptly or overreacted. At times their response has degenerated into uncontrolled this Point came up sunday the Day after the report was issued when two panel members said the killings of students last year at Kent state University in Ohio and Jackson state College in Mississippi were without justification. Harvard University Junior Joseph Rhodes jr., and new Haven conn., police chief James Ahern said the commission said there was no sufficient provocation on either Campus to use deadly Force. Rhodes said there was quot a remarkable incredible Lack of concern for human life of Black people quot at the mostly negro Mississippi school. Rhodes and Ahern As Well As Scranton appeared on the Abc program quot meet the detailed reports on the Kent state Jackson state killings will be issued later this week. The commission report said continuing polarization Between the nation s youth and the More orthodox elements of society can Lead Only to More Campus violence. To head this off the Coninis Sion said in conclusion there must be a move toward ending the Vietnam War toward racial and social Equality and an easing of the accusatory voices in. The nation

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