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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Biloxi, Mississippi The a daily a Aeo Ond Ciao Mau matter at the Pott office at Biloxi Mai. In. R the act of March a Mot. Entered As second class mail matter october it the p081 Fuce of Gulf port miss., under the act of March 3, 1�7. Lox Biloxi Gulfport daily Herald. Publisher Gulfport Herald baud in founded by Geo. W. Wilkes Herald building we or Street published daily except sunday Herald Square established weekly in Biloxi 1884 Dally 1895 established in Gulfport 1909. Member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use of republication of All the local news printed a this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches monday afternoon september 13, 1954 subscription rates daily by Carrier 23= per week by mail $1.0s per month by mail outside Biloxi and Gulfport Harrison. Stone. Jackson and Hancock counties Only 85c per month foreign countries $1.09 per month plus postage one Day a week Only saturday by mall s2.60 per year mail subscriptions payable to Advance through red coloured glasses .9 the hand of fat by Bruce Brossat the famous British labor delegation touring the communist world came up the other Day with its pronouncements on life in reel China. The findings really fall into two will of the peasant at this Point reporter Attlee was at his worst. Whatever he May have been shown on his tour there is mountainous evidence to support charges of severe oppression of the chinese people by Mao s regime. He either does not eaten ones those by the relative read or his mem0ry is a Sieve by conservative labor party Lead for Bevan he once again or Clement Attlee and those by demonstrated his almost total Lack the fiery demagogue Ane Unn of capacity for understanding or Bevan even observing the world he lives Attlee s report showed that he in. Moving to Japan he assured had at least made some Effort to sympathetic socialists that asiatics had nothing to fear from the red chinese in the Way of further keep his head about him and not be swept into gales of enthusiasm for the Quot communist . He had the nerve to ask chinese moreover Bevan said coexist chairman Mao tse Tung to use his ence with China is now the Only influence on the russians to re sane course for the rest of Asia. Duce their world armaments he also asked Mao to urge Moscow to give up Quot intrigues Quot in other countries and free the Iron curtain satellites. He said the world s welfare cannot be preserved by Quot dividing the world into two sharply antagonistic if the world is so divided it is Boyle ing it Down but Attlee was More Gullible on the communists doing and not the other scores. Though he noted that free nations. If it stays divided China relies heavily on Russia for Industrial supplies he could have said military As Well he seemed heartened that he could find Quot no overt examples Quot of russian influence inside China. One wonders How he could have imagined the reds would really spell out such examples if they were trying to impress the visiting britishers with their Independence and their peaceful intentions. Attlee also observed Quot extraordinary activity Quot in red China and said he was impressed by Quot certain definite he was troubled at the limits on Freedom but still Felt that evidence indicated a government Quot based on the Good again the fault cannot be Laid at the West s door. Bevan appears to feel the reverse is True. Marlowe column by James Marlow Washington if a sen. The truth is these differences Carthy nears the end of the first can Only be healed at the Price of act in one of the most important surrender to communist Aims. The political and military marauding of chinese inspired rebels in indo China today provides the perfect Carthy s friends reportedly said he expected a bad report card from the Watkins committee and in order to prepare for what Lay ahead would do no Cross country campaigning before election Day. Act 3 the full Senate or those who showed up would go into session and lengthy debate to consider the evidence or the recommend my Lions of the Watkins committee. Mccarthy and his Senate friends refutation for Bevan s glib and utterly false picture of the situation in Facia. In sum we must conclude the Attlee Bevan accounts of life in China followed expected form pretty closely. The net effect is damage to the free world for some people Are Likely to believe this nonsense. Record surplus in Corn to Aid feed prospects would fight. If not the most colourful dramas of if the Senate refused to censure his life his struggle to keep the him. Mccarthy could take it As Senate from censuring him. A vindication of his conduct Over the there Are three acts in this past four years since he became famous Hunting for communists. Would he grow stronger there drama act 1 for two weeks a special six Man committee has considered after in his search and his tactics charges a by Sens. Flanders a he might. Mccarthy is an aggressive Man. Apparently it s part of his philosophy of conduct. He told duct Over the years Calls for Cen the Watkins committee Quot let s a not be i Morse and Ore it Fulbright dark a that his official con Washington a a a record Corn u r p 1 u s was regarded As sure. The committee s Public hearings Mccarthy s critics inside Ana May end today or tomorrow. The a outside the Senate would hardly Wisconsin Republican As in other a be silenced by clearance of my August brought a 149 million1 Senate inquiries involving him a Carthy in this episode. No doubt Bushel increase in the Corn crop has been the Central figure. But j they would continue to gun for estimate which was placed at 2,- he did t dominate these . 973,000,000 bushels. Last year s the chairman sen Watkins Ltd what faces him if the Senate Cen crop totalled 3,176,000,000 kept him rigidly in sures him the action s needs Are estimated Check. At a minimum of 3,100,000,000 act 2 once the Public hearings bushels. A end Watkins committee goes into the department said livestock private conferences to decide what feed prospects were mostly fair a to do next. It can turn Over to the to Good across the Northern half of full Senate a simple finding of something of a Blessing in the Light the country. But severely reduced j facts without recommendations of an official report that livestock feed prospects were reported fori if that happens it is doubtful feed crop prospects Are the poor a most of the South with the most a the full Senate will return before est in 18 years. Seriously affected areas lying in the nov 2 congressional elections were it not for big Corn reserves a Georgia Alabama Texas Louisi to vote on Mccarthy. It could wait about 900 million bushels most Ana Oklahoma Arkansas Kansas would have the rest of novem of it stored under government and Missouri. Ber most of december to act. The report of the drought Situa Price support programs Farmers would be forced to make a sizeable Cut in their beef and Dairy cattle hogs and poultry. The prospective Small production of feed crops reflects largely effects of a disastrous drought that has gripped wide areas of the South and Southwest since july. The drought shows no signs of abating in time to help the year s crops. 1 nevertheless Overall crop prospects improved about 10 per cent in August the agriculture department said in its september crop forecast issued yesterday. This would make the 1954 crop the sixth largest of record compared with last year s crop which ranked second. Federal crop controls As Well As drought contributed to this indicated decline. He would suffer no tangible damage in the sense of losing his Senate seat or the chairmanship of his investigating subcommittee. He d keep both. Neither is at stake. Any damage he suffered and it might be enough to ruin his career would be in the minds of others. Next to unseating him censure is the strongest condemnation the Senate can inflict on a member his foes and his Crit its would no doubt never let the recollection of censure die although since he does t stand for reelection until by Hal Boyle new York it pm most people have dreams. Sydney m. Siegel has a that s a dream City. At 39 Siegel says he is now ready to make his dream City come True at a Cost of 175 million dollars. He and a group of 16 Syndicate teammates figure that with that sum of Money they can build what they believe will be America s first thoroughly planned modern City. It will be called Suffolk City. Siegel has assembled 2,000 acres for its site near Yaphank at the geographical heart of Long Island 56 Miles from new York City. Quot i have been working on this for More than 6 years Quot said Siegel quietly Quot and when i have finished it i Don t care what happens to me afterwards. Quot the men who Are in this with me need Money like i need hair and i Don t need hair. But it s not a philanthropy. It s just a mixture of Good business and Good what he has in mind is an Ideal suburban Community of 6,000 moderately priced Homes. It will be completely self sustaining having its own industries schools churches and shopping centers. Quot the new York area is on of the greatest reservoirs of skilled workmen in the world Quot said Siegel. Quot and most of them would accept less pay and save Money at that if they could work close to their Homes and avoid commuting into the Siegel s scientifically planned town in t just a drafting Board project. He went into real estate Selling at the age of 19, pioneered in the building and management of suburban shopping centers. In the last 5 years he has had a big hand in real estate transactions totalling 200 million dollars. He has had his ups and Downs in the business. Shortly before going into the army during the second world War he talked a plumbing Supply company into taking 17 old Manhattan Brown Stone houses off his hands for $150,000. Quot they did me a favor at the said Quot because if anything happened to me i did t legislative digest Jackson miss. A legislative digest for sept. 10. Senate introduce Iowa none Bills passed nose la Traduce ions Epson in Washington a it will take Yeats to completely liquid the of Cut Fetu ed90n "w7ashingtow�? Aba a what s left of Tow of reconstruction finance corporation Hopes to file a somewhat final report of its liquidation by the end of August when feat s a Laurence b. Too Robbins the former Chicago banker who is now rec administrator�?�hb33 Measell and Gardner in can be sworn in As a new assistant Secretary of the Treasury. Or. A a eases salary of clerk of parole bobbins has been confirmed for this Job by the Senate but he can a legally take it Over till the liquidation report goes to Congress. It will be several years before rec will be completely liquidated it continues in existence As a government corporation. Big govern-hb34 of tulips of Hancock aument agencies die hard. They can t be washed out Dean by a stroke theorizes Hancock county to trans of the pen or even by an act of Congress. Board and provides for stenographer file clerk. Referred to appropriations committee. Port certain children to schools. Local and private. Hb35 Gore of Quitman authorizes Board of pharmacy to Grant examination to practice to w. C. Fur or. Of Belen. Public health and quarantine some of the continuing rec functions go with me. Robbins Over to the Treasury. He will be in charge of some $286 million in Loans made under the defense production act and of eight Loans far a total of $5.6 million made to local institutions for civil def Sale of the it government owned synthetic robber plants is now being negotiated by a special commission appointed hb36 Ross of Coahoma and hop a the president. A report on these of negotiations most be made to Kins authorizes Clarksdale to con Congress in january and it is expected they will be sold before vey certain lands to Coahoma coun next june 30. Or. Roberts As assistant Secretary of the Treasury will continue to liquidate what Are left of the old rec Loans to a whale of a lot of them have been disposed of since rec stopped making new Loans last september. They then numbered 4648 for a value of $398 million. As of june 30 they numbered Iso valued at $19� million. To. Local and private. Hb37 Lecroy and Windham authorizes Baldwyn to Transfer certain funds. Local and private. Hb38 Rogers authorizes governor to receive lands gifts and bequests for Mississippi for hospitals a and other Public purposes. Approx these Awe the Loans at he boat calf the privations. A naturally a Little harder to get rid of it May be several year hb39 Windham authorizes Pren before the government gets its last Dollar out of them. Bat my Tiss county to Issue $125,000 in Robbins believes a lot of them Ean be sold within a year Bonds for construction of water i in addition to these business Loans rec still has about $30 works. Local and of Railroad securities $31 million Worth at pm Furj stocks hb40 Long White and Tackett and debentures of 10 Banks and $32 Milf Iota Worth of inf aide Agency changes requirements for admin Bond issues and securities. Sion of attorneys of other states to j so the total of loan and Aei Wiea not yet of Iaal of is $98t appear or plead in any special cause in any Mississippi court. Judiciary a. Hb41 Sillers and Morrow appropriates $50,000 to Mississippi water resources policy commission for the biennium 1954-56. Appropriations. Resolutions adopted on third Reading submits to article 8 of Mississippi Constitution an amendment pm they cover the govern vent emerged Howing projects million. These old rec Loans we be Upmal pet by the until paid off or foreclosed in cases of default and failure 1. Some 3000 disaster Loans valued at a of lion to the Small business administration which has font Kwong Power. To make Loans in this Field. 2. Some 15,000 real estate mortgage Loans valued at $60 met lion transferred to housing and Home finance Agency. Ninety nine per cent of these Loans Are veterans administration guaranteed. 3. Defense Homes corp. Mortgages Abo transferred to Hyfa powering the legislature to abolish Public schools. Resolutions adopted hcr6 commends Topiah Lincoln Junior College colletts and band. Hcr7 commends Edward s. Perry and miss Jerolyn Ross. Bills passed hb8 issues Bonds for Highway purposes in Clay county. Hb9 transfers certain funds in Clay county. Hb16 transfers certain funds in Quitman county. Hb17 constructs Farmers Market in Perry county. Hb20 authorizes boards of supervisors to appropriate funds for vital statistics. Hb21 purchases radio equipment the end of the War though the government took bade $40 Malboa of the Purchase Money in the form of the mortgages which it still holds. 4. A $43 Miffin loan to the re Niue Maudsl. The the Export import Bank. Whether or not rec made Money Lor fee pm ilium or Joat Money or. Robbins refuses to say. Many rat fam Hawe been made that it was a profitable venture and helped pub the co try oat of the depression besides. Administrator Robbins wont confirm Towt. Be wont say thai rec lost Money for the government either. The Rem on k thai there have be so Many reorganizations changes of authority and transfers of function that it will be difficult to strike a True balance want my wife and kids stuck for Holmes county sheriff. With the problem of handling those old houses. But now /1 kind of wish they had t done me the favor. The houses today Are Worth a million Siegel now teels real estate in old cities is stagnant and Static and that the Best investments Are in the outlying suburban j or the Watkins committee could Tion is expected to Lead to a Broad recommend censure to the Senate. Ened Federal drought Aid program if at was done sufficiently far 11956. Mccarthy by distinguished designed to help distressed Farmers ahead of nov 2, the full Senate work might offset the Senate re obtain supplies of Hay and Grain would t have much excuse for Buke before that. To maintain livestock herds not returning to vote before Al but in that Case he would have Aras it Only soybeans Rice and sugar Tion d an Uphill struggle a against the i the modern Industrial plants beet crops were forecast at record Over the weekend some of my verdict of his own colleagues a the suburbs Don t look like Levels. Among crops indicated As whereas now he is just a Man re a factory and they Don t create larger than average were Rye flax plying to critics. Slum areas Quot he said. Quot they Are Beans 7oblz, far Cane Al a uni 2.480 Anh and the injury to Mccarthy s built to resemble a High school hb22 allows Jackson to appoint Airport commission. Hb24 spends certain state Aid funds for construction of Bridges in Calhoun county. Hb26 transfers certain funds in Yal Busha county. Out Dyca Isi Nev Smith to Chattanooga Tenn. A Eye a in Ilij ii uni 1u brows might go up when a girl head committee mentions she s a member of the Industrial Yonne men s Christian Sidney Smith manager of the Industrial Young men s Christian a vocational rehabilitation office a dam mama Ulli i nil a a a _ Assn. Here but it s All proper. In fact executive Secretary Howard Moreland says about 60 per cent of the membership is female. Quot it s the swimming Pool Quot he says. Quot that s what does it. We hb27 allows Tunica county to a have the Only indoor swimming cranberries. Own fluency might not be Incon crops falling below average included Corn wheat Cotton peas Sweet potatoes fruits pecans. I the indicated acre yield of important crops compared with last j 20.3 year and the ten year average respectively included Corn 37.1 bushels per acre this year 39.6 last year and 35.7 for the ten year average. I Rice 2,620 pounds 2,460 i 2,172 i soybeans for Beans 18.7 bushels Sld Erable Heji fluent spa ech dry 18.3 and 19.9. And action driving hard. He is Andi Sweet potatoes 84.3 bushels 97.21hat he 1s a pm he not where he a and 92.9. A because of his unique composition sugar Cane 21.7 tons 22.1 and ask Quot a an. A Pil Jordan says a treatment of Clubfoot should be started Early the indicated yield per acre and production respectively of important crops by major producing states included Corn Mississippi 17 bushels per acre and 28,309,000 bushels Arkansas 11.5 and 8,982,000. Soybeans for Beans Mississippi 7 and 3,325,000 Arkansas 9.5 and 8,028,000. Rice but How effective could he Hope to be again if before acting or speaking he had to Stop and think will this give my enemies ammunition that might Lead to some new action by the. Senate that would t be the same Mccarthy. For a Long time after censure he could hardly help being self conscious since he would Bear a Public Mark and All eyes would be watching to see if lie had changed by Edwin p. Jordan my it. Written far Nea service when a child is born with a not been almost completely cured twisted foot the condition is called j the youngster will become More there Are several and More conscious of years. Ideas As to the cause of this condition but actually no one knows All the answers. One theory is that the Clubfoot is the result of pressure and abnormal position of the foot inside the womb of the Mother. Another is that it is caused by a failure to develop probably before birth ant perhaps because of something inherited directly from the parents. At any rate an hereditary Factor seems to be present in some though not All. Older mothers have More Chance of bearing a child with a Clubfoot than do Young mothers. Mothers who have had one child with a Clubfoot or some other defect which is present at birth Are a bit More Likely to have children born later with similar deformities. Under such circumstances parents Brothers and Sisters and friends should use tact and understanding so that the child does not become too much disturbed about the problem and can be helped to adjust to any difficulties of locomotion or appearance. Arkansas 2,450 pounds and pro his ways or was persisting in the auction 14,284,000 bags of 100 ways that got him censured pounds Louisiana 2,225 and 13, and they Are Well landscaped and have plenty of Light and five years ago Siegel said the project of building a Complete new City would have been rejected As fantastic. Quot today businessmen want to rent space in your shopping Center before you can build it. What used to be fantastic is now accepted As Siegel expects to Start building his dream Community in the Spring and finish it in about 30 months. Increase liability insurance of county vehicles. Hb28 allows Jones county to pay certain sum to mrs. Melvin Park. Hb31 allows Leake county to pay certain sum to Willie Harmon. Hb32 allows Purvis to borrow certain sum. Hb34 allows Hancock county to transport school children. Jook a review by w. G. Rogers Seth. By David Brynley. Scrib ners. Righteous old John Pugh one morning finds pretty Megan Rees his servant asleep in his stable with her new born baby beside her. She d had a Man she thought would be her husband but he it s fantastic me having this Job. Stopped with being the Lover his i m just a country boy. A Punk family hustled him off to America governor from a Little state Ore and Megan is left with her boy gon. Secretary of Citerio Mckay. 862,000 and Texas 2.650 and 16-430,000. Sugarcane Louisiana 20 tons per acre and production 5,540,000 tons Florida 34 and 1,343,000. Pecans production Only Mississippi 5,000,000 pounds Arkansas 3,328,000 Louisiana 12,600,-000 Texas 22,500,000. Sweet potatoes Mississippi 60 bushels per acre and 1,020,000 Louisiana % and 9,025,000 Texas 45 and 1,485,000. A a Millett to be a Good wife you Musi make some decisions German measles in the Mother during the first three months of y pregnancy increases the Chance of having a child with some deformity such As a Clubfoot. Just How this happens is still rather Uncertain and it May be a Long time before medical science can discover the reason. All parts of the foot Are affected in a Clubfoot. The deformed foot is usually smaller than the Normal foot. The Heel is especially Likely to be smaller and underdeveloped. Frequently the foot is so twisted that All of the weight is carried either on the Ball of the foot or even on what would normally be the top of the foot. The tendons and Bones of the foot Are consequently out of line. Being a Good wife does not mean always letting a Man have his own if a Clubfoot remains untreated the condition tends to become worse largely because of the increased pressure from abnormal weight bearing. In the simpler varieties of Clubfoot however the foot can usually be restored to Normal or near Normal by proper treatment. To get the Best results treat men should be begun Early and continued for a Long time As there is danger of return or recurrence. When treatment is begun during the first six months of life there is a Good Chance of Complete Cor faction without operation. If the condition is severe or has the woman who always tells her husband Quot whatever you want to do is All right with me Quot May think she is being a Good wife but she is really setting out to become a nobody. She not Only forces her husband to make All the decisions and set All the standards for living which is a bigger Job than most men want she at the same time shrugs off All responsibility when things go wrong or Don t turn out As they should. She can always say Quot it was your idea Quot or i was afraid it would t work but i did t want to say so Quot or Quot i thought you knew what you were by avoiding the responsibility for making decisions and taking at least part of the blame for failures she is also avoiding the responsibility for growing and learning. Wife should take Lead sometimes and she certainly must be Dull to live with the woman who never wants to Lead the Way but is always willing to follow. However should her husband grow bored with her or become completely selfish or Start treating her with Little respect she can always console herself with the Alibi that everything she Ever did was to please her husband. By Ruth Mullett the fact that he in t pleased proves to her that he s a brute. Any woman whose automatic response to any question that comes up is Quot whatever you want to do is All right with me should make sure she really Means what she says. Chances Are what she Means is Quot you decide arid then i won t have any responsibility for the Smokey says 7/�e/f�a�cte Patent your Oye anxiety can spoil child s first Day of Schoolboy mrs. Muriel Lawrence the rising whip of Forest doubt a forgot the put at Hie lamp Flora. By mrs. Muriel Lawrence i remember my first Day of school quite clearly. It was a warm september Day. Had a new dress of Blue dotted Swiss with red buttons. And my hair was braided for the first time. As i was handed my lunch Box recall someone saying Quot Lily does t she look like a real schoolgirl Quot so i was sent Forth on my three mile trudge to my country school House companione by a great sense of there i marched in lines told a teacher my name Drew a red Apple on yellow paper and was Given a cookie by a Little girl named Miriam. I cannot remember that i suffered anguish of any kind though i certainly Felt disappointment when Miriam told me that her Mother would t let her walk part of my three Miles Home with me. The Point is that from this present stance of fair knowledge of myself i did not suffer. Honestly i was much too delighted with myself As a real schoolgirl that Day to feel much of anything but satisfaction in my first Independent adventure. In View of this Placid experience on my first Day of school i always find it hard to join in the current fashionable fuss about it. I suppose some doubtful Ness is bound to color the expectations of any adventurer. But the anxiety Many parents feel Over the first Day of school seems so exaggerated that i suspect it. For when we hand Johnny Over to his teacher we Are delivering ourselves to outside judgment of our training. We sense that Johnny s school behaviour will expose it to the expert and critical eyes of his teachers. So we Are scared. By making these great displays of Devotion to Johnny we Hope to prove that we Are conscientious mothers of Noble intention. Well it s no Good to be that de Pool for coed groups in the scientific scarecrow East Lansing Mich. Us two Michigan state College faculty members think they be found a Gulfport was named chairman of the 1954 National employ the physically handicapped week meeting Friday. At the organizational meeting held in the office of the state employment service c. A. Barden Veteran Contact representative waa named co chairman and mrs. Eva Pitts Secretary. It was announced the next meet ing is set for september 24, at which time Quot appointments will be made. Or. Smith pointed out that tha Way to do away with scarecrows and costly tree covers in Michi l6.151-0811/ Handicap Gan Orchards. Horticulturist g. M. Kessler and zoologist g. J. Wallace Are installing in Orchards phonograph records of Bird distress Calls which they believe will keep Robins and starlings from invading Orchards and eating up the profits. Ped week is not a program confined to the organization but a Community wide move to interest every employer is recognizing the special abilities of handicapped persons who May be of service. Sunshine Nookie Aerial detective san Rafael Calif. Ivry Aerial photographs of Marin county have revealed Many swimming pools which the tax collector did t know existed. Now the pools will be taxed. Pendent upon our child. While it s Nice to have Johnny make a Good school Quot adjustment Quot we cannot afford to involve our own self respect in what he does. If we Don t have a self respect quite separate from Johnny and his behaviour we become slaves to fear that he will humiliate us. We will pursue him with demands that he be Quot Good Quot and reflect credit on us. As a result Johnny himself gets scared he will let us Down. He becomes Uncertain of himself and that important first Day of school becomes a frightening test instead of a grand new adventure in Independence. Seth. Pugh won t have her around a minute longer than he must and her Mother Hannah rescues her Fisherman Bill Edwards helps move the unmarried Megan and infant and the innocent but injured girl fills him with Strong desires. It s not a very proper desire he s not a very proper Man but he fools the Rees family. Despite his age vile temper and addiction to alcohol he wins the boy s affection and Megan s reluctant consent to marriage and takes her off to a life of boozing and beating till she s Black and Blue. From the Welsh coastal Village of Lyden Bill carries her off to a mining town where with his besotted pal Dai he behaves even worse. There s a succession of deaths and Seth is batted around from one miserable Den of debauchery and ugliness to another that s worse and another still worse. But he has inherited his Mother s looks he has a voice that May bring Fame and Fortune he can touch pitch and not be defiled and All that began badly seems on the Way to ending Well As this first novel closes. This is a serious Well meant Book the kind we ought to Admire. The material however seems to me better than the handling of it and it has a happier ending than we d expect after such a dogged recital of depravity an Mality drunkenness filth and squalor. Fun to get his sword Blue Tongue to win the Friendship and the priceless necklace of lady Dubai a. But it could be serious business too for Bengtsson is no author to coddle a hero and orm suffers grievous wounds years As a Galley slave and a frightening roster of enemies. There is a massive succession of adventures of stories within stories. These Lusty Vikings loved to live and they even got a kick out of dying. When they took a town they took the women when they a lost they even found some Gary satisfaction in being Cleft helmet to Crotch by Blue Tongue or in having their Heads spun off by the swing of an axe. Besides the popular ingredients this is a sound sober and instructive historical novel and there s absolutely nothing the matter with it except me it s the kind of Book i guess i la never learn to like. A. C. Rogers tides and Rivers Sun Sun set Rise sept. 135 42 0 09 sept. 14 .5 43 6.08 sides High sept 13 12 58 p 1.6 it f >3p 11 07 p 1.7 it sept. 14 11 28 p 1.9 it 7 32 a sept. 15 9 22 a sept. 16 0 06 a �.1ft 11 06 a Moon Rise 6 29� 7 08� Lew 1.0 to 0.6 it 0.5 a Oji i one woman says that when a neighbor runs in Quot for a minute Quot and stays an hour when she has work to do she usually thinks up some excuse for getting her out into the Yard. Quot you must see my yellow roses Quot or Quot i d like your advice on what to do about my whatever the excuse once the lingering guest is outside she usually does t bother to go Back inside. There s More thai Eye Way to Skia a cat. The Long ships. By Frans c. Bengtsson translated from swedish by Michael Meyer. Knopf. In the shadowy past about the year 1.000, it was the Vikings who ruled the. Waves. In their Long cared ships they bobbed in and out of the Baltic rowed across Europe slowed the Atlantic and even reached America. The hero of this novel does an this except sail to America and he More than compensates for this omission by other courageous deeds. He is red haired snub nosed orm. In chapter two in the reign of Harald bluetooth a Jom Viking named Krok a a Jom Viking is tougher even than a Viking gives him a clout that just misses sending him to Valhalla or to heaven As it was beginning to bed led. But he survives for 500 pages a Long life a deep love and Many More clouts. The first time he leaves his Home in Skaniak at the Bottom of present Day Sweden he s abducted. But it must be he didst mind for he stays away 15 years. It was amp we of Jyz it Industrial Confert Tab

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