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Biloxi Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1954, Page 3

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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Biloxi, Mississippi Monday afternoon september 13, 1954 the daily Herald Blox and Gulfport Mississippi coaster match play starts today in Gulf coast Amateur event great Southern Hinds in Driver s seat after Topping Pearl River a eagles score match play in the 15th annual Gulf coast Amateur Golf Tournai ment opened today the great Charlie Webb is. Cd rape. Quot Giles be to a Southern country club. Resich is. Neil White jr., Leroy s y Lucio re j. J. Lawrence of Biloxi is Capehart is. H. K. Rouse. W j medallist with a one Over Par 72.1a Lowek a Lawrence is. J a next Are Robin Webb of Gulf Ian Rench a Steward 111 54 uglier port and Charles Shore of Kees Hal Cleveland. Neil White is. Fred Ler fab with 73. Charles Stewart a right Robbie Webb is. John Fer of go Honart and Ghe Peresh Iii to Amant by the associated press sports Roundup by Gayle Talbot san Antonio Jav the fag end they Hope of a record heat wave that Sears the eyeballs the youth of Texas is sweating off on hundreds of practice Fields in preparation for the football madness which annually besets Marciano in fooling in try to retain title before the first Charles Battle Cospelich wins stayed in Camp a Little too Long before the first Charles Battle which he finally won by a unanimous decision. K Wal a. Is twp hindu is Back in its old familiar state to perhaps a greater degree Kemem being with a shudder Road work and Camp will break ,j0 waiter Stewart is. Bob _ a Quot is is Back n its old familar 4?_ that he was behind on the cards i tomorrow. Before the first Charles"1&Quot? of Ocean Springs each have 74 s. Buffum. Biloxi s Mickey Bellande is de a the Nas spot As favorite in the Young mis Toa a. A a fending Cha Dion winners of the above matches. T. N u i can be argued whether they Nineteen teams played in the amp cd Czmil up flight losers Sis Sipat Junior College conference play Best football. In the biggest largest Calcutta inter club tournament sunday. The closeness of become first flight. Football race. I state. But there in much doubt ?mour1vvs0nrusseii Braun the potent Hinds team sent its that they play the most of or badly damaged in the no. 2 tune but came Back to win the Stock. I a a a feature. This is rather typical of Mog tied a Ronny a the ability 30 1 Speed which is so Quot i had some Dull Days a week _ \ 7 frequently demonstrated by the pit before the last fight Quot he said be afr Der Tnp was Cru was sated a a fore hitting the Road. Quot i think Thel Ray a the winners were Stock trophy timing is just right for me this a a. Jparker 22 or modified time a Bright Moonlight and Cool com trophy Joe co speech 6666 a portable air set the action scene heat Gene Allen 215� first Modi Marciano weighs 188 pounds and o Auto Raci Al the pass Road fied heat p. A. Lupher 55 be is boxed 112 rounds in26workvspeedwav sunday cond modified heat Bobbie Herrin. Shudder Road a Camp we for eak Joe co speech continued his win Joe Lefore the first Charles."11 Streak by taking the Modi pm Ltd red fear re Joe cos of All three officials for the first a bout the Rock boxed 180 rounds. Fled Rophy and the fast modified pal in 0000__ half of his last title bout with Fez meanwhile the can bu77pd>feature diving Barron motor com Quot Obil rom a re a my Zard Charles the King of heavies a a Anft be Camp buzzed a ,2nd Grid session declared today navies with reports of former heavy Kahler scars contributed University. Miss. Ole Missy o1.1 the show with Bobbie Hemn will play its 72nd football game Grossinger . In pvt heavyweight Champion Rocky Marciano has boxed 112 rounds in 26 work this in fooling this time. Remembering with he the is saturday a go so Chart �2 a a a a so a a a a a of Ixo to do something with the Rock Goin into his last Day Quot Mirci of of training before wednesday Nandi cans assigned each Mem Hewes is. J. B. Fallo. Doc Steele vs"1 with a 32-0 Triumph Over Pearlly Quot to Quot Quot Ner of the club participating m Glenn Buck Mitt Evans is Bill a a a., 18-Hole round. . Pitasio is. G. To . Bash 01&Quot the team picked by Confer probably nobody knows exactly two teams the first team Haley Turner Jimmy Mitchell sew is is Jimmy Mitchell Shelby. A a Erin of. Handle and Brownsville and be Fred Beattie and or. George soon Holt 8 l con tween Elpaso and Texarkana be es4 Mih tary schools in the nation Togers. On the second team were bunt is. Narv de Faux Roberr mincing vat Story in any of the s1x cause some of them undoubtedly Good a Way As any to keep interest i driving 348 the up and Drew immediate retorts an unscheduled thrill was pro state the s Camp. Video when Joe Taylor s 120 sail Memphis. The Vaught record to rebels meet North night of sept. Texas 17 in tied for first place Norence is. Clogs enee coaches t0 win the 1954 race How Many Footra theams there Are of of before w8dn surprised said de through the Fence Between 47 victories 19 defeats Quot a a. N was composed of a. C. Brown is. Earl Gav Charley the winners showed a versatile in the vast Region Between the pan a 6 a be Mig wive a a a a a a ,.t us a. Hewes is. Jimmy Mitchell Shelvi I Quot Quot Quot Quot Tucker is. Edson Mccabe. Tomm v attack in scoring the most con or. H. K. Rouse. Earl Nolan and Lefler is Curt s Dedeaux. Quot Frank. Sames last weekend. Charles Webb or Mueller is. W. F. Merriweather. In other games. A tie Between two teams Wasco the second Quot fight Quot ios a be smashed Northwest 26-7. Topiah also evident for the next spot come third flight. Lincoln edged Southwest 7-6, Jones one team consisted of Giles Pere i paying second division. 15 a Bob Parrish is. Jack Payne. Jack Defeated Perkinston 20-7, Northeast in i m Viii a a Archie Dickson. The other con Ner ski Cyrene. Jack Fairchild and Dedeaux is. M. M. Kelly. Frank Gau defied East Central 12-7 and Ita Archie Dickson. The other con tier is. A. Baria Dick Reeves is. Page be Quot a i poses listed of j. B. Ferguson to Jack bel1 colonel Hobson is. Baker Wamba smashed East Mississippi Are hidden away in gullies. But Sunflower some idea May be gained from the latest official figures which list a total of 720 11-Man High school clubs in the state divided into five groups for championship Pur Marciano. Quot i Don know Why he d and fourth turn. Ties. Say Clint Mchugh drove the 76 which i a a or a a Klo a a a. Marciano said his style was Best was the car he piloted to win Theair a a f respects to described As a Quot rough Type the big 50 Lap labor Day race Klahre Fellows who came might look Uke he s Haitung foul Laurel. Mechanical trouble forced from the War a re cau8ht up but re Felly was. This car out of the winners group on wearing uniforms and Thosa Quot As far As hitting after the Bell sunday night who know they eventually will a Louis accusations Quot said Rock several major mashups were have to serve a few years in the Charles started not me. I averted by the Good a Jar Kiis thin Nunn Narf m.,. Galloway. J. Johnson is. Larry 21-0. Jackie 1 Nom son and Nav de Savage. E. Demoruelle is. Jack Han a of 4.deaux. Ford. Lee n. Tucker is. Walter mar Hinds got three touchdowns the next position closed in a tin the first Quarter in its Battle again three team deadlock. Team co Ethe found met towers by Pearl River 01in Renfroe went members were Charles Stewart come fifth flight. Over Center for the first Charles a. H. Steele Allen Kerr and pairings third division Tony to Nourrcier quarterback sneaked five Hugh Jones Mickey Bellande by amp for a Quot do Rdo Quot Hal Cleveland. Curtis Dedeaux Leac. Charles Gal Iowa is. Francislkin8 smashed 10 Yards through and r. Baker Galloway and Nale Leroy Letcher is. J. E Paoli a tackle for the third. Nourrcier Robin Webb Glenn Buck. W. D. On of Troy Bav passed 27 Yards to Sanders Powell Alberts and or. Edson Mccabe. Less is w. M. Craig. V. B. Broome and Minic a Hines returned an in pairings championship division is. Leslie half. To excepted pass 35 Yards for other upper bracket a. J. Quot Mickey Quot Bel winners of the above matches be Lande is. Pete Allan h. L. Ebbers or. Come sixth flight. Is. Joe Paola Anson Holley is. Glenn seventh flight. Losers become they say that Pennsylvania a stands second with 622 orthodox in High school teams and Ohio a rather surprisingly Distant third with 512. Six Man football also is j enthusiastically played in scores of smaller communities and there Are sufficient College and University teams to pretty Well absorb the Best of Talent which pours Forth from this Horn of football plenty. Even though the texans have not been notably modest about telling the rest of the country of their football wonders we find possible to Marvel a Little bit even yet when hit in the face with a new set of statistics. Such As the fact that there is not a single out of state player on the huge University of Texas squad i which is expected to be a do yer house.,a a a a a judgement armed forces Are in no Rush to get think the pictures will show he got and skillful driving of the contest started. The last punch in ants. Pete Norton s Stock 86 was coast realty sales Many Fine properties for Sale phones 4833 Days 4048 evenings across from Post office Gulfport giant 68th anniversary Battery j scores. J Aubrey Wade scored twice to Lead Jones Over Perkinston once on a six Yard smash and later on a three Yard Buck. Jones Quarter a Back Ken Schulte went five Yards Over Center for the second score. Robert Elam quarterback sneaked for the perk touchdown. Northeast came from behind to in fact Only 22-foreigners Are Nett quarterback naked Nevard said to listed Amon the for the East Centra 1 score in the in of the Southwest first Quarter. In the third period conference and Only four or have Jimmy Hurley passed 65 Yards to ? them shape As regulars in Dave Strickland and in the fourth of Campa Don Fuhrmann bucked five cards he that the Only reall Vod Texas j for the winning Marker. Boys who get away Are earned a a. . Off kicking and screaming to of co Lin Defeated Southwest on Lahoma and Louisiana state. Miles Spurlock s conversion after a 15-Yard scoring pass from Herbert Mills to Rivers Sutton. Southwest got its touchdown when tackle Harry Thompson blocked a co Lin punt and recovered in the end zone. 6tcotato� enamel Sani Flat Satin in Peivi Low Imatt Mimi a Dur Tel Ini was a bit far tar tvr trim kit ski Fiat. 100� alkyd Ftp Kkt Mhz had Artimi excellent Choice of color makes Moore paints so popular. They give you Beauty that lasts. Easy to apply Quick drying and durable. Get ready for Home decorating. Come in this week Quot those Fellows Don get so Many of them but the ones they do get Are mighty Good Quot conceded our informant. We find that through some Over sight our old Friend Paul bears Ita Wamba scored a safety and a Bryant has to been provided with touchdown in the Secondi Quarter anywhere near his share of the against East Mississippi. The Safe-1talent c in has first Vear As Isle in in nt1n ont tac Quot coach of the Texas aggie. The kled East s Billy Jack-1 former Maryland and Kentucky son behind his goal the touchdown to has Only boys on his on a six Yard Buck by Gayle my a d and Severa o those arg j Fernn. Travis Hill and Billy to by emaciated. Hughes scored later touchdowns a i Short Rune y mi8ht have read seven Quot of Bryant s players simply have Sunflower had Little trouble with Uius us mkt Quot Quot Quot walked away and forgotten a Northwest scoring in the first be come Back a Altce raining began a nod on Carol Grubb s Short slash its the mystery of the local fall into the line and later on another i Quick opener by Billy Honeycutt a two Yard dash by Joel Blaylock and a 15-Yard pass from Nathan Zametto to Richard Howe. North West scored on a pass from j Anthony to Bobby Mccullough. lumber amp Supply inc. Quality lumber and building materials 22nd . Amp 23rd ave. Phone 4696 season. Quot the Only thing i can figure Quot one writer says Quot is that the boys were shocked by the rugged train Ling and discipline that Bear hands a out. 1 think Bear realized that his precedes or was too soft and that i if he s Ever going to get the aggie overhead specialists a Back in the conference race he s University miss a Ole miss going to have to be hard. They 1953 football team averaged 141.1 a Haven had a really Good team for Yards a game passing its second More than a dozen j highest yield on record. Two of one reason the aggie Haven to Gulfport three passers and eight of 11 re a been getting the John Kimbrought a Seivers return for the 54 Cam lately least since the War is pain. 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