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Biloxi Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1954, Page 2

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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Biloxi, Mississippi The a daily Herald sports Section monday september 13,1954 As Saggus sees by state sports by j awes Saggus a Cleveland Brooklyn draws within three games of giants virtually let a really a Nix it up today. A Good starter is this item on How wrong football fans can be. Rusty Russell bowed out As sum football coach because the alumni by Joe re1chler associated press sports writer it would be ridiculous to accuse the five time world Champion new York Yankees of Quot choking it must be Gratifying to the Long suffering Cleveland faithful today to Check Back during the past few Days and discover new teammates is another 1954 col that it was the proud Yankees lege graduate big b. H. Borne and not the maligned indians who of Kansas. Most seven of their last 10 clutch games. Mississippi state is hoping 1jm and in the same period the and fans did t think his football Poland fullback George will indians lost Only two out of 10 to Vias Good enough for them. He is an exponent of the spread formations the kind he used to run notre Dame s finest team ragged in 1949. He now is coaching at Victoria tex., Junior College. Recently the entire staff of Georgia tech went be ready to go by the time the pick up five big games on the maroons open against Memphis Woart world champions. State next week. He s been out with if Over Therp had been any a dislocated shoulder in practice doubts about Cleveland s intestinal and the loss could Hurt state if he fortitude the american league in t ready to go at full Speed. Leaders dispelled them yesterday Yankee Pennant Hope Pennant winning Atlanta and new Orleans leading in Southern Loop series by the associated press i _ Pennant winning Atlanta and run wild turns Nerup new Orleans carried 3-2 a leads Back Home tonight for wind f rat ten up games in the first round of the jailing i Wail Southern Assn. Playoffs. Memphis which copped 16 of its new Orleans a Youthful last 22 games to nudge Chatta Gene Yale Iii turned his Atten Sooga out of the first division m tulips at la went 15 innings Vesterdal before i Ltd it a trimming Atlanta 4-3 in a desperate University after adding his second but successful bid to stay in the straight North american sailing fight for a spot in the Dixie series championship to his growing list new Orleans Shook its Power ,. Loose again for a 10-3 verdict Over 0 try Pines Birmingham and broke a 2-2 be the 19-year-old i it Oyola freshman res tie flying the colors of the Gulf yacht Memphis had lost three in a Row ing association compiled 504 to the crackers and was trailing Points in winning the Mallory cup 3-0 in the last of the eighth. But in races which ended Here sat the Chicks fractured Glenn Thomp urday. Son s two hitter with two straight Walet piled up a tremendous a with a glorious double Triumph silly season Kansas linemen show what they Hope to do to their opponents this fall hang safeties. Atlanta manager Whitlow Lead in the first few Days of the mississippians on the Lulane Over new York that All but ended them from the crossbar. The Jay Hawks Are left to right tackles Mike Osawatomie and Gene Blasi Wyatt waved the big right hander races and played it carefully sat Over there to study Russell s spread j football team Are quarterback Don the Long Yankee dynasty. The 4-1, guards Dud Budrich and Dick Knowles and tackle Gene Vignatelli. Nea out and sent for his Ace rescuer Urdaz taking one fifth place and formation for its own use. Bobby Ladner and end Charles Tucker of and 3-2 victories before 86,563 Dodd. Head coach at tech. Said the Poplarville fullback Tony Reinelle spectators the largest crowd Ever formation was one of the toughest Lof Shaw and erd de Mccool of to watch a baseball game to. Stop so he wanted to have it in his Side. Jerry Askeroth a six loot six All Gulf states conference Basket Jackson. Warren Easton stretched Cleveland s first place _ margin Over the Yankees to 8m> Dow is Doc hush Ball Star at Southeastern Louisiana this Spring will play with the Peoria cats of the aau league. He starred in Southeastern s March to Tulane backs will use a four lengths. That is almost an insure Point stance this year hoping for Mountable hurdle for cases Sten quicker starts in the split to attack gel s Crew. With Only 10 games in aaa contest they had Only one hand on the left the indians can Clinch their ground last year. First Flag since 1948 by merely winning three even if the Yankees we re on the mailing list for win All their remaining 11. Loucher Iowne to Wapph Warren fax lea�18 8 Csc co championship a National West Virginia University football All was not Rose for the Cleve of know Quot a 10 keep Warren re Velan it i 1. Tons perfect record and preserve new yet a re by the associated press Fleet Joe Blanchard scored three american league tribe s Lopez terms sunday his finest Day naia tourney berth and a tourney publicity and in so do, land s springtime sparring part thp-pr7stlge of the new Orleans Chi a a a a Kin of literature no mention is made ners the new York giants How a Victory Over Bevo Grande team. One Francis Quot of Askroth Sion the sugar bowl. Houston buffs and fort Worth to decide Flag by the associated press Houston which wound up see Ever play that or Xuy now r in la triple a oot ban race. A a continuing the Lack Lustre. Iat has marked their recent Blanchard s performance gave a the giants were Easton a w104of. .91 Detroit. Fi4 Ston. 6. Shirton. Fila. A a Baltimore 4h 6-13 Victory Over Boga Philadelphia. 48 Ithoma City and fort Worth took out performances. Shreveport. The club that led the beaten 4-3 by and had saturday night in one of three race Over the regular season route their National league Lead sliced weekend games. I Houston whipped Oklahoma City to three games when the rebound in another saturday night affair 9-5 to win its series four games ing Brooklyn dodgers came is Rouma smashed Humes of Mem to one Golf to ahead on Willie through with a 4-2 and 4-3 double Phis 27-6. In a sunday game. St. Brown s Homer in the fifth and header sweep Over the Chicago Aloysius blew a two touchdown then smashing four runs across in cubs. Lead and was tied 13-13 by double the sixth. Starter Willard Schmidt Milwaukee s faves. Still in the a Reserve and. And fort a Quot run t110 Fin Quot got credit for the Victory although running despite two recent losses Bogalusa moved ahead in the reams shed fourth will decide the Texas he had to be relieved in Quot the ninth t0 the dodgers Drew to within 44 first Quarter on a touchdown by Brookin league Pennant in a series Start when Oklahoma cite got three games of the top by earning a David Rogers but Blanchard got Milwaukee ing tomorrow night at Houston. Runs on two walks Narf three san. Split with the Phillies in Philadel his first score to knot the count Cincinnati. Yesterday a be ult Chicago 5-7. Boston 3-5 Detroit 5-8. Washington of i Cleveland new York 1-2 Philadelphia .i-5. Baltimore 4-4 a today s game no games scheduled. National league Don Mcmahon. However. Mcmahon one sixth place finish. Walet held a making his 49th appearance Back somewhat in the final stage did t have it. He walked a Man so As not to foul out. Yielded a two run single to Sammy Walet finished seven Points ahead Meeks. Dick Donovan replaced the o William Cox of the yacht racing embattled Mcmahon and gave up association of Long Island. H. J. A tying sacrifice Fly to Ralph Rowe. Cawthra of the Detroit River Rac the Chicks netted the winning ing association finished third with run off Pete Modica. Who toiled 444 Points. The last six innings for Atlanta on singles by Ken Landenberger Sorn Fatiny bowlers Cleveland a in the Cleve Keith Thomas and de Whites Elk initial wins land indians dressing room Man Thomas scored on White s single a a .fi28 Ager a1 Lopez called Vesterdal after Landenberger was wiped out1. Monday at . Top d a a a Quot my finest Dav in baseball Quot and when Duke Doolittle bunted into10?&Quot recreation Bowling Pagut he s been in it .30 years. A double play. Ceai. Rham around the curve of municipal i Quot this longest playoff game in a welders defend. Stadium. Casey Stengel locked the league history Lethander Tom p. Tit e against Penn f tub House door of the new York Flanigan struck out eight crackers s 8 Market team transferred i __1____ .1____ c a in fit a Firta Irani note of a Olio to a or our 1 Yankees whose five year reign As in five Fine innings of Relief. Jack from the a or league replacing american league champs is near Swift Bill Fischer and Flanigan the regal b or entry and will an end. No interviews. Combined to fan 13 b j d b a Agregaard. Helson King pitched a five hitter major league baseball s biggest and Gail Freese runner up Keesler no club crowd the 86.563 who saw the Bra therr George and Gene in hit will take on the falstaff be a the buffs and cats closed out their first round playoff spries last night As Houston eliminated okla was .8�sfit again. After Robert Varnado scored a 1� a Karl Spooner the magnificent jew Burdette out pitched Robin on a 52-Yard second period run for Neago "5� fort Worth Pitcher held Shreve Rob urls i 2 braves Victory Bogalusa Emile Fournet convert f"ttsbi.rh49 Gles. Bob Tiefenauer finished. Phia. L s3 57 5 7 7.1 73 7fi is 93 they re off sept. 23 new Orleans thrill to harness Henley joined tribe Humble the yanks 4-1 and a a Quot a Gene a Kegler Quot As George Vranich will pct 3-2 probably would agree today Home. New Orleans Bea the is s g Hauef that the reactions of Senor lopez1 Barons with five runs in the fifth. H j and Case were about right. Other in Pel markers came b. A a my mathematically the yanks can t in Man Quot close Battles last year 411 afternoon and ifs More Likely top Art ,.-will match pins for initial night .34s happen Friday or saturday. But and so Iago port to seven hits As the cats apr the of Hlll is Haf Quot snapped War de. Blanchard scored from the 17 heat the sports 2-0 to also win the it Quot Spahn s 11-game Victory string to narrow the Bogalusa margin to series four games to one. It was 5"2 Cincinnati s Redlegs climbed one Point at the half. In the second the second Victory in the playoffs into fourth plan. Drubbing the half. Easton scored on Short runs for Spooner a 21-game Winner Pittsburgh pirates twice 11-5 and by Blanchard and and Fritscher during the regular season. He had 13 2 As ted Kluszewski drove in is Rouma marched 80 Yards with i pitched a 12 inning 3-2 decision in a Quot is and smashed homers the opening Kickoff for its first the opening game of the series. A a and touchdown against Humes with Shreveport used John Andre the him a by Quot a Canna a Roin i the last eight league s Quot Pitcher of the year Quot who zjfjiitt.0. B l Fairchild convert no. 4,0 a j u or v Freese s Wallop in the ninth. Jack and Biloxi freezing who engaged a of wednesday Urban was the o5er> tonight at new Orleans. Art cec., Carelli is slated to hurl for Fiir honors Nelv a 7 ��-1? Gnu p0"1 Minghan against curve Baller Cal veterans of of men wars will by a m4"4 Phi a a 2"3 a a a a a a a Quot Mira su.1-ht.As the inf1ians los Hogue. Left handers Bill George of engage the newly entered . Newn Ork Atlanta and Marv Rotblatt of Mem Erans administration Supply de % esterday n mph Iii vanquished the had beaten the cats for the sports Quot. A Quot Tou it later the Baton rou8p team gained Only Victory. Andre working with i dirt nov l to Quot Dow Quot a by Johnny Yaun Only two Days rest. Hurled shutout Al the 7 Quot a runs of 18. Two and 24 Yards. On after st. Alovsius scored on a i veg up Only eight hits in that Quot the Rev he rink no Fri a and a Short run by Jimmy Laca a to take a 13-0 halftime Lead Reserve fought Back with two touch Hall for All except the first inning 1hree hits including a Dou. Giving up Only e get hits in that by he als0 Tolp Thrupp base a. Inning Roy Hartsfield singled Clint Ludin Hom to he Bob Keeran Weaver walked and Ray Coleman t Bis of Tab Triumph in to it. Of. Singled then Frank Marchio drove ener. Minoso ejected from the first Downs by Nemour Moi Irin on runs four and five cards. Nemour admission $1 clubhouse $2 nightly at 8 p. M. A Xci a sunni a 8 a acct parimutuel daily double closes 7 45 p. M. Come Early truck Ope gift p. M. Din a a Tou watch the races excellent cuisine for Dener vation a Dar 4221 Ell easy to get air line Elway to track taxi Banes from mid City free parking for a my Cam no children a4mttt�4 in the two runs with a single. Gimp ramp Bacr drive up four fort Worth and Houston play at runs in the Nightcap with a Home a a ja11 Houston tuesday and wednesday run and double Delaneuville passed to Allen an nights. Go to fort Worth for games Detroit t r n u n c e d Washingion for ,n8 convirs on af1pr thursday. Friday and saturday twice 5-0 and 8-3 to sweep past the of nil whistle. Nights and if More games Are Boston into fourth place. Steve a ton s Victory left if one of needed then will finish the 7-game Gromek registered his 17th Victory four tp1� w the two victories and series in Houston. With a six hit shutout and sore no i it it Pas armed ted Gray won his firs game since May 12. Harvey Kuenn c 0or6fl Boxin if rapped out five Tiger hits drove in two and scored twice. Snow postponed the Battle for last place in the american league resulted in a an All coloured boxing card Ori stalemate As basement tied Balti scheduled for 8 . To More and Philadelphia divided a Dav at Gulfport s legion Arena pair. The orioles won the opener has been postponed until next Mon-4-3, scoring All their runs in the Dav a lip in an injury to on of seventh for Bob Turley s 12th win. Top main Venters. Waitkus Pinch single drove and Philadelphia 3-1, Milwaukee 3-2 Cincinnati 11-13. Pittsburgh 5-2 a today Gamet st Louis at new York Milwaukee at Philadelphia night Cincinnat at Pittsburgh night Only games scheduled Southern association first round a cerday a results Nev Orleans 10. Birmingham 3 a new Orleans leads 3-21 Memphis 4, Atlanta .1 15 innings i Atlanta leads i-2 a today s game Memphis at Atlanta Birmingham at new Orleans Phis match slants at Atlanta. Apartment who took Over the Fer. Ison optical company option. Joe Evangeline league Ein Al. Round yesterday a results no Quot a Iberia Al. Can lev 4 i new Iberia Lead 3-2 in Best of seven a Jenes it Goodwill Auto repairs specialist on a Hydra Matic service a porcelain zing a undercoating Seaton motor co. Pontiac dealer 1915 25th Avenue phone lo67. Gulfport pm lev today a Gailye at new Iberia games while the yanks win All 11 they have left. Lopez Pilot of three Indian run University miss. A two left Carro will head the a spinsters. Ners up to the world Champion halfback Earl Blair and Haroll officers elected to leadership Yankees had More to say about Lofton last season led Ole miss of the league for the ensuing sea his Quot finest As pass targets with 10 recep son Are Emil Lenart. President Quot guess i la have to admit now tons apiece. Blair a 9.8 sprinter Howard Reese vice president that things Are looking pretty in track returns for his Junior and Dominic Leperi Secretary f Good Quot he understated with a season. chuckle. Quot you la have to go a Long Way to see two better Ball games and what a the huge crowd a not As noisy As some half the size watched a display of Topnotch pitching by Cleveland s Bob Lemon and Early Wynn. Together Lemon and Wynn gave the once mighty bombers Only nine hits in 18 innings including two Hunts and an infield scratch. Charles won t attempt to take Marciano punches in championship rematch Texas league first Roundy ter Day amp results fort Worth 2. Breve porn Worth a a Ries 4-1 Houston 9. Oklahoma City i Houston wins series 4-1 bed Corrigan Monticello n. Y. Impi ezzard1 four and a half pounds More Charles the 33-year-old sex heavy the he did in the last contest a a Lemon crushed the yanks Hopes weight Champion who will try for h Hento the Yanke of gaining on the tribe by winning the third time to regain the Crown stadium Rine the opener 4-1 on a six hitter that wednesday night does not to. A a. 4 a a l a. 6. _. Quot sure he Hurt Charles admit increased his major league leading prove he can take one of Rocky total to 22 against six Marciano s punches in t Victory total to 22 against six Marciano s punches. Ted. But he does t floor you with losses. Quot no he said today before a. Sin ? a Quot Nch 1 feel stronger this Wynn poured it on the downcast going through his final full scale time 1 be been punching the heavy no today s ramen same scheduled new yorkers with the 3-2 three workout Quot i m not aiming to prove bags More and i be added a mile in the tying winning runs. The athletics took the second 5-4, scoring the winning run in the ninth when Howie Fox walked Rosen s two run double in the seventh off Allie Reynolds broke up a 1-1 deadlock in the opener As Boh Lemon went on to Register his l at up j Palt a 1 honors with pen Al Dorado gets playoff Victory by the associated press f.1 Dorado shared Cotton states hitter in the second game and i can take a punch. In Quot fact. I m or a j.16 and a htalf., a it Adwolt struck out 12. Whiffing the Side going to try not to get to the three Miles 1 did each morn Quot in order in the ninth. Wynn now Fez has his own analysis of mar ing in june has won 21 and lost 11. Wiesbaden was win of tourney 22nd Victory. Nant winning Greenville today after of Shreve Doft Early Wynn struck out 12 Yan winning the league s playoff title Kwh 1, Kees including Enos Slaughter 1 a showdown Battle with the t. Paid cheered themselves i k Mantle and Yobi Berra in champions. Shreveport la. I a Weis hoarse Over the indians double us a a. Al Dorado Defeated Greenville Baden Germany holds the world _ ill a it 11 / it v. A a a a a i 1 _ _ _ a a a. L _ 11 spook Jacobs with the has a loaded. Cleveland s fans with 84, 587 indians double As it -1 i t win that gave them a season split Byrne Quot fori Umoh Quot in a i saturday in Greenville on guide women s air Force softball f of 11-11 against the Yankees. A1. 1 a Lump Winn,.u.a champions Hin Nhav after a ital. M Ciano who licked him with a unan Charles is sort of a quiet fellow Imus decision last june 17 a tre and still refused to make a definite Mendouse volume of punches few of prediction on the outcome of the them direct hits plus tremendous fight. Strength. Quot if 1 put some punches together i Quot if he could t punch he d be i la be All right Quot was about the a bum in the said Charles a closest he came to summing up his Charles figures on weighing 190� motor Sale reconditioned outboard Sale Here it your Chounet to get the motor you want at a Price to fit your pocketbook Check this list then select your motor allowed three hits including Ber the 7-hit pitching of Bobby Brown championship today after capital a s first inning Homer with a the Victory gave Al Dorado the a tors in the Flea game Man on base final series four games to two. Of the tournament. Stan Musial and Harvey Haddix. Brown struck out seven and Wiesbaden won the final game combined to beat the giants my walked four in chalking up the de against self Edge fab mich., 15-Sial batted in three runs with abiding Victory. A two run second saturday night although outhit single and his 35th Homer. Haddix inning featuring Mart Filogamo s c v gained his 17th Victory although he bases loaded single iced the game 1 Edge advanced to the final \ needed help in the ninth. The for the oilers. Of he double elimination giants had the tying run on base the Victory saturday gained Al tournament with one defeat while and one Nul in the ninth when Dorado a degree of prestige since Wiesbaden had a clean record. Brooks Lawrence came in and re the oilers lost the Pennant on a he Agnes Shaver of Selfridge tired the Side by fanning Alvin final Day after leading the league p thed three hit Ball in the first make h. P. Year our Trade in Price your Price you save Johnson. S 1949 $110.00 $90.00 $20.00 Martin 4v2 1950 $75.00 $50.00 $25.00 Johnson 5 1953 $125.00 $100.00 $25.00 Mercury 10 plus 1953 $225.00 $175.00 $50.00 Martin 1v2 1950 $90.00 $60.00 $30.00 wizard 10 1951 $150.00 $100.00 $50.00 Evinrude 5 4/10 1949 $125.00 $85.00 $40.00 Martin in 1953 $110.00 $90.00 $20.00 Elgin s $50.00 $25.00 $25.00 Johnson 25 1951 % $300.00 $250.00 $50.00 Evinrude 1953 $160.00 $140.00 $20.00 Evinrude 14 1$52 $200.00 $175.00 $25.00 we specialize in outboard repairs i dark and disposing of Hank most of the season. Thompson on an infield grounder. Carl Furillo drove in the winning _ Cir a a a a runs in both Brooklyn victories. Hei am Cigil a liars doubled in two runs in the opener a a and broke up the second game with Areat Dol them a bases loaded two out single off r. Warren Hacker in the 14th inning. A Lyonors new Iberia has Lead in series game to win a 4-2 Triumph and Force another game. She also pitched the second game but committed four of her team s eight errors which permitted damaging runs to Cross. Theresa Kobuszewski pitched for Wiesbaden in the first game and allowed six hits. She started the your state farm agent first for a three mrs. Dick Reeves and mrs. C Nightcap. Event to right Field for m. Strosnider won the Blind part one a a on third Quot mings then re a it 1 Vav it it 4l\ a it it it i ners tournament played Friday by turned to the Mound. Runs in the fifth inning and its margin of Victory. Both teams scored twice in the fourth. Remy Leblanc led new Iberia with three singles. Ben Dye got a Home run in the fourth innings his team s first run. Jim Bello accounted for three of the four Crowley runs with two Home runs. Next week s regular play will be at the Sunkist country club at 9 . Friday due to the 15th annual Gulf coast Amateur tourney underway at the great Southern. Ahead of schedule University miss. A Bobby Slick Mccool Mississippi s Junior fullback a 195-Pounder, is the Jim Stuart relieved starter Jack preseason Choice for All Southeast Peeples to get credit for the vie pm at his position. He was All tory. Jerry Simon who started for South last fall on the Chicago Tri Crwley. Took the loss. June players s service Center your Evinrude dealer in gulfport2512 25th a nut phone 494 Gulfport truck owners for longer mileage try Quot Armor tread Quot. It a heavy and guaranteed free from defects in workmanship and material. All carcasses rigidly inspected before retreading. Hopper recapping co. My 2sth ave. Phons 5611 Chi of pwn the great Southern women s Golf Beut y Lewis of Tylef to of association. Mrs. Reeves also had so seven tips Foj self do a by the associated press 2& putts to win this division. In he series and won the new Iberia Defeated Crowley 8-4 other playing were mesdames a Ost valuable player trophy. Last night in an Evangeline league a Nick Mavar c. E. Anderson Clay playoff game to take a 3-2 Lead in ton Rand. Tom Rand Robert the Best of seven series. Wright m. J. Bellande Emile new Iberia got five singles and Khail Jamen Williams Felix har a double by red Smith for five Ell and Charles Stewart. Call or write your Friendly a ent serving the coast for sever amp Quot insure with Bell a Jingle your savings Quot c. H. Bell 114 n. Burke phone 5372, Long Bloch s25.m u. I. A a Feras bomb Given tor a his idea to mrs. Nora l. Skehan. 22 will water st., Apt. 3, Biloxi miss. In the Dixie Doodle contest tor the week Ondino Midnight of August to my. 8�4 Isyl arms for Dixie after Tisins the Dot avs to Kain Tow to draw ifs tfx my a that counts. Dixie Doodna Are judged in a series of Wrate weekly Esa tests Aad a $25.00 u. S. Bitinis Boad is Fitts for a Aeh idea a Ablahed. If Primo it alar Wear ars duplicated a the Sadie weekly contest duplicate Sward Are Auto. Is Clorisa of Jim jew less to final. Sif yer fall a a or mrs. Or Moo item fair mime a to. Nail entries to Dixie Doodle p. O. Box ism depart met Gnu Orleata u. Three 8pecial Gulf coast prizes awarded weekly. Dido brother co not Orleans la. Disk do Tritton 14tk 8trs st rte a a Gal port. Miss Psoas Stosl. Y

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