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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Biloxi, Mississippi 24 pages today Ose Ikea id clas8ifiad8 to Seils to Bay to Isumi awaits Thea be tit Milf the by null the daily he Rald associated press a and Nea features Herald building Gulfport Mississippi coast monday afternoon september 13, 1954 Herald building Biloxi volume 70�?number 294chef area patrolled fugitive Slayer Gallego White hike in to ask welfare reds free americans held year reported seen Hong Kong a a a United states consulate official said today three americans ordered deported1 from red China after More than a year in communist Captivity would not arrive Here today. 1 the three Are Richard Apple pension funds a a German voters a future monthly show discontent payment of $50 wit Adenauer a governor s Jackson miss Ftp gov. Hugh White said he will ask the Legisla Kiel Germany Ofiu a political Ture today to appropriate an sex riptide menaced Chancellor Konrad tra $1,500,000 for welfare pension the Trio would arrive. He did not Adenauer and his pro american and boost the maximum old a i elaborate but said the Border will defend interests on train making. States Stop at Gulfport Denver president Eisenhower said today National Security Council has reaffirmed american. Policy of defending Quot the vital in Quot interests of the . Wherever they a heavily armed police patrolled the chef men eur Mola president made the state Gate 37, of Medford Orea a Highway today after reports were received that fur n to newsmen in discussing tonal broadcasting co. Correspond amp re u re u u l j it a an extraordinary session of the Dent Donald Dixon 25, new York Tive Slayer Gerald Vallego May have leaped off a Security Council at the summer internal tonal news service Corres new Orleans bound train. A White House yesterday. Pendent and Benjanin Krasner 30, w Quot u Quot the meeting was caused by the a sea Captain of Brooklyn. I officers searched the l. Amp n. Train after a Man chief executive to discuss global the he Kong red a resembling Gallego was reported seen clinging to Jtj to Quot that there was no indication when i f be baggage car. Tho fran i Taull i a /. La a i a uni o foreign policy today As his so socialist foes merged As the strongest party m a key state election Gallego and minor Sorber another condemned Quemoy after the session Secretary pension to $50. The top old age watch was suspended until Tomor in a a a a a a a a a 1 r__�1 a r1 a a a a a a i a state Dulles declared that Ameri Raj Niento now is $30. A Row. Piping radio said yesterday so Ayer escape irom me Zirnis Voundy miss., jail Unican military might will thwart any the $1,500,000 would be a re a the Trio was ordered deported Jackson Early Friday. A chinese communist assault against although the coalition headed by appropriation of Money the state a from Kiangtung province. Hong. A nationalist Formosa. Adenauer s Christian democratic welfare department turned Back Kong Borders Kiangtung. I when the Tram search proved unproductive off i but the Secretary kept the com 1 it 1 Union appeared sure of holding to the state Treasury at the end piping radio also said Hugh cers bolstered their Liat Rols Malonff the i Hwan which my nests guessing As to whether of vhf a Ftfe Chov control of the government in so a the 1952-54 biennium. A Francis Redmond former new cers Dol amp Berea Pineir Pairis along me Al Lenway Wincn the United states win go to do Vuu ii Alc Ducj Viet zone Frontier state of Schles but old folks should t look for York business Man. Had been con parallels the Railroad tracks. A sense of the chinese nationalist wig Holstein the socialists 12,000increase above the $30 now evicted of espionage in Shanghai at t to _ a Island of Quemoy which has been Cohn arrives at Biloxi. It. Roy m. Cohn former counsel for the Mccarthy investigation of is shown shortly after arriving at Keesler air Force base in Biloxi sunday. Cohn is slated to speak before the Biloxi Exchange club and guests tonight at the Buena Vista hotel. Map photo % Taylor vote Lead in yesterday s balloting info rce was seen As a clearcut exposure the welfare department still of the old Leader s suddenly wind does t have the Money to raise Ling popularity Many pensions. The $1,500,000gulfport police said h. L. Mays a Gulfport res under Shell fire from the red and sentenced to life 111 prison. Called Quot intruders Quot piping said the Applegate Trio ascription was seen on the baggage car of the train asian att Quot Sav hat pc it a Al Tkv n Pari Pactol 1 arrive Biloxi ident notified them a Man answering Gallego s de main a Quot to to a and Fri chief j. Edgar Hoover a Guj Jug pop Siamy Nivio no a jew vow a 1 a a. It a a a go a a too o a a a a a a a a a the Rural state called the Quot poor matched by the same amount of Jefin see uni a March 21 c�1953 it stored at Gulfport about 8 . Today Enro Ute to 50 far the red threat a use of the Bonn Republic Quot re Federal Money would do no More a Narh Ann, -1----�T� new Orleans. Lha me front 15 concerned House of the Bonn Republic re a Wuy. A it Uulu no Mui c j aboard Annlee ate s yacht Kert buffed the 78-year-old Chancellor s than push pensions Back up to what after it ended into China s the i plea for a vote of Confidence were before july 1. A Norial water of a Wang Tung a a electing its new la tag state pensions Cuttle Trio had planned to sail to parliament. J the pensions were Cut from a Macao portuguese colons on the campaigning for overtures to monthly average of $28 to an a Mainland to pick up David Cicero. Russia to unify East and West rage of $26 because of Money ins new photo service photog a Germany. The socialists outscored shortage. Commissioner of Public Pher and return him to Hong the Christian democrats in the welfare j. A Thigpen said the a Kong. Accorded cd 1 Ito raise the average Back to what it was. state that a last elected Chancellor. T <9 Trail socialists i the new $50 maximum payment. Pic a of fit a Iol in today s final count the cd i if passed by the legislature would a 14/� Hlll Ludl trailed the socialists 384,870 to give the department a Freer hand 396,798. In allotting the Money where most. The cd s vote was Cut almost 1 needed in half from its 1953 Peak of and if future Legislatures a a a n. 637,570 in Schleswig Holstein. The Propri ated enough Money the old lie ana4 Nta fac socialists picked up 38,269 votes folks could get the $50 tops. I a a i i Uia Ivo Over last year s total of 357.798. J the governor said today he also a Adenauer fought to save his in will ask the legislature to create state a briefs murder hearing on the the add told Only the truth a says Zwicker ministration s goal is to utterly m Cohn. Former counsel Washington Hubrig Gen. I Gulfport polite thedest7 the Conns must party is st m ass my new Orleans police who halted Ward that objective is Well under Uena a a a week that the dec0rated general the train in Gentilly and made a Way and that some communists famine at at least Quot misstated the i search to no Avail. A spurred by a new Law granting apr Quot Quot Quot Quot Quot 8 Thig an Ltd other conflicting test. She. They said the Man could have f11�"1 f1 st 11 Cohn decline comment Mony went into the record As the. ,$1,500,000 and Matching Federal piping radio said the chinese in Clarke count jumped off the train when it i Een going to the Fri to Teu about Senate committee consid-2-1 margin Over its Arch rival would avow the department i ministry of Public Security recent m Vlakic a Tupi 1 1 slowed Down at the chef As it the activities of fellow con concerning other vef buttering censure charges against my st year when Adenauer was re a a Loco continued on ogee five 1 Quitman. Miss. Of the Mur neared the Gentilly Yards a Spiratos. That he was Gla 4t0 de on Carthy moved through what May Der trial of con Kelly begins Here ,p. Hll a inv Hittl Dulles Hoover and Brownell the Toast. Last Day of its hearings monday in Clarke county s circuit1,7, ,i11bl twi made those statements at news he will address the Biloxi sex 0ne of the charges against my. Id i nigh Iaukea 10 nun ine iwo continued on Oage five 1 a irom a densely wooded area North of Jackson and 300 armed accepted gifts court. J District attorney Lester f. Wil j Liaison said Kelly is charged in men prepared to move into the connection with the death of har Jung scr like sometimes swampy Joey Ross. Ross who was shot in area the stomach at a Range of 20 feet with a Shotgun died five Days aft state Highway patrolmen. Fair the shooting Kelly sub Ven has it by was indicted by a grand jury a a. A a a ski Quot a Washington we a Federal of _ ter National prestige with a speech a new chancery court District Filiai has charged that Clvde l. 1 act pit for in Tilsk 17thm Southwest Mississipp Powell ousted assistant commis-1 j-a5t rites for described nato membership and f split Tine the present fourth. Federal House Engineer unconditional German sovereignty District. Ministration accepted More than a As his new goals. _ new chancery District $100,000 from ing fugitives Gerald Gallego. 26, Lri a and minor Sorber 35, would Ella cd a ii cols think they were bloodhounds get scared and come out into the but As he talked with British for Ign Secretary Anthony Eden in Bonn yesterday on finding some the new District would deat with Cha Adams Jefferson Claiborne and William f. Mccomb. Miss. It it a funeral. Apartment builders services were held today for a i change club and guests tonight Carthy is that he abused Zwicker during a banquet at the Buena at the feb 18 hearing when my Vista hotel with an expected at earthy questioned Zwicker about a Tendance of 200. An honorable discharge Given maj. Judge j. D. Stennis former City Irving Peress. Mccarthy has Call judge and Biloxi attorney willed Peress a Quot fifth amendment introduce . Cohn and dinner music will be furnished by the j testimony Keesler string orchestra. J t. A a 1 x it get j in Quick succession the tall general Lewis b. Hershey i erect general told the special Cen Rector of the selective service , committee arrived from Washington d 1 he has searched his memory election of directors of the the the of a carefully and has no recollection Biloxi chamber of Commerce to Parker Cunningham 67 Fly a Quot a Zwie dlr inv Wilkinson counties remap nine in Deputy housing administrator who Quot Quot Vay of rearming West Germany Vav Hunson coun ies. Remaining in Musili nillion in sleep Early yesterday morn housing scandal1 Cunningham was an Engineer me seamen nan Owen 10ia Nve Merce building on West Beach Mittee study groups which will comment. With the Illinois Central Railroad by 10 mile area extending 10 irom g to 5 22 and continue meeting until the close 2. He had no intention of being 50 Miles North of Here. The area is 23 they will close at 2 ,. On a of the conference. Evasive arrogant irritating a a u on 1 w a Friday sept. 24. When the votes general Hershey said that act when Mccarthy questioned him be a Liiro a n p5ar Kiver and will be tabulated. It is not Neces cording to present indications there Hind closed doors about the Peress continued on Page five ,. A the fugitives escaped for c camber Lof Commerce it intake confere Quot be during their muttering the feb Wai Hea Quot a Quot Aye i a Hinds a a Here Petriv for place wednesday september 22, session this Corning. Ing in new York that Mcarth who died t0ssing acid m theirl thursday september 23, and Fri for the afternoon meeting the was an William j. Hard Day september 24. The polls will Troup of approximately 125 rep eng of new York City testified last a open at the chamber of com resent Tives broke up into com week he heard Zwicker make that Aav Jailer s face. The Scardi narrowed to a five mounting discontent. Continued on Page nine he received recognition for despite the French scuttling of the a the fourth District would be Pike a a voters6 of a state hewed their Tou he a Frankyn Amity 1 be the accusation yesterday in i the Large amount of cases con a a a a jj1 sad years service in Chicago this sum bounded by the Natchez Trace a Frid a it when Quot the votes general Hershey said that a when Mccarthy questioned Himba a erring Oil make the new District j Ert Meri Highway 80. Pearl River and will be tabulated. It is not Neces cording to present indications there1&Quot j Quot a necessary. Gov. White said. J�1 Neal hou4nc program Quot i he was born in Rosi land. La., the old Canton Road. Sary for members to go to the of a would be Little change in the Selec Quot there s so much Oil litigation p p0eh was fired last april and resided Here 53 years. Find red pickup lice to vote. They May Send in Tive service Calls for next month that the Chancellor just can t get after re Adi the it to a survivors include his widow a a red pickup truck the two men their ballots by mail. The draft Call for last month was.,newsman son Ray b Cunningham of new took in their escape was found in the nominating committee As 23,000, said Gen. Hershey which Quot i deny that . Mckenna Orleans assisted. Mrs. C. area Early yesterday. A car a Jhu Arisen slightly. But depending new England area damaged by Hurricane Portland Maine it it a washed Tion today. Out highways Railroad tracks and crops Lay like a jagged wound toll a Day across territory raked by in 1x11160 111 death dealing Hurricane Edna from _ b Massachusetts to Nova Scotia. \ plane Dan the Cost in lives mounted to 19�? j 13 of them in new England and 4 1, a kill Rico eight in Maine alone where autos a 11111� vac were trapped in Road and Bridge washouts by streams that went Westover air Force base. Wild under a record eight inches mass. A it a a plane today headed of rain. From this base to Thule air pal Tierne Maine gov. Burton m. Cross aft Greenland with medical supplies>16ill i in Chuins an air Survey set loss there at f0r the five survivors of a planet go a More than seven million dollars j which crashed yesterday with the Roill jail in acct on top of 10 million wrought 12 i0ss of 10 lives. I Days before by Hurricane Carol j air Force officials Here Ridenti any builder promoter Ever paid John d. Cunningham of bos someone broke into a Housejr a the Curtisjr a Quot it Gautier sch Quot be abolition amendment was a a a a a a a a _ j a to e anybody else has evidence As the measure moved into the sen of. R. ,.,.r. ,.and builder promoter even ate for final legislation consider me any Money during my tenure sier City. La., h. B. Cunningham area of office with Cha. In connection of Bogalusa la., and Hampton a with official Cunningham of new Orleans. Ain eat was receives prize other allegations of improper a Akita re links Between builders and Whalin Ebay contest that Beecher of Mccomb three Broth Ilter was reported stolen after of a pm set Jsn of Quot the needs there should be Little is selective service Calls for next. T n n. Melvin g Ness. Year will depend upon How critical col. T. B. Birdsong. Commission the committee appointed by the world situation is the budget of Public safety said shortly be president Nichols As a Board of 1 appropriation for personnel and fore the dogs were turned Loose j judges to tabulate the returns is any changes which might take last night that no one would run a composed of Eugene a. Hiller place in the Reserve training pro with them. Chairman. Cosman Eisendrath Joe Gram a the dogs will be turned Loose Quot Urra it Al Quot a Quot print be and Carl Winecoff. The directors whose terms sex continued on Nav be five employees were made by Mckenna Cleveland. Ohio up�?a11 who wrote say on a Quot trailer for moving a he said Quot and As Thev howl and fice staff would a Given gratuities -t0 3 �v0 1 the Quot Woods we Hope Frank Barhanovich Joe Nee Stair Wouita de Given a g Holmes ., a $500 Sec the two convicts will get scared. Baricev Paul Collins Russ Mur a Ond prize in a National essay con after threw acid in a fee Louis Tremmel and Richard test on arc welding. T Vejr Jailer s face Thev slugged Vaughn. Holmes is an employee of missis him with a length of pipe. Then . Nichols and mayor Laz Sippi state College. They slugged two other men stole Quave will remain on the Board As the James f. Lincoln arc Weld the pickup truck and vanished. Sex offi Cio members. Gordon h. Ing foundation yesterday awards totalling $13.500 tj6 Harrison county sheriff and mrs. A winners in 43 states Alaska and he ghz a patro1 yesterday that she Cross asked president Eisenhower a fied the plane which crashed and a Edward Mcdonnell and sailors w. Hawaii. Saw two men run toward a Hunt to declare Maine a major disaster burned As an air Force four in Iri. Moran and Doc Shaw return okla. Area. Gine c124 Globe master. It crashed two thirds of Nova Scotia s four j about a half mile from Thule base million Dollar Apple crop was �900 Miles South of the North pole counted lost. While making an emergency land All of Maine s dead were drown ing. Ing victims. Four persons perished maj. Huly Bray of the Atlantic a in Massachusetts one in connect division military transport ser Cut another in Nova Scotia. Six a vice reported 10 of the 15 persons Highway fatalities in new Yor aboard were killed. Their names Deal about the equipment and j i n Dpi Fla state were attributed to the withheld pending notification operation of jails and the inform a of next of Kin. Mation will come in Handy when Quot had left Hudson who has been on the Board the last few months filling an unexpired term is eligible for re coast officers Aid in search Delta group okays school abolishment the Cleveland miss. Of Delta High school association declared its support of the proposed constitutional amendment empowering the legislature to abolish Public schools As a possible safeguard to keep segregated Public schools. Quot we believe that this amendment May Ward off attempted in Law enforcement officers from Teg ration in the first place. Quot the Gulf coast have been parti the association announced Satur Cipa Ting in the manhunt for escapees Gerald Gallego and minor Sorber. The state Highway patrol sub of Friday from new Orleans Ansteth of Tulsa where they attended a forum on awarded $1,000. Jail problems. Sheriff Mcdonnell said the first c1l\a aaa Piro Southern regional forum was Spon Ltd wow Rill sorted by the National jail Asso us a citation at hotel Roosevelt. Hits warehouse he stated Quot we Learned a great election. None of the other outgoing a station reported 17 officers from directors is eligible for re election District eight were taking part in the other Board members who a the dragnet. Day. If it does t work to prevent integration the amendment would Quot give one last remedy if the Federal government tries to Force compliance with the supreme court decision Quot outlawing Segre first prize went to William and fishing Camp in the area us a.�?zj where the search was being con a c w do 1 j. 1 a us 4 a remain on for an additional Yearl Gulfport police e. E. Klein gation in Public education. Officers said the Camp has Sev Jare Wallace Chapman william1 Klein stated assistant chief de the immediate effect of integral eral buildings in which groceries Dukate Curtis n. Ellzey ., Frank l. Blue detective w. R. Man-1 Tion Quot would bring disaster to both i Are kept and they feared guns also Pringle and Dewey Reagan gum and Captain j. D. Black races Quot the association represent maybe stored in the buildings. Twenty one will be nominated. Six Well Are in the search. Ing 50 Delta schools said Quot the the Highway patrol issued will be elected to serve a term of four Biloxi police officers Ders to Quot use any Means Quot to Cap two years and the seventh will Ture the fugitives. Serve one year. National guard and civil air Cane. A continued on Page nine i weather news coast fair today and tonight becoming partly Cloudy tuesday warmer with a Entov southeasterly winds High today 90-94, Low Toni fat 64-70 High tomorrow 92-96. Mississippi fair this afternoon and tonight tuesday Clear to partly Cloudy with widely scattered afternoon thundershowers extreme South portion. 0. S. Weather station located Al Biloxi yacht club s4 hours ended it a pub. High Low prec. September 11.94 73 september 12 .93 64 september 13. Low 65 noon 83 Bray said the plane Westover a few Days ago and was on a regularly scheduled flight out of Thule when its commander declared a Quot state of emergency Quot 12 minutes after becoming airborne. Bray said he does not know what caused the plane s commander to declare a state of emergency. Bray said it was the first fatal Accident in More than 4,000 flights made by the Atlantic division Mats to Thule since the North country Airlift started in 1951. More than 35,000 passengers and 55 million pounds of supplies have Ben transported. The new county jail is Baton Rouge Lff it a general further instruction will be Given a alarm fire caused an estimated local officers by Federal jail inspector Hubert Raney Al Reno. Okla., when the jail is finished. $100,000 damage to a government surplus warehouse Here yesterday. Fireman battled the Blaze for sheriff Mcdonnell said he than two hours preventing rotated several subjects in custody of new Orleans police regarding some crimes in Harrison county. Prisoners on Honor at jail it from spreading to a nearby National guard armory and Highway department District Headquarters. The warehouse was operated by patrol air planes joined Highway pa-1 Day the Hospital reported. Quot he s tool planes in an Aerial search of talking now Quot a nurse said the area. Wells remained critical for two an attempt yesterday was made Days after he smashed Over to track the fugitives with blood the head with the same piece of hounds but the Trail grew cold aft steel used to club Landrum in the heavy Rains. Jail break. Both of the fugitives were under another Man injured critically in sunday 7nd"7eturned Quot to Quot Quot Biloxi death sentence when they if 1 late sunday evening. Of representatives passed it last Gallego was convicted of slaying pm ? 1 a l following the escape last Fri week. Day from the Jackson jail chief were sent to Jackson Over the weekend to participate in the manhunt for Gerald Gallego and minor Sorber according to chief Herbert Mcdonnell. The Biloxi police chief said that the officers Melvin Cruse Veen Lee. Jack Breal and detective Leslie Montgomery took part in the search saturday and differences in folkways Between the two races Are too great. Quot the Mississippi Public will not support with their taxation integrated schools nor will they allow their children to attend them. The Mississippi legislature will not make appropriations to carry them the proposed constitutional amendment is assured of passage in the Senate this week. The House Southern airways at Gulfport municipal Airport reported the following for the m hours ended of 4 90 pub. High Low prec. September 13. Low 63 High 88�gulf of Mexico Friday turned in a Ward about 60 Miles Southeast of storm Dies off mexican coast a to Supply schools and hospitals with j surplus items ranging from a Ray and welding equipment to automobile motors and file cabinets. Tilt no a a a a a 0, one fireman received bums Columbus miss i a Senff 1 when a crated motor exploded and c. E Farmer said the Only re sprayed him with hot Oil he was Strait Between a Lowndes county identified As w. T. Miller. T__1 a a a _ _ m a a a w 1� a a a h 1 it. An Ocean Springs. Miss., town ical is Quot we considered him it at i the state department of education marshal and Sorber was con-1 first As a tical As Wells Mcdonnell evicted of helping kill a fellow in a nude mate at the Mississippi penitent i stolen Brown Varv at Parchman Pontiac fizzled today when the car meantime police at Hawthorne Asfe a Quot a Quot a uld be i Quot calif., continued to guard the the owner s front Yard Quot Homes of Gallego s Mother and brother. Police said Gallego has said he would kill both of them. New Orleans we Hurricane Florence sixth tropical storm spawned this year blew itself out yesterday after smashing into a rugged mountainous area on the coast of Mexico. The Small storm born in the j jail prisoner and his Freedom is a huge column of Black smoke the officers said g Omen cel i fim sir said he established the billowed from tlle fire cans of mate of Gallego s told them Gal Honor system in the ardent jail cleaning fluid and paint exploded go had phoned him from a Booth Honor system in the ancient j an in the building shooting others into a after two prisoners the latest Ofiu _.? at Tijuana Mexico 140 Miles South River stages Pascagoula River at Merrill miss., 2.5 feet no change. Fore it least Little change. Pearl River at Pearl River la., 2.1 feet up .2. Forecast Little change. Itu pan and weakened As it smashed against High mountains. The weather Bureau Here said squalls were in store for the Tux pan area but winds accompanying the storm had diminished to 35 Miles per hour. A line list of escapees Tunne Edithe air to burst in puffy balls of of Hawthorne. But no Trace of the in int a is flame Slayer was found in the mexican cell Friday a 8 Shelby m. Jackson state super Border town. Quot each time a prisoner has Bur a a pendent 0f education said that Jailer critical during the past six years the warehouse has supplied Louisiana schools and institutions with More than six million dollars Worth of government equipment. He said Quot we completely out rowed through the floor i locked off that particular cell so others Wouldr t use the same Hole Quot Farmer said Quot but now there Are no cells left without a Freedom outlet. Quot i m going to continue placing them in jail lock the main door and say sure Hope you Fellows stick the jail was condemned by a errand jury earlier this year. Fitted one Trade school in st. Tam Nany Parish with surplus property. I guess Well have to get some More to rebuild All equipment was insured Jackson said. A negro Man reported the car stolen about 5 . Yesterday while he was watching a baseball game near Tougaloo about one mile West of the spot where the red pickup truck was found. The report touched off a statewide alarm with officers thinking Sorber and Gallego might have stolen the car. The car was reported seen near Natchez and then far to the North near Durant. Jailer j. C. Landrum. Clubbed j when it turned up in the owner s several times on the head with a Yard where his wife put it police steel bar in the escape remained i wearily marked it off As just one Quot very critical Quot at Baptist Hospital of hundreds of false leads. Today. 1 he suffered a fractured Skull and bottled tobacco placed a 24-hour guard around the Home of circuit court judge Leslie Grant. Judge Grant imposed the death sentence on Gallego for the murder of Ernest Quot red Beaugez Ocean Springs policeman. 40 years Olgo in the daily Herald sept. 13, 1914 miss Aline Meaut has returned to her Home in Biloxi after spending the past month in Mobile. Severe brain injuries. Mays Ville by. Ufi a Allen two other victims of the pair s Reed stuck four pop bottles neck brutal dash to Freedom were re Down into his tobacco Plant bed ported improved. Valcin Howell Wells. Jacquon at Torney was Quot better improved Quot to to hold up the Canvas cover. A flourishing Young Plant has grown into each of the bottles. 20 years ago sept. 13, 1934 mrs. Archibald bocks of Driftwood West Beach Long Beach has had a her Lueata for the summer her two sister mrs. Lucy Row and miss Minnie l. Of trainee of Memphis. Mary Cains tax Case closed Jackson la mrs. Mary Cain s fight to avoid payment of $42 in social Security taxes on herself As a self employed person was marked Quot closed Quot saturday. Records in the u. S. District court clerk s office showed receipt of payment of $121.51 in Back taxes interest and court costs. Mrs. Cain who contended social Security is unconstitutional fought the Case to the . Supreme court which refused to hear arguments on the grounds social Security had been declared constitutional. Circuit court officials said the judgement was satisfied in a writ of garnishment against wage earned by miss Mary Lou Butler Niece of mrs. Cain and owner of the Summit Sun which mrs. Cain edits. Miss Butler 1� society editor of the Mccomb Enterprise journal

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