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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - September 2, 1973, Biloxi, Mississippi Opinion Ift Ernest b. Furgurson by no Means Neutral roaring due to the Roar of several million pounds of rocket thrust will soon resound again across the Piney Woods of Central Hancock county when testing of space shuttle engines begins at the missis Alsippi test facility. Mtg s profile has been Low of late both in volume of noise and in its Impact on surrounding communities. Lockheed propulsion company s proposal to build the space shuttle engines at nearby Michoud in new Orleans and test them at mtg should that proposal be approved would mean an economic Impact of $20 million annually on the coast Economy. Three other firms Are submitting proposals to build and test the mighty engines the probability is that these firms will also plan to use the Michoud facility for building the engines. Nasa officials say that the engines will be tested at mtg regardless of which firm is successful bidder on the project. Hancock county some areas of Pearl River county and other sections Between mtg and the Michoud Plant experienced a Boom when mtg was con Strier ted and when it at return Peak in testing rockets for earlier space programs. When this country s space exploration efforts were downgraded and the space budget Cut the economic Boom faded. During the interim period. New Orleans East has been sprawling closer and closer to the Mississippi state line. Housing developments have seemed to sprout overnight. One of the largest shopping centers in that City located in sight of the Michoud Plant is nearing an opening Date. Hancock county too has been experiencing some growth stemming from residential spill Over from new Orleans. With a revival imminent the Eastern portion of new Orleans the Slidell and Pearl River area and Hancock county can look again to Busy times. The current economic revival while expected to extend into the next decade will be temporary. But in addition to the obvious Short term effects it will tend to Foster the More enduring Type of growth that has been going on More quietly in the Western part of the Phi fast labor Day 1973 what gives Here it is August 1973, and the Price of nearly everything is going through the roof. A number of labor contracts involving the nation s most powerful unions have been or Are being renegotiated. Logic decrees that pickets should be marching throughout the land. But so far this year strikes have been few and wage settlements reasonable. Al Cio president George Mcany has a simple explanation for today s relatively Placid labor scene. Quot strikes of people getting $7,500 or More a year just Don t make he says. When workers were making Only 50 cents an hour they had Little to lose by striking. They could Quot go begging and get food unions could manage to keep them but now. Many says most Union members Quot have a Little Home maybe a couple of kids going to if they go on strike Quot they re overboard within a week Meany s View is widely shared by other labor leaders. For example the theme of a recent conference sponsored by the Institute of collective bargaining and group relations was Quot is the strike outmoded Quot Quot the experts attending the meeting took note of the remarkably harmonious contract talks held this year. Labor experts Are particularly intrigued by the agreement reached last Spring by the United steel workers us and the steel Industry. It Calls for opening wage negotiations by february 1974, which is seven months before the current contract expires. If the issues Are not settled by april 16. 1974, the Loose ends will be submitted to arbitrators for a binding decision. . Abel president of the us. Defended the no strike agreement by asserting that strikes arc at any rate strikes no it Ric a Iuo Virr it air have it or nod damaging the the us. Faced with uncertainty . Steel users have turned increasingly to overseas suppliers or to substitute materials. The result is that membership in the us has declined sharply. Another drawback of strikes from labor s Point of View is the anti Union feeling they generate. As Wilfrid sheed observed in the Atlantic Quot the non unionized poor Are reminded of How Little they make Quot when a major strike occurs. Quot a Union is required by the nature of the game to ask for much More than it gets and that s the figure that Sticks in the head and the Craw. Did you see the Cement workers Are asking for such and such Why . S Don t get that neither do Cement workers but the damage is although labor leaders Are increasingly sceptical about the value of strikes they Are not prepared to abandon their ultimate bargaining weapon. Theodore w. Kheel a prominent labor mediator. Says Quot in my judgment the Prospect of a strike in the vast majority of bargaining situations can never be outmoded unaccepted outlawed or rendered obsolete without doing More damage than the Relief the Public will supposedly Kheel believes that Quot the strike and collective bargaining Are siamese twins. They cannot be severed. But that does not mean that strikes cannot be the recent Wildcat activities at Chrysler corp. Plants serve As a reminder that workers have not forgotten the strike weapon. But a major walkout is considered unlikely in the Auto Industry this year. And if the current rate of strike activity continues throughout the year 1973 will go Down As the most peaceful year on the labor front in a decade. r it a Post Rah run urfa 1 Etters to the editor chaise and publicity the daily Herald it has shocked me that our local television station has Given very Little information regarding Fred Haise s condition. It certainly appears to me that or. Haise is a most important figure to our country. His Hometown should be More concerned about him than anywhere else. But local news does not give regular reports. I bet if there had been any gang Type slayings. Or any Type happenings to any night club figure or gamblers or anything regarding the Beach strip we would hear reports on each news time. We May hear the same thing Over and Over but we would be kept informed. What has also been so amusing about it is regardless what night club figure it is about it always starts a. A prominent Gulf coast , a Liiva i Orlirio the daily Herald Piihl Hoh he pah Luhmer in Roland weeks or. Pettid inf general Mono str Eugene p. Wilkes Ambrose g. Hampton James j. Lund Ben r. Morris Thomas h. Cook a c.1.� 9 in. Eastport May become a pattern Eastport me. A anyone who has followed the Oil Industry s repeatedly frustrated efforts to build a major new facility on the Northeast coast will understand clearly Why that Campaign now concentrates on this moribund town on Moose Island in Passamaquoddy Bay. An Extension of the of Fundy. Not Only Oil men but official of other polluting industries Are watching the outcome of currently recessed hearings on whether a $350 million terminal and refinery will be permitted Here. If the development is approved you can confidently expect other controversial Industrial proposals to materialize All across the country at out of the Way places whose main attraction is the thing they have in common with Eastport. That something is not geographical convenience. Eastport is far from the coast s major existing refinery capacity in the new Jersey Delaware area. It is at the extreme Comer of the United states 300 Miles Northeast of Boston 600 from Philadelphia. It is not because Eastport is a perfect Haven for the supertanker that Wotila bring crude into the proposed refinery. This is a deep water port yes but the tides hereabouts Rise and fall farther than any in the country. The army engineers add that Quot its approaches Are winding its currents extremely difficult to judge and the area has the highest number of fog Days along the certainly the desire to build Here is not based on Eastport s climate and scenery. This is nothing like an Oil port not yet. Instead it sits in an unsullied Panorama of Broad and headlands sunsets seagulls and islands. Franklin Roos a Volt a ii Inmar Home on Campobello faces directly across at the town a Quick boat ride but a roundabout hour s drive away. What excites the conglomerate mounting All its technical and Public relations expertise behind the Eastport project is what you see on a walk along the main Street. About one storefront in three is closed on their Day afternoon the door of one shop bears a sign Quot gone fishing until a Cluster of old men sits in the sunny Corner of a Yard near the old fashioned Brick Library. The parking lot of the a 4 p is nearly empty. What makes Eastport so attractive is its poverty. It is one of the poorest Corners of the poorest slowest growing state in new England. Far sprawling Washington county which has spectacular coastline and seemingly limitless Inland forests also has a 9.6 per cent unemployment rate. People who Are out of work and merchants whose business is Slack Are not particularly interested in the fact that theirs is one of the most Beautiful pieces of the United states. Not at least compared to their interest in the jobs promised by a massive Short term construction project and Long term Oil port and refinery. That has been the Strong Selling Point advanced by the Pittston co. The conglomerate that stands to Prosper in direct ratio to the rest of the country s rising hysteria Over the Energy shortage. The company s expert witnesses. Some imported from Europe have minimized the inevitable environmental dangers when they testified before the Maine Bureau of environmental Protection hearings. No doubt the company Hopes everyone has forgotten that its officials also minimized the danger from another Branch of its Energy holdings Early last year in the hours before the towering slag dam on Buffalo Creek in Logan county. W. A. Gave Way. They were wrong More than 120 persons died. And no doubt the company hoped everybody was away on vacation last week when the state Bureau brought suit for a damaging Oil spill at the other end of the Maine coastline. Such details have not deeply impressed those town officials who have endorsed the refinery proposal of statistics and waiting bulldogs Douglas Southay Freeman for Many years editor of the Richmond news Leader once was asked about the training of prospective reporters. What would he have them study or. Freeman might have responded by ticking off a familiar list a history literature languages Law. His oversimplified answer instead was statistics. He looked upon any Given set of statistics with a combination of respect and suspicion As one regards a waiting bulldog. The years had taught him that statistics can be handled obediently if one deals with them firmly but the fellow who Trees to get too Friendly with statistics is Likely to lose the seat of his pants. These recollections Are prompted in part by the publication a few weeks ago of four essays by Geoffrey h. Moore former director of the Bureau of labor statistics. In these essays published by the american Enterprise Institute. Or. Moore has come up with some fresh and valuable insights into statistics on unemployment. Let me come Back to these in a moment. The whole business of statistics especially Federal statistics has been much on our minds in recent months. Until a few years ago a let us face it until the Nixon administration came into office a up feral were ancient pm. If \ conservative View by James Kilpatrick not uncritically at least confidently. Professionals generally regarded the data from . Agencies As the Best such data in the world. This High reputation was partly owing to the integrity of Ewan Clague. Who set an example in the bus for All agencies to follow but other career statisticians also had a hand in maintaining the Standard of excellence. Over the past couple of years several disturbing incidents have come along. The bus acting on orders from an uptight White House stopped holding monthly briefings by the professional staff. Or. Moore was unceremoniously dumped. Or. George Hay Brown was eased out As director of the census and Over the protest of every professional organization in the Field Vincent r. Barabba was named to take his place. An uneasy feeling has developed that Federal statistics especially in the economic area demand closer Sci tiny than they have had in the past. Wisconsin s senator William Proxmire overstates the situation when he describes it As a Quot crisis of credibility Quot but the Point needs to be made that Barabba in the census and Edward d. Failor As new head of the social and economic statistics administration have a demanding task before them. We of the press a because most of us Are not trained in statistics have a special need for expert non partisan interpretation of the statistics that swamp us eve i Ery Day. Or. More provides an example of such interpretation in his recent essays on unemployment data. Except for the Cost of living Index no Federal figures command greater attention than statistics that Deal with unemployment. They Are constantly cited to prove How poorly or. Nixon is doing they carry great weight in legislation affecting Blacks teenagers Anh air re tvs or rat a a makes Clear some of the figures notably those on Black unemployment have to be treated As cautiously As bulldogs. The problem of jobless Blacks is undeniably serious but because of the margin of error in a Small statistical Sample month by month fluctuations May be much less significant than they seem. Or. Moore suggests a new and More revealing Index on unemployment that would reflect a the number of jobless persons and in How Long they had been out of work. On this Quot severity Index Quot True record of the Nixon administration looks not so bad. The rate of unemployment is relatively High but people seem to find new jobs. The Johnson administration had a still better record to be sure but in grappling with the stubborn and intractable problems of unemployment. Nixon merits More credit than his foes have been willing to give him. One often hears that there Are Quot lies damned lies and it is a foolish saying. Every advocate of course will try to turn statistics to his own Best advantage but if raw figures Are reliable. And if they Are honestly interpreted by non partisan professionals. The Public is not quite so Likely to be deceived. It is so meting for this administration to Kpan in Minh Evans and Novak inside report Richardson runs things his own Way Well. I feel that Fred Haise is an important and truly prominent figure to this coast and to our country. I am proud to be an american and i am interested and proud of citizens who have furthered this country toward Progress honesty and descent cd. A Biloxi reside the s my Friend the daily Herald in regards to a letter in tuesday s paper from a thankful citizen about the senior citizen who patrols Irish Hill or. Picking up trash people throw out and did t know his name. Well he is none other than my Friend h. L. White who lives Only two doors from me. Thanks so mud that some one noticed what Pfifle do As a senior citizen. Whar would we do with out them wish we had More like him just a Friend Washington a atty. Gen. Elliot Richardson s politically charged decision to reopen the Kent state killings without consulting a highly sceptical White House reflects the Justice department s sudden separation from presidential direction. Since his appointment As attorney general in the crisis atmosphere of april 30, Richardson has not Only been Independent of the White House but effectively disembodied from it. He runs his own satrap proclaiming decisions that often totally Surprise the White House. In lesser degree the same process is taking place in other departments. This partly stems from deliberate decentralization policies by president Nixon s new Domestic Counselor Melvin r. Laird. As such it is a Welcome Long overdue corrective to the centralization intended by Laird s predecessor. John , to emasculate the Cabinet level departments leading to watergate but some republicans fear runaway decentralization particularly at Justice reflects a dangerous turning away from Domestic problems by president Nixon in the Wake of watergate the Justice department is the most important showcase of this both because its activities Are politically vital and because it was intimately tied to the Nixon White House until april 30. In his Early years As attorney general John n. Mitchell was or. Nixon s closest political adviser. As his influence faded an increasingly powerful Ehrlichman began poking around in Justice department business. Mitchell s successor Richard g. Kleindienst fought to keep Ehrlichman from running the Justice department but never the Laflel a Iron n of 1 or m of Imp a a a a live the White House. Richardson has operated on his own from his first big decision selecting prof. Archibald Cox As special prosecutor without consulting the White House. Astounded presidential advisers correctly predicted that Cox a Kennedy Mcgovern Democrat would not be Content with prosecuting the watergate scandal but would reopen old Nixon cans of Worms such As the itt Pilitt if Chi ii a Sis a a this pattern had become set by the time of Richardson s aug. 8 speech pledging to take the Justice department out of politics. Despite the political Impact Richardson did not discuss it in Advance with the White House. The operation of the Justice department As a separate fiefdom is Best shown in reopening the fatal shooting of four Kent state University students by Ohio National guardsmen during the 1970 student disturbance. As part of a Nixon hard line Mitchell ruled out a grand jury investigation. Kleindienst taking Over in june 1972, had no inclination to reverse his former chief. The Case came this summer from j. Stanley Pottinger assistant attorney general for civil rights. Had Kleindienst still been in charge he unquestionably would have conferred with White House senior aides. They would have advised that reopening Kent state would damage the president without furthering the National Good. Thetie presidential lieutenants would have Given the same advice to Richardson. But Richardson did not ask before approving Pottin Ger s proposal. On aug. 2, Pottin Ger travelled to the White House to inform counsel Leonard garment that a resumed Kent state investigation would be announced that Day. What makes such Independence critically important is Richardson s instinctive desire the Antithesis of Mitchel a to accept proposals for Justice department offensives from Pottinger 33, an aggressive Liberal whose appointment last february was secretly fought by conservative republicans. Clarke Reed powerful Republican state chairman of Mississippi with intimate ties to the Mitchell Kleindienst Justice department complained that Pottinger was too Liberal As civil rights chief at the health education and welfare department. Reed was reassured by Frederic c. Malek the administration s personnel chief and a lieutenant of the then mightly h. . He Pottinger does what he s told Quot Malek told Reed. Whether Pottinger would have done what the White House told him is now moot because nobody there is telling him anything. Accordingly his division has turned aggressive. Pottinger pushed for All out investigation of the Collins Ville 111., narcotics raids result a pm Ltd m Ami 11 later reversing the old Mitchell policy of hands off the deep South a voting rights suit was filed in Mississippi aug. 7. The next possible target racial discrimination on state police forces. With some justification conservatives claim the Richardson Pottinger initiatives no longer reflect policies Richard m. Nixon pledged to carry out. Some fire eaters at the White House staff would like the president to sack Richardson along with Archie Cox when if every his political Stock recovers enough. But such willingness for confrontation politics with his own Cabinet be totally out of keeping with or. Nixon s present disengagement from Sharp combat a mood that invites Richardson and other Cabinet officers to go their Quot and a certain scribe came and said a to him master 1 will follow thee w Hetber Soever thou Matthew 8 19. Only the lord can make you a successful soul Winner. Its All in the willingness and the following. Today get involved in the Only thing that really matters now and forever. Lead another to the lord Quot if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from All 1 John 1 9. Right now take god at his word and quit worrying about past sins. Ask him for forgiveness and move out into a life of new Freedom helping others also to know that he for Orit Fao Orth for ii Traia

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