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Biloxi Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 4

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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Biloxi, Mississippi A the daily Herald thai 5h0mii> answer a few questions to Wilkes Reicker publisher Eugene p. Wilkes editor Roland weeks or. General manager Biloxi Gulfport miss., oct. 17,1970people who Start wars Brig. General Sidney Berry hero of he korean and Vietnam wars once wrote after a particularly bloody Battle against communist forces in Korea Quot the thing that makes me bitter is the fact that people who foment and Start wars never fight the wars. They do not sweat and. A bleed and suffer. Hell general Berry s comment comes to mind in View of the proposal by senator William Fulbright chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee that the United states sign a treaty calling for military intervention in the Arab israeli conflict. It must be remembered that it was senator Fulbright who sponsored the Gulf of Tonkin Quot Resolution in August 1964, committing United states troops and material in Southeast Asia a an act of military intervention which has Cost 45,000 lives and hundreds of thousands wounded. More recently. Senator Fulbright has changed his mind claiming that he was Quot deceived Quot relative to Vietnam. In december 1969 he urged that we pull out of Viet Anthony Harrigan Nam saying that Quot we Are overextended in our foreign commitments especially military in april 1970 he opposed . Arms Aid to Cambodia despite that nation s plea for equipment and declared that Quot it is not a matter of vital interest to the United states Quot whether South Vietnam or David la nce Whert is base not a base Washington when is a Quot military base Quot not a Quot military base Quot but just a place at foreign ports where submarines can be refuelled and pick up missiles and other supplies the soviet government in a formal statement has clarified its own policy in Cuba and evidently feels it does t need a Quot base Quot in a military sense at nation on the territory of another. Its statement says Quot it is Well known that the soviet Union in general condemns the building of military bases by Sone states on the territory of other states. More the soviet government has repeatedly made specific proposals at relevant . Agencies and the disarmament commit All. It just has to have a Friend tee for the dismantling of for by nation with a port. Sign military bases or alien Ter after asserting explicitly that it Quot has not built and is not Secretary of defense Melvin building Quot a military base in r Laird evidently has Antici Cuba the Moscow government rated the possibility that this officially explains its position As. Subject would be brought up. In follows a news conference a few Days Quot As for the use of the world ago he pointed out in reply to Ocean the soviet Union strictly a question that american bases funding the violent Houston Texas a con in a provocative statement corned churchmen Are deeply quoted in the Houston Chroni troubled by the use of Church de. Bishop Hines said the Epis funds to finance revolutionary Copal Church May have to for organizations and the role of mud ate a new definition and Cambodia or Laos is controlled by common some clerics As apologists for concept of violence he de Amo Oiada of Maui in us j rom Menf strand Piv 1 Olence. In View of his rather erratic course rela. U j Tive to Soult of Tonkin it would ice Well Jas of a for senator Fulbright to further enlighten us attention Here last week As us if his proposals relative to the med Terra the episcopal Church held Ite Nean involve us in a War will he advocate a pm policy for Victory or a no win Poncy As he concerned members of this does in Vietnam if the treaty he now pro protestant denomination believe that the Church s general convention special program has been improperly used to fund violent groups. Evidence supporting the position of the concerned churchmen came on the eve of the convention when the executive dared in a comment strangely similar to new left pronouncements that Quot the nature of i Lence emerges not simply As acts of violence by individuals or groups but by a pattern of Long entrenched institutionalized poses leads to War will he later say that someone deceived him As he says he was deceived in the Gulf of Tonkin incident in return for our military Aid in the Mediterranean will he insist that Israel accept a coalition government with their enemies As he Bishop Hines remarks Are of concern to All americans not simply members of his denomination for his words constitute an apology for violent individuals and groups and condemnation of american society. If Bishop Hines does t understand or accept the established concept of violence he must be grim to an extreme in defending the rights of individuals As against the rights of society. Americans believe in Justice and in the Law and order that make Justice possible. If any Quot institutionalized violence Quot is to be found anywhere in America it must be in the tax exempt organizations that Supply Money to revolutionary groups. For example Radical clerics who a Iannel Church funds to militants can be said to be institutionalizing violence. One cannot be a Christian and believe in social change by Means of Molotov cocktails and sniper attacks on policemen. Religion in t served of fanning adheres to operating principles and rules of contemporary International Law. If soviet ships Ter National Law. If soviet ships and vessels enter ports of foreign states including ports of the Republic of Cuba on official visits and business Calls they do so with the permission of the governments of tie states concerned. It is obvious that such Calls Are an inalienable right of Sovereign states universally recognized and confirmed by Many centuries of International about All this Means is that the soviets say they Are not building up a special base in Cuba but have arranged to drop in at ports on the Island to get necessary supplies and services for their submarines which Are obviously going to be stationed close to the United states for a Long time. It would not be surprising however if the soviet Union raises the question of Quot military bases established by one in Europe were in existence when the United states and the soviet Union began their strategic arms limitation talks. He added that if the russians now were to build a submarine base in Cuba it would change the entire balance while the talks Are in Progress. He said Quot a change in balance at this time would have to be considered As a very serious act As far As any defense planner is concerned in the United the soviets want to make it Clear that they Are not Quot building Quot any military Quot base Quot in Cuba. But the fact remains that they Are insisting they have a right to use any port on the Island for supplies which can be stockpiled anywhere and delivered to Given ports for use aboard soviet submarines. No new Quot base would actually have to be Secretary Laird has said that he has no evidence that the Polaris Type submarines of the so Viets which of course us nuclear missiles have thus far utilized any port in Cuba. He would however look upon the use by the soviets of cuban bases for Polaris Type submarines Quot As a very serious Chal Lange Quot and one which does t follow the understandings that he believes were comprehended by both the United states and Russia in 1962 at the time of the cuban missile crisis. The Moscow government feels that building a new Quot base Quot would be the real Issue and says Quot the soviet Union has not built and is not building a military base on Cuba and is not doing anything that would cont r a d i c t the understanding reached Between the governments of the user and the United states in 1962.&Quot so it seems probable that the whole question of military bases will be up for discussion in the talks about the limitation of strategic armaments. Since the soviet argument is that any of its ships can enter ports of a nation which gives its permission the in ted states can make the same Point for instance. About the use of Quot bases Quot in Spain Italy and Greece which have been established in the Mediterranean As a part of the North Atlantic treaty organization s program to defend Western Europe. With the friendliness of the new regime in Chile toward Russia and the presence of a communist government in Cuba the Assumption Here is that the soviets will be better Able to maintain Polaris Type submarines in both the atlant and the Pacific As a threat to the United states. Evans and Novak Nixon s psychological warfare Washington a still muffled chorus of complaints from political critics that president Nixon should have presented his cease fire proposal in the privacy of secret negotiations instead of Over worldwide television hatred of a lawful orderly so misses the Basic Point of the has for the people of South Vietnam five Council of the episcopal Church closing his eyes to the Gri or six Vears from now and after the loss of granted $25,000 to the Hack reaties of our county today. Finmand of american lives will he then Sav awareness coordinating com the United states i in any thousands of i Merican Iive Wui be Uicon of acc in South Caroli need for a new definition of Vio that Quot it is not a matter of vital interest to a a a yer the strenuous objections Lence. The meaning of violence the United states Quot whether Israel is con Bishops Gray Temple and is very Clear from events. I trolled by communists. W e Tot ise execute to is cts the unt Teu a tax so Ting with a swallowing up of Fulbright s claim tha he was wrong in 0 of the Hersity of Wisconsin by Edical Cami. Piety. Tragically some Radical churchmen Are determined to Aid extremist elements. For instance convention officials decided to pay the expenses incurred Here by a group from the so called Quot submarine Church Quot a California based fringe group. This hippie group attend the annual Presy Teri an Assembly and shouted four Nixon plan. The president and top advisers who have been closely watching the North vietnamese government were certain that Hanoi would unleash its usual invective against any cease fire plan. Before the communists get Down to hard bargaining at Paris they must improve their military position probably 1964 does t do much Good for the thousands go leaders was among Mili Quot tics and the death of a 30-of wives and children who have lost their Tants who Drew two year prison a relatives in Vietnam. As general Berry sentences for their part in a violence gunpoint takeover of Vorhees colleges an episcopal institution in South Carolina. Accordingly it made no difference whether or. Nixon proposed his plan in Ecret or in a shout. The results that the Nixon administration Hopes will flow from it though nothing so dramatic As a Battlefield truce Are vitally important in the realm of psychological warfare. What those few critics of or. Nixon s Public diplomacy failed to realize is that a private proposal would have had no such effect. First and most obviously or. Nixon was seeking a proposal that would attract a unanimity of support among . Politicians not seen since autumn of 1964. Since Hanoi has always counted on winning the Vietnam War in the United states unanimity Here might a photograph of an unidentified army Gener and the Strid ency of russian their wholly unrepresentative rank and file for salvaging Nix set Stdot War a a i 1___i___t.�?znil fief Insp nrn0ramc lilo Trio a. Wrote people who Quot Start wars never fight the whether or not we should become Mili Tarila involved is indeed a matter to be weighed and debated but senator Fulbright in t necessarily the Man we should look to for advice. Much ado about nothing the protests by Bishops Temple and Pinckney were of no Avail in the executive Council however. The reason May be that Bishop John e. Hines. Presiding Bishop of the National Church does t agree with the established accepted concept of violence. Is the pattern of assaults and assassination attempts on policemen. Violence is murder arson and rioting by mobs in the big cites of the nation. Violence Quot is the wave of bomb attacks by Quot weathermen Quot revolution Mats. Thoughtful citizens cannot agree with Bishop Hines that there is Quot Long entrenched institutionalized violence Quot in the american system. This is the country whose courts have gone Many churchmen in a number of denominations have been unaware of the funding of extremists. Once they become aware and the Houston convention produced disclosures important to All denominations a the Ordinary Church members Are Likely to Cut off funds for unchristian and in american programs devised by Small cliques of Radical clerics. It is reasonable to conclude that Quot the Man in the Pew Quot will not put Money in the collection plate if it is going to groups similar to the Black panthers. A few weeks ago the Washington left William s. White of Center press carried stories hinting darkly n a a of Rabid censorship practice by the military soviets Anh Clah a an editor had been fired 10,000 army base a Vicic or la oudh do bib newspapers had been circulated from which Washington the length the democrats or rather Dous debt to the democratic into Castro Cuba show a sense of realism about american politics that is entirely new to the soviet Union. Al was neatly Cut out by razors. Reason some disavowal of an intention to member of the brass had decided after the missile submarine bases paper was printed that the photo of the general was there were cries of outrage of Capitol Hill among those Quick to attack the military. We must confess that we remained in the dark about the matter Moscow s protestations of to until we noticed this clarification by publish Tal innocence come in the immediate after Light of the most serious warnings to the other Side Ever issued by the Nixon administration and thus might normally be considered to be simply in response to those or Julian Star in the editorial column of the fort Mill times in Rock Hill South Carolina. Commented editor Star Quot several weeks ago. Major general John s. Samuel commander of the Lackland warnings. But tiie fact of the air Force base in Texas was presented the business is that the soviet has t a j i\/r-4. Jim never before reacted normally legion of Merit medal _ m such matters. Carried a Story on the event illustrated with a highly cropped to Quot it was so highly cropped the general s Friend pro preparedness forces three stars did t get into the . In this country Ever had. Go Quot this so distressed a senior non com of the postwar Marshall missioner officer that he went to the newspaper office fired the assistant editor and ordered 15 airmen to Cut the picture out of the whole edition of 10,000 papers with razor Quot this incensed the civilian publisher. He wrote to senator William Proxmire in Washington. The senator was incensed. He demanded an explanation from air Force Secretary Seamons. He wanted to know if the allegations were True and what Steps had dozen times it has saved the been taken to prevent such a thing every of hard ers in this country from curing Quot to think added the senator this was a violation of Freedom of the press and a waste of the taxpayers a commented ild tor publisher Star Quot what Ever happened to the american sense of humor a Good laugh is All this Situ Ati plan and the historical Trutwi is that it probably would never have been passed by Congress m a nation already weary of foreign sacrifice had the russians not chosen that precise Point in time to launch their seizure of Czechoslovakia the Ham handedness of tiie czechoslovak episode which so immensely helped a then democratic White House has a dozen times been repeated. And a the isolationists and Semi pacifists. This time Moscow clearly intends to avoid doing anything to help the preparedness forces or Titch happen to be the Nixon administration As be a ref and they had been democratic and by taking up any kind of a Belg get line. A i it Happli Thi time thl of leadership in the Senate a have been strictly on the defensive on the issues of National Security. For month upon month now they have been engaged upon tireless budget bust ing efforts directed at a despised Pentagon. In Short the republicans have lost what on All past form would have been the negative but powerful assistance of the soviet Union and the consequence May be substantial indeed in november with president Nixon now actively on the Campaign stump for a Republican Congress the Outlook assuming the usual mole of russian conduct had been that he and vice president Spiro a new would be Able to make Many a democratic Dove senator lose his seat. The administration had a Clear Cut Case of a defense cop out in the Senate by democratic leaders if also and ironically a Clear Cut and Treen 40 years ago in the daily Herald october 17, 1930 m. Salloum owner of the store building at the Corner of 14th Street and 26th Avenue is erecting a Small building to the South of this Corner store. 29 years ago in the daily Herald october ii 17,1950 miss Betty Rose Baudry Daub of mrs. Frank Bai Iii became the Bride. Of Stanton Fountain son of met Henry Motif train saturday Iner Fli. Sfa Quot second or. Nixon was seek anti ballistic missile system. And though the extraordinarily conciliatory attitude now being taken up by the russians will not of course erase a single line of the Joy through weakness record of the articulate minority that nearly wrecked the democratic party in the Senate that record nevertheless will be less sensitive to gop attack. The habitually anti Pentagon senators indeed May be Able to argue that they were right All along for Don t you see the russians really do believe in coexistence All this will mean that the republicans beginning with the president will not be Able to do anything like what they might otherwise have been Able to do on the National Security Issue. They will have to Confer More than planned on crime and disorder on and off Campus and so on. The really substantial questions Are the russians actually putting by ses or Mother ships for their missile into cuban Waters a will not be answered for some time certainly not until after the november elections. The objective and strictly nonpolitical truth is that the United states government has enough intelligence data to suggest that at least something ominous is going on in Cuba but objective and nonpolitical truths Don t weigh much in the Middle of a political Amft pain. In a word More than one ing to undercut the hitherto High resolve of the North vietnamese population. Recent telltale signs of Home front troubles for Hanoi could multiply when the word gets out that the government had rejected a cease fire and prisoner Exchange. As a result even though a negotiated settlement is still a Long Way off the . Psychological warfare position is Ojetter than at any time since president Johnson intervened massively. For a change the next move is Hanoi s. The attempt to build a Broad Range of Home support behind or. Nixon to impress Hanoi strongly urged by ambassador David Bruce has been a Success so far. Words of Praise from former ambassador aver Ell Harriman frequently quoted by radio Hanoi As a War critic could impress the communists. The administration worked hard at it. George Shultz powerful head of the office of management and budget on his own prominent doves outside of government urging them to watch or. Nixon s speech and if they liked it to comment on it. The More doubtful but conceivably More productive goal of dividing Hanoi s Home front is based on unmistakable signs of disquiet from North Vietnam s War widows dependents of soldiers now in South Vietnam relatives of captured soldiers and repatriated wounded veterans adding up to an incredible 50 percent of the entire population by some estimates. There is Strong evidence that Low level communist cadres Are gobbling up meager food allowances intended for families of dead soldiers or those in South Vietnam. Hanoi s concern a been shown in a Stream of exhortations to do better. Quan Doi nhan Dan the army newspaper has mentioned Quot shortcomings in Aid to families whose sons and Broth ers fight in faraway places another newspaper Hanoi Moi has proclaimed that Young men can Quot join the army with enthusiasm and free from anxiety because in the rear their Fain lies were assured Quot Good treatment by the government an at tempt to erase obvious doubts on that score. Now. On top of this unrest the War weary Home front car fronts the disquieting news the ils government has turned Dow or. Nixon s offered end to the killing and Exchange of All a prisoners. The u. S. Problem i How to get this word to the masses no easy task in View of the fact that Washington fore wore leaflets along with bomb ing in 1968. In fact steady deterioration of North vietnamese morale essential to a negotiation on and basis other than abject surrender. Or. Nixon has Bui one remaining bargaining Cli a to offer a Complete troop Pul lout 12 months after the cease fire begins. The Only slim hop for a negotiated settlement then is to let the forces of psychological warfare unleashed b the president s proposal Wor their Way. Family Law be r love thy neighbor in half a dozen places the Bible tells us to Quot love thy but it May be difficult to apply this general Rule to the specific people who live next door. To what extent does the Law insist on a Quot Good neighbor policy Quot under traditional Legal rules a Home owner owed very Little regard for his neighbor s sensibilities. He could do almost anything he pleased so Long As he did not actually intrude upon his neighbor s property. In one Early Case a Home owner dug such a deep excavation near the Boundary line that his neighbor s House had to be abandoned As unsafe. Yet even though be had acted with malice forethought a court held him not liable for mining the neighbor s House. And in another Case a court refused to condemn an enormous Quot spite Fence Quot carefully the judge said Quot it would be intolerable to allow a Man s neighbors to question his but in recent years As people began living closer together the attitude of the Law has changed. Today the right to excavate is limited by considerations of safety and fair play. Almost everywhere the spite Fence is forbidden. As one court put it Quot no one ought to have the Legal right to make a malicious use of his property for no Benefit to himself but merely to injure his fellow of course moderate annoyances a even if in neighbourly a Are still Legal. A Home owner May still be reasonably noisy even if the neighbors like it quiet. He May still paint his House a color that the neighbors consider frightful. In one Case a Man turned a deaf ear to a neighbor s complaint about his four Large Maple Trees. It seems the Trees kept the neighbor s House in Al most constant Shade. But after a court hearing the judge ruled that the neighbor had no Legal grounds for com plaint. This was the kind of Quot wrong Quot the judge said of which the Law provides no quote i m going to hang my record out for everybody to see. Then it s just a Case of seeing who gets knocked Down and dragged out. A California gov Ronald Reagan on the coming Campaign for re election. Is world m Jobu a to Tau ally amp w Audi Vuc Iii Emo adj Tate Lvuv a Dove May getaway with it All designed to shut out Light and in after All. Air Troffle the people next door. It of a n a Mem my of i Fry the i of

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