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Biloxi Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 26 1935, Page 4

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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - November 26, 1935, Biloxi, Mississippi Four the Dan Gay he a Ald by oxi ant it . Mississippi coast to to Sbat afternoon to vember % the Herald entered by on Man at the r Quot 9t-offc<. At by lox. Mib�., under the act of March 3 it knt red As Sopor do ass Maii matter october a ism at the Ostofi be at Gur Ort. Under the act of March 3. Is37. Biloxi Geo w has Gulfport Herald a a Jiding f id by my k a. U Herald building Jackson str it daily except sign Dat Herald Square Eit Ablahed weekly in b Ioil Issi daily is i5 Etab shed in Gulfport 190�. My Meh cof the a soc ated associated press u exclusively of Titi Ciro he or rep a Ca or. Of Aii news credited to it or not eth twi e"cr.3i i a. This paper and also the Loai news published therein ail Reg Btl of re it Rieur n of Spuria Dos Ratchet herein Are also reserved. Try Nav Arri i night in. 21, 1035 per re saturday. Nation a i Devine Tenney corporation few Topi chr7? Ltd f.-.,. I >3 do Trout. >7 new Center building Chicago. 307 a Mic have. Fat , 0 eur iding. Train to am Trane j. Cd. When the Quot a by a or Pas fit Ltd a a Quot or. But ii in itt Lii a r r fishing to Iiri a i r i frs Roleco to. Quot lion a a re As Sun. P a it May a Quot to have been t Khaki. Oil in Fri ions �?�jf., were no the Only f i Tipe ii and in War snip up k i Quot re and a jul Quot of r r Quot tarpaulins Maz a shf.--. Fhy like a. I wily to my a ten Thomil h Cornu item has i finny nil yet. Kcf a. That to . Up of a of on re Iliin Iron fird r i rna Truitt Ltd Rar Quot Iron and St f a ii Ian. Mic hit to roil l ii i in night for us it own. Thin utne Jim Quot of rth. W r. a run. To it it find t the l in k if Riri a ,2 of a 1� the a Harito t n y. An will or i r in Ninfi r Only e a any nil it Rhc will n it it. after Tho . The uni Pri is Fon i l Rizir to Hir to her it to Aliy Foi ild to i port of nil to Tonly Ntuli Ihu news was on pm uti Flay to inf sixth try ii wig vhf v u r in Elj flip a it , nne be prop t. To Cirn Iliin to Tirb conf run . Tit Octol Irrl a we shipper1. In Izvuk a of raw Cotton to Italy of. R . An it news was that Mthm i Iii i it Yimpa Titars in Poitr mip Iron markets. A great Britain in Italy. Tapani hns lev n at All the time Italy at , an l Bri a Tain May be at in re Ntuli we Arp pro Festini to then Orli our is re and Effort for be Rice. On Surmi in or a Iipp a or even pre a action is that am Ronns . A Wilether or or imperialists. If that int More pleasantly on the Rommel mistic fart they own any raw Cotton Tho if a k actually in for fetid mental a wet purposes Oil. Which is used for War purposes and scrap Iron and Birteel thong re psst Tinl to War Purpo yes will sell to anybody who will pay a Price for it. The Appeal is Rains making War profits will fall on just a deaf ears As App nos to subscribe to the red ind the poor on the unemployable of the country. Therefore the Cotini iteration Heinz Criven by s a retry till. Tapan creat Britain and Italy and any Ether Nafi Quot a at War always will be Able to Btry they want in America. To Are for peace but we hate to sacrifice anything to have it a prefer nor to complain of the costs of War when we ourselves have to pay for it. And All nations Are just like us. As a news writer stated it. Shall we risk Italy s >0.000,000 Trade plus her Quot the View pre railed that it was a fuestion of the of a nation which and Dis to tired world peace by res Rtin to Iraq or the of great by twin and the other Powers who were seeking to enforce peace and would be Quick to hold this country responsible for the failure to do ,�0.&Quot what have we shipped to Italy in october eight nip Are Ltd to that month 1934? pet Leum. ?l,0r.tir>2.&Quot in october 3035, ,?.t>7,06r> in october 1934. Aircraft Enfrid pics stud parts i?200,-910 october log. Tosi october 3934 Copper ,?."3-l,0f>-l oct Ber 1035, 188,2 7 in october 1034 Iron and steel scrapi472,45r> october 1935. .$270,458 in october 1034 raw Cotton. .?n,423,057 in october 10.35. And?2.001.203 in september 1935 Auto trailer.? in october 103 acne in 1034. And How much of any of these commodities shipped to Addis Ababa Don t esk As Max Gross would mad in. Of Iri n l a f ome other nation like i i y fit a . Felt i hat it had a i ii Gnu i to go somewhere and was it in i j a by dressed to do so it could do . A Quot a id is with proper War equipment s in i it prs and of strategy oni a a use Nii Ili h Chin get. Who Are on Licino in rep i to the conclusion that we hive again and Arlint plan let to him take who hath the Power. And let him keep who Citi Quot hey Kri in a hat he could read who a n will , and ran would fit Cain it a him first who hath the grit him Kep what beats Japan i oin 4."i0,00<&Quot a it re a million conscripts Tho fish heretofore they May have a nid. Quot never again Quot no Radical change in de signs 1051 the in cd mime Oom Cress Wilu Flap that or. Hoca or is a Mew Mam a Tittio my Coit or Surro this Cai Paio or. Hoover Seei is Uke a new Mam Nten memo no ust a Nitti mind in not. My my a to for a Man memo m Tabt never mind the lady by Tav a a arc i anti my i ust Niva my i not i a ova memo in at synopsis Terry Winett has come Down the Acu Mivy Palma River t9 prop Hoire to set Chat he can do to Aurry o shipment of needed equipment for the engineering Job he and his lather Are supervising. The unstable native government is he spec to playing tricks uth him. Drake of the National Coffee company risk to help but can do Little. Terry is a touch i Oun Gater who usually takes that he wants it Cen he wants it. 1034 slice Otis ret�r6m�salt from in blut office my. He Over is a Mew Mam shortening the Mississippi act it Ordini to Wor Ltd from Clarksdale it Quot Swain need never again sins Quot i s let de boat come Roun be Ben a a gtd Hye my Lover Good Bye Quot the Ole River has been accustomed to make rut offs at her High tide pleasure. Running through . Changing Boundary lines transferring counties from one state to another Mak Tvr new a Bonis and new channels. She a As she did not know Vly Famiie. Now. We Are told Erci neers will blast a Chanel cutoff which will shorten them a Sis it Ippi 14 . She s been Crook flt i All her life born crooked. She had All the bends and curves of a burlesque show but they will straighten out but she will feel none the worst for it. Though she will require time to get used to her straighter line streamline. Model. So it is that All would better go to see will Rogers in the Steamboat round the Bend for when the a engine Etc finish with remodelling the old lady she will be walking in the St night and narrower path. She s a big River but the operation will not Hurt More than cutting off an appendix or taking Many organs out of a Man which he and nature the tight absolutely theretofore. T 1035 a Rigi a Al b a a i i see the 1936 Model. Hoover is got Al reap y is prime minister Baldwin has taken his seat at the head of the British government but arose from it to make an to Premier Mussolini. Quot addressing As the sole Bend of the italian says a Lyndon dispatch. He asks the italian Premier to say just what would him just what territory he woj ild demand just what he would take. But it is reminded the plan for Pence must be agreed to by the and emperor Selassie. A mandate would nor be satisfactory explained or. Baldwins too cumbersome. Quot give us something Clear Cut Quot he asked. Quot at the same time begin to let Down the belligerent spirit of the italian people to prepare them for a Jolt for mind you dear sir you must not take too much of Ethiopia Quot just Why or. Baldwin thinks that or. A Mussolini will accept any less than heretofore is hard to understand. But to gybe London has inside news. If any country since Alexander Caesar Charles Xii Sweden. Hannibal and a a Odeon has gorm anodized on another s terrain Italy the country lean of land has gorm anodized on Africa. Consequently Italy must Hare something to cure her of indigestion and to pay for All the War has Cost thus far. But Britain and France Mussolini let France know that a ban on Oil meant War possibly by Italy seizing tankers of league nations have decided not to ban Oil shipments to Italy until december oth. Therefore the new italian commander in chief was sent there to replace general de Bono and Quot Speed the Campaign Quot so As to encompass As much territory As possible before that Date. Italy is smart behind the scenes in Wasu info ton with Rodney Dutcher View expressed to this column Are not necessarily opinions of daily Herald the grand Canyon of the Colorado extends about 2.s0 Miles. A million conscripts a Council of War in chirp was attended by the successful and capable Christian general Kai Shek. At its close the news was Given out that a million men would be conscripted to prevent Japan taking North in China. Certainly a million chinamen cannot go wrong. Japan has declared that the author tip and people of the five Nohh Pilot evinces Are rising against the banking government but they wer for handed and careful to transport All kinds of munitions armament and men to the great Wall in Case the revolting Northern chinamen did not make Good their uprising voluntariness. In other words they could not Trust to a voluntary uprising but had to see that the people prose and stayed uprise. What is a Revol if it be not kept revolving til it seethes into a steady go round it my but Niay m daily Cross word Puzzle across 1. Composer of Quot Goodby Quot 6. Jewel 9. Explosive devices 14. Earnestly 16. Form of musical composition 17. Wild beast 18. Endeavor 19. Substance obtained from tar 20. Unit of weight 21. Upper limb 22. Wild sheep of Northern India 23. Shoemaker Quot tool 24 frequently the first sign of a cold 26. Irish author and poet solution of yesterday a Puzzle solution of yesterday a Puzzle a a s pm a p e t a a r e s a v e m 0 w i a t p la 1 c at 0 r w e 1 be l y Isiais a mail Mumm smms Mumm amp Mumm Mumm a n s a t a a l a a 50. Compass Point 76, those who 51. Side mimic. 54. Empty space. A in 29. Twist and turn 55. Symbol for Down around ruthenium 1. Tips 30. Cost. 87. South african 3. Pungent 32. Two preftes Antelope 34. Person skilled so. Unit of elec in the Fine trial cur arts rent 36. Period of time 61. Employ 38. Three thirds 63. Come to a 40. English letter close 41. Be incorrect 64. Insect 44. Philippine 65. Not Many Savage 66. Straight 45. Plays on the 6s. Kind of pastry stage 69. Repository for 4t. Liquid me valuables do canal prep 70. Oust ration for 71. Better looking bathing the 73. Leases skin 74. In addition vegetable 5. Removes the pits 4. Ralf Scora 6. At Home 8. That from which anything. Springs t. City in Minnesota 5. Belonging to me i. Salt of Borio acid x9. Unseal Petlo 11. High Dateau 12. Bullies 13. Leap or Rush out 15. Thoroughfares 19. Fellow 21. Sky Blue 22. Composition for six 25. Highest note of Guido s scale 26. Word of consent 27. Bend in Timber 31. Ocean 32. Neck piece 33. Taking la the limits or extremes mentioned 55. Body of land surrounded by water 7. Uncooked 39. The greek Long e 45. Stood in com petition with 43. Spacious 46. Female Aalst abbr. 48. Aged 49. Pinch 53. Chooses 63. Bombastic talk 65. Slander 56. More impolite 59. Allude 60. Pitcher 62. Ireland 64. Discover 67. Outside prefix 65. Broad open vessel ?9. Soak no 1. Explanation 71. Continent abbr. By Rodney Dutcher Aba Fler vice staff correspondent Washington a naval and diplomatic gossip Here is that the naval conference about to be convened in London is a futile gesture and that nothing will come of it but excuses for Japan England and the United states to Tell their taxpayers that the other nations will not Compromise and that the Only recourse is to enter the International naval race. Nevertheless there is a distinct Hope and it can be said with authority that it persists with the american delegation that naval limitation can be continued and Japan made to modify her insistence on parity with great Britain and the United states. This administration has gone so Long on the theory that Japan was bluffing and could be out bluffed that most of the bystanders have decided the theory was All wet. The Only thing tending to strengthen the first belief As the delegation sails is a Hope that All other nations at the conference can be brought into a United front against Japan thereby persuading her that it would be a Good thing to Back Down for the present from her Complete denunciation of the Washington and London treaties. A a to top to slow up Japan rests Pri Marily on the fact that Britain and America will have a More sympathetic understanding together than at any previous International conference. Until rather recently the British have followed their Long standing tradition and sought to play off the americans and japanese against each other. Lately however according to diplomatic insiders the British have been developing a wholesome fear of Japan and a belief that japanese aggression will sooner or later Lead to a British japanese clash in the far East. This time it is expected the British and the americans will work together to head off a Gigantic naval race and will try to get other nations not Only those attending the conference to join them. Japan wants a 5-5-5 ship parity because she expects to rank equally As a first class Power with England and America after she spreads her sphere of influence through further chinese territory and because she wants to be sure of being Able to hold and protect All she takes. A very naval expert knows that neither the British nor the american Fleet could successfully attack Japan even with the 5-5-3 ratio prevailing. The japanese islands Are so far away and easy to protect that american naval officers View the thought of War on Nippon with actual horror. Chapter two adventure Erry had been around. Nearing Twenty eight a had before he was Twenty encircled most of the Globe. He had seen native gangs sweat their hearts but to raise s Railroad trestle in the Andes. His life he d once entrusted to a battered Ford car fleeing across a desert three jumps and a wheeze ahead of a Yelling throng of marauding riffs in Morocco. He had witnessed the death of his father s Best Friend and one of the most Able and undaunted engineers that Ever battled the forces of nature to Quot a standstill. Sam Colton knifed by a heat and drink maddened Peon in Mexico. The crowd left him Alona. After one or two had approached him they realized the tall hard figure at tha bar waa there to drink and nothing ise. Propion Oire liquor helped to Speed the time to Hia departure. He Felt like getting royally plastered but that would t be so Good of course. It would be Nice to Fada into oblivion and Wake up just before the dutch Steamer cleared for tha capital a would t have to stand Here and think How Hia father had looked when he left. The scene stayed with him area yet the tall Man amp to the water a Edge beside the launch arguing with him ordering him to get action from the Coffee company s head Floice in the capital the Sua rising behind that Jungle world his father s Eye a sure dad was the Boss but it had been hard to leave him there at that Leaden River with the sulky Chaikus All around him. Abruptly he had another drink. Speed up time try to forget this inaction. Again he dallied with the idea of getting drunk. No might get into a tangle with the police and end up being held incommunicado for three Days like the time he and Bucky Corrigan had landed in jail after that All Saint s Day riot in Juarez. Grand fight that. He wondered what had happened to Corrigan. Sunshine Nookie hrs Busy its Terry Willett lounged at the bar. And to begin with As is most logical that he like everything else should have a beginning he was born in China. It had been Colton s death that shocked tight mouthed Rangy Lawrence Willett into the Man he had been before Vic Willett had smiled and died while a chinese maidservant Rose from her Knees with a Small bundle of humanity that its father could not see. He became the Maestro for his Sony waving the Baton of forgetful Ness of a mass of Auburn hair a pair of Fine Grey Green eyes a Light laugh. By spurning an executive s chair and it is even very doubtful whether leaving Behina him Bridges dams the combined British and amen had t seen him for a year not Silica that Pont Cilles Juarez Road Job. Can fleets could successfully Best the japanese at this time on their Home grounds. And the idea of any such attempts now is preposterous the european situation requires England to keep much of her strength in european Waters. To move the bulk of it into the Pacific would be to expose the British Isles and the vital Mediterranean egyptian Suei canal line to India. Copyright 1935, Nea service a Uke Bird of South America so reps a Vaas a Dov a Quot with its less stretched Strain a it k of or befits to. A is Jeppi a consists of orl<3fnau_v separate Flowers which consolidate into one Soud flesh mass. A 193s by Nea service. Inc. The Flowers of the pineapple together with their supporting bracts do not fuse together into one Masa Antil after the Procesa of fertilisation. Next what the first Plant patented under the Plant Patent act and roads in All parts of the world but never memory. How could he when the boy who kept Pace with him had Vic s Reddish Golden hair and her eyes and then Sam Colton bad been sent Back to the states for burial. The Friend of both a second father to Terry. Quot Terry Quot Lawrence Willett said abruptly Quot let s go but it was too late. Terry had rolled a cig Aret and stuck it Between thin even lips. Quot Home Quot be said ironically his lean tanned face darkening. Quot you can head for the states if you want to dad but i m going to stick Archd and see that the Louse who knifed Sam gets All that s coming to and he had. That had been five years ago. View a he Quot Poliseo Quot was crowded the night. Terry Willett lounged at the bar and moodily surveyed his surroundings a cig Aret drooping from a Corner of his Mouth one hand idly toying with a Glass before him. The place left him cold. The men there were a conglomeration of foreigners. Natives sailors and Tough Jawbone Fellows from the engine rooms of the ships in the Harbor dancing drinking singing lustily while a women orchestra played from a Balcony overlooking the floor and scores of other women circulated around among the tables dodging away from grasping hands smiling at insults. We.4ther forecast Mississippi Cloudy rain in West and North portions warmer tonight u wednesday rain. Moderate East to South weds on the coast. Louisiana mostly Cloudy and warmer rain in West and North portions tonight wednesday Occa it ional Rains. Moderate to fresh southerly winds in the coast. Alabama increasing cloudiness rain in Northwest portion warmer tonight wednesday probably occasional Rains warmer in Southeast portion. Moderate East to Southeast winds of the coast. Weather record Biloxi weather report for 2-i Koaru ended 6 . Yesterday minimum .41 maximum .56 lowest temperature last night .-14 temperature today at noon. Gulfport weather report for 24 hours ended 7 . Yesterday minimum. 35 maximum.57 average. -16 kainfall.00 lowest temperature last night. 39. at noon today. To it a prevailing wind e-10 character of Day. Clear barometer at 7 . Today 30.22. A ? Man came in from the Street wobbling to Little. Terry looked at him dispassionately. Odds that he d fall Down the flight of stairs from the door. As soon As he saw that the newcomer was either English or american he called All bets off. No sense wishing hard Luck to a fellow like that. The Man gave an absurd Impre Slon of youth Why a god knows. He did t look Young his hair waa tossed and rumpled his tie pulled Loose from his Throat his none too clean White ducks were bunched and hunched about his form. Ala be it was his queer triumphant Grin As he successfully completed the descent of the stairs maybe he d wagered on the Chance of breaking his neck too. That Grin started Terry wondering. Something clicked in Hia brain that Brief appearing Grin seemed familiar. But who could Grin in propion Oire a he disappeared into the crowd and Terry forgot about him. Minutes passed. Others came in. He had another drink and wished something would happen. The music seemed to be getting louder and funnier. The hum of conversation the wailing of the current Singer the tread of feet the Clouds of smoke swirled about his head. He decided to get out of there and into the Cool night air. And then there was the sound of a shuffle of feet loud voices raised in altercation and the sound of a. Body hitting the floor. Terry put off his departure to clamber on top of the bar and View with interested eyes the source of the disturbance a heavy Drunken portuguese had lurched against the table of the Man Quot with the familiar Grin. Even a Terry saw him rising to his feet and Quot demonstrating with the portuguese he fumbled around in his mind for a clue to that elusive identity. But now the portuguese had slapped him and Terry abruptly quit Fum-1 bling. Copyright 193s, by David Oarth Terry meets tomorrow an old acquaintance. Kay Francis and Paul Lukas in a scene from "1 found Stella at the Paramount theatre on thanksgiving Day. Otber.9 in the cast a Las Hoff tic go Bil a amp Fra Jessi Fiat fib had Binola Bond appointment Surprise Conner governor says Board had previously agreed to accept Federal nominee Jackson nov. 26.�?kejection of the nomination of k. W. Wendler As director of emergency Relief in Missia Sippi and selection of it. F. Bond retiring superintendent of education for the Job Quot amazed governor Conner who spoke freely of the action of the Board at last night s press conference held at the executive mansion. Quot i attended the first meeting of the Board at which All members were present except or. Holborn who was in Washington Quot said the governor. Quot at the suggestion of or. Bond the Board requested me to ask the Federal emergency. Relief administration to recon Amend a welfare director for . Agreed on Wendler Quot the request of the Board waa communicated to the Federal authorities and they suggested or. A. A. Wendler and agreed to pay his salary from Federal funds. After consultation with All the Board member except. Or. Holton who was still in Washington or. Wendler was asked to come to Jackson. I had never seen or heard of or. Wendler before he was recommended. Quot it is surprising to me that the Hoard instead of accepting the recommendation of the Federal authorities has selected fori director a Quot one of its own members the state superintendent of education and named one of the employees of his department to hold the Job for him until january. Contrary to policy Quot this action is contrary to the policy i have consistently adopted in Relief matters since the beginning. I was not consulted about it and i want the people to know i Dii claim any responsibility for Wendler it was reported waa to have his i?20o per month state salary matched by a like amount to be paid by Fera. Making the Relief director draw s4fx monthly. The state salary maximum was fixed to ?200 in the Relief Bill As it. Passed the legislature. Wendler on it invitation of someone came to Mississippi and spent several Days in Jackson last week in conference with Relief Board members and others and then returned to Texas before the organization work was completed. s motion the naming of chairman Bond As the Relief director to Start when he ends his Long term As state taper intendant of education came on motion of or. Felix Underwood director of the state Board of health and it was unanimous. Before a his action was taken Bow Ever the Board split 3 to 2. In rejecting Wen Iler. texan As the Missi a Hippi Relief director with attorney general Grek l. Rice and Buford Yerger. The represent native of. Governor Sennett Conner voting or Wendler. And with j. C. Hilton commissioner of agriculture or Underwood and chairman Bond Vitins in the negative. The selection of mra. Baker As acting director was by unanimous vote. Pire destroys hotel Meridian. N of. 26�?the i be Hort at ,. . Owned and operated by or and mrs. Kimbrough was destroyed by fire saturday. The less is not covered by insurance. Through efforts of the Volunteer fire department nearby buildings were saved. The fire started in one of the upstairs rooms. Boykin capital Washington rep. Boykin Quot of Mobile ala., was homeward bound today after having been Here since Conj great adjourned in the interest of Alabama work.-, projects. He left last a hts Elan Aiby several a Kojic a to

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