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Biloxi Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1968, Page 1

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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - November 16, 1968, Biloxi, Mississippi Inside Jackson county news pm. 7 a Biloxi local news pm. 10 coast entertainments pm. 12 Gulfport local news pm. 17 local amp National sports pm. 19 served by associated press the daily Hera volume 85�?number 38 Mississippi coast saturday afternoon november 16, 1968soviet Union Given warning by nato nations Brussels a the 15 nations of the North Atlantic Alliance warned the soviet Union today any further aggression in a Europe or the Mediterranean would provoke an International crisis of grave consequences the warning to Moscow was endorsed by All members of the North Atlantic treaty Organiza convict exiles for conspiracy Miami. Fla. A a former Havana baby doctor and eight other cuban refugees were convicted Friday of conspiracy to blast ships of nations that Trade with Fidel Castro s communist regime. Or. Orlando Bosch was convicted on five charges the government alleged Bosch was the mysterious Ernesto who acted As spokesman for the shadowy group known As cuban Power which announced violent acts sometimes before they occurred. Bosch also was found guilty of sending threatening telegrams to the Heads of state in Spain Mexico and England. The . District court jury of eight men and four women also found Bosch 42, Barbaro Balan 42, and Jose Diaz Morejon. 26, guilty of firing on the polish freighter Polanca while it was in the port of Miami. Lone woman the Lone woman on trial. Ai Mee Miranda 39, wept when the verdicts were read. The eight men revealed no emotion. Judge William 0. Mehrtens withheld sentencing pending background investigations. Bosch could be sentenced up to 28 years in prison. Mehrtens continued Bonds at present Levels leaving six of the nine free. Bosch Diaz Toreion and Andrews Jorge Gonzalez 37, have been in jail unable to Post s50,000 in bail. The others convicted and free on Bonds ranging upward from $2,500, Are Marco Rodriguez Ramos 24 Jorge Luis Gutierrez Ulla 20 his 45-year-old father. Paulino Gutierrez and Jesus Dominguez Benitez. 27. Asst. . Atty Donald Bier-1 close of the meeting. West Ger Tion including France. The two Day meeting of the Council of the Alliance ended with publication of the communique. French approval was taken As an indication that France has closed ranks with its allies following the soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia. The communique said members of the Alliance urgently invite the soviet Union in the interest of world peace to refrain from using Force and intervening in the affairs of other states resolved to safeguard the Freedom and Independence if their country. They nato members could not remain indifferent to any development which would endanger their Security. Quot it is evident that soviet intervention having a direct or indirect influence on the situation in Europe or the Mediterranean would provoke an International crisis of grave communique the communique said the Council meeting traditionally held in december had been moved ahead nearly six weeks because of the Quot serious situation arising from Quot the armed intervention on Czechoslovakia by the soviet Union and four of its Warsaw pact this intervention the allies said Quot strikes at the very principles of the United nations charter and Quot profoundly shocked Quot world Public opinion. It. Has been denounced by All nato members. France added a footnote to the opinions of the others in the communique on the continuation of the Alliance. It said that As far As France is considered the Alliance should continue Quot As Long As seems necessary unless there is a Radical change in relations Between East and West. A spokesman recalled that the French took this same position in 1966. He also noted that in his speech to the Council foreign minister Michel Debre had put the emphasis on continuing efforts to reduce tensions Between the West and the soviet Union. Degaulle president Charles de Gaulle took France out of the military sections of nato in 1966 but has Ever since then reaffirmed his support for the Western Alliance. In an interview just after the Moscow Cap a the soviet 112.5 tons constituted Insp edited Rier rocket which Western today launched Proton-4.scientific equipment. Lists have said could be use. I for described in an official an Proton-4 will continue studies the soviet Union s announced ounce men As the world s big of cosmic rays Quot and their inter program of assembling in est unmanned spaceship. Action with nuclei of atoms Quot Earth orbit manned spacecraft the announcement said a the announce Mem added. For trips to the Moon and Pla bolster rocket put a payload of a the soviet Proton series of be s. 17 tons into Earth orbit. Of uses to Auto ripped. The Driver of this Auto was critically injured when a. Bomb ripped it apart while in a parking lot near the Center of Miami Fla. Police described the blast As from a very High explosive. A wire photo weather to be Damp by the associated press Damp weather was in store for Mississippi this weekend. The skies remained mostly Cloudy the past 24 hours and moderate to Strong southerly winds pushed temperatures saturday to the mid-70s. A weak slow moving cold front through West Tennessee and Central Louisiana will push through Mississippi today with very Small probability Ltd rain present along the frontal zone. Slightly cooler air will move in behind the front. Power struggle being waged in Czechoslovakia Nixon d co presi by Gene Kramer associated press writer Prague a _ protest strikes were reported in suburban Prague and in Olomouc Central Moravia As Czechoslovakia s communist leaders nine die in state accidents Man. Who later praised an exile informer for his testimony during the trial described Bosch As Quot a Man with a Clear contempt for the . System of Bierman said Ricardo Morales an exile who infiltrated cuban Power and sometimes carried a tiny tape recorder strapped to his body aided the investigation Quot at the risk of his own life and reputation in the saving of at least 34 lives and property in excess of is million weather news South Mississippi partly Cloudy today tonight and sunday. Chance of showers today. Highest today and sunday 70 to 76. Lowest tonight 54 to 60. U. S. Weather station located at u. S. Navy base in Gulfport 24 hours ended at 5 . High Low noon prec. Nov. 1517 56 nov. 1656 66 Biloxi temperatures High Low noon prec. Nov. 1574 59 nov. 1668 73 other weather on pm. 27 Man foreign minister Willy Brandt spoke with satisfaction of the results achieved at the meeting. Of the warning to Moscow. He said Quot i think the signal will be read. It s Good because it uses few Secretary of state Den Rusk indicated the tone the statement might take Friday when he said the safety of the Alliance including the United states would be affected if the soviets move into Yugoslavia or. Austria. Rusk also was reported to have said that a soviet invasion of Romania would have Graver consequences than the Czechoslovakia invasion. Romania is a member of the Warsaw pact but has been taking an Independent line recently. Yugoslavia Yugoslavia though communist for the past 20 years has been Independent of Moscow. Austria is Neutral with its status guaranteed by the unite d states. Great Britain France and the soviet Union. Some members took his remarks to mean americans favor an Extension of nato Protection to certain non nato states. But . Officials dispute continued on a amp a two by the associated press Mississippi s weekend traffic death toll jumped to nine before the Halfway Mark of the counting period the Highway patrol reported today. The deaths included three persons killed on . 80 at the big Black River and two killed near Holly Springs. Richard Daniel of Greenwood and Willie Ann Smith and Lee Vella Salone of Edwards killed when a car went out of control and crashed on .80 near the big Black River Friday night. Annette Weaver 39, and Tina Lynn Weaver 12, of Cleveland killed Friday night in a two car mashup seven Miles West of Holly Springs on state 4. Jerry Lee Crosby. 20, of Laurel killed in a three car mashup on 1-59 three Miles South of Laurel Friday night. Marion Earl Brand 66, of Union killed when a car went out of control and wrecked six Miles East of Union on state 494 Friday night. C f. Jennings of rolling Fork killed Friday in a two car collision on . 61 12 Miles North of Clarksdale Friday. And Alvin Ray Mizell 17. Of Lucedale killed when a car wrecked on . 98 about six Miles West of Lucedale Early today. _ r Dies in crash Union miss. Apr a traffic Accident near Here Friday night killed Earl Brand about 65, of Union. Expect s. Viet to join talks by Michael Goldsmith associated press writer Paris apr american officials in Paris expect South Vietnam to join the Vietnam peace talks but they refused to predict today when president Nguyen Van Thieu will end his Boycott which has stalled the talks for two weeks. Unofficial reports from Saigon police Alert waged a Power struggle with pro soviet hardliners behind closed doors. It was not immediately Learned what action if any authorities planned to take. The government has banned demonstrations to try and maintain Calm during a crucial party Central committee meeting now j in its second Day. Czechoslovak military policemen with sub Warehine guns patrolled Prague streets and informants said the czechoslovak army s 6,000-Man Prague Garrison was alerted and All leaves cancelled. Armoured personnel carriers were noticed at one of the Small soviet military command posts in the City but there was no confirmation of rumours that some soviet units had returned to Prague from permanent Camps in outlying areas. Car the announcement on pro-.?on4 mad no mention of any purpose of the Mission o or than studying cosmic rays Anci electrons. It said the space state a was in an orbit ranging from got Miles to 153.4 Miles above unearth. In i it circling the eath eve by Walter r. Mears that to be valid any Long term cry 91.75 minutes. Associated press writer commitments abroad need his the launching of preview Miami. Fla. Apr Richard approval. indicated that the so m. Nixon disclaims any Effort to that in essence is the Posi Viet Union then had the world s make himself Quot co president Quot a Tion the president elect took most powerful rocket. With jurisdiction Over foreign and made Public through a top Proton a launched h july policy in Advance of his in Augu a aide. After president Johnson 1965. Lifted a payload of 12.2 ration but. He still maintains made Clear his determination to tons. The same weight was put remain firmly in command until into orbit by Proton-2 later that Jan. 20. Year. Procon-3. Launched july 6. Bryce n. Harlow an assistant 1266. Listed a 14-ton payload. To the president elect Tele it a. Officials expressed belief phoned Johnson thursday night the rocket used today is an in got a Call Back from the president Friday. And sources said Harlow had assured Johnson that Nixon was Quot not attempting the Harrison county welfare10 presume upon the cons Titu Jim As the Saturn in which association and the salvation i i 01131 authority of the presi dotted the 33.389-Pound Apollo 7 army in cooperation with thei Deni Quot manned spacecraft into orbit Gulfport doll and toy fund a for Johnson a Nixon As last month. The Saturn in air toys for tots program an. Soc ate said Quot the president a 1.6 million pounds of boost r bounced Friday applications for irid to make it Clear that con thrust and is capable of placing toys Are now being accepted 1 Stith tonally. There is one presi about 43.000 pounds in Earth a Bolh organizations Point out dem of the United slain there bit. Making list doll toy eci Piens proved version of the Booster used tor earlier Proton.-. It is believed to have a but the same weight lifting Cape Iii Point o that applications will not be a c Eno Cepter after december 18 Lamch or the United states Marine agreement. Corps Reserve in Nimio in this Sitemen place toys for st attribute Small new or old toys anime Agate Rose m can leave them at the following fairs in the i co presidents with upon is a perfect America s most Powch t pocket. The Saturn 5, can Olee More than 230.0i0 Nomas continues to 11115 Aiea ii Cin a after Earth orbit or Send the comp air. Tots pick up hours of apparent discord be 101.000 Pound Apollo space Hio nations around the Gulfport tween Johnson Anci his Reou Bli to the Moon. On its to . People wishing to con can successor Over Nix ones mrs. Saturn 5 boosted into Orbi the world s heaviest sate life. Weighing 280.036 pounds Cir a Points. All fire stations in the i _ .-n,1ji0? sail. 1l, i at he 264.055 pounds. Included in Bah foreign of that Thieu might be bending his conditions for sending a delegation to Paris bolstered american optimism. Student leaders said the reports of army and police alerts made them realize that demonstrations would be suicide. Thev Thieu said Friday he and announced plans for peaceful surtax. A hereto stay Washington a the Man who controls congressional tax writing machinery has cast doubt on chances for lifting the 10 per cent income surtax striking a note of discord among postelection democratic pledges of cooperation with the incoming Republican administration. Rep. Wilbur d. Mills chairman of the House ways and Means committee said Friday there is scant likelihood of Congress permitting the 10 per cent surtax to die a natural death As scheduled june 30. President elect Richard m. Nixon said during the Campaign the surtax was a Quot War tax Quot and a hould not be extended. But Mills d-ark., said in a a Peech to the Arkansas Petroleum Council in Little Rock Quot we May As Well face the fact that the cessation or lessening of hostilities will bring immediate demands from All sides for additional spending on the Domestic some Nixon aides have indicated the new administration might Settle for a reduction in the surtax to 5 or 6 per cent if it can t Block it outright. Mills did t mention the possibility of a reduced tax. He said Normal growth alone a not counting increased demands for Domestic spending in the cities education and other areas will increase next year s expenditures by $7 billion to $10 billion. Government economists have estimated the surtax will raise $15.2 billion in the fiscal year ending june 30. The speech was Mills strongest Public comment on the sur j tax since the election. J three Days after the election he said in an interview that a combination of a tax Cut and increased Federal spending would produce Quot an unmanageable deficit Quot in the fiscal year starting next july 1. He has also differed with Nixon on another fiscal matter. The president elect s proposals to Cut Back Federal Antipoverty spending in favor of tax credits to industries who take up the Slack. Mills has called the plan Quot Back door spending Quot that could Cost billions More than direct spending to get the same . President Johnson Are. Working to Settle their differences and Quot we must strive to level All these contradictions he did not elaborate. The South vietnamese president met with . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker in Saigon Friday and a full report of their talk was sent to ambassador w. Averell Harriman chief . Negotiator in Paris. Thieu has said he will not Send a delegation to Paris unless it could be the Leader of the Washington Saigon Side of the table. And he said North Vietnam would have to Lead the opposing delegation with the National liberation front As an integral part of the Hanoi Side. Hanoi Hanoi has told the United states that the Elf which claims to be the rightful government of South Vietnam would sit As a separate entity at the negotiating table. American officials said Saigon and Washington could negotiate Thieu s condition for leadership of the Allied delegation but the . Could not Tell Hanoi How to organize its Side. In Brussels Secretary of state Dean Rusk told foreign ministers of the North Atlantic treaty organization that the formula under which Washington and Hanoi agreed to enlarge the peace talks was left deliberately vague to allow each Side of the table to organize its participants without approval from the opposing Side. Nixon said thursday t Gulfport area Mcdonald s and Johnson had worked out an payloads were unmanned annul hamburger pass Road Gulf arrangement for prior Consulta vehicles port Barnes cleaners. Pass ton 011 foreign policy matters j a Sau in 5 7 5 no or. Road. Handsboro Edgewater said this was Dene in connect ads of Booster thrust will be Plaza sugar Mill Marina a on with his monday pledge id n december to Hur he Handsboro Raybourn s bar reign policy decisions of Apo to s As Ropati toward an Ber shop. Norwood Village and i the present administration. About the Moon. Salloum s Toggery 14th Street. Would be honoured by the next j Gulfport i order to make this a i f coining i on a donations of Money continue j to come into the Gulfport offices of the daily Herald. Previously acknowledged $30.00 Mike Harrington 5.001 my g Stewart Sneed hews 25.00 a Sif lops col. And mrs. Claude p. Rowan Quot 1�o s mrs. Anna Miller total i be Noman Tanto Nixon plot sit ins starting sunday one for a Day to protest the ban on dem-1 on stations. And another for up a to three Days if the Central j 3 d a a t committee decisions Are Una n a Morable. A Al Douce numerous departments of Charles University in Prague also adopted a Resolution to join a factory workers immediately if the workers decide to demonstrate for political reasons. Some students said they would participate in weekend Quot Dubcek shifts at factories to show support for communist party Leader Alexander Dubcek and at the same time mass together groups of workers and students. Snatches of arguments in the 190-member Central committee. Released by radio and television indicated Dubcek s supporters were fighting to defend his Reform policies against attack s by old guard hard liners. Some members had angrily demanded to know what leaders had invited the soviets to invade their country for the purpose of quelling Many czechoslovak feared they were the dying gasps of free discussion. Dubcek was reported to have announced new allegiance to Quot democratic centralism Quot the orthodox communist principle that debate stops once the decision is made. The decision in this Case the final Resolution of the Central committee is due sunday at the earliest. I Ops have offered Meridian. Miss. I a no arraignment proceeding a con a monday for Thomas Aben tar is h rants Iii. Charged with sure oled bombing and three Coas of j Freedom to married couples to attempted murder. I use artificial birth control but circuit judge Lester William i it in immediate help to Diss son granted the continuance Dent priests who clamoured for Friday after a series of delay them to take a stand. Requests by defense lawyer in a 16.000-word Compromise Thomas Haas of Mobile. Ala. Pastorel letter the National the delay until monday came new York apr a Yemen Council o. Catholic Bishops after Haas told the court that in Arab accused of plotting to firmly defended Friday Pope a Mobile psychiatrist. Or. Assassinate president elect i s continuing ban on All Claude Brown was a vral vat Richard m. Nixon has been re Armfie Al contraception. Ness the defence. He said leased on 825,000 Bond. 1 but. In the Climax of a week Brown had examined Tarrants Quot i love american i m inno of fierce debate they said Cou a earlier but had not had Sufrich cent Quot said Ahmed Raehena Les who break the ban will not sent time to Complete the sex men 43. In his Law verbs office be turned away from the Church animation. Friday after his release. And Eom Muon. Earner Friday. Haas rec guest Namer s Lawver Joseph Novi i the Bishops suggested Quot Cir de de avs on the grounds that no said name a s Bond was cum stances May redone moral aha had not had time to prepare raised Quot by Namer s friends and a Uili ahhou3h they did not go the demise and that publicity Nighbor who put up s780 Collat As far As listing any Circum concerning Tarrants had been eral. He said there was i Suffi stances. Prejudiced client Money to cover the $25.000 the pasto i letter viewed As charged bail on each of Namer s sons. A Compromise m _ me Pierce. Tarran sgt of Anobile i5 Hussein. 20, and Abdo 18. Who it it Hurch Over birth control. D a d we re the a a end used were indicted with their father was passed by an Over a Nimms Bombina of a Cwi a business. Wednesday on charges of Crimi �80-8 ote at me unc Tup Oid mans Home h re june 0 and Nal conspiracy and illegal pos Comei ence. Three counts of attempted Mur session of we Nons. Rhe Blosl a is .sta.ienien. S of Der in a running gun Battle that the bail had been reduced one Pute immediately j Folio cd from 8100,000 each set he \ Imam us i and the m do police a Aid a Man. T draft and failed to silence an. J _ Day o continued or. Picc got your ticket the opponents had t been announced but reserved seat tickets were already at a Premium this week for the 29th running of the shrimp bowl classic at Biloxi. Today s Gulf coast feature report by staff writer James Lund looks Back Over this oldest of High school bowl games a happening that has benefited an untold number of needy children in christmases past. Stand. Archbishop John f. Dearden of Detroit mich., president of the National conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington announced at a news conference that the Bishops approved a pastoral statement backing the Validity of Pope Paul i s ban on artificial birth control but declaring that married couples who practice contraception would net be turned away from sacraments of the Church. Conferring at left Are Bishop John j. Wright of Pittsburgh pa., and auxiliary Bishop Gerald v. Mcdevitt of Philadelphia a. A wire photo

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