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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - November 15, 1957, Biloxi, Mississippi 32 paces today Gal port local news coast entertainments Biloxi lot Al news pm. 1? pm. 14 pm. 18 local amp National sports mpg. 24 Herald classifieds pm. 30 the daily Herald associated press lift and Nea features Herald building Biloxi Mississippi coast Friday afternoon november 15, 1957 Herald building Gulfport volume 74�?number 37 High ranking soviet Given sentence state patrolmen on Alert for sex convict Wetzel Crater opens in Seattle Street a Polke bar Riccie bet an to Deviou 1 Chestn lib tree in the hoi Iris a Hue ii Wii it Nuorn a sea . Rivet. Quot la Hulete Ai id q i t n of Telep Iio of i to d filter swallowing a fully Gio Wii expect Coleman to air views on segregation French walk out nato meet Over shipment of arms state a briefs former Warren supervisor Dies Vicksburg. Might a. I it a a a May attempt to free brother at state prison a a a convention of governor will mobsters broken address joint up in new York session monday a a Lackson. Mss co j p. . N a state to tiv will coif of i lice Atid . a Pius to Quot Fen Monda. With a go ves Gerdav bin no an a Nal a tits a ii 1.- lift report Laika was suffocated Moscow a a soviet scientist announced today that Laika the dog m sputnik 11, suffocated when the oxygen regenerative equipment aboard the Earth satellite stopped . The scientist. Alexei Pokrovsky told a news Conter ence there never had been any plan to bring la Kaback to Earth. said she died Paine i it in of oxygen deficiency when equipment designed to regenerate oxygen had Coati plated its program. There had been reports that Laika died of a drug or a Xii son administered with her last food that the russians intended to bring her Back to Earth and Een one report that she had been parachuted Bak today news conference apparently was intended to set at rest All reports about the first in my thing to get into outer space. 30-year $8.000 term Fine Gator a o a hot a held by p Viu Ieno Ese and m Nalt til the 6� pm Mfd in 1 Lebr it Meri it. To voiced up \ Cav a Hilive o a near it us Quot no in Al new York com Nikii Iii. Ii Wei a eased after id a a by rhe \ a a Quot Haen t a on them a a st Ftp a Cros or Quot of the state to b i eau of Quot Rii in in \ a a on b t Veniadis it Clear wanted thu in out of the Atea l to p Nen Jackson. . Nov 15 to p s state Highway patrolmen on the Martin 89. A member of the War Alert today for an a convict who Ren county Board of supervisors Esra oed from a Nomita Hospital Lor 30 years before this 1947 were told Quot Don t take any to reorient. Died yesterday after a lengthy illness. Frank wet Al. Was believed Paris Quot of Noe reacted services were scheduled for 2-30 for them Sis Unpi state a i Orous a today to and Brit m. Today from Fisher funerary air a. A a. Choodi a empt to free h s b Otho -. Wilham arms Shomen to , tiap. 1. To a cell Raikin i hit on a o Ine Fng a Yahoo county native. Martin i Wipff t and Unno a it Ponc protests to was a farm in the Oak Ridge new Polie arrested a and Washington. Co nmn to. had served As Early today who Gre tiv ship president of the supervisors Board Ems Eri ,.ank Wetzel described the Token shipment of Suoia by the Fri As .s-10 weighing fio ii Iii on. Res and a unit oils pm t i r sounds with Briwn hair and a scar v As intended by France s two big flood occurs on the doer Lio. Dato ashes to keep the a area pid up in new or afcan Nason irom turning to leans was -9. 187 sounds and had Egypt or the soviet bloc for a i of Waters of a scar on his lip. But a fingerprint a d la arms. But France Leur Fui the town Creek were receding today classification. Riedle rushed a onic Pilod Dill arms will find thir was to rebels Occi maikits of 20 to 25 houses from Washington proved was not the Man sought. I a i Alpena was not Mol tied. Evacuate during the night . J p. Clemar in a Fomia legislators sex indicate asked m s.-,i for colonel Abel new York pm russian col. Rudolf l Abel the highest ranking soviet spy Ever caught in this country today Vias sentenced to 30 Vears in prison and an $8 000 Fine. could have received the death penalty. The 55-year-old spy ring master stood stonely before . District judge Mortimer w. Byers in Brooklyn As the sentence was pronounced. displayed the same outward Calm shown during the Days after his indictment and during his trial. said nothing and after the sentence was promptly led away handcuffed by two officers. Coast solons see passage of in a statement to the court the prosecutor. Asst. . Atty. Gen. In Illiam Tompkins did not press for death. I urged sentence i instead urged judge Byers a to impose Quot a substantial and very Strong sentence in this i Abel s court appointed attorney. James Donovan pleaded that his client spared death contend Jackson. Miss. I tiie ing the prosecution had failed to convention is urging coast baptists Are named to various boards any specific instance Nie iils that a new Ali i Sippi con fighting Frenchi Rule in neighbor Ere forced r.,it util ii is la eyed to preset x leg quoth a Pena. Was not Mol tied. Evacuate during the night p. Colemar in a Tomia vex support of corrective marriage quote Ariori of t in races a French spokesman declared nearly 4>., inches of rain flood Tate Meni. Asked m s.-, pressed optimism today that time where Abel had actually a proposals aimed at wiping out address a Point Sest i the . Antish decks in was the Creek forcing it Over its Quot to on the Lookout for this Dan together with a speech by gov. Ted . Military secrets to rus address a joint session the . British decision was the Creek forcing if Over its legislature at 2 30 p in. Made known Quot at the precise to Banks and into lowlands and the serous i on Itiat ii Sci t alien the French go Ern fast area. Water reached to Parchman in his i if o Sph. Iii ent was preparing the imme inside More than two dozen Homes William wet Quot a 3,>--ea old Reading up to tiie special i Gisia Dia f i Pat ii of military supplies five of Seneca Falls a y., is institutional con Enron Bill. Der death sentence for the 1 it 3 a a confident the Bill will might come a time when this Bill expected to come before eith s having of sonnet my a Senate. have country would wish to Exchange or the current special session or Oraw a Young taxi d i or from n. T not a to Iii is a Quot Tunisia was formerly fund for Ai s on s a relation a Krezic i protectorate and Mceuens Aydin cd i r tits t in said j. P. . Convention session of the legislature will argument yesterday the group voted a work in Tavor of passage of a con Donovan Aiso argued that if of the Bill prepared by rep. John Aoel s life were spared there Kennedy of Marshall Tiia i the p Rench incurable rises mayor m comb is. At the Mississippi cd. Morse jr., of Gulfport gence agent captured in Russia said. Leg i .,11 Timateo As Quot on tiie Deu Ery had to await completion . Miss Ipi i ecord nations v. Tii Tunisia a pre Jan is. L. Ballard a d today a or son s st Iii Rai v to that the arms fund being raised for ,1. T West Frank Wetzer was wanted in the . In tue did not Ich algerian rebels. Moreland victim of an incurable can pct on with tiie killing of two. A reached i Orth Carolina Highway patrolmen Man finishes his talk to the joint enough votes now Quot senator Stan him for some american Interi the 1958 regular session would put t to Luik when governor Cole Nientsu. Was 1 11 his Ari Mien s i lat hang fire to Cular disorder has a med Virv with a Quot w of Cah .,e,.ebv Stem the stale s popular a no no Thev Cai p from new weeks. The Bntish-. Action to to Germany eat Uei Vork. New the Sev. 0 o. Canfor. no dictated did t want his intended to Spur n a. . It Orado Marks relating i French to Quick a a puerto a co and cola. add and civil rights recorded because soviet bloc could move in. feared a Uri Nied record could the United states and Britain Quot Quot a Only. A Quot broke no the meeting ised in court against the state said they won assurances from cause were con. Beulig d for an in fwu the 1890 Constitution should placed to encourage Ana the French to Inisi Aii negotiations have been hanging fire for last ii. At Wasiqi int in Fri director j. Ness because they could the basis for of school segregation Laws. Baltimore and Ohio wants to quit passengers funeral Sei vices Wei scheduled today for mrs. Amanda Rebecca ced it was coletran did Sav Lort in record Tunisia the weapons would not double funeral in will Pur that if Mississippi did not make it reach the hands of smugglers who Jwj i go held d h Lared. Quot Thev a l possible Tor school districts Fie i p y the Long sparsely settled to hoodlums. There s no doubt about selves to Abo ish Public schools. Border. Ual Rel it Quot Quot there will no Public so fools topic of a it is \ in the state within five asked whether thought the Lias said the co it to Nien Iii gift have been a cars no l on a Aii Horitz for the the current . In the rope of 0 abolish Public schools could garage Hahng rack to or the thrown out by Federal courts cent shooting of ackee. Albert believed to want sued con Nata Ltd Lac o Well Tom a report Stivi tonal provisions removed on or Quot thais Good Specula Ion but is iut ids Thev a a actual a Wenk Slih s All an end to Border county East la n add 7- a High Niar nage regulations considered Donovan also held out the pos producing Quot marriage Mills Quot ability that at some future Date liquor resolutions Nis client Mig it decide to Cooper to i o houses on monday Manv Otesa amen can authorities by a posts also rejected Twa w�,.e, a no a Imrij. Quot Isar Asef a a a end .0 a. .Ense and of in i a a a a list pm Reese and James Ohonnas Brown. Sej ate action on which could base a sentence Lornis Quot Higham n ? bus was Morse said the Senate that brought out at Abels Clarke county ,-.t had i led Quot a hour later the Fol considering a Conven trial. Suggested formation of a stopped the same car on the High Bill tuesday and said an fair sentence to counter an.xp.ct a coated a final vote on the is sought to determine Quot tremendous Effort Quot to get Theka Ile warrants wednesday or thursday Quot at of Gap it sentence that would serve legislature to approve legalized North Carolina Aii Thoi cities is the latest the Best interest of the country quor. Of Tibet it a county sned two murder warrants against amendments which opponents Abel was convicted on three suggested greated efforts to Cochran 8.x and her , go miss Jimmie Myrtle Cochran. ,y2. With of the Bill Are expected to offer counts conspiracy to transmit a wit i other Church. Victims of fic a tuesday night tray making him a Federal . Cochran died shortly alter the up arrants were obtained in failing to Register As the Accident and miss Conran Tom commissioner it Oleman will Puig Tor a get. Ded of injuries Early yesterday a terms a at Greensboro. N. C. Convention As the Only ieans of three other members of the fam they charge that Wetzel maintaining .regated schools in first count. Instead new .mbers were Hurt in the Accident 11 1 fled .vn Carolina Tois Sindi. Senator Morse ordered imprisoned 30 new in snipers ele three forma Charo ing ,.vill Proiti Aiila slow the Senate tonal information to rus Franklin county suggestion to h work a somewhat. Morse opined. Conspiracy to obtain such i fornication for trs Smission to rus do pastor r it Terence to reports gov a a a a g fore the convention and to a. Ryn Essen ser 24 hours Feiore voting on it was turned Down. It budget to one Moi Ufi i get t c a Den nto her Laws. Baltimore a the Bai Miore in ies South of Here on . 11. Tennessee and other states Quot of the Maria. An Organ of Rol go going a role .-.d, yielding to the a. Control and avoid prosecution for my der. Quot i think and body i Eie Stod in i i urals. The a Vernoi s Maupai ent Deci d t airpla., w ants to overturned. 9. Violated a Fede Al firearms the Public school Cross Oil Sade Quot a. Us. H meet Sion to speak out on slab jecs inns had been hid in this area in a a Ononuja on six recent Yea Quot a. The at on of can Parab quote was m no Venber 19 Vuk lie added. The men an tue Ine into the mme Chian to it st a wednesday Aid. Woitiw Iti ass Iii i o ers became suspicious when t a saw Large numb Quot is of exo Ensi. E cars Manv with out of state i Ccn. plates. D. at motels vvah1.\gt0\ of a the Newit Croswell said police set to to d of Nied new civil rights commission to Start work soon Confederate vets civil Rio is Ito a a the airpla., wants to overturned. Quit the passenger business on Hilt competitive a Itimoi-.\ new a a of r York l in Neads sons of in an Arnot nement yesterday. Tje a amp of said it was to di.-Contuv. 14 As-.sen4er trains Northeast of Loi. The Road said it loing a out live million of it Llars a year Nirun thus the Baltimore and Ohio commission Quot p Jiu Maior East West it ears and fined $5,000. Takes opposite senator Morse a a. inn Onyn .111 i Evv Niem pers Electea to but id it mid commissions Mth sex Pirsig in 1%0, Iii ducted of on Venison Hoard Chr to 01 West Point guv Heidi. of . M. S. Varnad of , k. A Stevens of Coqui ions. John Flowers of Mccomb and p. A Cunningham of v Lack sur penalty v Wii Wii t a Iii Iii of ministerial or Quot icat a Richmon t a. Of the sons a. Georgetown. By. Apr _ Eiidson of Ric titon Confederate indrans elected r .Ank wet Al was arrested Iti this City will lose Money on two Jackson miss. Rep Ben education w a Lom White Crigler or postmaster so Neca coun N. A. On sept 26, men fined $500 each and Given Hilbun of Lafayette county. Moore of Meridian and b. Of Macon. Miss., commander in charged with the Liu Glary of a a 0-Dav jail sentences. Thev elected brother testified Aga first a Duncan of Columbia duet yesterday. Tavia gunshot and sent to the Wil Quot to Lav out Quot the Fine in Laii Constitution for Mississippi Blue Mountain Coll. trustees Rudolph h. Waldo. New or lard for observation. that Means each serves 2.&Quot>0 h. Kyar of Greenwood act by taking across stare lines should seriously consider firearms stolen nov. 4 at Barnes up governor talk. T think a con of a d Boro. A. Stith tonal convention is the Only Tancl of Drotler 3. transport d across continue i on Pape two state ones a ll>i7 Oldsmobile Auto bile stolen nov. 4 at Bradford penalty in our t cell Luh f. and Par tiv surrounded the Mil set to work Early .x month Quot Quot is. Joined a general in elected commander of escaped oct. 21 Davs to Pav off his Fine at the rate disclosed Nas asked Clark Memona Coil. Hise on the Hill before the men Are Linding a rail i Prev of trans Mississippi two weeks after escaped the of $2 a Dav. The extra to Dav a to Al of _ his name from a u is Earl cock Gill of and Sta ted to break Tor it Taff duct a a old a headquarter. Per tent. Or. Williaim d. My Barnesboro. Pa., hardware store terms add us to a total of 280 round Robin petition circulated Lavon Moore of Laurel. Thirteen were picked no in a Stanley f Reed retired Sii merger Caino Hague Surg. Miss., was was robbed of revolvers and rifles Davs for Eracli. Special session on Colle. Trustee w Field the others at the Road Cocks. Pc court Justice named to uan two ago. The reappointed adjutant in chief. The next evening Reese and Brown it costs Georgetown Lio a Daup Quot Quot constitutional . Lofton i a. Of Brookhaven and York Central and the Peun the Sci voted to hold its next were killed by an Auto Driver. To feed a prisoner. Instead o col a a Constitution said a arid rum p. Leavell of Uli it. Eisen a Jovania announced Thev were convention in Jackson. The Auto was found abandoned letting $1,000. The City will spend Quot p p a la Layette Williatt Carey Collee trusts Lead the Derdau commission. With president weather news lower. Later told newsmen a onside no a merger that Eisenhower had pled Zed the the Lackawanna and urges of the while h. La to Hudson Cid not Ware same. Are Mississippi the commission today and tonight partly Cloudy dab orate. Other mergers Are in the wind. And mild High >�-<6. Low8-6-, a said considers the x Roerts said shifting to northerly saturday Howard Quot a a it Vas Given acknowledged this was so Quot the Erie miss. No Date was set the Del doing the in Chattanooga Tenn. Nov. 6. Sr40 on the men. Tre private the c it no Siou was authorized Ines liner a new civil rights Law Nucito last Sui timer. Automobile and the Federal slash Reserve discount Board rate Low 46-50. Hig_hj6 no a on a a Mississippi considerable cd Iii denial of voting rights because of news through saturday scat Ere lace religion or National origin. Showers and Thunder shivvers sat it will a so study Federal and urday and in Northwest portion to ii oldies Beann on Quot equal protect Niolu turning cooler West and Jon of the Laws Quot North portions Saiu Raay. Reed joined in the Supre a a 1. Co dirt s Zinani Inoris ruling in 19.i4 u. Seath a station located at continued on Page two by oxi yacht club 24 hours ended at 6 . Nov. 16 youth disrupts court when goes into rage county and of the state move for Bavcock of Gul oort Farl acknowledged some of w Green of Hattie our car an Nis friends will disagree with him c. Sharp of Clarksdale t r or Cut said Quot in the end i am certain Wibbens of Laun a and j p they will understand that my of Cleveland vision is for the betterment of All Baptist foundation in r u l u r Quot a Esburg and c. 0 .m of i Hilbun s brother editor Hahn Inland. A Hilbun of the South Revoner at Baptist memorial hot. Ital of a 1 Holly Springs testified against a har eve l. Flowers of West Point constitutional convention in an a and Murphy Thorn a of tue o by g. K. seasonal demands for Money Are that the Reserve Banks raised the Yearance wednesday before the historical commission a my Washington i Pic the Federal High. Both businessmen and Pur discount rate from 3 to 3 -2 per Senate Constitution . Skelton of Pascagoula and w Reserve Board gave the nation s chasers tend to increase their Bor cent. A Federal Reserve spokes meanwhile a petition signed by Kellen of Laurel leveling off Economy an a expect of i a Christmas shop Man said at the time that the the Marshall county sheriff Chan. shot in the Arm today by Cut season approaches. Boost was a continuation of the Cerv clerk circuit clerk tax As a a v a Ting Back its discount rates in four discount rate is the interest Board s Ett Orts to restrain the sex Sessor county education superin arrest i Outh sections of the country. Which the 12 regional Federal pension of credit because Quot the indent and four or five super serve Banks charge their rein main fight is still against Infra v Isom oppose Quot a a constitutional i n to c do to Ltd i ii her Banks on borrowed inn do Tion Quot convention the net tinn said a Quot Quot a a i a Iii it easier for Banks to obtain Mon. Banks borrow system when borrowed funds convention the petition said a from the Reserve even though the Money Market convention Quot might jeopardize our they need extra has been easing with a fall off present Way of life and our to Al Money to meet the demand for in loan requests the Board s a sell the immediate effect is to a Zinani Inoris ruling in 19.i4 that racial segregation in Public. Is . Yazoo City. Mis the the general pubic. And it a High Low noon prec. year trial of 18-yer-old Marion Falk geared to Herald an easing of.,. 9 Reed said plans to Convene Ner Iii charged with murder in tight Money policies that have a discount rate enc our Tion came As a Surprise commission for its first meet hip fatal shooting of his 67-Vear companies Quot a two Vear business borrow in order to Only last week William Mcches ing Early in december said cd grandmother was disrupted Boom make commercial or personal N.Y.Martin chairman of the a. Weather station located at of its first taks will i yesterday when the defendant went. Loans thus helping to keep the serve Board expounded on the Back to its organization sometimes a Angeles base in Gulfport pick a full time staff director. The a nto a rage while his Mother Testi a spokesman Lor the Federal Economy rolling at a brisk Pace evils of inflation and gave no hint in 1854, lob is to filled by presidential red Reserve Board said the action Wall Street was generally sur that tight Money policies would .Quot recognition that inflation at prised but pleased with the news , despite scattered predict Kov. 14 74 60 1.1 Contr nation it win pay a recessed court for ceased to it was nov 15t1 the Reno. Nev a Reno Ponce arrested a ear old r torm school runaway at a filling station founding morning and say admitted Renu Hcan part dates slaying monday of a 22-month 40 years Jago a s. The u. S. Navy 24 hours ended at n . Hilt Ihlow noon prec. Appointment. Subject to Senate in i u a 60 1.1 confirmation it will pay $22s00 a recessed coun for minutes temporarily has ceased to was called Quot constructive tons of a slight economic Down 69 ear. While deputies tried to Calm the dominant Factor in the Quot forthright a n d turn i a youth in an Ante room. Economy. and recognition by the Tenor of his remarks was Craft warning extended j Virs. Dorothy Falkner of Jack emphasized however the the Federal Reserve Board that that inflation remained a major coastal winds fresh southerly for the period nov. 1.5-20 on a is describing her son s Early Board s belief that there is no Rea Quot the forces of inflation Are Reed threat and the defences against it daily Herald winds 18-25 . On Texas and Mississippi. Eastern Louisiana i when had the fit she Testi son for any Public alarm that a ing Quot could not Louisiana coasts Shifang to amp Arkansas temperatures Abou recession Mav lie ahead. That however was t a unania even As Martin was talking of l. C. Smith for a Long tiny northerly saturday and moderate 2-4 Degros below Normal. Normal Tje beaten Bullet riddled body of the Board announced late yes Mous opinion. One major .Ank of continued motion. Government u to fresh southerly winds 10-22 Manima 36-46 except 46-3. Near the Falkner was found Gerdav that effective today the facial said. Quot i m astonished and economists this week were Cau ments of the a amp is shops hag elsewhere through saturday. A of my. I regard it As piously predicting that the new of Virit sitar a if Reatter in _ d at Merrill Dav and wednesday per invitation two witnesses testified they Fol per cent at the Federal Reserve the announcement came after from rising prices. They predict 20 years ago 16 fit air to feet f Falkner Down the Highway Banks in Atlanta. New York. Rich the new York Stock exchanges that the Cost of using might in the daily Herald crises prs and thundershowers Northwest is a drove toward Germania. Mond and st. Louis similar a were closed but in san Francisco dip slightly in january then lev nov. 15, 1937 Pearl River at Pearl River la Friday night and remainder area they said his driving was erratic Tion by the eight other Reser stocks climbed sharply after the. Al off into a period of comparative-1 mrs. H. M. Rollins. Second �4 feet lip .6 foot forecast 12.1 saturday. Showers again monday similar to one who had been Banks is expected soon Nev s and trading was brisk. By stability at or near today s rec Fodi stage it i Ivov. 18. Or tuesday action came at a time when it was Only three months ago Ord High. The John Lawrence Larry Miller was arrested on a tip from a Hitchhiker. Police capt. Daryl read said i Young Miller was being sought ii it connection with the smothering of Laura Wetzel daughter of in Force capt. And mrs. Charles w. Weitzel at rolling Hills estates near Angeles. Accepted a position in Pasca Goula. Street or Porf. Is visiting her sister a new Orleans. Advertisers elect new Orleans .4&Quot a Odell Hathaway of Middletown. N.y., was elected president of the outdoor advertising Assn. Yesterday i at the 60th annual convention i Hathaway succeeded Fred c. Beseler of Shreveport who was named chairman of the of Marci

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