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Biloxi Daily Herald Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 4

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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Biloxi, Mississippi A the cd by Heraux fun bad by Geo. W. Wilkes second class postage paid at Biloxi Mississippi second class postage paid at Gulfport Mississippi Biloxi Gulfport daily Herald pub Shee Herald building. Boxi Herald building. Gulfport published daily except sundays Elishea weekly in Biloxi 1884 daily 1898 Esta bushed la Gulfport 1909. Melber of the associated press saturday afternoon May 11, 1968 rates Day by Carrier 35c per week by a Cclif Quot i Hanson Stone jacks ii said foreign countries $1.50 per per Vear Ufali saturday by Mau cent i rih subscriptions payable in Advance change of address noting and pod forms 3579 shall be sent in 39533 Gulfport miss., 39501 or . Bos 409. By old. Our candidate echoes of the Berlin Gallup approximately 24.500 army. Navy and air Force reservists and National guardsmen report on monday May 13, for Actie duty. Already the mobilization gives off echoes of the callup in the Berlin crisis of october 1961, a Senate subcommittee claimed on april 29 that three National guard brigades including one involved in the Active duty callup Lack Quot substantial quantities of essential equipment required for them to move shoot and or communicate Quot in Battle. Infantry units recalled in the Berlin mobilization lacked much modern combat equipment. Maj. Gen. William h. Harrison jr., president of the National guard association of the United states said on Jan. 14, 1962 Quot the fact that they could be made combat ready in a period of 13 weeks is full justification of the National guard but Harrison admitted that the three divisions would need Quot some final Type combat training after arriving in an overseas combat air Force and Navy reservists in the 156,000-Man callup in 1961 were much better prepared and equipped than the infantry. But just As in the infantry there was a Good Deal of griping about unfairness and hardships arising from the selection of units and Quot fillers Quot a men assigned to fill out gaps in personnel. In the present mobilization about 10,000 two important items if you of the 24,500 men activated for up to two happen to be Jimmy Mchugh or Vears of Active duty by the april 11 order will John Philip Sousa s daughter be sent to Viet Nam. Mobilization of an and or copyrights on some of the Dit ional 50,000 National guardsmen probably including two divisions is in the cards if the korean situation worsens. Davd Lawrence Vietnam peace dependent also on world opinion Washington peace in Vietnam depends not merely on what happens in the Paris meeting during the next few months but pm world opinion. If history is to. Be repeated and powerful nations ignore the plight of the Peoples of both North and South Vietnam who really want Freedom and Independence the chances Are the county will remain divided and the risk of another War will be increased. The Best thing that has occurred thus far is the selection of Paris As the place for peace negotiations. The United states did not name Paris but officials in the american government Are gratified that the North vietnamese chose it. Practically every vietnamese Leader of consequence with an education abroad went to a College or University in France. The French hav e had their fingers in the affairs of indo China for More than 150 years. French is a second language of All Vietnam and its inhabitants. Most of its schools were run by the French and were taught in that language. French business interests de eloped the big Coal deposits in North Vietnam and even though France had to abandon its colonial Power in indo China in 1954, contacts of Isoel Grove no Silver lining in Cloud Over copyrights on songs Washington Nea the . Senate with such issues As War and peace poverty and hunger before it now stands accused of callousness to the Fate of Quot the sunny Side of the Street Quot and Quot stars and stripes old songs Are running out and the composers or heirs of the composers Are waiting nervously in the wings to see if the Senate May extend them. Uncle Sam say the chroniclers of americana in song sings a stingy tune when it comes to flying the mails those wild heroes of Pioneer air mail routes Are again reviving memories of their paying the Piper. Song copy daring actions. On wednesday May 15, the rights in Many foreign coun Post office department will Issue a new 10 in a iks its not cent stamp honouring of years of continuous pig according to this air mail flying. The first air mail route from countr it s copyright Law of 1909, Pasco. Wash., to Elko. Nev., actually started two years earlier but was subject to interruptions. May 15 was the Day in 1918 when on the Potomac Park Polo grounds before president Wilson and other on looking dignitaries a Young army air service Pilot loaded a bag of mail into his Curtiss Jenny and promptly flew off in the wrong direction. The Mission quickly came to an end in a Maryland cow pasture. Pilot lieutenant George l. Boyle landed his Flimsy biplane upside Down but he emerged unscathed. In keeping with postal tradition the mail had to go through. So the next Day Boyle s bag of mail was placed aboard another army plane and carried safely to the Belmont Park race track on Long Island the original destination. Thus Washington new York air mail service was established on a regularly scheduled basis. It was extended to Chicago in 1919 and to the Pacific coast the following year. Bill Hackbarth. A 67-year-old survivor of Early Day mail flying has set out from san Francisco in a salvaged biplane to retrace tiie original transcontinental route via Beno and Elko. Nev. Salt Lake City Rock Springs and Cheyenne. Wyo. North Platte and Omaha neb Iowa City Chicago Bryan and Cleveland. Ohio Bellefonte. A new York South Plainfield . And Money the playing area of a football Field measures 300 by 160 feet. . Currency measures approximately 2 and 5/8 inches by 6 and 1/8 inches. Suppose you covered a football Field completely with a layer of is Bills then a layer of $2 Bills then $5 Bills then $10 Bills then $20 Bills then $50 Bills then $100 Bills and then $500 Bills. Now suppose you topped those eight layers of paper Mone with 8.806 tons of Silver dollars. The football Field would then be covered with $557,414.-000. That amount represents the economic loss suffered last year because of automobile accidents in Only one Dallas tire dealers association. The copyright is Good for Only 28 years and must be renewed for another 28 if it is to last for a total of 56 years. Thanks to modern Medicine Many senior composers Are outliving their own copyrights which Means they cease receiving Royalty payments on their own work even within their own lifetimes. Some examples Domenico Savino. Whose a anchors aweigh Quot reached its 56th year in 1985 Irving Berlin s Alexander s ragtime band Quot which was 56 years old in 1967. And two whose copyrights expire this a l. Wolfe Gilbert s Quot waiting for the Robert e. Lee Quot and George Graff s Quot when Irish eyes Are smiling furthermore cry the members of asap society of composers. Artists and publisher composers do not rate one Nickel from the songs played on Juke boxes and conv Unity a n t e Nna television cat. The 19c9 Law stated that exemptions to royalties exist when the song is played on Quot Coin operated machines Quot a which in those Days consisted of player pianos. A year s Extension on some of the copyrights of the old tunes was granted in 1967, but a repeat is unlikely. And heavy investment by some key legislators in cat May account for legislative foot dragging on the Juke Box and Cable television revision. Any action on the 1909 copyright Law is unlikely this session said a staff member of the patents trademarks and copyrights subcommittee because the Senate is awaiting the supreme court decision on two cases concerning cat and copyrights before it makes a move. As for a temporary Quot Bare Bones Quot Law change which would change Only the copyright length that is out of the question until the Law can be reviewed in its entirety he added. Sad news for the ears of aging music men who have put some ageless tunes into the hearts of America. A i ought join the poor people s March Quot growled the Washington c a brie. Voicing a typical attitude of Hack Drivers toward cab fares in the capital. Taxis Here operate on the basis of zones not by meters making possible 9 or 10-mile rides for As Little As a $1.50. A Congress keeps us zoned so they can ride cheaper Quot said another. On top of that whatever reputation they May have for tossing around taxpayers Money the nation s lawmakers Are not listed As big tippers by taxi Drivers. Last of the big spenders Are still the flamboyant movie stars of yesteryear according to one Washington cabbie. Quot Jean Harlow Abbott and costello Tom mix i used to haul Quot pm Quot said Carrol Neitzey who has been in the business since 929. And his biggest tip came from funny fat Man Lou costello. Quot he gave me five Bucks after i d hauled him around one Day on Icv streets Quot do congressmen talk too much if they do one reason May be that they have by Law More Freedom Quot of speech than Vou and i. Suppose that a senator in the course of debate accuses a prominent businessman of cheating on his income tax return. Even if the senator has no proof at All he cannot be held liable for defamation of character a member of Congress he is protected by what the Law Calls an Quot absolute privilege Quot against liability for slanderous statements. Family Law y or congressmen free speech could not be convicted because that would be an infringement of a congressman s special Freedom of speech. Such an occurrence is tiie rare exception rather than the Rule. And while it has been argued that there Are grave dangers in entrusting to any individual so much leeway there is a powerful purpose behind this principle of Law to encourage the utmost Freedom in congressional debate. The fear of unpleasant Legal consequences either justified or unjustified could Well put a real Damper on a congressman s performance of his Job. For the same reason similar Protection is Given to lawmakers in almost All democratic countries. Still a congressman s Freedom of speech is not totally without limits. One restraint Seldom used is Congress own Power to discipline a member who abuses his privilege. Another More important restraint is that the congressman loses his immunity if he repeats his statements outside of Congress apart from his official functions. But probably the most effective restraint on an unscrupulous congressman lies in what the voters can do to him. Come next election Day throw the Rascal out. .4n american bar association Public service feature by will Bernard. Copyright 1968 american bar association French b i newsmen have continued. To Chi Minh Learned about communism in Paris just after world War i. And there met Chou in Lai of red China. When the vietnamese think of Europe they think of Paris. When they have Money and the Opportunity to travel the first place they want to go is Paris. The North vietnamese communists especially feel comfortable in Paris because there is a Strong communist part in France. President de Gaulle May be expected to play a role behind the scenes. He Quot May or May not be Friendly to the american viewpoint but he certainly sees an advantage to the prestige of France if has regime should be instrumental in making peace in Vietnam. Perhaps the principal development which will Puzzle the american people will be the intensification of fighting in Vietnam from time to time. This of course has a specific purpose. The North vietnamese want to make sure that any slowdown of military operations by them will not be interpreted As a willingness to surrender. Meanwhile there is in Washington somewhat the same attitude toward the fighting but for different reasons. Senator John Stennis chairman of the preparedness subcommittee of the Senate armed services committee said in a speech delivered before a convention at Broadwater Beach hotel in Biloxi on monday Quot when we stopped bombing North Vietnam we opened utile War for the North vietnamese to rebuild their roads Bridges docks factories and Muriel Law rence other facilities necessary to Tiiu conduct of the War. Quot when we called off tin bombing we gave them the Opportunity to rebuild that dam age without fear of further attack and they Are usog that time to very Best advantage. Our intelligence reports a show that they Are working a night and Day with floodlights to repair vital Bridges that Are part of the pipeline used to transport War s supplies to South Vietnam. Quot we have proof that they Are Able to move four to five times As much into South Vietnam when there is no fear of bombing than they could do if they were being bombed or were operating under the threat of bombing Quot so it seems Likely that each Side will not wish to give tie impression thai they have abandoned the lighting. The real test will come when a formula for making peace is submitted and Here it is possible that Neutral dip Lounais will be helpful. Senator Stennis pointedly remarked in his address that despite America s urgent pleas to its Western allies for manpower assistance no military help has been Given by them to the . Forces in Vietnam. He added Quot diplomatic pressure on their part now is absolutely essential and unless it is forthcoming soon they not Only will have lost their right to complain and object to the course we might choose to follow in Vietnam they will have also lost their right to Call upon our men and cur resources for their defense in Europe and there can be some deadlocks for Brief periods during a prolonged negotiation on the Vietnam War. The involve me it of european countries in the discussions behind the scenes seems inevitable and could be constructive. Cop tight 1968. Publishers Hall so indicate new horizons emerge for expression of motherhood in fact a congressman is protected not Only against slander suits but even against criminal charges if based on what he says in the course of debate. For example a bribery charge was brought Ai Ainsil a congressman on the basis of a speech he gave on the House floor favourable to a certain financial institution. Liere was some evidence that he had collected a payoff from the institution for giving the speech. But the court ruled that even if the charge was True he still Paul Jones think you be had a tax bite views of other editor while negotiating hear North Vietnam s maj. Gen. Nguyen Van Vinh on Quot peace talks Quot Quot in fighting while negotiating the Side which fights More strongly will compel the adversary to accept its conditions. We will take advantage of the Opportunity offered by the negotiations to demag str see in Quot the Quot Corn step up further our military attacks political pie Ity of the news itself a dark struggle and military proselytizing. Those conspiracy to Lead them As in charge of fighting continue fighting be a a suse tie decisive fee tor lies on the Battle t til Field Quot bases for decisions in a recent lecture. General manager Wes Gallagher of the associated press succinctly described two dangers which threaten not Only the free dissemination of objective news but. Even worse the capacity of the american Public to make intelligent Deci ions based upon the reports they receive. He mentioned two Quot the first is that Many in our society read with one Eye and a closed mind they read or hear Only the news that reinforces their opinion. To this group truth is in the Eye of the beholder their own. The second danger is another group who seize upon conspiracy theorizes to explain the Complex events of our times. Many of the problems we face and report today will not be solved in our lifetime. They Are too intricate and deep rooted. Some people will not recognize this. They yearn for simpler times and. Occasionally guided by ice recognized a joint responsibility in the preservation of a Strong and a free press to inform an Alert and concerned Public. The first is that of the Media to Tell so precisely what hat opened that Quot the Reader will recognize by the detail the Story is the second for an audience to read with Quot both eyes and an open mind willing to accept the bad news the disagreeable in Good Faith and not blame the Media bringing it to them. We will o Liy get rid of society s worst problems by being made deeply and continually aware of the Public should not ask for. Nor could the profession strive for a better combination of efforts toward responsibility in behalf of True Tenn Post armed ticket puncher if our More or less great society continues to be plagued it in t too often that anyone gets ahead of the income tax people in putting a bite on the taxpayer right but it happened in North Carolina. And guess who did it a dog what happened was that just a few hours before this taxpayer was to turn in his state income tax return and his with holding slip to the department of Revenue his dog got hold 0. The papers and chewed them up. Then did two remarkable things for an income tax outfit remarkable at least in Light of How most taxpayers regard the income tax people. One. The department believed the taxpayer s Story. Two. It granted him a so Day Extension to do his Homework on the tax form Over again and to get another withholding slip. As for the Pooch he survived. But they could Tell from the was he acted that the income tax bit is hard to Swallow even for a dog. Dear mrs. my husband works irregular hours and As our older girl is married i have to look for company to the younger one. Now 20. But she won t even share a cup of Tea with me. She is secretive about her own social activities too. Our relationship like our conversation is becoming colder and More impersonal every Day and i Don t know what to do. I suppose you la blast me but if it helps. I won t mind. Answer Are you asking this child to solve the problem of your boredom because of course she can t. Yet when the Young sense in us Appeal for Relief from the emptine.?s of our lives they treat us exactly a. Your daughter is treating you coldly. Impersonal. Guardedly. They have to. They re scared to death that we re Gouig to devour their lives to fill the emptiness of our own. Do you know How Italy s immortal Dante opens his epic poem Quot the inferno Quot with these words Quot in the Middle of my life i Ceme to a dark Wood in which there was no straight which is where you Are. And there s nothing new about it. In the dark Wood of our Middle life we can see no straight path out of it because we won t see change. We won t see that the time has come to extend our personal parenthood of grown children who no longer need it to other children who do. So this is really a religious problem you re up against. It s a question of our willingness to open our eyes look around and find a place where what our personal motherhood has taught us is needed. It s always there a children s Ward in our local Hospital a Job in some child caring institution. With such new interest and experience you won t have to ask your daughter to join you in a cup of Tea. She will make it for you and ask you to join her in drinking it. Unless we find this different path in our Middle life s dark Forest it s the inferno hell itself into which we descend. Which is Why t Call this prob Lem of yours a Quot religious one. It s a religious one because it represents command to move past the limits of concern with our personal children into the Universal kind concern for All Young life of god s creation. Lar reits to rom Morrot this department welcomes letters on matters of current interest. Please be Brief not Over 500 words and courteous. Anonymous communications receive no it oils iteration but name and May be with held from publication on request. The daily Herald reserves the right to edit letters. Letters till not be returned Bond Issue the daily Herald now that the votes Are count again Issue i to was called and again the Defeated will the another election if you Are not a registered voter in the City by All a neans go to the City Hall in Biloxi and Register. The people of the newly annexed area will have to Register at the Biloxi City Hall if you Haven t already registered Quot. The hours Are monday through Friday 9 to 5 . Now we have to get our shoulders to the wheel and clean up some of the mess in our City. J. P. Walker the department of Revenue humbling thought this must make him feel pretty Good except that it May be a Little disconcerting to discover that the Way to win popular approval of the Way you re doing your Job is to Promise to give it up. Tizzy Murm a Public opinion poll shows president Johnson s popularity with the voters has zoomed since he announced he would curb the bombing of North Vietnam and would not run for to Rescue ing symptoms the frequent hijacking of planes by cuban bound Good neighbors�? airlines May have to install a relic of the bad old Western Days when peace and safety were assured by having someone r i de oldest and largest news serv a Cai Tonido a group of 20 congressmen really hit the ceiling recently when the civil aeronautics Board ruled that airlines must Start charging extra for inflight movies and liquor. The irate congressmen claimed the order was against the Public interest and that inasmuch As the extra charges would not be accompanied by a reduction in Basic fares the by one of its somewhat annoy order amounted to a fare hike. The congressmen voted no criticism of flight schedules or airline service in general. So their complaint seemed to boil Down to congressional concern that airline passengers ii Clud ing congressmen would be paying just As much for less getting where they were going to sooner and perhaps not getting As High while Gettig there. Of. Yes the cab order was held up Bible digest by Rev. H. B. Dean Quot the night is far spent the Day is at hand let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the Armour of romans 13 1 the person who has the Light ought to be shining. Quot let your Light so Shine that men May see your Good works and glorify your father which is in heaven. It

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