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Biloxi Daily Herald Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 1

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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Biloxi, Mississippi 40 pages today Gulfport local news pm. 8 Biloxi local news pm. 10 coast entertainments pm. 12 Jackson county news pm. 15 local amp National sports pm. 16 the associated press m and Nea features Herald building Gulfport daily he Rald Cloudy and mild Mississippi coast saturday afternoon May 11, 1968 Herald building Biloxi volume 84�?number 189state Senate barely musters quorum for meet Jackson miss. A a. Adjourned until 3 . Tuesday thirty Mississippi senators on i Sullivan told those present hand for a rare Friday session Drew thanks from it. Gov. Charles Sullivan but the 22 absentees came in for criticism. Quot i appreciate it and the state appreciates no quorum or que f 1 most of the time there was not tie Senate had voted to meet Amber. Only by counting sen. Emerson Stringer of Columbia who had Friday so lawmakers could extend their weekend at Home Long enough to attend precinct democratic conventions next tuesday morning. The Start of the session was delayed a few minutes so enough members could collect to make a quorum. Quot it is a sad commentary left earlier to visit the Hospital and sen. Vol Jones of Waynes i Boro. Who accompanied him did the Senate have a quorum to Start. Both returned later and three latecomers boosted the final count to 30. However newsmen counted a maximum of 27 in the chamber when it is necessary to wait and scour the Halls and Tele i at any one time phone Booths to get enough men at the session the Senate and ladies Here to conduct the passed Bills to abolish the in business of the state of missis dust rial feasibility act and its Sippi Quot Sullivan told those pros $125.000 fund designed to finance ent in his opening remarks. Quot i i feasibility studies for proposed would say More but it is no i plants the Plant engineering need to say it to you who Are j fund and its unused $169,300 when the lawmakers finally Stennis promises Wallace Mobile Ala a sen. John Stennis d-miss., has said in Mobile that third party presidential candidate George w a 1-lace is Quot a Man to the mississippian. In the port City Friday on a Lour of coast guard installations said the former Alabama governor Quot is an attractive campaigner and Speaks a language that appeals to Many people. He will get a lot of votes not Only in the South but also he predicted that Wallace Quot will do exceptional Well in the presidential race. In a news conference at to Jacuses for not getting bile s coast guard air station Evers is state Field i earmarked to help industries with Plant design and the Industrial revolving fund and its unused $125,000 designed to help finance new industries. All were set up during earlier administrations to lure Industry. Much of this work has been taken Over by the research and development Center and the funds were unused. The $413,-000 will go Back into the general fund. The House was in recess until 3 . Tuesday. Criticism also came from outside the legislature. Negro Leader Charles Evers sent a Telegram to gov. John Bell Williams it. Gov. Charles Sullivan and House speaker John Jun Kin saying the legislature had spent 19 weeks Quot doing practically he said Quot the people of Mississippi elected the lawmakers to get the Job done not to waste their time and our Money lagging around trying to find sex the Job reach agreement on talk procedure Miner. One of the 15 miners rescued from a flooded Coal mine near Hominy Falls w. A. Receives Paris apr american and North vietnamese negotiators reached agreement today on could Lead to an end of the War in Vietnam. The atmosphere of today s meeting was described procedural matters for Mon As a very Good Quot by an american Day of opening of talks which official. Has Ford scans chances for Wallace Point the atmosphere been very Good he said it had been agreed with his opposite number. Col. N of Van Lau that the Confer cyru5 r. Ance Deputy Lead nce will be conducted in two of or of the americ Aji delegation facial languages English and told newsmen after today s ses vietnamese with French As the Cinn Quot we have concluded All a we language. This Means Quot that each Side will use its own riot in Paris is crushed support after being brought from the mine. A wire photo president of Meef ing hot Springs a. Apr president Johnson arrived by helicopter at this Mountain resort today to meet with business leaders at the Spring meeting of the business Council. Some 100 presidents and Board chairman of the nation s largest firms Are Here this weekend to discuss Urban problems and other subjects concerning business and Industry. Rescue 15 men after five Days in Coal mine by Tom Kuhn associated press writer Salt Lake City a House minority Leader Gerald r. Ford says he expects George Wallace to Force the House of representatives to elect the next president. He said Friday the major political Battles of 1968 will be for control of the House As a contingency in the event the former Alabama governor deprives both major party candidates of thrown by youths republicans have to get and Sion procedural arrangements will go into substance on Mon to Day business of the Conier Vam a was emphatic on for any conference documents and statements which can be readily translated and understood by both sides. Enjoy smiling after today s second and final 2-hour and 22-minute procedural meeting. Lau was smiling broadly. As he usually does and Paris apr Gas masked told newsmen he was Quot very sat riot police crushed the latest asked if there would be and bitterest student revolt in a further meeting tomorrow he the latin Quarter at Dawn today said Quot tomorrow is sunday after 11 hours of tear gassing pressed As to whether a Viet clubbing and warding off rocks Nam cease fire would be the first order of business monday Dit ional Heln in at least eight Maurice Gri he replied Quot no comment. We More state s him-67 persons were in must leave that to the Heads of s us for Vesov n mice a and 468 arrested in what the Seit up tor be election m Michi Quot veritable guerrilla Vance said an Agenda for the Maior a Rev both j talks monday was not Dis in a nor. No is he students Olio varied in cussed m manpower and Money. Will i Nsnan on non be expended on gop candidates f Quot Ber irom 10,000 to 30 000 j Vance and Lau were reported for . Representative. We a i shaken hands at the representative need to get a majority in the Ford said. Mile of the French capital for several hours. This morning several Hundred students Hominy Falls . A children who has spent 20 years party candidate. Quot All the sex Wallace is expected to get / in a to 60 electoral a otes As a third Boulevard St. Michel and police again used a fifteen stiff and chilled min-1 working in the mines ers Rode a conveyor Belt to free we prayed and Sang and Cio via a v a. A to a Many and ii he does the elec a it j or a i or Noah t Dom today after spending five talked about living a better life Jjon will 20 to the House to de communist red general Conte j Jorden met reporters and issued 11 1 _. _. I. Tit _ t___1 ____1 1. 0 it to i re of t Onnor Onn f no n up flan i. Start of the meeting As they did the first time they met. Their opening round Friday also had been described As polite. Following the saturday session . Spokesman Villiam Stennis also said that the Federal government should prohibit the poor people s Campaign from demonstrating in great numbers in Washington next week. Warns on March he warned that the demonstration could result in violence and completely disrupt Public services and governmental operations in the capital. He said Federal authorities should forbid the Rev. Ralph David Abernathy. Successor to the late or. Martin Luther King or. As Leader of the Campaign to Lead a mass March. Instead Stennis said president Johnson should limit the demonstration to Small Token groups. Quot we should in no Way hinder the right of citizens to protest Quot Stennis said. Quot however the protest should be carried out in a manner which will not endanger the Public or tie up governmental operations. A a Jackson i attending the Friday ses Una 1 Ink Lyn Kkt Sion of the Mississippi Senate. A present 30 Barnett Brooks Rector for the National association for the advancement of coloured people. In another development the president of the Mississippi association of insurance agents issued a statement Friday saying the association would Welcome any objective study of the insurance Industry. 0. Shaw Johnson or. Of Clarksdale issued the statement after the Senate approved a Resolution authorizing a look at the Industry. The measure has not come up in the House. Johnson said he spoke for Quot nearly 5.000 Mississippi citizens associated with this Texas is raked by storms Days in a flooded Coal mine when we got out. We had a real cide Quot Ford said breathing its foul air feeling its religious Bunch Down i electoral vote dampness and sleeping on its it was believed the other 101 presidential Cai hard floor. J men were swept to their deaths j a 70 of the left behind deep in the Moun-1 monday noon when a break in gig toral College s votes. Ford ration of labor and the French 1 a statement saying the two confederation of democratic is Jeg have agreed on on on a labor Al cd a general strike ures for official conversations Quot pro entail candidate a nday in support of the to begin monday at 10 30 . Students who have been on a Roll Call in Senate by the associated press a we Klong siege of severe thunderstorms raked Texas with More weather violence today hurling Hail heavy rain and torn adic winds across the state from the Panhandle to the Gulf. Severe weather warnings were in effect through most of the night for South Central and Southeastern sections of the state As the storms continued into the sixth straight Day. Six persons were dead either it weather related traffic accidents or by drowning in Flash flooding which hit parts of the state thursday and Friday in the Wake of foot deep rainfalls. Numerous f u n n Al Clouds churned about Texas again Friday night but again As in other nights damage reports were rare and there were no reported injuries. Tornado sightings were As far apart As Dalhart in the Panhandle and Tomball and miss a me Pasadena in the Houston Vicin Ity. Tain were 10 of their Fellows for j the Wall to an adj Oming aban whom Hope was lost Long ago. I done mine shot millions of Gal Quot i knew we were going to get ions of water through the mme s rolling passageway. Quot nobody panicked everybody was real Cool Quot Walton said. Quot we just talked. Some of us slept. For a while we just sat and had a Good Bull session. All the boys had a Good sense of Good condition the condition of the miners was considered remarkably Good for men who had s pent raising dinner for rep. Sherman i quoth schools. P. Lloyd a Utah. He talks he archbishop of Paris is about party concern for the Wal sued an Appeal for Calm and top said Ottie Junior Walton the 39-year-old father of five Habih on fee system Jackson miss. A sen. Fit Jan Goth of time confined to a _ Jean Muirhead of Jackson gig rpm by Yent to their Man elected. Morning presumably to Brief diced a Bill Friday to i Equire 1 immediately after their a go tons the republicans 18. He general on the situation. He that All officials Canipe sated returned later in the j three states Are tied. S scheduled to \ Isit Romania under a fee system file annual morning for physicals at a hos each state is entitled to on vicar by week income statements with the Sec Richwood. One vote in a House election for the general strike on Mon rotary of state. Said if Wallace gets As Many votes As predicted Quot it would be almost impossible for any major party candidate to get the 270 Ford was in Salt Lake City Friday to speak at a fund week Long rampage demanding University Reform and release of arrested comrades. Set strike the federation of National 5 30 . Edt. It also was agreed Jorden said in response to questions for each Side meaning . Ambassador w. Averell Harri Man and North Vietnam s Nego education also decided to strike i iia or Xuan Thuy to make monday closing Down ail opening statements. Jorden said he did not know yet whether those statements would be re lace threat during a news conference. Later he went to Seattle. If the president had to be chosen in the House today dem ministers of the French government met in emergency session. The ministers including Jacques Roccard de Gaulle s closest personal advisor went of crafts probably would get their the presidential Palace this the first Miner came out of the measure was referred to the mine Entrance into the the fees and salaries committee Glare of floodlights and the wait for study. Ing arms of his wife and family at present sheriffs chancery court clerks and circuit court clerks Are required to file income statements. The Muirhead Bill would affect constables and justices of the peace. Mrs. Muirhead also introduced a Bill to require that a county s purchases be made by a Central purchasing office at prices limited in line with those offered i the state on a bid basis. South Mississippi Cloudy to partly Cloudy and mild through sunday with scattered showers and thundershowers More numerous in daytime. Low tonight 54-72. High sunday 76-84. U. S. Weather station located at u. S. Navy base in Gulfport 24 hours ended at 5 . High Low noon prec. May 10 .79 65 May 1171 78 Biloxi May 10 May 11 temperatures High Low noon prec. .78 64 74 80 by rain Campbell Cassibry Crook Decell Foster Henley Horton Jones. Mcllwain Mckinley Martin Mohamed mos by Muirhead Patridge Perdue Perry. Purvis Reeves Robertson. Buddy Rogers of Raleigh Fred Rogers of Meridian Scott Martin Smith of Poplarville Stringe Tucker and Wilson. Absent 22 Alexander Belk. Bodron Caraway Collins Corr Douglas Moodus Moore. Munro. Pace. Palmer. Pittman Powell Marion Smith of Natchez Theo Smith of Corinth Stone Strider Sumners White Wicker and Yancy. For Biloxi planners viewing appearance plan by Billy Ray Quave daily Herald staff writer Biloxi Community appearance plan a study concerned with the aesthetics of the City including five specific areas has been turned Over to members of Biloxi planning commission for study. Quot we h a be taken Many almost empty. The Mississippi Senate chamber was Only half full Friday As Only 30 senators showed up to conduct the state s business. It. Gov. Charles Sullivan had some harsh words for those not present Quot the a Nico Ujj toc or a Wiren Hoto months in its preparation Quot Louis c. Bisso president of planning services inc., new Orleans stated in the report Quot because the revitalization plan was Given preference in View of the urgency of pending Urban renewal Leo k. Crapo chairman of the planning commission said that by May 23, the members of his commission will have had time to study the plan and make a recommendation to the City Council. Quot it is not tied to Urban renewal in any Way Quot Grapo stated. However he said the plan could serve As a basis for an Urban renewal plan. In the introduction of the plan it was stated that there Are four stages to such a program a awareness commitment planning and action and the first three have been taken care of up to this Point. Quot this report is divided into two main sections the first is a Survey of Community appearance which included a general analysis of where the action is needed Quot the foreword stated. Quot the second develops a program of recommendations aimed at conserving attractive items c h a Nging de Tractive items with illustrative sketches and suggested Urban design in continued on Page two it at 5 20 . He had spent a total of 118 hours and 20 minutes in the mine since he reported for work at 7 . Monday. The others followed in Quick succession. As each Man stepped off the belts unaided a Blanket was thrown around his shoulder and he was led to a padded Bench. Black and wet they were Black from hard hat to Boot and wet from the water they had to Wade through on part of their journey. The lamps on their hats flickered through the gloom. At first the 200 friends and continue Al on Page Eigsti leased for publication. Ambassador Harriman Quot is pleased that the prac Duraj questions have been settled and the official conversations will begin on monday Quot Jorden added. Coup meeting on the basis of reports from Vance the . Spokesman described the tone of the meeting today As Quot Good and he said there had been no disc six a of an Agenda to be followed in the monday talks and no agreement to set a schedule for future sessions because that would be worked out from Day to Day. There also is no arrangement Ney As the vice presiden i transportation and the Gas and for either Harriman or Thuy to president i the Day the United states but if the republicans got the Orth Vietnam Are expect upper hand nov. 5, Ford said Jed to begin hard bargaining on Richard Nixon would stand the the Vietnam War at their Confer better Chance of becoming pros j ence Center about 2.8 Miles ident because Quot slightly More away from the riot scene could republicans in the House favor bring virtual paralysis to Paris such strikes in the past have Quot i Don t Rule out George rom meant shutdowns of All Public tial candidate either with Nixon j electricity systems or Nelson Rockefeller Quot he add highly placed French officials said they saw a connection be if the president were to be i to Viveen the rioting and the peace chosen in the House the vice talks. They pointed to some of president would be named by the student leaders who have the Senate. Preside Over the meetings. Apparently t be discussions will be carried on primarily As a give and take conversation Between the two principals. 40 years go in the daily Herald May 11,1928 from a daily Herald editorial Quot Mother s Day which i annually Falls the second sunday of May is one of the most deeply religious spiritual and Earnest of All the memorial Days celebrated by men and women. The Herald As a paper serving the mothers of the Mississippi coast takes this Opportunity to pay its Mark of respect especially to the mothers of the coast area and then to the mothers of the world whose influence whose love whose courage whose sacrifices and undying loyalty have meant More to humanity than any single contribution of the world s history other than the gift of Jesus Christ the 20 years ago Quot in the daily Herald May 11,1948 mrs. Julius Wiggins was elected president for the Pascagoula Garden club at a meeting held at the Garden Center on Washington Avenue. Other officers elected were mrs. J. S. Russell vice president mrs. Ivan Murray recording Secretary mrs. George Anderson corresponding Secretary and mrs. Lenore Kleisner treasurer. Quot republicans have never before put As much emphasis on the House and collecting Money Quot Ford said. As for the Money Quot we re doing quite Well twice in the nation s history the House of representatives he added that it had been been labelled As considerably agreed each Side would be per More militant than France s fitted to have up to 20 Persona communists. A at the monday meeting include the nation s big communist i eng members of each official party came out today in favor of student demands for release of arrested leaders and reopening of schools but the regular party reds have been shouted Down at has had to elect a president rallies by Young pro peking ele Thomas Jefferson 1800 John q. Adams 1824. Ments chills. Trotskyist and Anar delegation interpreters staff a 3 s i s t a n to stenographers record keepers and the like. It also has been agreed that the two sides will Exchange lists of the persons who will participate monday. From this Jorden continued on Page two state dems a. See mixed convention by James Saggus associated press writer Mississippi democrats May have their first racially mixed state convention since the turn of the Century when they meet july 2 in Jackson. Party leaders from various sections of the state Are expecting some counties to Send at least some negro delegates to the state convention and some expect the state convention to elect an integrated group of National convention delegates. Negroes began participating in precinct conventions eight years ago and the number swelled four years ago to the Point where they elected some county convention delegates. The procedure by which the state democratic party selects its National convention delegates and presidential electors begins tuesday with the precinct conventions. Although there has been nothing in the Law to prevent negro voters from participating in the precinct conventions by custom they did not until this decade when More of their race registered As voters. There Are enough negro voters in some counties to control a majority of precincts and win a majority of county convention seats. If they do they can elect negro or mixed delegations to the state convention when the county conventions meet May 21. Quot i expect some negro delegates to the state convention Quot one Long time county democratic Leader and state official said. Quot but i Don t expect any trouble a we Haven t had any in the past two presidential years when negro political participation was a Novelty. Quot our White voters Are accustomed now to negro although gov. John Bell Wil cams has not made any statements about what policies he will Back at the state convention reports circulated that he has agreed to a racially mixed delegation to the National convention. The National party has made Clear it expects delegations from the South to be biracial and the election of racial barriers was regarded As a certain Way to denial of National convention seats. The state party feels this will be the first wide open democratic convention in years where the South s votes May be decisive. Capitol sources say Williams does not want to miss a Chance for Mississippi to exert some influence on the party by insisting on an All White delegation. Actually in some areas negro and White democrats have had quiet working agreements form As they both opposed the Freedom democratic faction. These agreements could result in mutually acceptable biracial delegations to county conventions unless political pressures Are exerted effectively by one line segregationist groups. Although the precinct Conven. Tons will play an All important part m the process of naming state and National convention delegates the Over All effect probably won t come clearly into perspective until the county conventions meet a week later

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