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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, Biloxi, Mississippi Italian Hope for peaceful terms mount Hope for German polish reconciliation grows As fascists Ponder implications of new pact Alliance Milan Italy May 8�? up a Hope for German polish reconciliation grew in italian political i Isles today As fascists pondered the implications of their new military and political Alliance with Germany. Informed fascists who expressed this Hope reasoned that Premier Mussolini would not have agreed to such an Alliance As was announced yesterday if he had expected it to involve him in an Eastern european conflict almost As soon As it was signed. The announcement yesterday at the end of two Days of talks Between count Galeazzo Ciano and Joachim von Ribbentrop italian and German foreign ministers said Quot it was decided to establish the relation of the two states of the Axis definitely As Well As from the formal Point of View in political and military the pact still was to be drafted in detail. The fascist Hope for a German polish settlement was strengthened by a belief that Italy in recent Days had exerted influence both in Berlin and Warsaw to promote a Compromise. General opted ism the daily Herald associated press leased wire Nea service Herald building Biloxi missis ii i coasts monday afternoon May 8, her building Guli Kart a volume Xun Imber ss7 the general optimism displayed in official quarters Over the likelihood of a Pacific solution of the Danzig question Between Berlin and Warsaw was taken As indicating Italy was satisfied that Germany would not attempt a forceful spi ution. Some observers believed that Ciano received definite assurances to this effect from von Ribbentrop before giving Italy s assent to the pact of Milan. The statement in the official a communique that the Accord was j intended to Quot contribute effectively to assuring peace in Europe Quot was cited in support of this View. Fascists also hailed the agreement As demonstrating first that the Rome Berlin Axis was destined to remain intact despite foreign speculation on its fragility and second that the Axis Powers were carrying out their determination not to go on the defensive in the face of the More vigorous policy adopted recently by Britain and France. German italian Aliance called new Hitler Bluff Warsaw. May 8�? pm the polish afternoon press today Tenned As Quot new Hitler Ite Bluff Quot the announcement of a military Alliance Between Germany and Italy. Newspapers maintained that the agreement disclosed at Milan yesterday had not changed in the least the insistence of Poland that it would not be influenced by what Wieczor Warszawski caused Quot new methods m the German policy of a the pro government Kuijer Czerwony whose views May be regarded As fairly official declared Quot an understanding with Italy became necessary for Germany in order that the Wilhel Strasse the German foreign office might have something to show the Public As apparently tangible Success. Quot a succession of diplomatic defeats the polish British Alliance the refusal of Japan and Spain to enter a military Alliance x x x and the speech of foreign minister Becky to mention Only a few gave Berlin a Strong desire to show the Jerman people that they could at least count on Italy. Quot but there can be no doubt that Italy does not want War and that 1 above All italians do not want to Soo foot plunge Hopkins says pessimism is unwarranted fight and expose themselves to possible catastrophe simply because the germans want legislators still in session lawmakers of 15 states confronted with Many problems blocking adjournments not an anti pact one authoritative fascist insisted however that the pact was Quot not directed against the precise terms of Tjie agreement probably will be decided on within two weeks after which ratifications will be exchanged. Thus would be replaced the informal unwritten agreement in which Premier Mussolini and Reich fuehrer Hitler have worked together As Axis partners. From Virginio Gayda authoritative fascist editor came Assurance a that Hitler had no intention of Quot precipitating events Quot in his demand for polish approval of a return to Germany of the free City of Danzig. Gayda said Germany would wait for Poland to resume negotiations and hoped Britain and France would Quot recognize their error and responsibility in time and leave Poland free to Lead her own Britain and France have pledged military assistance to Poland in event Poland considered her Independence threatened plan to exhume four More bodies autopsies to be made to determine whet Lier Poison caused deaths of group Philadelphia May 8�? up a detectives checked Back Over records of Dro Ings in the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers today on the theory some of those who met such deaths might have been among the estimated 100 or More victims of a widespread murder for insurance business. At the same time. District attorney Charles f. Kelly announced plans to exhume four More bodies for autopsies to determine whether Poison was the cause of death j nine bodies already have been sex i Hume Poison was found in eight 4 and the ninth death detectives say was caused by intentionally running Down the victim with an automobile. Kelly asked Coroner Charles h. Hersch to compile the list of drowning victims whose bodies showed head injuries. Two such death already have been charged to the ring. Continued of piss two Vancleave votes school Bond Issue new 160,000 school jul replace old Vancleave school banding voters of the Vanc Kave or Bluff Creek dec Tim of Jackson coimt7 saturday by a vote of 238 a of and 34 Wainst decided to Issue $33,000 in school Bonds to Mahdi a $27,000 pea allotment for a new school at Vancleave. 0�cid� s of a soc county said this morning that construction i was expected to Start As soon As Joffee pea released the necessary if this which would be after july 1. I plans Call for the abandonment lift the present school and site and to uis Ilion of a new location. The lip red site is on the main i ii Ray through Vancleave some Dis a North of the present school new Iii dung will include a facilities tor a la steadier Chicago May 8�? up a weary legislators in at least 15 states had a slightly sour look today when it they thought about Golf baseball or fishing. Springtime fun of that sort was not for them yet. Four months or More since they convened in january they still were immersed in budgets Relief old age pensions sales taxes and other i weighty matters of state an associated press Survey showed. The solons plugged away at legislative tasks which were expected to keep them in session until Jime and probably longer. The Ohio legislature in session 18 weeks becoming restive but with adjournment blocked by Relief and appropriation problems corf Sideres doing something about it. A House Resolution proposed a constitutional limit on the ses cont nixed on nage ten May festival at pass christians. Joseph s holds event with miss Menendez and Arthur Hursey reigning pass Christian May 8�?in a Garden of roses lilies and other Flowers. Miss Bettye Menendez daughter of or. And mrs. Joseph Menendez of pass Christian and new Orleans reigned last night As Queen of May and Arthur Hursey son of mrs. We. J. Hursey reigned As King before an audience that packed the Lawn of st. Joseph s school where the May festival is held each year. The festival opened at 8 o clock with the Dukes maids and King entering the Garden to await the arrival of the May Queen. Her crowning took place As the she entered the Garden at an improvised throne at the West end of the grounds. Miss Menendez was loudly applauded As she was crowned Queen. A continued on Page two Bishop rites363 members of Biloxi and Gulfport Catholic churches receive confirmation plunging Over a 300-foot embankment near the Croton n. A Reservoir Bridge this car crashed in the spillway of Croton dam killing the Driver. Max Jauch of Astoria l. I. Photo shows battered Auto being hoisted to the Bridge. Bishop r. O. Gerow d. D., of the Natchez diocese on sunday administered confirmation to 363 members of the Catholic churches in Biloxi and Gulfport. The first class was at st. John s Catholic Chur main Street Biloxi at 10 30 o clock. The second class was at st. John the evangelist Catholic Church 25th Avenue Gulfport at 3, and the third class at the Church of nativity Howard Avenue Biloxi at 7 30 o clock. There win be another confirmation class tonight at the Church of nativity Biloxi with 60 adults in the class. Making the total confirmed 423. The confirmation class of the Church of the nativity Biloxi attended the 8 30 o clock mass sunday morning and received communion in a body. The girls were dressed in Long White dresses and wore wreaths and veils. The boys were dressed in White with red Arm bands. Rev. We. J. Leech pastor was celebrant of the mass and was assisted in giving communion by Bev. Francis Quinn. Russel Sentell read the acts be Ctet taxed on Page two soviet Aid needed Lloyd George asserts London May 8�? tiv Peppery David Lloyd Geors Britain s world War Premier told the House of commons today that Britain s army general staff so cold be Quot confined to a Lunatic Asylum if its members had advised the government that Britain could successfully defend the Independence o Rumania and Poland Witt out the Aid of soviet Russia. Candidates set for campaigns Thomas Bluey to visit Gulfport wednesday group invited to address convention Jackson May 8�? up a Mississippi s forthcoming gubernatorial Campaign May produce some music to rival the hillbilly tunes of Texas political gatherings of last fall. Quot one of the Best five piece string bands in Mississippi has volunteered its services to accompany me Over the state Quot or. Mark w. Gantt old age pension Leader campaigner annoy med saturday. The band he added will furnish music for my opening address in . Gantt and mos of the other candidates in the crowded seven Man Field although Busy several weeks now in speaking before non political gatherings have yet to set dates for their first out and out political blasts. Lieut. Gov. J. B. Billy Snider sent up a trial balloon saturday however launching into his platform in addressing Scott Smith and Rankin county voters during a merchants Day rally at Morton. Outlines platform the lieutenant governor outlined his planks favouring Industrial insurance and Quot development of the vast Power resources of the Tennessee Valley state representative Thomas l. Bailey was among those with a strenuous week of informal speech making ahead. The Meridian legislator who spoke before the state Junior chamber of con Pierce meeting at Greenwood saturday was to be in Sim Flower county today in Jackson tomorrow Gulfport wednesday Meadville thursday and Back to Jackson Friday. Lester Franklin and his Campaign manager t. Davis have just completed a week s swing through South Mississippi. Campaign highlights in the capital City tomorrow will include the continued on Page eight declares s. Chamber of Commerce does not represent sentiment of most business men in country Washington May 8.�?<ip a Secretary Hopkins said today Quot pessimism Quot among members of the United states chamber of Commerce was unwarranted and added that Quot i Don t think for a moment that they represent the views of most business men in this he talked at length at his press conference today about the chamber s recent meeting in Washington. But he told his listeners it was because he was i prepared to talk about other things. Hopkins who has been recovering from intestinal inf Luemiza came Back to work today after a weekend River cruise with president Roosevelt. Quot they certainly spread a lot of gloom Aro Imd town Quot he said of speakers at the annual chamber of Commerce meeting. Quot there was an awful lot of pessimism and i do not belong to that school of thought i found it pretty Dull Reading and none of this pessimism is warranted by the improvement of business on a Good Many business encouraging Hopkins declined to discuss tax revision or other specific business proposals because he said he had been out of touch with Washington for ten weeks. He did say he found business conditions encouraging. Quot let s take the building of private houses Quot he said. Quot we have got those now at a rate greater than at any time since 1929. Quot we have got Industrial production 24 per cent higher than in the first Quarter of 1938. We be got retail sales 5 per cent higher. Quot we be got National income in the first three months of this year at the rate of $66,000,000,000 for the whole year against $62,000,-000,000 last year. Quot we be got the whole construction Pic Tiu a infinitely better in fact 43 per cent higher and with private residential building alone 83 per cent he added with up Ial emphasis Quot i Don t mean to indicate for a minute that there has been satisfactory reemployment but i Don t believe that it would warrant such a dismal tone As expressed at that he predicted a Quot steady and modest Rise Quot in business for the remainder of this year. King and Queen get foretaste of Amma saying Quot Goodby Quot to King George and que i Elizabeth Cotter ambassador and Joe Idi a. Kennedy Are shown with the Royal couple at u. S. Embassy party in Honor of Britian Moo Ardia before they sailed for american visit. New pact viewed Liff Quot As cock att Eimil France braced to resist another Quot Munich Cycle Quot by Hitler and Mussolini Paris May 8�? it pm of Ranee today viewed the italian German pact of Milan As an attempt to Start Quot another Munich Cycle Quot and braced herself to resist it. Informed French circles believed Germany and Italy now to be bound in a political and military Alliance rather than the informal Axis relationship had three immediate Aims 1. To have Premier Mussolini intervene in the polish German dispute Over the free City of Danzig As he did in last september s crisis in German Czecho slovak relations. 2. To set up a Quot macedonian free state Quot in Yugoslavia whue croat serb minority negotiations break Down the free state to be Italy s Quot political Domain Quot in Quot Reward Quot for supporting Reich fuehrer Hitler. 3. To amp jew fascist demands on fran a Fri Are african Iso dings. Leaders rally people Morgan enters race for sheriff Bilouian formally enters race for sheriff and tax collects of Harrison county w. M. Morn or. Of Biloxi today makes his formal announcement As a candidate for sheriff and tax collector of Harrison county. His announcement Quot i am a mississippian and a Democrat i am a Man with a family. I have spent half of my life among the people of Harrison county and it is my ambition to serve them As Sheri and tax collector. Quot i have been in business Here and am known to Many people. A record stands open for inspection. Quot if elected i Promise to serve the people efficiently. I will be diligent in executing duties of tiie office without fear or indulgence to Siy person or to any interest continued on to to Lead Parade state legionnaires win Honor to head convention March third straight year Jackson May 8�? up a Mississippi legionnaires will Lead the National Parade of the american legion for the third successive year when the Mammoth procession swings Down Michigan Boulevard in Chicago in september. R. W. Morrow state adjutant and Wilkes h. Davis st amp the commander received official notification from National Headquarters in Indianapolis today of Mississippi s Victory in the annual membership contest and the state s right to head the Parade. National commander Stephen f. Chadwick messaged Quot i want to pay my personal respect and High comply Merit to you and the entire department of Mississippi for having for the third time accomplished the membership objective which gives your department the privilege of leading the National convention Parade in Chicago. Legion organization is most proud of your great achievement. Best wishes for you continued Georgia will March in second place behind Mississippi and Arkansas will be third. Tex toe workers May join a leaders of labor organization begin Campaign to bring group under Banner Washington May 8�? up a leaders of the american federation of labor began today a Campaign to bring 1,250,000 textile workers in Der their Barmer amid Cio claims that they had no right to the United textile workers Standard. In the face of such claims Al representatives met with delegates to a Ute convention. Francis j. Gorman president of the Ute who left the Cio s texture workers organizing committee to Foin the Al contended that court decisions in three states gave his group rights with respect to the Ute. The Cio on the other hand has called a convention of the two and the Ute for next monday in Philadelphia saying the two organizations would be need at Tutt time. Continued on Page eight batted Ball fatal Leesville la., May 8�? of a a batted Ball during Rural baseball play struck Frank Kenneth weeks 8, directly Over the heart and killed him saturday at his farm Home near Leesville. The dim was buried sunday. French leaders rallied the people to meet Quot this War of nerves Quot which they said Italy and Germany were waging to prevent formation of an effective British French bloc including soviet Russia. Prennier Mussolini s forthcoming speaking tour recalled his oratory of last september. Yugoslav internal developments worried the French about As much As Daz Izig. With Italy firmly planted South of Yugoslavia through the Conquest of Albania and Ger continued on Page eight state physicians meet at Gulfport state medical association and affiliated bodies to hold 72nd annual convention enjoying voyage Empress of Australia encounters stiff Breeze of first full Day at sea aboard the liner Empress of Australia May 8�? up a King George i and Queen Elizabeth both Good sailors Are enjoying their voyage to Canada and the United states free of seasickness which is More than some of their party Cotile say. The liner Empress of Australia on her first full Day out of Portsmouth yesterday encountered a stiff Breeze and did considerable pitching. As a result there were several absences from the divine service in the liner s main dining room but the King and Queen were there in front joining heartily in the responsive readings and singing. Early today the liner and conveying warships ran into a Haze and slowed from 17 to 12 knots. The Squadron went into fog forma a Tion with the liner leading Fonow continued on Page ten neutrality Law nearing Choice Congress expected to decide soon Between present Law and Pittman Bill japanese Aerial raids continue heavy loss of life and property in repeated attaud on China coast nearly 200 Mississippi doctors were registered today for the opening tomorrow of the 72nd annual convention of the Mississippi medical association and As Many More expected to be on hand for the initial sessions of the convention that get Imper Way tuesday morning at hotel Markham. Three affiliated organizations of the state medical association held their opening sessions today with unusually Large attendance. These were the Mississippi state Hospital association the Mississippi state paediatric society and the Louisiana Mississippi ophthalmological and society or association of Eye ear nose and Throat specialists. The convention proper of the state medical men will open tuesday morning with a meeting of the Council and House of delegates and subsequent meetings will be arranged by the House of delegates. Election of officers and the selection of the next meeting place continued on Page eight judge Murphy convenes court fourteen jurors empanelled to serve during week criminal cases the regular May term of county court for Harrison county opened this morning at Gulfport with judge George Murphy on panelling 4 jurors to serve during the initial week of the term but a Call i the docket of criminal and civil cases set for the opening Day disclosed nothing ready for trial and he jurors were excused Mitil tuesday morning without being called into tiie jury Box. Three of the criminal cases set Lor today appeals from the Biloxi police court were dismissed with writs of proce Dendo when the defendant failed to appear to prosecute his amiels. Of of these were against Marivin Fayard one diary my red Tav driving and the coot mid of pig a get Washington May 8�?the congressional Argi unsent Over neutrality legislation appeared today to be narrowing to a Choice Between the present Law plus renewal of the Quot Cash and Carrjr Quot system and the plan proposed by senator Pittman a Nev. This leaves one principal question to be settled shall the United states refuse to sell a Amas and ammunition to warring nations or shall it agree to make the present Law places an pm the present Law places on embargo on i motions whenever the president finds a state of War exists somewhere in the world. The Quot Cash and carry Quot Section which expired a week ago permitted the Sale of certain other american goods to belligerents if they paid Cash and transported them in foreign ships. Would repeal embargo senator Pittman chairman i of the Senate foreign relations committee wants to make the Quot Cash and carry Quot system mandatory Lor All american goods including munitions. This in effect would repeal the arms embargo in the present Law. In a separate clause his Bill provides for designation by the president of combat areas into which american ships could not go under risk of severe penalties. He is considering modifying this Section however to provide such lit penalties that ships could cruise in danger zones by violating the Law but without their operators rising heavy punishment at Home. In other respects the Pittman Bill parallels the present Law by setting up safeguards designed to keep american citizens out of War provoking incidents and to forestall financial entanglements. Endorsement expected should the administration As is expected endorse the general principles of Pittman s plan it probably will urge that greater discretion be Given the president in the Law s application. The Bill now provides Turt the president wouli9 have to inv de it if a declared War broke out should an Quot undeclared Quot War develop either the president or Congress could make the Law effective. Body of Canton Man recovered Jackson May 8�? a National guardsmen from Canton recovered today the body of Mack Kelly 22-year-old Canton lumber Mill employee who drowned in the rain Sworen Pearl River North of Here Sim Day. Kelly a member of a picnic and fishing party attempted to swim from the West to the East Bank of the Swift flowing Stream. He Sank As he neared Shore. A comp Amon just fund to Readi the struggling Man Beccne in disappeared in the Muddy Waters. Shanghai May 8�? 5 a Japa Nese warplanes caused great loss of life and property today in repeated Atta Al orig the South China coast to Stop goods of military and commercial value from entering the coi try. Authorities closed business places and ordered the people to move Inland to escape tie raids which chinese officials said were Quot reckless Quot attempts to Quot break chinese an increase of activity of japanese armed forces was noted near Amoy where warships were con Stanty coming and going and aircraft were passing apparently headed toward Inland raids. Official chinese quarters vigorously denied reports Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek planned to move his government for the Miira to a tie Noirot finest Dom i japanese news Agency reported that Chiang Kai Shek flew to Chengdu to consult his military leaders about shifting his capital there. Nothing definite however was known Here about the Generalissimo s whereabouts. Banking and Hankow were the previous seats of government chunking bombed wednesday and thursday with heavy damage and a casualty toll estimated at 4,-000 to 5,000, was besieged today by rupees who fled last week but were forced by him Ger to return. Authorities gave great quantities of thin soup to the populace which had dwindled from an estimated 2,000,000 a week ago to about 300,000 after the raids. Electric service was partly restored in chunking. The disposal of the dead and debris was going on at an increasingly rapid Pace and permitted the rep ung of streets and sections into Whilt i the returning refugees were def pm Damn hoi Mim Taii misty of Imu turn de tit Monte Fai Dudlo Dtta Contrat Mew Heliy a Cha Pok ability of imminent Der i Cimenti in the i deadlocked be ilium Nero Tiati obd betwee Utu Minous a miners and i Eaton was indicated today or. Join r. Steel Man diff conciliator far Flie u. S. Labdor . After Tom roaming Sessi at which it was Pecau iced or steel Man Presa ted a comp Athnise proposal the a a frees deceased on Tell Lajja. Get. The May be an Insp Arlont development during the Day Quot or. Steelman said Init the deemed to amplify. Or. Steelman gave no indication Eitter of the nature of his proposed comp conure to end the work be of 460,000 soft Coal miners in 26 states. He said merely the fuel Scarcity was becoming Mem acute and that he would press anew for immediate settlement daily a meetings the four operators and four United mine workers officials have met daily since March 14. Ump demands for either a closed shop or elimination of strike pan Alty clauses led to the conference stalemate. It was reported president Roose velt might Call the negotiate in to a peace Parley in the White House unless they sign within a Day or so a contract to replace the one that expired last april 1. Increasing reports of Coal shortage and the depressing effects of the shutdown on general business have heightened adminis Ratics anxiety. The president took has first direct role in the controversy last saturday with a Telegram to the conference urging a speedy agreement Quot the Public interest is. Paramount and above that of any group Quot he declared. Quot i caution the negotiators of both sides to keep this in body mat intervene. In Pittsburgh or. James h. Greene vice president of the local chamber of Commerce said that the u. Chamber of Commerce might be asked to inter it Vene and added Quot Quot if president Roosevelt can t remedy the situation organized business must do authorities have estimated the shutdown greatest in the Coal Industry since 1922, has Cost the miners $10,000,000 a week in wages and railroads at least $il,-000,000 a week in freight revenues besides throwing additional thousands of Railroad and Industrial but of employment 5 Quot in new York City mayor la Guardia asked employers to Quot stagger Quot the hours of their employ to relieve the morning and evening Quot Rush hour Quot Burden on the City s three subway lines two of which have Cut service 25 per cent because of diminishing fuel reserves. Urge Imrch to Recife workers or. Tittle discusses right of employees to organize set a up pension fund Kansas City May 8�? of a or. Ernest Bremond Tittle of Evans ton 111., today urged the newly limited methodist Church to recon my the right of its employees to organize and to set up a pension fund for All of its workers. Quot let the Church go so far As to take the initiative to lift up the standards of employer employee relationships Quot said or. Tittle. Quot let the Church pronounce the right of its employees to he pointed out in an address before the lug Ting conference that the Chur i employs not Nutly pastors but janitors and a wide Range Cost trued of Page tip it Bankers gather for 51st meet Iii 400 Bankers expected for Biloxi conv Minimi fint meeting Faig afternoon Mississippi Bank were assembling at Biloxi today for their most annual con volition which formally opens at the but i Vista tuesday morning following a conference this after nun a ducted by j Din j. Driscon jr., Philadelphia Bank analyst Over 400 Are expected Fin the ses Simu. Toni to the executive committee and Farmer presidents of the association meet for dinner for wed by the Busineau meeting of the executive committee. President w. A. Mon Granery Edwards convenes the meeting tomorrow Skumin followed by committee reports. J. C. Tair state depart Mol of a brie collapses50-Fopt Concrete pier which Suner draw Span top Para into Bay the ponderous 50-foot Concrete pier which for 12 years had supported the swinging draw Span of Popps ferry Bridge toppled in a eastward plunge to the Bottom of the Back Bay of Biloxi at Midnight saturday immediately after a surge Crew of a it makers directed by supervisor Walter Nixon had succeeded in lifting the 200,000-Pound Span itself onto two heavy barges and had moved the Structure barely far enough to escape involvement in the pier collapse. The pier circular in Section and about 9 feet in diameter at the top had reared its head about 10 feet above mean Low water and had reached downward another 40 feet to the tops of grouped piling sunk �5 feet in the Bay Bottom. Sinking of the piling in of continued to Page Elk by Concini Orlof pact is favored Jap news Agency reports two leaders favor Bill Story agreement with Axis Powers Tokyo May 8�? Fly Domel japanese news Agency said today that . Suehiro Ita kit Banister of War and general Kun Niaki Koiso overseas a Dniester had told the japanese press the favored conclusion of a military agreement with Germany Ai Italy. Domei guardedly quoted men. Itagaki As saying that if Germany desires Quot it is not impossible Quot for Japan to a Mcclude an agreement similar to the italian Gaman Genany and Italy deeded yesterday to advert their or Biondi into a formal military and political Alli Aux. Gemeral Koiso was As saying he believed Degoti Silaya were Imper Way for such a Jact but a whether such Degoti is materialize Deimendes on Shefter Italy and Germai Folly to do stud Ira pan s to Tiuis in East Asia As we As Taein in Gex any Italy and Japan were understood st to be trying to find a formula on which to base a Paci if amp fences were said to exist within tiie Jaq vianese government a fim amp Aje conference net Yeste 4aid Latria today be per Ledly to Jacw Genu Sonbi

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