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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, Biloxi, Mississippi Edition candidates for miss Biloxi shrimp Queen announced. Served by associated press Stuj theh ?.� i m Bot �the daily Quot Herald serving Biloxi Gulfport and the Mississippi coast Siace 1884 monday with a a temperature change. Chance of thundershowers today. Highs in the upper 70s with lows in the mid 6qs. Details on Page a-12. Volume 88 number 215 Mississippi coast sunday morning May 7, 1972 7 sections 86 pages single copy 20&Quot j Moscow a the soviet Union launched another Cosmos satellite saturday the 489th in the series begun March 16, 1962. Tass said the Mullite made its first orbit of the Earth in 105 minutes in an orbit the a High mint of 627 Miles and a we Point of 609 Miles. The Angle of the Orbital plane to the plane of the Earth s Equator was Given As 74 degrees. Heidelberg Germany a at least five persons were Icille and 15 injured in a Chain reaction collision on the fog shrouded autobahn near Here police reported. The autobahn was bloc iced in both directions after cars and Trucis piled up on one another after racing into a fog pocket. Northampton England a quintuplets were born Here saturday but two of them girls died within hours and the other three boys Clung precariously to life. The quilts were bom by caesarean Section to Susan Furlow 24, who had been Given Fertility drugs. She had been pregnant 33 weeks. They were her first born. Helsinki Finland a the . And soviet delegations to the strategic limitations talks had their first plenary meeting saturday since the american chief Delegate ambassador Gerard c. Smith returned from Washington on tuesday. The meeting the eighth in this seventh round of talks and the 121st Over All was described As Quot very hard working. Quot Paris a Hanoi claimed that three . Plants were shot Down saturday Over Ortli Vietnam. A dispatch by the Hanoi delegation to the Paris peace talk said two planes were shot Down Over Nan a province and one Over Thanh Hoa province. The dispatch said that on May 4 and 5, three other . Planes including a Corsair a7 and two f4 phantoms were shot Down Over the provinces of Nghe an a tink and Quang Binh while coastal artillery set afire six . Warships. V new Delhi a Indian and pakistani forces in Kasmir stopped shooting saturday on orders from their respective capitals. Artiller and infantry attacks began Friday and continued into saturday until the ceasefire orders came from new Delhi and Rawalpindi the Indian defense ministry announced. Saigon a a . Air Force cargo plane that normally handles 90 passengers brought More than four times that number of refugees into Saigon on a flight from the Central Highlands the air Force said saturday. Spokesmen said the 394 refugees were mostly Young women and children dependents of South vietnamese military men in the threatened Highlands. Washington a the White House announced saturday agreements with Japan and seven european countries aimed at curbing further import inroads into the american steel Market. The foreign producing countries apparently agreed to curb their exports lest Congress enact protectionist legislation that could have placed even stricter limits on their shipments. Thurmont my. A president Nixon working at his Mountaintop Lodge received reports saturday from the Vietnam battlefields. Aides reported Nixon was Quot following the Vietnam situation and working on Domestic Louisville by. A Meadow stable s Riva Ridge the favorite led All the Way in winning the 98th running of the Kentucky Derby saturday by 3v4 lengths Over . Strauss no be Hace. Details on Page b-1 Springfield Iii. A nine persons were killed and 32 injured saturday in a fire that destroyed a provisionally certified nursing Home that had been checked by state fire inspectors two Days earlier. The cause of the fire was not vet determined. Five americans of Hough dead in crash rescued Affer surviving 13 Days in vietnamese Jungles Plesku. Vietnam apr five americans presumed dead in a helicopter crash were rescued saturday after surviving without food for 13 Days near an Airstrip captured by the enemy. Three were badly injured. . And South vietnamese planes have been flying daily Over the Airstrip in the Central Highlands. A radio Call for help was picked up saturday afternoon from a Point about four Miles away from the wreck where two of them had walked. Several questions about their Rescue remained unanswered. These included where they obtained their radio Why it took 13 Days for them to make radio Contact and Why they had to walk four Miles before getting a radio message through. There was speculation that the two fittest had set out to walk for help through enemy held territory and on the Way had found either a radio or parts to repair a radio which May have been broken. Americans four Crew members from the helicopter and six advisers who were believed to have died when their aircraft was seen to crash in flames. No further information was available on the Fate of the other five. Field reports said they had no food during their ordeal. Since North vietnamese spearheaded by tanks rampaged through the Airstrip Dak to ii and nearby Tan Canh nearly two weeks ago Allied helicopters spotter planes and other aircraft have passed a dozen or More times a Day Over the area. No signs of life have been reported and from the air Dak to and Tan Canh present a devastated appearance. When the two americans walking South finally made radio Contact there was Long questioning of Triem to make sure they were not North vietnamese trying to lure Allied aircraft into a trap. The one who did the talking was one of the helicopter Crew and the other was an adviser. They were picked up two hours after their first message was heard and were Able to direct other aircraft to where the three other men were waiting. First reports said erne of these men had a broken Back one two broken and one a broken leg. The helicopter crash at Dak to came after John Paul Vann senior . Adviser plucked nine americans from just outside the perimeter at Tan Canh. Wallace captures delegates in North Carolina primary Viet attempt fails to open vital pass by Edwin q. White associated press writer Saigon apr the South vietnamese attempt to reopen the Supply route Frohip Plesku to Korntum in the Central Highlands appeared to have collapsed saturday after the enemy wrecked a base and recaptured a vital pass. Despite the South vietnamese setbacks the North vietnamese still held off from an offensive that has been expected momentarily in the Highlands. Thi Maior Fishtine in the Central world affairs forum slated for monday the world affairs forum sponsored by the City of Biloxi and the Biloxi chamber of Commerce will begin monday at the Buena Vista hotel. The forum also known As the National Security seminar is being conducted by the Industrial College of the armed forces and is open to the Public. Tickets May be obtained from the Biloxi chamber of Commerce or at the forum registration desk at the hotel. Capt. Elliot Ranney user re general chairman said persons May Purchase tickets for one session instead of a Booklet if desired. The schedule for tomorrow is As follows -9 . Band concert 930 ., opening ceremony and orientation 11 ., lecture. Foundations of National Power 1 20 p.m., lecture. Natural resources 2 40 p.m., film soviet sea Power today 3 20 p.m., lecture a Highlands entered six Miles North of Plesku on Highway 14, the Supply route and at Chu pass seven Miles South of Korntum. Korntum is 27 Miles North of Plesku the major base in the Highlands. The North vietnamese struck hard at a South vietnamese brigade Headquarters known As fire base 42, six Miles North of Plesku. Advancing under a mortar barrage enemy sappers smashed into the base damaging bunkers destroying several artillery pieces and killing or wounding 100 South vietnamese in a three hour attack. The defenders counted 36 enemy dead inside the base. One . Adviser was killed. Associated press correspondent David j. Paine reported from the base that smoke was still pouring after Daylight from the command Post Bunker the main target of the attack. Maj. Michael Haynes 55, a . Adviser who survived the attack told Paine the ene Niy opened with a rocket and mortar barrage to pin Down the Garrison while sappers slipped into the base. The sappers put bandages on their hands and Knees to avoid cutting themselves on the per Pieter wire Haynes related. Quot once inside they got zapped he continued. Quot i saw one of our men virtually decapitate two of the North vietnamese. He shot them at close Range with an ml6 Rifle and you know what that Bullet does to Skull farther North the South vietnamese on thursday launched their first counterattack since the enemy offensive began March 30 and scored an Early Success at Chu pass on Highway 14. South vietnamese officers said they cleared the pass and one Convoy from Plesku got through to Korntum before the North vietnamese struck Back. The South vietnamese were driven from Chu aft it a a Ria of Fiir Heinit by Gregg Herrington associated press writer Raleigh n. C. A Alabama gov. George c. Wallace Riding a wave of election year popularity that has surprised even himself at times won the North Carolina primary saturday and crippled former gov. Terry Sanford s Hopes of becoming the dem italians seek to solve woe in elections Rome a Italy s big com Raunisi party is being put to a test in elections for a new parliament starting sunday. In the face of a rightist backlash it could lose votes for the first time Siace world War ii. Such a trend would allow the nation s largest party the Christian democrats to go Back to a Center coalition that led Italy in the postwar years of its economic Boom. But if no such trend develops the probability is that Italy will be left with a new parliament As divided and squabbling As the last which was dissolved in february with new elections called a year ahead of schedule. The noisy and sometimes violent Campaign ended at Midnight Friday. The 37-million voters had saturday to consider their choices in the polling sunday and monday. Issues such As Italy s 6.1 per cent unemployment rate the stagnant Economy and a severe housing shortage were All but lost in the Campaign of violent discord Between the left and right extremes. The Christian democrats backed by the roman Catholic Church and the mainstay of governments for 27 years were expected to remain Italy s dominant party. It polled 39.1 per cent of the vote in 1968. But the party found itself in a crossfire Between the communists and Neo fascists each vying for votes at the expense of the Center. Any polarization of votes would weaken the chances of the Christian democrats in forming the coalition that would be needed to govern this country of squabbling minority parties. The communist party the largest in the West and the major opposition party in Italy was fighting to remain the Choice of one of four italian voters As it was in the last elections. But in addition to voter discontent Over strikes and Street violence which observers say May Lead to a rightist resurgence the communist also faced a Challenge from Ultra leftists parties. Peking oriented these maoists claim Italy s Moscow line communists Are More interested in rising wages than waging revolution. Hoping to capitalize on these conditions Are the Neo fascists who ate waging their noisiest fight for votes Smice the old fascist party died with Benito Mussolini socratic party s leading dark horse presidential candidate. Wallace who has said he wants to shake the Eyeteeth out of the democratic party this year appeared Likely to finish with More than half the total vote in the five Way race that included Sanford Black new y<u1c Congress woman Shirley Cmari Iosim and two u. S. Senators who had previously dropped out of Active campaigning. With one third of the precincts counted Wallace had 50 per cent of the vote compared to 38 per cent for Sanford. Mrs. Chisholm had 8 per cent. Trailing far Back were sen. Edmund s. Muskie of Maine with 3 per i rtt a la ten Nick Farriar capt. Tran Van Tuan bearded and sporting a Chest full of medals carries Flag during Parade saturday through the n a empty streets of Hue South Vietnam. The 70-year-old Veteran of the French and South Viet Niini it a i it Armit it c in Nart of he a it it defense division Quot a paramilitary Force of the militia made up of government workers and civilians charged with the last ditch defense of the old Imperial capital of Hue against the North vietnamese. A Wiron Hnton he radio from Shiffon Man of Rachunes info Unale. Preparing of defend beleaguered City Hijacker escapes to Honduras by Richard Blystone by the associated press two Domestic sky jacking ended saturday with the parachuting of one Money Laden air pirate into an isolated Region of Central America and the Landing in Cuba of a War protester who vowed he d keep commandeering planes. The extortionist bailed out of from an Eastern air lines Boeing 727 jetliner with 1303,000. One report said he jumped into the Jungle country where the Borders of Mexico British Honduras and Guatemala meet. Another put the escape area in the mountains in Honduras. He left Little Trace it was the second successful extortion hijacking of a plane. Last november a num Callig himself . Cooper parachuted to Freedom in the Pacific Mha a in i inn Northwest airlines. The Eastern Hijacker described Only As a Vietnam Veteran about 45, took control of the plane with 48 passengers and seven Crew members aboard an hour after the flight left Allentown pa., Friday morning on its Way to Miami. The armed Man forced the plane to land at Dulles Airport outside Washington then demanded the Ransom in Exchange for the passengers. He released them along with an ill Crew member. The Jet took off and landed again at Dulles for a change in the Bill denominations. It finally flew to new Orleans. There lie switched to another aircraft and headed for Central America. Having obtained two Bush knife ii imn i inc Iuta a Raa i h�i1m�fe drink cigarettes the Money and six parachutes the skyjacker bailed out sometime before Dawn. The Crew landed in Mexico and went straight to bed after the 21-hour ordeal. Several hours after the Eastern hijacking a to dishy dressed youth commandeered a Western airlines Jet shortly after it took off from Salt Lake City. At in scheduled Stop in los Angeles he allowed four children and seven adults to de plane then ordered the jetliner to Dallas tex., where a fresh Crew boarded the Short Range Craft for a flight to Havana. Nine More passengers left at the Texas fuel Hig Stop. The skyjacker dressed in red Che dered Mart and Blue trousers had said he wanted in on to a inti Hiis for Poilu me Vietnam a the last ditch Volunteer defenders of Hue paraded saturday past shops closed with Iron grates past knots of noncommittal bystanders and past the bastions of the City s old military might a thousand men from a 15-year-old in a White sport shirt to a 70-year-old Man with a Chest full of ribbons and a Long White Beard they have been gathered against a North vietnamese attack that is a foregone conclusion. Quot if Hue Falls Vietnam Falls Quot said i yen due Mai a teacher and political adviser to Hue s so caused Quot division of the government has provided 20,000 weapons for volunteers to defend the City if die cannot hold off the North vie turnese. Tie provincial government but is that As Many men will heed a get posters calling for volunteers. of citizens have returned to that Naaf turn Riata Hilt Tonii Saarts were still Riding southward saturday in buses and overloaded trucks. . Officials estimated Only 50,000 remained out of a population of 200,000. The Parade had elements of the Noble and the ridiculous. A military band played a Shade off key. The men in the ranks wore a Jumble of Black pyjamas camouflage uniforms and tattered sports shirts. Some of the troops wore boots some sandals. Militiamen civil servants and a Quot commander s regiment Quot of a half dozen retired officers were represented. The Flag bearer was the Beri phoned bearded 70 year old. He is capt. Tran Van Tuan retired when the present War was starting. He had fought 18 years for the French and 14 for the South vietnamese. The column marched from province Headquarters across a Bridge Over the foul smelling or fume River now empty of its gliding s9. Pans and past the frowning Walls of the Hue Citadel where the Viet Cong Flag flew Onhree weeks in the of Lofio cent and sen. Henry m. Jackson of Washington with 1 per cent. President Nixon had no Active opposition for North Carolina s 32 Republican convention delegates. Texas has no presidential primary but democrats and republicans were scheduled to begin the delete selection process at precinct caucuses saturday nit. Among the primary contests drawing the most interest was the race for the i democratic bomb nation for oven or. 1 gov. Preston Smith sought against it. Gov. Ben bams of tour state rep. Dolph Briscoe and state rep. Frances Faren Triold. I also on the ballot was a nonbinding Opi i Nion poll on school busing to achieve racial i desegregation. I the busing question also was an Issue in North Carolina. Wallace said Sanford had i donated Money to a Florida group that supports forced busing. Sanford said the Money went to a group promoting a Resolution in Florida s March 14 primary for Quality education for All. Mcgovey was in Nebraska Riding a Campaign train and seeking votes in that state s May 9 primary. He urged an end to the Vietnam War and criticized the administration s economic policies. Nixon s director of communications said in Portland ore., that the administration does not discount sen. Edward m. Kennedy d-mass., As a presidential candidate. Herb Klein noting that Kennedy is on Oregon s May 23 ballot although he has repeatedly declared he will not run this year said Quot i Don t think i could give you Odds but i could on in Sav we Don t Rule him plans school lunch revisions Washington a the White House said saturday president Nixon will Send Congress a comprehensive program next week to revise and Reform school lunch and breakfast programs. Under the legislation Nixon will ask for an extra $44.5 million for various school nutrition activities. However he has directed Secretary of agriculture Earl Butr to offset the increases by an equal amount in other areas so the Over All budget will not be affected. Two democratic presidential aspirants Sens. Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota and George Mcgovern of South Dakota criticized the Nixon proposals. Each claimed in a statement that the president s plans could mean denying food to Many children. In a statement Nixon said the most important change he will propose would offer incentives to the states for expanding school lunch breakfast programs so that each Dollar spent on them will do More Good. In place of the present apportionment system for Parcelin out Federal lunch breakfast Aid Nixon wants to substitute a performance system. He said Quot under the performance system the More pupils served in a state the More Federal assistance it receives. This arrangement establishes an incentive for states to insure that All needy children will be fed. The legislation also would guarantee free lunches for children from families below thib poverty line. At present schools have the option of offering them free or at inside obituaries. A-2 editorials.a-4 dimensions. A-5 sports. B-1 stocks. B-1, b-2 womens.c-1, >5 Lively arts. C-11 in perspective. Classifieds. D4,

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