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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Biloxi, Mississippi X v Quot a Quot a Quot a it a. Quot i. 44 pages today Biloxi local news pm. G coast entertainments pm. 10 Gulfport local news pm. 14 local amp National sports mpg. 16 Herald class finds pm. 28daily he Rald associated press a and Nea features Herald building. Biloxi Mississippi coast saturday afternoon March 11, 1961 Herald building Gulfport volume 77�?number 136 subject to change House action on jobless benefits Bill completed no change in support Price of naval stores Washington apr increases in government support prices for Rice Dairy products and peanuts were ordered Friday by Secretary of agriculture Orville l. Freeman naval stores the Secretary said there would be no change in the support prices for gum naval a stores turpentine Rosin. Freeman said the increases should increase farm income from $1 billion to $2 billion Over Levels which would have prevailed if the increases had not been made. President Kennedy had approved the increases to help producers of the commodities and also to strengthen the National Economy the Secretary told a news conference. Milk support the new support for Rice effective on this year s crop was put at $4.71 a hundredweight compared with $4.42 for last year s crop. The support Price for milk used for manufacturing purposes was set at $3.40 a hundredweight compared with $3.22 previously in effect. The support for butterfat was put at 60.4 cents a Pound compared with the old rate of 59.6. The new Dairy supports went into effect immediately. A a but Mississippi one of 10 not participating Washington apr the House has completed action on president Kennedy s emergency unemployment benefits program. The Senate has barely begun work on it. A voice vote Friday sent to the Senate the final piece of the two Bill package a measure that would make children of the unemployed eligible lor the same benefits now received by children without parents or whose parents Are disabled. Companion Bill the House last week passed the companion measure which would provide up to 13 weeks additional unemployment benefits to jobless who have exhausted their present rights. This measure has been stalled in the Senate finance committee which will open closed door meetings tuesday to consider possible amendments. As passed by the House the extra jobless benefits would Cost an estimated $990 million to $1 billion. Like the child Aid measure it would expire june 30, 1962. If All 50 states chose to take part in the child Aid program and a number of states already have indicated they will not it would Cost the government an estimated $305 million with its 50-40 Federal state Matching formula. Government officials reported no verdict in Cuba trial of american six sentenced in Harrison circuit court just be glad you re not a Chihuahua. Resting her head on a cast that is bigger than she is Cha year old Chihuahua Waits for her fractured leg to heal at Angell memorial animal Hospital in Boston. Cha fractured her leg falling Down a flight of stairs. Nea telephoto Ole miss senior denies activity in integration earlier this week that 10 states the support for peanuts was set have indicated they May not participate in the program because of Lack of Matching funds or other reasons. The states Are Arkansas Florida Georgia Iowa Mississippi at $221 a ton for this year s crop compared with $201 24 last year. The support level for the 1961 production of gum naval stores was continued at last year s level f13 i0ja Mississippi of s2r 9� a qty Tharri har Roi of North Dakota. Nebraska South of $28.98 a Standard barrel of pirate gum processed basis. In replies to queries. Fireman said it would be difficult to pre diet just what Impact the increases would have on consumer prices. He said he believed that on a per unit basis the increase would be Small if any. For example he said the increase was equivalent to Between one half and one cent a gallon of milk. Rice Rice growers at a recent conference with administration and congressional leaders had urged an increase in this year Quot a Federal acreage allotment of 1,652,596 acres for the crop. Freeman said that he had decided not to authorize an increase. Gum naval stores Are currently produced in Georgia. Florida Alabama. Mississippi Louis Ana. South Carolina and at times in North Carolina. The major Rice producing nates Are Arkansas. Louisiana Texas and California. Protest Choice of new pastor Carolina South Dakota and Virginia. The Senate finance committee completing Public hearings on the 13-week Extension measure Friday heard a plea by Secretary of labor Arthur j. Goldberg for approval of the House Bill without change. Amendments amendments would throw the Bill into a House Senate conference committee causing further delay. Goldberg urged enactment in time to Start extra payments by mid april. After he Bill becomes Law he said there Are administrative Steps required to Start the i flow of payments to Long id a workers. Sen. John j. Williams a Pel said he planned two amendments. One would substitute pay As you go financing for the deferred plan in the House Bill. It would step up collection of the 0.4 per cent increase in employers payroll taxes by making it retroactive to Jan. 1. The Bill now defers collection of the tax until january 1963, did january 1964. Williams also wants the Bill to prevent retired workers from receiving unemployment compensation. Goldberg asked that he Nold this amendment until the Prosi Forest miss. It a it a the Rev. W. A. Gamble clerk of the Central Mississippi presbytery said a protest against hiring an Dent proposes changes in the Bas orthodox presbyterian minister Jjck unemployment compensation from California has been Over it Law in a later Bill ruled. I another amendment previously was announced by sen. Joseph Sclark d-pa., who contends hat As written the Bill would reduce benefits available for unemployed pennsylvanians. Five pastors and three elders protested the membership of the Rev. James Erskin Moore into the presbytery As pastor of the Macon and Center Point presbyterian churches. Ine Kev. Or. Gamble said he did not know whether the minority opposed to the appointment would. Appeal the presbytery s action to i a pfc aft fit higher Church courts. Vwt�13 Towai fair weather of . Today Oxford miss. Apr Billy c. Barton 20-year-old senior at the University of Mississippi and a candidate for editor of the student newspaper denies reports that he was Active in integration activities. He accused pro segregate i o n forces Friday of drumming up the charges in attempts to prevent his election to the mississippian Editorship. Citizens Council Barton of Pontotoc revealed copies of letters apparently originating from the citizens Council in Jackson and sent by the state sovereignly commission. The letters said he took part in a sit in demonstration in Atlanta ga., last summer and was a member of the National association for the advancement of coloured people. He described the a act membership charge As Quot preposterous Quot and said anyone who said he took part in any sit in demonstrations is an outright Barton said be worked on the Atlanta journal last summer a did was assigned to help cover a sit in at a downtown store. Barnett comment he silk lie corresponded with govt i Ross Barnett chairman of the sovereignty commission and Barnett replied Quot certainly you realize that i have no control Over reports circulated by Barton said he was considering libel and slander proceedings against at least two persons on the basis of the reports. He said the reports show Quot the extent to which some unscrupulous people will go to destroy even a native born Mississippi College student in order to serve their own vicious the sovereignty commission previously sent the Campus a report from a citizens Council source that Barton was Quot very dangerous Quot and was being selected by integration forces for Quot advanced training report the report said Ralph Mcgill whom it identified As Quot editor of the Atlanta journal Quot had Quot taken Barton under his Wing Quot and this Quot Means that Barton is Well regarded in left Wing circles As a promising Young Man. And has been selected for advanced train Barton said he had never met Mcgill who is publisher of the Atlanta Constitution Albert Jones a sovereignty commission director declined to confirm that he had forwarded the report on Barton to the Ole miss head of auditorium at n. O. Slain judge Leslie b. Grant sentenced six persons prior to the adjournment saturday of the two week february criminal term of Harrison county circuit court. Ruth Pauline Stephens 31. Was sentenced to three year terms in the state Penitentiary after she pleaded guilty to Possession of narcotics and to accessory after the fact to grand larceny. The sentences were suspended on Good behaviour and she was placed on probation for three years in each Case. Principal witness a a adventurer accused in conspiracy Havana apr military a t i thormities said today no verdict has j a transport squad been reached in the military trial a the Many air guard units to train at Gulfport base a a a new Orleans fighter group and a Ray Scheuering killed in fight on expressway new Orleans apr a. Ray Scheuering managing director of the municipal auditorium and onetime assistant athletic director at West Point was shot to death Early today during a scuffle involving an of duty policeman on a new Orleans expressway. Two booked police supt. Joseph a. Giar Russo said patrolman Norbert i. Habighost 25, and his companion Arthur Glowacki 23, a restaurant chef were booked with murder. The policeman was also suspended. A woman who Rode in the car under Bond with r Habighorst and Glowacki was booked As a material witness. Her name was not immediately available. Deputy chief Alfred Theriot said two guns were involved. Each fired one Bullet police said. Officers Haven t determined which gun fired the fatal Bullet. Quot this thing is far from being pieced together Quot Theriot of Gradsky indicted by Hinds jury of american adventurer William a. Morgan and 13 others accused of conspiring against the Castro government. A military tribunal was reported Friday night to have sentenced him to death. No verdict but defense attorney Jorge Luis Carro said this morning he had been advised the tribunal had not yet returned its verdict in the trial which ended Friday. Carro miss Stephens a former dope to an and addict was the state s principal Jesus. Carreras had witness in the december arrest of a Biloxi pharmacist on a charge of illegal Sale of narcotics. The pharmacist Sam Feinburg been sentenced to be shot and the under the 1961 program at the air National guard permanent training site at Gulfport. Col. William g. Holmes site commander said the 159th fighter group from new Orleans and the 183rd aeromedical transport Squadron from Jackson will be in training from june 4-18. Units listed during the summer training sessions. Air National guard units from Mississippi Alabama Louisiana Arkansas and Kentucky Are scheduled for duty at the Gulfport same information appeared in a a municipal Airport facilities. Government papers this morning. Nevertheless military authorities said no decision had been reached term and was fined $11,000. \ f Ames Kennard changed plead-1 the a Arlly a accounts said mor ing to guilty to a Possession of Igan a 31-year-old Soldier of for narcotics and was fined $1 000 tune Jad been convicted of trea and costs of court. Kennard was 30&Quot there accounts continued remanded to county jail to Servel morgans cuban 3rd Graf 117-out the Fine. Tall William e. Cagle 30, pleaded Morgan s cuban defense Law guilty to a false pretence charge Jackson miss. Apr the Hinds county grand jury Friday indicted Howard Meadors one of the former operators of the now defunct insured savings and loan association on several charges. They include illegal use of securities fraud in obtaining exemption certificates embezzlement of $500 and embezzlement in Purchase of a deep Freezer. At the same time the jury recommended further state regulatory legislation for savings and loan associations in the state. $8�mbr�rkf� ii was not aim i Gradsky Dewey d Angelo and Roger d Angelo operators of the association have been fret under $5000 Menfi sit ice Chancellor Stokes Robertson or. Closed the company s eight officers in Mississippi three weeks ago. And was fined $500 and court costs. The court suspended $100 of the Fine on Good behaviour. R. A. Vogle 28, pleaded guilty to 10 counts of false pretence Vogle was Given a suspended three year sentence to the state Penitentiary and was placed on probation for five years. He expects Quot Good but said Quot Hope is not lost Quot and that he expects Quot Good but military Appeal courts rarely overrule sentences handed Down by revolutionary tribunals. The appeals court agreed to hear the arguments of lawyer Luis Carro this morning. Colonel Holmes said the 159th is equipped with f-102 Delta Wing Jet aircraft and the 183rd Squadron is equipped with c-119 flying boxcars. Approximately 1,500 officers and men from the two units will be at Gulfport during the training period the colonel noted. The 117th tactical reconnaissance Wing Flora Birmingham and Montgomery ala., Meridian miss Smith Ark. Will be at Gulfport during the second training period july 2-16. The reconnaissance Wing composed of approximately 2,200 officers and men is equipped with rf84f Jet aircraft. During the period of aug. 6-20, Billy g. Ross changed pleadings i it withi\2f hours if the to guilty to six counts of for sp181 18 reacted. That Means Gery. Both Ross and Elmer Ray Fil?1 Drof d0ome,d with Nobles who pleaded guilty to the to 5l of sus Carreras former same Rhar a w j a Schlef of staff in the Castro army same charges earlier were sentenced to five years each in the Penitentiary and placed on probation for five years each on terms of Good behaviour. Other dispositions in other dispositions in Ell Lillian Slayden guerrillas in 1957 As a major. Before the trial ended Morgan pleaded innocent and insisted his Faith still lies with the revolution. Morgan has been locked up at la Cabana since his arrest last Robertson had agreed to return the loan firm to Gradsky if Ali Ward Dave Pascagoula. Depositors of the company were a 1959 manslaughter indictment Glowacki was shot in the right a reimbursed by last tuesday. Against mrs. H. B. Rigby of Ocean leg during the fight. Gradsky had agreed to put up Springs was passed to the files. Scheuering. In his late 40% the approximately $280,000 needed Case involved the fatal injury mrs. Pleaded innocent to perjury and trial was set for june 21. Rape charges against Ray Anderson 19� Hugh Mil 21, both of Hattiesburg and Jerry Slayden. 2l Picayune were continued to a october the june term. Pleads innocent also continued to the june term a it a a a a. A a. Was a perjury charge against la he told Edward Francis m abased pc t cd Gen English Quot a a my slowly and almost inaudibly he continued Quot i guarantee this court that if i am found guilty the death sentence must be car a the 123rd tactical reconnaissance Wing from Louisville by. And Little Rock Ark. Is slated for training. 1,500-Man unit composed of approximately 1,500 officers and men the unit will Fly the twin engine b-57 aircraft. Colonel Holmes said the third Squadron of the 123rd, based at Hutchinson Kansas will be deployed to another base for participation in a special air Force exercise. The two squadrons based at Gulfport will also participate in a joint air Force army exercise colonel Holmes stated. Colonel Holmes said several other smaller units will also train at Gulfport during the summer but a firm schedule has not been established. Army might be executed Early sunday. During his two Day trial at la Cabana fortress Morgan was accused of supplying arms to anti Castro rebels in the Scambray mountains a the same rugged peaks where he joined Castro s served As an aide to Lawrence to pay off depositors. Biff Jones West Point athletic director during world War ii. Is widow witnessed the shooting. Question suspects Giarrusso called a press conference to discuss the shooting but delayed it while officers continued questioning Habighorst and the others involved. However when the Date expired without any action by Gradsky Robertson advised the receivers of insured savings to begin lieu Dation proceedings of remaining assets., Robertson said the firm now has about $150,000 in Cash. Other indictments were expect. Red to be announced Early next of Trie a a a a a a a a or. Albert Oster 39, one of me week a five passengers in Scheuering s Apenir Cairn car said two men drove past them Gulfport pair arrested and flashed what appeared to be i Dewey d Angelo 33, Gulfport police identification. I311 operator of the savings and loan Oster said Scheuering stopped a association and James e. Brooks the car. Scheuering and a. J. 35, Gulfport identified As a for Stahl. Another passenger got jut. Mer employee of the firm were both the physician said Habighorst arrested Friday night by the har and Glowacki stepped out of the r Rison county sheriff s office on re vehicle with drawn guns and be quest of Hinds county sheriff j. F. Gan arguing with Stahl. Gilfoy. It. Edgecumbe draws some 670, students each year from Aras by the associated press where High school education is fair weather covered most of not available or whose parents i the country today but rain Snow Are financially unable to Send land Snow flurries continued to them to Public High schools away plague some Northern areas from their own villages Pacific coast maintained showery weather from Northern California northward with scattered Snow flurries in the Interior. Snow also fell in portions of the upper great lakes Southwest lower Michi and widely scattered areas weather news Southeastern Mississippi partly Cloudy through sunday named to Post Vicksburg. Miss. Apr co. Alexander g. Sutton or. Has been named director of the . Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Quot succession Quot of lows off the station Here effective july 1961. Sutton 47, succeeds col. Edmund h. Lang who has been assigned overseas duty. Sutton is attending the army War College at Carlisle Barracks a. He is the former 17th Engineer battalion commander at fort Hood Tex. Stahl who said he did t believe the men were officers told police a fight ensued and Stahl. J____1__1. A a lug. I inuit a a i by a mud Nuigi Tuioi Over the expressway railing in the scuffle. Then Scheuering approached. There was gunfire and Scheuering dropped. Glowacki said that the Scheuering car attempted to Force Habig Horst s automobile into an expressway railing. He said Stahl swung at Habighorst who was in civilian clothes. He said that Habighorst s gun appeared to go off accidentally. Another of duty policeman patrolman John Meyer who drove up on the scene within a minute after Scheuering was shot disarmed Habighorst. Winter also aggravates the school Supply problem. The sheriff s office said a Telegram received from sheriff Gilfoy stated a capias for the arrest of d Angelo and Brooks had been issued but did not disclose the charges against the pair. _ _ the associated press in Jackson Julf i finn nfrirfll1 said the Hinds county District at a in we a Torney has declined comment on al i a a the Case but More indictments Are a is of Mil Iris of a state Highway department i will walk to the execution Wall with no escort with Mora strength and with a Clear con worker who a Mai a by an a a to Mobile As he was making repairs tvs the Biloxi Ocean Springs Bridge. Judge Grant overruled a defense motion for a new trial in the armed robbery conviction of Estas Edward Smith. Smith 51-year-old Arkansas Man has been sentenced to 30 years in the Penitentiary. Morgan looked Haggard with traces of a blonde Beard showing on his face. The head of the tribunal was a Captain who wounded a u. S. Embassy employee during a Row outside a Havana nightclub last december. At another trial 18 months ago when a group of cubans faced the court also overruled a de that sense motion for a new trial for Clyde w. Clemens jr., convicted by trial jury thursday for burglary and grand larceny of the Biloxi High school. On recommendation of the trial jury Clemens was Given consecutive sentences of five years in the Penitentiary on the grand larceny count. A Story published in the Friday edition of the daily Herald inadvertently stated that the sentence were to run concurrently. Expected to be revealed monday. It could not be immediately determined if d Angelo and Brooks were arrested in connection with the savings and loan firm Case visit Kennedy Washington apr the 33 members of the executive Board of the National Council of Catholic women went to the White House Friday met president Kennedy and got their picture taken with him. A Little warmer today with highest 65�0f the Northeast to 70 today and sunday. Lowest to-1 More rain or Snow is expected. A pm. M. A a 1 night 45 to 50. Southerly winds 10 j during the Day in the upper lakes motor Vellcig Low mc1its Apfell i to20m.p.h. Outlook monday partly with in area of scattered showers Muter ten wire to r Cloudy and mild with Chance of spreading Froid the lower Ohio showers. Valley southward to Northeast South Mississippi partly Cloudy att a soars or Snow tour and a Little warmer through Sun Day. Widely scattered showers. Lowest tonight 45 to 52. Highest sunday 70 to 75. Ries were forecast for the Central appalachians with More rain due in the Pacific Northwest. Fair weather covered most of u. S. Weather station located at a the rest of the nation with read a. S. Navy base in Gulfport 24lings generally in the 40s and 50s hours ended 5�. South of a freezing line extending High Low noon rec from the Northern Rockies East March 10 .59 36 a Ward to the great Lake Down March 11 46 into the Ohio Galley and eastward to the Atlantic coast. U. S. Weather station located at. Mercial standpoint. The whole purpose is to eliminate motorists will be Given the months of april May and june to receive the first of the yearly inspections which will concentrate on brakes lights steering tires and Windshield wipers. The brakes must be Able to Stop without pulling to one Side. The lights must be Strong enough and in proper focus with wiring and reflectors in Good condition. The steering must not have too much play. The Windshield wiper on the a Driver s Side must function prop Eric Small Craft report pms urea p,."0 Quot a r l. Morgan the inspection will stress safety Gulf winds port Arthur Tex., to j Mcdonald was admitted to the Ltd associated press. Weij checking tires. No Cord May Pensacola Fla southerly 12 to Hosp Taf thursday nigh for treat plan to he More tha 500 when be exposed and a tire must be 22 knots with partly Cloudy weath so a acute in we g0 into operation Quot i free of boots knots bulges and or and isolated showers through Section Joe slated to re purpose of the act is to cuts of one Inch length and Down by James Saggus associated press staff writer Mississippi s new motor vehicle inspection Law will go into operation april 1 and the Stream of cars to inspection stations will begin. The Highway patrol which will supervise the administration of Biloxi yacht club 24 hours ended Mcdonald better the Law reports Between 500 and at 6 . Pittsburgh Ufi a David j. Goo private garages and service High Low noon prec. Mcdonald head of the United a stations will be licensed to inspect steelworkers Union was reported i trucks. On ready to go March 10 March 11 56 40 47 60 in Good condition and resting com a portably today at mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh. Mcdonald was admitted to the. Quot we be got Over 400 ready to sunday. River stages Pascagoula River at Merrill miss., 21.6 feet Down .2 of a foot. Forecast Little change. Pearl River at Pearl River la., 16.1 feet up .3 of a foot. Forecast Little change. Chive a Complete medical Check in. Eliminate mechanical troubles As the us Leader is expected to the causes of traffic accidents remain hospitalized for several Quot we re not trying to take any Days a Union spokesman said. As cars off the Road Quot he said Quot but t 1 t. Ill a a _ a a 1 no vttam4 via tvs Ltd May la no a l Resuli he will miss a meeting in Honolulu next week of a Long Range committee established by the us and Kaiser steel corp. We want them in Good working order. We re approaching the inspection program from toe safety standoff int end not from a com to the Cord. If a vehicle fails to pass inspection the owner must have it repaired or repair it to meet requirements before he can operate it. Repairs May be made at the inspecting garage or elsewhere. A fee of $l2s will be charged for the inspection with the garage getting $1 and the rest going to the state. The inspection will require 5-20 minutes depending on the condition of the vehicle and the Type equipment used at the inspection station. The state will permit the station to use a variety of equipment if it is capable of rendering a proper Check. After june 30, Highway patrolmen and other Law officers will join in making spot checks to make sure All motorists have had vehicles inspected. After inspection cars meeting requirements will show a window sticker signed by the inspecting station. Failure of a Motorist to comply with the inspection Law makes him liable for. A $50 Fine and 6-month jail sentence. Morgan said he Felt the Public generally supported the new safety inspection Law and Quot i am confident that we will see fewer High Way fatalities once this new Law gets into Jackson miss. Apr policeman Wilburn Burleson died Friday night of head injuries received last week when his motorcycle crashed into a car while he was chasing a speeder. Hospital officials said the 25-year-old patrolman never regained consciousness. Burleson s motorcycle skidded into a station Wagon driven by Fae Carole Wroten 16, As she was emerging from the driveway of her Home. Police said Burleson was chasing a car that had sped through a school zone. The speeder was not caught. Morgan himself pried open As a counterspy Morgan suggested hard labor for the guilty instead of execution. Some were shot later anyway. His part in exposing that plot projected Morgan As a National hero in Cuba. He was put in charge of an experimental Frog farm that exported $2 million Worth of Frog legs to the United states. Last october the Castro government arrested him and charged he used the farm As a cover to smuggle arms to anti Castro rebels in the mountains. Wife leaves Quot when Morgan was seized the cuban wife he married after the revolution took Refuge in the brazilian embassy Here with their two children to escape arrest. She left the embassy a few Days ago for an unknown destination. V Olga Morgan was tried in absent a with her husband and 11 other defendants. Eight were sentenced to 30 years in prison and three were acquitted. Only Morgan and Carreras were ordered executed. The Fate of Morgan s wife was not announced. But sources said among these acquitted was Mario Marin former chauffeur for Morgan. Marin turned state s evidence in a dramatic twist near trial s end and backed up the government s charges that Morgan had worked funeral arrangements were in actively with counter revolutionary Complete. Admits setting fires at school new York a a Young student at a Queens rabbinical Seminary has admitted setting a series of five fires at the school. Police said he told them he did it because he was angry with school authorities. The student Pesach Pasternac 21, cuban born but raised in israeli was charged with arson. Police said Pasternac came to this country last year at the invitation of the Forest Hills school the rabbinical Seminary of America. They said he required special tutoring. When he had a disagreement with school officials he Quot thought of getting even by setting the place on fire Quot police said. Students at both Wrangell Institute and it. Edgecumbe Are gathered and dispersed each year by a massive Airlift ies. Marin was captured last month while fighting with the rebels in the Scambray mountains. Morgan s appearance in Cuba came to Light when the government threatened a few years ago to take away his citizenship or fighting in a foreign army. But Morgan saved Washington the trouble when he renounced his citizenship in 1959 and declared Quot i am Morgan s first wife an american. Divorced him for deserting her and their two children during his cuban activities. Morgan was adventurous As a boy never finishing High school. While other youngsters were playing baseball in his Cleveland neighbourhood he read adventure stories. Quot he simply could t wait to get out in the world Quot his Mother once said. Quot by the time he was 16, his dad and i knew it was no use trying to keep him at Home any of new Polaris submarine held Portsmouth n. H. Apr the Navy today prepared to com Mission a $200 million Polaris missile submarine a one of the most powerful fighting machines Ever built a As a pacifist group threatened to Board her in a Campaign for total disarmament. The colourful and traditional ceremonies turning the .s. Abraham Lincoln Over to her Crew were limited to 2,000 select spectators at the Portsmouth naval shipyard. Even though the general Public was not admitted to the base Navy and civilian police kept a close watch on municipally owned Pierce Island just across the water Fig the berth where the Lincoln was tied up. Pacifist groups in recent months have tried boarding expeditions from canoes and rowboats in other places. The new England committee for non violent action a pacifist organization told officials it planned acts of Quot civil disobedience Quot including an attempted boarding at the intermediate missile firing undersea maps Vicksburg miss. A the Mississippi River commission saturday announced publication of the 1960 edition of flood control and navigation maps of the Mississippi River. \ the map Folio contains an Index and 62 maps covering the lower Mississippi River from Cairo 111., to the Gulf of Mexico. 40 years a a go in the daily Herald March 11, 1921 it is Learned through a personal Friend of governor Russell that he and his family will occupy their summer residence on East Beach near the soldiers Home on Jane 1. He will look after his executive duties at an office in Gulfport and return to the Capitol october 1.while the trend in the South 49 is toward consolidation in Alaska the reverse is. True. 20 years ago in the daily Herald March 11, 1941 Lonnie Emerson Luther Maples jr., Leffie Bishop and Harlan Wright members of Gulfport High school debating team represent their school at the state High school debates at Jackson. The subject of the debate will be Quot resolved that the Powers of the Federal government should be increased four other debaters Eleanor Bernheim Hunter Khz hair Mae Turner and George Thatcher will also attend the meeting

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