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Biloxi Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1920, Page 2

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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Biloxi, Mississippi Fact two toe daily Herald Biloxi and Gulfport Mississippi coast u Mattko fett softail matter at the Post office at Biloxi Siw. Under the catered a second class mail matter october 14, 1909, at the a Siv to Fider the act of March a 1897. G�otop0�t p�ob3lishe& daily except sunday g. W. A Vilaj a sons. Publishers Biloxi miss porn pad by Geo. W. Established As weekly in Biloxi in 18w made a daily in 1898a at amp big ahead in gut port in 1909. Associated press the associated press is exclusively republication of All hews credited to it or hot otherwise san Stow tile local news published Here. All rights of republics herein Are also reserved. Daily by Carrier �5e per month by mail in my a Sis Advance outside Mississippi 65c a month twice a week by i member entitled Tor credited in Sippl mail ,.__ oot Mia miss inst Phi Advance. / f adv Portis Liq rates display�?28c an Inch for plates or Electron 7c an Inch extra Imp composition 8 Point smallest Type no order accepted for less than $2. Reading not feb we cer 8-Polnt line for each insertion. Classified ads a cent a wednesday afternoon j Unis a a 1s2m i 60c for three months 1.10 for six months $2.00 per year per Rico Fath extra. All mail subscriptions payable strictly in word a Day Cash order no order accepted for less than 0 cents imposed upon probably 8d,000 italians have returned to their native and Yeai. It attracted the Alfieri Tori Oit Konstan Tine pair Anzio Aii american citizen of their nativity who took passage with a number of them says the literary a digest. He took Steerage passage and made Many inquiries to learn their reason for returning. It is not our purpose to touch upon any information he gained except the fact that Quot some of emigrants complained that their passports Cost them $15.00. We happen to know regarding the Cost of a passport in this country. A Blank application is furnished free by tii e clerk of any United a states court or by the state department on simple request together with printed instructions. Quot when the questions Quot Are answered or required information furnished on the Blank the applicant swears to it before an officer who attaches a Small photograph of him and encloses to the Bureau of citizenship another signed by the applicant and some witnesses who has known the applicant for at least two years executes an identifying affidavit on the Back of the application. The entire fee for this is $1. If the applicant is a naturalized citizen a should enclose his certificate of naturalization a native should furnish evidence of his birth in this country an affidavit of which should riot be Over fifty cents tie encloses $1 to tha department which about pays the actual Cost of the passport. Some officer then has been grafting $12i50 from Thode applicants who paid $15. Or. Panunzio would have performed an actual service to the government had he taken the names of these rafters and reported them to the department of Justice. Is regular a some time ago we asked in these columns Quot Why or. Hoover Quot we have never yet a a seen an answer to it except the voting in the Chicago convention and the announcement that i or. Hoover himself that he was a Republican. He proves this by now being closeted with Quot or. Harding and coming out saying tha he will support the Republican ticket. He not Only has a right to do so but we always recognized his right to do so in fact we did not think he would do anything else. All our worry was that several democrats before or. Hoover said he was a Republican wanted him nominated and when the republicans failed to nominate him wanted the democrats to nominate Himi. They did not know where he stood of any american party principle. He has settled it Good and Strong As the vernacular hath it and we Are obliged to him. Possibly those same democrats will take his word for it though they would not take ours. We Are glad to know that or. Hoover thinks the Republican platform is Quot progressive and constructive Quot because democrats who were willing to make a political Demigod of him because he was a Quot Good Man Quot and a splendid food administrator and who have read the proceedings of the Chicago convention and tha platform adopted thereat May Ste what kind of a vision or. Hoover has and what his perception of progressiveness and constructive Ness Are. It was a narrow escape. The original and Only progressives and Bull Moos ers Are not so sure that the platform is what or. Hoover seems to think it is. Colby As chairman it is reported that Secretary of state Bainbridge Colby May be permanent chairman of the democratic convention in the far West. We certainly do turn around a Cosby was formerly a Republican and now to be chairman of a National democratic convention but this is denied. Or. Wilson won him from the republicans some time ago and he seems a Good card drawn from a Ian rated deck. At any rate he stick a his conversion was sincere and the republicans lost better material than or. Colby did. He is a real progressive. As a matter of fact we really believe that senator. Johnson Andi even senator Reed of Missouri would i be better men if they would com2 wholeheartedly into the democratic party Wie do not know about senator Borah he m get have committees j to investigate How much it Cost or Bryan to go to the convention. The Dawn appearing already the Dawn appears after the Long dark night of mexican troubles a troubles for the mexican and american. A new spirit of friendliness and More Liberal consideration for the outside world is apparent. The appointment of a messenger to Washington by provisional president Huerta who entertains frankly Good feeling for this government the turning Over of a Railroad to its British owners Are auspicious. We May expect other evidences of tha new Faith and the new spirit. The mexican people if they will cohere in this policy to outside capital under reasonable Laws and regulations though sufficiently self protective and the leaders will agree to truly represent the sentiment of the people to amp Kinic to the nourishing of that policy a Era of Prosperity is at hand for them. Their country is vast and immensely Rich in Mineral hard Woods and other resourced there is no tobacco in the world comparable to that grown in our sister Republic. Sho has great cattle and sheep interests and can a a materially to the sugar Supply. Her people Are patient and industrious enough when Given work and Are not disturbed by War of either National or bushwhacking character. The revolutionists now in control have indeed a great Opportunity and we Are or ought to be big enough to forge and forget and to extend the helping hand we Are Able to do if they will permit us and our policy should continue to be benign. Dangerous interference the National government is dipping More and More oftener and oftener More surely and Sappin Gly than Ever into our local government. The Federal Bureau of mines has asked Public utilities boards of the states to regulate the use of natural Gas. This is an Effort to curb free speech in the coming Campaign and while we pass no resolutions on the subject and Issue no Kases in this Case yet we feel it terribly. We Are no spellbinder ourselves being Mere printers and Book binders at reasonable rates but at the same time we Are purveyors of news and Campaign natural Gas is necessary to run our Linotype just As the tin Type of great men is necessary to the political camera fiend. The need of understanding the questions asked the aliens by judge Holmes last monday when before him for admission were very simple fundamental truths about the country which they wished to Adoli there was nothing hard about the Brief examination and the answers to these questions Are matters which every person in the Republic ought to know. What kind of a government is this a Republic. How is it governed ? by officials under the Law. Who makes Laws for the states ? the Legislatures and the governors. What Are the three Cardinal branches of the National and state governments the legislative executive and judicial. This is All very simple and it is astonishing that anyone should fail to know them. There Are night schools and Day schools. Aliens who have children in the schools should learn these simple facts through these children any lawyer or informed citizen would be glad to answer any inquirer. Few would decline to lecture on the subject. A society of this kind should be formed in every Community. The daily Herald has pointed out repeatedly the importance of citizens Awakening to their duty to the potential citizen which is a duty they owe themselves for these men will soon be voting with native or formerly naturalized citizens or against them and otherwise impressing themselves on their Community. Fire guarantees be tikes Are guaranteed not for a specified number of Miles but guaranteed to give you satisfactory service. Analyse the specific mileage guarantee. It is nothing More nor less than a basis for adjustment f a you want mileage services not adjustments. The Lee tire guarantee is backed by the strength of the company making the tires and our determine Orion. That every Lee tire shall serve you. Seldom have to make Good for a Lee tire because Lee tires do that for themselves. But should Rifae time corns when you for any reason feel you Are not getting die satisfaction you have a right to expect from every Lee tire we Are right Here every Day in a Eye to protect the interests of All concerned \ ours. Mavava Vij the Zig Zag tread mechanically and scientifically Correct Tor greatest Security Salt Ier All Road conditions. The and shaped Cap alternate on both sides of the extra wide heavy tread. Skidding is minimized. Parallel far bases of the Quot Pine Trees Quot and straight Center Lind of tread Are thick rubber studs that assist la keeping the wheels Quot Bead Gulf coast Auto co Day Only to continue or. Man one Day at it is an actual loss of Money to this but considering the High Cost of we have decided to give our customers Days feast in real bargains. One remember this Sale will last Only one Day Large assortment of fancy Lawn and Batiste 1gc 25c and 30c , cd a a striped and flowered tub silks., suitable for shirts and shirt 30 c waists 50c value. 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