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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Biloxi, Mississippi Sex service men re Instate tour insurance before july 1 a the last Day. Fifth i Cinta a week Dju ily average a in citation last week 2590. Mississippi coast wednesday afternoon june 23, 1920 member associated press volume Xxiii number 266 discord May arise Over prohibition j Issue at democratic convention. Re i. J Law clerks of Dublin go out on strike Quot a it is Quot ill a Uit a son regarded by Many As political spokesman for White House declares for modification of the volstead act. Us Francisco june 23�?rumblings lined to take his expression As to of democratic discord Over the prohibition issues Arakji quirly More of Inoris today we fat egg Tes and party chiefs arrived in increasing numbers for the convention. The Hope that the gathering storm might spend itself behind the closed doors of the platform committee was virtually abandoned by the leaders and they Are prepared to face an outbreak of tempestuous debate on the floor of the convention itself. Such development it was agreed Veit where would hold Many Dria Mac possibilities including further complication and Uncertain Outlook As to the presidential nominations already an overshadowing Issue in the Pire convention conference the question of a platform declaration against the present Quot Bone Quot dry Quot Law almost took the whole stage for. Itself today As the gathering delegates heard of postmaster general Burleson s announcement for modification of the volstead act. By Many accustomed to regard the postmaster general As a political spokesman for the White House the development was accepted As a warning of which Way the wind of administration influence would blow. Chairman Cummins said today it was still an open question whether the adoption of the platform or the voice of nominee would come first on the convention program. The prohibition Plank As More than a j statement of his own views. J May rival league fight i the preliminary Convent on discus j Sion in Progress Here while wholly informal in character has shown a striking unanimity of opinion on two i Points thus far. The first of these j is that the platform struggle will be the real fight of the convention the 1 second that the prohibition p Fank j will be the chief Issue in that fight out rivalling the league of nations j declaring in the interest among the delegates. Palmer avers All Harmony in party Chicago june 23.�?a. Mitchell Palmer was one of the Host of democrats leaders that passed through Chicago yesterday in route to the National convention at san Francisco. A Palmer was on a special train i carrying a delegation of 250 Pennsyl j Vania democrats. Quot there is no discussion in the democratic party and none is expected Quot. Or. Palmer said. Quot All is the attorney general Tel Vised to discuss his own candidacy. Opposing parties of unionists and nationalists shoot at each other Over barricades. A along West Howard Avenue of. Continued for time being or tag to Lack of material because an embargo has been placed upon freight cars for thirty Day Ricardes. Law clerks picketing the courts of Justice at Dublin Ireland. They stopped his majesty s High court judges on leaving the four courts in Dubai and presented their leaflets. Ovey 400 Are out for higher pay and recognition of their Union. A a result of the strike the King s Bench had to adjourn most of the cases. Attack on official causes apprehension London june 23.�?great apprehension has been caused in Dublin by the attack on assistant inspector general Roberts yesterday. During the height of the firing at the official and his party two bombs were thrown. No arrests have been made and it is not known whether Safiy of the assailants were wounded. Reed May take his fight to convention san Francisco cal., june 22.�?senator Reed of Missouri May carry to the floor of the democratic National governor russe l withdrawn Elmer s name realizing he had no authority to appoint. Railroad brotherhoods getting tired waiting wage adjustment it is the generally accepted View to to to to i Quot Surprise Quot the withdrawal of Mcadoo will Ope of Tyr it was to Quot was Ved a dispatch from Jackson states that governor Russell s Effort to appoint f. W. Elmer As a member of the state Senate from Harrison coun Ltd to resulted in failure. I the dispatch recites in Jackson a few Days rate to make a deadlock More skely la alter whoa word came from Gulfport by distributing More or less the wide j a i Chi anti Adit Stratton fac. A Elmer had been chosen by j in strength which has been lined ups int be win 2 a such Sor of Tate behind him. Bryan stands firm for prohibition great Falls mont., june 23.�? speaking Here last night we. J. Bryan declared no candidate who stood against prohibition should be nominated by the democrats at san Francisco. Texas to vote Strong for Mcadoo Dallas Julie 23�?declaring their intention to cast Texas forty votes on the first ballot for we. G. Mcadoo the Texas delegates left Here today in a special train. The party includes six women delegates. Mcadoo sure to get before convention Kan lbs City june 23.�?in a Telegram sent from Pueblo colo., from the. Train bearing the Missouri delegates to the democratic National convention Burris a. Jenkins Kansas Gity Clergyman and publisher announced he had definitely decided to Elace the name of Mcadoo before the democratic convention for the presidential nomination. Son delegates who appear Likely to contral the convention at the beginning. Wilson urges action Washington juju the 23.�?president Wilson today sent a message to the Railroad labor Board at Chicago urging it to make immediate award of the wage controversy. The text of the message was not made Public. Quot the announcement of the president s action was made after w. N. Doak vice president of the trainmen s brotherhood had called at the White House. Doak did not see the president but was in conference with Secretary Tumulty. Improvement noted at Philadelphia Philadelphia june 23.�?improvement in the yardman s strike situation is reported by both the Pennsylvania and Reading railroads. Officials said a number of men returned last night demands martial Law in Ireland London june 23.�?moving the adjournment of the House of commons for the purpose of calling attention to the r Otince in Londonderry lieutenant colonel Wilfred Ashley unionist declared today that Victory rested with the assassins and not with the government which appeared Power Ess to maintain the Sanctity of life. The chief Secretary for Ireland and and conditions were approaching nor i the Viceroy he said were prisoners Mal. I in their own houses the officials off Dublin Castle were equally prisoners sporadic strike is j fll0 Exfer Cise in Otic a cpd7 a re own Castle grounds. The nations of the a a a w work were pointing the Finger of scorn at England s a ability to in Londonderry june 23.�?by a. Londonderry again was the scene of rioting today. Early this morning j and Road Jenater Palhas been Classe i lighting was going on Between oppose _. A just a a t ing parties of unionists and National i As a pm Eai Etoal matter. Labor has its who shot is each other Over bar i ceased along West Howard Avea amp i this morning and will not be continued until sufficient material can be Tai Cei Ved with which to carry on the work. A the interstate Commerce commission at Washington has placed an Quot embargo upon freight i amp used As nonessential for the next thirty Days amp is said for the purpose of assisting the Harvest of the wheat crops of the West. After a conference with j. Bat a ton president of the Harrison county Board of supervisors who is overseeing the work in Biloxi which is being done by the county Secretary Brau of the Biloxi chamber of Commerce sent the following Telegram to congressman Paul b. Johnson at Washington asking him to use his influence in having the present situation relieved Quot the interstate Commerce commission has placed an embargo on freight cars. We Are in the Middle of a jiving program our streets Ardilio a torn up condition. Can you Filip us with your influence to have the interstate Commerce commission Al now us cars to carry the paving material from Birmingham and Bowling Green Kentucky. This is a serious matter and your influence is solicited. Railway strikes which have broken out j in her authority in a gland he advise what results obtained martial Law and in half a dozen or More cities using j demanded the last week spread to Savannah troops iii., a today where fifty Chicago Bur Lington amp Quincy and Chicago Milwaukee amp St. Laul employees walked out the situation elsewhere in the in Central states shows improvement. Eco Ted deny reports of senator w. H. Wood who resigned after he had been indicted for em-1 t _ a Bezz Lement. Under the statutes the Washington june 23.�?-strike a governor has no authority to appoint formation prepared for submission to it a member of the legislature All such Secretary Payne today indicated that denied that unions will vacancies being filled by special elec unless ast Eurance is Given immediately Call strike this week tons. When notice of Elmer s a to Railroad workers that wage adjust Cleveland june 32.�?rumors that ointment was sent to the office of the ment might be expected soon the in the Railroad unions would Call a strike a. A it a i off a a i. No <1. Or n a it in a nil a a Tfir i n a a a Morel this material has been be through the building materials company of by oxi. And manager Breaux Nas explained the matter to chamber of Commerce officials at the same time he and the firms which a the Locati firm represents have taken the matter up in an Effort to relieve the situation. West Howard Avenue has been in an almost impassable condition for i several months and now that work Secretary of state with Quot instructions authorized strike of trainmen at Phil this week affecting All unions was de f of political requests Are cast aside has pro sri used a to a Point where a to Issue a commission the attention Adelphia Baltimore and Many other Nied by the chief executives of the of the governor was called to the Points might not be opposed further four transportation brotherhoods in statutes on the question and the at by the brotherhoods. J gingers firemen conductors and tempted appointment was with j reports to labor Headquarters Indi trainmen Here. With exception of Villa movement in it Jimiy Quot. Cat cd no improvement in the takers. Propaganda Chihuahua it is claimed the Harrison county senatorial and pointed to question stands precisely where it did among labor. Mexico peaceful. Increased unrest said w g. Lee president of the train i men. For treatment by Council of league of nations. Before governor Russell attempted to i just any he dry Battle and Prtrt league fight san Francisco june 23.�?postmaster general Burleson s statement today at san Antonio regarding democratic platform issues Drew particular attention among party Leader Here for the National convention next week because of its Frank declaration for modification of the volstead prohibition enforcement act. In Burleson s demand for repeal of Quot drastic and absurd Quot provisions of the act expressed in Mora direct fashion views which some of the party leaders now Here previously had voiced privately. Coming from a member of the president s Cabinet the statement was regarded As a possible intimation of the adm nitration s attitude on the prohibition Ssue before the convention. Senator Glass of Virginia who is due Here tomorrow is understood to have been entrusted with a formal expression of president Wilson s views As to the platform. On other occasions however the postmaster general has been the direct spokesman of the president on important issues and democrats Here were in Texico City june 23.�?reports of appoint or. Elmer. A _ revolts in various parts of the coun-1 should have made the appointment at i try Are officially denied m a statement j All is not Clear As it was purely Hon i issued today at the foreign office in ovary and would not have gotten or. Forma on a Freau which afraid that Elmer in the legislation As a special i with the exception of the Villa move election will be called Long before the j ment in Chihuahua the country was legislature meet again. In fact an i peaceful. I Supply is so Effort is now being made to have the governor name the same Day for the i election of a Chancellor to succeed judge w. M. Denny and the election of a senator to succeed w. H. Wood. In other words one election is wanted to fill both offices. J governor Russell s premature re Prieve of senator Wood and his in i Legal senatorial appointment would i indicate that he has no particular the Gulfport and Biloxi mayors Appeal Gard for the Good will of Harrison to l. Amp n. To furnish care j county people. To meet shortage. The Gulf cities Gas company has j a Supply of Coal to last Only seven Days and no immediate source of sup i ply available unless the l amp n. Rail j Road can furnish cars to transport j Coal. Mayor Haydon of Gulfport and mayor Kennedy of Biloxi both wired supt Bose of the l. Amp n. Asking him to furnish cars so that Coal can he hauled from Acton ala., where there is plenty of Coal on hand. The sup i ply of Coal can reach Here if the rail j Road acts promptly. Otherwise the i new York june 23.�?Gimbel Broth whole coast will suffer on account of 1 ers of new York operators of a Large having no Gas. A department store Here and controlled by interests which own similar Stab missionaries retire i aliments m other cities today were a i indicted or 207 counts for profiteering before bolshevik its in clothes. Frederick Gimbel vice i president Joseph Dowdell Merchan j Washington june 23�?american a manager and Charles d. Slaw-1 recently i charged with intimidating manufacturer in returning Money invested with him during War. New Yorki june 23.�?charles f. Murphy tammany Leader was one of Quot six men secretly indicted by the extraordinary grand jury which has been investigating alleged attempts of Murphy to intimidate Louis har tog manufacturer into returning $125,000 which he invested with har tog s company during the War. Paved Roadway would have been completed along one Side of it it seems a pity that such a condition should prevail. Supervisor Batton has received three cars of mate Obi which has enabled him to place Down upon the thoroughfare 149 tons. He claims that with ten More car of slag and Asphalt he will be Able to go ahead with the work making sufficient headway to a Low traffic to use West Howard Avenue almost the entire distance from Fayard Street to Porter Avenue. The men employed along the Avenue will be transferred to Otheir county work in the woo Market Vic nity. If the Rains do not prevent them Otner. A a a a. Wise they will be employed along a method was suggested by or. Root. The West Beach Boulevard under the through the efforts of the jurists i direction of or. Batton. It is working on the draft plan of the court to be oped that Relief is secured following of nations Are entirely unaffected by j in the situation so that the Large politics the delegates have been sub-1 number of visiting tourists and use the Hague june 23.�?the discussions of the commission of jurists today strengthened the theory that the a sitting Hague arbitration tribunal j will not be abolished if a High court j of nations is formed but on the contrary that the tribunal will not Only function As formerly but have a con1 Sid Erable part in the selection of the judges for the High court. 1 the members of the commission it took under consideration yesterday the possibility of dovetailing the Root i Phillimore plan with the plan pro blotter which official by Law is re posed by Baron Descamps for which quire to keep has not been kept for four years. To wed miss Helen Taft Gimbel Brothers indicted on 2071 counts for profiteering in clothes. Missionaries at rest Persia near the Caspian sea retired from that town when the bolshevik approached it and Are Safe the state department has been advised. Report formation of new German Cabinet Ter clothing buyer were indicted on the same charges. Call for mexican National elections Rrt if a off Cut. Turt Mast of wok Luau it to Good new mown Foj a yes a Mon a my a Ltd of twwt1 Tun of a a Tkv a Osuji Mflwc mls a a a it Pitt a a too a Rcd. Mexico City june 23.�?a Call for National elections issued by the Secretary of the Interior today fixes the London june 23.�?the formation of Date for congressional elections Sun a new German Cabinet is reported in Day August 1, while a new president a Berlin dispatch received Here to will be chosen sunday sept .5. Day the Cabinet is regarded As a Quot emergency one. J Germany handed note or disarmament Paris june 23.�?the note to amp or Many regarding disarmament pre Baton Rouge june 23.�?the legis pared by the Council of ambassadors lature adjourned today until 8 o clock l and approved by the Allied premiers soloist adjourn to visit governor s farm Baton Rouge june 23. Admission by former state treasurer a it for a a Der of a Itig tourist Henry Hunzicker that he kept no rec la to St Al be bed h ord., of expenditures in hi8_office for a National inspirations into the Lime for traffic which is becoming heavier some hitherto unheralded j each Day. Movements Are the subject matter of a letters. For example the other Day sme of the jurists received a Over two years governor Parker this. Morning in a special message urged Quot Siu the obtaining of the services of an expert accountant to Check the books of the state treasurer s office. Accords. Ing to the message the blotter which we nil in Henrt it 2 the state treasurer is required by Law ithe Quot a dependence of Scotland and Proa to keep has not been kept for four years. Testing against the formation of an court which does not recognize Scotland s claim to separation from England. J All these letters of course Are cast aside As the members of the commis Hirsch s strand theater is Cognomen for new theater Sion Are firmly determined that their duty is merely to form a court which i is clearly outside of the political questions of the league of nations e with respect to the understanding that the High court of nations will not entirely supersede the Hague Tribuna it is pointed out that the High i court s task will be to try cases strict july according to the a Laws of nations. N i a or no i this leaves the Field still open for a and miss Marie Collins Winner of prize. Is chief Calvin Wells of Jackson his agents attend Federal court. And Gulfport s $75,000 theater has been christened Hirsch s strand theater. The name was submitted by miss Marie Collins who was one of the 800 contestants proposing a name and in consideration of her Success she will be giver a season s pass. Manager Hirsch stated this morn a. A i that the names suggested ranged of dispute j ai1 the Way from Quot ragtime Quot to roman put tonight to permit the members to visit the farm of governor Packer at Bayou Sara. At the Boulogne conference was handed to the German peace delegation this morning. Frederick Johnson Manning instructor in history at Yale University whose engagement to miss Helen Taft daughter of former president Taft and acting president of Bryn mawr College has just been announced. The wedding la to be in july. Known Jackson lawyer Are 1 ai1 Way from court. With him is former chief of this is i and greek classics and that mar police of Jackson c. B. Allen is in a mate to a is fuss is participants in the contest were of tender years some of them not Quot sex the City As a witness in a Case in the Federal court. This is his first trip to Biloxi and is much pleased with the climate and the City and surroundings and says he is glad the court sent for him. He is one of the Federal prohibition agents stirring stills. He s accompanied by e. S. Chapman of Utica also prohibition agent message for Amateur but would be glad to arbitrate through commissions on which the participants had representatives. May be observer at Allied conference feeding four years rapid Progress is being made on the building and it is the opinion of or. Hirsch that it will be ready Fot occupancy at some time during August. I Washington june 23.�?the United states May be an observer at the in j Ter Allied conference to be held at. Vet i Brussels july 2, it was stated today at wireless operators a the state department but final de j a i vision has not yet been made. A Charleston s. C., june 23.�?ama-j eur wireless operators throughout vf0re tremors Felt in the United states Are requested to be j. At their posts at 7 o clock Eastern i Soloth California time 6 o clock Central time Toni Jit _ when a message by Nava radio from j Angeles june 23�?a slight Secretary Meredith of the i earthquake at 4 o clock this morning ment of agriculture will be flashed to wag Felt chief in the Southern Sec. N ooze the weather kid the boy scouts of America it was announced at the Navy Yard today. Oil conference held in Mexico today Mexico City june 23.�?provisional president Huerta had a conference with Oil men today. Aside from a statement that the meeting was marked with cordiality no details were Given out for publication. Re pubs pleased with Campaign managers \ a Washington june 23.�?republican leaders generally expressed approval today of the personnel of the executive committee which will conduct the party s presidential Campaign. Twenty one members including seven to a the Emny . we recommend our -"i?0 unit c5mor .4 doll baby self rising flour Tion of los Angeles and Inglewood the tremors caused no damage. The work of rebuilding the business j Section of Inglewood which suffered most from the series of earthquakes in los Angeles county monday night in Well under Way practically the entire population of 3,000 taking part. Price of sugar to be reduced today the a a id my Cloud Mas a Silver la Unin amp had mfr plan feed on Gomo Fly Rifie to those House keepers who wish the Best self rising flour there is on the Market. It is easy to make it is easy to baked it pleases. Gulfport grocery company wholesale distributors san Francisco june 23.�?the Price of refined can sugar was to be reduced today from $23.50 per hundredweight to $23.00, it was announced by the California and Hawaii sugar refining company. This is the third drop in the Price of sugar in three weeks from a maximum of $26.50 per hundredweight at the refinery. Restrictions on sugar sales also have been discarded by the refineries it was announced. A a i Inktum Temh a Dixie a amp a Jefe a to is Jse amp a cd Drums Fol weather forecast Fob Mississippi Fleurty to by thu a

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