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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Biloxi, Mississippi 16 pages today us her Alp cla88ifiad8 Teser it it Bay the invert a wait those who the daily Herald the Heram Rio associated press a and Nea features Herald building Gulfport Mississippi coast monday afternoon february 16, 1953 Harald building Biloxi volume 69�?number 115 stage set for Mississippi coast carnival Celebration slated for Biloxi tuesday46 die in Gulf air crash approve ten per cent income tax Cut for june 30 passed despite budget balance recommendation washing up a the House new York up _ execution of was a Quot do is committee today atomic spies Julius and Ethel approx Ead a Blu Cut income tax Rosenberg today was set for the ses 10 per cent effective june weel of March 9. 30 Rosenbergs execution Quot set March 9 pageant will be one of biggest in history Federal judge Irving r. Kauf by Anthony v. Ragusin the stage is All set and the floats Are ready to Roll for the Mississippi Gulf coast s own carnival which is expected to feature the largest and Best evening tide pageant in Biloxi s Long and colourful history. More than 85,000 people including air Force families and visitors Are expected to join the citizens of the various communities of this coastal strand to witness the Celebration. It is especially apropos that Biloxi be the scene of a Mardi gras Observance for manifold reasons. When his Royal majesty King Pierre Lemoyne Simeur d Iberville the tax Cut was sponsored by Steps off the Imperial yacht at the Man scheduled the new execution to Fate for the husband and wife a Hose Appeal to the president for clemency has been rejected. The couple was convicted Nearis to years ago of conspiring to transmit atomic information Russia. They have been in sin sing prison s death House Ever since. U. S. Marshal William Carroll rep. Reed Rny it chairman of the committee. His Bill was passed by the committee despite president Eisenhower s recommendation that no action be taken on an income tax to Cut until Steps have been taken to balance the budget. Vote 21-4 Reed said the vote at a closed committee meet Reg was 21 to 4 in Aid the Date of the electrocution favor of his proposal. One demo nay be March 12, and the hour crat and the republicans voted .1 . Est it. Against it. Twelve republicans and Rosenberg 34. And his wife. 36. Nine democrats were for it. It original la had been scheduled to before the final committee a lie in the electric chair there Tion the democrats on the com an. 14. Mittee offered a series of proposals postponed demanding a delay until the and u. S. Planes jump russian fighters Over North Japan Tokyo to it a two u. S. Warplanes challenged two russian Type fighters Over Northern Japan today damaged one in a Brief skirmish and chased both intruders to the soviet held Kurile islands the far East air forces said. It was the first time soviet planes had appeared Over North Ern Japan since the government with Strong u. S. Backing on Jan. 13 warned her mighty neighbor to the North against such unauthorized flights. The air Force identified the planes As Falls a russian built p of driven single seat fish Ern French Canadian of the same name the 400-mile-per-hour class. Tre first stepped ashore on the Biloxi american planes were f84 Thun Harrison county beat no. 1 pier at main Street and East Beach tomorrow aft noon at 1 30 o clock he will walk the shores of the oldest French City in the United states and it will be almost to the exact Day when the intrepid Peninsula some 254 years ago. Start of Lent tuesday s Celebration climaxes a two month period of some fifty balls of private organizations the do jets. Intercepted by jets the air Force said the Thunder jets Init Xiv pwn Falls near Demuro on the last raft found ending Hope of finding survivors new Orleans apr a fourth life raft from the National airlines dc-6 plane that plunged into the storm tossed Gulf of Mexico with 46 persons aboard was found empty today Quot apparently ending All Hope for three other life rafts All empty were found Bobbing on the Choppy Waters yesterday by an Armada of planes and ships that combed the Waters. The coast guard said the fourth raft was recovered Quot accounting for All of the rafts and apparently ending any Hope for the raft had never been inflated. A Only a Remote possibility had been held by the coast guard that any survivors would be found aboard the fourth raft. The coast guard said that even if survivors had managed to get on the rafts the rough water would Foriest count Ian was have probably washed them overboard. Oil operator cattleman guff of mtg a Airliner crashes into Gulf a daily Herald map Hattiesburg Man four new oceanian on lost plane clubs schools Etc., now come Toje Stern tip of Northern h an end As the big show reaches this morning. They of Quot lie Mardi gras the streets have intruders to land. One been decorated. Committees have Jet opened fire when the cider been briefed. Bands from Long As ignored. J Beach Ocean Springs Perkinston one of the Falls was hit in at police College and Biloxi including the fuselage and Wing celebrated two musical Quot units from both planes fled toward the Kun Keesler fab Are ready for the Ries. Many persons prominent in bus a Hattiesburg. Miss. 01� a a iness and society were aboard the Hattiesburg Independent Oil oper big Airliner when it left Tampa and cattleman was reported 3 M. It Cost it saturday for the j on Board the National airlines dc-419-mile run across the Gulf. It16 that crashed in the Gulf of mex was due in new Orleans at 5 25 Ico. P. M. Cost it. A h. Guinn Lewis notified his fam an investigation was started by ily he was coming to new Orleans h. B. Shebat of College Park. that plane saturday. National and t. G. Packham of Miami airlines records confirmed his Meridian miss. Gov. Hugh civil aeronautics authorities. Presence on the plane. State a briefs worst storms in years lash mid West Southwest White to speak meeting White will be the guest of Honor Billy Lavendar photographer for Lewis owner of the h. And h. Thunder jets broke off the an it principal speaker Here today the Mobile press Register said ranch near Here is Well known marches i the. H in Tav tilt Tiff the afternoon arrival procession chose <00� Fez a the grand Lodge meeting of the a after a flight to the scene that j in Mississippi for Kim 4iryq Kina r,,for the King will move from the Sian held territory Quot the air Force eternal order of police. \ i e e n 1 1 is Hereford cattle. His registered but the judge postponed the sex ministration takes a firm stand on a cution to permit time for the a Reed s tax cutting drive ind until resident to act on their clemency the administration gives some re i peal. A port on the effects of the Bill. President Eisenhower last week Eisenhower has declared a turned them Down. Setting of the new execution Date Bill for the time being. Democrats Schinto lame use Quot gov. White and president Jack Short of it. Morgan site of a Quot the four engined Airliner crashed a ame amid a growing clamor Over have assailed him for this claim., the e1rs Homei if f a Dudek of Cleveland. Ohio will Small Airfield. About 42 Miles Southeast of Mobile he Case. Jing he should have taken a definite j1 to on Barest re the Barbecue meet my a Quot it s possible that the Pilot of Ala. It was a Miami to new or hundreds picketed the w h i t i position Payne by Dot Bervine to the Lovely Japan s air Boundary is a i ginning at 4 p., m. A the Airliner was attempting to leans flight with a Stop at Tampa. Louse late last week in protest All the democratic proposals. Beautiful exotic Queen Ixo lib from the tin ult it i representatives from 16 states make it there or somewhere along 1 Gai inst the death penalty. Were Defeated by a straight party Jya new minutes a Lathis Ma-1 Jtj Kvil Iet attending the meet no. This coast for an emergency land prominent Orl anians for the second time the roman i vote 15 republicans to 10 demo a the Cuy Hall is Der it were a Rouen Ami Quot 7 a a a land was less than new Orleans the a Catholic apostolic delegation a crafts. The keys of the cite from the Tine part five mum is flying to me Felt a the u1 a to which crashed dust storm Washington last week informed Tieje future Fate of Reed s Bill islands of a genuine Biloxi Princess operators on the ground spotted to head Gideons spa a where the pane crashed Quot the Gulf of Mexico earned with in virtually Zero visibility the Pope has received Uncertain. It could get tied up for miss Patricia Aid cd by the intruders the Salt Quot Nen u arge numbers of pleas for mercy.3 Lons time in the rules commit spec Jai squadrons of selected Kees flashed the signal that out Ile Quot a uss. W �1 i it Pei d o. Uni Uch a limn a a _. A or. Bernard Loomer Dean of the Itee. Ler airmen the Parade will follow it c in Anpo rear in in Nurmi it Hersity of c ago s divinity congressional off is the custom nary Day time route 1, a to 2quot school. Said. Last night he had Tim ate the Reed Bill would Tom Alon Howard Avenue thence to Wuhan sight of the Kuril i that a 0tr 0 nailed a letter to the president close to sl1. Billion rom Federal Hopkins Boulevard. It will end ,�5 so hat Merf fit he by the associated press a one of the worst storms in years belted the Midwest and Southwest today whipping up dust and Snow blizzards in parts of Nebraska Kansas Colorado and Oklahoma while lesser winds accompanied the general sub Zero temperature in the Northern Plains and upper Mississippi Valley a blow that ranged up to 80 Miles an hour sunday lifted dust More than 11,-000 feet High in Western Kansas. It was the first fatal crash of it at least four residents of new1 sans the worst dust a u. S. Domestic Airliner since a Orleans. Storm since the storied blackout ago. Traffic was at at Elizabeth renewing a plea by some 2300revenue for protestant clergymen from every jll1v 1-Tate for commutation of the Ros for thu reason bergs death sentence. Visited by family the Rosenbergs on saturday pent two hours with their two on aged five and nine in the eath House at sing sing. No american civilian Ever has fiscal year Start Quot at the Buena Vista the Royal reception hotel where------.-�?�--=�?.-- a t. Hodo. Ambi Quot in vice Pri Side fit and banquet Socia Tion that those within walking h c Sims tace to. Secretary o clock. Members distance of the Parade route will Jesse Haley Greenville treasurer. Meridian. Miss. M-a1 Cooper of Meridian is the new state pres National dc6 fell rident of Gideons International. In. A. Feb. 11. 1952. Officers named at the at Miami fla., National s vice wife of a prominent new Orleans re saturday were President in charge of operations businessman. She a it a amp Active i a Board the plane saturday were of 20 years mrs. J. Cornel ius Rathborn Eja standstill. A Western Nebraska the storm it presents in Tju Besin at 4 portent and Touchy problems for of Gulf coast carnival Asso leave their Anto Nobi is at Home. And Jimmy Kron Jackson Chap Eisenhower. Who has pledged citation will attend this event and Biloxi municipal police will be lain strongly to raise enough Revenue the Royal court will be placed on aided in the traffic control by to balance Federal spending. He a dais in full regalia. Keesler air police the Harrison Man burned to has put spending cuts ahead of the reception banquet and the county patrol Mississippi state tax cuts in his fiscal grand Ball the latter scheduled for patrol Etc. Adeath in Accident As a possible solution to the j the Buena Vista s Hurricane room much time and Money has gone Meridian. Miss. M a Kermit the plane care Down in water Ber. Ted for espionage the crime of it which comes fire t dilemma. Spaak immediately following the night into this Vear s carnival c.eie-, of Jackson burned to % feet deep. Heavy seas caused1 Harry hich the couple was convicted. A Republican Leader Taft of Johnj Parade Are strictly democratic of bration. For the Only action by the u s us Sun tested a delayed action tax Ruth fairs. Months numerous. Up to 13 per cent effective in the innovation for the last six weeks daily con dont on u s Highway 80, the Ferencek have been held at the one mile East of Meehan. Pushed Over Trees broke win Donn capt. E. J. Kershaw said the dc6 Republican political worker. And stripped off shingles Tore id i in saturday s crash May have met was a civic Leader. The Raiher television aerials and interrupted Quot Tornado Bornes live in Harvey across the. Communications. Kershaw noted that capt. E. A. Mississippi River from new or j. Northwest winds carried dust in Springen Pilot of the dc6 met leans. J to Oklahoma on sporty gusts teat turbulent weather conditions about or. And mrs. John Morris be neared Hurricane velocity the time of his last report causing Gendre. Prominent in new Orleans Oklahoma cry recorded gusts at him to descend from 14.000 feet to social circles. Legendre 50 and his 72 Miles an hour and visibility was 4vj0 feet. Wife 28, were married in Deceron shortened to Only a Block or two last several death and that get a hrs were in it to break up and allow bodies meetings and in in automobile truck Saeei of the victims to float to the reme court a which has twice ejected appeals in the Case could i their is an a vation about Ati face. 1 ens. Frank Polk aboard a Stiles jr., an attorney who was returning to new Orleans from a business trip to Miami. The four engined Airliner crashed direction head i for Arkansas about 42 Miles Southeast of Mobile damage from Early reports w in Many cities in the Northwestern part of the slate. The dust Laden wind moved across the state in a southeasterly of save the couple from d2ath a Orrin reconsideration of the case1 y Eisenhower. In sentencing the couple j death to years ago. Judge t ailed their crime worse than is an innovation 111 the icim a Nave Ueen Neia Ai one ,. A a _ _ ii us a we ice Uris we s continued on Page four. It Parade which boils at 8 Biloxi chamber of Commerce the Highway patrol said Thomp patrol boat said the Bodie were Ala it was in route from Miami isted As Light and no a a Tju. A l v o11 us a. Oan in a 4ua a. N a i. 1_i or. In Maliu a r aunt o far a it nov at. Huss funeral at 3 30 today to clock a drastic change is being building where Mardi gras head son and three injured were of floating around when his Craft o new made in the route. The line of quarters has been maintained a a pants of the car which collided arrived on the scene Early sunday Tampa it March will be on Howard Avenue float construction Headquarters Wylli the truck saturday night. A afternoon. From Lee Street Quot seven blocks East has been made possible through1 a a a Quot injured Wert identified As Quot judging from the appearance to Porter Avenue some twelve the Quot Den Quot furnished by the Biloxi Charles Barney h 0111 s t o n Ken a 0f the Polk added. Quot i. Blocks West. A turn around will port commission 011 Back bad necks and clip Tom piques All of would say they were All killed be made at Porter and the return busiest Man no doubt along this Stonewall. . None had life jackets route will move East on Howard coast so far this Winter has been a a of Tai a a Kofu a Deputy fire marshal of missis concluding at Nixon Street. To Walter h. Quot skeet Quot Hunt the a it Maudia Kant names on the passenger list Sippi said today that from All and certain North South 1 Rade general chairman who has yes Stock prize a were difficult to Iden Tiv at first. 1 some were Florida vacationers. Some had transferred to the plane from other airlines for the flight to new Orleans. Believe Are on responsible in Blaze at Biloxi Orleans after a Stop at girl killed 6 others Hurt in Jackson crash Povol plications a fire which caused a thoroughfares will be kept plaudits As the carnival ent Knoxville Tern a e. E. Or Al Hort Renu no a a�1 it i13 i a is the wish of the carnival As tre Prener in past celebrations. Moor owner of the double r to Quot a part i Xvi Ink no n-0l-h-f 7� of a Rancho senator a miss. Won the est bean Biloxi dentist and a division Street in Biloxi saturday Irmer King of the Biloxi carnival afternoon was a Case of deliberate i red saturday at 9 15 . At by arson. It i a Center following an ill c. L. Pace jr., chief Deputy state Elt a of about seven months. Fire marshal who arrived in Biloxi f or. Russ was a native of Pearl sunday to attempt to determine the Luton. Miss., and resided in by cause of the fire said today that it i since 1919, following his serv no definite Trace of arson could be i a e As a lieutenant in the army found but from All indications the rental corps. He practice Dentis fire was deliberately set. 1 y in Biloxi until his illness and the fire which occurred about and been a patient at the a four 2 o clock saturday afternoon was weeks. Discovered by two coloured boys. Eldr. Russ attended Millsaps col Bert hug Tser and James Bell who be and was a graduate 0f uni were on their Way to a movie. I Hersity of Kentucky having been the boys called the fire depart-1 member of pal Omega Frater ment and firemen rushed to the i scene. They fought the fire for aple was a member of the a proximately 21 hours in a steady it is and the american lesion and downpour of rain before finally irn Erly was Active in scouting bringing it under control. J mithras elks rotary and Biloxi firemen listed no immediate Racht club. He was King of the cause but stated that the Blaze oxi carnival in 1925. A evidently began in a Bookcase in or. Russ is survived by his wife the third and fourth Grade class a Elphine Holloway Russ and a room spread to Walls of the build-1 Rother or. R. S. Russ. Ling gutting about three rooms. I funeral services will be today they said that fire and water t 3 30 . From Bradford fun damage combined was estimated eral Home. Services will be by at about $12,000.-this was the Sec Jav. N. D. Saucier a Center Quot Plain assisted by Rev. J. P. In and burial will be in South in memorial Park. For of groundbreaking ceremonies to 3e wednesday a groundbreaking ceremonies be new memorial Hospital Gulfport will be conducted wed essay afternoon at 3 o clock at be site of the proposed $1.650,000 build no. City and county officials ill be on hand to lift the first novels full of dirt. The Public will be Welcome to attend the event according to it Onald Sutter president of the pc Klaport chamber of Commerce. The new Hospital will be to ated in the Vicinity of 15th Street and Broad Avenue in West Gulf Ort. Ray schedule Biloxi tuesday 8 30 to 9 30, a ass Road and Rodenberg Avenue 0 to 11 30, greater Biloxi sub i Ision 1 to 3, d Iberville High school 3 30 to. 5, d Iberville five outs. Ond fire in a negro school in Biloxi in two Days. Friday afternoon Biloxi firemen extinguished a fire in the Nichols school at Roy and Bellman streets which caused about $60 in property damages. The fire in the Nichols school was reported to have started in a trash can. Firemen said that traces of phosphorous could be found in the trash can. Pace said that he is in Biloxi to work with the Biloxi police in an Effort to determine the cause of the fire. He said that some vulgar writing was found on a blackboard in the room in which the fire started which had not Beer there when the school closed Friday afternoon. Washington state produces 90 per event of the nation s cabbage seed. 40 years Olgo in the daily Herald february 16, 1913 Gulfport was Host to the governors of Louisiana and Mississippi at a Ball and dinner last night at the great Southern hotel. Biloxi carnival program afternoon Parade 1 30 M. King s arrival at port commission pier at Beach and main Street. Parade proceeds West on Beach to lame use Street to elks Home where King will Stop and offer Toast to Queen Ixo lib. Parade proceeds to Jackson Street to Mam Street to City Hall where miss Patricia cousins will present keys of City to King d Iberville and Welcome will be extended from City and other officials. Parade Oro needs on Howard Avenue West to Hopkins Boulevard to West Beach to Buena Vista hotel where it will disband. Parade formation motorcycle patrol. King and Queen of Previ us carnival. Riders and motorcycles. County City and Sta e of lice patrols. Military officials. Riders and motorcycles City officials. Riders and motorcycles. County officials. Riders and motorcycles. State officials. Riders and motorcycles. Dignitaries. Riders and motorcycles. Keesler air Force band. Keesler air Force troops. Riders and motorcycles. Bouef gras. Riders and motorcycles. Chariot. Riders and motorcycles. King s float. Riders and motorcycles. Biloxi Junior High band. All participants in Parade floats advertising Etc. Riders and motorcycles. Keesler air Force base drum and Bugle corps. Riders and motorcycles. Police squad. Riders and motorcycles. Night Parade s M. Howard avenues starts at Lee Street West to Porter Avenue Circle then East on Howard Avenue to Nixon Street. Parade formation motorcycles patrol. Queen and k no it past it. Captain of carnival. County City and state police patrols. Keesler fab drum and by sle corps. Riders and motorcycles Boeuf gras. Chariot. Riders. Clowns and All circus units including bareback riders All other participants. Biloxi High school band. King s Flat. Riders and motorcycles. Queen s float. Keesler air Force bad. Riders and motorcycles. Maid s float. Riders and motorcycles. Dukes float riders and motorcycles. Police communications car. Sacred heart All girls band. Clown s float. Riders and motorcycles. Shrimp festival float. Riders and motorcycles. Perkinston Junior College band and Perkette. Tigers float riders and motorcycles. Zebras float. Notre Dame High school band. Riders and motorcycles. Elephants float. Riders and motorcycles. Gorillas float. Riders and motorcycles. Long Beach High band. Seals float. Riders and motorcycles. Lions float. Riders and motorcycles. Ocean Springs High band. Riders and motorcycles. Concessions float. Riders and motorcycles. Police patrol. Top trophy of the Southeastern National. Polled Hereford show and Sale. The double e ranch had 42 Mon. The passengers was 2nd it Richard Harrison Shaddick jr., 22, whose brother. 2nd it. John Points the highest won in the two Shaddick. 25-Yearxild bomb. P try daughter of or mint in Ronny inn Misc into in. Were reported although police in some of the smaller communities said visibility was Drifting Snow blocked Mountain passes in Northern Colorado Sun Day. Trees Telephone and j lines were levelled. 14 below Aberdeen. S. D. Had 14 below Jackson. Miss a nine this morning and Fargo n. D. To. Month old girl was killed and six it temperatures of Zero or lower persons injured a two of them sex were spreading southward and Pertant Mother a in a two car eastward collision near Here on u. S. High i continued on pack four Way 80. Highway patrolman Ray Gentry identified the dead child As Joyce Dav show which ended saturday. Or Pilot is reported missing i the Holly Springs farm was action in Korea. Another passenger was mrs. J. A Cornelius Rathborne. New Orleans society Leader Active Republican worker and member of a a Well Springs runner up with 34 Points. Jewelry store at Columbia robbed a known Maryland family. And mrs. John l. Dotson of Jack son both of whom were injured in the crash. The other injured were identified As mrs. George Dykes miss Burnie fave dyes. 21. Mrs. La Verne d. Touchstone. 18. And Wil 22 dead in Italy Benevento. Italy a excessive Speed blamed on faulty brakes hurled the bari7naples express off the track Here yester Columbia. Miss. We Columbia j mrs. Alfred Bergman in route Touchstone All of Richton a a Quot a police today investigated the bold a to visit her husband in Houston or. Lou Insione 311 of n in Quot not Day. Killing at least 22 persons. I Daylight burglary of a jewelry tex., was formerly married to the ital attendants said Al shy were injured 23 serious store Here in which thieves took late Billy Debeck. Creator of the son and my. Dykes a be by Quot a casualties wer italian. Debeck creator of about $200 Worth of watches and Barney Google comic strip jewelry j d on a it a 10111 the burglars smashed a Hole in a display window yesterday and grabbed the goods. Expectant mothers. National am vets commander will pay coast visit commander Raymond Ryan of the Biloxi am vets Post a noun. It it red that am vet National com for the annual religious education Mander Marshall e. Miller will association meeting to Hurt three arrive in Biloxi today. Post Mem a a a Bers and guests will Honor com the first session begins at 21 Mander Miller and his party which M. With h. B. Yount blooded include National program direct a National director of the fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church Meridian president religious educators gather Jackson miss. Opt Baptist religious educational workers from Mississippi began arriving today boat overturns at Pascagoula two men sought Keesler enters carnival Parade Keesler fab is participating in Biloxi s Mardi gras Parade with near Tyng troops band drum and i Bugle corps and color guard major Gen. James f. Powell announced. During the afternoon procession some 265 troops comprising a select Squadron chosen for marching ability and Scholastic standing will be in the Parade As Well As the 502nd fab band and an a color guard. Saturday a Squadron of 265 men drum and Bugle cops and color guard went to new Orleans for the Parade in Gretna and the 502nd fab went to Mobile for its Celebration. On tuesday the same Keesler organizations join forces in Biloxi for the afternoon Parade. In addition air police from Keesler will assist in directing traffic at Biloki for the Mardi gras Parade. Tor Alvin Keller and National finance officer Tony Caserta at the Post club on monday night. Commander Miller is making a tour of am vet posts through various Southern states and arrived in Mobile sunday. He will spend two Days on the coast commander Ryan stated and will Confer with state and Post am vet officers in Mississippi. The commander and his party will stay at the Buena Vista. Tuesday or. Miller goes to Gulf port. General Wilson leaves for meet Jackson miss. Ufir maj. Gen. W. P. Wilson adjutant general of Mississippi and col. H. J. Dalton u. S. Property officer for Mississippi. Leave Here thursday to attend the annual conference of the adjutant general association at White Sulphur Springs w. Va., feb. 22-25. Wilson is a member of the executive Council of the association. Adjutant from the 48 states Alaska. Hawaii and puerto rim will attend. New Orleans pm the coast guard reported that Pascagoula authorities and fishermen of the area were searching for two occupants of a shrimp boat which overturned in Pascagoula Channel. The men were identified As Frank Danley and John Caviness. The coast guard said the boat brakes failed owned by Clarence Ladnier of Pascagoula overturned saturday during a Squall. A coast guard Cutter righted the the 10-car train raced Down a Hill at 65 Miles an hour into this a South italian City and jumped the. Rails As it approached the station. The locomotive plunged onto the. Station platform. Only the last ear remained on the. Tracks. Many of the victims were headed for Naples to sail for a new. Life in Venezuela. Quot train Engineer Roberto Pitera and his assistant Nicola Ricciardi were arrested and placed under guard in Benevento s Little Hospital which was crowded to overflowing with the injured. Pitera told investigators fee Raimondi Giovanni director Gal of italian railways said the train should have slowed to 18 a Miles per hour before entering boat but found be Trace of the Benevento but that a speedometer showed it had been going 65. ----1 he said the locomotive brakes had weather news a not yet 66611 examined priest killed on airline Highway new Orleans the Rev. William f. Schultz head of the roman Catholic Mary Knoll Mission Here will be buried at Maryknoll n. Y., on wednesday. The priest was killed saturday in an automobile Accident on the airline Highway near new Orleans. Ascension Parish Coroner or. D. C. Brumfield said two cars and a truck were involved in the to cadent. He listed the other Drivers As Jules Thomisser of Shreveport and Richard Sears. Neither a Hurt. Coast partly Cloudy ind turn in colder late tonight and tuesday. Scattered showers. Lowest 36-42 tonight. Moderate southerly winds becoming fresh this afternoon and shifting to fresh to locally Strong northerly tonight Mississippi fair and warmer this afternoon partly Cloudy to Cloudy and turning colder tonight and tuesday few showers in South portion tonight and tuesday Low tonight 22-32 a North and 30-40 Central portions. U. S weather station located at Biloxi yacht club 24 hours end at 8 . High love free. February 14 .5� 43 3.17 february 15 .61 4s .04 Low last night 44 today noon m. Tides reach up the Hudson l to Troy a distance of Mora 190 Mitabe a a l

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