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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Biloxi, Mississippi Relief Bill signed More Money asked president Roosevelt asks con j Viress for immediate appropriation of the si.>0.000.000 Cut off Bill. .�.-on. Of of. 7 a a it a told loin a a Emera Tii a Quot sex Jala in re no it kit do a immediate corridor an additional approx of si.&Quot>0.000.000 for spa in it i be Montus. A a Jure represents Ine Cut made in is request l or i j Cary spa trom feb us y through june. The while announced earner today president Nad signed t it .s72�.oou.ooo on saturday. In a Kina a a rime Diate consider of v mat he termed the Quot simple and alarming tact Quot in the Rene Outlook. Or. Ruo get Eit said in a mean to that with Only s725.000.000 a a a table. Spa if must reduce its Rolls abruptly on apri. 1 by 1.000.000 person of but Quot in on Date a Eek i it a a eel eduction Winch no june 3d would drop employ Nikii Hom a present 3.000.000 to a a Jure Ohio a 1.500.000 Pei >011- Quot vacation Cut i Jyi Difili t. Coi the daily Herald associated press leased wire Nea service Herald building Biloxi Mississippi coast tuesday afternoon february 7, 1939 Herald building Gulf part volume a lib number 150guard strikes third time in Rankin count More gambling devices and liquor bottles smashed in third successive nightly visit of troops Jackson miss., feb. 7�? up a the Rankin county Quot Gold coast Quot smarted today under the blows of a third National guard raid last night which increased the toll of and France and England a rising flood May recognize Franco Waters drive seek to draw families out insurgent eyes from dictators end of Spanish War approaching heavy death list feared in Kentucky where water level climbs to housetops Snow in West e Lin route to latin America for a month s vacation Edwin s. Thomas. Above judge of the u. S. District court in Connecticut was ordered by wireless to return to new York to Appeal before the Granda a ,. It. Surv investigating the business at Ralph Hollister s company _ of lairs of judge Martin t. Manton i Jackson participated in of the u. S. Circuit court of a Quot mopping up operation peals. Wrecked gambling devices smashed liquor bottles. Major t. B. Birdsong directed thirty enlisted men and six officers in the third foray into the area since last saturday night. Cap this it in half or new of other the a re Pauli rom of present pm. Ould be lashed con a v Jnore than one half within a Pei 10a of three months. "1, to v. Ever proper reserves Ere maintained at the end of the \ i a r. Employment at the end of june w Ould drop still fur j a a or to a figure of Only slightly More than 1.000.000 persons. Quot tried Eiore. On a program of. A ii dual reduction from 1.500.000 j to .000.000 persons would be thrown out of work Progi Essad ministration e m p 1 o y m e n to or with the addition of those dependent on them from 6.000.000 to 8.000.000 americans would no longer receive Federal government discussing the prohibition written into the Relief Bill against re i continued on Pace three 24 punished for riot in prison major Birdsong said a Cabin at tourist Cabin yielded three Slot machines containing a Quantity of Money and a connecting shed at the rear of a cafe contained five old Slot machines and several cases of liquor. Machines and liquor were completely destroyed the major said. Ringleaders placed in solitary will m. White weds confinement in Alabama s j is Evelyn Robinson Kilby prison news reached Gulfport this Montgomery. Ala. Feb. 7�? Pic morning of the marriage monday Olgr rioting Quot Over rations is in new Orleans of will m. White fenced by tear Gas and threatening a president of the Gulfport Cham machine guns. 24 leaders of a 150 i ber of Commerce and mrs. Evelyn convict uprising at Kilby state Elhert Robinson of that City. The prison were in solitary confine Bride is a daughter of or. And reported inclined to yield As support for losing fight fades London feb. 7�? jpj�?1the Spanish government embassy announced today that the government of Premier Juan be Grin would proceed to Valencia Quot before the end of this week Quot and Quot continue resistance to the London feb. 7�? in a British foreign office officials said today great Britain and France were considering recognition of the insurgent regime of Generalissimo by the associated press rising flood water harassed areas of the Ohio Valley today while a Pacific storm brought heavy Snow to the Northwest. The red Cross estimated 10,000 Francisco Franco As the sole offi families m five states were affect Elhert of new Orleans. Or. White brother of governor Hugh White of Mississippi is a Well known businessman of Gulfport being distributor of the Gulf refining company on the Mississippi coast. May not reopen Tva investigation democratic members of special committee indicate study is completed Washington. Feb. 7�? put a unless republicans up get present plans the Senate House committee appointed to investigate the Tva will make its report to Congress without additional Public hearings. Democratic members of the group which was voted an additional $25.000 yesterday said two recent developments favored this course. They referred to the agreement by Tva officials to Purchase Pri me it Quot today on a bread and water diet. Warden j. E. Lindsey said 19 White and 5 negro convicts had been singled out As Quot ringleaders Quot and placed in solitary and quiet was restored among the prison s 1.600 population. One Man was wounded by Shotgun fire and several were slightly Hurt in yesterday s rioting in which a vegetable storage House was burned and Cotton Mill machinery wrecked. Col. W. E. Persons convict department chief said that while 1 2500 acres in thirteen South the rioters Quot sought to make it appear Quot their demonstration was a protest against prison food fare he believed other causes largely responsible. Recent new and stringent parole rules inaugurated by governor Frank Dixon and the state Board of pardons Quot might have been Quot contributing causes to the riot. Per state land suit set for thursday serve at least one third of their terms before becoming eligible for parole. A minimum of 15 years is fixed for those serving 46 years \ ate Utility properties of the j to life. Commonwealth and Southern Cor one guard held the theory the portion for about $80,000,000. And j men planned to overpower prison the recent supreme court decision attaches and hold them hostages Mississippi counties involved in litigation. Probable matters including estates and guardianship occupied the attention of Chancellor d. M. Russell in chancery court at Gulfport today As the court neared the Middle of the third week of 1 the regular 4-weeks january sons said but expressed belief Quot bad term. Men Quot recently transferred to Kilby j most of the matters set for Dis fomented the disturbance. \ position today were of the unlit under new rules prisoners must a gated variety but a stoutly con tested Case is scheduled for hearing thursday when the suit of the state of Mississippi by governor Hugh l. White against the Russell investment corporation of new Orleans and others is set for hearing on demurrer. This is a Case involving the title that 14 private utilities had no until their demands were met. But to some 2500 acres of land in about basis for a suit against Tva. J failing in the plan turned to a i 13 South Mississippi counties m Quot this just about takes All the j complaint against food. Sting out of criticism of the i Agency Quot said one democratic j committeeman who asked that his name not be used. Senator Davis a a and two House Republican members representatives Wolverton of new Jersey and Jenkins of Ohio had asked that 30 to 45 additional witnesses be called including j. R. Mccarl. Former comptroller general of the United states who frequently questioned Tva expenditures. Other Utility sales expected Wilkie indicates North Mississippi and Alabama property May be sold new York. Feb. 7�? a Pic the private Power Industry retreating on several fronts before the Advance of government financed projects went ahead today with plans for evacuation of the Tennessee Valley through Sale of upwards of is 10,000.000 in properties for distribution of Tva electricity. Relatively rapid Progress from now on in the Competition of pending or scheduled deals for Sale of properties in the Tva territory was anticipated in Utility circles following the $80,000,000 agreement covering the Tennessee electric Power co., subsidiary of the Commonwealth amp Southern corporation. Further study of the significance of this Deal convinced Many Utility men it represented the longest it tride yet taken toward settling the bickering Over priv ate properties to permit the Tva Power Quot yardstick Quot to function. Wendell l. Willkie president of Commonwealth amp Southern in continued on Page three Ramsay candidate for re election a. J. Ramsay now serving his sixth term As circuit clerk of Harrison county stated today that he would be a candidate for re election in the forthcoming democratic primaries and that Liis formal announcement would be made in due time. Or. Ramsay is Well known throughout the county and As for that matter throughout the state having made a statewide record As an efficient and competent circuit clerk. Thus far there have been no rumours of opposition Ana As has been the Case for the past several terms or. Ramsay will probably be unopposed in his race for reelection. State finds its Gas Wells profitable i which the state claims fraud was i practice by the defendants in securing land patents and seeking i the cancellation of the patents. 1 the Bill filed by assistant attorney general Pierce contains about 600 typewritten pages and names around 400 defendants making it by far the largest suit of its kind Ever filed in the chancery court of Harrison county. A number of the defendants Jackson feb. 7�?drilling of five Gas Wells on state owned lands in the East Jackson Field As authorized by a 1936 legislative act is paving dividends to the state. H. M. Morse state Oil and Gas have filed demurrer based largely supervisor said monday that the on the grounds that the Bill is state of Mississippi has received 1 multifarious and joins too Many s115.410.69 in Revenue since the defendants in the suit Wells were placed into production. Among the cases disposed of or. Morse explained that the yesterday was a divorce suit legislature in authorizing the \ brought by mrs. Olga Bourgeois drilling appropriated $115,000 to i against Eiphege Bourgeois result bore the Wells. Of this amount ing in a divorce for the complain �5650.31 was unexpended and turned Back into the state Treasury. He said the Wells net the state on an average of s6000 a month with january providing the greatest income of any single month since production started when More than $8000 was obtained from the producers. The fuel is sold to the United pipe line company. Ant. Tung Oil leaders to come to coast by Charles s. Foltz. Or. Perpignan France feb. 7�? pm an end to the civil War which has paralysed Spain and endangered the peace of Europe for thirty months appeared imminent today. Or. Juan Negrin Premier of government Spain and his last die hard supporters were reported in diplomatic circles to be inclining to the View that they must yield. President Manuel Azana abandoned All appearances of clinging to his Post As chief executive of the Republic. After coming to France sunday and staying a Day near the Frontier he went to a French Retreat at colognes close to Geneva. Fighting in Northern Spain appeared to be Over. Insurgent Generalissimo Francisco Franco checked the Pace of his armies marching through the northeastern province of Catalonia toward the French Frontier while columns of Defeated government troops and refugees withdrew into France. Evacuation studied Negrin was still in Spain this morning but diplomatic sources said he was bending All his efforts toward orderly evacuation of his Northern troops and the escape of refugees. Foreign minister Julio Alvarez Del Vayo who conferred with envoys of France and great Britain last night at be Perthus remained in close touch with the two Powers which were understood to be consulting Franco in return. After the first negotiations broke Down saturday because of the Spanish government s demand for a plebiscite diplomatic sources said the government had modified its demands and now was asking nothing except assurances that peace would bring no reprisals and would leave Spain Independent. The negotiations were surrounded by secrecy but diplomatic circles expressed the belief that re a Gar less of the outcome a Long continuance of the War appeared impossible. New attitude de by the Ohio flood described by the Kentucky state health commissioner As the worst in the history of the mountains. A heavy death list was feared in East Kentucky where Ohio River tributaries climbed to Housetop Levels. Soon the insurgents would look Newport by authorities est. A tip it. A mated 600 families had been re Cial government of Spain. Spanish insurgent authorities in London said Franco had not yet asked for de Jure recognition of his government. British officials said however that unless Franco is recognized entirely to Germany and Italy for Aid in rehabilitating Spain. Officials emphasized however that insurgent recognition still would entail the prior withdrawal of italian and German troops which Rome and Berlin have assured prime minister chamber i moved from Homes when the water flooded 35 City blocks. Preparations were made for further evacuations. The 68-foot Sonny boy a purse Seiner in route from san fran Cisco to Seattle which disappeared ,. _ _. Early monday in a rain Squall was lain they would do m any Case at red Safe today. The end of the Spanish War. 1 the continued recognition by great Britain of the Spanish Republican government depended officials said on the Quot questionable Quot Legal position of the government. Whether the administration of Premier Juan Negrin still existed was indefinite they said although they added it was possible that Britain would continue to recognize that government or its substitute in Central Spain. Britain and France were understood to have pointed out to Franco that the government held Balearic Island of Minoi in the Mediterranean must be occupied not by italian or German forces but solely by spaniards before London and Paris could recognize the insurgent regime. Frequent reports that italian troops control Mallorca largest of the Balearic islands has caused anxiety Here since these islands Are close to France s line of communications with her african possessions. Diplomatic quarters in Paris said Franco had Given a Promise of Friendly relations Between the Quot new Spain Quot and France. Senator Leon Berard Semi official French envoy to Burgos was said to be on his Way Back to Paris Quot highly satisfied Quot with exploratory talks with insurgent backs Amlie for Job meanwhile senators wait for president s promised statement on Roberts Washington feb. 7�? 7p or la Guardia of new May York against the sombre background s Sam Niaros a Ems a a a i 5sk7kj3& Bas Quot 1 Roosevelt s nomination of Thomas change in the Spanish political situation became apparent. Negrin with the support of labor leaders had been reported Over the week end to be determined to Transfer his government to Central Spain and carry on the fight in the one fourth of the country still in the hands of the government. The disruption of the popular front organization practical difficulties in transferring the government to the Central zone and the great Odds against a successful stand there were believed to be breaking Down the last elements of resistance. I lingering death hours or perhaps Days of lingering death for the government in the North remained in Prospect before the situation would finally come to a head. D o of a the insurgents gradually were representatives of six states i closing in on the cornered govern will meet at Gulfport lat-1 ment Force what Congress is doing by the associated press today Senate in recess until thursday. Finance subcommittee hears protests from state and municipal officials against eliminating tax exemptions. Banking committee studies securities regulation measure. Secretary Morgenthau testifies before committee studying Silver follow a National farm Chemurgic Purchase program. I Council to be held in Jackson the agriculture committee hears and latter part of March has not been Vocat it of Cost of production farm fixed but will be Early in april Bill. J governor Hugh l. White and ter part of March through the efforts of the Gulfport chamber of Commerce the Tung Oil association of America convention has been secured for Gulfport and some 300 delegates Are expected to be present from Mississippi Alabama Louisiana Georgia Florida and Texas these six states representing the Tung Oil growing Section of the United states. The convention Date which will la i guv Cillus jul ugly la it. To Jil ivc cult a a subcommittee continues hear l. J. Folse of the state planning Ojon a 25 cents a person. Preterm it february county court term ing on Thomas r. Amlie appoint Board As Well As other state and ment to interstate Commerce com Federal officials will take part in Mission. The convention program. House conditions in the Orient now make it certain that there will be a decreased Supply of Tung for Export to America ways and Means committee it was pointed the product votes on $1,898,000,000 Independent office Supply Bill. Continues hearing on social Security act extensions 10 . Naval committee resumes study of naval air base program 10 30 . Interstate Commerce committee hears proposals for Railroad Aid 10 . Agriculture committee considers minor changes in farm act. Military committee drafts $450,-000.000 Bill for army defences. Yesterday Senate rejected appointment of Floyd h. Roberts As Virginia Tion of nearly 2,000,000 pounds of Tung Oil produced in the United states in 1936 was declared a drop in the bucket compared with the 150,000.000 pounds required by american industries in 1937 and the demand is increasing Hopes for a partial Supply for american manufacturers Are pinned on production on a strip of land about 100 Miles wide along the Gulf states. The United states department of agriculture is vitally interested in the Supply of Tung Oil in America and will take an Active part in the con judge 72 to 9. Senate passed s22,000,000 Defi a mention at Gulfport. Neney appropriation Bill. Thomas r. Amlie told Senate i forty per cent of the world s subcommittee he was not a com chromium is consumed by Monist. I United states. When they finally sweep up to the Frontier bringing to a new Climax the March that started in Spanish Morocco july 18, 1936, the Spanish government already forbidden to function on French soil must make its final decision As to whether it will move to the Central front or abandon the conflict. Spanish government troops having Given up As hopeless the idea of further resistance in Catalonia continued to move into concentration Camps on the French Side of the Border. Civilian refugees were sent to shelters in the Interior of France. Both troops and civilian were being r. Amlie to be a member of the interstate Commerce commission. As a Senate interstate Commerce committee continued hearings on Amlie s appointment Laguardia advised the group in a letter that he believed Amlie Quot is a Good american Quot and Quot is Amlie a Wisconsin progressive denied emphatically at a hearing yesterday that he was in sympathy with communism. He made a qualified statement that he favored government ownership of Railroad i s a a a pc a a at today s session Luther m. Wan Ysien Walter Chicago attorney con i february 4 had damaged property tired testimony in opposition to owned by the Werner g. Smith 20 marooned the storm covered Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington with Snow and drifts marooned 20 patrons of a mount Hood resort. A fresh Snow storm struck new England grounding air planes and hampering sea and land traffic. Northern new England was covered with one to two inches of Snow and five inches had fallen in the Cape cod Aea. The weather Bureau reported temperatures would reach the Low 20 s and that the storm might Abate late today. Thermometers dipped to 20 below Zero along the Canadian Bor continued on Page eight assassins kill two in China tax collector and Counselor slain note pinned on Back of one Shanghai feb. 7�? pm assassins today shot and killed two officials of the japanese sponsored reformed government bringing to five the number of political assassinations Here in three Days. Chow Chi Tang Counselor of the government s ministry of finance was shot while Riding through the streets of the International settlement. The gunman pinned on his body a note in chinese characters saying Quot you Are a Soo Che Dong a tax collector also was shot while Riding in the International settlement. Chinese guerrillas meanwhile continued to harrass japanese troops on widely separated fronts. In Chekian province Down the coast from Shanghai the chinese Tore up several Miles of Railroad near Kashing interrupting Shanghai hang How rail traffic. Guerrillas also reported they had dynamited a japanese troop train near Kwan Tien on the Tient sin Puskow railway Northwest of banking killing or wounding 300. In North China another japanese attempt to Cross the yellow River from Southwest Shansi province into Shenski the communist stronghold was said to have been halted when chinese machine gunners wiped out the enemy Vanguard. A dispatch from chunking said a japanese bombardment of Sze Chwan in masks protest car doors Ardsley n. Y., feb. 7�? Gas masked commuters boarded the 8 31 . Train Here today protesting the use of a gasoline motored car on the Putnam division of the new York Central Railroad. The demonstrators nine men and one woman carried a Large sign with the legend Quot Why go to France to be gassed it does happen Here. Ask the boys who ride the Quot Stinky Quot Warren Benedict former mayor of Dobbs ferry said the protest was also aimed against a Coal stove used to heat the car in Winter time. The stove he said sent off such fumes that passengers were made nauseous on the daily trip to new York asks Palestine peace arabs and jews urged to Settle dispute by personal conferences London feb. 7�? pm prime minister Chamberlain urged Arab delegates to the Palestine conferences today to Settle their ancient feud with the jews Quot by personal Contact Quot a after the manner of the foreign policy he has pursued in seeking european appeasement with premiers Hitler and Musso j Lini. Opening the conferences at Saint James Palace with a welcoming address to the arabs Chamberlain said Quot my policy is one of peace. Quot you will be aware that my particular method of approach to peace is through understanding and the first essential step to understanding is personal addressing the arabs representing the exiled grand Mufti of Jerusalem who quarrelled among themselves and refused to sit in the same room with the jewish representatives the Premier said that Britain was Quot seeking a Wise settlement of the present difficulties which will safeguard the rights and position of the arabs who oppose jewish immigration in the carefully guarded arabs were ushered into the Palace by one Entrance the jews by another for their Welcome which followed that to the arabs. At no time were the two groups permitted to meet. Rabbi Stephen s. Wise of new j York and Chaim Weizmann president of the world zionist Organ Iza Tion answered for the jewish delegation. The grand Mufti s delegates in a dispute Over representation prevailed upon the opposition Arab National defense party delegation to withdraw. Compromise Chamberlain indicated Britain s policy was one of Compromise by telling the arabs Quot it is a task of continued on Page three grocery store at Wade robbed of $100 Pascagoula feb. 7�?the grocery store owned and operated by Grover Carter in Wade was robbed of More than $100, according to or. Carter saturday night about 10 o clock just As he was getting ready to close for the night. Or Carter stated that a White Man about 25 or 30 years old held him up at the Point of a gun and took _ the Money out of the Cash Register j year wa7the first Quot wit defense plan approved by House group expansion of army air corps to 5,500 planes unanimously voted by military committee Washington feb. 7�? up a chairman May Day said today the House military committee had unanimously approved legislation to authorize the major part of president Roosevelt s $552,000,000 special defense program including expansion of the army air corps to 5,500 planes. Action on the Bill came he said after Republican members of the committee sought unsuccessfully to limit the War department to production of no More than 1,000 air planes in any fiscal year. Representative Andrews Rny senior minority member of the group said the limitation proposal was Defeated 15 to 10, on a Quot straight party May declined to say How the committee divided on his original proposal to give the air corps a total of 6,000 planes. Quot the bridle is off he asserted. Quot they can buy these planes As fast As they can be foreign policy meanwhile in another committee the Touchy Issue of foreign policy particularly toward Japan bobbed up again. Quot i am broadly supported by Public opinion Quot Walter w. Van Kirk told the House naval committee in stating that Quot nobody in this country does know what the foreign policy is where the Congress is Van Kirk who declared the Navy s ideas for improving Harbor facilities at the far Pacific Island of Guam would be regarded by Japan As Quot provocative Quot said he spoke for 42 peace organizations in proposing a More deliberate course. He asked that the Navy s $65.-000,000 air base program be delayed until a special congressional commission studied and reported on the nation s foreign policy. From rep. Leavy a Wash came an endorsement for the $30- continued on Page three death claim is before u. S. Court Edwin Jenkins Gulfport admitted to practice in Federal court today a $50,000 death claim of mrs. Elsie Latimer Biloxi is the boat Quot Europe Quot Captain Alex Samanski and the Anticich packing co. It Al was before Federal court at Biloxi this morning with judge Albert Watson Scranton pa., presiding. Prior to taking up this Case judge Watson who wears his judge s gown in court heard several matters in Chambers. The suit is the outgrowth of the death Jan. 24, 1936, of Theo r. Latimer 34, who it is alleged died from the effects of monoxide Gas fumes from a charcoal Furnace while sleeping in the fore Peak of the boat. Mrs. Latimer who has a three or. Carter said that he and his Ness. She said her husband left Amlie. He quoted from Amlie s writings in an Effort to show the latter was not qualified for the interstate Commerce commission. Laguardia and Amlie former progressive representative from Wisconsin have been associated ,. ,. ,. In political movements for Sev i who instituted the practice of i 1� or t rom company. American Wood Oil exporters with Headquarters at Cleveland Ohio. No americans were reported injured however. Soldiers first were placed on a professional basis by the romans eral years. Criticism awaited i ing for their services. Wife were in the store when his i a i a a a wife heard a noise outside and a no he to Jet a Road went out to investigate. The robber held her up and forced her into the store. Quot after entering the store he told me to put up a my hands Quot or. Carter said. Or. Carter said the Man had a Black cloth Over his face and that after taking the Money about $40 in Cash and the rest in checks he warned them not to try to follow him outside or to move until they heard a car pass and blow the Horn As he had two More Fellows outside i. Or. Carter said that he notified sheriff j. Guy Knees who started an immediate investigation. Meanwhile senators watched for some criticism by president Roosevelt of the Senate s 72-to-9 rejection of the nomination of Floyd h. Roberts to be a Federal judge in Virginia. The president said last week that if Roberts were rejected he would have something to say about it in a letter to the judge. Roberts was opposed by both Virginia senators Glass and Byrd on the ground that or. Roosevelt had nominated him As a rebuke to them for failing to support and Mam i ministration measures. They made the Case a Clear Cut Issue of whether the White House or the Senate should have the final word on Federal patronage in the states and on that basis won Over All but eight of the democratic senators on whose says seawall repairs will Cost $350,000 for 13 Miles ters off the state reefs and that after he left Biloxi she did not see him until after he had died. Jesse Conway one of six members of the Crew of the Quot Europe Quot testified he was with Latimer and that he was overcome and did not learn of Latimer s death until a Day later. Preparations were being made to either ask the coast guard to Send a plane for Captain Samanski on the boat Quot Bride Quot or to take other Means to bring him Back to Biloxi As a witness in the Case. U. S. Is. Carl b. Anderson Geo. Ante Cedo Gulf coast sea foods co., Jos. Renes Miro Matacin James f. James were dismissed. Bailiffs appointed for the term were we. R. Mills Gulfport Wakeman Curtis Biloxi and t. M. Freeman Gulfport. The february term of county court for Harrison county scheduled to open next monday has been pret permitted by county judge George Murphy who is ill in a new Orleans Hospital. Judge w. T. Moore served last month As special judge in the county court due to judge Murphy s illness and disposed of Vii tally Ever contested Case on the docket and very few cases have been filed since the close of the last term. The judge is reported As much improved and is expected to be out of the Hospital by the latter part of the month and Able to preside Over the court for the regular March term which will open the j in the second monday of that month. Votes the administration normally counts. Those eight were majority Leader Barkley of Kentucky Bilbo of Mississippi Lee of Oklahoma Neely of West Virginia Pepper of Florida Schwartz of Wyoming Smathers of new Jersey and Ashurst of Arizona. Sen continued on Page three Blair elected head of Hattiesburg schools Hattiesburg miss., feb. 7�? up a s. H. Blair Junior High school principal Here has been elected to a one year term As superintendent of the City schools succeeding w. I. Thames. His term starts sept. 1, 1939. Blair started Here As football coach 16 years ago. He is a graduate of Mississippi state College. Shourds and bean engineers and architects employed by the Harrison county Board of supervisors to make plans and specifications for repairs to the Harrison county seawall submitted their report this morning at a meeting of the Board of supervisors but the Board took the matter of making the repairs under advisement pending a meeting with the seawall commission which must recommend the adoption of the plans before any final action is taken. The plans As submitted by col. D. B. Shourds provide for structural repairs to the seawall which include restoration of Concrete where broken off and repairing open expansion joints. They also provide for closing joints in the Sheet piling where open. The attorney admitted Edwin Russell Jenkins member of the firm of White and Jenkins of Gulfport was introduced to opening of these joints it was j the court by t. J. White and and pointed out has permitted Sand j fitted to practice in Federal court to filter through and lower the or. Jenkins graduated from cum Paul Revere began Quot pump priming Quot Spokane wash., feb. 7.�?<p>�? Paul Revere started Quot pump priming Quot Alan a. Green told the Pacific Northwest hardware and implement dealers association. Green representative of a Copper products concern said Revere talked the Continental Congress Back fill of the Wall and thus endangering the sidewalk and other structures adjacent to the Wall. The plans further provide for the installation of collective drainage running parallel to the seawall on the outside and above the Wail connecting the present catch basins to reduce the pressure of water from behind the Sheet piling and the making of a Wall Village where necessary to maintain Sand beaches along the seawall. It was the expressed opinion of the engineers that repairs and drainage As suggested in the plans and specifications would be necessary along approximately one half of the 26-mile seawall and that the $350,000 authorized by the last state legislature to be expended by the county in making the repairs would be a sufficient sum to make the repairs along this 13 Miles. After approval of the plans and a recommendation by the seawall commission the Board of supervisors will be in a position to authorize a Bond Issue for into lending him $10,000 to expand his Copper rolling Mills making the necessary repairs but and then sold the government j the matter will probably be sub Copper plates for the frigate Quot old fitted to a vote of the people of a the county it was stated. Berland University last s ass n. Will meet the Mayflower warehousemen s association will hold its eighth annual convention tomorrow and continuing until saturday at the Edgewater Gulf hotel with an expected attendance of about 200. Members Are engaged in the storage and moving business throughout the United states. The Biloxi storage and Transfer co., is the local sub agent for the Mayflower transit co. Whose services Are sold by members. New judge Dies Knoxville tenn., feb. 7�? a a a William Baxter Lee appointed to a Federal judgeship in Tennessee Only last week collapsed and died of a heart ailment today. The attorney who was to have taken the oath of office within the next few Days was stricken in the office of District Federal judge George c. Taylor

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