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Biloxi Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 1

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Biloxi Daily Herald (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Biloxi, Mississippi A a Amod Atod pm. Ii and Nea Mun Lbw Wii Cost. Bit Imtair after Moon. Demo the a int Benid volume of hmm h rescuers bring up 11 bodies from Gas mine sex veep charges anti dutch move hurts Indonesia a a a fourteen alive after Virginia explosion Amonate a. Of a Rescue Jakarta. Indonesia for i i a Quot Mer vice president Mohan uned Quot a the yes Hatt. Charged today that officials a have so i Andi the a Anu dutch Campaign that they Are Virgua West hurting Indonesia More than the dutch Quot brought out of the Colliery in an open letter Hatta said of a Quot night bungling had brought a threat of the the Cabinet met to discuss overcast Day. Barter tide now being conducted the miners were hemmed in 500 u. Some parts of Indonesia to com feet underground. Company offi away a a a a a a contract signed with Engineer report in 60 Days a coordinated plan to seek enabling legislation to finance construction of a proposed Industrial sea Way which would include a new four Lane High Charies s. Vester Wentz ii Way 90 Bridge across Biloxi Bay was agreed upon u. Some pans of Indonesia to com us a ,.bat breakdowns in regular food cals said All the men originally a a lifelong Bilouian president of Fey Highway commissioner John d. Smith of men a Quot Ltd Harrison county officials legislators ing 6 45 . Following a Short and Seaway committee representatives Friday. Illness. Or. Wentz ii had been suffer nil from a heart ailment heart ailment takes life of Vester Wentz ii a Strib ution. Trapped by the explosion were be the before the Cabinet meet no for a eyed to be accounted for. Eign minister sub Andrio con am Nate is in Southwest Vir firmed reports that Indonesia will get Nia. M Miles West of Bluefield ask communist countries for Quot a Quot Quot a aunt maj from a Nean Asimeni a a a ii arms. Bodies of the dead were re Sio Quot Quot several years but his death Paidos will try in an open letter appearing from the sprawling mine came within 30 minutes after he in newspapers throughout this through a Shaft located in Wost was stricken his Home. 2220 a Iii a to la Sora Wun Island Republic. A Ive auce i Cir West Beach. Or. Wentzer Public schools. Attended Biloxi Sculp resin ass heavy deficit a contract with Brown and Root inc. Engineering consultants which authorizes the Houston tex., firm to begin an eight a month Survey of the county s Industrial potential was also formally signed by the Harrison county Board of supervisors the luncheon Para Lisp Punini Ina ted on Smia Wizik Island Republic the Vul Ginia. Nearly three Miles from Leader who negotiated i depend the main entry Shaft where the ence trom the Netherlands in 1949 survivors were brought out. Asked Quot is necessary for the this was the second disastrous College and Draughon s business Ai a Rauise indonesian people to Saeni ice and explosion in Pocahontas fuel co College. J Washington iffy a the demo restaurant in Mississippi City suffer to Speed up the return mines in the Border coalfields in for Manv Vears he has been National committee has Board attorney Stanford a Viest irian to the Republic n months. A february Gas expo Active and Quot prominent in the of tentatively set feb. 21 for a meet Morse or. Said the contract specs is err a a ski signed and Seaw. Palmes or a be vice. Oye. Or. Menu. Dec a s ass to Quot a a Quot a l Quot Loio to Hontas fuel co. Said the bodies been surrendered in the 1949 or Arhat Ahn,.t dependence agreement. Continue a on Pace Twa All vic a a a were commissioner Smith super to the dinner Here and to Gross a scors Dewey Lawrence. Rov de Linree men were Reanea a oui a u j j Maiier in a Gnu lug in a divisors Dewey Lawrence Roy de a a. M. The other eight were located one time he owned and op-00.000 for the Long empty Cam a Eaux j. J. Hayden or Gatha about two hours later. Plans were a de canteen the Veter Pang Chest. The deficit remains Ladner and Dennis Broadus. State made to remove a the bodies a administration operated a Job the 1956 election drive. 0th-1gen. Stanford e Morse or. Reos one time. us or dinners and an expanded sus Upton Sisson and Daniel Guice. The blast trapped men in two i a the Avalon Younst court Taining party membership drive go Harrison county Industrial a to ions a Joy loading area site served As a Hanson county Gre included in further Money Seaway steering committee rep.-e-,of an automatic Coal loading sheriff for six years. efforts. Senta Tives. Including chair Ich inet and a continuous mining he was a member of the elks meanwhile the republicans Are Jak Simmons Gulfport Sec a area also the site of automatic West end and East end fire com expected to their Post a teary Francis Collins. Mississippi los Angeles ii the los an Quot a loading equipment. The sur panties. Legion. Magnolia Lodge Pond National committee meeting Gnu Tommy Munro Biloxi a Eles examiner said today that ivors were found by Rescue work of masons Wahabi shrine tem Lor sometime after their Jan. 20, the meeting was called the a contract Between the air Force the site of the Joy loading pie. Coast shrine club. 40 amp 8, United Republican dinners Over request of the Seaway steering a new Lorah gtd aircraft com some 1.000 feet from where Eastern Star and other Organiza the country. Committee. Tinn i the gop National finance com i report tells of contract for manned Moon build the pied Piper a potential Man carrying satellite is reported near co Cletion. I 11 item Man of <4aaik the gop National finance com. The group first reached a the Rescue work was pain Stak a member of Biloxi Fiji Quot a however went ahead with Agreen get to include the Biloxi 1 near coi Piet Ion. A a rescuers were forced to 500 Quot Board from 1937 to 1941� pm Quot a us Bay Bridge project As an integral the Story from the examiner s Quot Jan their Way along slate Ujj. Presently a member of the a a al $3.6o0.000 to be raised in part of the proposed Industrial sea 1q.v� he the National. Senate and a by Ono i ban a inn about 1965. Quot Whan the Pip Pinor we. Miners &Quot-.7 a Gnu presently a memo i Washington Bureau said an in closed passages filled with brio a gig tion commission manned version will be ready a Quot Oke and deadly gases. They he Hie wifi. Infin and the Manni apr came oxygen tanks strapped to Quot of. A their backs. Thelma Frey Wentz ii a Daugh a easy Calm ends when me Rita i Iper officials said the mine was a in Algiers a nation Aust we but Nisi Russion a he Titan Arr info staff is sex known As a Quot gaseous Quot mine. Tia Quot Quot son j. V. several portions of Alger according to Jack Simmons who a night ended an uneasy j served As presiding chairman thai i instruction of the Biloxi a the Man carry my stage is sex Quot Quot Quot in As a gaseous mine a a petted to orbit for a month with was indicated that equipment used of a Quot Ston juror tha Kis non Ham Fanf a cafe re to the irae Nrec end in Quot be grandchildren. Tonii let Camo Aien committees. A last Luisiii in i in Fratoe Palm to a a awl Jim a Volls Vuk with the Bay of . Louis and a up approximately 250,000 a Idle land for Industrial use. To was uni Teri Niit in Hippi Iccino in Iuis Micio . Icons Ruchon 01 uie Niiori Uay the funeral will be 10 . A farm a Uard was killed farm Bridge would necessarily have to ure Bis prob Lin Moi we a a air w fic iof Pica 111 turn to the Story said Laried quantities in All Coal mines.,a a a a Quot a a a Longe Wouita be Cessani Nave w Ane a in Anu Westem ii Eias Waal there was Quot no comment Quot from had failed to function properly a monday from Bradford funeral buildings valued $300,000 were to coordinated with specifications As the up ought entered on rus Lockheed. There have been pre and the accumulation had been Home with services the Church burned and a rebel attack wih a a. Inland Seaway which the in a Ipoh Ort pm. Touched off by a spark of unknown a of the redeemer by the Rev e. Hand grenades in Oran killed , would Span. Commission Deer Island causeway same old line handed by reds Cairo meet Cairo the african asian Jwj Quot Peoples conference slowed Quot a avio Orl in Anh wac teen i Eloc Tanha halt cried the Law Haltor be to Maine san los Obispo Cali. A patrolman with wailing sire Hauoli a trn Jour to Aeb Oak a Liam i Quot do you have a sack of Turico Eon inn Kyc plated projects in Washington but the Pentagon has Given no offi so wet. So Cool slated far a a a we Vii v u. Iii iia we origin. A. Demiller. Burial will be in by of duty policeman military Fullarton said the families of Loxi the trapped miners had kept Ai Quot Vigil a station two Miles from cd a ithe disaster scene thai Iirth m n s Paul Altai would Exiell Sill Iai Vaal nov a lit v o i of the Hight but had been urged to return to their Homes Early this morning to await developments. Although Only eight men had by the associated press been listed As working in the con wet and Cool weather appeared tenuous loading area. T company of in non Neft for Mari areas in the facials later discovered 11 men Ere there. Ironically come of fhe 11 Miah 1x1 Piu pc a Ivl a Xvi to 111 we Eastern half of the country today. More rain or Snow fell in Northwest sections. Snow fell in most of the great lakes Region during the night extending southward As rain Mifodi v/i.-w��. Of a Mvi Itcik a us with Snow into Northern parts of i co., operators of the Southwest Indiana and Illinois. A Virginia mine said 534 of toe 775 cold air moved southeastward men employed the operations Lii rough the Plains and generated on Dallas school Issue regroups South s plans suggested construction of a cause Vay Type Bridge with a cent i draw Span. Final construction details however will be determined by an engineering study. fhe sic Ira Jafffe Arriano for sia s sweeping dec Momic Aid offer. Joe Alegria ast Micah a a said in subgroups of the conference s a did. Main poetical committee plunged j Quot Don eat them Quot the office into a discussion of such Contro toy by Quot your wife Sayr Hersial East West topics Asim i eat has of Fame serialism Ali eos Mamont Puiia Kimii. a discrimination Algeria and pales a Ine. The soviet Quot Hier he rather Quot Offei Alegry a Learned then Itiat Hii wife after making the Sand ironically some of the 11 might. Have been due for a Layoff today i Paubus claims because of a 70 per cent Cut in i personnel. Move a so final of firial of fun Annok in a a for Little Rock Ulfat cwt in in Fletr a Dallas of a a Dallas school offi Jials Happy Over a Federal a i peals court rung which life i. An order for them to integrate schools i next month today turned Back to mapping deliberate plans for desegregation. Via c Cuvi a Viiu wikis Iii uasi Iii Cei m la Ovici a coordinate the two proposed pro of economic Aid to All asians and Back m Sante beats. Commissioner Smith. Sena a africans was we received yes i and a i Tor Morse and representatives Sis ter Day by the delegates from 42 son and Guice gave Assurance they i nations and colonies tie non would work together in preparing governmental conference which is a doctor confirmed her sushi a nah line his la for Nrown Fainn to stacked with Sudi meters of Kwh finn the Calif min Hiff Hwan a the 1 to 1938 legislature. In Evn Mew a 1nr>n1 Anh Fri. / a a Luvail a Iii Iii vate Bill will be introduced seeking legislative approval for Harrison county to use its cents gasoline tax monies. Refit Neleh he the Monist policies. Many of those Voic Uig loud r Praise for the offer Are exiles 01 i fugitives from areas that receive . Economic Aid. Some of the tool was alerted to Flag Down the 1 truck before lunch Tinne. Allegrii Rae eff Neh i dict Man no Nunn the . 5th circuit court of Anri Aole in my a a a for i Ance the mum Milf on Dollar Proi one tax monies refunded by thei Quot Quot Quot cafe Chiahu of Wakaw Mon to a Home Govert ments that try to through the Plains and generated a mine no 31-were vue to Cut of a Faubus so to the Oder a Belt of showers eastward across off because of a decrease in Coal for delay in scheduled integration a so a a a a Quot Thonues Here a the Mississippi River. Thunder orders. Dallas pubic schools sold Bei Sho Quot old be accorded a Reasonar e pm a a the 14 a nov Ivory new l a i Ai for the.mie Rock school fun her oppor Tummy to integrate i storms run pm al nor tha wha to Finif new Southeastern Mississippi today decreasing cloudiness with rain ending Early today becoming Mosul fair Oris afternoon Lii Gil 58-cs Toni gift. Mostly fair and Cool Low 40 sunday fair and mod al a Quot Quot of Vav i were Pru a signal Lor air ii inc Oti Uwi bounced in Crone no Cir al Ronnhi. In Nav to an Shapic in in dirt and to gasoline Ioa. Ninvi bin 111 guru i ii Sinai Vii i a i Quot Quot and were sent Home. They Mma will seek improvement of Worl Maii c i so Louain la go a la Vuu Appeal the ruling they got. William h a Well nah envy Inte a oui be a Cuiyu Pikeiii on Ditc sur apparently a Refe to a of the Cost out ing by . Dist. Judge Ronald. Fore he issued a n. Davies last september in which a Jfe need not to i a a i i to Rrt. Decisions saying Dallas need not a Ivean Sahna. Quot september Federal judge Simmons Saiz to a mini let he re no Crent in tool Ronni tape com in Fri Little Rock was ordered to Proa Quot a a a need immediately with integration Nhing Central High school. Dred a by school he state Highway department Quot they never filed an a al Nib re president said thata $500 Doc the lower court Faubus a Deci to Hanson county out of said. Sion of the cd Cuit court which Iga Sohne taxes collected in the governor is spending christinas vacation in his Home town Here on Nunoo on Pasiec two a cow Muir benue a a my aerie Pic Isno us earn innate a eked if he thought the Dallas a mostly Easterly Toni lit what termed inequities in the Siim was affected by the Little said surveys made in con a p a and sunday monday partly state s workmen s compensation Phi Jine Cioni with eventual integration All Dut on of John Gregg Mma executive a possibly be that the Little rocket on Wev Jeani a a al Van mate re if Nign 5s-6z winos moderate to a Una. A Ine mis of amok a my a _m�41&-.s i s s a a d d 1 manuf phipers aeon a a cab strip in a Wren Westerly. Diminishing today and Hamm Lotf a tam la ---1--- Cio Sisai pm Quai Tuioi Durer a san. Plans to seek legislation during aka docs us Iii a tick a Virv Ceci mls in let Inni a o e n e r a 11 w Fain a president said yesterday. Is Colsey i Quot the Law nem. To be tightened -------1 a to compensate junes which to q __i___1.-.j arise but i Buu Luuie Tkv uits i u. 0. Weaner Ata Uon located employment Only. Aiso Ine Law Biloxi yacht club 24 hours ended a needs to spell out in no Uncertain s b m a ten that accede hiffa.nw Nunn prec. Dec. 27 9b Ligi 44 re a . The growing number of state supreme court decisions in favor to e or a a set Quot. J employs in Witanen s com �T�i.? sensation cases has caused Manu a he pm fractures considerable concern. J4 hours Endo 5 . I Bee 27 s Pia in Quot i Quot Quot a i Uty on the pm a a. Ployer in almost every conceivable situation where a pre existing condition is in any Way aggravated Quot works again Luau on Nau 1 Quot a Quot to Trio Velmor said he did not Quot &Quot,.observation of other com know a there was anything he a a have could do to change the Little Rock situation where nine negro pupils have been attending classes Central i. Faubus has said the racial crisis there will not end until the three negro boys and six girls Are removed from the 2,000-p Quot Quot girls bit by dog in danger Lakeland Fla. I a Allex aaa ref m i vol Ama a min Small Craft report costal winds fresh shifting winds 15-25 on Nort Iwest Florida coast becoming northerly Titis afternoon elsewhere fresh an Ruperly winds ls-25 . I mini King this afternoon becoming gentle to moderate mostly East winds f>15 by sunday. River stages a Pascagoula River Merrill miss., t feet Down .4, forecast a Low fan. Pearl River Pearl Biver la., me Oatoic appear. Gregg said also some consideration was being Given to a bul designed to strengthen the right to work Law enacted in 1954 with Mma backing by outlawing the irrevocable Check off imm Sions a Toimi contracts Ani making Viola __ah__1__ a a Nippy Decunea to Maxe known the Board s specific plans on integration. Topi uric line cubic by Giris Wnm the Appeal of Atwell s ruling a were exposed to a Rabid Puppy said he had not followed an Early have been warned to take Pecau mandate by the circuit court tonary measures and a pint of which called for integration Quot wit ii blood donated by one has been .11 j-121________1 to a a ui___1 m the daily Herald dec. A ltl7 or. And mrs. Sidney j. Cau Laver of Orange. Texas arc in Biloxi on a visit to their Nelker mrs. F. A. Caiu Avet. A m.__1._____�? ii Ulii Uclair Succur. The appeals court said if negro plaintiffs seeking integration should claim that school authorities have failed in their duty to Lound Bank. State police said today the were still seeking to find Joyc Lowell of Dover n.j., and notify a to by a a. . A via Ini Graie. Rne r Evora i i Sci ner Ulii me Puppy a a r Lonai court should give them a full and Southern College sorority Houst a r hearing. I pet had died of rabies. Miss Low we were not surprised Quot said Ell was believed vacationing Witt or f pm us a a a a a lug is. A a iiuii1c Juvil Luil film Rioh. 1.1j n stay officially disconnected a communist propaganda lines. The offer obviously designed to drive Western enter Mise out of the East was accompanied by broach Uit that african and asian coun Rico should nationalize Western operated businesses and exploit their profits As Egypt has a ouf Fhi do with the Suez canal. This a ardently appealed to Many elements who shouted their assent when soviet d e 1 e g a Anushavan a. Aga Fonovich laude Indonesia s takeover of some in billion dollars in dutch invest Lents the soviet offer recalled West pm predictions that the Kremlin would launch a drive in 1958 to win we friends in Africa Anc Asia with a View towards driving the West from these sources Lake Mufu Tori state Borders on Lake a my a Nam Jan m tears ago in the daily Herald Quot dec. A. In or. And mrs. Pari Despui Quot a Oriean were weekend Sci Tuut oui. . 1. A Viguie. Ine court was following the original decree in holding the formula by supreme court decision. Anything less than that would have put us in educational chaos. 1� the ruling apparently set died for the time being a $l,8m,<i00 que tion facing the school Bowd. A Biu passed by tin legislature last sining would Cut off state Aid if the District integrated without nor Ibi Iury sum a s East coast. The of blood was removed after i a Keu 21, new York City heard about the dog s death monday and told health aut Liori ties she had played with the do and also had donated the Wood to the Polk county blood Bank. Tally seven Giris were nipped of scratched by the playful dog but to were Belved to have been exposed to uie pet kept in the on al amp Martham anal a Milam Beck counsel in charge that jury Foreman biased Seattle a a attorneys Fadave Beck a a a silent i the huge teamsters Union have Sutjai ittes an affidavit in court which accuses the Foreman of the jury which convicted Beck on a Gnu id larceny charge of saying before tie trip Quot they out to throw tie Bool Beck. The Foreman denies a statement. The affidavit was sworn to by Robert Paulson of nearby Edmonds who said in his sign a statement that charges Hickling a Bellevue Hydro Dane Driver and boat builder made the statement in october. Beck went of trial dec. T of a org a he $1.m from the Sale of a Union owner aut Moule. He was Imaad guilty dec. 14 and his attorney Charlei Burden gave immediate. A _ a rus la elected president of g Chesi Cliff Russell was elected a a is Dent of the Community Chest flt a Mississippi City Long Beach Handsboro and Guin mix Friday night a meeting of the Board of directors held Gulfport Cham Ber of Commerce building. Russel will hold office for 1958, succeed i Ross Walker who ice for the past year. L. J. Hersinger was elected Vio president Arthieu Spratley Sec Ond vice president sad Vas reelected treasurer. Hersinger fluid drive i airmail for the Community Chest drive now underway since oct. 21, 1957, reported receipts to Date total $39, 589.51 or 81 per cent of goal com Unity Chest is a poom Effort of six con Unity agencies u finance its 1958 programs mini mum Cost and in one Effort Rath than separate Sidi citations. Services include salvation army United Tso vice organization continued on Pace two quiet weekend planned by Eisenhower Getty sub. A. A a quilt a a a agree to pay Sanders Cost Isie Odata the Guoxi Bridge and Parit com Mission has signed an agreement with the majority owner of Deer Island Sanders interests of Jack s i to enable the building of a. Causeway and tie Deveke min of i the Island into residential and Parte Sites. Hie program for the Island. 2000 feet off the coast will add Over 700 acres of badly needed land to the Biloxi City county and state a cols in addition to the develop Wnent of the adjacent hot torn lands and Harbor facilities. The contract signed Friday a essence Calls f not the Bridge and Park Commissi i to Issue Revenue but his to build the causeway to the Island and hire competent Engi i neers to prepare the development. The commission has apr to pay the Sanders interests its Cost for the Island to Date in audit ice to Otho cons ido action set out m the agreement. The agreement is predicated up on the issuance of Bonds for the we the approval of the legality of the agreement by the attorney. General and tiie draining of any. Necessary legislation f m the Island Bottom lands. The development would be pursuant to Chap tar 265, local an private Laws of the 1955 special session of the Mississippi legislature. A1 Duckett president of the commission stated today Quot this is Tim beginning one of the greatest develop oits of the coast which will eventually Benefit Evoy one Mississippi. For years we have am to new Jensen Luder hoped for every . Money Biu Washington a rep. Jensz. A Iowa said today he would Asl a Congress to impose the Quot Jensei a rider Quot of every appropriation Bil a next year in a move to Cut govern a ment Personne by 10 per cent. The Quot Jensen Der Quot first was a prove uyt on Presb m Coz Ana again in Usi. suited the Power of any Agency of the Golem mint to Fiu Vaca adet Unta personnel a the department feh blow m per Quot a ent of to Niue. The Isth and is Prav slabs al Lowed the agencies to fib ene out of every four Vaca Ades. Jensen s new in Osal would Tidlow one out every three Van act to be oled. Weekend broken Only by some by Quot Quot said in an interview Quot we Ean save upwards of 5i9 million dollars in payroll and related Costa. Alone without Hurt a a Tom nobody gets of faced. Ider Aioli a Oaler to be Momb. Us nigh i Loire Piau Nins Laj ahead today for president Eisen Quot lower. No weekend business a Point ments were scheduled the i Soi Hower farm Here. But Ali Iii House press Aee Reafy a Mem c Hagerty said tip pcs debt Louft do Scane work a ids Sun i of Tea Yuoa Malaga. A wide he we Tom a hli. A

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