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Billings Gazette (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Billings, Montana Montana Wyoming generally fair wednesday and thursday not much change in temperature. Big vol. . 14. I. N. S. And n. Y. Wofsy services. Billings Montana wednesday november 24, 1920. Five cents full associated Prenn service. Reece warned against return to maladministration of state school funds charged by teachers association s. Absence hampers league program Roe denied by gov. Stewart of affiliation my a. F. Of Ltd be decided today alternative proposal is to organize teachers into cohesive body responsible Only to National educational association committee to investigate school fund investments. Unionization the proposition which wrought considerable cleavage Between the Liberal and conservative element of the Montana state teachers association last year presented itself again before the organization yesterday As an imminent possibility. The question will be decided today at the closing business session of the association earlier in the Day the convention was electrified by charges of Mal administration of state school funds by the state land Board contained in " resolutions offered by a committee assigned to the subject. President f. L,1 Cummings of the association was instructed to appt fint a special committee to Delv e into the subject and to enforce compliance with pro by Sions of the state Constitution with regard to investment of school m � the charge waa denied last night in statements by wire from governor Stewart and attorney general Ford. It will be determined today whether the teachers of the Stato shall Aff late As members of self conscious local associations with the american federation of labor As Are certain exist in Union of i Public school instructors or whether they will form part of a cohesive combination of Community organizations covering Tho entire country and owing allegiance Only to the National educational association. A number of leaders of the state association declared last night that if the teachers organized in Community units at All it would be As part of the National association no unions. The question regarded there would to Tho most vital coming. Before this year s session of the association was brought to the attention of the 2,000 delegates Assem bled at the coliseum yesterday by the special committee appointed. Last year to consider of organization representative of the teaching profession. As a sociological and economic s Williams Scio 61 to Glasgow As chair Man of the flip cml committee on teachers organization present and the report which at Tho re quest of Tho association is Publ she in full elsewhere in this Issue of the Bill Ings a Maetto. The alternative of affiliating with the National educational. Association or with the american federation of la Bor wan brought sharply to the Atten Tion of the delegates by or. Williams statement that tha committee had con a truck Tho instructions Given it last year As limiting any Montana teachers organisation to affiliation with the to Lonny association. To said that in deprecating teachers strike these instruct clone had forbidden affiliation with Ultra Radical labor organizations. And immediately professor Fisher of the state University at mls Rigoula demanded to know what waa meant by Radical organizations. If the american federation were mount to said it was unjust if red As a the federation is Tho most conserva Tive labor organization in Tho United states possibly in tha in. Fiaher went on to state that Tho teachers and instructors at Missoula had formed a Union which was affiliated with the federation. All Over Tho Hall delegates Rose to speak for or against affiliation with any labor organization and the Adobato had developed considerable proportions when president e. O. Slosson of Tho state University Rose Rind moved that Tho entire matter to put Over unti l today. It was too important to decide to wild before Tho members of the association had had ample Opportunity to digest the report. Tho delegates accepted his flow and Trio discussion was put off until today. Tho proposal to organize Community locals was Tho Climax of n. Series of Buhl com sessions in Tho course of which a number of important reports were rendered and adopted. Next in import Ance to that proposing what admittedly amounts to unionization Wero the re ports of the land and resolutions committees both of which attacked admin is ration of Tho school funds by the state land Board. In each instance action was recommended to Ond Tho practice of investing school Money in Nizato warrants and farm Loans and enforce the constitutional provision that such funds shall be invested in Public securities such As school District acting on Tho recommendation Tho convention empowered Tho land committee to employ f continued on Page 2, column 1. Stew 51 Reuf to Helena nov. 23.both governor s. V. Stewart and attorney general s. Ford As members of the state Board of land commissioners which in vests state school funds were asked about Tho charges made at the state teachers meeting in Billings As to maladministration of school funds. Secretary of state T. Stewart the other member of the Board was out of Tho Bilyl miss May Trumper state superintendent is Aleo a member gov or nor Stewart sad / " s mass .trumpcf1 wants preference go Etc Lher Purchase of school hands Over farm Loans and fighting for them. She believes Tho school Bond Sli Oxild to purchased first and Tho balance devoted7to farm attorney general Ford said Mesa Trumper has been in Els Ting that the Board buy All Hinds of school Bonds with Tho funds administered by Tho state Board of land commissioners. Up to a year or so ago the larger school districts in the state had no difficulty of dispensing with their Bonds. Tho land Board however was also asked to carry out the provisions of Tho state farm loan Law and to have been trying to spread Tho funds As far tin possible. Miss Trumper however wants All Tho Money she can get for investment in school Bonds. She claims it is school Money and should to invested in school vote on sheriff to be recounted Butte nov. 23attorneys representing Corgo Carlson Republican Defeated candidate for sheriff of Silver Bow county won a Legal i Jallo in the contest suit against Larry Duggan Democrat who was declared elected by a majority of 200 votes Somo Elmo ago following official Canvas when judge Benjamin Law ruled today that Tho Balot boxes to opened ballot boxes to opened. A recount of Tho Volo in Throo precincts added four for Carlson Wyllo Duggan lost three. Tho recount will continue girl eats Apple Dies of Poison butt nov. 23.isabel Harper a 13-year-old school girl died in convulsions in the arms of physician Here to night less than an hour after returning from a grocery store. Before becoming unconscious Slid told her Mother Slie had eaten an a Polo at the store. A preliminary autopsy conducted failed to disclose the presence of strychnine to which physicians Wero of Tho opinion Nho had succumbed in the stomach. A chemical analysis of Tho Box of apples from which she selected Tho Ono which Tho physicians say caused her death will to Mado immediately. Marines on duty in Haiti thoroughly sick of jobs unwarranted charges cause of much bitterness. Port a wince Haiti. Nov. 23. By associated press there is no doubt of the fact that Many of Uio 1,100 marines on duty in Haiti Aro sick of Tho Job. They want to go Home or somewhere else. It is n hard life for Younh Tyrh who Are sent into Mountain regions in Tho North. Often they Are away from Post for weeks and they de Clare they undergo Many hardship Tho Toast of which is Lack of ice in a cell Anlo where Lee is absolutely essential. Sinco Tho first season the naval of inquiries at Washington the marines have been hearing from Homo Foults anxious to know if they Ore taking part in indiscriminate this charge first made by com Mander of the Marine corps and then corrected by him. Has Pone everywhere marines As rest declaring that the first statement has never Boon overtaken by the correction. Tvs week s be Amer brought hundreds of letters seeking Tho truth about conditions. Tho marines contend that they arc on rough duty and Fien no held up at Homo is rough men with Tho gun. Major general no venue a member of Tho naval Board of inquiry inspected every part of Tho fighting Plant Here and found Many things to commend it Wos not properly equip Ped. Thea to found was Pakuc Tilary True As to Hospital fact Utler. There is not an a Rny machine on the Island and naval doctors in charge assert they cannot provide adequate services for Tho sick. Appeals for help Are said to have brought Tho answer that there Wero no funds. The brigadier commander and my staff Havo Mado every Effort to keep liquor away from Tho marines but with almost every shop Selling it the task is difficult. Haiti s principal native drink in rum. K la r. Wlm Duluk. 7.1 Rines who Havo tested it say u is powerful enough to Dilvo a motor vehicle. Indian poet says we have no Calm postponement amendments recommended outcome of Harding s consultation is awaited. Sir Ravindranath Tagore sir Ravindranath Tagore the great philosopher and. Mystic poet of India who recently witnessed the Yalo Prince Toni Gamow declared before leaving tin University that there is no Calm in America. This is probably duo to your climate to said. You do hot com Mune enough with the almighty " he said he was not surprised at the else of , for in India the football association attracts nearly twice As it Vas the color and Organiza Tion of and the Stylo of play which a noticed. Chicago nov. 23.formal announcement of the organization of an european Relief Council compound of seven american organizations was made by Herbert Hoover former United states food administrator at a dinner tonight. Continuation of american sup port in feeding1 the under nourished peo plos of Europe was to Fred by or. Hoover who will act As chairman of the Council. Titi dinner tendered by j. Jackson formerly vice president of the United states Grain corporation was attended by 300 chicagoan. This Council after Ful l investigation has decided that Complete priority should to Given to american Relief in Europe to support 3,500,000 children who Slanco Tho armistice Havo been de pendent on american Charity until Uio children no Accuro Over the Winter or. Hoover. Horo is an Issue in our foreign relations which is neither race poli tics nor religion. It is just the preservation of the lives of children. The War has collapsed among both allies and enemy in the face of the greatest famine in. 300 years. In the Flat stage of famine the human animals cat the food of their cattle and thus undermine the production of milk. In the second Slago they consume the cat to themselves. The children of the White races Are dependent upon cattle for their very existence thus famine bears hardest upon the children. To Day Thuro arc 3,500,000 waifs who live by virtue of Tho 3,000 asylums Hospi tals clinics and canteens Whoso doors would close but for american Charity. At Tho time of the armistice americans were carrying Tho Burden of 200,000 children in Belgium and 600,000 in North Ern France. Thin system was spread Over Finland isl Honda la Tala Lithuania Poland Germany Austria Czccho-slovivkla., Serbia Rumania Hungary and Armenia. With the harvests of 1019 and 1920 and Trio gradual economic recupera Tion Tho Burden hat grown less and Tho Harvest of next summer will greatly lighten Tho Burden. It is not a perpetual charge on american Charity. It la an emergency demand. It will Cost $23,000,000, about one Dollar per month per child until next Harvest. For every american Dollar another Dollar of local support is provided in equipment and food together with a vast amount of voluntary service. We Havo but to Supply them with their deficient milk fats clothing and in some countries bread and they will succeed without it they fall. To to it is a glory to the United states that 3,000,000 hungry waifs should sit every Day at our table. I would rather Havo Tho american Flag implanted in the hearts of Tho children of Europe than flying Over any Citadel of Victory 20 years from now they will form Tho basis of civilization Europe. If to arc to cop open Tho Lovo of humanity in Tho West our duty is Clear before held for gambling following robbery Pitts plug. Nov. 2.1.dr. Joseph Kramer a dentist of this City and to lire other men who Wero hold up and robbed of $12,000 in Tho Doc Tor s Oftle last night Wero arrested today on Charger or gambling and were held in $1,000 bail each for a hearing tomorrow. Two masked band it a armed with pistols robbed Tho four men a cording to Tho police. In addition to or. Khmer those held on to it ram lieu car Etc two to Vila Stein Detroit mich., who lost $12,000 a i of Holdup and m. Kchut7.miit�n and Sid icy Kramer of Pittsburg. Geneva nov. 23. By associated press there will be no amendments to Trie covenant of the league of nations at this session of the Assembly if the decision of committee no. 1that of general organization which has been considering amendments is approved i full session. Arthur j. Balfour chairman of the committee suggested in committee meeting that it was too Early to draw conclusions As to the working of the league or to form an idea As to How Tho covenant May be improved. He proposed that Tho committee recommend the appointment of a. Special committee to consider proposed amendments and report to Tho next meeting of the Assembly. The scandinavian delegates on Tho committee insisted upon Tho consideration immediately of amendments they 1 proposed but they were out voted. The South american delegates accepted Zvir. Balfour s suggestion All the More readily because they Aro of the opinion that any amendment of the covenant should await propositions that Aro expected from the United states after president elect hard ing s consultation on the subject. They declared it would he entirely out of or Der to revise Tho covenant in the absence of one of Uio most important patrons of the world. The committee on the International court decided to Send a letter of thanks and congratulations to Elihu Root and other delegates of the Hague conference. This a As far As they have got in their work. Antonio he noun head of tub chilean delegation and chairman of the com Mattec on admission of new members told Tho associated press today that Ajjie committee. Already hard at Wyo fun and hoped to Iii Vic an. Early re news of the application of Monte negro for membership in Tho league of. Nations leaked Cut today. No information whatever was Given on Tho subject by the secret Archit of the league. The secretariat today communicated to inc Assembly a Telegram from National ukr Ninn committee in Tho United Stales. The communication anus the league to Rich Post the rights of the ukrainian nations in sur pc by obliging the polish Roopa to evacuate ukrainian territory and Trio rumanian troops to Hul Tomlim and also i Blob of the ukrainian re Public. Geneva nov. 23.Tho Council of the league of nations has decided to invite the scandinavian countries to participate in policing the plebiscite territory of Vilna to the extent of 100 men each. It is announced from i Semi official source that it is nearly certain that Liu Garla Austria. Ala Banda. Finland and Luxembourg will be admitted to. The league. On the other hand it is said that the commission dooms it better at present not to admit states formerly forming a part of rus Sia and which Ivo not yet been officially recognized. Two held for woman s death Carlist Epa. Nov. 23.an open verdict was returned today by the Coroner s jury after an examination of the body of mrs. Julia i retry who wan shot and killed at her Home Here monday night while entertaining two soldiers from Tho local Field service school. The verdict said Sho died of gunshot wounds the two soldiers Wero arrested after an investigation by Tho District at Torney or Cumberland county. They Are Lloyd Waller of Sunbury and Jacob pack of Boston. Turkeys Short prices Ariate Chicago nov. 23.a. Shortage of turkeys has increased the Price of the Bird Over the 1h9 Price five to 10 cents a Pound in Tho Middle Western states and Many housewives will substitute chickens geese and ducks in the thanksgiving menu reports from Iho Turkey centers indicated tonight. Motion picture actor is killed Douglas ariz., nov. 23.h. A. My Crest 28, moving picture actor employed by a Ijoma Angeles producing concern was killed in the mountains near fort Hua Chuca ariz., today when he fell from his horse and was Tram pled. To had been married a few broker and widow figure in scandal cd Tobago nov. 23.mrs. Amille Conrow daughter of w. S. Illiard said to to a millionaire new York broker and Rudolph god mar of Washington a c., author and publisher were arrested to night on a statutory Chargo preferred by Robert w. Con Row of new Tork from whom mrs. Conrow was divorced some time ago. The arrests Wero inn de at the request of the Washington police according to local officials. Lodmer denied to the police that he or mrs. Conrow Wero guilty of any wrong and said they would fight sex trn Dlton. Fights election of opponent in Georgia contest Irish unionist head approves Home Rule Bill e. S. Fuller. 13. S. Fuller of Kavanagh ga., re publican candidate for representative in the recent a Lection will contest i opponent s election. One of his ground for protest is that Only one ballot by is said to have been used in Chathan county. The successful candidate a j. W. Overstreet a Democrat. termites in arts Portland ore., nov. 23.,Job Doughty former private Secretary 1 Ambrose j. Small millionaire Thea to owner of Toronto ont., who Tsap Pear cd last december is under Arre hero tonight and will Start to Morro in custody for Tho Canadian City o flyers who arrested Doughty shirt confessed to thai theft of $100,000 i Canadian Victory Bonds which we missing after his prisoner they said would not lord Birkenhead suggested that a secondary motive for the murder of British officers in Dublin lost sunday was the influence it would have on this debate and declared there was evidence that the sinn fein extremists Wero being beaten. Pointing out that unless this present Bill was passed the Home Rule act of 1914 would automatically Como into operation directly the peace treaty with Turkey is rat Flod to formally announced that the government would not make itself responsible for a simple repeal of Tho 1914 act. Lord Birkenhead said to was convinced however that the Only danger to Tho Bill Lay in a coalition of those thinking Tho Bill did not go far enough and those thinking k went too far. Strange As it might seem he said i think this is a favourable Opportunity to effect a settlement because tic Irish people Aro Secl find tired of like horrible a clan of terrorism.". Tho Earl of Punk Avn on the ground Liat Tho Bill Una not supported by great majority of irishmen and of forded no Prospect of a permanent settlement moved its rejection describing the Bil a an honest hut ignorantly honest at tempt on Tho part of Trio government to Settle to Irish question. Federals pursue mexican bandits Pera. -4 child suffocated by poisoned a los angt3les. Nov. 2,1.howar Matheson. 4., and Billy Mayberry played House today in what Thi. Thought was a tent near Billy s Horn in old Dale near hero. Howard crept under Tho tent. Blly waited to Knock at the door. Evhen Billy entered Howard was in in very still. Billy tried to carry h Friend out. To could not. He Gre Dizes. Stumbled and cried out. Neighbors Hoard the cry. When Tho arrived Howard sf3 Send and Bill was unconscious. Billy was re Viva with a Pii Lolor. What they thought a tent was a can Vas covering Over an Orange tree Fille with a for fumigation. 1 Coolidge sounds warning to Labo Wichita kits., nov. 23.the Sec Ond accidental discharge of the Sam revolver today caused Tho death James s. Butchard 18, a student Karl mount College Here. Two year ago the youth dropped Tho revolve and it was Dos charged Tho Bush striking him in Tho foot. Today who sitting in Tho Oftle of the City mar Shalho dropped Tho same Revot i and it was again discharged. The by let struck him in Tho Chest and h died an hour later. Well regret it says Tom marshal Dallas tex., nov. 23."tl country will live to regret what it a done in Tho recent election Thoma r. Marshall Vlco president of the United states declared in an Andros at Tho terminal railway station the evening. It is Tho greatest injustice of Century t and will bring one of to world s greatest figures to an untimely grave Tho speaker said. Or. Marshall passed through Dalla on his Way to von Worth. Nebraska outweighs Washington aggie Lincoln neb. Nov. 23.twcntv two football players from Pullma wish. Representing state College a re cd in Lincoln tonight for the Thanki riving Day game with Nebraska. To a Chraska eleven will have the Advar tags in weight by a pronounced a Gin. Both teams will have a Worko tomorrow. France Englan support if constant is per mixed to res01 throne Greece to be notified that Allied nations will not uphold her claim to territorial advantages under treaty Between allies and Turkey if monarchy is restored. Paris nov. 23.Premier leagues when he appeared tonight n the chamber of deputies in the Vatican debate announced the government s intention to Issue warning to Greece against the return of former King Constantino. The debate was not finished and was adjourned until thurs Day and it is understood that the Premier will not go to London until a settlement is reached respecting France s representation at the Vatican. Browns vill 1c, tex., nov. 23. Do Lac ments of about 100 mexican Federal so idlers from Matamoros mid Reynosa today Are pursuing a band of alleged mexican rebels who late yesterday Cap tured Iho Railroad station at Ramirez about 22 Miles West of Matamoros. Trio rebel.4 Aro said to have crossed Tho Rio Dublin nov. 23.the vigorous activities of the authorities leaves Little doubt that the determined and concerted efforts Are being made to round up every Republican suspected of being Active iri1 outrages. The military forces Are tightening 1 the cordon about Dublin and gradually working in toward the Center As was done during the easter or indirectly in Oriental a. Leagues in asking for a postpone ment of further interpellation so that he might be free to act said Evance does hot wish to intervene in Greece s foreign affairs but after a wot which imperilled civilization. If a Power puts at Ita head a Sovereign who showed marked and constant hostility toward Tho allies and had been the accomplice of our. Enemies that Power ought to be warned that she cafe no longer have Pur nor expect the same Teeling irom us As form Erly. Further than that Tho treaties Glye us the right As a protecting Power to proffer Well founded advice upon the Gravity. O f an act which might give Tieri Nany occasion to intervene rebellion of 1d1b. It is believed a num Ber of Republican leaders in the pro Vinces finding the Pursuit too hot have taken Refuge in Dublin. The arrests today Aro understood to to Many Dublin Castle authorities admit Tho prisons so full that it has be come necessary to utilize the Castle itself and that it was in a lumber room in the old detective quarters of tha Castle that Peter Clancy and two others were shot yesterday. Dublin nov. 23,--the body of an Aux Illary policeman bound1 with rope from the River Liffey today. The thirteenth death As a result of Tho croup park1 shooting occurred today when an L�ry Sarvold boy died of his wounds. Only seven of the Crook Park victims Havo. Of i eth6bn Deutl Jedi London nov. 2i-so diera Toda at. Uru Condra raided the residence of archbishop wills and. Arrested the archbishop s Valet,.William Kelly says a dispatch to the Central news from Dublin. ,. Conk nov. 23.an explosion occurred in Patricks Street this morning. Six persons Wero windows were injured i had. Numerous Tho people scattered in panic when the explosion occurred. No soldiers or police were in the Street at Tho time. College student Accident victim Tran de from Tho United Point 25 Miles West of states at Brownsville. They carried off Tho Telegraph operator at Ramirez it is said after cutting Tho wires. Latest reports hero Eald capture of Tho rebel band was imminent. It was reported the rebels Wero under Leader ship of Marciano Gonzalos negro lynched body riddled. Tylertown miss., nov. 23. Harry Jacobs negro while on trial Here today for assault on a White Wom an was taken from the court room and lynched by a mob. Despite efforts of court officials and others to prevent violence Tho negro was seized a rope placed about his neck and dragged to a Bridge whore the lifeless body was swung to the limb of a tree and riddled with bullets. One Man was accidentally shot and tonight is said to to in a critical condition. 10 lose lives in mine fire Jasper ala., nov. 23.six men Wero burned to death this morning in a fire at Tho Parish mine of the railway fuel company nine Miles South of Here following a explosion in the mine. Ten others Wero injured six seriously and four of these died tonight. The injured were taken to Birmingham hospitals on a special train. Youngster shot p l a y i n g so Jer of Wilton Junction. Iowa nov. 23. Harold Lincoln youngster took hts father s .22 Rifle to play Soldier. Dick 6-year-old son of or. And mrs. Henry of Moscow the youngest of a Trio was shot. Tha boy fired Tho Rifle at Olono Range the Bullet passing through the upper part of Dick s left shoulder. To will recover. Negro assaults crippled woman Zion City 111., nov. 23.mrs. John Mason 65, a Semi invalid was at tacked and beaten by a negro in her Home Lato today and physicians fear she May not recover. An hour. After Tho assault nor Hus band returned from work and found her moaning1 and Semi conscious in a closet. Sho identified Scott gamer 14, North Chicago of her anon Plant. Late tonight Garner was bound Over to the grand jury. After a Brief hearing to was later rushed in an automobile to the jail at Waukee Gjin for sure keeping. Boston. Nov. 23.vice president elect Coolidge speaking tonight by Foro Boston Bua Nefa men asserted that in the last election Tho country had expressed opinions against organized labor As it had a few years against organized capital and he warned again tit the danger that labor might to divorced. From a part in the government just a organized capital had been divorced. The Issue of the league of nations governor Coolidge paid had not been decided by Tho peo ple. Governor Coolidge said that Al though he. Did not know what is in the mind of senator. Harding except Ali i a Iliad gathered from his speeches in regard to Tho league to did know that the league of nations brought Back by president Wilson was dead whether Tho people would do Cido to use Trio old league As a working basis in forming a now world body was Tho question Tho governor asserted. Murder suspect May be cleared spokani3. Nov. 2,1.doubt that a k. Fun Nolle alias Burnetta arrested hero yesterday after the Holdup of a shoe store was the in connection with the murder of Fedora. Prohibition director Rose at Durham n. C., was expressed by the police to night. Proof that Tho gun he was carry ing Here was purchased in this City october 20 last five Days before the murder of Rose was believed to have been furnished by a local hardware merchant. Tho Premier said wished to con Sider a definite course in the matter in Complete Accord with great Britain Paris nov. 23.great Britain Haa already taken Steps to inform King Constantino of Greece and George Challis the new greek Premier that Sho. Is absolutely opposed to Tho re turn of Constantino to the greek throne says Tjie Petit Parl Slen. So has notified them clearly that if. The greek government does not Lake cognizance of her stand Greece cannot Hope to retain the territorial advantages Given her in the. Treaty bet Vreen the allies and Turkey Tho newspaper asserts. T the Athens correspondent oth journal after giving ,6.f, the Campaign in Greece says that during demonstrations following Thev election Many persons among whom were women arid children were killed. Athens. Nov. 23.As proof of to sincerity of its sentiments toward the entente the Hhall la Cabinet announced today its readiness to give All Guaran tees which Tho. Entente May demand London is 23.ex-Lilnff Constantino of Greece has emphatically de Nied reports that to had invited ormer. I emperor.William of Germany to go to Corfu where the former emperor has a residence says a dispatch to Tho Dally mall from Lucerne. Pabis nov. 23,former to Reinem veni clog of Greece is despondent Over iils defeat at the polls november 14 and May retire permanently from poli tics. In any event to will await Defini Tion by Tho Powers of their Attl tudo Lowarl of recce said Sophocles vent Clos son of Tho former Premier to Paris correspondents at Alco this morn ing my father is disgusted and is despondent said Tri Oyoung Man. Reasons for Tho defeat of Tho vol pc list party which Havo been reported from Athena Wero confirmed by Young veni Kulps. To said the Venziol lots thought they had won oven when they Wero hopelessly beaten because Tho royalists had adopted the Rue of going to Tho polls wearing badges. Athens nov. 23.Tho government has decided in order to expedite mat ters that Tho plebiscite on the return of former King Constantino shall to hold on the electoral hats the government newspapers announce that 1 Remter Challis will visit Tho in Tento capitals to open direct negotiations with the Allied governments. Blaze threatens historic Church new York. Nov. 24.fire of unknown origin broke out in the. Sunday school building of the historic Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Early today threatening Tho adjacent main edifices with destruction Tho Church proper of which the Rov. Nowill Dwight a lulls is pastor contains pain Lunga and an Lenues of great Valuo. Many Gotham contractors shared in big graft Boodle 10 per cent added to All contracts As overcharge new York. Nov. 23.further Testi Mony was Given at today s hearing of Tho joint legislative committee investigating new York s alleged building Workings of Tho estimating Bureau of the Concrete Firo roofers association Wera related by e. originator. Books of Tho builders Supply Bureau comprising 1.4 contracting firms also wore surrendered to the committee. Tho hearing was marked by a Sharp clash Between Samuel untermyer com Mittee Council and Grover Whalen commissioner of plants and structures formerly mayor Shytan s private Secre tary during his examination regarding City Ash dumping contracts. To these developments was added testimony of former magistrate Frank e. O Reilly of Brooklyn and two i tuft Hea of the fifth District magistrate court concerning More or less close relations Between the mayor and commissioner of accounts Hirshfield As Java practitioners. With John t. Hett rdc who was court stenographer there. Hettrick la a can Iraq figure in Tho building Trust is operator of a Colo of pm Taco among 400 master plumbers and plumbing contractors throughout the City ens ton told How Tho Concrete fire proof Era estimating Bureau formed june 24, 1919. Grew from Tho master league of Cement workers association until if expanded into tha Concrete Firo roofers association with a membership of 12 firms which individually Aro Mem Bers of Tho Hull in trades employ pm association. It was n greed among the 12 members Keaton testified to permit the Bureau to Mako the or estimates on All propositions and then in per rent was added to Tho Estl main by Tho firm As tin overhead a Hargil before of Rel info. Tho contractor if us paid Tho Bureau 2 1-2 per cent of Tho contract. Then at the end of the year the Nur Nii divided the Money among Tho Ful bidders proportionately. Under the Rulea of the a thur or Flom i a tver pirated a fined $m1 to an executive meeting january 7. 1920, for tatting n contract too Low Anston Rul Mihell air Nataf vigorous questioning by or a in my a

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