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Billings Gazette Newspaper Archives May 8 1939, Page 5

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Billings Gazette (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, Billings, Montana Monday May 8, 1939. The Billings Gazette Page five of interest to women you can sew this yourself Cool frock with Button front pattern 9063 now is the time to begin to get ready Lor summer s piping hot Days. By making yourself some dresses like this new pattern 9063. Ever see a cooler m o r e flattering Princess style Marian Martin is a real expert at designing heat wave frocks that Are smartest of the smart yet very simple to make Why not stitch up one frock in washable silk and another in Cotton they la retain that freshly laundered l ook so splendidly since you can put them on without wrinkling their Perfec Tion. Moreover a Button to the neck style is Ideal for protecting the coif Fure and can be donned in a Flash pattern 9063 May be ordered Only in misses and women s sizes 12. 14, 16 18 20 30, 32. 34, 36, 38 and 40. Size 16 requires 4& Yards 39-Inch fabric. Send 15 cents in coins for this Marian Martin pattern. Be sure to write plainly your size name address and style number. It s Brand new and it s yours to order. Marian Martin s summer 1939 pattern Book see your fashion future in clothes you la love to make. Vacation town and travel fashions Charm for Day and evening. Basque and Petticoat frocks Short waiters heat wave sportswear june wedding and party gowns also patterns suggesting what Cottons to pick and what s new in assembled outfits smartest kiddie Young girl miss and Matron styles Are included. Send today Book 16 cents. Pattern 15 cents. Book and pattern together 25 cents. Address All orders to the Billings Gazette pattern department 232 West eighteenth Street new York n. Y. Menus of the Day by . Alexander George you la get a hand As Well groomed woman if you watch your manicures manual Beauty demands clean and Well shaped nails. Alicia Hart Aba service staff writer. The smart woman knows How important it is to have smooth soft Well groomed hands and perfectly manicured nails. She would no More think of neglecting her hands than she would of deciding to go to the Hairdresser twice a month instead of once a week. She considers awkward hands As unlovely As drab stringy hair. She thinks rough red Knuckles Asun attractive As chapped lips. She even realizes that Nail polish is one of any woman s most conspicuous accessory notes. After All you take off your gloves leave your handbag re move your hat indoors shed you jewelry when you play Golf but your fails and Nail polish always Are with you. The wrong Shade of polish can spoil the effect of the nicest dress or suit. Generally speaking deep shades of enamel make the average hands seem whiter and oftener than not More slender too. The new bluish reds Are particularly efficacious in Mak ing Large hands appear smaller and much whiter. Bust tones however Seldom Are recommended for Large hands or Broad nails. Some of the new. Bright red shades like the ones created to harmonize with the Gay South sea fashion will be Lovely on Sun tanned hands. The gentle manicure is something you hear a great Deal about around the manicure tables in Large Beauty salons these Days. In Many steel instruments Are used rarely if at All cuticles Are pushed Back and Deac skin at base of the nails removed with mild often oily cuticle re mover and a Cotton tipped Orange Wood stick rather than a s t e e scraper. Clippers Are employed simply to remove jagged bits of cuticle callouses Are smoothed Down with moistened pumice never Cut Awa with clippers or scissors. If your nails have been splitting and breaking All too easily try let Ting the Corners grow. Once or twice a week for six weeks or a couple o months use an Emery b o a r d to smooth Down rough edges but dont try to shape or shorten the nails. I Jurling the growing out period your hands won t be especially hand some but cover the entire surface of each Nail with fairly dark polish in an Effort to conceal the irregular tips and refuse to do any filing until the Comers Are Long. Then you la be Able to shape each Nai without cutting or filing deeply inti its Corners. Incidentally always but nails before applying liquid polish. Remember of course that Yoi Aren t Likely to have Fine Stron Beautiful nails unless you Are in sound physical condition. Drink plenty of Orange juice and milk both of which Are Rich in Calcium the Mineral that makes for Good Teeth hair and nails. And Don t forget the old Beauty Rule about eating a Large Crisp Green salad at least once a Day Parent who d teach child selective generosity faces knotty problem by . Roberts Barton. Give Andy some of your Candy Darling. You must be generous with your Nice so Billy gives Andy some Candy r Andy who never tasted anything so Good As he is Lucky to get a Penny to spend. In a Day or two Andy hides behind a Telegraph pole peeping shyly at the children with their Bright wagons and tricycles. He lives blocks away. But no one misses him from a family of 10. Billy sees him and Calls hello and Andy says hello his eyes on Billy s shining Blue Scooter. Ill give you a ride offers our William. Down to the Corner and Back. You can work Andy tries several times and loses his balance. The Scooter Falls Side Lse and Andy gets some bumps. But finally he manages to keep it steady and away he goes like a Bird skim Ming the sky. He is so Happy he laughs All the Way. Billy s Mother Calls her boy in Billy i Don t want you giving rides to wandering children she Sale Andy should not be Here at All. Anc besides daddy said you had to b careful of your present. It will be dinged and spoiled if you keep lend ing it to Andy in t strange. I know him i gave him that Candy you said to new under Arm Cream deodorant safely stops perspiration when the budget pinches breakfast menu spiced apricots pried or ftps i ready cooked Corn Cereal top milk scrambled kegs buttered Toast Coffee luncheon menu fish chowder crackers cabbage relish salad Ginser drop cakes rhubarb sauce Tea dinner menu Savory broiled meat cakes Parsley potatoes buttered of jets bread Plum butter Catsup jellied custard Corine spiced apricots 1 cup dried apricots 6 whole cloves Ono Inch stick of cinnamon 1u cups water boiling 1 Tablespoon Lemon juice 14 cup granulated sugar Wash the apricots and add them to the spices and boiling water. Cover and let soak one hour or longer. Let simmer covered for 30 minutes. Pour in the juice and sugar. Boil three minutes. Cool and chill. Savory broiled meat cakes 1 Pound Ham Burger � cup crumbs 2 Tablespoons minced Parsley 2 Tablespoons minced onions mix the hamburger with crumbs seasonings and egg. Shape into four cakes halt an Inch thick. Spread with fat and Broil. Jellied custard ,. Teaspoon celery seed u Teaspoon Salt � Teaspoon paprika 1 Ess or 2 Youlls 2 Tablespoons Bacon fat 4 egg Yolks ,4 Teaspoon Salt cup granulated Sucar 2 cups Mill 1 Tablespoon granulated Gelatin cup cold water Teaspoon Vanilla i Teaspoon Almond extract Teaspoon Lemon extract beat the Yolks. Add the Salt sugar and milk. Cook until creamy and slightly thick in a double boiler. Stir in the Gelatin which has i soaked for five minutes in the water. Stir until Gelatin has dissolved. Cool. Add the extracts and pour into a Mold. Chill until firm. And you said to me to he Generou with my Nice that s True dear. I did say tha but there Are things to give and things to lend and others that we have to keep. I think it would be better not to let Andy ride your new Scooter any More. Just Tell him you Are not one Day some visitors came spend the Day. They brought Victor. And Victor had to be entertained. Take him out and let him try your Scooter said Mother. But you said not to lend it to anybody her son reminded her. You said that daddy would t want it but this is different. Victor is your guest. He came Ever so far to Soe you. You must be kind and make him have a Good All very confusing. But Andy came to Sec me too. He crossed lots of streets to come and to had nothing to play with. He Ujj what a Little arguer you arc. Sighed Mother. You can think up More things to say and every word utter is used against what Mother of never mind. Just run along. The two of you and have a Good outside stood Andy. He had a wonderful new Wagon. It belonged to his brother who is in school but who allowed Andy to use it when he was not delivering papers. I came to give you a r Idsaid Andy. I can give him a ride too pointing at the new boy. Billy and Victor were wild about the Wagon. It was much better than the Scooter. Mother started to Call them Back As he could not allow favors to be accepted unless returned. Then she said they Are All so Gen Erous. I can t interfere. They know better than i do.". Copy Rasht 1939, Nea service ice the breath of life pish need water to breathe. From the water they take the Gas known As this Gas goes from the water through the Gills and reaches the blood Stream. Air also has oxygen in it but a fish s Gills Are not fitted to take oxygen from air. That is Why All com the air sacs Are close to tiny tubes which contain blood and blood is Able to take oxygen from the air sacs. On the average an adult uses about 25 ounces of fresh oxygen each Day. The air loses part but not All of its oxygen while it is in the lungs. By Gus Edi Ozithe Gumps an eventful Day i cannot Happy \ m to mama and Illie Cio to a Ai a amp Vouge Yix of ,.ar.5wefora y Wisl my. We / now mister Romeo Gump Tod and i Are co Incerto have a Uttke Tauk j gasoline Alley a suit off the old Block Here s bomb i Haven t worn t but mob Walt 11it s important it s Verv met Cessaro besides i be got an idea. I believe we can fix Vou up got to i m Suke All the boys won t have them. Would on be a notch Job am besides Thev Don t Wear lapels like that an mope Uncle Walt i be just got to we a to for the Jamioe senior prom half a dozen times. I think this could be Cut Down without much trouble. Moon Mullins a very forceful personality no to we must t i la push you ask ask ask i seem to have lost my for Tutty two years i bees hankerin1 to pay you a 6ood Lono visit Willie. heres one of the happiest Days of my life woman will chan6eyour min about that Cousim Elmo. Popeye the Sailor Man a satisfied customer quite often Beauty Issue am her promised a matter of Opik now sters make a Good lookim1 Dame out a the harpy am a myself in a Mirror Illus dead unduly did Mot succeed by Coulton Vougn Dickie dare woman s Angle Odb float Tulloh Dom tale Pisenti of 7/mb. 6 vow caught Ayou Kasai be me of 3kh m put it in Yew oath shall i Wear c. Mat in n n a its oxygen in. Mon kinds of fish die when they Are air which is breathed out is not so brought out of water and arc kept Good for breathing again but even so there still is oxygen in the air for some minutes. An exception is the Lungfish. This fish can curl up in a mud Ball with air holes in it and get what oxygen 1. Does no rot dresses does not irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. Can be used right after shaving. 3 instantly stops perspiration for i to 3 Days. Removes odor from perspiration. 4 a pure White greaseless stain less vanishing Cream 5. A r id has been awarded the approval Seal of the american Institute of laundering for being harmless to fabrics. 15 million jars of Anid have been sold. Try a Jar today a r r i d f a it Ai Illin ice of 59e a diagram showing position of lungs. Needs from the air during a Long dry season. This is possible Only because it has a lung. What happens to water when fish use up oxygen in it the air gives the water More oxygen this comes about As the air strikes the surface of the water. It happens most swiftly when there Are Waves. Oxygen is the breath of life to us. We have no girls to water but our lung take it from take it from the air. Going into the nose it passes Down the Windpipe and into the lungs. The Windpipe divides into two parts and each part feeds Ajr to a lung. The air tubes Branch to Mai and again inside the lungs very much As a tres branches. At Lait they end in let to air it has been figured that a who is at rest breathes in from three to seven quarts of air in one min Ute. Only about one f i f t h of the air is oxygen. When a person is exercising to needs far More air a Man who is running or swimming May take in from 15 to 30 quarts of air each minute perhaps even More if working extremely hard. As i said the other Day the nose not the Mouth is the Organ fitted to take in air. In hard exercises however there Are times when it Well to use the Mouth for an extra Supply of air. If we work our Muscles of Erhard. We need to add quickly to the air going into our lungs and that helps save the. Heart from too much Strain. Swimmers sometimes Are advised to breathe through their Mouths. There in t much dust Over the water so there is not so much need to Strain the air. In general however it is Well to remember the old Arab proverb he who keeps his Mouth closed docs t Swallow for general interest Section of your scrapbook if you want a free copy of the illustrated leaflet. Cities of Europe Senc a 3c stamped return envelope to Uncle nay s Corner publishers Syndicate 30 North la Salic Chicago tomorrow the Arm and the funny 111. Bone. Rue crocheted in Shell switch o Loiis Clio 1 Aru by Alice Brooks or. Morris Fishbein pattern 6213 headline news to set Crochet Hooks in five parts for easy Hance it s Czojor a roof stitches materials Nelmi co a hem the b l l l i n g f j o Lucu he he res he it not West fourteenth Street. Newyork.1 or ctr is fatal. Copy Luht 1033, publisher Syndicate uni Umnus. Ohio May 7. A. K. Home 33, of Columbia president of the National association of Purchas i ing agents wan killed sunday in a automobile collision. There a no Honey in honeysuckle. The family doctor Iron ill cd . In the world the hairiness of the rare no the Cannonier wan Bra cd in Wmk in Nany a tavern. Many Pimp a they it older. T and to develop exec air. A i r in us new my l i the canal a the Cor us wll on oth r portions of thu body. One Case in on record of a f a m i l y in which the Srov Tri at a i r on tin cars was tremendous. There was n dark growth of ii in Imler which remained Black event the a. Pm a Ono member of the f a m i l y. It covered All of the front of tin , a Well us the lower portion of the bark of the ear and a remarkable appearance. A excess hair b pan to grow in thl Lully it the age or if u. It Var boy in the f a m i l y was affected. Rent who were t Oyoung it the la inc of the examination. None of the women in the la rally had this condition. Whin a study or the family was made. It was found that the a great Kri i i t grand l a Thor had had this Type of hairiness. In the nest generation three boys in one f Ami by and two Boyi. In another family had this condition and in the next generation n i l of the boy developed the Condi Tion except those who were too Young. There tire Many fall l pm in which there if a tendency toward Nicea Navoly thick eyebrows and Long thick . Sometimes the styles favor thick eyebrows and Long thick eyelashes the styles favor thin eyebrows and on Oiler Oili , Ai no present i pc i Lac by Long. Thick by clash Vij t a t the teams can of Hollywood Pluck Elk or eyebrows and Wear a t i f Icia l Chela lies. In Immy Fame l i e s them is a no e t i l l a r d is t r but Ion of excess hair on or Hijack or on the Chest. Al l of him instances indicate or course that a i r growth is largely controlled by inner i Tanc Enot Only the excess growth but distribution As Well. There arc certain examples of fam i l l e n in which there was a tendency for excess hair to grow All Over the face g i v i n g the appearance of an Anima the most famous in stances having been made notorious in circuses under the designation of loj faced boys and dog faced girls and also As wild boys and wild girls. The amount of her on the body varies in d i f Ferent races. Red indians and eskimos have the least amount of hair and a japanese group known As minus of Northern Japan have the most. There Are also racial differences in the amount of skin on the face occupied by the nowadays Many studies Are being made to determine the extent to which the glands arc responsible Lor excess hair. Of course when inheritance of excess hair occurs associated with glandular disturbances. It is the glandular Structure and physiology that Are inherited rather than the growth of the hair or the hair cells this being secondary. The most common form of excess hair seen in women is something resembling a. Mustache in the male. Today there Are in most Large cities institutions which have been developed for the removal of excess hair on the upper up by the use of the electric Needle this being the Only method for removing such hair permanently and without harm. Now Asaf East Vato Whiten Cothes. Or in Ambo it he Hilm made it the hc1ujivi in trash a kooks

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