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Billings Gazette Newspaper Archives May 8 1939, Page 2

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Billings Gazette (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, Billings, Montana Page two the Billings Gazette monday May 8, 1939. S deficiency of Vitamin by cause of spectacular malady. Chicago May 7. A discovery that a Vitamin cures a disease fatal to More than 100,000 dogs yearly was announced. Sunday by the professional journal veterinary Medicine. Tue cause of Mal Ady fright disease or running fits was said to be a deficiency of Vita min by. . w. Patton of East Lansing mien., reported in the publication that he discovered this in experiments with More than 60 dogs. He is head of a biological Laboratory and former professor at Michigan state College. The journal observed that incomplete statistics on loss of dogs from fright disease indicated the number exceeds 100,000 yearly and assert Cal the Vitamin sure discovery might result in eliminating this loss in it said fright disease itself was not always fatal but that it often was followed by distemper usually with fatal results. A common sequel to for Lent disease however. Is destruction of the dog because of recurrent attacks. In 99 cases out of 100 where a dog has a fit on the Street and the cry of mad dog arises the attack is really one of fright disease and not rabies the journal commented. In such cases the end is usually a Bullet from the nearest police officer s gun an unnecessary loss of the in the main it the disease came upon our dogs during the meatless Days of the world War or. Patton said. It increased phenomenally he related As food habits underwent a marked change and packaged food became the Vogue that is when scraps suitable for dog feed largely disappeared from the meat Market the Kitchen and the dining room or. Patton said Tho Vitamin by cure explained a common observation that a change of diet to milk and meat Rich in the v 11 a m i a has often stopped such attacks continued prom Pago 1. Ithan was voted by the House and is f$375,000,000 above budget estimates \ some senators said they believed that if the Bill were finally approved at that figure president room Volt i would demand processing tuxes to meet a part of the Cost. Farm leaders however said that if this Issue wore raised they would to ply that no suggestions for tax in i or eases accompanied requests for in creased defense appropriations. House consideration of the huge a 60-Root Wall of Clay and gravel collapsed on a steam shovel in a Sandpit sunday burying the big machine and its operator Marshall Pickett 38, father of five. Nearly 50 Rescue workers dug for two hours to recover Pickett s Pody. Announcements Smith s pm neral Hosik. Mullowney requiem mass for the bite James p. Muir Oncy will jew celebrated tuesday morning to t o clock at St. Patrick s Cut hip Church. Devotional services Munday evening at 7 30 o clock at Smith s funeral Chapel. Interment in mount View cemetery. . A. 6. Hoosoc optometrist will to put e jigs office until Juno 1.ad Vert sement Shvid May 7, Andrew Nerlyn 81 Edgar. Funeral services wednesday at 2 p. In. From the methodist Epis Copal Church 111 Edgar. Committal services in Roc Kyalo cemetery by Carton logo no 65, a. F. & a. M please omit Flowers. Bju4n0s Maryja Apd-0uahitc works Siso Jthn Bros cemetery advertisement Smith s funeral Home &5t4m,j3hel in 2,000 persons Battle Blaze in three counties. Atlanta. Mich. May 7.wjmove than 2,000 persons were combating the worst Forest lire in Michigan in Many years sunday night. Several smaller fires also wort reported. The major fire entered in the Presque Isle state Forest had burned Over approximately 40,o6 0 acres in Montmorency Presque Isle and Cheboygan counties. Harold Titus a member of the Stalo conservation commission said this was the greatest loss from Forest fires in recant Michigan he attributed both the major fro and Tho lesser Onea to incendiary so. A 25-Yeor-Olu sound of Pine in Tho state Forest was wiped out. Michl an s Ontero Forest fire loss in 1037 was 1g. Norch less than half of the i Cut ont Brno which raged out of control in nod by n 33-mlle-im hour wind. All available equipment in lower Lohrig fun wifi pressed into service and Tho department or dered tractors sent from various up per Peninsula Points. The temperature in the f i re waa 80 and the humidity was Low weary fire fighters pinned some hope.1 in the weather Bureau s forecast of local for that Region Dunn it Robson of the department made an no a Plano f l ight Over the Hugo f l to Ami reported it was impossible to toll whether Cabins houses and other structures in the area Hud escaped the flame.1 because of thai Cleiv Fijoj Sinnk pouring skyward Ray Hunt of Tho of Ilon it Atlanta wild tin f i in broke out simultaneously in pm Oral spots and he was convinced it w i i k incendiary. District supervisor Charles a. Eagle Njmen Unsod tha Ito exp East d to arrest a suspect far question us momentarily. Continued from Pago 1. Ii up followed by conferring of the f o u r t h to sixth degrees . Tjin Hiiva Ontl i. N Lihu ninth Smth ind thirteenth dog Recti i l l to conferred monday aft Momi and the eleventh Imri t w n l f l h do Ruoh i l l be communicated. The Imir Tomiuki de due Wil l be monday neg he Start no it 1 o clock. A Lunn Thiim us Lumur in a Cut. Shh h t l o in Sims Wil l lie i Orvind each Day of the reunion a t .lit1 a sonic Temple. Mining Chimp a r h Yii Crox i l l i ave charge of the program to Oduy hid Bil l Ings Council of Kadushi i l l i a i Iii Puiia of conf Ziprin Dugi Nuti o their lot life might be examine. With the explanation that Money smurf Lleni was ctn guarded against. In Hyde Naxos Hie hire St to a in the pol Tiili corridor polish i in t l our i tics clo cd a pm Inan t l Ventur sunday to avoid any possibility of rep Rybalk by Tho polish Public for a reported assault on polish lust Hun tiny in Gonnion Silesia. t on Jan of Tho social 1st party ii grind reports tha t since wild Murch n i l Gold Ulm Furo Lun Exchange in Diu in had been removed to Ger Many in expect Dillon uni t Gwen Iii Rule would to in the i duo City. There worn uni i l in i in d Domain uni tons of patriotism. What s Home without Pillbox Moskod to suit the occasion a couple stand in doorway of first dual purpose reinforced Concrete Pillbox air raid shelter Annex to Home in London. It s useful in peace Almu too for storehouse. Tales of the town continued from Panga 1. Elm i it More territory than Tho entire stale of Rhode Isle jul. Lher pm Kiyoju ups of Welcl m Spance coins let i in t exp in i t. Tin1 displays t i in up Chr in Tiv i l i or Roumels Audi Tor cum mid in clude exp in i t s of l inn Long l l y h t l i i r and p plumbing equipment Home Funi i so i to j s and clan orilion Inu crot Linn apply arts Model Homes w l t i i l i building supplies and Many of l Ier hums. A t n i m l f i m v fur the four Day mime d in exceed 30, to persons. I e k e s d i s c h a r g e s r. W. Beck Engineer at Bonneville dam Soa t l l t Imay 7. 1 h. W. Bock Jenci t for the Lioznov Lluc dam tul in in l s l i u l l of. Sigild sunday to Hud n dismissed by secret airy of Hie i n t t r i n r Ali mild sickos. The i Smiy Al follow it publication if a lot Ier Slih h Burl do Lari d had l a i i i w r i t t e n by the Lute j. D. Ross. Bin i i t i v l l l e i i t a minis t a t t i opposing tin1 use of Rondin Muou Sulls by Publ u t i l i t y Dis t r in t in acquiring proper bios of Prev t i t r i n l l i t i t t s in Ore gon find washing Ion. By i a who s f i s t j u i hit Lut t it for Publ icat Ion to newspaper sold it Hud not la ii Muil Iid by Ross a l though or i l ton last january of Elf Midi Public in Exchange of in which Vicki Impi t idea him for publishing tin1 Ross loiter and la Ter announce his Dis Missal a f the r bark had stated 1 1-s in Tention to conunui1 to and Vita Public u t i l i t y districts. The Timil Telegram i Roni jokes to Beck Chou cd the l a t t e r with . To Whu a you have now added Defiance and Billings resident succumbs sunday Ray Hooks 68. 318 North thirteenth struck died fit a local Hospital t 10 u. M. Sunday following n six Veo Uhi Tiss. Death Wou caused by a betes. . Hooks and resided in the Vicini to of Billings for about 15 was employed on sheep ranges n this area unt i l the last two years. War born Firch. 28, 1871, to Elk in in tii. The body is at Tho Smith funeral mine. South Bill Ings club meets today in Homo of mrs. Will Iam b. Willis. Rotary meets. Elks drum and i i f j to corps meets in lot left rooms tonight. Roosevelt . A to elect officers at 3 15 a in. Polytechnic woman s club meets at 2 30 p. M. In clubroom. Damn hers of Nile meet at 1 30 p. M. In Home of mrs. W. L. Camp hell. Wreford Piir Monts. The Demolay mothers club moots at the Home of mrs. A. J. Was Meyer at 31 Yellowstone Avenue at 2 30 p. M. Al Miku of Alphis Omicron i meet at 8 o clock monday evening in Tho Home of miss Dorothy doll 90 North thirty second Street. Aeronautics association meets at 7 30 p. M. In Northern hotel Tea room. Eastern Montana Normal Art cd Albi t monday afternoon and night at school. Continued prom Pago 1. And Russia announced formally that they would Stroich than the Ponds l Lukl i in them Britain s negotiations with Russia were imported Uno f Icia l by to have been d by h in to from Evirl countries that they would have in i Mulder their position i t London Only Eccl into a fun l l Alliance with mob cow. Ai Muity them were Nimrod to be Spain and Japan members of the ant Lenni in tar i i pact but not known to be bound to the Rome Berlin Axis by any i l i t a by Well As Portugal and several latin Ameri can states. The Iii dumb lab Block was the Reluct Auci of Poland f ind Rumania whose Undy is my in stud by Britten and French pledges to i Cuppl any commitment that Mlou Sond Ilus Sian troops to their end. The a l lure of by i t a in and Russia quickly to f ind in Hyrum mount was watched by political opponents of prime minister Chamberlain. They Fenrch lie mind be relaxing his efforts lest lie goad Germany into a War a f july s t. What nazis have culled Brita in s encirclement attempts. f f i c i a l Ciufu t t irs however declared there was no hedging in Britain s new policy. By i to in s labor party observed Miry Day sunday with a Parade to Hyde Par in which massed thousands shouted such slogans us chamber la in must f in " no conscript Ion unite with soviet Russia and Sive peace the labor party observes Day on the first sunday after May 1 to avoid conflict with the t Radi t ional communist Observance. Firemen called Fin men were called at 6 p. In. Sunday to Tittl Iiguel i a f Ive in a car Parkill at the rear of 31u Avenue a the cur Vas owned by n. Hoove. A milk is reported to be slight. The scottish rite bodies meet for their reunion at the masonic Temple throughout the Day. Bil Ling Lodge of perfection is in charge of the ceremonies. Yellowstone Post no. 4, american legion meets at the commercial club tonight. Billings Lodge no. 237, order of Ashepa meets at the Ashepa club rooms tonight. Junior Christian Endeavor meets at the first presbyterian Church at 4 p. M. I l l or. It. S. L it hit North the i r t i eth Street has returned Here after a three month trip to France. She returned to the United states aboard the Steamer Champlain after first having booked passage on the ill fated purls which burned and Kink at its Dock. Mrs. Lut saw the Burn ing ship As it rolled Over on its aide. F f f Tim a n n u a l a r t e x h i b i t of the m u dents of Eastern Montana Normal school will be open to the Public from 1 p. M. To 6 p. M. And from 7 p. M. To 10 p. M. Monday according to an announcement by miss Hermine Roberts of the school Art department. The exhibit Wil l be held in the third floor rooms and corridors and All students in the Normal Art classes will have subjects in the display. A new exhibit this year will been tired by the Clas in composition which includes charcoal pastel water color and Oil paintings and Block printing. Basketry weaving Finger painting Metal tooling Woodwork and Craf t classes will also have exhibits. T t f Jeni old f. Fri Lon huh if mrs. 1 rain cab finlon of Ballai Hine was one of 25 mom bark of the Marquette univer sity players who Preson Tod Maxwell Anderson s Mary of Scotland last week in Milwaukee. Was to is also a member of Tho school chorus. He is a Sophomore at the University. A i j Al vhf and trans of smiling Dele Gates to tin National Tovy Send club convention at Indianapolis. Tnd., june 22 to 25, will be discussed at a regular Moo Ting of club no. 1 at 8 p. M. Monday. Delegates elected by the local club arc or. And mrs. A. J. S tar t. A. W. Stow u. A. Shiv Ray and or. A s. Corkins. T to minimum h i l l i n g s residents Siu ulna vis i Ted Josephine Park Southeast of us c i toil Irving the opening of the Park for the i f Luo Benson. The popular picnic spot located near the it Wate r p l an twill be open every Day for the remainder of the season it was announced. Tobies and other picnic facilities have been provided by employees of the water department 1 to i h i l l i n g s by Selmel f u n s Wil l lit1 Ulven an oppor Tuni to to see the first Century of baseball a pictorial his tory of the National sport in the High school auditorium at 8 p. In. Monday. The f i l to f f i c i a l motion picture of the american league of professional baseball clubs Wil l be shown nere through t lie. Auspices of Yellowstone Post no. 4. American legion. Numer Ous present Day stars i l l appear in the it Curt. No admission charge Wil l be made. Main architectural plan of creation showing How stars made is discovered f. R. Takes cruise. Washington i 7.i/f president of Sovell. Took of the sum mor wont or sunday to Blip Uway or a Avor Lent cruise Down Tup Poto Mac River. Among Tho by tests Vith him is hurry Hopkins Secretary a Commerce who has been recovering from in it tick of in in i. Hopkins and Tho president it to expected to discuss the score Tury i Tufili ices pro Yragui it a. , . I. \ sati a t r t l press science i l l to r. J map mild Observatory. Fort Davis. Texas. Jimiy 7. .-i1 the in Iii urch j j to Clurel plan of creation Vii he re Veals How stars Wei made and that new urn1.- Aro still bring created out of primeval a tier Lias been Dis j covered by the world s greatest Tele j scope. Tho evidence much of it previously unpublished arid new to astronomers. Vns a resented to n sunday evening gathering of t j in International astronomical conference Hern for Dedi cation of the world s second largest Telescope the stench it this new Observatory. . Edwin Hubble of mount Wilson Observatory. California whose reports of things soon by the 100-Inch Eye have Niobe than once in the past guided Ido is of astronomers made the report the completion o a Job Bynun 15 years Nora. I described 800 nebulae which were photographed. They show tin unbroken sequence of change from Clouds of glowing material to stars in huge spirals. Each spiral is a by itself . Apparently is us vast is the Milky Way. It is a a nation tha t so far As astronomers can Tell is t l v same us the Milky Way. . Hubble said that there Are 1,201 other of Thesy net inc s1 photographed which seem to Bear j out Tho testimony of the 800. In the Telescope All Are softly Luhv Imp. Like Distant japanese lanterns with shapes liar Rango from the Lovely to Tho grotesque. Alt of Uick Are in a zone from seven million to 10 million but years away from Earth. This moans that Tho Light now seen coining from to lips started seven to 10 Millhon years Ngo. That is very recent t Ime in Tho evolution of the universe and menus Lnu from the Point of View of creation the Grun t Telescope. Is uncovering some thing now actively going on. . Hubby said the sequence of the 800 nebulae shows four main phases. These arc first globular masses then elliptical forms lenses am f Inal by spirals. Each has n Cen t a l Artia. Like a nucleus. Flu up the l ight is much brighter. Refugees Stream from c i t y after japanese bombings chunking May 7,-- pm refugees streamed from this desolated provisional capital of China sunday a g e n e r a l i s s i m o Chiang Kai Shek pushed a drive to move us entire civilian population. Fires set by repeated japanese air raids last thursday and Friday have been brought under control but the inhabitants Are in dread of new air attacks which the japanese have threatened until the chinese government is Only a few foreigners soldiers and coolies were in the streets of Chung King sunday. It was estimated that the total population was about 300, 000 remnants of almost 2.000,000 three Days ago. Among those remaining were 60 americans most of whom had moved either to the Yangtze or to City. South Bank of the the outskirts of the c. L o. Is undertaking Campaign for amendment. Washington. May 7. A the c. I of announced sunday it was under taking a Campaign for amendment of the Sherman antitrust net to prevent the Law from being prostituted to Union smashing the direct cause the c. I. Said was a recent 8700,000 damage verdict awarded the Apex hosiery company in Philadelphia against a unit of the american federation of hosiery work ers g. I o. Affiliate in connection with a sit Down strike. The announcement said a commit tee to direct the Campaign would seek to mobilize All unions in the country whether 6, i. O., a f. L. Knaffl l rated in support of proposed amendments John trophy National director of tit c. I. O., asserted in a statement that it is outrageous that the Sher Man act which was intended to curb the predatory Powers of big corporations to prey upon the people should i t u outward bound to it is specifically stated in the antitrust he contended that it shall not apply to labor unions. Yet this verdict was rendered against the hosiery workers Union despite this fact. It now becomes necessary therefore to Call for amendment of the Sherman Law so that it shall be stated in such Clear unequivocal unmistakable terms that even judges can understand that the Sherman act shall never again be applied to Trade unions continued from Page 1. Be presented Here wednesday. Outward bound by Sutton vane. Will b2 presented by the Billings civic theater players at Losekamp conservatory at 8 15 p. M. Wednesday. The play recently revived at the playhouse in new York City has been made available to the local theater group through a special arrangement with the copyright holders. The entire action takes place in the smoking room of a liner and concerns a group of passengers upon whom the realisation gradually dawns that they Are All dead. The play is the final production for the civic theater this season and promises to be the most outstanding of the plays Given this year. Ellen Reynolds will play the lend role of mrs. Midget. Other members of the cast Are William Lemmer Betty Lou Thurston Walter wadding am William Mclean Elaine Aldrich John Quarles and George Gloudeman. The play is directed by the Rev. A e. Johnson. Continued prom Page what took place at the individual sessions sunday could not be Learned nor was there evident any change in Tho attitudes of Union or manage ment. . Steelman in announcing postponement of the joint session said merely tha t he was working on a plan that he hoped might be acted upon favourably by both sides. He met with the various groups impressing on them the acuteness of the soft Coal situation which has seen National reserves reduced to a month s Supply Somo 21.000,000 to 26,000,000 tons if distributed equally. Steelman insisting that an agree ment has to be reached and quickly said the nation would be faced with extreme embarrassment in about four Days unless the deadlock wore broken. We May be in the position of not having enough Coal for Tho railroads to move Coal supplies to various parts of the country he said. The miners informally have expressed opinions that the operators backed by con interests Are using the closed shop Point As a weapon against John l. Lewis personally and his Congress of Industrial organizations. Operators have contended that they would not allow any closed shop Union to rim our a incs for us and have attributed the miners fears of losing the Point to possible change arid weakening of the National labor relations act during Tho present ses Sion of Congress. The Coal shortage has become so acute in new York that mayor Fiorillo la Gunelia has asked allem players to arrange a stagger system of working hours to relieve the Rush hour jams on c i to subways. The into thorough and b m. T. Lines Al ready have Cut their service from 20 to 25 per cent to conserve fuel for Power. City technicians have drawn up plans for emergency opera Tion of hospitals Harbor rowboats. Lighting and other utilities in the event of depletion of Coal supplies. Somo observers believed the Federal government would act monday or tuesday to end the work stoppage if both sides had not agreed on a contract meanwhile. They pointed out four possible courses of action 1. The president in to order a action is 1 Heni Tei. Bit Ratton. Both sides however con free City of Danelz May 7.up soldered the Well defined problem of i the impression grew in nazi Quad a closed or open shop difficult to ters. Sunday night that the Danzig arbitrate fairly. I Senate soon would declare the free 2. The government might order the j City a part of Germany and invite miners to return to work on the j German authorities in neighbouring old contract pending conclusion of East Prussia to take Over the gov . Lewis repeated offer to eminent. Resume work however has been re thus Danziger. Ostensibly without ejected by the operators four times Adolf Hitler having moved a Finger since March 16. J would dispose of their own future in 3. The government might As a j accordance with the principle of self until now Mussolini had a Friendly right to counsel Hitler on his policy toward Poland under the new treaty he will have a formal and Legal basis for intervening. Although it was conceded generally in political circles that a solution of the German polish dispute acceptable to both nations might be diff icel tit was not regarded Asim possible Virginia Nyda authoritative fascist editor gave an Assurance that Hitler had no intention of precipitating events in the free City of Danzig. Gayda often has indic be information. He said that Germany though de siring that the Danzig problem be decided by the people of the free City would wait for Poland to resume negotiations and was hopeful that Brit Ain and France would recognize their error and responsibility in time and leave Poland free to Lead her own this apparently was a reference to British French pledge to Aid Poland in event of an attack on her Independence but this German moderation Gayda warned must not be interpreted As encouragement of undue the editor said however that the Danzig problem was in an acute stage and he blamed Anglo French action in getting Poland into their front for the situation. Mussolini was understood to have brought Strong pressure on Hitler for moderation toward Poland. Compromise order the elimination of the penalty clause in contracts on the grounds to iat no other labor con tract contains one and that it is uni lateral in the operators favor and that. Its principle use is patriotic and invoked Only during War times to assure Man Power. Determination. This however would not solve the question of a nazi link Between East Prussia and Germany proper for pol ish armed forces Are in Omorse the polish corridor which separates the father land from its province. The question asked everywhere e ii to determine whether the closed shop should be written into the contract. Colorado woman object of search i incl Palfi Vurm Cal. May 7. In. The Earth Vii pictured by astronomer Al Fred h. Joy sunday As spurning 1ro Miles a second on a journey it will Norci 07.030.000 years to Complete. Astronomers a pc not yet put a name to this motion period like Day or your but it is the time the Earth takes to travel around tin Center of the Galaxy or Milky by a i u system fifteen Toavs ago professor Joy a t Tui n study of lir motion of the i Galaxy using pulsating Cepheid Vari j Able stars is . Mid has just announced his conclusion one is that the Star system is spiral like the spinning Pinwheel of Bunc observed fun r out in up co. Stars nor the Galaxy s Crater move 34 Miles it second f?.sl?r than those at m m " outer l Tige a said. The Oil in is 33,000 l ight years from the Center or about two thirds of the any out mid travels Flo mites a Sec Ond. Most of professor Joy s inv Eti Gabion was done with the big go much Tele scope at Tun Carnelo institution s mount Wilson Observatory. I Mth Ihus lie computation of the j Galaxy s to. he Enid we have the Earth turning about its Axis at Nof irly 1,000 Miles tin hour revolving about the Sun at 40,000 mile an hour and travelling with the Sun around Tho Center of the Galaxy at 05p, Miles nil 4. The government plight attempt sunday night was would the poles let Loose their guns trained on Danzig should the Senate declare the free City a party of Germany the More confident nazis answered no while some poles said Nasis said that for Poland to oper. F i re on this former German Baltic to q whereabouts part which Hitler has demanded Rex f?la9 f t la j turned fluid put the 5tigma of Miu. Tary aggression upon Warsaw. Report House mice Are car r i e r s of ser ious disease Washington. May 7. 3 Ordinary House mice the Public health service reported Ginday have been found to be carriers of a serious brain disease Lymphocyte in choir meningitis. While spread of the ailment by infected rodents heretofore bad Ben suspected it was proved the health service said by recent research by or. Charles Armstrong a staff sur Geon and or. Lewis k. Sweet Washington s children specialist. They identified the disease in two patients and then went scouting with Nious traps. Three of five mice trapped in the Homes occupied by the patients were found to Harbor t he virus which causes the disease. The method of transmission. From Alco to men Lias not yet been determined. Hooky Ford. May 7. No i mrs. Bay Hooyer. Yhost four Day disappear Ance caused a wide search by South Era copra to of flyers notified John 4 in strop g Sudny that she was a san Francisco. The sheriff said mrs. Hoover called and told him she would return Home this week. Mrs. Hoover 32. Hoo Keepper Cash Ier of the citizens utilities company Here disappeared from her Home noon. She had worked at the utilities office during the fore noon. When her automobile was found later on a Side Street in Canon City her husband joined officers in their search. No authoritative reason was Given for her sudden departure. Visit Paris. Paris. May 7.w two air plane loads of British army officers including. Lieut. Gen. Sir John o. Dill commanding officer at Aldershot landed at Lebourget Airport sunday after a flight from London. The officers were met by maj. Gen of orcs Blanchard one of the ranking Mem Bers of the French general staff. Officials would not state the purpose of the trip. Tho British War office likewise refused any comment sets heat record. New York. May 7. Up sunday was the hottest May 7 in new York weather Bureau history with a Maxi mum of 83 degrees in Midna Lemoon. Episcopal Church delegates nominate candidates. Helena May 7, Jet five episcopal clergymen sunday night were nominated for consideration As Bishop co Adjutor of the episcopal diocese of Montana. Names of the following were sub Mittee the Rev. Theodore a Earth Rector of St. Bartholomew s Church Balti More mrs. The Rev. Ernest Victor Kennan. Rector of St. Paul s Church Iowa the Rev. Lawrence Rose teacher in the theological College at Tokyo Japan and formerly Rector of St. James Church. Deer Lodge the Rev. Thomas Ashworth. Rector of St. John s Church Butte the Rev. H. H. Daniels Dean of St. Peter s pro Cathedral. Helena. The names were presented at an executive session of clergy and Lay delegates to the thirty sixth Annua diocesan convention of the chum cd Here. The Bishop coadjutor to be elected monday automatically will become Bishop of the diocese upon the retirement of Bishop h. H. H. plans to surrender his Post in sep tember Bishop Fox who came to Montana in 1920, has been Bishop of this Dio Cese since 1034 when he succeeded the late Bishop William Faber we was lost in the wilds of Glacier National Park that summer. Nominate Missal Lian. Helena May 7.- Jpn the Rev. Thomas Bennett of Missoula sunday night was nominated for Bishop co Adjutor of the Montana diocese of the episcopal Church. His name was presented from the floor of the diocesan convention after a nominating committee previously had submitted five others As Candi dates. Andrew e. Fox 59, was retired rail Road switchman. Andrew e. Fox 59, of 615 South thirty fourth Street died at a local Hospital at 8 45 p. M. Sunday he had been in ill health for the last three years and seriously ill since april 20. When to suffered a paralytic stroke. He was taken to the Hospital saturday night. A retired Northern Pacific Railroad switchman or Fox had resided in Bil l Ings since lao i except for three years when he was employed by the Burlington Railroad fit Sheridan Wyo. He was born nov. 16, 1879, at Elka Dor Iowa. He married Mary e. Comer at Filson okla., on dec. 27, 1303. During the nest two years to was employed by the Rock Island Railroad at Shawnee. Okla., and came to Bil Lings in october 1906. He resided at Sheridan from 1809 to 1912 and then returned Here. He retired in april 1936, after suffering a paralytic stroke. . Fox was a member of the brotherhood of railway trainmen and of the Security Benefit association. In addition to his widow he is survived by a daughter mrs. Victor Miller of Billings a son Harry Fox of Everett Wash. Three grandchildren lord Tufi and Richard Fox and Gerald Miller his Mother. Mrs. Phoebe Gard Ner of Castalia Iowa a brother Oharles Fox and three Sisters. Mrs. Roes Winn of Castalia. Mrs. Tom Dowd of Ottumwa Iowa and mrs. Alex Morrow of Glenwood 111. The son was Here at the time of or. Fox s death. The body is at the Smith funeral Home. Continued from Page 1. At Dawn and asked what time will you get a paper Here " sheriff sail said. Charlie told him it ought to be along pretty soon and went Back to sleep. Burgunder got up Early and Goff the paper and read the Telegraph Story about the Hunt for him. Charlie said he was very nervous after that. Finally he went to Church. When he left Bill Dubbs searched Burgunder s clothes and found a letter addressed to Burgunder at Temple. It was from his Mother. Ii was dated april 27. Dubbs then notified my brother Marion sell the mayor and Marion called the car which was taken from Fack Peterson 35. And Ellis Koury 24, when they were killed the night of april 29, was found near the Tennessee College Campus. In it the sheriff said he found a sales slip from de Rudolph a a Phoenix Agency for a 1929 car which Burgunder was known to have bought the Day of the killings for �37.20and Koury s personal notebook. Torn from the notebook and lying on the. Floor of the car was a Page Witt Koury s name written on locked in the Glove compartment was a .25 Caliper Colt s automatic and a Box of shells. Five empty shells of the same Caliper were found near the bodies sheriff sell id. Sheriff Lon Jordan and county attorney Richard Harless left Phoe Nix on an eastbound plane for Knoxville. Arrest nazis. Budapest May 7.m1 a series of police raids sunday brought the arrest of 52 ii Al leaders members of the illegal Hungary St party

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