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Billings Gazette Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 1

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Billings Gazette (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Billings, Montana 67th 290 United press Billings Montana monday morning. February 16, 1953 associated press general asserts allies ready for red attack new commander in Korea views military prospects Seoul uru. Gen. Maxwell d. Taylor hinted sunday his eighth army would have some unpleasant surprises in store for the communists and declared he asked nothing better than a red offensive in Korea. We re ready to take him any time he the new com Mander Allied ground forces told his first news conference. He called the eighth army a formidable military Force which has accomplished great things in the past and is capable further achievements in the Taylor turned aside a direct question whether he thinks a Gen eral offensive by the eighth army could succeed at this time. Gen. James a. Van Fleet who turned Over command the eighth army to Taylor last wednesday said be fore his departure that an Allied offensive now would certainly succeed. Taylor said he would Welcome chinese nationalist troops in Korea with open arms but pointed out that was a decision to be reached at a political level. Holland and Britain appear winning in fight against sea London Holland and Britain appeared sunday night to have won their newest Battle against the sea. Sandbags flown in from All Over Europe hastily filled the spot and thrown into the breaches held As the Spring tides reached new and dangerous Heights. The High tides will continue for two three More Days but there was growing optimism new disaster had been averted. Price five cents Queen visits flood victims As for a communist offensive Taylor said there is no question he has the potential. We know he has Large troop concentrations and assume he is Well supplied. I can assure you that the eighth army asks nothing better Tolian for him to try that. We re ready to take him any time he continued Page 10, column 3. Man pronounced dead revives new York i an 80-year old Man pronounced dead at his Home sunday police said was Dis covered alive two hours later at a funeral parlor and rushed to a hos seven hours after a death certificate had been signed by the family doctor the police report added the Hospital said the Man was still with at 9 . Most sunday the doctor signed a death certificate saying the elderly Man William died at his Brooklyn Home senility and arterial sclerosis. He was taken to the Queens funeral parlor Charles Morton where embalmers discovered he was alive. He was treated by an ambulance doctor there and then taken to Wyckoff Heights Hospital. Doctors worked Over him in the emergency room the Hospital Allied bombers hit Power Plant Seoul i Allied fighter bomb ers knocked out two generator.0 at he giant Yalu River Sueiho Reservoir the manchurian Border sunday while outnumbered Sabre ets held off red Mig fighters based less than 40 Miles away. The fifth air Force reported the 22 to 45, shot Down two migs probably destroyed a third and damaged four More in two air Battles High Over North West Korea. The red planes Are based at Untung Only minutes away by Jet from the target. The air clashes raged while 24 slower paced Thunder Jet fighter bombers roared in Waves Over the Sueiho hydroelectric Plant the korean Side the Yalu River unloading tons bombs. The communists had been repair ing the two generators since last summer when 600 Allied planes devastated the Plant. Ranked the greatest hydroelectric installation n Asia and fourth largest in the world until last summer s massive air strike the Plant supplied Power manchurian and North korean Industry. Other Allied warplanes pounded As Britain braced herself for a new flood in the Wake Spring tides Queen Elizabeth ii made a tour flooded regions. In Tilbury Essex she stopped to talk with mrs. Ellen Hemmings left and her 20 month old son photo. For hours administering blood plasma oxygen Shock treatments and later whole blood transfusions. Shortly before 4 . Most they issued a report that Brossman had no discernible pulse heart sound but was still breathing. The Hospital said at least two doctors were working with him at All times. Relatives told a Hospital official that the family doctor had been treating Brossman for some time communist targets All across North Korea destroying 57 buildings touching off nine secondary explosions and six fires cutting rails in nine places and wrecking Supply stacks bunkers and gun positions the air Force said. Earlier Allied ground forces threw Back two pre Dawn communist probing attacks and broke up a probable third before it could hit an Allied outpost. At won san the korean East coast the Navy began its third year siege monday against that battered ice free port once a City the incessant attacks have forced the reds to keep troops hand to guard against a sudden Allied amphibious Landing attempt the Navy reported. Israel orders reds to leave Tel Aviv Israel is ousting three More russians from their posts in this country the heels the soviet Union s drastic rupture diplomatic relations a source close to the foreign office reported sunday. The informant said Vladimir Komlev correspondent for Tass oficial soviet news Agency archimandrite Polikarp chief the russian orthodox Church Mission and i. Zaitsev the russian acad Emy science had All been told to pack their bags and leave the country. House subcommittee to study imports new zealand beef Washington House agriculture subcommittee the door sunday to a full dress congressional review declining cattle prices with an announcement that it will open hearings tuesday new Zea land beef imports. The hearings were ordered after a Columbus o., retailer sold several thousand pounds new zealand Steak at 39 cents a than half the prevailing Price the Domestic product. Unhappy american producers immediately protested that the Polikarp has been administrator imports were part a Combina and made a lengthy examination before and careful pronouncing him dead sunday morning. Undertaker Morton told Story this his brother and partner George and his son Charles jr., 24, an embalmer brought Bross Page 10, column 4. The weather forecasts a r i i b i e cloudiness and i my with scattered Snow flurries Mon Day. Little temperature f partly Cloudy and a Little colder i h. With Low 15. Tuesday partly Cloudy with a few Snow flurries and Windy again in afternoon. I Lugli 40. East cloudiness and scattered Light Snow showers monday. Colder East Imd North Central portion. Locally Strong Westerly winds West and South Central portions. High tempera lures 10 Northeast to 35 Southwest partly Cloudy and Little temperature change Mon Day night tuesday variable cloudiness with scattered Snow showers not so cold East Windy West. Snow Northeast Cor Ner. Scattered Snow squalls mountains and West Continental Divide. Partly Cloudy elsewhere monday. Partly Cloudy monday a lit with scattered Snow squalls mountains and East Continental Divide tues Day partly Cloudy. Colder North and cast monday. Warmer cast Continental Divide a Lindy. High monday primary Bill wins approval Helena Bill to give the people Montana a More direct Raice in the selection presiden tial candidates advanced another notch in the Senate sunday. Both House and Senate met in their first sunday session the current Assembly in an Effort to break up a legislative log Jam. The Senate Bill would provide for presidential primaries in Montana with the voters selecting delegates to the National nominating conventions. The delegates would be bound one candidate. State the voters pick National delegates. Don. F. Valiton a Powell said the Bill would move the state s Pri Mary election up from july to the first tuesday after the first monday in june. A presidential primary rather than a Delegate convention would give montanans a More direct voice in the selection presiden tial Valiton said. Rex Hibbs a Yellowstone Church property taken Over in Palestine by the soviet Union. Zaitsev came Here to negotiate the Transfer to soviet authorities former property the russian Palestine society. At the same time it was Dis closed that Israel has clamped Down the Freedom movement diplomats Eastern Europe s communist bloc and taken further court action 18 israelis n charges in connection with the bombing the soviet legation which resulted in Russia s sever Ance diplomatic relations last week. Frontier guards at Lydda Airport and at crossing Points the lebanese and Jordan Borders have been instructed to allow no Eastern bloc Diplomat to leave Israel with out an exit visa it was Learned. This measure matched the Vigi Lance Russia and other satellites continued Page 10, column 3. Bearcreek boy Dies injuries posed the measure because would leave us dangling 20 to 30 East Continental High monday Divide and Northeast Corner. 25 to 35 elsewhere. Airport weather data from United states weather Bureau for 24 hours ending at . Sunday maximum . Minimum 26lsunset pm precipitation .01 so far this month. .13 total for same period february a year ago .68 total since Jan. 1. .75 total for same period a year ago 1.74 Normal for feb. 1-15, .23 Normal for Jan. 1 to Reb. 15. ,76. Montana and out state data Max. To Broadus 34 29 Missoula 38 Bitt a 2fl 17 Cheyenne 39 Gla Frow if 12 Chlof Liq 30 great t Falls 33 36 Helena 33 25 new Orleans 60 -10 28 new York so Livingston 2i mites City 39 Knasas City 53 27 Minneapolis 10 san for Cisco 57 Seattle 43 .16, Glasgow .33, Miles City .02, mass Only .12. Vital statistics births Royn mrs. Robert Burdock. 4011 3rd ave. 8. Mrs. John p. Salmon . Walter Thormahlen. Bold Ger death Roscoe Muca Bce 79, 1311 Guiter Ati. String with delegates promised to a presidential candidate a full continued Page 10, column 2. 7jmo refugees reported arrested Berlin Berlin news papers reported sunday communist authorities have arrested More than persons trying to flee to West Berlin and that orders were issued to try would be Refu gees As saboteurs and the United states High commis Sion newspaper Neue Zeitung said any person arrested while trying to flee to the West will be indicted immediately a charge sabotaging the reputation the it reported persons were arrested by communist police at fal Kensee a soviet zone railway Stop just outside Berlin where John Norton Hagerty 10, son . And mrs. John Hagerty Bearcreek died at . Sunday at a red Lodge Hospital. He was the second fatality a tragic Valentine s Day Highway Accident that occurred at about . Saturday a mile West Bearcreek the Brophy mine Road. Calls for blood donors sent out in the red Lodge Community sat urday afternoon and night met immediate response As physicians kept a constant Vigil in an attempt to save the youngster s life re was reported by attending doctors As suffering from severe internal injuries. The boy s sister Judy Lynn to Hagerty 7, was dead when phys a cans reached the scene the Acci Dent. Her death was apparently caused by a fractured necked Ward Olcott Carbon county Coro Ner said. The youngsters with their Mother were in route to Bearcreek from the family Home at the Brophy mine site when the pickup truck in which they were Riding skidded off the Snow packed Road and went Down a 20-foot Coulee. According to Dale Stinson High Way patrolman the vehicle Over turned its right Side and the youngsters were pinned under Neath it. Mrs. Hagerty ran to Bear Creek where she summoned Aid Stinson said. Mrs. Hagerty was still hospitalized at red Lodge sunday. Attending physicians had reported that she was suffering from Shock. Judy Lynn was born dec. 23, 1945, at Billings. She had been resident Bearcreek All her Tion events that have driven cattle prices Down from an aver age a head Jan. 1, 1952, to Only last Jan. 1, democrats hit at farm policy Washington democrats have launched their first Salvo the 1954 congressional Campaign by bombarding the administration s Lack action falling farm prices but republicans believe the attack is too Early. What has the republicans really worried Are the obvious plans the democrats to take advantage any gop failure to find a Solu Tion the problem trying to Cut taxes and still balance the budget. These two prices and largely now in Long Range democratic planning for a terrific Effort to regain control at least one House Congress next year. The planning course depends injuries fatal to Billings Man a Billings and Joliet resident known throughout the Northwest As a Stock breeder died Early Sun Day morning. At the big Horn county Hospital injuries sul tired in a head automobile collision saturday afternoon jus North Crow Agency which injured three other persons. The fatal injuries were suffered by Lester Bryan Morrison 54 operator the Hertz Dri Vursel automobile rental Agency at 152 1st ave. N. And the Pointer ranch near Joliet. He lived at Joliet am at 613 7th St. W. In Billings. The Accident occurred two tenths a mile North Crow Agency Highway 87 at approximately 15 bodies Are recovered after plane crashes in sea Taft proposes delayed action tax reductions seeks to retain prices at present Levels for four years Washington if san. Taft r Ohio suggested sunday a delayed medical student says soviet takes drug ambulance from Albania searchers continue Hunt for survivors among 46 aboard Union took from Albania the equivalent a million penicillin injections furnished by the International red Cross and re placed them with inferior rus Sian made penicillin. The broadcast from Yugoslavia quoted Gene Korea who said he fled to Belgrade after working in civil and military hospitals in Tirana Albania s capital. He said the russians also seized an . Saturday. Was travelling North. Also injured in . Morrison the acciden1 were mrs. Alice Peterson about 45, Columbus and Donald Curry 24, and his Mother mrs. Lee Curry both Lodge grass the latter two being in the car which collided with . Morrison s. Curry was driving South Accord ing to Highway patrolman Robert Bragg Hardin who investigated the Accident. Mrs. Curry suffered a fractured left thigh lacerated face and Gen eral contusions. Curry had a Frac tured left leg forehead lacerations and contusions. Both were in fair condition sunday night. Mrs. Peterson suffered internal injuries in addition to broken ribs and her condition was described by her Billings physician sunday ni0ht by Carinus night As Curry his Mother and mrs. On what the republicans Are Able do about disposing the prob lems. Administration leaders apparent y Are betting that the farm prob pm will solve itself by an upturn n prices Long before the voters go to the polls in november 1954, to elect a new House and one third the Senate. That apparently is the stand Secretary agriculture Benson is taking in withholding thus far any government action to halt declining cattle prices. That in itself was enough to give democrats a base for political sniping but when Benson said in a St. Paul minn., speech that Price supports should be used As insurance against disaster and not to encourage uneconomic product Ion the democrats opened up a concerted attack in the Senate. The Gist their argument was hat Benson planned to relegate he government support program to the level disaster insurance result they seem rather continued Page 10, column 2. Peterson were treated in the big Horn county Hospital at Hardin and brought to the St. Vincent hos Pital Here late sunday afternoon . Morrison s body will be brought from the Bullis funeral continued Page 10, column 3. Adlai to meet action tax Cut which would trim evies individuals and business unto 13 per cent in the year ambulance supplied by the red ginning july 1, 1954. Cross and gave Albania an old at the same time the Senate car in its place. Ortity Leader proposed four year i stabilization prices at their pres ent Levels. Taft s suggestions were made in radio interview with the Gannett news service As signs increased republicans will sit by tax reduction voted by the House until they have a Clear idea f How much former president tru Man s spending budget can be Cut. Taft said that when Congress can in expenditures it can go bout the business slicing taxes. But he said this May have to be done in the form a Bill which new Orleans up fifteen London a radio Belgrade were pulled from the Gulf quoted an albanian medical Stu Mexico before darkness halted Dent sunday As saying the soviet air sea search sunday night Ian area where an Airliner with 48 persons aboard crashed into storm swept Waters. The coast guard said there was a Remote possibility that one life draft was adrift with survivors and that an Armada planes and ships will resume the search at Dawn monday. Three other rafts carried by the National air lines dc-6 plane were found empty. A Fleet planes and ships that blanketed the area from Dawn to darkness assisted in recovery the bodies. The coast guard said the total number bodies recovered might reach 18, but the exact number could not be determined until All search vessels combined their to tals. Crew members were aboard the plane when it crashed saturday afternoon a flight Over the Gulf from Tampa fla., to new leans. Some the passengers were prominent in business and Locial circles. Senators blast military waste Washington some Sena tors gave Strong backing sunday to a demand for Complete Over hauling and reduction Ameri Ca s billion Dollar program Over seas defense bases. Would take effect later. I think there should be a definite reduction As much As 12 the i and Many were Happy Florida demand was made in a i vacationers coming to new very 13 per cent at least Over All for the fiscal year 55, that is be a ginning july Ator said. Now i Hope report overseas senators Long a la and Morse reduction before that time. Liei actual enactment the reduction might be still earlier but the effective reduction May be in the first half the Calendar year 54, certainly the last half the and _ much censored for Mardi gras carnival seas installations by tuesday. The bodies were located As they floated to the water s surface from he Hoiosen acting As a 5llbsroup he sen the submerged plane. 90 feet be the Ohio sen ate amed services committee Low. The scene the crash is to a they out at High level plan 44 Miles Southeast Mobile Ala. Ind Ore Russia and Manning them for building a ring j none the bodies have been identified. The crash brought the second thousands . Servicemen. Within a week to a Coral calling for a Complete fla., couple. Of these plans by the Senate armed services committee the the ohioan covered a wide Field report said hundreds millions Loi dollars could be saved and Psi Rlph Tallin for ten 01 dollars could de saved and us Hiuer i f prices at is thousand american boys could hot was missing in action in Kab by ligation prices at present Levels he said 1. He thinks better Organiza Tion among the republicans will be reflected in gop gains in next year s congressional election Al Jio ugh president Eisenhower Hin continued Page 10. Column 1. 119 saved from Talian vessel new York we military sea transport service Mats head armed forces waste Obser table . And mrs. Richard h. Shad Dick were notified last week that their son 2nd it. John Philip Shaddick 25-year-old bomber i be brought Home. Neither Long nor Morse is a member the committee this ses Sion but chairman Saltonstall r mass already has called in Gen. Omar Bradley chairman the joint chiefs staff to discuss their report. Gen. Hoyt s. Vandenberg air Force chief and other ranking Mili tary and civilian leaders Are scheduled to return for closed door questioning tuesday Forenoon. They previously had been examined about the report last week while it still bore a secret Label. Sen. Douglas dih said there is been obvious waste in the Rea. Another son 2nd it. Richard Harrison Shaddick jr., 22, was the ill fated plane that plunged in to the Gulf. We re All Cut to the elder Shaddick said. I just Don t know How Well survive if Rich Ard is missing he said. The plane went Down about 12 Miles Short fort Morgan where Here is a Small said Billy Lavendar photographer for lie Mobile press Register who Lew to the scene. Quarters in new York said Sun a night it had received a radio message that the leaking italian motor ship Tripoli Tania was sinking n the Central Mediterranean but hat the 119 passengers and Crew men had been rescued. Mats said the u. S. Troop trans port Gen. C. H. Muir which saved the passengers and crewmen was standing by the stricken vessel. The Muir messaged that the ton Tripoli Tania was in a sinking the message said everybody had been removed from the Tripoli an a including the skipper capt. Francesco de Levis. Could be eliminated without inter Fering with combat sen. Watkins a Utah said that if what the senators report is True then someone should be and without even going Over there i can agree with much they have Watkins added explaining some confidential reports he received from Over seas indicate that our Security precautions Are extremely Loose j and some the projects were not built with much heed for make it there somewhere along this coast for an emergency land he said. Continued Page 10, column 1. Major convicted in Coal frauds Richard h. Mckittrick sunday travellers change from Long Dis Tance trains and Board elevated railways for the trip into Berlin and the Western sectors. The newspaper Tel Graf reported earlier that would be refugees had been arrested in a communist move to halt the mass flow refugees that has stripped the soviet zone technicians Farmers and skilled workers. Life. John Norton was born March 19, 1942, at los Angeles. He was a student at the Bearcreek Elemen tary school and was a member the Bearcreek cub scout pack. Besides their parents the Young sters Are survived by their maternal grandmother mrs. Leah Heath Van Guys Calif. Their paternal grandmother mrs. Lena r. Hagerty 113 n. 26th St., Bil Lings and a paternal great grand father j. S. Mcc than also Bil Lings. The bodies Are at the Olcott. Funeral Home. Riot in narcotics Hospital quelled new York w a wild 45 minute demonstration was staged by 90 inmates new York City s narcotics Hospital a Small Island off the Bronx sunday night. The disturbance seemed so threatening for a while that one the police stationed at the hos Pital telephoned that the situation was out control and asked for reinforcements. Three police launches sped to the scene North brother Island in the East River off the Southern end the Bronx. Two police emergency squads were ferried Over. By the time the reinforcements arrived however order had been restored. Police said fight Between two the inmates sparked a general Melee but no injuries were reported to the inmates police hos Pital personnel. Washington Adlai e. Stevenson disclosed sunday he has been invited to Confer with presi Dent Eisenhower during his three Day visit Here this week. The former Illinois governor titular head the democrats As their 1952 presidential candidate came Here for a round talks with party leaders Thor out Power role for the first time in 20 years. The Eisenhower Stevenson con Ference presumably will be the Atter s plans for a trip to the far East. He plans to leave iut Harch 1 for a visit to Japan and ran Escote it is sen7 Long estimated that As i offs the Muir earlier had As one billion dollars american a Volian were scum 78 persons from the saved the More than seven acquitted by a military t f Tama who had taken to the life billions Congress has voted for the j conspiring with Mckittrick they rescuing Elitania boats after the ship had sprung a leak in the Mediterranean. This earlier message said one elderly passenger was the critical list due to congestive Hea the remainder were r ported in Good health and spirits. Mats Here said the Tri Politani was reported to have been carry ing 62 passengers and 57 men. Earlier the ship s owner he Lloyd Triestino society a continued Page 10, column 1 India and perhaps Korea Formosa Burma and indo China. It will be their first meeting since Eisenhower Defeated Steven son in the november election. A second meeting for Stevenson to report to the president at the end his trip also is Likely to be arranged. Gov. Thomas e. Dewey new York who held a position similar to Stevenson As a Defeated presidential candidate when he visited the far East in 1951, reported to former president Truman his return. Stevenson told reporters that presidential assistant Sherman Adams telephoned him in new York saturday to extend the White House invitation. He said he would Call the White House monday to make the arrangements. It might be for lunch tuesday. Stevenson said he received the White House Call before his speech in new York saturday night in which he criticized the new re publican administration for adopt ing a big stick policy toward lies had said she was carrying 5 crewmen and 62 passengers. The crippled vessel sent out a sos after water began pouring into the engine room. The Tripoli Tania had been re ported returning from Somaliland to Naples. European allies. The speech his first since the election and the. Talks with High democrats Here reflected Steven son s desire to form the Broad out lines the party s course Posi iwo Lions escape at circus matinee Memphis Tenn. M two ions slipped out their cages in the midst a circus matinee Sun Day and one raced onto a Down town Street before being Recap tured. The unexpected turn events set off an uproar in the crowd about packed in Ellis auditorium. But there was no panic. The Lions bewildered by the shrieking crowd raced Down an aisle into the auditorium s outer passages. The one that ventured onto the Street turned Back when confronted by the Stream traffic. He was hemmed in by attendants who locked off a Section the passageways. The other Escapee retreated into soft drink stand in a passage Way and was held by a Flimsy barricade until Trainer Pat Anthony arrived with a Cage. The show the Hamid Morton live and intelligent circuit opened Here saturday. 22 killed when train is derailed Benevento Italy i Speed ing at 65 Miles an hour the bar Naples express crashed into closed switch Here Early Sunda and nine 10 cars hurtled off the rack. At least 22 italians wer pulled and 80 injured 23 seriously police arrested the Engineer an us assistant. The ministry c transportation issued a common que blaming the disaster the excessive Speed with which it Sai lie train roared into Benevento the communique said the Loco motive s speedometer indicated the rain was making 65 . Most the 300 passengers wer Lound for Naples where they a booked passage for Venezuela am new Start in life far from land poor overpopulated Southern Italy witnesses said the train race nto Benevento through darkness and rain which Cut visibility Al most to Zero. The Engineer hit the closed switch apparently without being signal warnings the wit esses said. The locomotive plunged onto the tation platform halting its Ide. The mail car rammed into a building injuring a number workmen standing there. All but in last the 10 coaches derailed1 Raimondi Giovanni director Gen ral railways told newsmen the Engineer Roberto Pitera should ave applied the brakes Yards inside Benevento and should ave been going Only 18 . Hen he reached the City. The italian radio quoted Pitera s telling the prosecutor s office at the brakes failed. They were it. Col. Eugene m. Lill mount Hope kan., maj. Harold e. Barr Rutland mass., and Paul a. Snyder Mansfield 0. All four defendants were convicted dereliction duty in permitting the frauds which occurred in the Purchase Coal for the army s big port embarkation Here during 1950 and 1951. The verdict ended one the longest trials in the history . Courts martial. It lasted 49 Days and its Cost was estimated at Mckittrick 45, former Purchas ing officer for the port was sentenced to five years imprisonment and dismissal from the service. He also was convicted helping dealers steal from he City Bremen five counts wilful dereliction duty and one count swearing to a false statement. Lill. 42, former port Engineer was fined he was convicted four counts negligent derelict Ion and acquitted larceny con piracy and false swearing charges. Barr former executive officer and later port Engineer was sen ended to dismissal from the serv be. He was convicted two ounts wilful dereliction duty and cleared conspiracy larceny and false swearing. Snyder 40, former employee lie port Engineer was sentenced three years in prison. Snyder As convicted negligent derelict duty and two counts inking false statements under ath. All the verdicts and sentences up 12 officers eluding two brigadier generals re subject to review by higher authority. The accused were com at veterans world War ii. All the defendants pleaded Tenno ent. They denied during the trial at they received any personal profits from the Tonsi Tiomi

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