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Billings Gazette Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 4

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Billings Gazette (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Billings, Montana I 9 four the Billings Gazette sunday february 10, 1924. R he Billings Gazette founded 1 every moral nil even nil and sunday by the Gazette printing company at 2701 Montana avt., Mont. Entered at the Porto face at Mont., Mcmond Climi mall matter. Subscription rates payable strictly in Advance. By mall in Montana Wyoming and Western morning or with without evening sunday sunday one -80 .60 six 3.50 one 8.00 6.25 by Carrier in City and by Mai Montana Wyoming morning or evening one month six one year. Western with sunday .90 4.75 _ without sunday .70 3.75 sunday Only weekly by mall mall subscribers will note that data Label indicates data to which sub is paid and their receipt. If you fall to receive your paper promptly notify circulation manager. Telephones newsroom Day and night 6385. Busl Ness office and All other 1701. Circulation Only 1701. Department night arbitration. Nearly two years ago there formed in new York the arbitration society of America which had for its object the arbitration of disputes which ordinarily Are taken to the courts. The originators of the society believe that Many matters of this kind could be settled in a manner satisfactory to the disputants in much less time than would be required if Legal proceedings were to be Iliad and at a minimum of expense. In a recent report tiie society says that it had hard sledding for about a year. The american people Are great patrons of the courts and Law yers. The proposition that in the place of having recourse to the Law and lawyers two disputants go be fore arbiter and argue their cases without the formality of court procedure did not seem to Appeal to them. Within the past six months How Ever there has been a change of sentiment the business of the arbitration court we Are told by the arbitration a publication is sued by it has assumed impressive five Hundred issues had been handled by the tribunal up Frances tce60 you remember yesterday the boys came Back to Camp hungry not know ing that they had gee i m hungry As a claimed Harold when his Tosk a Man left. Had eaten the food was Dene. So am said Bruce. And i think i will eat the rest of my supper. 1 left quite a lot of Beans and besides that there was a whole fish some potatoes and Bacon left k i know said Harold for i put them All together in our frying pan 1. At Al 1 i Juill. F m v p q f dec. 15, 1923, and of that num-1 4 Foby takes sixth National Prudden King Prudden inc., 286 fifth Avenue new York b Ull dons Boston Sieger building Mhz Caso Sharon building san Francisco san Fernando building los Angeles. The Gaza tit is a member of the audit j carefully compiled records of the society required but a single rip across Ocean her it is stated a Large percentage j were determined satisfactorily to the disputants in conferences Ali he j Havre. Feb. Were preliminary to formal arbitration proceedings. The report says reputed to be the most travelled cat the United states left tin s Eity Farly in the week for Amsterdam. Holland a that the average arbitration As the her mrs. H. A. Bureau of circulation. Member of the associated press. The associated press i exclusively entitled to the use Fop publication of All news it patches credited to it or not otherwise credited to this paper and Fahe local news published herein. Hearing and occupied but a few Vanslyker. Who has been visiting Friend near Rudyard. About the first of March Van Slyter will sail from new York with Katinka travelling safely and Comfort hours of the time of. Disputants coun Jab y in her Basket. This will make the Sel and and that in eve f Lith cime the arid the cat have crossed the Atlantic together. They won t mix. There have been Many efforts to bring the Farmers and the Labouring men of the nation together in poli tics. In every instance the combi nations have been Only temporary and have never accomplished anything that was of Bene fit to either. The reason for these repeated failures is because the Farmer and the City working Man Are seeking to achieve objects that Are diametrically opposed. The Farmer wants and is entitled to More than getting for his produce. The higher the Price of Grain meat hides Wool and things of that sort the better for the Farmer. But that also Means higher prices for food clothing and shoes which the working Man has to buy. And he wants to buy them at As Low a Price As possible. Just now the Labouring Man is Tell ing the Farmer and the Farmer is Selling the Labouring Man that they Hare a common cause and they Are working together to a limited extent under the Banner of the Fanner la party. But they cannot possibly Ery recorded Case the Cost to disputants was trifling in compari son with the Cost of j the new York world commenting upon the operation of the arbitration tribunal says that arbitration is Katinka is a Golden Tortoise. Shell feline and she is never bothered with seasickness. Telephone company officers. Big Timber. Feb. A j Justice its simplest and j of the Gib there quickest is no qu8s company. A Branch of Tion but that a Large number of the cases that clutter the court Calen Dars and Burden litigants can be satisfactorily disposed of by arbitration methods. It is to be the Esperi-1 ment which has proved successful in new York will spread into other sections of the country. Miles cites record. The Home Telephone company the Fol lowing officers and directors were elected o. J. Stratum president e. A Patterson vice president Ray y. Will Man Secretary treasurer and manager. Hay r. Hilfman. O. J. Stratton. E. R. Patterson. Georg e w. Moore and Fred l Oddy directors. Miner killed. Miles City during the year 1923, manufactured and shipped to other Points 36 carloads of butter of the approximate value of Rotiner Montana cities have shipped More in j big Timber. Feb. J. A. Lowry received word from mrs. Earl 31. Flynn at suite that her husband had been killed by being struck by a Cage on the outside of a mine in which he was working. The remains will be brought Here for burial saturday eve Ning and funeral sen ices will be held at the Lowry Chapel sunday after warm and i also left the cof fee pot Over the fire so Nice and the fire has not yet in tried you punch up Tho fire and put on the things while i go get some suggested Bruce. Say Fellows Aren t 5rou hungry enough for an. Extra meal Hal and i Are and if you wish i will bring out some bread and the Coffee cups so can have a Good sure Mike i m hungry As a hedge Joe and me agreed Foster. I could eat a Nice thin Pine Board spread with butter this v v Bruce came Back in a moment with the bread some sugar and the cups and said laughingly say lazybones where is the supper you were to have ready by the time i came As he saw liar old walking around the fire a puzzled look on his face. At last Hal stopped and called out to Joe and Foster of say you Fel lows bring that swiped food Over what Are you talking asked Joe. You must be crazy in your head to accuse us of stealing your old stale. Of come now Foster none of Monkey business where did you put the stuff if Ive Don t get to eating Scon it will be Daylight and for our regular breakfast. Do you know what time it is it s half past holy smoke look what i have exclaimed Joe As he picked up the sack and the Man had sift. Somone has been in Camp while we were All four boys stood up and looked at each other in amazement for that a my human being was within 50 Miles of them was about the most startling Dis covery they could have made. Yes. And look at his tracks around the fire and Leadmo into the said Foster. That is where our supper has remarked Bruce. Doggone the fellow whoever he is exclaimed Harold. I want that sup per and j want it his brow Black with a frown. The boys will try to find out More about their strange visitor goes to Gracier Park. Livingston. Feb. Has been received Here that c. A. Kroe Bel Well known in forestry circles has been appointed superintendent of Gla Cier National Park. Or. Kroebel was for years in charge of research work in District to. G of the Forest service and then went to the hawaiian islands where he has served As assistant superintendent of forestry for the last year and a half. Mrs Margaret Young made life member of organization. _ _ feb. 9. Mrs. Margaret Youngr. Attorney of this City has been invited by the president of the Ameri can Institute the Hon. George w. Wicker Sham former attorney general of the United states to attend the Sec Ond annual meeting of the Institute to be held in Washington d. C., february he also informed her that she had been elected a life member. This Honor Canio As a distinct Surprise. Membership limited. The membership is composed of two classes of life members and official members. The official members Are the members of the supreme court of the United states the senior associate justices of the nine circuit courts of Appeal the chief Justice of the High est courts of the several states the president of the american bar association and a few other High officials. The life membership is also limited in number. The object of the Institute As set Forth in its charter is to promote the clarification simplification of the Law and its better adoption to social needs to secure the Ojetter administration of Justice and to encourage scholarly and scientific Legal it was through the efforts of a voluntary committee under the leadership of senator Chhu Kobe. Honorary presi Dent. That the Institute was organized. Shortly after its organization the Institute received a donation of from the Carnegie corporation. Will meet president. Prominent among the social events to to Given in Honor of the members of the Institute White House Coolidge and a dinner at the City club presided Over by the chief Justice of the United stares at which Secretary of state Hughes the Hon. Benjamin n Cordoza and the Hon. Atlee Pomerene will speak. Denver Driver makes trip to Livingston Livingston feb., Iret automobile from any distance to reach the City in ,1924 arrived from Denver driven by a. 8. Eba Imes who was on Hie Way to or. Ebanues rated that while he found the roads rough in places he experienced no difficulty in Liv no ton. At no time did. He have to shovel Snow As would probably have Een necessary on the roads West of Here. Due to reports of the drifted Condi Tion of the Road Over the Hill to Boze Man or. Ban sea stored his car Here intending to make the remainder of his journey by rail. Is the reception at the by president and mrs. Real co operation. Noon. An big occasional american. Timber. Feb. The same period to be sure but they senator Charles Mcdonnell is now j at Long Beach Cal. In a letter he says everything is Fine there but employment is Slack and. From that he can Tell it is worse in other places. Air City work is done by italians Al though an american is noticed working once in a while. He believes the slump Lay claim to being located in sections where Dairying is followed More intensively. It merely indicates that the Miles City country is get Ting an excellent Start in diversification of farming. Further proof to that effect is contained in the statement that during the same time there were shipped from Miles City four carloads of dressed poultry and Worth of eggs. These figures Are merely in work together Tor any length of j Cimental to the number carloads time. Is there just Ilo Tana. As it farm loan meeting. Miles City. Feb. Cations Are that there will be a Large and representative attendance at the District meeting of the Teaera farm loan association to be held Here february 20. According to h. H. Bright who is it charge of tire plans for the Gath ering. Sessions will be. Held at the elks Home. Gardiner Road open. Livingston. Feb. The first time since the heavy snows made Automo Biling impossible sport the living Ston Gardiner Highway leading to the Entrance to Yellowstone Park was opened this week. Cody Wyo. Feb. Eral blocks of Sheridan Avenue Are to be graded and Gravelled this Spring through the co operation of the code club Shoshone electric Light compan and the town of Cody. The City Wii furnish the Man Power in getting the rocks into the Crusher the Power com Pany donates Power for the motor and the Cody club through its Road com Mittee headed by Henry Boudreau will organize a truck Fleet for transportation. Blooded cattle lost in route to Basin Basin Wyo., Preator and lilt wife having an interesting time the or. Preator went to the Stock show and purchased 40 head of cattle for mrs. Preator three of them registered. V they were shipped to Basin but taken off the train at Casper to be fed. When the car arrived Here it was found that the animals were not those bought by creators. An investigation has thus far to locate the animals Preator purchased. Snow falling. Febi is fall ing at 28 de Grees above. Road contract let. Cody Wyo., feb. Con tract for Road construction from Cody West to Shoshone Canyon has been let to Taggert Bros. Tebbs. Work. Will Start As soon As the equipment can be brought to the Job. This contracting firm also has the work West Sho shone Canyon to Rattlesnake Creek. With the building of the Road Down the Hill from the dam by the 1925 season the Shoshone Canyon will present an entirely different Road to the _ alcohol cask explodes. Butte feb. 9. A Rich. 16. Employed at the Arizona drug store was sent into the basement after some denatured alcohol. He scratched a match and a 50-gallon cask of Alco hol exploded. The boy was not injured nor did the resulting flames reach Sev eral kegs of powerful acids or additional casks of alcohol. Firemen were unable to extinguish the flames with chemicals or water and it was Neces sary to pour ashes from the Furnace on the Blaze before it subdued annual meeting fixed. Milos City feb. The Che cuties committee of the chamber of Commerce has fixed March 5 As the Date for the annual meeting of the organization. It been planned to have a membership Campaign the latter part of this month but this hag been postponed on account of the e illness of s Horton organizer who will not be Able to be. Here until Van Wert stay. Great Falls. Feb. Eugene Van Wert head of the state prohibition enforcement Field Force Haa returned from an Eastern trip. He has had several offers in other states but has decided to remain in Montana. Prostate trouble obtain Quick Relief if you suffer from painful Urina get up frequently during the have that awful Dull ache and burning sensation by All Means try the Hexyl Home treatment. Hexyl is an improved scientific preparation which is giving prostate and bladder sufferers real Comfort and Relief often in a single and you can test it without risk. Write us today to Send you a package of hexi tablets by return mail. Enclose or pay and postage on delivery just As you please with the distinct understanding that your Money to refunded at once if you Are not pleased with the results of the Hexyl treatment Don t continue to suffer from to xes painful conditions. You risk no Money. Write for Nowr Marva pharmacy Auto. Deal b-1001 coca cola bldg Kansas City to. At the recent convention of Mon Tana implement dealers held in Bil Lings the matter of the prices of implements received serious and pro longed consideration. The prices of implements Are higher than they used to be. The Farmer kicks about the Price to beat the band every time he has to buy a new piece of machinery and blames the dealer of farm produce that left Miles City in 1923, the total running to More than the most of which were cattle wheat and sheep. J the shipments of butter poultry i and eggs Are of interest and Imbior i Tance at this time however As Indi i eating the trend of farming in Mon-1 Tana. The turn into that line must j be much More rapid in the future f than it has been in the and it 1 is because the Coulter plan Bill now i and the manufacturer. It was brought out conclusively before Congress is calculated to As that neither the dealer nor the Man Isis in bringing that about speedily a facture is to blame and it was in Ting cases of those Farmers who shown that 85 per cent of the Cost of Are so burdened that without Aid farm implements is expended for the labor that goes into their Man inc Ture. It was also stated that of every Dollar that the Farmer pays for a piece of machinery the retail Deal j make those branches of agriculture feed us and clothe us. They will do i they will be unable to make the p i " change at All soon that Montana is supporting it. Re butter eggs and poultry let us i More than that if they Are Given a Chance. They will pay our debts and bring us a permanent Prosperity. When the indians acquired the divorce habit it was convincing Evi Dence that they were quite Thor or gets Only from two to four cents. Surely not a profit at which anyone May take exception. The Farmer then when he buys a Binder has to the wages of the men who chopped the Trees that supplied the Wood that enters into its makeup of the Sawyer who turned the log into usable Timber civilized of the Miner who dug the Iron they Are nov at Sioux City the from which its castings came of the Day an Indian Man of 50 Vas j steel Mill puddle of the Painter the Carpenter and so on Down the Ime. The wages of All of these men enter into the Cost of the finished prod in the simple remarried to the woman of 80 from whom he was. Divorced a year ago. That should be the finishing touch to civilization. Or Charles Herbert . To a i m the the peace but he has t cashed it has t de posited it in any has t he says any plan for spending it. He did t need the Money As badly As we thought England and Italy Are engaged in an dispute As to which was the first j to recognize soviet Russia. Queer subject for dispute. If each were to establish that it was the by the this instance is the Farmer. The implement men h ave deter mined that the Fanner shall have an Opportunity to become informed regarding the situation and to that end a Campaign of National Adver Tising has been commenced. Industries have already been doing that the railroads the packers the mining companies utilities in Gen eral Are spreading the records of their business before the Public to recognize Russia it would be taking the Public into their conf More easily understood. I j to i u a Kansas City Oil company Steps it a Good tonns. It should have into the p b been done Long ago and had to been of c e Don Long ago much of the Misuh-1 world. To be Dere Tandog the and the Are other claimants Foj ill feeling that Lias handicapped Prog a Ress in All lines during the last few j Doheny that it was years would have been averted. The Only and not that More we people of America know of his firm paid Mcadoo s firm for la i each other s business the better we i Gal services. What s he trying to will get along. J do make Mcadoo look cheap in All men Are created equal. Lincoln. This is an eloquent fragment from the Gettysburg address. But the meaning is clearer if two words Are added All men Are created equal in opportune in these Days the key to Opportunity is ready Money. Ready Money comes quickly and easily to those who save regularly in this Bank. _ february j2, Lincoln s Legal Holiday no business will be dont prevent Grippe build resistance with a. Scotts 1 emulsion Jav the Rich strength build ing it is Merit through and through. Try it Scott it Bovee Bloomfield n. J. 23-58 cleaning and pressing Are wonder workers they remove dirt and bring Back the original Lustre of the fabric. Our clarified is no Specter of filth grime or dirt. No matter How old or How bad the stains this wonderful machine continually purifies the cleansing fluid returning it to the garments As fire As though it had never been used. Steam pressing meth ods insure the. Garments against injury from the heat and when we re turn your clothes they Are in better than new i phone have a Man there to serve you right away. Billings Dye House 117 North 30th Street that s our entire organization since the Gong rang for january 1, this new year of 1924. Hon est full of Pep and industrious that s every Man in this association and every Day this optimistic feeling broadcast by our brings to us new investors who want the most for their Money where safety is assured. Ten shares Cost Only per month. Why not you too join this fast growing institution. Federal building loan association v 214 securities Buquing i i

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