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Billings Gazette Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 2

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Billings Gazette (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Billings, Montana Two the Billings Gazette sunday february 10, 1924. Bennighoff Case dismissed by judge Felt agreement Between the parties to the Dorgan Bennighoff damage suit for which for three Days has been going on in District court brought the Case to a sudden conclusion about 3 o clock saturday afternoon and the Case was dismissed by judge Stanley e. Felt. Attorneys refused to say upon what grounds an agreement had been reached and attorney for the defense was emphatic in denying that a settlement had been made. Counsel for the Plain tiffs also refused to make any state ment As to the terms of settlement. Suit was brought by Richard p. Dor Gan and 3irs. Margaret Dorgan against George f. Bennighoff the Bennighoff company and g. C. Meyers for alleged damages which resulted when the grand hotel which had been leased by the plaintiffs was closed last year by or. Meyers and others. It was alleged that payment of rent due had not been made. F. E. Everett remained on the stand after the noon recess and sheriff Bussell undersheriff Rodney Stone Margaret Dorgan mrs. Backhoff and Leon Shaw were called to the witness stand. A recess was granted upon conclusion of which the jury was dismissed and the Case ended. Mrs. Margaret Dorgan was on the stand saturday morning and testified As to the damages which resulted when Meyers and others closed the grand hotel which the dorgans were operating under a lease. John. E. Finnegan hotel clerk who was on the Day when the Hote closed testified As to the Manne in which the. Doors were locked the treatment of guests and to the fact that for thet next eight Days All entrances were closed and locked. He said that he made two trips daily to the hotel to inspect the doors. Finnegan also Testi fied As to the collection of Money due from hotel guests which he made after the hotel was closed. F. E. Everett president of the Bennighoff company was next called to the stand and told of in the closing of the hotel he was still on the stand when the court recessed during the noon hour and was the first witness at the afternoon session. Afternoon session. Continued Ion before called upon by the com i thought the committee must own is it not a fact that your contract or. Sinclair was not of or that is not s but that this whole Deal was for the purpose of purchasing your silence n your that is absolutely the witness added or. Sinclair bought nothing except what the contract shows. With All his arrogance and wealth he was not foolish enough to ask that my paper alter its As senator Lenroot pushed his in Quiry or. Bonfils interrupted to say i came Here voluntarily. One would think from the Way you talked i was a Levitzki makes piano thing of life Beauty ask March trial a Church of going habit a meeting of the federation of held at the commercial club for Muir evening at 5 o clock. It decided to make a special Effort along the a ties of go to week to be March to Church and a committee was appointed to formulate plans. The federation _ of the min ister and two Lay representatives from each of nine churches of bi1 Lings. There was a total attendance of 20 at the meeting evening. Or. And mrs. Rudolph great Falls Are rejoicing Over the a of an eight Pound daughter. Mrs. Beaudette was miss Verna Pegg of this City and or. Beautyette formerly was a member of the Gazette Mechan ical staff. Operated lottery. Senator Lenroot reverted to the Tele rain As to the Post articles. It was sent to or. Bonfils Friday night by w. C. Sheppard managing editor of the Post. The chairman declared there was nothing to show from the captions of these articles As contained in the Tele ram published since december 3, 1922, that attacks were made on the lease. You can to Tell what s in the articles by the the witness said. I will Send you copies of All the papers. I d say it was from the time the then you can attacked constantly lease was granted Down to the present senator Lenroot insisted that the. At tacks on Sinclair ceased after the sign ing of the million Dollar contract. The chairman then questioned Bonfils concerning his Early life. Did you have any difficulty in Kan Sas City with the Xot that i have you had some difficulty in some Little difficulty there. I know now you got your question from Thomas o Donnell in Bonfils told the committee under fur ther questioning that he had been in the lottery business in Kansas City kan., when it was not illegal. Does t remember was there riot an indictment and was not a plea of guilty entered to that i have no recollection of such an Bonfils stated that he could remember very distinctly what a d occurred 3-i or 35 years ago. You would remember however it you had been in any difficulty with the i could hardly have anticipated go ing into such now do you i think you would be very proud in bringing it j committee is very much inter j ested in ascertaining whether the Deal made with or. Sinclair was an honest Compromise of an honest debt or whether it was a Deal Between you and or. Sinclair to Purchase the silence of the Denver you Are speaking for some one in Colorado. In Colorado after printing a newspaper for 23 years attacking every form of corruption and graft i have naturally made Republican leaders in House decide to bring up Mellon tax plan in House thursday. Washington feb. By re publican House leaders to take up the Mellon tax Bill in the House next thurs i Day and to hold it before that body until disposed of. Was communicated to president Coolidge saturday by representative Longworth of Ohio the Republican Leader and chairman Snell of the House rules committee. The two House leaders discussed with the president the legislative program of their body and that an at tempt would be made consider major legislation in this order taxes immigration muscle Shoals and Soldier Bonus with appropriation measures sandwiched in Between. The president also was told that House leaders proposed to make every Effort to adjourn by june 1 and that they considered tax legislation As of supreme importance. In discussing with the executive the passage of the Mellon Bill representative Long Worth declared that it would be impossible to obtain House approval for the of.2? per cent embodied in the Bill and recon. Mended by the president. The Best possible rate to be hoped for Lon Worth said would be More than 25 per cent but considerably less than 44 per cent As proposed by the democrats. The leaders plan on taking up the tax Bill to sidetrack temporarily appropriation measures but to consider the Supply Bills should the tax debate be prolonged. No arrangements thus far have teen Maduff for the placing of rail read legislation on the program. When Melechi be played his re Cital Church Friday evening tie huge realized what a wealth of music there is single instrument. To the average i Lay Man a piano is Mere keyboard used in accompaniments and As a necessary adjunct Inan breathed into it life and made it a quivering thing of Beauty. If any. Artists have Ever played Chopin As does this Young Man. It is doubtful if Yie composer himself Ever improved upon it. Throughout the con Cert his emphasis was on this group and in two of encores he played works of the great composer. The etude in g Flat As rendered by East ski truly impressed one with the brilliancy displayed. It seemed As if he hearer could actually be in a Flower Garden and Sec the butterflies flitting rom Flower to Flower the polonaise n a Flat although extremely intricate and difficult of proper execution was played with a technique startling in its simplicity and from the crashing crescendos in the Bass to the lightly delicate tones High in the treble the execution. Was perfect. His first group included works by Bach Tausig Gluck Brahms and Bee. Tho Ven and he largely contrasted the heavy tones of the Organ toccata by Bach Tausig with the delicate Gavotte by Gluck Brahms. The sonata. Opus 57 by Beethoven received the undivided attention of the audience and hardly a breath was consciously drawn until the last movement was finished. His second group included the numbers and the last number was in cored Levitzki responding with the g Flat vase by the same composer. The third group included his own false in a major which he repeated after pro longed applause. The last. Number of this group the rhapsody no. 6 by Liszt was also encoded he responding this time with the Harp etude by Chopin. Murder charged to College students Stillwater okla., feb. 9. Indictments charging murder and rioting were re turned by the District grand jury Here Roy g. Doak David Zink and i. E. Nutter students at the Oklahoma a. M. College Here As the result of the death of mrs. Matilda Hodges who was accidentally shot and killed february 1 while the students were target shooting in the Back Yard of their fraternity House. Workers find glib sprig today impossible Many not seen. Announcement was made by mrs. D. W. Grieve a resident of the local t. A. To c. A that the financial Campaign to secure the annual budget will be continued next week. It has been found impossible for the workers to see All announcement card party Given by Mizpah Lodge no. 29, de Gree of. Honor. The first of the Mizpah card club till be held at the Home of mrs. Of. 916 North thirty first Street wednesday 13. At 2 p. M. Each member Fri Rig a Friend. Smith s Home. No matter How proud you May be of the appearance of your car How careful you Are to keep it washed and remember that Beauty is this Winter and along into Early Spring especially after you have travelled through Stormy weather or Over Muddy roads look under Neath too. Proper attention to Chassis Spring shackles Brake rods and linings steering arms the underside of fenders and other units exposed to the Road will add much to the life and performance of your car. Ice and Frozen mud particularly should be promptly removed. Lubrication of Universal transmission and differential should be checked up and properly attended to even More often than in summer. The Wear on these parts is perhaps greater in Winter than at any other time of the year. If heavy Oil or grease acts sluggish guard against trouble by using a lighter Grade. The Only worthwhile test of gasoline is one that indicate its Range of volatility the pro portion of its hot intermediate and higher boiling Point fractions. The distillation method is employed in such a test and on the results Are based the u. S. Government specifications for gasoline. Gasoline that meets these specifications is properly termed glanced most efficient economical fuel for the modern motor. Year in and year and measures up rigidly to these standards. In every sense of the word Conoho is balanced full Power at lowest Cost per mile. The Continental Oil company v a Colorado corporation marketing a Complete line of High Grade Petroleum products in Colorado Wyoming new Mexico Utah Idaho and Montana use Conoho Coupon books. They Are convenient and save you time and trouble making change. Good at All Continental service stations and accepted by dealers generally m the witness then entered on a de i those whose cards Are in the hands of t services new president makes Orous defense candidate. Garvey attorney at Laurel bras selected president of the Mcadoo for president club at a meeting held at the City Friday evening. S. S. Sneed was selected As Secretary and the. Following vice presidents were chosen Boyd Mcgee Billings d. Cox Ballantine Wash Frazier Laurel. The president was authorized to a committee to conduct a membership drive and to get in touch with state and National movements in favor of the Mcadoo candidacy. It was announced that the membership had in creased from 30 to so during the last j Nunci atom of Thomas of Knell. Bonfils also praised the work of his newspaper in fighting predatory wealth and declared it had the greatest circulation per of its publication j City of any newspaper the history of the world i suppose or. Sinclair. All questioned by Dili crat. As the in opening the meeting j. B. Tansil paid a glowing tribute to Woodrow Wilson and predicted that his1 Fame would grow greater with the years. He was the equal of Washington statesman of Jefferson As an exponent of human rights of Jackson As the Champion of the common people of Lincoln As a Man of great of was brought in a the witness said the sum was deposited in the Chase National Bank in new York City to the joint credit to himself and stack. Senator Walsh previously had ques toned witness about the attitude of the Post. The publisher said his paper must Nave published 100 articles on the subject from sept. 1922, up to the present the August 15 article was the main said the witness a moment later in reply to a question from chair Man Lenroot. Was. That when you first asked the chairman. Aren t you asked Sena Tor Kendrick Wyoming. Was t it on april i think that s the time april 15 the committee and the drive will proceed until All have been seen. It was the original plan to close the Campaign today. The returns from the Campaign thus far show that the goal of which the association hoped to that it could return in larger measure to a Complete program of social service for girls and women is still a off. The returns Friday a total of bringing the. Entire. Amount collected slightly above group. . H. E. Meinecke took the Lead for the Day from group a mrs. C. D. Wiggenhorn chairman securing 5c14.25 to group b led the first two Days. The amounts by teams follow group a Otto c. Ager mrs. S. A. Bailey ?1s 5, mrs. A h. Clark 1, mrs. H. B. -11, mrs. J. N. Phillips. 13, mrs. A. H. Brown 15. Mrs. W. E. Wald Ron 545.50. Total group b 2. Mrs. Geo. 0. Bacon 5155 4, mrs. L. W. Beaumont 539 6, mrs. I i. C. Curtis. ?25 a mrs. Josephson s119 10, mrs. K. W. Peterson 12, mrs. F. A. Staples. 14, 5. C. Halverson Sll total 5462. Cleveland for he concluded j and was the answer. After expressing regret that there had i senator Walsh said the records of been no Public memorial in Billings. The Interior department showed that the or. Tansil spoke of the efforts to con then Secretary Albert b. Fall was kept nectar. Mcadoo with the Teapot Oil fully advised As to the publications in scandal As a studied attempt con a the Post regarding the lease. The first he added was under Date of april coated by Jim Reed to kill the Candi j Dacy of the leading candidate of the common people he said that the efforts to connect Mcadoo with any had fallen Flat. If to represent an Oil company As attorney is criminal every attorney in Billings Tsas guilty or would like to 1922. Two Days before was signed. Fall advised. To by official at Denver according to the record submitted. He said the difference Between what you to do to help enforce Mcadoo and fall is the difference be stack asked chairman Nuveen a lawyer defending a or Imirian Lac Root. And a prosecuting attorney taking a i i was to Advance Money employ an 4 More swimming records smashed Miami. More rec ords three of them world Marks were made saturday in the association swimming meet being held Sybil Bauer. Illinois a. A. Backstroke i broke the world s 200-meter Posi were sent and 200.vard record for Mcenery. A Janci of j Gelen reduced the Soo. I meter Thorld s record by More than 10 bribe to release a or. Garvey also replied to the at tacks on Mcadoo As inspired by partisanship. He said that nothing had developed to show that Mcadoo had acted in any illegal or improper Way relationship As attorney to Doheny. Those who Are condemning Mcadoo have no mud to throw at the Roosevelt family for their employment by sin Clair. They forget that Hughes and Root have Crven far larger retainers for their services to Large corporations while they were practising Law. Or. I Mcadoo s fee was modest compared with what will Hays is pair to place the stamp of approval on the inebriated and degenerates of Hollywood. The attack on Mcadoo is a smoke screen to turn Public attention away from the real scandals connected with those High in the Republican seconds and Agnes Geraghty set a Neil american breast stroke record in the 100-meter distance. Attorney and pay the expenses Back Ward and Forward Between Denver and new York and Denver and Kansas City. Do you know Why stack came to you. In the first i had known him a Long time. He knew we had ample Money and were vigorous men and pretty senator Lenroot suggested that under the settlement you got five times As much As you paid you thought the con tract was Bonfils disputed this saying that the group got s250.000 in Cash. And 320 acres of land on the dome which was of very doubtful had it occurred to you that if his lease from the government was straight that he would not Deal with you at Harris chosen to Pilot Washington team next season Evlyn daughter of Roe Buck will take place today at 2.30 o clock at Smith s funeral a Home. Or. Spencer interment in mount View. Arrison carpenters . Members of local 1172 Are hereby notified to attend the re Giliar meeting. Inday feb. 11, 1924. A representative of the general office win be at that meeting. John a. Logan Secretary. Washington feb. Of Stanley Harris regular second baseman on the team since 1920, As manager of the Washington Ameri can league baseball club to succeed Owen Donnie Bush released at the end of last season was announced saturday night. Summer lingered in Greece. Athens. Summer has lasted in Athens this year to the Middle of de Cember a. Condition without precedent in the last 60 years. Up to within a few Days before Christmas the people of the City were wearing their summer clothes. Red Pepper rub takes the ouch from Sofe stiff aching joints. It can not Hurt and it certainly stops that old rheumatism torture at once. When you Are suffering can hardly get around. Just try Rod Pepper East profiteers invited j to inspect Gallows flu of be l Nerroth moved by i this growing antipathy to profiteers All kinds a local resident named Anton Prestele has erected a Gibbet for them in this Little town and now invites the j delivery of offenders. J the demand for a Gallows Hast been Anton says in his announce ments it remains Only to Send in the criminals. I would prefer those who have increased pre War prices three and fourfold and who insist further upon payment on a Gold Mark cartoonist co1ns new word a cartoonist in Berlin not Long since created in his pictures a family of profiteers and named them be Diamond overfed and overdressed he pictures their doings and the music Halls were not show to take up the idea. Then a play was Florence formula prompt Relief to sufferers. Sent now on Fres trial. Asthma Kay fever and Catarrh Are responsible for much misery and failing health. If you Are a sufferer from wheezing sneezing difficult breathing hawking raising phlegm etc., to prove that you can Stop these troubles quickly and easily with the pleasant scientific Florence formula i will Send you a bottle postpaid and free of charge or obligation. If it satisfies Tell your friends and pay me Only one Dollar otherwise the loss is mine. Merely Send your Naine today for this Liberal free introductory Only for 10 Days. Rub and you will have the quickest re Lief know. Nothing has such concentrated penetrating heat As red peppers. Profit unduly. Just As As you apply red Pepper rub you in ii Feol the tingling heat. In Moliki rfcs it farms the sore spot written about the and duly i f. Shea pjs a-4805 Coco cola presented on the stage and today the j bldg., Kansas City advertise name is used All Over Germany to j ment. Designate those who Aro believed to and through. Pain and sore my Good druggist for a Jar of Pepper rub. Be sure to genuine with the name Rowles German Soldier suicides. War records of Germany How that. German sol Diers killed the world Nineteen convicted by. Court martial of Low crimes were executed and 249 men were reported Mur acrid by comrades. I household goods for Sale five rooms completely furnished. Apartment if Deti cd. Phone 1213 presenting ankle height three strap Cut out pattern with very Short Vamp medium toe and Low Spanish heels. Note the illustration see the very High close fitting Arch and narrow Heel. Black suede with Black kid trim Black suede wit Black Satin trim Black kid with Black Faten trim twelve dollars and a half thirteen dollars and a half introducing a new Early Spring style v Themo Dease to showing now in the lace Oxford and in two and three strap patterns. Mod ease Jias combination last Mil itary Heel and High Arch. In the lace Oxford you have a Choice of Brown or Black kid. In the strap style Black or Brown kid or Black suede. To

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