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Billings Gazette Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 1

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Billings Gazette (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Billings, Montana Vol. Early morning edition Billings february 10, 1924. Militia occupy Price five cents f 1 from the editorial wastebasket sifted from the grist by will a1ken Hillings loses heavily in the decision of the Rev. Robert a. Cameron to resign the pastorate of the first presbyterian Church and accept a Call to the Aberdeen wash., Church and i la leave it to a vote of every Man woman Chick and child who has Ever met the commie to Fay whether the statement is Correct. Or. Cameron has been in the City sufficiently Loling to impress himself upon the Community life and evidence of popularity is not difficult to find. He likes to have a part in the doings of the world in which he it if you and he plays the part of a Good citizen m aligning himself with the movements that Promise better things for peo ple and never that he is carrying the Banner of the kingdom of god and glorying in the fact. The old time religion is Good enough for if one May judge from Hla discourses it has not changed simply because so Many in these later Days have drifted away from the old landmarks. One gets the idea that he does not take Stock in the idea prevalent in some that Church must be j popular Refl or taken Down to the people but that its pm inv is where i has been a e l set upon a Hill. In the pulpit or. Cameron is particularly Strong. He is tremendously in Earnest and he has a winning Way in presenting the truths to hearers a. Way that should carry conviction. And out of the he is still the Man of. The Kirk and yet there is something of the eternal boy about that you cannot resist he Evi Dently believes that there is a great Deal to be got out of life if we will try to get it. And the Joy of living that goes out with smile is contagious. He is an inspiring individual. A of us who have had the Good Fortune to know will wish without measure in Hla new Al eld the while we Are keenly regret Ting that he is going to leave Billings. Did. I t your fire your drop your eyes see a Seaman ? Call upon your raise your Hopes burst into Fly into a rage speak to a dumb waiter see the music rack read joke hear someone crack a smile hear a Diamond ring or a cough drop or a basketball bawl hear an ear drum a banana split j High school Lariat. Editor is of conspire in olt leases Sinclair Standard and Doheny divided fed eral Denver Post publisher says. Washington feb. Charge that Harry f. Sinclair e. L. Doheny and the Standard Oil Allied companies conspired to assure award of the Teapot dome naval Oil lease to Sinclair was made before the Senate Oil committee saturday by Frederick g. Bonfils publisher of the Denver Post. V continuing Story of connection with the group that held con testing claims in the and disposed of them to Sinclair the publisher asserted that in addition to the payments made to that group the Midwest and Pioneer companies Ylio also had interests in the Dis i strict. Received in Oil pro 1 Ducco by the Sinclair company from Teapot. To questions by senator Democrat. Montana. Bonfils Aid that there was a conspiracy be Doheny and Sinclair and the Standard Oil Allied companies to let Sinclair have the Teapot dome Asfa As were they having no antagonistic interest in California to said they had no objection to letting or. Doheny have the naval Reserve and they went into the agreement along these lines and the leases were Gran lid. Got million. The to in Oil produced by the sin Clair company on the Teapot dome that i have confirmed. The feeling with Sinclair was not Friendly stack j. Stack one of those affiliated with they treated like an office Hoy and they could Settle a Ith on any term agreeable to them. The Pioneer company kept Tseng to Settle with Sinclair and to Lake whatever he would give testimony Friday the wit Here s one chief Justice Cal away of the supreme court will get a smile out of some Fellows were talking Aboul the court the other Jay when one made this Wise remark a you knockedl1 out of the name of the chief Justice there would t be much left would then the remainder of the rang got to spelling at it. And finally agreed. His name is Llewellyn l. Cal away. How would Ewen look with that impressive a. attached you a put Down for a welshman whereas he s a Montana. And As full of vigor As a Missouri mule is of he has a sense of humor. Hard times. The autos still Are burning malodorous gasoline and everyone is yearning to drive a new machine. Without regard to Chesses or Public weal or woe aristocrats and masses All climb aboard and go the High school lads and the Man whose hair is Snow. The plutocrats and beggar. The working Man and chief. The Farmer the Bootlegger. The preacher and the they Speed away enjoying the scenes by Vales and Hills and every Day destroying the Means to pay their Bills for while they madly Rush about in vehicles of tin their wealth is All a running out nothing coming in. The folks Are filled with cravings for the car they think they need to sacrifice their savings to the vulgar god of Speed. They freeze Winter weather. They skimp on food and fires. To get enough together to buy their tubes and tires. Their motor and greases their gasoline and the sum of which increases with the passing of the years. At every filling station the coins Are clinking still. The Money of the nation flows into John a s till. The Banks Are going busted at Home and eke afar. For everybody lusted to drive a motor car. So goes it till the average Guy has blown latest or meantime has been slaughtered by an Auto Accident l. F., Billings. The Man who looks for a Needle tin a Haystack would save Money if he were to go right Down to the store and Purchase one. Thiere Aro so Many blessings in disguised just think How slipping on the in o in Winter keeps one in condition for the Auto dodging Job that the sum Mer brings. A time Saver. Cimpl Oyerra do you believe in love at first sight. Miss Vamper t think it saves a Idt of magnets Man in the bus seems to have got into the Senate by the Milky with a. A Tammo a has 8. H. Schwartz their Ruc Orney. Negotiated a settlement with Sinclair the proceeds of which were split four ways. This settlement he Saui. Plane after the Post had published an article attacking the Tea in dome situation but had deferred Calion of other stories on Tho same subject because of a fear of libel paper not influenced saturday Bonita vigorously denied had anything to do with the contract of settlement. At the outset of saturday s session the committee heard read the Bill of off Rmon suit the Pioneer Oil company and the Mammoth Oil company for 55.000.000. Claimed in Pioneer com asst it in obtaining m the Teapot dome Field the i a by which it withdrew practically All of its applications of the leases surrendered All its rights to sin Clair and Sinclair to get he lease thereby defeating stack s rights tinder contract h appeared that stack originally had to k i. It t i m the Salt River Fields adjoining Tea pot dome and stack charged that do Heny surrendered interests to the Pioneer company. Me attacks cease. Examination afr it the with Bonfils replied. To As the matter of your ceasing your attacks on Sinclair discussed l would like to Knou i am asking these questions on my responsibility As a senator ind you will please answer them ,1 question. T0 the As to whether the on Sinclair in papered not been Nave they never shall senator Lenroot read a which Sam there had been no i the subject in the 1922. To dec. 3. The Telegram added that there were none during most of 1923 reflection upon Sinclair. We printed Ahe news every any editorial comment concerning these i do not think there to you mean to testify that there was no change in the attitude of your newspaper concerning these transactions from the i you had vigorously attacked or. Sinclair and these Oil transactions up to a certain we printed that it was a bad lease and i still think it you think it was a Deal to you we were not warning or. Sinclair or t referring to the sending of a reporter to new Mexico. Chairman Lenroot asked whether Bon Flor. Who had Friday de scribed the disclosures brought Back As had failed to print he articles merely because the to Sybil to replied in the affirmative do you believe or fall could have been corrupt and or. Sinclair most of my information referred to or. Fall s affairs and had very Little to do with Teapot denies hush Money. Why did you not Send the infer a 2, column main Street local in precipitated by been Leared Man who made sensational jail break from county jail in 1920 gets Denver attorney to arrange settlement. Calgary whose Correct name is Given As James Murray and who was also known in Billings in 1919 and 1920 As Jack Perry is. Free to return As the result of dismissal of charges pending against in District court and ment of a Fine in Justice court after a local attorney had pleaded guilty for the Man who in 1920 made a tiona1 escape from the Yellowstone county jail. Murray was being held on a charge of bootlegging and Federal authorities were in route to Billings to take aim into custody and return to Cal Gary Canada where he was wante d conductor killed and two persons wounded. Los Angeles feb. Conductor was filled and a brakeman and passenger wounded saturday on Union Pacific train to. 35, westbound when w n for breaking jail. Murray entered a. Plea of guilty in Justice court Fri Day to the charge of malicious Mise Meanor made after escape through John w. Snellbacher local attorney who8, for the defendant paid the Fine imposed by judge William Gallagher. Charges dismissed. Charges against Calgary red in District court for bootlegging were Dis missed Friday morning upon motion of the county attorney and a Bench War rant still was declared annulled a Bond of which Murray owed was paid by the Billings attorney. I the. Settlement of the Case was Start eel when the escaped prisoner sought the advice of e. K. Enterlin e. Former partner of or. Snellbacher. While he was in Denver As to How the charges standing against might be settled. The Denver attorney corresponded with or. Snellbacher and payment of the Fine and the Bond was arranged. Sawed through bars. Calgary red made a Daylight escape from the county jail sunday after noon. May. 2. 1920. By sawing through two bars of a window on the ground floor on the Twenty seventh Street Side of the jail kicking off the heavy wire mesh which covered the window and crawling through. His escape was seen by a passer by who at once notified Jailer George Hibbard. The latter pursued the escaped prisoner for several blocks but was unable to locate . And officers have since that Mont. May adopt Nebraska Law to save depositors Lincoln neb., feb. Nebraska Bank guarantee Law under which depositors in More than 60 failed Banks have received or will receive payment in full their accounts since the Law was established my be the Model for a similar measure in Montana to be taken up As. An initiative measure in the coming election. James Holland Havre Mont., for Merly of broken Bow neb., visited the state banking department Satur Day and obtained copies of the Nebraska Law and told officers there it would is used As a Model in drafting the Law for state. Hospital is scene of armed Battle during night k. K. K. Reported behind dry raids meeting of opposing faction ends in bloody Battle and killing of official. _ Herrin 111., feb. Scene of the miners riot of 1922, was taken Over by state troops saturday As a result of a near riot Friday night Between wets and m which a Constable was killed and a Deputy sheriff wounded seriously. The trouble is a result of the wholesale dry which have been conducted in Williamson county recently by reputed members of the Kun flux by s. Glenn Young paid employee of the klan. A meeting of the knights of the Fleming Circle an anti klan Organiza Tion was in session when a crowd stormed the Hall. The shooting Fol Lowed. Fire upon Hospital. Caesar Ingle a who had been issuing the warrants on which the Drys conducted the raids was hot dead. John Layman Deputy Sher Iff who. With sheriff George Galligan. J went to the anti klan meeting to remonstrate with the conferees and urge them to disperse and go to their Homes in the interest of peace was shot. He was taken to a local Hospital by mayor c. K. Anderson and Ora Thomas an anti Klansman. And the Trio is be ing guarded at the Hospital by National guardsmen. Immediately a crowd Gath ered outside the Hospital fir ing into the institution. Persons in Side the Hospital responded to the fire. And Battle waged for a Short time. I the first guardsmen arrived from Carbondale at 4 a. A. And the Drys their established headquarter sat the City Hall several blocks from the hos Pital. Are patrol Iii the Hospital to protect the mayor Layman Ami Thomas. Five companies of had arrived saturday Forenoon. The crowd which visited the meeting Hall of the anti klansmen was headed by. The four policemen of her Rin. And when shouts of Lynch them " were heard. Sheriff Galligan commandeered an automobile t Evgraph briefs Idaho without warning commenced Heen in Billings. Hooting in the Forward end of the Dav at Tho of escape from the coach As the train was Pul inc out of jail being held for Barstow. East of Here Accortt a to authorities and a United advices to the Railroad company. The slain conductor is w. Morton f los Angeles. The wounded a a c Carlson of Shelby. Idaho Scalp wound and Harry Barringer. Brakeman los Bullet in Side probably rib Roken. Barnett was seized by the other a angers and taken from the train at Jan Bernardino by county officers the bounded continued with the train through to los Angeles. Carlson Tho passenger was in route to Fresno. Spanish american vets give Indiana City next conclave Cincinnati Ohio feb. American War veterans officials Here saturday announced that the condition will boat City ml., september. 7. To1 10. An invitation Peon received from president new Hom the meeting in Havana Uba but it was deemed Inadi Isaev to make any change at this time unfilled orders increase. New. York. Feb. T a filed orders of he United states steel corporation on Ani iary is made Public saturday. Ota cd tons an increase or december. Tons Over orders at the end of to marshal was expected to arrive in monday to take Calgary cd to Helena. From where be was to be returned to Canadian authentic to was wanted any Calgary. Alberta. Canada for a jail break there where he was serving a to year sentence a. of robbery and assault Corn after hi.? escape from the Ca Nadian Penitentiary was also pending t was said at the time of jail break Here. Arrested in 1919. Murray was turned into the at the county jail with several other prisoners about 2 o clock on the after noon of May 2, in order they might have the Opportunity for a Little exercise and Murray took advantage of the occasion to obtain More exercise than tic. Jailer intended. He made about o clock. Was first arrested in Yellowstone county june 20, 1919, on a charge of bootlegging and. Bond of was put up forms appearance Irr court on the Date of trial. On Day scheduled neither Murray nor attorney j appeared and a Hench warrant was is sued for arrest which followed May 1. Writ of Hayes Corpus applied for and domed and Murray was held at the fail when he failed to pro cure Bond of ?500. The bars through which Calgary red sawed when to escaped had previously figured Man attempted jail break several years before and the bars had been welded and the window re paired. Cruiser sent to s. San Diego. Feb. The scout Cruiser Milwaukee has been ordered to Ama Honduras to protect american interests according to word to eleventh naval District Headquarters saturday. The Milwaukee the first Craft Over equipped with the catapult la air plane launching device was but a Short Dis Tance out of this port and was bound to join the Fleet at Vasqucz sound for Winter Maneu vers when orders received. Socialists set. Date. St. Feb. The socialist National committee meeting Here Satur Day selected May _ 17 As the Date for the National convention of the party. Anderson resigns. Plovers Ille. X. A. Feb. The Resig nation of William h. Anderson As superintendent of the anti Saloon league new York was accepted at a meet ing of the league s Board of director to new York City last tuesday. This announcement was made saturday fhe Rev. William so. Spicer. Vice presi Dent of the league and pastor of the first presbyterian Church of glovers Ville Trio to Murphysboro and rushed the to protect them. The three Are chief of police John Ford and policemen Harold Crain and Sim Stephens. Shoot out lights. Before the arrival of the troops the raiders armed with revolvers and shot guns patrolled the streets of Herrin denying anyone they considered suspicious permission to pass. A unable to give the klan pass Vord were searched . Before attacking the hos Pital the mob shot out the Street lights so those within the institution could not see where to aim. A number of the patients in the hos Pital became panic stricken and wore reported As highly nervous foday a. Number of windows in the Hospital were shot out building showed other Battle such As Bullet punctured Drain pipes and wainscoting. Just As the trouble in Herrin was at its height. Leonard Sterns Deputy Cir Cuit clerk and son of Cyclops Sam terns. Was fired on As he was in an automobile in Marion. The Bullet grazed Back but he was not injured seriously. He is the klan Candi Date for circuit clerk. An automobile owned by John Whiteside also an admitted member of the was fired on at the same time. Swear revenge. At undertaking establishment where Cagle s body Lay. A crowd sat urday took a solemn oath to avenge the death. Cagle and Side. Sheriff Galligan shot in the Back explained he had new York police put out dragnet in Effort to find two men who called on girl. New York. Feb. Mystery of of Louise Lawson Manne Quin anal actress in her fashionable seventy seventh Street apartment Fri Day became deeper saturday when detectives found part of. Her jewels in a shop where she had left them to be the discovery tended to dissipate the police theory of a robbery motive. Miss Lawson. A Towel stuffed in her Mouth her hands and feet tightly bound. Was found dead by nor negro maid. Police found the disorder and the Joung woman s jewel empty. This evidence coupled with an elevator boy s Story of two uncouth strangers who visited the apartment led to the robbery theory. In a search of the apartment in Spector Coughlin and Captain Carey found evidence strongly supporting the robbery theory they said found memorandum books they also containing the names and addresses of Well known persons in new York Chicago. Sun Francisco and cities in Texas. All the King puts o. K. On american wedding Copenhagen. Feb. It was officially announced saturday that knife Christian and the privy Council of Denmark had sanctioned the engagement of Prince Viggo and miss Eleanor m. Green of new York. This follows formal announcement of the engagement of the couple in new York by miss Green s father or. James o. Green. A Nelll been tipped that the flaming Circle was to meet in Herrin. Trouble attended the meeting with Lay Man to exhort the members to be peace shortly after the meeting got under Way. Someone shouted the klansmen Are and he and Layman went to the door and were met by the mob the sheriff stated. The sheriff said he grabbed Grain Azid Layman got hold of Ford. Several shots were fired and Layman cried they got the sheriff. Then placed Ford and Crain under arrest and just outside he Hall took Stephens in custody. Cries of Lynch them then went. Up. And the. Sheriff commandeered a pass ing automobile drove to Marion where he telephoned the adjutant general for troops and then took the three prison ers to Murphysboro. In Jackson county. At noon there were no apparent indications of a renewal of the yorkers Are to be questioned. The robbery Coughlin declared was the worn of skilled Crooks. Miss he said in select circles. She was not a Habitude of the cabarets of the forties but frequented the fashionable country clubs of Westchester county Ana is land. She was known for her Beautiful gowns and her Fine i reels. I it is with these people that gentle men t Nieves mix learn the value of their jewels and wearing apparel and details of Home life with such information they operate. This Case i believe was the work of such men who in disguise entered miss Lawson s apartment. T although some of the Young Wom an s jewels have been found in a jewel or s shop the thieves got away with quite a bit. Of valuable stuff including a Diamond studded Platinum watch a Diamond bar pin a ring or two and an Ermine coat. Two men were taken up to the Law Ion apartment on the elevator. Only one Man descended on the elevator companion went Down the stairs they fled in an automobile left standing at the on a Dresser mail fraud charged against 11 persons St. . Feb. Chary ing use of the mails to defraud were returned inst 11 persons by the fed eral grand jury Here saturday. The defendants Are alleged to have Pur chased approximately Worth of goods from merchants throughout the. Country and to have failed to pay for it withdrawals and Loans cause Miles City Bank failure Helena feb. To constant withdrawal of funds by depositors and because of heavy land and cattle Loans overdue the Corr Vercial National Bank in Miles City was tin. Able to open for business saturday morning according report con firmed by the Federal Reserve Bank in Helena. The commercial National was reported to have had Ings of approximately it was a member of the Federal Reserve banking system and Abou 90 Days ago absorbed the Miles City National Bank. It was established in the Early 90 s by Pierre Wibaux and Charlesw Butler the latter still being the chairman of the Board of directors. Percy Williamson was the president and Oscar Helgeson cashier. The first National is the e Only Bank new remaining in Miles City according to report in banking or cles Here. Stood a photograph of an army officer and one of Gerhard Ai Dahl. Chairman of the executive com Mittee of the Brooklyn Manhattan transit corporation lawyer and broker who police Learned had been interested in the Young clue from elevator Man. Thomas Kane elevator Man. Furnished the police with their most valuable clue to the slayers a description of two men who said they were express men who visited the apartment Early Friday carried a Brown parcel. Police advanced the that they were bootleggers who had been attracted by jewels miss Lawson wore and of other articles they had seen in her apartments. Robbery they said was the motive of the crime. The Young woman came Here from her biome in Walnut Springs. Texas six years ago to study music and make her living As a mannequin and As a motion picture actress. As an actress played minor roles in Cinema productions. She was a Friend of the Lato Angier b. Duke and was one or those the party which ended in drown ing at Greenwich. Conn., last september explains to police. Or. Dahl spent several hours explain ing to the police Friendship with Tho j Young woman. The elevator Man Saui Dahl had been a frequent caller at the w est seventy seventh Street House and was seen leaving there wednesday morning. Police asserted they had found in the apartment a record show ing miss Lawson owned in a 1m. T. Stock. Fred Landeck. A lawyer and of or. Dahl. Explained that the transit executive knew the girl s parents and that he had been interested in her Musi Cal education. Dawes won t quit. Paris. Feb. Charles g. Dawes has no intention of resigning As chairman of the first committee of the experts examining Germany s eco nomic and financial condition he declared saturday in a Telephone convex sat Ion from Berlin with reparation head quarters Here. Hia Mada in connection with various published rumours that he was withdrawing from the inquiry

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