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Billings Gazette Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1939, Page 5

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Billings Gazette (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Billings, Montana Tuesday february 7, 1939. The Billings Gazette Page fisc Reserve officers Tell of nation s War time needs. In Case of War in the United states today a. F. Gettelman Captain in the army Reserve corps told the rotary club at its weekly luncheon monday at the commercial club that the Fate of 130,000,000 people 4.000. 000 Square Miles of property am one third of the world s wealth is Ai stake. The program was on National defense. Recent National polls indicate thai 73 per cent of the american Public believes there will be another work War Captain Gettelman sad and 70 per cent of the people favor an in crease in the army and Navy forces at present the National guard which numbers 200,000 men is the Back Bone of National defense he explained. Maj. Herrick Swan of the Reserve said there were More Coni missioner officers during the world War than we now have men in the standing army. No one wants War he added but the Best Way to avoid it is to be ready. In every Case where we have a War we were not ready for in it would take 90 Days to mobilize our army for effective defense today the major said and there Are less than 200,000 men available on it Days notice in Case of an emergency capt. Roy Stewart of company h Montana National guard said that one Quarter of the people of the world Are now at War and Many observers feel that the United states gradually is heading toward War. To prevent such a catastrophe he said America should mind its own Busi Ness and develop and maintain Ade quate defense. It is the object of the Billings Reserve officers to Mcafee the people Here conscious of the needs of National defense he said James e. Roberts president of the club announced that Henry a Han sen had been elected to membership d. W. Columbus of red Lodge was a guest of the club. Hillel two plays will be presented by the masked thespians dramatic scale to at the inter Mountain polytechnic Institute saturday night at 8 o clock according to an announcement of the association monday. A few words a one act play will Star Lorena Young of fair Lew and Vernon Engel of Medicine Lake. It will be directed by Russell gee of Covert s. D. She Stoops to conquer & three act play will Star William Smith of bal Nellle Betty Lou b e n s o n of Plentywood Zoe Parkinson of Lewis town Roy Anderson of Glasgow and Ralph Donaldson of Hall. It is directed by Robert Gail of Billings. K. Moore dramatics instructor is supervising the production of both plays. Services Are held for Billings Farmer funeral services for John Edmund Fairburn 61, who died at his farm Home a half mile Southeast of Billings saturday were held monday afternoon at the Smith Chapel with the Rev. Forrest w. Werts pastor of the first methodist Church officiating. Howard c. Smith accompanied by mrs. Smith Sang Trust and obey and Sweet by and burial was in mount Lew cemetery. Pallbearers were Joe Mcconnell j. P. Barnes a. W. Slemmer George c. Cissel John Short and Andrew Senty. Or. Fairburn s widow his father a sister two sons and five daughters were among those attending the serv ices. A brother and two other Sisters vere unable to attend. Fined for speeding. C. Chatwood 28, of 715 Wyo Ming Avenue was fined so in the. Justice court of t. W. Polly monday after pleading guilty to a charge of exceeding the 45-mile Speed limit on the Billings Laurel Highway. He was arrested late sunday night by the state patrol. Montana legislative Calendar wheels out of line mean extravagant tire wast age hazardous driving uncomfortable r i d i n g. We Correct wheel mis alignment properly lastingly. B e e l i n e services re n o. 3 o the of. H o n e .240 bi.lljmg5.m6nt by the ass dated press House introduce. B. 251. By Lambert and Ekern to License gambling. Revenue an taxation. B. 252, by education comm tee to increase allowance for big school budget. Education. B. 253, by Mcclaln creating Forest Experiment station. Conserva Tony find resources. B. 254, by. Padbury and Byrne relating & investments by domes life insurance companies. Insu Ance. . 25, by Lippard relating 1 qualification and duties of school by Drivers. Education. A. 256, by Mcclain providing for Transfer of a Trust fund to the social Security act. Social Security h. B. 257, by highways committee repealing the Law exempting Auto from attachment. Judiciary. B. 258, by Malee relating t disqualification of judges. Judic Aryh. B. 159. By Flynn relating supervisory Powers of mayor an councilmen. Affairs of cities. B. 260, by Lippard providing the state is not responsible for Obi nations of the liquor control Boan state boards and offices. B. 261, by education comm tee raising qualifications for Tench ers. Education. B. 262, by education adding specialist in exceptional child Educa Tion to staff of education depart ment. Appropriations. B. 263. By education relating to qualifications of the state superintendent of Public instruction education. B. 264, by education Raisin qualifications for county superintendent of schools. Education. B. 265, by education add a specialist in child health to staff o state education department. Appropriations. B. 266, by education adding state music supervisor to staff o state education department. Educa Tion. B. 267, by Stromnes providing pension for waterworks employees Revenue and taxation. B. 268, by Duncan relating t hours and wages of firemen. Affair of cities. B. 269, by Sullivan relating t Abs tractors. Townships and coun ties. B. 270, by Hammond regard ing a graduated License on stores Revenue and taxation. B. 271, by Reed and others to pay the estate of. Walter b. Sand 35,179 in uncollected salary. Appropriations. B. 272, by Watson relating the Sale of school property. Educa Tion. B. 273, by Wenger pro Ajdini for n referendum on state Bonds of $1,500,000 for buildings at the stat Hospital at warm Springs. State institutions. B. 274, by Bjorneby setting u the state property insurance fund appropriations. B. 275, by Stevens to refund tax to Peter Lee estate. Appropriations. B. 276, by. Stevens providing f Lens Lon for All 65 who Are no paying income taxes. Social Secu Rity. B. 277, by Acton relating to salaries of Deputy state officers clerks and stenographers. Public morals. B. 278, by Holness and others to exclude amortized Loans from pro visions of a statute. Judiciary. B. 279, by Watson to repeat the Law licensing and bonding live Stock markets. Livestock. B. 280, by appropriations com Mittee to appropriate s75.000 As an emergency to the Public welfare Board for the period ending March 1939. Appropriations. B. 281, by Siegling and Horril Gan to License gambling. Revenue and taxation. B. 282, by Leuthold to set up a state Board of control. Constr to tonal amendments. B. 283, by Morrison. Padbury and Smith to admit. Dorothy Fitz Gerald disabled daughter of a Span so War Veteran to the state Soldier lome. State institutions. B. 284, by Metlen and others providing for a new historical Ilbra As an adjunct to the Capitol build ing. State institutions. B. 285, by Wengyr and others providing for Sale of Revenue Bonds for new buildings at Galen. State institutions. B. 286, by Mcclain state Forest and conservation station. Appropriations. B. 287, by Stromnes relating to income from Trust funds in wills. Judiciary. B. 289. By Metlen legalizing tax deeds. Judiciary. B. 290, by Metlen providing deputies to fill interim vacancies in county offices. Townships and coun ties. B. 291, by Anderson Phillips relating to the disposal of school Money. Appropriations. B. 292, by Berthou Valedat no sales of property by county commissioners education. B. 293. By Anderson Phillips liability of counties in relation to employees. Townships and counties. B. 294. By Mcleod to acquire title to fort Benton and fort Shaw. Townships and counties. B. 295, by Anderson Cascade amending the electric Energy tax. Revenue and taxation. B. 296, by Mcleod and others licensing. Insurance corporations. Revenue and taxation. B. 297, by Morrison payment of claims arising out of construction of dormitory at state schools of mines. Appropriations. B. 298. By Stevens setting up old age pension Board. Social Secu Rity. B. 299, by Hammond reappraisal of state lands. State lands. B. 300, by Stevens providing a Ankles swollen backache nervous kidneys strained if you re feeling out of sorts get up nights or suffer from dizziness Nerv of incas. Backache leg pains swollen an lilacs burning passages excess acidity or less of Energy and feel old before 3 our time functional kidney weakness May a the this cause. 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Dairying a b. 307, by Beck relating grading eggs. Agriculture. B. 308, by Dunn and Padbury providing an appropriation for a Vert sing the Dairy Industry. Dair h. B. 309, by Hammond and othe relating to taking Beaver. It and game. B. 310, by Long checking Al a ability of state employees. Sta boards Andt offices. B. 311, by Cannon providing for automobile dealers License to highways. B. 312, by Moss Custer crating a state Board of land Surveyor judiciary. B. 313, by Beck approx latin s45.000 for additional housing fall ties at Montana state College. A prop relations. B. 314, by sort and Armstron creating a veterans memory fund. Military affairs. B. 315, by Siegling and Horr Gan to License gambling. Revenis and taxation. B. 316. By Smith and Morrison creating a state engineers Assoc la Tion. Judiciary. B. 317, by Mckee regulation Sale of Dairy products. Dairying. B. 318. By Sullivan Compon station for members of fire Depar ments. Affairs of cities. B. 310. By Malee and othe appropriating 825,000 for use of the Highway commission in National advertising. Appropriations. B. 320. By Hammond and other relating to creation of joint county libraries. Education. B. 321, by Martin fixing mini Murm hours for registered nurse labor. B. 322, by Malee providing to Montana s participation at the is Francisco tons. Exposition. \ approx Ria prepared prescription called. Hundreds and hundreds of doctors i records prove this. A cd flex act Leo ingredients Are listed in each package accompanied by Laboratory certificate of purity. Money Back guarantee usually the very first dose of Cru Fex goes right to work helping your kid Neys remove aces acids. Quickly thin May make you feel Ilko new again. And so certain Are the makers that or Lex will satisfy you completely they ask you to try it under a Money Back guar Antee Loti to the judge. If not entirely satisfied just return package and get your Money Back. Centex sins act co Sui Only 3c a Dost at druggist Ana the guarantee protects you so Start your teat today. B. 323. By Murray providing of Highway. Commission of 13 m embers. Highways. B. 324, by Williams licensing shrubbery trimmers. Horticulture h. B. 325, by state boards and offices providing for enforcement o fair standards act. State boards an offices. B. 326. By education commit tee repealing certain sections o Rural school District Laws. Educa Tion. B. 327, by Aronson by request licensing gambling Revenue an taxation. B. 328, by Williams licensing Public sprayers horticulture. B. 329, by Duncan req Luln that All persons eligible for jury Dut by Road and poll tax. Judiciary h. B. 330, by Bjorneby re latin of selection of jurors. Judiciary. B. 331, by Hammond appropriating $12,100 a year for the stat Library Extension commission. Appropriations. B. 332. By Gebhardt and. Hoi less providing for certification o in Garlans. Education. B. 333. By sort to refund $5.9i n taxes illegally collected. . B. 334. By Anderson of Phillips relating to employment and Dis charge of City electricians. Affa i r if cities. B. 335, by Cole of Petroleum relating to exemption of earnings o judgment debtor. Judiciary. B. 336, by Listug relating to Vage brokers. Judiciary. B. 337. By Malee relating to distribution of Highway funds. High Vays. B. 338. By Smith allow uni Illes to Transfer funds. Affairs o h. B. 339. By Mckenna providing or appointment of an assistant adjutant general. State boards and if flees. B. 340, by Smith and other Rovi cling for a commission to study uniform Laws. State boards and of. Ices. B. 341. By Goodwin to Amend Ecton 17411.11 of the codes of Mon Ana judiciary. B. 342, by Hess and Oleri Roll Dong for a stamp tax on the Sale f Ole Margarine. Dairying. B. 343, by Revenue and taxation Ommittee providing for a tax on natural Gas production. Revenue and taxation. A 344. By Revenue and taxation Ommittee relating to duty of coun y treasurer in collection of personal property taxes Revenue and Taxa on. B. 345. By Revenue and taxation Ommittee authorizing the Board of Quall Patlon to ask the United states or sums in lieu of taxes. Revenue and taxation. B. 346, by Revenue and taxation Ommittee authorizing counties to request United states sums in lieu f taxes. Revenue and taxation. B. 347, by Revenue and taxation of Mitlee relating to taxation of Oya Ity interests in Petroleum Gas and metals. Revenue and taxation. B. 348. By Parker of Flathead relating to estates of deceased per is who Are citizens of foreign coun Ries. Judiciary. B. 349, by Metlen to a propel the for Purchase of additional land in the Campus of the state Normal school at Dillon. Appropriations. B. 350, by Revenue and taxation Ommittee taxing stores. Revenue and taxation. B. 351. By Malee classifying Untung and fishing licenses. Fish and game. B. 352. By Moss of Custer tax a trucks on a mileage basis. High ays. B. 353, by freshman licensing of machines Revenue and Taxa on. B. 354, by Kellogg licensing contain Vitamin a purchasers Ai Mustard seed. Rove nue ant taxation. B. 365, by Long licensing Banks. Banks and banking. B. 356. By Revenue and taxation committee to refund the Capitol building Bonds. Revenue and Taxa Tion. A b. 357, by Hesper and others relating to companies that Issue group life insurance policies. Insurance h. B. 358, by Lippard providing for the qualifications o f the state adjutant general. State boards and offices a b. 368. By Antrim Deal Gratin animals to be taken without a Lucens fish and game. B. 360, by Malee creating Fly and game districts and commissioner of districts. Fish and Gamow h. B. 361, by Cannon and male permitting use of Salmon eggs 1 fishing. Fish and game h. B. 362. By Lippard relating t contracts for care of Tho sick. Pub lie health h. B. 363, by appropriations com Mittee appropriation f o r s t a t boards appropriations h. B. 364, by Antrim taxation basis for common school funds. Re Enue and taxation h. B. 365, by my acc creation o state occupational diseases commas Slon and appropriating $7,500, work men s compensation h. B. 366. By Bower defining Lettl St. Joe game preserve. Fish game h. B. 367. By Mcrice licensing creameries. Dairying h. B. 368. By Laubach providing for appointment of a game manager fish and game h. B. 369. By Smith and Watson providing for registration of Electo who Are infirm. Elections and Privi Leges h. B. 370, by Bjorneby providing for guarantee by Sellers of used electrically a r i v e n household articles Public safety h. B. 371, by Brower licensing re Tail liquor dealers. Revenue taxation. B. 372. By Goodwin and others Public welfare payments for Bill Cost patients. Social Security h. B. 373, by judiciary committee relating to motions for new trials judiciary h. B. 374, by Mckenna and others Transfer of property to minors. Judiciary h. B. 374, by Mckenna Transfer of property to minors. Judiciary h. B. 375, by employment commit tee providing for selection or legs lat Lve employees. Employment a b. 376, by Goodwin fixing Elk season in Lincoln county. Fish ant ame h. B. 377, by education commit uniform transportation service of pupils. Education h. B. 378, by Berthot commas slow for study of state government rear gang Zellon. Appropriations h. B. 379, by Smith relating to disqualification of j u d g e s. Judiciary h. A 380, by Smith and o Connor Chain store License tax. Revenue and taxation h. B. 381, by state lands commit tee relating to Purchase of Stilt lands on instalments. State lands. B. 382, by Dedobbeleer Lucens ing itinerant merchants. Re venue and taxation h. B. 383, by Peterson relating t classification of taxable properly Revenue and taxation h. B. 384, by Spiegel and Oleri relating to organization of new town ships. Townships and counties h. B. 385, by sort relating to Transfer of school funds. Educa Tion h. B. 386, by Stewart relating to Ipp cals to the Board of equalization judiciary h. In. 387, by Morrison relating to urls diction Over boxing and wrestling n Montana. Judiciary h. B. 388, by Flynn relating to feeding and mortgaging. Judiciary h. B. 389, by Lambert and Flynn allowing the state Board of health supervision Over drilling in scr Wells Public health h. B. 390, by Hoinesn relating to contracts for textbooks. Education h. B. 391, by d Ewart and other relating to nominations at Pri Maries. Privileges and elections h. B. 392. By Mcleod relating to Ifft cars who no Gleckl to enforce Gam bling Laws. Judiciary h. B. 393, by Hoins i relating to caches retirement. Education h. B. 30$, by spec ii relating to he legislative journal and Dullon of and state official in re Atlon thereto. Slate boards and of ices h. B. 395, by Stevens creating a Tate Solen Llic commission state Oards and offices h. B. 306, by Mel of providing for Telephone License tax. Revenue and a Atlon h. B. 397, by Mcleod by others placing a tax on imported acc a. Rev nue and taxation h. B. 398. By Murray relating to ale of prison made goods. State in Tolu tons and buildings h. B. 399, by Longan Cockcr relating o appointment of members of the Ater conservation Board. State Oards h. B. 400. By judiciary committee dealing to f i l i n g of Bills of except on. Judiciary. B. 401, by fifth and game Corn Itice relating to carrying and sex Ibl Tang License. Fish and game he 402. By judiciary committee the lating to executions on judgments judiciary h. B. 403, by judiciary committee relating to f findings of fact. Jul Clary b. 404, by Duncan relating to for studying school districts. And verse committee reports. J. A 3for continuation of committee investigating in american practices. 48 to 43, general orders h. A 365to provide a specialist in physical education. Adverse com Mittee report h. Be. 175providing for redemption of state Bonds before maturity. Adverse committee report h. B. 38relating to mortgaging and feeding. Adverse committee report h. B. 355to place a License on Banks. Adverse committee report h. B. 305minimum wages Tor employees of liquor Board. Adverse committee report h. B. 339providing for an As Distant adjutant general Adverse committee report h. B. 106relating to. Publication of notices of tax Sale. Adverse com Mittee report h. B. 318relating to compensation for members of fire depart ments. Adverse committee report s. B. 6relating to abandonment of school districts. Advent commit tee report i Assed. S. E. 20forbidding issuance of diplomas by institutions not super Vised by state Board of education. 82 to 2. Sub. B. 51dissolving All Road districts. 75 to 7. B. Go describing the South Moccasin game preserve. 81 to 2. B. 140appropriation for the greater University 72 to 14. B. 182appropriation for state institutions. 76 to 9. B. 186repealing Law relating to number of employees in. The House. 77 to 4. S. B. 12moratorium on tax penal ties. 67 to 4. S. J. M. 2memorializing Congress for enactment of Tho Townsend plan. 70 to 7. S. J. M. 6requesting Federal Aid for the Montana sugar beet Indus try. 85 to 0. B. 145increasing salaries of supremo . 47 to 34. B. 161permitting women to serve on juries. 71 to. 14. To validate Bonds for sanitarium at Galen. 11 asking the Federal to allocate lands to Ryan leation of f i re affairs of cities departments. B. 405, by appropriations com Littee relating to methods of Dos urse ments. Appropriations h. B. 400, by Metlen taxing motor driers for hire. Highways h. B. 407. By Goodwin and others hanging form of ballot in Silver Bow Lunty. Elections and privileges h. J. M. 17, a Rice relating to cup atonal diseases under inc social curly act. Federal relations h. J. R. 5, by development and Bull cloy committee accepting july1938, As Montana Day at the new or a world s fair. Development and Bull cloy h. B. 408, by Spiegel and Baker Oil Dong a natural Gas distributor s x. Revenue and taxation h. B. 409, by Baker relating to Long accusations against county in shop or school officers jul duct by h. J. R. 6, by Stromnes Den gnat g a state song. Development and Bull Citer h. A 410, by appropriations a Opal atom for state department. Appropriations killed h. 3. R. 4appointing a Corneli i and making an appropriation a b. 125 Lucr Culosio 82 to 0. B. 81relating to medical and Hospital foes in workmen s compensation cases. 78 to 3. B. 13providing for an eight hour Day in laundries. 77 to 7. B. 18providing for an eight hour Day in hotels and cafes. 81 to 5. B. 110placing Coal mines under the workmen s compensation act. 84 to 0.h. B. 122providing Slok and disabled May vote absent voters bal lots. 61 to 36. U. B. 123allowing county Hospi tals to accept pay in Licals. 80 to 3. Ii. B. 155abolishing Tho Santo fair at Helena and transferring Tho far Yountis to Lewis and Clark county 73 to 0. J. M. Government North Montana College 01 to 0. Ii. B. 100prohibiting misleading signs on highways. 7 t to 7. B. 87extending juvenile pro Bation officer Law to apply to Yellowstone county. 78 to 2. A 280appropriating 76.000 emergency funds for Public welfare. 88 to 0. A fio allowing Public administrator to close estates after expiration of term of office. 71 to 2, h. 13. 114relating to burial of sailors and soldiers. 78 to 0. A. B. 197amending Wal Ghlyn and measures Law. 8.1 to 0. S. B. In relating to building and loan Stock. 7b to. .11. K. B. In relating to entering judgments for default. B l to 3. A Knack. Introduced. 8. B. 121. By Wood of Judith is bin amending the Tato Beer Laws. Judiciary f. B. 126, y Wood of Judith a in Al lowing cities and towns to be county Road machinery. Counties in a towns k. In. 120, by Waldrop relating to eco cry of illegal taxes paid coun be. Judiciary s. B. 127, by Kroman and others mowing for establishment of Junior Olin Noii in High mho olb. 8. A 128. By Baker of Dawson in i l r Long Bondii from pc Nons Locking o remove Public off Corr by summary Colon. Judiciary s. B. 120, by roads and highways allowing state Highway commission o sell certain property. Roarn Ami Ikhi ays s. A. 130. By judiciary committee Ecla Ting to rules o courts of record. Judiciary 8, b. 131, by Kellcy to workmen s compensation act. Com in Salon s. J. M. 14, by Mulholland Brink no workmen under terms of the so Lal Security net. Labor and Capi Tal. S. A 132, by Alvord providing i in 10 of Hll a . Education s. A 133. By Dahl to latin to Lytfi against warehousemen. Juril Ary b. A 134, by Mahony relating to quickly eases the itching of eczema you do not have to continual Cut from Mic fiery it chins no of cams. On application of ice mint which you can set at an drug Hart will Tulve mulch re s licenses in Montan total $198,784, report shows. Figures compiled by the unite states biological Survey Reventh the combined Hunting and Flash i licenses and Federal Duck stamp r turns or 1937, the latest flour which Are available for Tho state Montana amounted to j108.784, Kei Neth f. Oralien Federal game age said Here monday. Resident licenses for Montana i eluding fishing and Hunting to Tali 113,078 and nonresident licenses t talc 292. Or Roahen pointed of and Federal Duck Stamps totalled 15 884. Sportsmen in the United stat and Alaska paid 511,348,006 for 860,010 Hunting License a 1037, t Survey indicates. Federal Migrator Bird Hunting Stamps brought an at Dot Lonny $788,039 in the sumo porno bringing the total for licenses Ai Federal Duck Stamps to $12,131,045 or. Ron Lien snid Tho report show that tie number of Hunters is in creasing. License returns in 183 were nearly n million More than i 1036. When there was also null crease of nearly a million Over 11 preceding year. Federal Duck stamp sales increase from 448.204 in 1935 to 603,023 1 1936 anti to 783.03 1 in 1937, m Roahen added. Emergency construction of c o u n t roads. Roads and highways a b. 136, by in Honey and Cotler limit Long the Highway patrol Force t "6 members. Roads and highways s. B. 136. By Kroman prove Ali. For designation of certain High schoo As vocational training centers. Edv Cantlon s. B. 137, by Haught relating t attendance of pupils. Education s. B. 138, by roads and Highway committee delegating authority f enforcement of lend limit re Styli tons. Roads and highways a b. I3d, by roads and High a Tho Reg Lotrn of motor vehicles to enter into to cup local lace me agreements. Road and highways s. B. To by Campbell of Misoul relating to Public contractors 1 census and excluding school District and boards. Judiciary s. B. I by Cotter reducing agricultural lands from Tho fourth cons to Tho second class for taxation put poses. Judiciary 8. B. 142, by Hammond and a laugh relating to Legal and valid to deeds. Judiciary s. A 143, by Wood and Campbell o my Izoula relating to assessment in Sale of real estate for taxes. Jul Declary a b. 144, by water con Servalo and flood control committees per Al Dong for in investigation of the Halcro of the state. Water con Tirva Tion and flood control 8. A 145, by Simmons relating i numinous. Judiciary a b. 14 1, by judiciary Coin Lloro sex Prcesang consent of the state Ovi county and City indebtedness. It Declary s. R. I by banker of Dawson on ing for Celebration of National f in week in Montana s. R. 7, by Arnold and others pro interim use of the sunni chamber by state departments. J no Fml. S. A in providing for Nln Glo col limn ballots for general Cle Coloni 44 to 6. S. I. 60to improve Murkot null l t of municipal Bonds. 45 to 1. S. N. 47repealing a Law Rndt l l r in bonding of school bus Drivers a to 0. S. N. 01validating Bonds prove Ousby Ifft Iund by Pullo body in of Tiv u a. 43 to a r. 8 amending the a tan pubic welfare act 46 to 0. S. U. 55amending Tho photograph Jar examining net. 46 to 1. A j. M. 0tndnrnlng the Ancelo Resolution to cancel feed and Nee Johnf i to drouth area Farmers 47 to i s. J. M. 7urging entail Lehmen of in nor brine n t fort Peck. 45 to 1. N. 1 2relating to duty in o c o u n t y a c h o o i 48 to 4. N. R4providing for two net of Judi Efi and clerks in City clock Talonn. 149 to 0. If. In. 110empowering Catlen to condition due of Luaa a Bow Ala your a y j. If you Jija �j��.fflvh,�l Iii a a for to info two Uii Nikki St often too Tucei Iriemi turn too Mijoi to own Rrt Wiwi ret if purr l Haik Tmara to egg i pc mint in a stir bar a Wolti medicated Cream and it it f in to f a n e inn of kilns torture of eczema h be o Leaf tan to. Use and ont or will iat for week if tip it two or three la Man a Day Good for itchy no the docs too. Try it once and you will to Well pleased with 200 dentists 1 or. Sullivan or. Kulp Root n t 4 and 5 Over .securit7 ban if office hour ii 8 30 am to 6 p. M. J1 phone 2471 Quick Relief for acid indigestion mind Tow manners test your knowledge of Correct social usage by answering the Fol lowing questions then checking against the authoritative a swore below 1. Is it Good manners to ask a person the Causo of a physical deformity 2. Is it Good manners to ask either r Man or woman his or her age 3. Is it necessary to answer a question Yon feel is too personal 4. Should friends ask prying questions o Tho about to be do Vor cod 5. If an acquaintance says some thing that hurts your feelings is it Good manners to say so what would you do if you Realise Tomt by something you Honvo just said you have unintentionally Hurt another s feel Ings. A ignore it b Mako in explanation o keep apologising. Answers. 1. No. 2. Better not. 3. Not if you can get around it. 4. No nor hint for details. 5. No. Much better to let it go by. Best what would you do so Lution b. Copyright. 1930, Aba str let inc firemen Are called. Firemen from both stations were called at 6 p. M. Monday to Tho Home of. Fred what world 314 4 North Twenty fourth Street where children were reported to Hayfi started a fire near a shed at the rear of Tho lot Tho Blaze had been extinguished Whon firemen arrived. There was no damage tug Cost of England s Public Library service la 14,000,000. C h a n g e Tho names of streets. 40 to 0. Killed s. N. 3firequiring certain reports to filed by persons who lease or otherwise dec state Larlyn. Adverse comm too report j a b. 80requiring All newspapers of be licensed and bonded. Adverse Conri Mattce report 8, b. 73requiring Placer Mlp companion to level Tel lungs. Adverse committee report s. A 7relating to greater secur Ity for payment of wages to miners and Oil Field workers. Adverse com no too report s. N. 34relating to annual state ments to be filed by Public utilities Adverse committee report h. J. M. 0asking Congress to con nun work Relief Alverno commit tee report b. A d3ohnnalng terms of of ten and ill Arlen of District and St iroc court judges Ailvera com not acc report 34-13. � s. B. A us Latler to abandonment of water. Committee of Tho whole s will publish chapter paper at meeting wednesday. Twelve candidates Are slated for initiation into the Billings chapter of the order of Demolay at the regular. Meeting of the group in Tho,ma5oatc Temple. Wednesday night. George Hammer adviser to the chapter announced that the Glrst Edi Tion of the new monthly Demolay. Paper will be distributed at the meet ing. No name As yet has been Given to the paper Hammer said but it 3 expected that the chapter will have a contest to select a name. The initiation ceremony will to followed by the regular business yes Slon. Refreshments will is served or. Hammer announced that be Molay officers and committees Are preparing for the Spring activities which will include a founder s week program in March and attendance at the state conclave to be held la mis Soula april 7. The local chapter. Is planning to be represented by a Drill team and swimming fencing Basket Ball and Rifle teams. A baby Jaguar believed first born in Captivity in Australia is an attract Tion of Tho Melbourne zoo. I put 2 drops of Enetro nose drop sin each nostril to relieve congestion secretion in head ,. Colds. Every Bratli you feel Relief pen etrog a 2-drop cold Relief Nyal face Cream you can get it. At c h a p p i e s Drura Kohl ski Bool i St nunnery All look seats at no extra Cost selected shouts 1/nlmt i a remount a Civ l y i Annc from new Vork. Loc a inc till i id it 25c Afler i to urging Caval Cade of Oriental jpon4or and exc ment / Cru a great in Lorelai no inf . Gary Cooper Arco Sparr Ircel cartoon Maureen o sul d e n n i s q k e e f e m i c k e y r o d n e y for special occasions Ninny people Elt Oose the from Post experience they have f o u n d Tho foot liquor and fic Vlco unexcelled 5-course dinner 40c to 90c Mogul or a c. T. Luncheon anti Many noon font 111. North Frond any and torn ii in Chinatown tomorrow Only her dub told it Alt Al Lily Yenart a Queen and every any woman madly in love. 4. Tiu Anton Neagle. Walbrook h. B. Warner waiter Riidu also returned by popular demand world s greatest pianist Paderewski in Moonlight sonata and 30 minutes music p o l y f e c. H n l c l band and Ochei jul men s and women

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