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Billings Gazette Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1939, Page 4

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Billings Gazette (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Billings, Montana A \ age four. The Billings Gazette tuesday february 7, 1939. Of o u n d e in o v e m b e r 1 1 9 0 1 published Ever Moraine. Elton uni and Bundul by the Gazette phint1nq company at 2101 Montana Avenue. Butt lib. Montana entered at Tho Post office at Billings Montana. class mall matter. St ascription rates payable in Advance strict la go Mai in Montana of omens and Western Dakota with without morn Law Sudaj sunday Odo month � to six month a one year. Sunday Only. Year j T weekly by mall rear ,. by mail outside of Montana Wyom lab and Western Dakota with without mor Lnu f Upa one month one year � t to 3.75 7.25 for ill Carrier Home delivery service pay Carrier 20 cents Oer week Lor Dally and sunday 17 cents per we Etc for Dally Only and 5 cents Oer for sunday Only when Chance of address is desired Ooth old and new addresses should be Given in Case you fall to receive your Imper promptly notify circulation manager. Telephones news Boom Day or no but business onto. Circulation department display advert no Zim a a want ads. " Job department. 23n National representatives Zoee Hoth Enborn &.jahn. Ino. Cd Cato 360 North Muchuan Boulevard hew Yori 10 each Fortieth Street Detroit general motors Bull done san Francisco 351 California Street at Lanta. Suite 1601, building. ,. The Gazette u a member of the audit Bureau of circulations member of the associated press the associated press is excels Lovely entitled to the use for publication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited to this taper and also the local news Pool bed herein. Ouk new Frontier. In connection with unemployment and other problems of depressions and recessions we have been reminded repeatedly. That the nation has reached a stage o f. Growth that robs us of a Long standing out let for productive Enterprise the develop ment of Virgin land on the outskirts of civilization. The importance of this fact is not questioned by any informed person. No longer Are there vast areas of Fertile land await ing the plow. That phase of our develop " ment has been completed. We h ave now reached the stage that a primary need is to retain and r e s t o r e soil Fertility often needlessly and thoughtlessly depleted. " while this country still has More of its people engaged in agriculture than any other calling they no longer constitute the majority of the population. The perfection and use of machinery has reached the stage than Bur productive capacity on both farm and in factory can easily run Well ahead of the Market demand for goods. With it All the Standard of living has been materially advanced. The new american Frontier consists of consolidating and coordinating these gains so that we May proceed with fewer hitches. There Are those who contend that this done under a system of free Enterprise but since the developments that Call for indeed make possible an Advance of this kind Are the result of such a system there is sound reason to believe our Salva Tion lies in a continuation of it. The first essential in a Frank recognition of the problem. It is becoming increasingly apparent that such a recognition exists on All sides. Only the other Day the american federation of labor issued a warning against the possibility of a depression in 1940 in a statement it pointed out that by 1940 the present wave of government spending will have largely exhausted its stimulating effect on business and unless plans Are devised to set private Industry to work producing goods and raising living standards we shall either face another depression or a greater armament program to put men to work.". The expression however was one of Hope rather than despair. The reasoning was that the first step is to establish a National planning Board of representatives from business labor agriculture Consumers and government with provisions for experts to assist them and a mandate to stimulate the production of goods by Pri vate the viewpoint and general tone Are much the same As that voiced in a Resolution adopted late in 1938 at the annual the National association of manufacturers. Its expression was that America s Progress depends upon a United front of Industry comme rce agriculture and labor in cooperation with government. All of these groups have made mistakes and we in Industry admit our Shaie. All have Learned that there is a True Harmony i of . And there is a growing demand for intelligent teamwork. If these groups work together for future Progress More jobs and better living can be provided for the 30000,000 american views have been voiced by farm organizations 4and members of Congress the Frontier and the opportunities it pre sents Are recognized. To be successful the different forces must act together seek to avoid mistakes of the past and establish a More even and constant flow of goods and purchasing Power. If this is done under a program of voluntary but coordinated Enterprise the result will inevitably be better times and feeling " " a Forward looking planning Board such As the a. F. Of l. Suggests undoubtedly could do much to crystallize the situation t and evolve practical procedure in working toward an orderly sound and progressive solution. Suh a Board and All of us As individuals should keep in mind the timely warning of the a. F. Of l. That excessive armaments lower living standards and in crease danger of War. Also government cannot forever go on piling deficit on we need and must have a work ing program that makes such deficits both unnecessary and impossible.,. Government reorganization. With Congress in session and move ments for reorganization of government departments again under Way it is appropriate to consider the different approaches and what they mean. In a Magazine article published in May 1930, a Little More than a year after his voluntary retirement from the presidency Calvin our government is made up almost entirely of ele ment. Our real government is in the departments at Washington it dwells in the hearts of the people. It can have no other habitation in a Republic. For that reason however much we shuffle and change our departments we do not thereby provide a new government that will remain the same. But of course we May increase our respect for it by providing a better at another place in the article he said the country needs to keep its Faith in self government which is a democracy. The More it can take charge of its own affairs without the interference of bureaucratic control the safer it will the theory upon which the last session of Congress rejected the Roosevelt reorganization plan was that the proposal was intended to make executive departments bureaus commissions and other agencies More subservient to the president that in creased efficiency simplification of Struc Tura and Economy were not among the objectives. The reorganization plan sponsored by senator Byrd of Virginia reflects the Coolidge viewpoint in that it seeks elimination of duplicating services coordination of Effort and lower operating Cost. Any Prog Ress along those lines should mean proportionately better administration. F i diminishing be turns it is an axiomatic and accepted principle of taxation that no tax can be carried with profit to. The Point where returns diminish,.what we in America today who strive so blindly As some think to achieve the impossible in social Progress have failed to conceive is change in general May be carried to the Point where returns diminish returns not Only in Money in goods in wealth but in character. It shall Proult us Little to assume that All shall for a time at least be assured Susten Ance if we destroy the Industry and initiative which alone can ultimately insure sustenance for any the soviet Learned that lesson. They drove the food Raiser to the Point where he walked and the nation came non to starving. Recalcitrant Farmers were eliminated in hordes but the survivors seem to have won Many of their Points. No class it is Plain Long will toil without Hope of adequate return and what we take into consideration too Seldom today is that the class which contributes ideas and Energy and leadership also could be driven to the Point where it would yield Only diminishing Helena Independent. I from pen to sword fortunately most of the International air in lies which disturb the world today have not gone be5 once the verbal stage As yet. Leaders in the democracies have been taxing ingenuity in thinking up names to Call the dictators and the same sort of performance has been continued the other Way around. While weapons of warfare have been multiplied most of the leaders insist that they Don t want to see them used. In the vigor of War like talk they seem willing to reach the very Brink of the precipice but no one Yants to shoulder the responsibility for plunging Over it and into actual conflict. A Lone instance appears however where an italian and a Frenchman move toward shifting their War of words to one of weapons. Antonio Corrado Limongi editor of a news paper in Rome has challenged a Paris editor to a Duel with the rather dramatic Sugges Tion that it take place across the French ital Ian Frontier each Man standing on the soil of his own country firing away across the imaginary line which separates them. This proposal that editors change from pen to sword had its inception when the parisian publication carried n statement that italian sailors were afraid to get out of sight of their own shores. The italian Felt that More than words would be needed to answer such a slight so the following Telegram went promptly to the Paris scribe every italian would know How to make you Swallow the atrocious insult to our Glori Ous Navy. I would know How to do it with a gun if you had the courage to meet a Chal Lenge and establish the reports have riot yet indicated whether the Duel will be fought. The incident May be Dis missed As a ridiculous. Burst of temper by Many but it really serves to illustrate in an individual application the exact sort of thing going on Between nations. Resort to the violence of armed conflict Between nations should be just is much outmoded is Are duels Between individuals. Yet people All Over in deadly Earnest preparations which can Lead Only same Type of mass violence and they do so in resignation to the idea that War is inevitable that it has even elements of the glow ious in the play it gives the finer instincts of patriotism. Avar where it does Como Between nations is simply a Large scale replica of the suggested Duel Between editors each poised on his Side 01 an imaginary Boundary line. If War must come the roman Challenge might Well be taken seriously. Let our differences be decided in single combat botwen picked leaders. The plan is just As logical As shooting each other on a More ambitious scale.-2vic Minneapolis Tribune. groundhog got an eyeful the Haskin letter by Fredk Kic j. Haskin India s Industrial Progress. Washington a c., feb. 6. The old complacent tradition that India is and must remain an agricultural country producing and exporting raw materials in Exchange for manufactured goods no longer survives. Based upon past achievements and prospects for the future there is now a Lively realization of the coun try s potential Industrial develop ment in which there is n growing National Pride and a determination that no in co Ura re ment towards its fulfilment should be denied. The opening of the Suez canal 70 years ago and the coming of steam ships and railways started great changes in the economic Structure of India. Formerly the economic unit was the Village which supplied All Tho needs of its Community and pro Vider Money to meet taxation. The effect of More extensive trading and improved transport facilities induced the specialisation of certain crops in localities specially adapted for their growth. The surpluses produced were exported and the Village no longer cultivated in Small patches to cover its own immediate local needs. The resulting imports made inroads upon the occupation of the Village crafts men and so the dissolution of the Rural unit commenced. It was a proc Ess which had already been experienced in the West and the tide had set towards a larger economic Circle and consequently organized Large scale industries. The world War gave impetus in in Dia to the development of indigenous industries and Tho postwar Boom witnessed the investment of Large capital sums in works and fac tories Lor Tho production of materials hitherto imported. The adoption of n policy of Protection followed by the formation of a Tariff Board gave the most positive form of assistance Mutl much real development has been achieved in the Protection afforded. For centuries the hand spinning and weaving of India had set a Standard which the craftsmen of no other country in the world could approach but it was not until the mid dle of the nineteenth Century that the Cotton Mill Industry was started the first of these Large scale Indus tries based on a Western Model. To compare the equipment of the Indus try today with that which obtained 50 years ago is to reveal o phenom enal growth of the Enterprise. In 1885 the Csc were in India 87 Mills having 2,145,000 spindles and 16,500 loons and employing 07,000 workers. Today the figures Are some 350 Mills More than 10,000,000 spindles 175,000 looms and 450,000 workers. Other Mills Are in the course of construction. Tho import of Cotton cloth into in Dia is still 1,000 million Yards annually. There is however a general movement towards the spinning of finer cloth and Tho improvement of dyeing and finishing processes and it seems to predict that the future will Seo a transference of a Large part of this balance to manufacture by Indian Mills. This is borne out by Export figures of Tho United states department of Commerce. Phenomenal growth in Many lines. Tho jute Industry is virtually a monopoly of India. The whole world must Como to Tho Hooghly for its Etc packing. Materials. Jute was first spun and Woven by Power machine san Dundee but by 1885 sonic 6,000 Power looms were at work in Bengal. There Are now More than 100 Mills owning 62.000 looms and employing 277,000 workers. The total value of Tho Trade is estimated fat $200,000,000 annually. A recent development is Tho establishment of Mills outside of Bengal at Large Industrial Center Whf Iro their products find it local Sale. An Industry that during Tho last 20 years Boon established with Reat Success u the manufacture of Portland Cement. Factories have been established in various parts of India and now produce Romong Thorn about 00,000 tons a year while imports Havo decreased to about. 70,000 tons a year. Of development is Tea and steel Industry a Plant was erected in a Large Small answers to questions by Frei Milc j. Haskin if ii a Reader can get the answer to any question or fact writing the Gazette information Bureau it Merlo .1. Flask in. Director Washington i. C. Please enclose three 3 cents for reply. Q. What firm Naile the first com Niue Clil shipment by air j. B. S. A. Famous first fuels says the Columbus driving Park. The silk was Cut up and stamped this silk is n piece of the first merchandise Ever carried in an air plane Dayton to c of bus. No. ,. I. With conspicuous India s population of approximately 350,000,000 affords a potently Field not surpassed anywhere else in tha world. The country in us transformation from agriculture to manufacturing is attracting much attention. Q. What of the aver age family income is spent nil food shelter clothing taxes and other necessities pc. A. The average family budget is apportioned As follows shelter 12 36.8 per cent household furnishings 4.7 per cent recreation 5.3 per cent transportation 6.6 per cent direct taxes 2.7 per cent miscellaneous 19.9 per cent. Q. Who invented the cow Catcher on trains -1. I. In. A. The first cow Catcher was de signed by Isaac Dripps and was on Tho locomotive called the John Bull which was built by Stephenson in England. It is attune of. To the John Bull which operated on the Camden and Amboy Railroad after 1831. The cow Catcher was supported by two wheels. Q. What is the legend of the Sun Flower l. H. G. A. A greek legend tells of the origin of Tho Sunflower and Why it is the Symbol of constancy arid Adora Tion. Clytle was a Beautiful water Nymph of Hellas. One Day she left her Home among the Waves and went to Olympus where she saw Apollo the Sun god and fell in love with him. Apollo however was enamoured of Calliope the Muse of epic poetry and paid no attention to Clytie. So she sat on the ground gazing at the Sun rom the minute it appeared until it dropped beyond the horizon. For nine Days Clytle sat and pined away refusing to return Home. Fin ally her limbs Sank into the Earth and became roots her body a slender Stem and her Beautiful face became a. Flower resembling the Sun and Fol lowing its course All Day q. Was there n famous f u r n i t u r e designer named Samuel Mcintire l. S. H. A. Samuel Mcintire of Salem mass., like the Adam Brothers of eng land was most noted for his Fame As an. Architect and As a Carver. He a responsible for some Beautiful pieces of furniture gracefully and delicately executed. His favorite piece was the sofa and several of these with chairs to match Are in the col Lection of the Essex Institute at Salem. Q. How Long hns it been Al Legato i Rinju a Mongoose into the United states S. A. A. Since 1900 the importation into the United states or any territory or District thereof of the Mongoose is prohibited. This is Section �41 of the Lacey act. Q. What is the meaning of the word a Ayers k. I1. M. A. It refers to Amateur journalists. Q. Where is the Obj Evvs published i. S. A a. Trie Magazine is published at third and Walnut streets Cincinnati dangerous service Fly crack Elyott Taylor the characters Peter a l Lone a potential Newspaperman. Petronella his Young Risler. And staunch supporter " jets the Day Peter s Chance comes with of riot Iny to Rangoon. While he rovers the Story. Petrel runs a canteen. Then handsome Tony Lance appears again. Chapter eight petrel s Fate Pony s eyes met hers surveyed the unexpected scene then re turned to her face again. While she stood looking at him it was As if a hand rested of her shoulder and voice said this is the next moment she repudiated the idea. She did not believe he even recognized her. On his Long boned face was an expression of perplexed amuse ment. He walked across the room. He stood facing her across the table. Vaguely he had recognized her this is very Good. I m proud to realize that i be met you and ashamed i can t remember where it was you re Tony Lance. You played Cricket against my brother. Peter in the Sutler s old boys match two years ago. I m petrel How do you do " Tony Lance took her outstretched hand. Stormy petrel he smiled. Of course 1 but Petron Ella knew that though he remembered her face he still could not recall their last meeting. But she was too Busy to explain fur ther. She offered him Coffee. He refused. I m Only passing through ran Goon on my Way to China he told her. I thought i d see if 1 could be any use Here. But so far i be done nothing to deserve extra i suppose you would like to get me some milk i be run out he smiled. If the sergeant has no other Job for me i la try. It would be much easier to arrest rioters but i la do my he turned away. Leaving her with a nod he crossed leisurely towards the door leading to the inner office. He was a journalist first realized Petronella. A Young gauche girl surrounded by too Many Young men was of nox interest to him. He wanted to get into the thick of trouble. He was like Peter. He was in search of news. She must not trouble him with any thing so trivial As milk. Watching she saw him speak to the police sergeant at the desk. The sergeant stood instantly. It was the first time he had done that tonight realized Petronella. And Many men had reported for duty. He was a dark skinned Anglo Indian business like and inclined to self importance. Was it any thing Tony had said to him that had had such effect or did men always1 stand up to speak to Tony Lance apparently the men Munchin sandwiches and drinking round her also Felt the interest of Tony s personality they interrupted her Observance of him to inquire who is that tall fellow miss Mallone he s Tony Lance a Well know journalist. He s on the staff of the daily news they turned to stare at Tony s Back and half averted face. One confirmed her description. Of Coursel i be heard of him Stop this escapade the Telephone Bell was ringing a in the inner office. The sergeant sat Down again and answered it. Looking up he spoke to Tony who nodded and turning came to the doorway he beckoned to her. That Call is for she went hurriedly to him. Not my brother he in t Hurt Tony Lance Shook his head. His eyes were amused no your father colonel Mal Lone rather a n g r from the sound of Petronella s glance told him eloquently that she had been expecting this. She passed him. At the desk she took the receiver but stood hesitating. She was tutoring herself to try to keep her temper. She must not answer hysterically. It would be easy to lose her self control. She was Sud Denly aware of the fearful Wear her body. The Strain and excitement of the evening had not slackened since Peter heard those shots outside the we tent. That was hours ago. It must be after four o clock now. It would soon be Light. The canteen had no More milk and father was going to Send her Home in disgrace. As if she were a disobedient schoolgirl. Hello he sounded an Grier than even she had imagined possible. He was nearly incoherent with rage. She. Could imagine his choking neck and the tight angry skin of his forehead. Petronella i be just heard of your outrageous foolishness his words became a stutter like wire less atmospherics. His voice emerged again. You re to Stop this escapade at once do Vou understand t h e sergeant Mist be put to the trouble of giving you an escort. Let me speak to Lim now Don t argue get off the line get off the line Tony Lance was standing beside her. Petronella Felt that she had his sympathy he took the Tele phone from her. Miss Mallone has finished a splendid Job Here sir and is going Home immediately. T will sep that she arrives Back safely. Goodby he said. And who the Devil Are you Petronella hear her father shout Tony Lance Hung up on him. He took her by the Arm. Hell think differently about it tomorrow. But i feel he is right. It is time you got some rest. Don t you agree he asked the men who realizing the trouble had crowded to the doorway. They assented. But Petronella was angry. She Felt disappointed and frustrated. What right had father to order. Her Home like that or Tony Lance to take her she stiffened. I m but his hand was firm on her Arm. He smiled and it was As if he had paid her a com. Aliment. No you re coming Home pet he gave her the reason in his persuasive deep voice. It is half past four. They can carry on Here perfectly easily without you. There Are enough sandwiches to feed the whole Force and plenty of cold drinks. If you get knocked out you put your irate Parent in the right. A theress. When he hears the other Side of this business and sees the headline i m going to get for you in the Rangoon news. I think hell change his mind and nearly burst with Pride. Tomorrow you la be. Running a really Well organized show with other women and ser vants to help you. Are you ready yes gulped petrel. Good night everybody ,.they were Lent a police car. Petronella sat in the Back be tween Tony Lance and an Anglo Indian policeman. A third guard sat alongside the Driver his ser vice revolver ready in Case of emergency. A Brave girl Tony looked Down at her face close to his shoulder. How old Are seventeen.". What made you do that she described the scene at the we. Peter went Back she finished. You ran a canteen so that he should have a cup of Coffee it s a wonderful thing family affection she laughed with him. But she explained. A girl feels she has a great Many Brothers in he looked at her curiously that s your version of the re no they really Are friends. You Don t fall in love round every Cor. Ner. As the older people Here seem to think when they pair us some of them must at least imagine themselves in love with you7 any girl gets spoilt in ran ahead of them a Volley of firing made her jump and cling instinctively to his Arm. He leaned for Ward. Turn right Driver we must avoid the fireworks he joked. But Petronella was shuddering. However hard she tried to prevent it her Teeth chattered to Gether. He heard them. I can t a Stop them she apologized ashamed. He was so casual. There was no danger. It was Terri ble to be so uncontrolled. If she. Were really to let go she would cast her head Forward and sob and sob. She could just manage to. Spare him that. But she kept think ing of those horrible Dahs stained with blood lying on the the police station of the incident?3 the patrols had described to one another when they forgot her or thought she was not listening of the terrified women and Little Brown children who were even at this m o m e n t dying of Gash wounds or cowering waiting for death in their frailly shuttered houses. You la think i m a natural phys Ica l revulsion you re one of the bravest girls i be Ever met he told her gently. Of no i m not she denied it. Nevertheless if i had the write up of this show to do that is what i d probably say in headlines for the British breakfast table. They d like it. That kind of stuff goes Over. Probably the fellow who is cover ing this for my paper will agree with me and do the i Hope Petronella was sure Peter would do nothing of the kind. Any idea who he is they gave some Young fellow the opening. He was coming out on an Ordinary Job. The news gets cabled from Calcutta. But it in t the same As a first hand Story. I might give him the dope about you tonight. They seemed to think he. Might make a mess of things.". No you must to anyway How should i know who he is Petron Ella defied deftly. Doubt As Well As modesty checked her confess ing the truth. P e r h a p s Peter would make a mess of it. Perhaps his articles would be refused. If he failed the fewer people who knew about it the better. She changed the subject hastily. You re going to China what is happening in China he grinned. A Good i met a very Nice woman called miss Horton Clare Horton who was going out to help i know her. She s a very Fine person. I la Tell her i saw when do you morning i m afraid petrel. If i could miss that mail Steamer i would. Burma is a much More attractive place than i imag he was looking at her face copy room isj9 Pratt Elliott Taylor. Tomorrow love and parting. As it was in Billings. 45 and 35 years ago today i. I Irir in 17 t i .45. Verbs ago. From the tiamvi1, f eur. ,7-1894. Already have been undo Lor More Liim ,3,000 of trip gym tic s Boom a Dillon that Wlsh blog Boin in the Spring and by the by the san tic press credits tins production us commemorative of Tho arrival of Tho Burlington. To Hope Tho Bur Lington will by puffing in Here before the Spring edition by Tito Gazette he gone to press but very much doubt it. The nature Thrift of the City of Billings and surrounding country will be the event celebrated by the 54 pages of illustrated matter concerning Tho yellow Stona Valley. Holland Potter came in from the reservation Rangs monday night re i a to it m fkr it condition in Tho Vicinity and Snow not Uetz 35 Yeats ago. " from the Iii Sci. Be ?. 1904 As a result of a n Accident with which he met yesterday Stephen j. Hopple Carrier of Rural free delivery route no. 1, sustained a fracture of the left wrist a few inches above the joint when about seven Miles West of the City one of Tho tugs broke causing the Moreea to become fright ened which started to run. Or. Hop ple attempted to jump from the wag. On to catch tha horses by Tho head. In some manner his in � wheel and he was thrown to the ground with considerable violence. There Are More than 1,000 peaks in Colorado that Are above 10000 feet in Altitude

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