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Billings Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 1

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Billings Gazette (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Billings, Montana Two. Uck Mir to Taw mortar mid 10 bimts final sen. Mike hints of Yellowtail dam visit f to visit Billings sept. 26 in Western tour photo by Denali Calkin Mansfield announces presidential visit in Iova mystery Volunteer risks own life to disprove foul play president John f. Kennedy will visit Billings 26, Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield said Friday in Billings. The Montana Democrat said the president would visit both Billings and great Falls on the trip a non political tour of natural resources in Western states. Sen. Mansfield said he did t know any details of president Kennedy s tour at the present time but an official White House announcement should arrive sunday or monday from Hyannis port mass. Or. Kennedy is very interested in Yellowtail dam and the proposed big Horn recreation area sen. Mansfield said. Dam visit hinted sen. Mansfield hinted but did not say that the pres ident would visit the dam site construction area some 45 Miles South of Hardin. Appeals to people Juk tries foreign Aid Rescue by Myron fe1nsilber Sheppton a. Tele vision camera Friday revealed a form in the chamber from which miners Dave Fellin and Henry throne were rescued which appeared to be the body of a Man. But a Volunteer who risked his life to go Down and investigate Friday night said it was nothing More than a plug and rope that appeared to be a body. The hazy form that appeared on a television camera lowered into the Hole Early this morning raised immediate speculation that it was missing Miner Louis 42, who had not been heard from since tuesday aug. 20. Andy Drebitko vice president of the Independent miners association risked his life in the dangerous journey 302 feet under ground to see. For the first time in Days a tense silence had settled Over the dust choked Valley. The three huge drills Bor Jig holes into the Cham ber where Bova was originally be lived to be stopped their High shrill whine. More than spectators and newsmen literally held their breaths As Drebitko went Down the slender Inch Rescue Shaft to the Bottom. Wore harness strapped into a Parachute har Ness and wearing a crash helmet with earphones and a Mike so that he could talk to the surface the 36-year old mine association official stepped into the Hole at . Edt. Slowly the three Quarter Inch Manila rope connected to him was paid out by a huge Winch and Boom erected Over the Hole. Foot by foot he was lowered. It took nearly 15 minutes for him to reach Bottom. Then at he started Back up. It took seven minutes. As soon As he returned to the 18 blast victims identification grim task by Duston Harvey Moab Utah up identification of the bodies of 18 Vic Tims of a Potash mine blast proceeded slowly Friday while fed Milwaukee files to Stop trains Chicago Milwaukee Road reinstated its notice Friday of plans to drop the Aberdeen Lodge mont., segment of its passenger trains nos. Is and 16 because of extremely heavy operational losses. President William j. Quinn said notices filed Friday with the interstate Commerce commission fix oct. L As effective Date for the curtailment. The two trains will continue to make tie Minneapolis Aberdeen portion of the route. The Railroad moved in january to drop the Deer Lodge service but postponed action because hear Ings were ordered by inc. Quinn said the status of the Railroad s authority became inconclusive after the commission disclaimed jurisdiction. Quinn said that despite efforts to promote More traffic toss for the 12 months ended May 1963 was in excess of million for the Deer Lodge service. Eral and state agencies tried to find out what caused the explosion that killed them. Seven men survived the blast which rocked the Texas Gulf Sulphur co. Mine tuesday afternoon. Two were brought but of the foot mine wednesday and five More thursday night. The bodies of All 18 victims were also brought to the surface thursday night but they were so badly burned and mangled that by 3 . Edt Friday Only two had been tentatively identified. The Boies were placed in stretchers on the Cement floor of a corrugated steel truck repair shop which was converted into a temporary morgue just outside town. Each was wrapped in Green plastic Canvas and sheriff John stocks who knew most of the victims personally said visual identification was impossible. The Federal Bureau of investigation was called in to help with the identification. Another Federal Agency the Bureau of mines was also involved n the investigation of the disaster. Bureau officials met with members of the Utah Industrial commission and representatives of the mining company and the construction firm that was digging he Potash mine to attempt to de Ermine the cause of the expo surface he went to a tent to Tal with or. H. Beecher Charmbury state Secretary of mines Gordo 3mith. Deputy mines Secretary and District attorney Harry Ligh Stone. The conference lasted on a few minutes. Then As the crowd waited tens by Charmbury stepped out of the tent. Continued on Page 5, column 5 is diem sacking country Saigon South Viet Nam up president Ngo Din diem s government is moving Goli and foreign currency from Bank to the presidential Palace in preparation for shipping it out of the country reliable diplomatic source said Friday. They said the move was believed a precaution against the head on clash diplomats expect Between the United states and diem s government which have been a Odds since disc s crackdown on the buddhists. The sources said a . Demand or the removal of diem s Power Eul brother Ngo Dinh Nhu May 56 imminent despite state department denials. Diem s dispute with the buddhists continued to have world wide repercussions. Pope expressed concent Pope Paul i expressed his con Cern Over the situation for the third time and appealed for Resto ration of fraternal Harmony be Ween South Viet Nam s roman catholics and buddhists. But the Vatican radio warned against such "simplifications1 As consid ering Viet Nam s trouble a conflict Between buddhists and roman catholics. Diem and his fam ily Are catholics. Seventy per cent of the population is Buddhist. Communist China and communist North Viet Nam in Broad casts monitored in Tokyo were making a concerted drive to Capi Alize on diem s troubles with the buddhists. Peking appealed to diem s people to join the comm list guerrillas. Hanoi called for he withdrawal of . Troops. Eye opener Moonlight nights make the teen agers Stop look and Park legislation authorizing recreation area has been the produced in the . Senate by Montana s democratic senators Mike Mansfield and Lee Metcalf Gale w. Mcgee d-Wyo., and Milward a Simpson a Wyo. The recreation area would stretch along the big Horn River Canyon in Northern Wyo Ming and Southern Montana. The proposed site has great potential for developing new recreation facilities in this part by Alvin Spivak Hyannis port mass. Up Kennedy appealed to the american people Friday to help Rescue foreign Aid from a i billion House Cut that he Sale would cripple the program where it would be Hurt the most. I think the american people realize that Freedom does nol come cheaply or Kennedy told reporters after meeting at the summer White House with foreign Aid director David Bell and Gen. Lucius Dclay chair Man of a task Force that studied the program this year Clay Friday backed Kennedy strongly. Of the said. Sen. Mansfield the majority Leader said he hoped for Early and favourable action on the proposal. Crow Indian interests in the proposed recreation will be Given every sen. Mansfield said. Arrangements Are also being completed for James Webb administrator of the National aeronautics and space administration to visit Montana in late october sen. Mansfield said continued on Page 5, column 3 Mansfield sees 64 wheat vote Hardin a Senate major to Leader Mike Mansfield said he expects wheat Legisla Tion to come before the Senate next week. Montana s senior senator also said he believes the adm Nistra Ion will offer another wheat referendum next year despite the sound defeat of the program by wheat Farmers last May. Hardin was Mansfield s first top after flying from washing ton to Billings for a weekend tour if Central and Eastern Montana. Mansfield said the Dairy Bill As expected before the Senate ext thursday or Friday and he assumed that Cotton senators ill offer Cotton amendments and heat senators will offer wheat because of failure of the administration s program this year Mansfield said he expects wheat rices to be Down to or treaty mail probe rejected Washington up the Senate foreign relations com Mittee turned Down an offer by president members Kennedy examine to let key his Corre 1.15 by this time next summer. Spon Dence with soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev on the nuclear test ban treaty. This development was reported by senators Friday As adm. A thur w. Radford former chair Man of the joint chiefs of staff opposed ratification of the pact As it now stands. He said he was concerned about . Security. The Senate committee before approving the pact thursday by a 16-1 vote rejected 10-7 a motion by sen. Bourke b. Hickenlooper a Iowa which would have called on the president to turn Over to the entire group his treaty Corre Poydence with Khrushchev. No Side deals at a closed door session wednesday it was disclosed Secretary of state Dean Rusk told the committee the president would be willing to let several committee members see the Exchange. He said the committee could thus satisfy itself that there were no Side dealt in connection with the pact. The president s summoning o reporters to a special news con Ference pointed up his deep con Cern Over the House s reduction of foreign Aid to a billion authorization total. He is Hopin the Senate Hill raise the Ante. In Washington Republican con Gressional leaders accused Ken Nedy of using a cynical double Standard on bipartisanship ii criticizing the top led drive t slash Aid spending. Second conference this was the second time in week Kennedy went before news men and cameras to denounce the House action which started with a foreign affairs committe slash of million and was Fol Lowed by a further Cut of million on the floor. The president within hours o the House action last Friday accused congressmen of an unprecedented unwarranted and unwise " act that smacked o shoe King and thoughtless parti sans opposition from republicans. But his words Friday Ware impersonal though impassioned this matter is now before tin Washington Moscow hot line starts Page 5 brazilian clergymen denounce redi Page 14 Ann Landers l classified .11-1z-1s comics editorial markets obituaries sports weather Roundup map women s features Addison Bragg better grades 7 4 10 5 8-9 5 s 2 Bridge crossword 6 1 astrological 6 vitals Congress but in a very real sense it is before All of the american Kennedy said. He warned that if the House cuts stand the United states will have to re Nege on its Promise of Aid to lat in America through the Alliance for Progress. And he said the cuts would drastically reduce . Military Aid on the rim of the Iron cur Tain in Greece Turkey Iran and Pakistan As Well is on the asian firing line of South Viet Nam Thailand and South Korea. Involve Security i think it ii important that the american people understand that this is a matter Winch involves the Security and the balance of Power All Over the Kennedy said. So we Are going to continue to work with the for late taxes Landis sentenced to 30 Days in jail by Robert Evans new York up new Deal architect James m. Landis adviser to presidents and former Dean of the Harvard Law school Friday was sentenced to 30 Day in a Federal prison for tardy of ing of tax returns on income o Landis 63, who has been a Voi unitary patient in a neurological institution was shaking from head to foot As the sentence was imposed by judge Sylvester j. Ryan. He could have received a to Al maximum sentence of five fears in prison and in Ines on the five count indictment o which he pleaded guilty aug. 2 Landis slumped at the defense Able his spasmodically trembling lands clasped before his face. He id Ryan he wanted to express my repentance for my Folly in of filing my no fraud intention the Only Consolation that eally have is at no time have intended to defraud the govern he said. Landis has spent nearly half o is adult life in various govern ment offices since he became a amid jeering Whites police Aid negro move in Folcroft a. Nero family escorted by state to ice Friday entered a newly Pur chased Home in an a White neighbourhood amid jeers from a crowd of Whites who earlier had hurled eggs at police. Or. And mrs. Horace Baker and oui other negroes drove up to the Louse in Delmar Village Friday afternoon behind a state police a. With a moving Van behind hem. In Butte explosion widow s nod names victim by Kim Forman Butte a Emit Quay 34, s Sutlon Stone Mason and Cement worker was positively identified Friday As the victim of an Earth shaking dynamite explosion in Butte last saturday. Silver Bow county sheriff Wil Liam l. Dalling said he received a report from the Federal Bureau of investigation identifying a fingerprint from remains of the victim picked up at the scene of the blast the old Pitt Mont mine slag dump just off u. S. Highway in East Butte. Quay s fingerprints were on file with the Fri since he had served a two year term in the Montana mrs. Guay dressed in a Black Cardigan sweater Black straight skirt and a Lacy White Blouse state prison at Deer xxx age on a shewed no emotion on the witness charge of cattle theft. I _. Earlier in the Day Quay s dark haired attractive widow told a Coroner s jury that a License plate and a piece of Green Metal came from Guay was driving on the night the allegedly stolen dynamite exploded. She Al so said a Belt buckle picked up after lie blast was identical to one her husband had been Wear ing. Stand. The couple had nine Chil Dren but mrs. Guay had filed for divorce Only one week before the violent explosion that rocked a 10 mile area of Butte and caused damage estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The widow wearing Little make up and Only a wedding band for jewelry nodded her head vigor continued on Page 5, column 4 citizens of tomorrow these youngsters jeering and shouting obscenities lined the Street and sidewalk in front of the Baker Home in Folcroft pa., Friday when the negro family moved into their new Home under state police troopers and local policemen cordoned off the area in front of the House. They formed a Circle across the Street and lined the six Steps leading to the House As the family moved in. Residents jeered at the police Cai As it pulled up to the curb in front of the House the Bakers had purchased after it bad been turned Back to the Federal housing administration by default of the previous owner. Obscenities were shouted at members of the Baker family As they alighted from the car and walked into the dwelling. Two tries slopped two previous attempts by the family to move in Over the past two Days had been turned Back by an angry crowd of Whites Schich pelted the Baker Auto with eggs and stones shattering win Dows on the vehicle. Earlier Friday before state police reinforcements arrived the crowd hurled eggs at police and wanted. Down with earlier a fire bomb was hurled through a second floor rear win Dow of the two Story Brick but firemen put out the Blazt quickly and the missile did not explode. A negro was shot and wounded in adjoining Darby twp., and police attributed the incident to an overflow of racial unrest Stem Ming from the demonstration against Baker. Whites negroes clash roving tends of Whites and negroes tossed stones at each other at various places in the area other injuries were reported. Six members of the Chester pa., chapter of the National association for the advancement of coloured people sought to stage a counter demonstration but were halted by police four blocks from the scene. Baker and his wife Sara nurse at the University of Penn Sylvania Hospital in Philadelphia said they had no intention of cancelling their move into the new Home. This is a Challenge and if we cannot live up to a Challenge we will have no place to Baker said. Our country has made some great Progress but we have a lot More to part of president Franklin d. Roosevelt s brain Trust in 1933. Mosi recently he undertook a Spe Cial assignment for president Ken Nedy to Survey Federal regulatory agencies and suggest improve ments. Landis was a close adviser of president Kennedy in his presidential Campaign and was a Long time business associate of president s father Joseph p. Ken Nedy. Landis was charged with not Fil ing his income tax returns for years 1996 through 1960 on time. Holiday death race underway by United press International americans swarmed onto highways and headed for fun spots Friday at the Start of summer s last Holiday fling. Despite a great army of police mobilized to enforce safety rules on the Road the labor Day week end outings would be the last of their lives for hundreds of motorists. The National safety Council alarmed by record traffic tolls on the memorial Day and fourth of july holidays estimated that up to 520 persons would die in the 78-hour period Between 6 . Fri Day and Midnight monday. All of us can and must exer Cise greater caution if we Are to make sure this frightening per Romance is not repeated Over labor Howard Pyle coun cil president said. Throughout the nation author ies and safety experts schemed o try to save the Motorist from Lis own the or ors of others. Home at last Horace and Sara Baker moved into their new Home Friday after twice being repelled by their jeering All White neighbors in Folcroft a. State police broke up the demonstration and allowed the Rakers to move in. It s a Challenge we have to Baker

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