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Billings Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1953, Page 1

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Billings Gazette (Newspaper) - August 8, 1953, Billings, Montana 68th 98 United press Billings Montana saturday morning August 8, 1953 associated press Price five cents bloody rioting staged by reds Over . Food 30 jailed others flee in attempt to halt Relief move Berlin my communists rioted in West Berlin late Friday but police commandos and water can non crushed attacks by 9do red storm troopers against american food Relief for hungry East Ger mans. Three bloody riots flared sir Mil to Neoushy at food give away Points in the . And French sectors More than 400 police commandos reinforced with water Cannon charged the defiant communist demonstrators. Thirty rioters five with broken Heads were hauled off to jail and hundreds fled Back to near by so Viet territory. The West Berlin police who smashed Back rioting communists at the food distribution centers last tuesday were tipped off in Advance that the reds planned new trouble Friday. The hottest Battle was waged on Prinzen Alice in the French Tor. Police blasted 500 violent reds there with water cant a High pres sure nozzles mounted on revolving turrets of trucks and then closing in Wilh flailing clubs. Two thousand berliners Home Ward bound from work after 5 ., watched this riot continue for 20 minutes before the communists were completely routed. Four teen ringleaders were arrested. Shouting insults and defying repeated commands to disperse the reds knocked Down and kicked a policeman con trolling traffic at an intersection and attempted to go on with a protest another mob of 300 started a protest March in ecu Kolln but 200 police commandos slammed in Wilh clubs and sent them fleeing in less than five minutes. Fifteen were captured. A Hundred communist toughs suddenly attacked six regular patrolmen guarding the food Dis Tribu continued on Page 5, column 3. 10 red korean officials to die London Uil Moscow radio saturday announced death fences have been imposed on 1c top North korean officials accused of plotting armed rebellion and plotting Lor the United states. Two other North korean officials were jailed. The sentences were handed Down by the military collegium of he North korean supreme court Fol lowing purge trial in the red tradition Wilh All 12 accused confessing guilt. Former Justice minister Lee Sung Yop accused As the ring Leader in the purported plot headed the list of Hose sentenced to die. Also doomed the broadcast said were Cho Yun Nyong former Dep Uty propaganda minister Pak Hong Wong former foreign min ister and vice Premier rec won Cho former Deputy propaganda chief of the korean communist party and six others. Continued on Page 5, column 6. Hit tuna a fancy decoration for that open space Over the mantelpiece is this 646-Pound Bluffin tuna first of the season to be taken off the Rhode Island coast. The proud Angler mrs. Russ Mac grotty of Flushing Long Island displays her catch after Landing at Montauk . The big fish was taken on a 24-thread line after a 90-Minufe wire photo. President signs refugee Bill Washington presiden Eisenhower opened the door of extra immigrants Friday Evhen them signed a Bill permitting enter the United state 36 Bills signed Eisenhower 149 Are left president prepares to leave saturday for Colorado rest Washington president Eisenhower signed a Batch of 36 ills into Law b Clay As he pre pared to depart saturday for i cation in Colorado. A stack of 149 Bills approved by Congress before it adjourned or the summer last monday still Erna in to he signed. The presi Dent is expected to take Vliem along on his vacation. Among the measures signed Fri Day were half a dozen important ones including big appropriations and legislation for Extension of the reciprocal Trade agreements Law c vetoed two minor measures. Major Bills signed were 1. Voice of America and other agencies including for . Civil defense and 200 million dollars for recon so auction in War torn South Korea 2. Foreign billion Dol Lars for military and economic assistance to some 60 Friend countries. 3. Bill creating commission to study the question of raising the salaries of Congress men and Federal judges. Congress members now get get return red prisoners two truckloads of North koreans move Down to their repatriation Point at Panmunjom Korea. The prisoners being returned o the reds in operation big waved oversized flags As they photo. 90 More yank pos to be free few plan to remain with reds Dulles Rhee sign Mutual Security pact warn reds 000 a year. Federal judges to annually. 4. Bill extending the reciprocal Trade program to next june 12. Panmunjom w the Home Ward flow of Allied War prisoners will bring 90 More americans to Freedom saturday but returning soldiers said a handful of their comrades chose to remain in communist hands. In contrast o the Joyful return Over he next three years. The legislation is aimed at pro Viding a Refuge for people fleeing from Iron curtain countries plans and some other Gories. It demonstrates again the pres ident traditional concern for the homeless the persecuted and the less fortunate of other Congress did not open the door As wide As Eisenhower requested however. Ii reduced the number of immigrants from to and spread the period of their admission from two years to three. Ii also whole Inlo the Law rigid screening procedures. Sponsors of these provisions said they were necessary to bar communists and their sympathizers. All persons admitted under the new Law will be in addition to the regular immigration quotas. The signing ceremony was witnessed by a group of legislators who helped get the Bill through the House and Senate and by others note rested in the measures. Eisenhower called the legislation a significant humanitarian act and an important contribution to Ward greater understanding and cooperation among the nations of he free he called on oth Ico Linued on Page 5, column 5. Bill authorizing men from communist Camps for construction of he ugly noting by red Pris my Navy and air Force bases and owners in Kobe Island prison Stock other projects at Home and abroad Jades. One communist was killed b. Hill authorizing the and four others wounded thurs Day by . Guards in putting Down this final show of Defiance. Returning prisoners also amplified reports that communist prison scamp authorities were jailing More provid-1 Allied prisoners on the eve of re president to Send up to 100 million dollars in . Surplus food and farm products to Friendly Peoples Chr Calend with famine or other emergencies. 7. Offshore Hill the communists Are exchanging . Men in All receiving in return communists from Al lied pow Camps saturday s Exchange of 406 Allied men and reds As announced by the respective sides the totals swapped will be Al continued on Page 5, column 5. Fear red China enslaved yanks unifies or jus Nui Vej in Uhl i i on. I special cat ing for a system of Federal for what the reds called leases in the submerged lands on j instigating against the continued on Page 5, column 7. Reds May hold Back prisoners the reports said the men were charged with criticizing i hair Cap tors. The heels said they would return 40g Allied prisoners saturday be ginning at 9 . 5 Friday the switch began on sched Dule. Besides the an americans larg est number in any Day since the Exchange began the group includes and the weather rms in forecasts _ _ partly a Loutit Holch saturday d3, o High sunday b5. East of fair saturday fore noon partly Cloudy and scattered tit under Torim West in afternoon spec Ndini to Central sett Urray night. Sunday to nor West. Saturday Vlcan Ltd Day. T 60, Day w Allen Day am Roult weather data from United state weather ending at , maximum 321 Sunrise Minim year of Toto. ,05 total since to Tel Cor same or Rod n Normal Lor Angim 1-7, . 1 to aug. 7. 4.70. Joni try 1. 9.31 arc 8.22 .21 Normal for Montana and out of Al Tate data Max. Mir hour olb cow great fall Havre Helena lev Lorston Miles City Cheyenne Choc Rob Kansas Oil Minneapolis new York of in. Ally a Flat Luke Sno kanc vital statistics births my. Albert Van Luchene. 1811 3rd ave. N. Q. V. Dol6, 35 Smuz or. Mel pin 6te1nmelz, i. My. Eugene Murphy. Fi23 n. Ifill St my Arlen Fryer Princeton ave Gyrli mrs. Frank Lebrun 1030 Jackson it. My. Klor Brakl Hunlley. Mrs. Kosene . It. 3. Mall Crun 7.18 Miles ave. Deaths dec Paulel fun it Arias a. 204 g. 23nrt by Nobel Pettlon in Orey Bikih. Wyo. Alex sch Telnet 40. It 1, mahr1aoe a Cense William t. Joins in Iceal aae end Merlc Ellen Vale Legal age. Both of fins a Leenov Nocht. 31. Of Shepherd am David a sir own 21, of bin knee Al and Corr Leniu Waterloo Iowa or Vorck granted of to Cheyer new Al ago Vernon a. Nob to ugh by n. And 4lh Apfl. N. 12 Heit exp Kenton. A Kiikuni bras Ollie Low tank. In damage. Cd Friday that not All the j held would be returned to the unit Cal nations. The propaganda broadcast Man Ain Crucani ored in Tokyo quoted a review return f the question of prisoner of War repatriation printed in the pen Les daily official newspaper of lie chinese communist party. Seven Days after the signing of lie korean armistice july 27, the Roar cast made a belated review f red prisoner f War figures Jvon by the Ahtes iwo months go. It suggested dial the . Command was holding out prisoners. Ii said the .c. Cannot evade the responsibility o account clearly for this disc rep Init drug seizures jump Washington Nar comics Bureau disclosed Friday that seizures of illicit drugs Rose sharply last year partly As a re sult of a sudden influx of heroin from red China. Federal a genes seized nine times As much raw opium in 1952 As they did in 1051, seven times As much prepared opium and More than twice As much heroin. Much of the latter was smuggled in from red China. Officials said it was impossible to Tell whether the increased seizures reflected an upswing in drug addiction or were simply the result of More stringent enforcement. It s Ike asking me How Many fish there in the on the basis of How Many i have said b. T. Mitchell head of inc Bureau s enforcement Section. Deputy narcotics commissioner George w. Cunningham said that h oin has become the major problem for Bolh narcotics and customs agents because it is so easily . It takes a Pound of opium to make one ounce of heroin a while powder so pol Cal thai its use has been banned even for medical purposes. Senate committee will visit Spain Washington my a Senate armed services subcommittee Wil visit Spain next month furnishing another indication that the United Stales May be close loan agree Mcnol Jor the building of air base. There. Sen. Case chairman o the said his group will visit Spain North Africa and other Silas Conte puled for development of a vast defensive m screen in Europe. The subcommittee has authority of snarl or Slop All american Ai Force projects Al Home or abroad this brought to 311 the total of the four Days of the switch a Little under 10 cent of the s the reds have agreed term in prison Washington army Cir cles expressed fear Friday that some americans taken prisoner by the communists in Korea have been shipped to China As slave labourers. The defense department also has some reports that a few Ameri cans have been sent to Russia to help build harbours on the siberian coast. Military officials said these polls May explain Why the reds have agreed to return Only american prisoners despite Indi cations they May hold to More. The army itself refused to con firm these reports. But army officials noted that the russians used German Ami japanese prisoners As forced labor ers in world War ii. " under cd of thousands of these prisoners never have been returned despite repeated protests from Western nations the defense department lists France staggers under crippling wave of strikes two million stage walkouts at Peak of tourist season Paris we France staggered under a crippling wave of strikes Friday at the Peak of her Lucra live tourist season. Walkouts by Ghoul two million workers snarled up the vacation schedules of thou Sands of american Ami Oiler for eign visitors and paralysed every phase of the nation s Public serv ices. Socialist communist and Catho Lic unions joined in spreading through the nation the worst strike France has seen in 27 years. It was a protest in Advance against economies Premier Joseph Lan Iel s government was rumoured contemplating Al the expense of work ers on the Public payroll. Mail piled up at strike bound Post of flicks telephones went dead and trains ground to a halt. Tele Grams were undelivered garbage piled in the streets bus and Sun vere idled. Electricity Well off and on sporadically cooking Gas flickered wanly and the dead went a buried. The strikes some of which Start a two Days ago spread like wild fire. Some were set to last Only 12 hours some to continue Over he weekend and others to go on a definitely. The walkouts created of complications which left vacationers stranded angrily seeking Aid from tourism agencies and in Many cases left without Money be cause of the stoppage of mails and messages. Although Laniel and his Cabinet have not yet announced the Rufous necked Hornbill placed in solitary after skyscraper spree new York Rufous necked Hornbill Wilh a yen for skyscrapers was in solitary confinement Friday and on the blacklist of a worn out Bird Catcher. Joseph Schlesinger of the american society for prevention of cruelly to animals had the hard won satisfaction thursday night of slamming a Cage door on the big billed tropical Bird he had chased for two Days through the canyons of he Wall Street financial District. The Hornbill left a Pel shop through an open skylight wednesday morning. Leader of Oes to attend meet . Servicemen Iti action. Many of these missing Nuques of i hair Long consultations on How continued on Page 5. Co Tim acc offers w color proposal a. Jones of water most worthy grand mrs. Rulh Bury conn., Matron of the general grand Chap or order of Eastern Star will at end the b4lh annual session of the Montana grand chapter Oes in Billings August 20-22, mrs. Evelyn Smith general housing chairman for the convention announced Friday. I s. Jones As most worthy grand Matron is the International Leader of Eastern stars. Worthy grand matrons attending in addition to he Montana v.1 head mrs. Amanda Boston Lumbus will include Agnes e. Ing ram of Alberta Canada and Vir Ginia Bowlby of Idaho. Worthy grand patrons planning to participate in the Billings convention in clude w. Merlon Atkin of Alberta j. M. Simpson of Idaho Bruce Mcghin of North Dakota and ver non m. Repport of Missouri. Another High officer expected a n. Says breach of truce would extend War zone Seoul we Secretary of St la Dulles and president syn Man Rhee saturday initiated a Mutual Security pact and warned the communists the United nations com Mand would meet any new attack on South Korea in violation of the armistice. Simultaneously it was disclosed that the 16 nations with forces in Korea signed a declaration in july 27 pledging resistance to an attack and warning that should the reds break the armistice in Alt probability it would not he possible to confine Hosli lilies within the frontiers of the Mutual Security pact which provides for Basing . Troops in South Korea was signed at 10 . B Friday a joint statement said the United states and South Korea would walk out of a postwar political Confer ence after 90 Days if they decide the conference is being exploited by the reds. The statement declared we will then consult furl her regarding the attainment of a unified free and Independent ii was the first time Rhee has publicly stated he would be con tent merely to talk in the event the political conference failed. He repeatedly has threatened that South Korea will fight on alone if necessary to attain unification of this War torn Peninsula. The statement declared Rhee Dulles and their advisers had a full Exchange of views on the subject Here George Englewood colo., Hastings of member of the International Eastern Star continued on Page 5. Column 4. J Temple committee of the general j grand chapter. Major achievement of Montana Eastern stars during 1952-53 was participation in the Eastern Star training awards for religious leadership program of the general grand chapter. Mrs. Boston and Foster Porter worthy grand Patron from Butte Tion Ahly died in Bator As the Willows Calif. Of harsh and inhuman treat faced Stanford p. Pattan who adment at the hands of their com Milt edly set a Forest fire burned 15 persons to death that i Monist was captors. But army circles sentenced Friday to a two-Fo-20 continued on Page 5, column 3. Year Lerm in a state prison. Nay in Washington Gen. Mark w. Park . Commander in the far no the in Easl said Friday the reds May Collid set a it. Was holding Back As Many As Al one-to-10-year red prisoners. The piping broadcast said the less had informed the .c. July 22 that the total number of prison term on each of iwo felony counts of wilful burning. Superior judge t. Belieu ers in their Han custody was More this number is not divided into Hose for direct repatriation and Hose not for direct repatriation this is because the North korean and chinese Side never has carried out measures As the so called screening of Peoples daily said. The broadcast look on added significance because returning Allied prisoners reported some of their comrades had been Given jail terms by be reds for instigating continued on Page 5, column 5. Base construction measure is signed Washington if president Eisenhower signed Friday a Bill authorizing the construction of of army Navy and air Force projects at Home and abroad. It authorizes for the army for the Navy for the air Force and for alaskan communications. The local is about 12 million dollars less than originally requested by the services. The projects including enlarge ments and improvements of ail Fields Shore stations arsenals and similar installations and also the beginning of some new programs will be financed Wilh Money now on hand. The new Law includes authorizations for the following projects in the United states army Pueblo ordnance depot coin., storage and operational facilities air Force great Falls air Force base mont., Airfield pavements aircraft turned Down a plea to have the sentences run concurrently and ordered they be served consecutively. He also denied Pallan a grave said Belieu. Society is entitled to the 26-year-old father of three children displayed no emotion As he was ordered to prison. But his Mother mrs. Phillip Patlan wept As she and her husband left the courtroom where they had been virtually the Only spectators. Pallan confessed to Starling the july 9 fire after he was confronted with pictures showing the charred bodies of the victims. Authorities said at be time however that Pottan did not seem upset by the maintenance storage utilities deaths of the 14 missionary trainees and a forestry service official. The 14 missionary trainees from the ill fated new tribes Mission were of a group of 24 that just finished a prayer of thanks thinking they had the fire under control. Rec to close Branch offices Washington the re construction finance corp. Said Friday it will close 24 of its 26 Branch offices sept. 28, its authority to lend ends on Hal Day. The pfc s eight regional loan agencies plus ils branches at an chorale Alaska and san Juan p.r., will stay open to help liquidate assets Complete payment of Loans already arranged and service and administer oils Landing Loans. Closing of the 24 Branch offices will Cut 70 employees from the rec Field service already Cut from to 770 in a reorganization in May the Branch offices to be closed include those Kansas City Minn. Salt Lake City san Francisco Calif. Seattle Wash. Helena mont., and Spokane Wash. The eight loan agencies which will remain open Are Allan a Dos Ion Chicago Dallas Denver los Angeles Philadelphia and Lland Ore. Washington Federal communications commission look a major stride Friday toward open ing the doors to color television without making present Black and while sets obsolete. The commission announced proposed to authorize a new compatible color system which Ca be received in Black and White i existing to sets. The acc s announcement Cap Ping five years of bitter Contro Versy Over the question of to color systems could mean that color telecasting on a Commer Cial basis could begin by the end of the year. However it is expected of take months before color sols Are Avail Able even in Small Quan lilies. Only advanced the work of Estral in Montana with the in his Steps project. Continued on Page 5, column soldiers Tell of red brutality a relatively few experimental Els Are now in Chis Mcnee. Estimates of prices Range mod Freedom Village Ial squads of . Prisoners scraped tie Frozen korean dirt Over of their buddies killed by red brutality and neglect at a sin Gle Yalu Valley Camp in the firs six months of 1951, a returning ser Gcarl said Friday. Estimates of the death loll americans in communist Captivity by the thousands As the re to for the first Colora Patriate added new details of Mas models with pictures measuring atrocities. 4 inches Ihen Camp no. 5, touted by red prop me size As a 14-Inch Black and Agana its As a Holiday Camp was instead a death Camp sgt. ,1 at Omaha to. Minneapolis speeding congressman gets off with Fine of Only Hagerstown my. _ rep. Clare e. Hoffman a Mich Hall expected to have the Book thrown Al him Friday bul he got off with a Fine or driving 70 Miles an hour in a 50-mile-an-hour the 77-year-old congressman appeared before magistrate William Kreykenbohm to answer a speeding charge slap cd on him last april 2. Lie pleaded nol a Way. He said he was driving 70 Miles an hour All Rishi but though he Legal top was 6ft Miles an hour and figured like in a lot of places you could go 10 Miles Over the Speed the Larl talking Hoffman whose congressional colleagues sometimes Call him apparently figured his defense would t work and so went Over to the offensive Early in the proceed Ings. I he told the magistrate Hal it is customary to soak con in some "1 Don t claim to be any differ ent than anyone he added bul i Don t want any More penal by than anyone Kreykenbohm pronounced the defendant Guilly As charged Fine him plus costs and then As Hoffman paid off remarked we treat Emall alike in this court from the Model t s to the Al Actwood it was the Hoffman Cadillac Wilh the. Congressman at inc wheel that did the speeding. Bile set. Industry said Price Sill come Down later with mass reduction Bill they Are expected i remain 25 to no cent higher Han comparable Black and White not Els. The acc said the new color plan i proposes to authorize is spin Ord by the National television astern committee a technical Ron representing virtually leg meals of the telecasting Lusty. All e. Dunlap reported. Ii is on Shore of the Yalu near the Grea Sueiho Reservoir. In june 1951, out of men were left. The others wer dead of starvation dysentery Ani Between and me died in his Camp on the either the same As Dunlap s Brownell plans setback probe Washington attorney general Herbert Brownell jr., will to to California a Cal week to investigate the setback pro pm it was disclosed Friday. Justice department sources said Brownell will leave Here monday stopping in route in the Black Mills Section of South Dakota to address the annual meeting of the association of stale attorneys general. His subject will be the tidelands legislation enacted by the 83rd Congress. From the Black Hills Brownell will go to Southern California arriving there sources said. Brownell i by assistant attorney j. Lee ran Kin. The department has been study ing the question of California s setbacks for some Lime and officials Are understood to be con corned about inc recent increase in the number of mexicans entering the . Legally. Nol made the two year in and eight months he was there Donald Lovejoy of Pilot Hil Calif., said. Pfc. William j. Skipper of Gal vans ferry s.c., reported tha dysentery starvation and other in killed around prisoners i his Camp. I guess it was about a thousand in my Camp who died of pneumonia starvation dysentery a. D sex which they Hope will establish a preparatory foun action for coordinated efforts at political the 78-year-old South korean resident had demanded the my Lal Security pact As a condition for oing along Wilh the korean Armi ice which he bitterly opposed resident Eisenhower in june revised Rhee a treaty which must be approved by the . Senate. The Rhee Dulles statement said he . Recognizes the right sovereignty of the Republic of Kolo Deal Wilh its Bill it added that South Korea has greed to Lake no unilateral a Ion of unite Korea by military Means for the agreed duration of he political Al the same time Dulles and Rhee warned the coins units that an unprovoked armed attack against South Korea in violation of he armistice would he met by the . Command including South korean forces. Such reaction to an unprovoked armed attack would not he a new Var but rather a resumption by he communist forces of the a Ive belligerency which the Armi Stice the Sale men said. The .c. Will be constantly Alert against an Dulles Secretary of the army Robert Stevens ambassador Hen Cabot Lodge chief . Dele sate to the . And High state department officials arrived Here tuesday. Dilles and Rhee con erred four times. The joint statement said we have today initiated a draft of a Mutual defense treaty. That treaty is designed to unite our nations in common action to meet common danger and it will Cement inc ties which have brought us to Gether to combat in Korea the menace of communist Dulles and Rhee expressed Hope their governments would move quickly to put the treaty into effect. Although the . Senate has adjourned until january the state ment said ". Senate leaders have been kept fully informed of the Exchange of views which have led to the action we have Laken today and it is our sincere Hope that this will Lead to prompt and favourable . Senate when ratification is Complete he declaration said our govern ments will promptly negotiate agreements to cover the status of forces As the . May elect to maintain in until Hen the status of . Continued on Page 5, column 4. Said Cpl Harry c. Cope land of Muncie ind. Wednesday the he accompanied Navy to release Reserve officers Washington

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