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Billings Gazette (Newspaper) - August 4, 1957, Billings, Montana 72nd 94 associated press Billings Montana sunday August 4, 1957 United press Tito red Boss in agreement cooperation delegations meet on romanian soil for two Day meet London is president Tito of Yugoslavia and Nikita Khrushchev met for two Days this week in satellite Romania and agreed on Concrete forms of co opera Moscow radio announced saturday night. The conference Between the communist party and government leaders of Russia and Yugoslavia took place on thursday and Fri Day. Sitting beside Khrushchev were Deputy Premier a. I. Mikoyan and Otto v. Kuusinen for Mer Boss of the disbanded communist International and now a full member of the party presi Diu. Tito was accompanied by two vice presidents Edvard Kardels and Alexander Ranf Covic who have spent considerable time in the soviet Union this summer on vacation by official description. The two said the broadcast agreed on Concrete forms of cooperation Between the parties and on the maintaining of constant ties by the Exchange of party delegations Mutual information and Western experts on communist affairs suggested in London that this meeting could Herald the most significant soviet yugoslav Accord since Tito s break with Joseph Stalin 1948, even going beyond the Accord worked out two years ago when Khrushchev went to Bel Grade to apologize for 1948. The 1955 Accord became badly chewed after the polish and hungarian rebellions last year. The Moscow broadcast Satur Day said the delegations Dis cussed a number of questions concerning relations Between the . And Yugoslavia As Well As the activities of the two parties and the general interests of social ism and world peace particularly questions hampering a further de y a elopement of Mutual relations. The delegations also1 discussed questions relating to the International situation and a number of prob lems of the International workers movement and the struggle for peace and the Security of the peo during the talks the two sides confirmed their agreement to work for a further All round develop ment of relations and for the re Moval of obstacles hindering this this left Little doubt that obstacles still exist Between the two British lord raps Elizabeth by Eddy Gilmore London lord Altrincham who describes Queen Elizabeth s speaking style As a pain in the i Jne said saturday the countries. The presence old hand at spreading world com to some West Ern students that another comin Tern or Corr inform might be in the making. The absence of Premier Bulgan in from the romanian meeting recalled rumours that the Goatee Premier May be on the Way out. The weather i forecasts Billings and Vicinity partly Cloudy with Little temperature change sunday sunday night and monday. High sunday 85, Low sunday night 58, High East of considerable cloudiness North partly Cloudy South with a few showers North and extreme West sunday. No important temperature change ugh temperatures 70 to to. Mostly Cloudy sunday night and monday. Scattered Light showers mostly North and West Little temperature change. Low temperatures sunday night 45 to 55. High temperatures monday 70 to 80. Generally fair sunday and monday Pew isolated afternoon and eve Ning thundershowers North and East portions. A Little warmer North and along Eastern Border sunday afternoon. High sunday 82 to 92. Airport weather data from United states weather Bureau for 24 hours ending at . Satur Day maximum 81 Sunrise . Minimum 55 Sunset . Precipitation none so Lar this month 15 total for same period of August a year ago .04 total since Jan. 1, 14.79 total for same period a year ago 7.12 Normal for aug. 1-3, .09 Normal for Jan. 1 to aug. 3, 8.58. Hourly temp. 6 . Fri.-5 . Sat 6 7 9 10 ii 12 1 2345 80 77 73 72 70 65 64 62 61 60 58 57 hourly temp. 6 . Sat.-5 . Sat n 9 10 11 12 12345 57 58 62 64 67 70 72 75 76 79 77 77 Montana and out of state data Max. Man. Max. Man. Belgrade 85 49 Cheyenne 78 57 Broadus 79 Butts 80 Cut Bank 64 Dillon 87 Drummond 82 75 great Falls 73 Havre 70 Helena 77 Kalispell 72 Lewistown 72 Livingston 80. Miles City 79 Missoula 80 w. Yel Stone Whitehall 84 Albuquerque 94 Boston 96 Casper 92 92 55 Chicago 41 Denver 46 Elpaso 46 port Worth 100 42 grand Jet. 97 58 Kansas City 96 52 Lamar 93 57 Leadville 77 53 los Angeles 85 51 Minneapolis 73 52 new Orleans 90 48 new York 90 580kla. City 51 Phoenix 100 33 Salt Lake 97 43 san for Cusco 69 69 Seattle 64 70spokane 76 5731. Louis 96 lift movie Star s wife with help of maid Routs three prowlers Stockton Calif. Sheriff s officers reported sat urday three prowlers were routed from the temporary Home of film Star Gregory Peck with a flanking attack by mrs. Peck and her maid while the movie hero blithely soaped himself in the Shower. A Deputy said the actor s wife Veronique reported three men were seen skulking about the House Friday night and she and her maid Lilly Patel an sent them away by charging outside brandishing fire pokers. By the time Peck got out of the Shower the men were the Deputy said. A guard was posted around the House the rest of the night but no incident was reported. Solon predicts Okay on postal pay raise Bill democratic Bosses to Back measure senator asserts. Washington or sen. Carl son a Kan predicted saturday that Senate democratic leaders will push through a Bill raising pay of the postal workers before this session of Congress ends. He said republicans expect that a move will be made in an Effort to Embarrass president Eisenhower who has announced Strong disapproval of the Bill. He told a reporter he was sure it would not become Law. Howe if it is sent to the White House in time to Force the president to veto it before Congress adjourns there would be an Opportunity to try to override the veto. Eisenhower killed Federal employee pay Bills in his first term but not until after Congress had Nassed last of my Labou cannot talk about the 33-year-old peer s audacious dollars criticism of Queen Elizabeth ii wow face about m and other members of the Royal family came in a Magazine article the Senate Post office and civil service. Committee on which Carl son is senior Republican member but he backed it up approved a different measure of Frank comments from his the same empi0yes. London newspapers wheeled up big guns and hit Back at him. Writing in the conservative a it would provide across the Board increases of to per cent plus temporary Cost of living and tonal and English just ments running from to he Altrincham pro for workers in the Bottom seven bounced a Tring am pounced of the postal service. The the Queen s speech making. The personality conveyed by the utterances which Are put into her Mouth is that of a priggish schoolgirl Captain of the hockey team a prefect and a recent candidate for he wrote society not to be seen in his granddaughters. The Queen and Princess mar committee estimates the annual Cost of this at 270 million although Carlson said the Post office dept. Figures it at 300 million. Democratic Senate sources said that in All likelihood the House Bill will be called up in that body in an Effort to get it directly to the president without any Confer ence or further House action. Garet still Bear the Debutante s commenting on the continued on Page 11, col. 4. Ceylon papers criticize Gluck Colombo Ceylon local newspapers saturday called . Ambassador designate Maxwell h. Of Gluck i Don to know Gluck and suggested he find some get out of his appointment Asen Voy to Ceylon. The kind of publicity Gluck has been getting the morning times commented makes it very unlikely that he could function effectively or comfortably in Cey the Cey Lonese press has been pouring out copy critical of Gluck since he closed he did not know the name of Ceylon s prime min ister Solomon West Ridgway Dias Bandaranaike. However Carlson said he was ire an Effort would be made to i Amend any postal pay Bill to in i elude pay raises for the one Mil Queen s Jjon civil service classified employees. The Senate committee also has approved a 714 percent pay boost for these employees. Carlson said his measure could be offered As an amendment to the postal Bill. A complicating Factor in the sen ate May be a floor move to add to any postal pay Bill the administration s Long pushed proposal for hikes in postal rates. N 98 71 Broadus .10, Cut Bank 01. Lewistown .02, Miles City .11, Enne .50, Cal Capo 1.35, Elpaso .27, la mfr Trace new Orleans .84, Seattle .11, St. Louis .21. Vital statistics births Boji mrs Mccol Louglin 115 3. 38th St. Mrs Harley c. Schreck. Milts ave. Mrs. Arnold l. Harrison 2131 Hewitt or. Mrs Harold l. Hardin. Mrs Earl t. Davis 2031 Hewitt de. Mrs. John is Hults hardly. Orlf mrs. Jack Coland. Hardly. Mrs. James f. Carter Laurel. Mrs David cow bar Laurel. Death William l. Hanson 8r., 53, 8 grand ave. Fire Calls oar Baic can and rank on tire . Tear or Broil Zuur do Nail to rack Only. Malta ii fro . Saturday hotel Montana amok ii in bed a Only. Ave. Oak it by Man to Lattreu from jests to harsh criticism was stepped up following Secretary of state John Foster do Les London comments of Friday. Dulles said that if the United states were to limit its selection of envoys to Ceylon to those who knew the country s prime minister we would have a limited Hungary police Nab anti reds Vienna Hun Gary saturday announced the arrest of several anti communist political leaders including two former members of parliament in a new attempt to smash All opposition. A communique issued by the ministry of the Interior in the reel Gime of puppet Premier Janos Rai Kadar said the arrests were i reeled mainly against three splinter anti communist poli 66 tical parties which were accused of counter revolutionary and illegal All those seized m will be tried in the near maximum penalty for anti state 57 i crimes is death. Our police seized several Lead ing members of a few non communist political splinter the communique said. It was the second announce ment of arrests in three Days in Budapest. On thursday the ministry announced the arrest of father Albert Egon Turcsanyi the former Secretary to Josef Cardinal Mindszenty and Sev other roman Catholic priests on charges of counter revolutionary the Cardinal now at the . Legation in Budapest was accused of or Dering them to Rifle the govern ment state Church Agency offices during the oct. 23 rebellion saturday s crackdown occurred in the absence of Kadar whom the russians installed As Premier Dur ing their counter attack on nov. 4. He is in Moscow on Vaca air Force funds to be reduced Washington almost half of defense Secretary Charles e. Wilson s Mili tary spending Cut will a on the air Force it was disclosed sat urday night. Air Force Secretary James h. Douglas revealing his service must sweat nearly a billion Dol Lars but of its appropriation that As Force Structure will creak a bit and the aircraft Industry will contract. He handed this news to the final banquet of the annual air Force association convention. The delegates earlier had adopted a Resolution calling on president Eisenhower and con Gress to build up the air Force to numerical superiority Over the russian air . It distressed me of course that we have to postpone or eliminate certain Douglas said in. His prepared text. But i am not apprehensive about our ability to provide a great air Force peace by ready air Gen. Earle e. Partridge Continental air defense commander told newsmen that atomic tipped rockets such As the one fired at the Nevada proving ground on july 19 will be stored at a num Ber of . Bases for use in air defense. Ren. We to keep the break planned with Vatican Tokyo chinese communists saturday announced the formation of a National Catholic patriotic Church movement which will break off political and economic ties with the Vati can. The communist Effort to Iso late chinese roman catholics from their Church was announced in a piping radio broadcast that also made a bitter attack against the Vatican. The red radio accused the Vati can of provoking chinese catholics to stand against their govern ment and making the chinese Catholic Church an instrument of singled out for attack by the chinese communists was msgr Anthony. Riberi the former papal Nuncio in China who is now in Formosa following his expulsion from the Mainland. Tough Guy beneath suave veneer this is Johnny Dio suave St of All the big time racketeers who is the target of the Senate rackets investigating committee. Dio was convicted in new York last month of Shakedown of a Union and is in jail awaiting sentencing. Center photo shows Dio at time of his arrest last August when he was accused of masterminding the acid throwing attack on labor columnist Victor Riesel. Resident who made shrewd investment Dies at Hospital Stockton Calif. one of the shrewdest invest ments Ever made by a Man of modest Means was disclosed saturday by the death of 80 year old Frank Wiget a Resi Dent of Dameron Hospital for 25 years. A Hospital spokesman said Wiget f Thrifty labourer helped the Hospital out of financial Straits in 1931 by investing no return he was Given free room and Board and medi Cal care at the Hospital the rest of his officials Hunt air plane thief West Yellowstone Mont. Iff civil aeronautics administration officials throughout the West were alerted saturday for a Light plane stolen from a West Yellowstone Airport at Dawm officers said the red and White Piper had fuel Supply or 3% hours of flying. It be longed to the Einarson Bros. Flying service at International alls Minn. W Sherrif Donald Skerritt of Gal latin county said the runaway Pilot apparently was the same one who earlier had crashed with an other stolen plane from an air port at twin Bridges Mont. The Caa and sheriff s officers Aye this account of the. Bizarre incident a red Stinson voyager belong ing to Byron Byers and Robert Liott of twin Bridges was taken Friday evening from a Hanger at was the i twin Bridges after aimed by forcing a entry door. Uniting of transport workers described As super government by g. Milton Kelly Washington us sen. Mcclellan dark said saturday that James r. Hoffa s plan to put All the nation s transportation work ers into a single Union or federa Tion would create a super govern Hoffa the 44-year-old heir apparent to Dave Beck As teamsters Union president has said All truck air rail and shipping unions should be combined into a single Union or federation for their own Protection. Both Mcclellan and sen. Gold water a Ariz viewed Hoffa s plan with alarm and said it looked plane was not missed until Satur Day. The plane was landed at a West Yellowstone night. Airport late Friday the Pilot described As about 5 feet 9, 30 years old and sporting a heavy growth of whiskers at tempted to take off from the Field continued on Page 11, col. 3. Turn. Syria rejects Jordan demand Damascus Syria the syrian government announced saturday that Jordan has delivered an ultimatum threatening to sever diplomatic and resort to armed action if necessary unless Syria stops an anti jordanian press Campaign by sunday. A government statement said Syria has rejected the ultimatum. A syrian spokesman said the ultimatum was delivered verbally in wednesday by jordanian foreign minister Samir Rifai in a meeting with russian charge d affairs Ahmed Rah by. According to the syrian spokes Man the jordanian warning said that if the syrian press Campaign against the Jordan Cabinet and its members did not Stop the Jordan Cabinet reserved its right to take any measures even if it would Lead to an armed clash Between Syria and the government statement was broadcast later by Damascus radio. It said Jordan has set a d e a d 1 in e for sunday for com Juliance with the reported Ultima like a move to set himself up As the nation s no. 1 labor Boss. Control the nation s transportation and you control the Goldwater said. There s never been any doubt in my mind that s what Hoffa Mcclellan said if the Type of transportation Union Hoffa has out lined Ever comes into being it would Wield economic Power that would amount to a super govern Mcclellan is chairman of the Senate rackets investigating com Mittee on which Goldwater also serves. The committee has been delving into Hoffa s affairs and particularly his alleged associations with new York labor racketeers. Hoffa recently was acquitted on charges of bribing an investigator on Mcclellan s committee. Hoffa is under subpoena to appear before the committee aug. 13 although the Date May be changed. Mcclellan said that the commit tee when it resumes its hearings monday will look into the Case of a bouncing Union charter. Robert f. Kennedy committee counsel said this was the charter of new York local 228 of the old United automobile workers Union adding it had been granted to a succession of favored Indi Cne of the witnesses called for monday is Max Chester former financial Secretary of local 405 of the retail clerks Union. Kennedy said Chester was involved in Law manipulations and later moved Over to the retail clerks. Chester along with labor racketeer Johnny Dio and Samuel Goldstein president of teamsters local 239, was convicted of a 000 Shakedown conspiracy against two new York electroplating firms. The three of them Are being held without bail awaiting sentencing but a judge has ordered them a continued on Page 11, col. 2. Gop Leader believes civil rights measure dead for session red challenged to open areas for inspection Dulles returns seeks to Lessen danger of a War by John m. Hightower Washington pm Secretary of state Dulles flew Back Satur Day from disarmament talks in London and promptly challenged Russia to join the West in Lessen ing the danger of a great atomic War by opening vast territories to Aerial and ground inspection. Dulles arrived in mid afternoon and went to the White House to give a first hand report of his Lon Don Mission to president Eisen Hower. Dulles was with the presi Dent an hour and 17 minutes. He was Able to report to the president according to information in diplomatic quarters that he had succeeded in pulling the Western allies out of a. Logjam of disagree ment on inspection zones. They concurred in a plan he presented to Russia at a meeting of the . Subcommittee on disarmament in London Friday. What he proposed in essence was that Russia agree to Aerial and ground inspection Over great areas of Europe North America and the soviet. Union. The object is to preclude the possibility of a massive Surprise attack in this atomic age. In an Airport statement Dulles said that it is now up to the soviet Union to if the soviet Union accepts these he said and if the necessary details Are worked out the risk of Surprise attack will be greatly diminished. And since a major War is not Apt to be launched unless the aggressor can count on Surprise the danger of general War will have lessened. Then it will be More possible safely to reduce the Bur Den of Dulles recalled that soviet Dele Gate Valerian Zorin had promised that the russian government would give the Western proposals careful i Hope that the soviet govern ment will realize that an inspection system that makes us All More Safe and which facilitates reduction of armaments is As much to their interest As it is to he said. He reported that As a result of Ais visit to arrived there was More than Ever aware of the immense complexity of the task we face. But also i remain convinced that the task is so vital that it must be pursued with unwavering resold Dulles flew to London upon the last minute direction of Eisen Hower. It was decided that he continued on Page 11, col. 6. Khrushchev Hopes to overtake United states food output in Battle against capitalism by William l. Ryan new York us Nikita. Khrushchev vows to use milk meat and butter As a battering ram to smash through capitalism. But he May be headed for serious trouble be cause soviet cattle Don t seem to cooperating. After defeating his Kremlin foes he communist party chief s big bid for Public support is a Promise that the . By 1960 will catch up with the United states in per capita meat butter and milk production. If he Means this and really tries it he May destroy his own Power in the Effort. If he does t mean it he will add one More to the Long Chain of broken promises made to a increasingly aware so Viet Public. The Kremlin s big butter and meat Man won his purge Victory by a slim margin. There is no reason to assume the struggle is Over. Strong opposition remains to any threat of cutback in soviet heavy Industry which builds Mili tary and world political Power. But without a serious cutback Khrushchev has Little Hope of achieving his consumer goals for decades to Cosne. Khrushchev began whooping up the meat butter milk theme in the Spring in regional farm conferences at one of these he said milk and meat output would Fash Ion the battering ram with which we will smash through the capitalist system and consolidate the socialist communist at another meeting with another metaphor Khrushchev exclaimed we arc not intending to destroy the capitalist world with jambs. If we overtake the . Evel of per capita meat butter and milk production we will fire a mighty torpedo against capital St but there Are Shoals ahead. De spite Moscow reports of huge eco nomic gains there is evidence this fear s Grain crop be Many millions of tons below last year s jumper output. This promises to aggravate the main soviet agricultural problem severe shortages of animal fodder. What s the matter with soviet Good production it s an old Story. The Farmer is at the Bottom of he economic ladder. He has received Little but promises of future rewards. Rapid industrialize in of the . Has been at us expense. He pays now for the emphasis on heavy Industry. The peasant often has Little in Terest in the collective farm into which he has been regimented. His attitude is Likely to be it s not my cow and it s not my equip collective farm deliveries of products to the state at virtually confiscatory prices in the past All but extinguished peasant enthusiasm for cooperative farming. The situation has been some what eased since Stalin s another Bow to a growing phenomenon in the soviet Union which looks suspiciously Ike pub Lic opinion. The collective has paid and continues to pay heavily in produce for use of machinery doled out by a government administration. The term can own Only Light Machin Ery. Compared with Industrial workers peasants Are poorly paid. Even the produce from their Kitchen gardens had been subject to compulsory deliveries to he state though Khrushchev says now he will end that in order to increase the peasants material in addition to All this skilled help has been siphoned from the arms for City industries a Condi Ion the regime recently has been trying to Correct. The peasant appears1 to have a resentment Over his Lack of any voice in farm policies and Over the fact that the regime s insistence on the All out Leavy Industry program promises Nim Little Relief. Against this the prospects for Swift increases in soviet food production seem dim. Even what the . Has it can not seem to use efficiently in such a system. For example the . Has a Dairy cow population 10 per cent bigger than that of the United states. It serves a population is to 20 per cent bigger. At the same time better feeding and Breeding makes the total milk output in the United states twice that of the soviet Union. In 1953 Khrushchev admitted the Over All soviet livestock Situa Tion was Vorse than in 1817. There has been Little significant Advance in this picture since 1953. Milk output remains Low. In some re Gions livestock population has de creased because of fodder Short Ages. The poultry and cattle population is not enough to meet minimum Public demands. American farm workers achieve 6 to 12 times the labor productivity of their soviet counterparts. A recent report prepared for the joint economic committee of the . Congress says of this even if labor productivity in soviet agriculture should continue o increase at the rate of 33 per cent each five years As was officially claimed to have taken place Between 1950 and 1955, it is in resting to note that it would take soviet agriculture until at least 1985 to 1990 to reach the 1955 level of labor productivity in United states the Basic difference in the . And soviet food pictures is this the United states problem is one of abundance huge surpluses and How to adjust a vast production capacity to demand. For. Years the United states has had surpluses. But the soviet problem is a constant struggle to provide a minimum diet for the population. The . Always has had shortages. The congressional study Indi Cates meat and Dairy production in the . May still be below 1928 Levels. . Production Long ago exceeded that in 1928. Russia s prospects for overtaking the United states at All must be considered very Remote the congressional report says. The so Viet dilemma is this the . Economy could provide More food and consumer goods to the Public if it would forego heavy Industry production increases. But the so Vite habit strongly entrenched is to give All out priority to heavy Industry. Monkeying with this setup could to dynamite. It could signal weakening of soviet world Politi Cal authority. That could bring a new political explosion. Ike reported As still opposed to Senate version by Jack Bell and b. A livingst9ne Washington w president Eisenhower was reported Ada Mant saturday against the sen ate s revamped civil rights Bill and rep. Joseph w. Martin jr., House gop Leader pronounced civil rights legislation dead for this session of Congress. Three top administration officials who cannot be named said in interviews that Eisenhower regards the Senate version of the Bill As completely unworkable. He was said to be throwing his weight solidly against House acceptance of it. Martin told a reporter the Bill is not acceptable to us and i Don t think it s acceptable to a majority of the he foresaw a probable deadlock which would put the Issue Over to next year. The three administration Lead ers agreed that As the matter stands Eisenhower would rather have no Bill at All than accept the Senate s insertion of the jury trial amendment in a measure which it already had stripped a authority to enforce civil rights in general. Some House democratic leaders voiced the opinion privately that the republicans Don t want a civil rights Bill this they contended the Eisenhower administration is stalling and hoping to carry the Issue Over into the 1958 election year. Martin called the Senate Bill in its present form a democratic Bill and declared we won t take it in the form it is Likely to come out of the in foreseeing a possible dead lock Over efforts to Compromise differences Between the Senate version and the More sweeping administration sponsored Bill passed by the House Martin said it Loriks to me As though this Bill is dead for this session. That will put the whole civil rights fight Over until next january when Congress the chief executive s Legal advisers Are said to have told Eisenhower the measure the sen ate May pass by midweek represents not Only an empty Shell for Protection of voting rights but will hamstring government enforcement in other Fields. Southern senators held a Strat egy session on the Bill saturday and sen. Russell a a told re porters afterwards that he expects a Senate vote within a reason continued on Page 11, col. 2. Former senator illness victim Vienna a. Frank Lin George a onetime country Awyer who represented Georgia in the . Senate for 34 years of his 79 years died at his Home Early sunday of a heart ailment. A Symbol of bipartisan foreign policy in the Senate George held the position of president Eisen Hower s special ambassador to nato at his death. The former senator s death at . Ended a career admired by both Republican and members of his own democratic party. Gunfire roars in cuban revolt Havana sporadic bursts of gunfire and a bomb explosion turned the tense City of Santiago into a Battlefield in the cuban rebellion Friday night. The rebels were reported to have eliminated a jeep patrol of policemen. Considerable gunfire was heard in the Swank Vista Alegre suburb. A bomb explosion in Roca Street killed a woman. The flare up in Santiago followed a government announcement that 13 rebels and two government soldiers had been killed in a new outbreak of fighting in Oriente province where Santiago is located. Saturday morning Santiago turned very quiet. A widespread strike continued in the City which is a hotbed of sympathy for rebel Leader Fidel Castro and his band in the Sierra Mastra mountains. The Issue continued to develop on thei International level and involved . Ambassador Earl e. T. Smith Well As three . Citizens in Santiago

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