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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Sep 29 1920, Page 3

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - September 29, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Volume Xxxi. George l. Doughty jr., attorney at Law. Offices Accomac and Belle Haven. Practices in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. P. Aylett attorney at Law. Office Accomac c. Practices in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. J. Abbott Byrd attorney and on Eilor at Law. Offices Accomac j. H., Shinco Teague Island a d me Tompkin a. At Chincoteague Island 4th week in every month. Will practice in All the courts of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. John w West attorney at Law. Practices in All the courts of the Eastern Shore of a. Offices at Onancock and Accomac o. Stewart k. Powell attorney at Law offices Accomac o. And Onan Cook a. Pec times in All tha courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. N. B. Wesco i t. S. Jas l or Lincton. Wes oct & Tirl Nuton attorney a at Law offices Accomac o. H., map Surg and fair Oaks a. Practice in Ell the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Fat. Walter Mapp. J. Brooks Mapp Mapp & attorneys at Law. \u25a0offices Graa sevilles Keller and Accomac o. A. Practice in All court on the easter Shore of Virginia. Otho f. Mears attorney at Law unites Eastville Northampton oos Uty and acco Inek court House practices in All courts us the Eastern Floore of Virt Mia. John s paksojn6, attorney Ai la w. Accomac Jurt Bouse. To Viii practice in All courts of acco Aux pcs ail Northampton counties. Ixo r. And j. Harry lyse. Attorneys at Law. Is aces Accomac j. And Parks Luj. At Accomac o. H., every wednesday. Vill practice in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Ben t. Gunter. Attorney at Law Accomac o. A. A. By i practice in All the courts of t, Northam top counties l Floyd it attorney at Law Accomac 0 h., a. Practices in ail the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Warner Ames offices Ace Ouido c. And Onancock. Acc Colac c. Every wednesday and Friday. Will practice in All the courts of a Codiac Ami Northampton counties. John ifi.muitlntiham.jk., Ati Okney at Liaw Frant town. A practices in ail the courts on the Eastern Shore of v Vrginia. A. D. Lili Aston dentist. Accomac court House va.? it Mike Ligoura from 9a. To 5 p. Of. Will be at Marksley every tuesday. Or. John a. Turlington v veterinarian. Graduate United states College of Wei Ordinary science. Fair Oaks Virginia. Via Helta j office Wirs 7 to 9a. M.? 6 to by. In will practice in Accomac and North Ampton counties. Or w. Turlington veterinarian fair Oaks a. Reference past patrons. Jail t e called by phone Day or Fth. W. G. Emmett notary Public Balle Haven Virginia. Fred. E. Ruediger. County Star Veyo Accomac c. H., a. Thoroughly equipped with latest and toe ii instruments otters his services to be citizens of Accomac county. Or. Has. F. Turman dentist. I will be at Bloxom to practice my profession on the following dates. December 11, 12, 13, 14. Main office Chincoteague a. We. P. Bell & co., druggist Accomac c Al va., agents for Waterman s Ideal Fountain pers Stock always on hand. Finest line of stationery i the the declination of the magnetic Needle. In 1906, however there were discovered three sundials dating from a Tinie Anterior to Columbus first voyage and bearing on the compasses accompanying them lines indicating the declination of the Needle. One of these inns Bruck was made at Nuremberg in the year 1451. Not Only has it an engraved line indicating the declination is the time of its construction but stows other Linas indicating the changes of directions undergone by the Needle to subsequent years. Who first noted the. Declination of the Needle would appear to be Suffill in unsettled question. ? i Foi pains in the Side or Chest Dampen a piece of flannel with Chamberlain s Linin sent and bind it on Over the seat Jofrain. There is nothing better. For Sale by All dealers. A sword of onor. It wat the Means of betraying mar Shal Ney to death. A Saber of Bonor brought marshal Ney to Dishonour and death. When Napolon entered Cairo on july 22, 1793, was presented with three swords of Honor richly inlaid with pre Cious stones lie brought them Back to Europe and in 1802 gave one to Ney and another to Murat. Keeping the third for himself. Ney received his at an Imperial reception. The sword passed from one to another of those present among whom was a Young subaltern of the Auvergne realm but. When Napoleon escaped from Elbe Ney left the King and took sides with his chief. After the allies entered Paris Ney made preparations to get out of the country but his wife and a Friend persuaded him that there was really no danger and decided to remain in France. Then came the order for his arrest. fled to a Castle in the pos session of some friends and succeeded in reaching it without his presence be ing known. One any feeling tired threw him self on a Couch first taking off his Ori. Cental sword which Elway wore out of affection for the emperor. Hearing voices sprang up and hurriedly left the room forgetting his sword. A min Ute later a party of women and men entered the room one of them being the Young subaltern of the Auvergne regiment now a colonel at once recognized the sword and calling in some gendarmes proceeded to search the premises. Finding that was discovered Ney gave himself up quietly. On dec. 7,. 1815, the marshal whose sobriquet was the bravest of the Brave the hero of a Hundred Battie. Was shot scarcely two months after the owner of the second sword Murat had met his Fate in the same Way. borrowed Money. And yet had More Cash in Bank than could use. One morning last year i sat in the office of the head of a very Large Busi Ness one of the shrewdest men 1 know. His cashier came in and Laid on his desk a report of the Cash in the Bank. The amount exceeded $400, 000. That s a pretty big balance said my Friend to his clerk. It s much More than we need in this business. But we have borrowed no Money for several months so i wish you would Send to each of our Banks a note for $100,000." when the clerk went out i expressed Surprise at this action. For a Man to borrow $200,000 when had More Money than could use seemed to me a wasteful proceeding. I do it said to keep my credit alive. I want the Banks accustomed to lending me Money. I want them to regard a Good line of credit As a regular thing with me. Some time i May need it and when i do 1 want to have it ready and waiting. An established credit is a big asset and the Only Way to get anti keep it is to con stantly employ it i have thought of that action a Good Many times since. I had always prided myself on not borrowing Money. And i paid Cash on the spot for every thing that i bought i looked upon people who bought things on credit As rather poor financiers. But a few months ago i wanted some Money a Small amount and for Only a month. I. Went to a Bank where i had kept a Deposit for Over fifteen years and they asked to Deposit Good Bonds As collateral to the full amount of the loan. My Friend could borrow by simply signing a note. I had to give by Nile security.? Hatson Hale in National monthly. Twin gods of War and Melody. How do statesmen get themselves into the Frame of mind to declare War. According to a popular German Story the method in Bismarck s Case in 1866 was one that would hardly be suspected. His subordinate Kendell was an expert pianist and As sir Mountstuart Grant Duff puts it used it is said to fulfil toward him the function which David fulfilled toward on one Evenin Bismarck was unusually Moody and Kendell surpassed him self at the piano. Thank you my dear Kendell said Bismarck finally you have soothed me and done me so much Good. My mind is made up we shall declare War against five great Hunters. There were five great Hunters of classic renown Acasto and Meleager who took prominent parts in the famous Calyx Oniani Hunt of the wild boar actaeon the Huntsman who was transformed by Diana into a Btag As a punishment for intruding on the scene when the goddess was bathing Adonis beloved of Venus who was killed by a wild boar while Hunting Orion the great Hunter changed into the Constellation so conspicuous from november through the Winter. An achievement. I Don t see Why you should be so proud of winning that Case said the intimate Friend. You were plainly in the / you Don t understand these things at All answered the lawyer. That s the very thing that makes me so proud."?Exchange. Faith and works. Faith without works is like a Bird without wings who though she May hop with her companions Here on Earth yet if she live till the world s end she will never Fly to heaven.?Owen Felt Ham. N sympathetic. Sufferer to dentist s servant not in today dear dear i wanted to con sult him badly. Servant Well let s you still have Toothache to-morrow.? Blatter. \u25a0 4 woman s ?time will heal the wound i be made to your heart yes but you la Tjie mad at me if it does.? rascals. Birds that Are accomplished and daring thieves. How a Gull robs a Pelican it works a Clever trick orbits Clumsy victim and is in turn fleeced by the lightning like frigate Bird villainy of the Butcher Bird. The system of living at the expense of somebody else and in turn affording a living for another parasite is As com Mon in the animal world As among men and As a Chance example of it we May take the Mosquito which feeding on Man s Lifeblood is in its turn preyed upon by a tiny insect which sometimes causes its death. One of the most common instances of living by robbery in the animal world is that of the Osprey which is de spoiled of its fairly caught fish by the More powerful but also Lazier Eagle for the Eagle can catch its own fish and does so when it cannot steel them. But a much More interesting Case is that of the flying fish. Pursued by its enemies in the water it leaps into the air and is caught by the Pelican. When the Pelican has got its Pouch full of fish it wings its Way to land and proceeds to eat. The Pouch is a bag of skin hanging from the under Mandible and in order to get a fish out of it the Bird must open its Mouth and by a toss of the head throw a fish out of the Pouch. The Gull knowing this and being a Lazy fellow watches the Clumsy and rather stupid Pelican until it goes ashore to feed. Then the Gull with the impudence which comes so Natu rally to villainy actually perches on the Long head of the Pelican and Waits. Open yawns the great Mouth flip comes no a scaly morsel wide gapes the hungry Throat of the Pelican but alas for it the fish is already in the jaws of the Gull which with a wild scream has mounted aloft to enjoy its stolen meal. But the Sharp Eye of the lightning like frigate Bird has been watching the whole game and the moment the laughing Gull has thought to begin its feast it sees a stronger and a quicker Bird than itself darting toward it like an Arrow. With a shriek of Dis gust the fish is dropped and with a Graceful swoop it is caught by the last thief of All. A sneak thief is the owl it lies concealed All Day and Only ventures abroad when its victim is asleep and when its movements cannot be seen its body and wings Are covered with downy feathers so that As it goes through the air it makes none of the Rushing noise which characterises the swoop of the Hawk and therefore its Sharp talons Are buried deep into the body of its prey before the latter is aware of its presence. There is a Little Bird called the Shrike which for its cunning and accomplishments deserves a High place in the rogues gallery. It is not Swift enough to catch my of its feathered Fellows in fair Pursuit so it sits in ambush and imitates the cry of a distressed Bird until a tender Hus band or a solicitous wife flies to the spot to lend the Aid supposed to be wanted whereupon the wicked Crea Ture pounces on the beguiled Bird and if not hungry enough to make a meal at once impaled its prey on a Thorn. Almost As great a villain As the Butcher Bird As the Shrike is usually called is the Bee eater of Africa. It is very fond of bees but is some times too Lazy to Hunt for them. It sits on a Bush and Waits for a Bee to come along. But if none should come the cunning fellow has still a Chance left for Here comes a More industrious Bird with a Bee in its Bill. Now is the Rascal s Opportunity. The moment the newcomer is near it it flies up with a cry As if pursued by a Hawk. The newcomer is immediately put in a fright drops its prey and scuds away for safety. The thief then picks up the Bee and enjoys it at must be said for most animals that they Rob or murder for the Pur pose of getting food but Here and there is a thoroughly depraved fellow who steals for the fun of it one of these is the Wolverine. It is very fond of following a trapper at a Safe Dis Tance and after the Man has carefully baited All his traps to steal All the bait quite As carefully. Sometimes it will wait until a Fox has been caught and then coolly walk up and kill the Fox tear it from the trap eat As much As it wishes Bury the rest and go on to the other traps. Of course this trap pers hate the Wolverine and try to catch it but it is an expert trapper that can do it All sorts of devices have been tried but the Wolverine seems to know All about traps and How to avoid them. One Man made a most elaborate and complicated series of traps laying cords about the approaches to the bait so that the most wary Man would have been sure to stumble on one and pull the trigger of a gun placed so that it would shoot the disturber. The next morning visited his trap and found All the cords bitten through and the bait gone. Drilling him. Johnny were you beating that Little boy next door certainly not. A. I was just going through some who could chastise the kid after such a statesmanlike answer As that Louisville courier journal. Changed his mind. Baggsby a thought you were never going to work for those people again. Baggsby a did say so but since that time they have decided that i might come Back a i timbre a Merica n i do not believe there is any other Medicine so Good for whooping cough As Chamberlain s cough remedy writes mrs. Francis Turpin Junction City Ore. This remedy is also unsurpassed for and croup. For Sale by All dealers. Number 20. Bullets in Battle. They play queer pranks at times an their Mission of death. At the Battle of peach Orchard when Mcclellan was making his change of base a Michigan infantry Man fell to the ground As if shot dead and was left lying in a Heap As the regiment changed position. The Bullet that had hit him first struck the barrel of his gun then glanced and struck off a Button of his coat Tore the watch out of his Vest pocket and struck the Man just Over the heart where it was stopped by a song b ook in his shirt pocket. was unconscious for three quarters of an hour and it was a full month before the Black and Blue spot disappeared. At Pittsburg Landing a member of the twelfth Michigan infantry stooped to give a wounded Man a drink from his canteen. While in this Bullet aimed at his breast struck the canteen and buried itself in the be of a horse. The canteen was split open and drop Ped to the ground in halves. At the second Battle of Bill run a new York infantryman was passing tobacco to a Comrade when a Bullet struck the plug glanced off and buried itself in a Knapsack. The tobacco was rolled up like a Ball of shavings and carried a Hundred feet away. Directly in the line of the Bullet was the head of a lieutenant and had not been deflected would certainly have been wounded or killed thereby. As it was had both eyes filled with to Bacco dust and had to be led to the rear. At Brandy station one of Custer s troopers had Bis left Stirrup strap Cut away by a grapes Bot which passed be tween Bis leg and the horse blistering the skin As if a red hot Iron had been used. discounted to Seartain the extent of his injuries and As Bent Over a Bullet knocked Bis hat off and killed his horse. In the same fight a trooper had suffered several Days with a Toothache. In a band to hand conflict received a pistol Ball in the Cheek. It knocked out his aching tooth and passed out through the left Corner of his Mouth taking along a part of an upper tooth. The Joy of getting rid of the Toothache was so great that the trooper could not be made to go to the rear to have Hia wound dressed.? change. Tasted the same. Five year old Grade had been Given a lecture by her father who warned her not to take gum that another had been chewing. She had been to the store that morning and had bought 6ome gum. Her five year old playmate Oscar asked her for some while she was chewing it _j3he said no my papa said that it is not right to take anything that has been in the Mouth of another an hour later Oscar was Given a Penny by his Mother. bought some Candy. While eating it Grade sidled up to him and being very fond of Candy asked in a playful tone Oscar How does your Candy taste like a Flash Oscar replied in a Victory Ous tone the same As your gum Boston record. Mothers in Law in Dickens time. Nowadays it is regarded As utterly incorrect to speak of a Stepmother As a but anybody who does can plead plenty of literary authority. Mother in Law was Good English in this sense As Well As the other in 151g, and both Fielding and Thackeray have it. Father in Law is used by Shakespeare both for a wife s father and for a Stepfather and in this sense it can be quoted from Dick ens and George Eliot. But the general agreement in modern times to stick to Stepmother is a Wise avoidance of confusion. The american accent. There was an american once who had been so Long in England that imagined had not Only got quit of the american manner but had shed the transatlantic accent deceived Many and was Happy until the Day of his return. First class to Liverpool How much said to the booking clerk at Euston. Five dollars and a half colonel promptly replied the clerk.?London Tatler. Smashing a proverb. I can never Marne you said the Beautiful actress. But pleaded the wealthy old Man won t you make my life Happy for the Short years i will be Here i am troubled with a weak and faint heart in that Case i accept and yet they say faint heart never won fair lady. Remarkable work. Wha t do you regard As the most remarkable work in the English Lan Guage Well replied miss Cayenne the most remarkable work in the English language that i know of is the Way some englishmen pronounce it Washington str. Queer bread. Along the Columbia River bread is made from a kind of Moss that grows on a species of fir Trees. After being dried it is sprinkled with water Al Lowed to ferment rolled into balls As big As a Man s head and baked in pits with the help of hot stones. Travellers who have tasted it say that it is by no Means unpalatable. The califor Nian indians collect the pollen of cat tails in Large quantities by beating it off the plants and catching it on blankets. They make bread of it but As a delicacy they prefer bread of grass Hopper flour. Ready for work. Now said the Warden to the forger who had just arrived at the prison Well set you to work. What can you do Best Well if you la give me a week s practice on your signature i la sign your official papers for you."?London tit bits. Merely suspected. The stranger is there a Good Crimi Nal lawyer in your town the native Waal. Everybody thinks we be got one but they Ain t been Able to prove it on him.?Cleveland Plain dealer

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