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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Sep 25 1907, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - September 25, 1907, Big Stone Gap, Virginia X Viacom a c c. H., a Saturn it \ v. January 30 1-97 number 30 t. B. . Att Riuz a at 1-aw, office a aces Izacc. will lug a court House wednesdays and court Duys. Prompt attention Rosili busies a. Of. W. Is. Blaek store. J. A. Burdick Lac Ketonk 4 hot a d1ck, attorneys sit Law. Ace Piuac c. A. A a. A a Vii practice in All the. A tute courts. To w. Russoli. Attorney at Law Ascot Mac c. I. A. Practices in the court of car omit in Northampton Simiti a a. N. It. We Scott. T. Gunter. Or. Was Lott a Gunter . Office Ascot Mac c. H., Ami at Home s. West cite. Near Mapps Liburt. Practice �11 All court on the Eastern Shore if Virginia. 1,. In Lily i it Nook. Ai Torrey it -1 Ai w to Tull notary it Telic. Ace Piuac c. I. A. Will practice in nil courts of acco Uniac and Northampton comi ties promo t attention to Al business. .1 Ames 11 Eli. .1 rat Tertic vat Law a Ace Piuac g. A. A practice. A in All the court of acco a in Atnel Northampton counties. A Tuo f. Mica 1�os, Ati Drikey it Law . Northampton county. A. Will practice in the court of Arcolli in ibid Northampton. Stewart k. . Will practice in All the courts of Accomac and Northampton counties t Hie cd Hitti Titcock. A. Vii 1-v at Aveo to a it c. 11 every is conc. Lay and court Days. L i. A Armani son. W. M. Sturgis pus. A mans in Isth Rols it hta cock. Vul. Will visit 1 Ark Slev second monday of each Mouth. Office Tours from 0 a. In. To 5 p. M. . B. , . A Oak cock us ice hours from if a. My to 5 p. In. 1la�kst0h� amp Iell i uts glorious Faith. Accomac c. Druggists a full line of fancy articles. B rugs oils paints seeds amp a. Kept. On hand at lowest prices. A. D. F. Ewell m. , a Parksley i Gtyler in drugs. Chemicals toilet and Nancy articles Fine soaps perfumes Patent medicines Combs Brush Quot a of All kinds Flavouring extracts syringes face powders sponges i amp a. A at lowest a a prescriptions carefully com pounded Day or night. Co 0? x o 4-3 d , s. B. V and. Dentist a Helle Haven. \ o o w Bridge and grown work a specially. I. Frank White. A county . Acct Mac county. afters his services 10 citizens of acct Mac and Northampton. Thoroughly equipped with latest Best amp general insurance agents a and dealers iut Fin by Ssiss mowing machines he rambler Bice cd and other Good takes tombstones in amp a. On Ancock. A. Is. W. a son Hailwood. A. Go skat. agkxt5. Fire. Phoenix Assurance go., of London. Established 17s2 assets Over ,000.000. Fire. Home in Surnce co. Of new York assets Over �0.000,000. Cash capital �0.000.000. Provident Savoiu ifs life of new York All Soiu Tuuu tent ions will receive our prompt Atte Tiniou. Gorga a a. Elm re jr., Belle Haven. Accomac ,-. A Virginia practical House Painter. All work Ira ran teed to be first cd a and prices to Stilt the a cd 4 a \ Eai s Gss a my n study of the business in a a neral Way Lias enabled me to lit those wit sight was failing because of advancing Hue presbyopia and those who were nearsighted a. A Tipich. But where astigmatism or any peculiarity of the sight existed i was obliged to refer the customer to it City Oculi st. Not satisfied to do to business that i could it Ilo properly. 1 determined to Simla refraction. I so the Best works on that sub Jar a har Fridg on by f.4il�tavus in Artridge p. K. O. S. A Well recognized authority on optics and refraction and these i studied Well. 1 also Artud a lectures at the new y Ork optical school last fall and bought rhe Best Quality testing ease and outfit at toil. Audi feel justified in making the announcement that 1 am now ready to prescribe for and Correct the vision of almost Nuy and All conditions of the Eye where glasses Are needed. The Liberal patronage extended to me during the sixteen year i have i ecu in business Here Euvoin rage me to enter this new lipid in connection with my regular Basilica a Ami believe my customers a id be Glt i to know that they can get properly fitted glasses without the trouble and expense of it i in to rite City. No charges at pie seut for examination of eyes to iss s ground to order in new York when special lenses Are needed. Those coming from a distance would do Well to notify me by . Respectfully Jno. Vav. Duncan and jewelry repaired on Short notice 1 have for Sale watch arcs i cars jewelry spectacles Eye glasses and silverware in Many styles and at . Sartorius. Pocomoke City. Mil. Gwill be at Accomac c. Every court Day. Go to for the Best and always to obtain the lowest possible prices Reisinger wholesale and retail dealers in All kinds of furniture carpets Oil cloths matting stoves refrigerators baby carriages and All sorts of House we. Reisinger amp son Cis Columbia ave., and Gil to 023 Portland st., Cor. Greene st. Baltimore my. City and suburban cars pass the door. Look us up. Irr Ivill pay you. Represented by s. Gladding. Jewel a t. . A. Rar a ine watch a. Clock jewelry silverware and s. Waples amp 00 Woof la and Willow Ware. Brooms brushes Cordage matches axe handles Axle grease barrel covers baskets blacking Blank books glueing bowls. Churns. Compasses Broom Racks Corn Poppers. Butter dishes 4c. Caudle Wicks cheese safes. Clothes hamper in. Cocoa dippers. Coffee Mills Curry Combs corks dusters faucets. Fish Hooks and lines flour sucks. Halters flasks gun Caps ice Cream freezers horse cards keepers Ink. Keg lamp burners 4c., pulleys jul uterus Lap boards Lemon squeezers Mats measures Marine glasses mucilage of Kuhn Oil cans Well buckets tubs 4c.119 South Street Baltimore. My. Rev. Or. Talmage preaches on recognition in heaven. Ii Sugih 11� Ike 1>w�iicc of the us to of tin dying Chr Lilian 1� i Ruvo u Oene Rul i zoom a sri atm of absorb Iuta intern. . Jan. 21.�?dr. Tit Hatago Lias la in for a few Days pm Hing and 1, in Chi ago. Iii in st. Paul and Luis Sinnon is on n Sliomo which will Al it sort ugly All who read it. Lie returns this Weik to Walt iti ton. The subject u Quot heavenly scr of tuition a and the text. Ii Sam. Xii 23, "1 shall go t then is a very sick child in the Eliodo of David the King. Disease which stalks up the dark Lane of the poor and puts its smothering hand on lip Anil nostril of the wan and wasted also mounts the Palace st.,irs and. Itom Luff Over the Pillow blows into the face of a Young Prince the frosts of pain and death. Tears Are wine to the King of terrors. Alas for David the Kougl lie can neither sleep nor eat and lies prostrate on his face weeping Tenil wailing until the Palace rings with the outcry of woe. 1 mall to to him. What arc courtly attendants or victorious armies or conquered proving a under such to Iron stances what to any Parent is All splendid surrounding when his child is sick seventh Lye have a in Sotl pit. There in great House two eyelid Are gently closed two Little hands folded two Little Feor quiet one lie Ait still. The servants come to Bear the tidings to the King but they cannot Nikko up their minds to Tell him. And they stand at the door whispering about the matter and davits hears Plum and to looks u and says to them Quot is the child dead Quot Quot yes lie is David rouses himself up a lies himself tuts Oil new apparel and sits Down to food. What Power bushed that tempest what strength was it that lifted up that King whom grief had dethroned of. It was the thought that lie would come again into the Possession of that Darling child no Gravedigger s Spade Cut Ltd hide hint. The wintry blasts of death could not put out the Bright Liger. Then would k a forge somewhere the t with Silver Hammer would Weld 11 e broken links. In a City where the. Hoofs of the pal horse never strike the Pav mint to clasp his lost treasure. wipes away the tears front Luis eyes Anil i clears the choking grief front lots Throat Ami exclaims Quot i shall Goto him Quot was David right or wrong if to part on ear la will meet again in the next world says some one Quot that seems to be an Iuta it . Heaven is so huge a place we never could Hud our Kindred there. A going into some City without having appointed a time and place for meeting you might wander around for weeks and far moot its and perhaps for years and never see each other and heaven is vaster than All earthly cities Teg Thor. Anil How Tiro you going to find your departed Friend in that country it is so vast a realm. John went tin on one Imai Utain of inspiration. Anil he looked off ii sin the multitude Ami he said a thousands of then he came upon a greater Altitude of inspiration and looked off upon it again quid lie said Quot ten thousand times ten thousand. A and then he came on a higher mount of inspiration and looked off again and he said Quot a Hundred Tutti forty Anil four thou Sand and thousands of and he came on a still greater height of inspiration Tutti lie looked off again and exclaimed Quot a great multitude that to Man can now i task. How tire Yon going to find your friends in such a throng As that is not this idea we have in ii entertaining after All a falsity is this doctrine of future recognition of friends in heaven a guess to myth a whim or is it a granitic foundation upon which the soul pierced of Tel neb nitty build to glorious Hope intense question every heart in this audience throbs right into it. There is in every soul her the Tomb of at least one death tremendous que Tsiou it makes the lip quiver and lit Cheek flush Aud tin entire nature tin ill. Shull we know each other there 1 get letters almost every month asking me to discuss tins subject. I get a letter in a bold scholarly hand in Gilt edged a per. Asking me to discuss this question quid i say Quot a that is a curious Man and he want a curious question solved a but i get another letter. It is written with a trembling hand and on what seems to in a torn out Octif of a Book Aud there and Here is tin Mark of a tear and i say a ooh. That is a broken heart Aud it wants to be Frum theory to certainty. The object of this Sermon is to take this theory out of the Region of surmise and speculation into the Region of positive certainty. People say Quot it would to very pleasant if that doctrine were True. I Hope it May to True. Perhaps it is True. I wish it were but i believe that i can bring Tut accumulation of argument to Bear upon this matter which will prove the doctrine of future recognition As plainly As that there is any heaven at All. Quid that the kiss of reunion at the celestial Gate will to i3 certain As the lying kiss at the door of the sepulchre. Now when you Are going to build a ship you must get the right kind of Timber. You Lay the keel and make the framework of the very Best materials a the Kelson stanchions pm Wmk Shear counter Timber Knees transoms All Iron or solid Oak. You May build a ship of lighter material but when the Cyclone comes on it will go Down. Now we May have a great Many Beautiful theories about the future world built out of our own fancy and they May do very Well As Long us to have smooth sailing in the world. But when the storms of sorrow come Pou us. And the Hurricane of death we will be swamped we will to foundered. We want a theory built out of god s eternal word. The doctrine of future recognition is not so often positively stated in the word of god As implied and you know my friends that that is after All the strongest Mode of affirmation. Your Friend travels in foreign lands. To comes Home. does not begin by arguing with you to prove that there Are such places As London and Stockholm Zutl Paris and Dresden quid Berlin but his conversation implies it. And so this Bible does not so positively state this i theory Vyeji mid Down its chapters Laev it tor granted. A let my text imply a i shall j i to i what it isolation would it. Is to David Lopi to ids child if to would not know him would David have ii to allowed to record Ritis anticipate it for he inspection of till Ages if it wire i. Tidle Santti ipalion we read in the first is i k a f tin Bibb Abraham to wan gathered to his people. Jacob died and was gathered to his people miss died Ami was gathered to Luis people. What people Why their friends their comrades their old com Jin Uii is. Of a inv it menus that. It cannot mean anything else. So in Tho very beginning of tie Bible times that is taken for granted. The whole now testament is Tut Are Over which this doctrine creep like a Lnu Rinnet Vine full of flip purple clusters of Consolation. James. John and Peter followed Christ into the Mountain. A Light Falls from Luttot n on that Mountain and lifts it into tin glories of the celestial. Christ a garments glow Tutti Luis Faeo shines like the Sun. The floor of heaven swings open. Two spirits come Down and alight on that Mountain. The disciples look a it them and recognize them As muses and Elias. Now if those disciples standing on rite Earth could recognize these two spirits who have been for years in heaven do you Tell me that we with Otto heavenly eyesight will not be Able to recognize those who have gone out from among us Only 5, id. 20, fit years ago recognition. The Bible indicate our Natl Over again that the Angels know each other and then tin Bible says that we Are to be higher Tlam the Angels. And if the Angels have the Power of recognition shall not we who Are to in higher than they in the next realm have As Good eyesight Ami As g. Mil capacity what did Christ mean in his conversation with Mary and Martha when in said Quot thy brother shall Rise again Quot to was As much As to say Quot Don t cry. Don t Wear yourselves out with this trouble. Y Ott will see Bint to gait. Thy brother shall Rise the Bible disc Rill a heaven As a p eat Home Circle. Well. Now. That would to a very queer Home Circle win re tint members did not know each other. Tho Bible describes death As a sleep. If to know each other before we i to sleep i shall we not know each other after to 1 Wake up of. Ves we will know each other a great Ileal bet Erther than now a for says the a Postl Quot we Seo through a Glass darkly but then fare to b will being purified eur throttled and glorified body gazing on your purified enthroned Ami glorified body. Now t demand if you believe Tho Bible that Yon take this theory of future recognition out of the realm of speculation and surmise into the Region of pm Stive certainty and no More kick saving Quot Hope it is so. I have Tut idea it is so. I guess in is so. A be Able to say with All the concentrated Energy of 1 Italy mind and soul Quot i know it is so Quot there Are in addition to these Bible arguments other reasons Why i accept this theory. In the first place because Tho rejection of it implies the entire obliteration of our memory. Can it to possible that we shall forget forever those wit i whose walk look manner we have Lizett so Long familiar will death come and with to Sharp keen Blade hew away this faculty of memory Abraham said to devs a son if the exiled and the lost remember. Will not the enthroned remember you know very Well that our Joy in any circumstance is augmented by the companionship of our friends. We cannot Sec a picture with less than four eyes or Bear a song with less than four ears. We want Home one beside As wit i whom to Exchange a juices and sympathies and 1 suppose the Joy of heaven is to in augmented by the fact that we Aro to have our friends with us when Oliero Rise before us the thrones of the blessed Ami when there surges up in our Cor the jubilate of Tho saved. Heaven is not a contraction. It is an expansion. If i know you Here i will know you letter there. Here i six Yon with Only two eyes but there the soul shall have 1,000,000 eyes. It will lie immortality gazing nil immortality Ranson a spirit in colloquy with ransomed spirit Victor beside Victor. When John Evans Tho scotch minister was seated ill his study his wife came ill Aud Satin to him Quot my dear do you think to will know each other in heaven Quot he turned to her and a Aid Quot my dear do you think to will 1� bigger fools in Heavon than to Are Here a the world expect it. Again i accept this doctrine of future recognition because the worlds expect nary affirms it. In �11 Hinds and Ages this theory is re i Vicil what form of religion planted it no form of religion for it is received under Tel forms of religion. Then i argue a Sruti input. A feeling an anticipation uuiversully1 planted inst have been god implanted quid if god Inisi Autch it is rightfully implanted. Socrates writes Quot who would not part with a great Ileal to Purchase a meeting with orpheus and Homer if it lie True that this is to be the consequence of death i could even be Able to die often a among the Danes Licu a master Dies his a errant sometimes slays himself that he my Servo the master in the future world. Cicero living before Christ s coming said Quot of glorious Day when i shall retire from this Low and sordid scene to associate with the divine Asso Uiha be of departed spirits pitl not Only with the one i have just mentioned a at with my dear Cato the Best of sous Aud most faithful of Macii if i a come to boar his death with fortitude it by to Means that i did not most sensibly feel the loss i had sustained. It was because i was supported by the consoling reflection that we could not Long be separated. A a the norwegian believes it Tho Indian believe it the believes it the Swiss believe it Tho turks believe it. Under every sky by every River in every zone the theory is adopted. And 60 i Eav a principle universally imprinted must to god implanted and Leuco a right belief. The argument is irresistible. Again i adopt this theory because there Are features of moral temperament and features of the soul that will distinguish a forever. How do we know each other in this world is it merely by Tho color of the cya or the length of Tho hair or the facial proportions of no it is by the disposition As Well by natural of fruity using to word in the very Best sense Aud not in the bad sense. And if in the dust our body should perish and lie there forever and a there should to no Resur Ruethin still Tho soul Lias enough features and the disposition has enough features to make us distinguishable. I Cun understand How in sickness a Man will become so do Lirios that to will not know his own friends but will we la blasted with such insufferable idiocy that standing beside our lust friends for Tel eternity to will Ucer guess who they Are our kit Ohgimi for ill if. Again i think that Otto reason Why we ought to accept this doctrine is because we never in this world have an Opportunity to give thanks to those to whom we tire spiritually indebted. Tho Joy of heaven to Are told is to be inaugurated by a review of life a work. These Christian men and women who have been toiling for Christ have they seen the full result of their work of no in the Church at Somerville n. ,1., John a Rodenburgh preached for a great Many years. Felt that his ministry was a failure although lie was a faithful minister preaching the gospel All the time. died quid died amid discouragements and went Home to god for no one Ever doubted that John vre Danli Urli was a Good Christ Ion minister. A Little while after his death ther Cumo to great Awakening in Somerville Aud one Sabbath 20� souls stood up at Tho Christian altar the cause of cd Trier among them my own father and Mother. And what was Peculiar in regard to nearly All of those 200 soul was that Tony dated their religions impressions from tin ministry of John vre . Will that Good Christian Man before the throne of god never meet those souls brought to Christ through Luis instrumentality of. Of course lie will know them i remember one Sabbath afternoon borne Down with the sense of my sins and knowing not god i took up Doddridge s a Uriso Aud of what a Thurk afternoon it was and i read the chapters Zutl i rend the prayers and i tried Tomako the prayers my own. Of i must see Philip Doddridge a glorious old Book to wrote it is out of fashion now. There is a Mother before Tho Brono of god. Y Nti say her Joy is full. Is it y on say thu re run ii to augmentation Iff it. Cannot there be her Sou was a wanderer a Mil a vagal my on the Earth when that Good Mother died. broke iter old heart. She died leaving him in the wilderness of sin. She is before the throne of goil now. Years pass Aud that soil repents of Luis crimes Aud Givis his in Art to god and becomes a useful Christian and lies and enters the Gates of heaven. Yon Tell note that that mothers Joy cannot in augmented. Lor them confront each other the son Aud the Mother. Quot of a she says to the Angels of god. Quot rejoice with me the dead i ulivo again and the lost is found. Hallelujah i never expended to see this lost 0110 come the Bible says nations Are to lie born in a Day. When China comes to god. Will it not know or. Abeel when India comes will it not know or. Joint Scudder when the Indian come to god. Will they not know David Brainerd i Sec a soul entering heaven at last with covered face at Tho idea that it has done o Little for Christ and feeling borne Down with Novor thiess quid it says to itself a i have to right to be a voice from a throne says Quot of Yon forget that sunday school class Yon invited to Christ i was Ono of Aud another voice says Quot you forget that poor Man to whom you gave a loaf of bread Tutti told of i to heavenly bread. I was that and another says a by on forget that sick one to whom you gave Medicine for the body Aud the Sony i was that and then Christ from a throne overtopping All the rest will say a inasmuch As to did it to one of the least of these you Dilitto and then the seraph will take their harps from the Side of the throne and cry Quot a Liat song shall it la Quot and Christ bending Over Tho harpers shall say Quot it shall to Tho a Harvest Home. A Quot lir or conf Mil it or tile . One More reason Why i am disposed to accept this doctrine of future recognition is that so Many in their last hour on Earth have confirmed this theory. I speak not of persons who have been delirious ill Ali or last moment mid know not what they were about but of persons we bodied in calmness and placidity Atnel who were not naturally superstitions. Often the wies of heaven have struck the dying ptu>., Aud the departing Man has said he saw and heard those who Hud gone away from him. How often it is in the dying moments parents see their departed children and children Sec their departed parents i came Down to the Banks of the Mohawk of the merits of pm Cherry pectoral would include the cure of every form of disease which affects the Throat and lungs. Asthma croup bronchitis whooping cough and other similar complaints have when other medicines failed yielded to Ayers Cherry pectoral. River. Ventu 7 a i Lite logo Over tin River and so i waved my hat and shouted Mill after awhile i saw some one waving on the opposite Bank and i heard him Shont Aud the Lioata came across Aud 1 got in Aud was . And so i suppose it will he in the Steuing of oar i be. We will Homo a own toll e River of death Lull in give a signal to our friends on the other Shore a and will give a signal Back to As and rhe boat comes Aud our departed Kindred Aro Mir oarsmen the Firis of Tho setting they to ageing the tops of the paddles. Of. Have Yon never sat by such a deathbed in that hour you Hoar the departing soul cry Quot hark look Quot y on hearkened mid you looked. A Little child pining away lie Enuse of the death its Mother getting weaker Mill weaker every Day. Was taken into tin room 1 where Hung the picture of her Mother. Bite seemed to enjoy looking at it and then she was taken away and lifter awhile died. In thu last moment that Ivan and wasted Little one lifted iter hands while her Faeo lighted up with the glory of the next world and t ried 1 jut Quot Mother a do Yon Tell me she did not see her Mother she did. So in my first set Llemit tit at Bell Villa Plain Man raid to me Quot what do Yon think i heard last night 1 was ill the room where one of my neighbors was dying. was a Good Man. And he sad he heard the not gels of god the throne. I Haven t much poetry hut i listened and i heard them too. A said i a i have no doubt of Why we Are Tolu taken up to heaven at last by ministering spirits. Who tire they to he Bools that went up from Madras or an Troeh or Tertis Biletn Oil to our glorified Kii tej arc going to troop around us. Heaven is not a stately formal place As 1 sometimes hear it described to very frigidity of splendor where people stand on cold formalities and go roundabout with heavy crowns of Gold on to Weir Heads. No that is not my idea of heaven. My idea of heaven is More like this you Are seated in the evening Ido by the fireplace your whole family there or nearly allot them there. While your Tiro seated talking and enjoying the evening hour there is it Knock at the door and the door opeus and there comes in a brother that has been Long absent. To has been absent for years Yon have not seen him Tutti no sooner do you make up your mind that it is certainly he than you leap no. And the question is who shall give him the first embrace. That is my idea of heaven a great Home Circle where they Are waiting for 1 As. Olt. Will Yon not know your Winoth i or s voice there she who always called Yon by your first name Long after others had Given you the formal Quot mister a y of were never anything but James or Jolt or George or Thomas or a try or Florence to iter. Will you not know your child a voice she of the Bright Eye and tie Ruddy Cheek and the quiet step who came in from play anti Flung herself into your Lap to very Shower of mirth and lie Auty Why the picture is Graven in your soul. It Carnot Wear out. If that Little one should stand on the other Side some heavenly Hill Aud Call to you you would hear her voice above the burst of heavens great orchestra. Know it y of could not help but know it. Consolation. Now i bring you this glorious Consolation of future recognition. If you could get this their Wilfo your heart it would lift a great Many shadows that Are stretching across it. When i was a lad i Ustel to go out to the Railroad track a Mil put my ear o t Tho track and i in nil hear the express train rumbling Miles away and coming Oil. And today my friends if we Only Hail Faith enough we Cut Ltd put on ear Down to the grave of our to Etna time listen and hear in the distance the rumbling on of the chariots Iff a set Marion Victory. Olt heaven Sweet heaven y on do not spell head Ltd Tias Yon is in to spell it lie Tiv in. Heaven. But now when Yon want to up 11 that word you place Side by Side tin faces of the loved ones who Are gone and in Liat irradiation of Light mid love Ami Beauty and Joy Yon six la it out As tii a r before in songs and alleluia is. O be whose hearts Aro Down under the Sid of the cemetery Rhee rup at the thought of this reunion of How much you will have to Tell them wet to once Yon meet them How much you have been through since you saw them last of the shiny Shore you will talk it All Over. Tho heartaches the loneliness the sleepless nights Trio weeping until you had to More Power to weep been so the heart was withered and dried up. Story of vacant chair and empty Cradle Aud Little shoe Only half worn our never to to worn again just Tho shape of the foot that once pressed it and dreams when you thought that the departed had Homo Buck again Aud the room seemed Bright with their faces and you started up to Greet them and in the Effort the dream broke Aud you found yourself standing amid oui in the Midnight a alone. Talking it Tel Over and then hand in hand walking up and Down in the Light. No sorrow no tears to death. Of heaven Beautiful heaven heaven where our friends Are heaven where to expect to be. In the cart they take a Cage of Birds and bring it to the Tomb of the dead and then they open the door of the Cage and Tho Birds flying out sing. And i would today bring a Cago of Christian consolations to the grave of your loved ones quid i would open the door and lot them fill All Tho air with the Masic of their voices. From Earth to in Cavan. Of How they bound in. These spirits before the throne some shout with gladness. Some break Forth into uncontrollable weeping for Joy. Some stand speechless in their Shock of Delight they sing. They quiver with excessive gladness. Uliey gaze on the temples of the palaces of the Waters of each other. They weave their Joy into garlands they Spring it into triumphal Arches they strike on timbres quid then All the loved ones gather in a great Circle around the throne of god fathers mothers Brothers Sisters sons Aud daughters lev is and friends hand to hand around about the throne the Circle hand to hand Joy to Joy Jubilee to Jubilee Victory to Victory Quot until the Daybreak and the shadows flee away. Turn my beloved and be like a Roe or a Young Hart upon the mountains of Bether. A of How different it is on Earth from the Way it is in heaven when a Christian Dies we say Quot close his in heaven they say. Quot give him a on Earth to 6ay, a let him Down in Tho in heaven they say. A to Tonto Miu of of eff Pitt is Quot Farewell in heaven it is Quot Welcome and so i sen a Christian soul coming Down to the River of death and he Steps into the River Tutti thu water comes up to Tho ankle. says a lord Jesus is this death Quot a no a says Christ Quot this is not and lie wades still deeper Down into Tho Waters until the flood comes to the knee mid to says Quot lord Jesus Tell to Tell me is this death Quot and Christ says a no no this is not and to wades still farther Down until the wave copies to the Girdle Aud the soul save a lord Jesus is this death Quot a no Quot says Christ Quot this is and deeper in wades the soul till the billow strikes the lip and Tho departing of to cries a lord Jesus is this death a Quot no a says Christ a this is but when Christ had lifted this soul on a throne of glory and All the pomp and Joy of heaven came surging to its feet then Christ said Quot this o transported soul this is death Quot Island pygmies. A familiar talk about some very a Latte animals. It is curious that almost All of to animal pygmies whether of the present ago or of the past seem to come from islands usually Tho islands of the Southern setts although Trio Shetland and the Orkney Isles where the Dwarf ponies scramble Over the rugged rocks Are exceptions. In the Island of Ceylon with its giant spiders with their nets spun with yellow silk twisted us thick As a rope in comparison with on filmy Gossamer threads Ami giant butterflies with Emerald wings Are also wonderful pygmy creatures. There arc Little bulls the Brahman or sacred oxen not More than 30 inches in height at to Weir largest growth and generally Only 22. They Are very pretty with their Silky tides and to Weir legs like those of the Deer though they have deep Dew laps Aud humped necks like the Zebu Breed bolls Are Swift keeping up a Long swinging Trot or run and they go for great distances without food or water if necessary. Zeitts Are fastened to a ring in the cartilage of the nose and most of the freight of the Island is carried by these Little creatures in their Small two wheeled carts. Another pretty pygmy Foutty in the Ceylon forests is the Graceful Musk Leer not More than 10 inches ill height and 12 or 14 Inch s in Luth. It is exquisitely formed like the Antelope and is Gray dappled with White spots. In the sunday islands is and Lar species of tact a not much larger to lieu a cat. The pygmy marmoset does not come from an Island hut Fri t Brazil whose great River however gives its bordering forests Many of the conditions of Island life. These Dwarf monkeys arc Only 4 inches tall when standing up mid mrs. Olive to Tertic Miller tells of two that could wrestle and Tumble in a lady s open Palm sit of the Edge of a Teacup hide in at kinds of Small places and Perch together on a Lead Pencil. They arc full of fun and mischief Aud Are incessantly scolding chattering Aud leaping from Ono tall object to another. Their color is a pretty Gray Aud they have very Long tails ringed with Black and Gray also Fanny Little dark Tufts of hair Liko whiskers of each silo of Tho face. One of the oddest dwarfs is a Dwarf elephant. Several Aro in this country. They arc wonderfully sagacious Aud Quick of intelligence. In to Island of Malta Tho Fossil remains arc found of a race of pygmy elephant no bigger than a sheep and Tho babies of this species might no doubt have been easily held of the Palm of a to mme a hand. Another Fossil pygmy is that of to horse said to i no larger than a Fox. We rarely hear of Ocean pygmies but a pygmy whale perfectly formed with till the characteristics of its immense Kindred the sperm whales the largest living animals Guowu has recently been discovered. The Large whale is 80 feet in in Gilt while Tho pygmy one is Only 8. The Mimnau pygmies at least Tho pygmy races such us Tho Little Folk of the banana forests in Africa and the undersized Hock Veldt this of Ceylon arc not at All intelligent and seem like children arrested in their earliest stages but individual dwarfs have been very Quick Wittell and of a fiery spirit Liko the valiant Little Geoffrey Hudson who was knighted by King f. Mosby in Philadelphia times. Thu in woman. Iii an critic to a licit the late or. Dumaurier wrote some ycar3 ago for thu Magazine of Art apropos of lire typical Quot pretty woman of his drawings occurs Trio following quaint and characteristic passage Quot i do Imp the Reader does not dislike Here that is if he knows her a i am so loud of her myself or rather so fond of what i want her to he. She is my Picco de resistance and 1 have often heard her coins Cut a and the Praise of iter has so Miod Sweet in mine curs Aud Goue straight to Iny heart for she has become to Moas a daughter. She is rather tall i admit and a trifle stiff but English women arc tall Ami stiff just now Aud she is rather too serious but that is Only because i find it so difficult with a Lucre stroke in Black Ink to indicate to enchanting Little curved lines that go from the the Cucuth Corners causing the Check. To make a _ Allen of l cd Luiczi. Isaac b. Allen Thea on Olio was elected to it i the Ingv error s Council last ii vein a use Aires that he by Oiin of d -000, $10,000 id to re i a the office. says he Ciui Tot be bought Oil and he adds a i put my Nice above Money party or anything else Aud i would not disgrace it. Yes sir i a going to advise the governor and shall be of hand at every meeting of the Council. �?T1�? York Tribune. A item h six Provines a Cuba is divided into six provinces and contains 22 cities Aud towns and 204 villages. The capital is Havana which bus a population of 250,000. The electoral qualification required is property of the annual value of about $250.independent order of in no Kab America. Of Hicks Efi Kytko. The following officers were elected december 23th, 18�. For the ensuing term Sydney i. Lee voting. P. 0. R Geo. W. Glenn chief ruler Louis f. Marshall d. Lloyd p. Kill 1. S Nottoli e. Miles treasurer Lee firniss Levite e. A. Hopkins. I. we. Marlin o. G. Johnyv. Drawer. Chaplain Lee Young representative to District tent. District a Ketish. East Virginia District tent will hold jts District meeting wit i Accomac tent on rhe first Friday in february meeting to commence at 1 o clock. In. Rite District Tedt Lias been invited to be present at night at the 14tlt annual supper of Accomac tent no 71. All members of East Virginia District tent Are invited to be present at the meeting. Persona . Bro. Hart. B. Noll of Standfast been appointed a Justice of the peace for Howard county. Or. A. M Dewey. P. o. K. Hagerstown High tent is located in new York City Tut will assist in organizing a new tent in that City if possible. wrote commending the new death Benefit. Mitchell As chairman of committee of decorations decorated the american anti Saloon convention Hall with old glory and on the speakers platform the motto in Large letters Quot the Saloon must go Quot past High chief ruler n. Hunch. Secretary. Jas. Ii. Donland p. P. It. A. K. Belt and Rev. Hugh t. Stevenson represented the High tent at the America anti Saloon league held in Washington d. C., december 8th, Atli Ami 10th. Bro. John Welch. I. R of Columbia District is incessant in Luis attendance or the tents it my indefatigable in his efforts to key a things on the Boom. # Rev. Hugh t. Stevenson c. It., of Anacostia tent. No. 138. Was among the visitors at Cammack saturday december 12th. Bro. Azro Goff of Cammack tent has been on the a ick list for several weeks. is making a �30 00 outfit of paraphernalia for haste to the tent Youngstown Ohio. P. R., Mahoney was again designated to act As one of the Board of direction of the american anti Saloon league. Bro. S. Coleman our associate editor met with a serious Accident december 12th. Mashing the lingers of Luis right hand. R to at to your own a uly interest and buy your building material from us As we guarantee prices to suit the times. We have in Stock brackets blinds bricks Lime jul angles 1 aus b ors. Sash shingles Aud a l kinds of building material. Goods shipped to All Points of the Eastern Shore when requested. S. A Martin amp co., Harborton y a. A compliments. Quot i see that yen Are your own Washer it Uia ii Quot said mrs. Spit Ely who was leading her poodle past the place. Quot yes a retorted mrs. Supply. A but thank go dress. In a not reduced to playing ours girl for a a Rpss \ Dollar saved is a Dollar made if so. Write to the Mill works Laurel del., Davis amp bko., proprietors. For prices on head and foot stones Monument Iron railing and All cemetery work in general and save Money. Davis amp bro., Laurel. Del. Agents a. Pruitt Temperance Ville e. J. Wax duh Oua Ocock we. T. Rayfield. A dle Haven. Re. Chilton with Cato s. Taylor k co. Manufacturers Aud dealers id Plain stamped and hollow Ware,2c s. St., Baltimore. My. A 3is a w Zvi r my

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