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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - September 22, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Quot educated Tamm a via it. Finds Many uses. Handy homemade. Torch which any Farmer can construct. The Iowa Homestead says the homemade Torch herewith illustrated or one similar in construction should and a place on every farm. To make the Torch secure a Stout can that will hold a pint or More preferably an old Oil can with a handle Drill a Hole in the Center and place a Short piece of one fourth Inch Iron pipe in the Bole As shown. It should extend to within half an Inch of the Bottom of the can arid project above the top about three or four inches. Place a Cap on the top end and Drill several very Small holes in same. There should be about five holes with one in the top of the can. Make the holes one thirty second or one sixteenth of an Inch in diameter. Fill the pipe with Candle Wick ing and fasten tightly in place. It should be soldered. Fill can about four fifths full of gasoline and Light same by heating the top of can and advice on growing vegetable 80 08� scribed by the late Mark Twain. Caulia Ower requires a Rich moist soil and thrives Best under irrigation. Cauliflower will not withstand As much Frost is cabbage. The culture is the same As for cabbage until the Heads begin to develop after which the leaves May be tied together Over the leads in order to exclude the Light and about a mile. Handy homemade touch. Pipe with a Small Blaze. If the weather is not too cold this can be done with matches. The heat forms a Gas in the can which forces itself up through the wicking and when lighted makes a Strong Light and very hot Blaze. This can be used for Many things on the farm. It is sure death to All insect life in the poultry House. Go Over All cracks with the Blaze and the eggs and nits will be killed As Well As the insects. It makes a Good Light and will withstand a Strong Breeze. A tap or nut that cannot be otherwise removed will at once come off on being heated with the Torch. In Short anything that requires a Small and Safe heat can be heated or burned with this Torch. Quot it is perfectly Safe and cannot explode. The average amount expended to eradicate and control weeds on 129 Wisconsin farms reported amounted to $43, while the total tax on these farms was Only $74. The weeds thus were costing the Farmer half the amount of his taxes. Fine head of cauliflower keep the Heads White says a recent bulletin of the United states department of agriculture. The tender Heads of cauliflower Are boiled and Brevod with butter or creamed and Are also used for pickling. Cauliflower seed formerly produced almost entirely in Europe is now grown in commercial quantities in the a Vicinity of puget sound Washington j and a few other localities in the unit 1 de states. There Are several varieties of cauliflower but without marked i differences among them. Some grow. Ers consider Early Dwarf Erfurt and snowball two of the Best. A late maturing and Hardy form of cauliflower is known As Broccoli. Lovers of cauliflower Are fond of recalling Mark Twain a definition of Tho vegetable is Quot cabbage with a College what Taft thinks of farming. President Taft in a Southern speech said a if i were advising a Young Man As to his future profession i should say to him that there was probably greater Opportunity for real Reward in Assiduity Industry attention to business and scientific investigation in the profession of agriculture than in any other profession this country it makes a difference in which land one travels this distance. If you take a notion to Settle Down for a time and after you have been whisked out and Back in a motorcar you think to ask How far the House is from the station the agent carelessly Waves his hand and airily remarks f about a mile a you had Best take heed As to what country you Are in at the time. If it is in England you Are All right for the familiar 1,760 Yards is the Standard but if you have taken a fancy to some Sod thatched Irish cottage it Means a tramp of 2,240 Yards and if you Are moved to linger in the Highlands remember that the Braw Scot Calls 1,076 Yards a mile. Considering the size of Switzerland one might expect a mile to be about As far As one could throw a Ball but the Hardy mountaineers think 9,133 Yards the proper thing even when As it generally is it is very much Uphill. The Swiss is the longest mile of All being followed by the Vienna Post mile of 8,290 Yards. The flemish mile is 6,809 Yards the prussian 8,237 Yards and in Denmark they walk 8.244 Yards and Call it a stroll of a mile. The arabs generally ride Good horses and Call 2,143 Yards a mile while the turks Are satisfied with 1,820 Yards and the italians shorten the distance of a mile to 1,706 Yards just six Yards More than the american has in mind when the agent Waves his hand and blandly remarks Quot about a record Herald. Iceberg groupings. A nor $ a go Ign in a save your Trees. Prevent killing by cold by taking precautions in time. It is commonly supposed that if Trees Are Given a sufficiently moist soil during their growing period their Winter condition in this respect is a matter of Little importance. As a matter of fact Trees Are giving off moisture at All seasons of the year though to a much less extent of course in cold weather. During the warm sunny Days in Winter there is considerable loss of moisture through the twigs and except in very severe weather the roots Are Able to furnish this loss though the soil about them be Frozen. The ability to do this is naturally less if the soil be dry or Frozen very hard. In that Case the loss of moisture results in a More or less Complete drying up of the tissues of the Plant and this often results in the death of the tree. What is known As Root killing May in some instances be due to the immature or unripe condition of the Plant when Winter begins but in most cases Root killing follows dry seasons. If the soil has been kept moist by cultivation or mulching the Trees Are Safe but if the soil is dry it should be thoroughly wet before freezing and then mulched with old Straw chaff or stable manure to prevent drying out. The mulch delays freezing and this in itself is an important item As it is the Long continued Frozen state of Woody plants that injures them to a fatal degree. A moist soil kept in an Unfrozen condition As Long As possible is the surest Means of preventing Winter killing of agriculturist. Get ready for the cold snaps. Late fall is a Good time to clean up and overhaul hotbeds and cold frames and prepare soil for bedding. Soil or compost to be used for this purpose should be covered to have it in Good condition when needed in february and March. Overhauling and repairing hotbed Sash and making crossbars for hotbeds and cold frames Are Good jobs for Stormy day3. M t an elemental error. A judge was Angling in the Man to Wick Waters and just after dinner became involved in an argument with his boat companion. The debate lasted some minutes and during that time the judge had his baited Hook dangling in the air Over his shoulder. The guide took a hand. A judge a said he peremptorily a drop your line in the water. There Are no flying fish around Post a Rioh one. The visitors and what Are you going to make of him Mamma i want him to be a Why there a no Money in a but All the philanthropists have been very a reminder. Dearborn what have you got that string tied about your Finger for Wabash of in be been getting married and my wife does no to want me to forget it Boston Herald Law Points for the Farmer. The Laws of most of the states say that Farmers shall ent the weeds that grow on the Public Highway alongside the farm or the township May do it at the land owner s expense. 1 statutes which allow the owner of land sold for taxes to redeem on prescribed conditions Are liberally construed in favor of the right to redeem. 1 a Gibson versus Sekarek s. Dak. 131 n. W., 728. Parties May agree on the Vaifale of property to be shipped by express and limit the express company a liability to the agreed valuation provided the agreement 19 fairly made on a Good express company versus Beyers ind. 95 n. E., 513. A person approaching a Railroad crossing has a right to expect that the j Railroad company will give the statutory crossing signal but the failure of the company in this respect will not absolve such person from the exercise of care commensurate with the danger of which he is bound to take notice by reason of the fact that it is a Railroad , Etc., Railroad com-1 Pany versus Lander 95 n. E., 319. Better than a a bought end Popper. Here is a homemade Corn Popper that beats the Quot bought take a Jeee of heavy wire about three sixteenths of an Inch in diameter and about seven feet in gel Long. Double and twist the wire from the Middle to within nine or ten inches of the end then spread and Bend like a in the picture. Take a half gallon syrup pall punch holes in the Center of the ends to receive the wire and perforate the pail with Small holes. Bend the ends of the wire so that they Are Long enough and must be sprung a Little to be put on. Spring your handle on and your Popper is Complete. In use simply Roll it on the stove and it works Fine and does not Burn the and fireside. Clusters and Long lines formed by storms and Ocean currents. Among the perils and wonders of the Ocean there Are few More interesting things than icebergs interesting not Only by reason of their Gigantic size their fantastic shapes their exceeding Beauty but also for the manner wherein they array themselves. Icebergs exhibit a tendency to form both clusters and Long lines and these groupings May arise from the effects both of Ocean currents and of storms. Some very singular lines of bergs extending for Many hundreds of Miles East of Newfoundland have been shown on official charts issued by the government. Two of these Cross each other each keeping on its Independent course after the crossing. In several instances parallel lines of bergs leave Long spaces of Clear water Between them. Curiously enough while enormous Fields of ice invade the so called Quot steamship lanes of the Atlantic at the opening of Spring during certain years in other years at that season there is comparatively Little ice to he seen. The ice comes of course from the edges of the Arctic regions from the ice bound coasts of Greenland and Labrador where huge bergs broken from the front of the glaciers at the Point where they reach the sea Start on their Long journeys toward the South driven by the great current that flows from Baffin Bay into the Northern Atlantic Ocean. A harpers weekly. Why stars twinkle. The twinkling of the stars is chiefly an effect produced in the atmosphere upon the Waves of Light it is due to currents and strata of air of different densities intermingling and floating past each other through which the Light passes to the Eye. It is seen much More in cold than in warm weather and nearer the horizon More than overhead. The same effect May be seen by looking out of a window Over a hot Radiator or a Candle held on the other Side of a hot stove so that you have to look through a body of highly heated air at the Candle flame. The flame will be seen to waver and quiver. In other words the various layers of air Are at different densities and in motion hence the "twinkle.�?Exchange. Varro b. C. 116 to 28, wrote a the land must rest every second year or be sown with lighter kinds of seeds which prove less exhaustive to the Orchard and Garden. Sweet potatoes should be dried and stored in boxes of Sand before the Frost touches them. Get ready to do some grafting in 1912. Top work that old seedling Apple tree. The Cherry comes first then Plum Apple quince and Pear. In storing potatoes handle them carefully. Bruised potatoes will eventually rot and Cost you a great Deal just through Lack of a Little thoughtfulness. Balsams show to Best advantage whet they Are primed to one straight Stem. Pinch off every Side Branch and the Songie stalk left will be completely covered with a mass of Bloom. A sad pealing. Quot Baggsby takes even his pleasures Quot he does a a ofes and to such an extent that then he goes on a spree he never sees Green serpents Pink monkeys or purple elephants like other Fellows. He sees nothing but Black american. The grass widow defined. It is related of a methodist Bishop that when presiding Over a District conference in North Carolina he had an attack of Hay fever and in consequence was somewhat irascible and impatient. A Young preacher who gave a rather poor account of his work was Given n severe reprimand by the Bishop and asked to state the reason for his failure. A Well Bishop a he explained a we had a lot of trouble the first year with a grass widow and a a a grass widow la roared the Bishop. A and what Pray is a grass widow a Quot a grass widow Bishop a responded the Young Clergyman a is a woman whose husband died of Hay so Louis Republic. Perhaps. A Why a said the Young Man who tries to he cynical a Are dogs and horses to much More faithful in their friendships for us than our fellow human beings a a perhaps a replied miss Cayenne a a it a often due to the fact that we treat them with so much More kindness and Star. A Good third. A a you admit that you Are not first in her affections yet you seem Quot of i can to expect to compete with the pug dog and the rubber Plant a Washington Herald. Easily spotted. Quot is this dress Apt to be easily spotted a she inquired. A at least four blocks off i should judge a answered the gentlemanly Herald. Who keeps one end in View maker All things . Chamberlains stomach and liver tablets do not sicken or Gripe and May be taken with perfect safety by the most delicate woman or the youngest child. The old and feeble will also find them a most suitable remedy for aiding and strengthening their weakened i fration and for regulating the bowels or aah a by All dealers. Stated a fact. A Clergyman highly esteemed for his Many excellent qualities of which oratory is not one has recently had placed in his Church by his Loving congregation a new pulpit. It is a Fine piece of work ornate with carving and artistic embellishment. But the text inscribed on it considering the effect of the Good rectors sermons might have been More happily chosen. A the liveth his beloved sleep a it runs. The Way of them. Quot of yes he a a very intellectual a what makes Yon think that a a i judged so from his a Why what does he talk about a a a he a forever talking about How intellectual he Standard and times. The measure of life. There is no use in refining that life is Short. It is not to be measured by the Quantity of its years but by the Quality of its Ledger. He that plants thorns will not gather . 1 great natural Bridge Justice Marshall called it Quot god a greatest Miracle in 8tone,�?� the great natural Bridge which is one of the natural wonders of the United states overlooks the James River Valley being on the Western slope of Tho Blue mountains. It is just about the Center of the state. It approaches Niagara in grandeur and exceeds it in height and awful mystery. It is a single Block of Limestone with Many shades of color. The Walls Are smooth As if Cut with chisels and there is no sign of displacement. Tho visitor follows a tumbling Cascade Down a deep fissure in the Mountain under some of the largest Arbor Vitae Trees in the world and turning Down a line of Steps Cut into the precipice suddenly finds himself by a Swift Stream in a dark Canyon and the great Bridge far above him. Washington when a Surveyor for lord Fairfax visited the natural Bridge and carved his name where it May still he seen. The original Bridge tract was granted by King George Iii. To Thomas 1774. After he was president Jefferson a visited the place surveyed it and made the map with his own hands. Jefferson spoke a of the place As Quot a famous place that will draw the attention of the chief Justice Marshall wrote of Tho Bridge As a a god a greatest Miracle in Henry Clay wrote of Quot the Bridge not made with hands that spans a River carries a Highway and makes two mountains foot of the Bee. Strong claws and flexible pads for. Rough and smooth surfaces the seeming Miracle of insects walking nonchalantly on a Selling is explained by Tickner Edwardes chairman of the British beekeepers association in his Hook on a Tho lore of the insects owe such Power it appears to an ingenious device which is Well illustrated in the foot of the Bee. She has a pair of Short Strong double claws which will take her securely Over All but the smoothest and shiniest surfaces and it is with these claws that bees form themselves into dense clusters and knots and cables within the hive holding hand to hand As it were in All directions. But when there is nothing for the claw to hold by another part of the foot comes into play. This is a soft flexible pad which is always covered by a thick oily exudation. _ in walking the Bee puts her feet Down three at a time the pads adhering instantly they come into Contact with the smooth surface. At the next step the other three pads come into play while the first three Are. Stripped off. But each foot is capable of attaching and detaching itself independently of its Fellows. In this Case we learn a the stripping is accomplished by downward pressure of the claws of the same saxons. Saxon is from a Seax a a sword and so the a men of the in the Early Days the saxons took for themselves such names As a bloody a a a Skull Cleaver a a a death a head a names which in no Way belled their original character. The a Berserker rage of the old Vikings spread death and destruction All around the coasts which they haunted and by the terror of their name they led the christians to put into their Litany the prayer a deliver us o lord from the fury of the very terrible were these old saxons and to this Day the most dreadful of All the people on the face of the Earth when they Are tor roughly roused Are Tho descendants of the same men of the York american. End of altruism. Because he was too soft hearted to ask his poverty stricken Landlady to buy new rugs for his room the altruistic Young Man bought several Small rings and spread them Over the floor. Immediately after the next sweeping Day she presented a Bill for the weeks expenditures items room rent breakfasts laundry and beating rugs 25 cents. A hello a said the altruistic Young Man. Quot what does this mean a a just what it says a she returned. A if folks must cover their floor with extra rugs have to pay for beating Mem that Sall. I can to afford to do it for and from that moment altruism lost a York times. Persian Ware. True porcelain was never produced in Persia but hard paste porcelain in persian forms and styles of decoration was made in China. For the persian Market. Wine Ewers with powder Blue Glaze and Gold Over Glaze decoration Small vase and bowls with Bronze Luster Glaze and designs reserved in White Are found in collections of persian Ware hut these Are unquestionably of chinese . Homelike. Mamma Why Are you hiding from your Little brother Lizzie Lizzie of we Are just playing. In a the lady of the House a and Tommy is the Butcher come with his news. Woman a intuition. Mrs. Crib Shaw i can to understand Why i did t see those faults in you before we were married. Or. Crab Shaw its quite Plain my dear. I done to possess . A Stolon kiss it seems strange that because a Man steals a kiss his girl should break the engagement but that is what a Germantown clubman is telling his associates. Quot of she objected seriously to my stealing a kiss a he said. A ooh nonsense a interrupted one of the group. A Neil is too sensible to do a thing like a but she did a the other protested. A you. See she caught me stealing it from another girl and immediately she protested that stealing was a crime of which she certainly did not Approve.�?Philadelphia times. Both died As they wished to. Tennyson who was a shy reserved Man could never understand Robert Browning s love of society. He had been heard to remark that Browning would die in a White Choker at a dinner party. The two poets died As they would have wished to die Robert Browning in the grand Palazzo Ress Nicco with his son by his bedside and lord Tennyson in his beloved Surrey Home surrounded by his loved Eastern Shore of Virginia produce Exchange. Incorporated january 26. If tog Den t. Gunter. President. A. Mcl filth. Secy and treas. W a. Durton Gen. My or. Ceneria Oftie Onley Virginia. Growers Agency Irish and Sweet potatoes it p 1 r onion Ber re. Tor Choice peas Etc. Operates at All the principal shipping stations and wharves in Accomac and Northampton counties. Ort a Ute improved grading and packing of Roods. Proper distribution on the Vai Lour a z. Markets. The establishment of Home markets and everything that tends to higher p ties for farm products and the better condition of the Farmers. Fit then years experience. V. A. Stewart with Robt. T. Cochran amp co. Commission merchants. Southern fruits and vegetables. 200 Washington Street shipping number 23 new York references a Aetna National Bank n. Dunes and bradstreets. We represent the Eastern Shore of a. Produce Exchange. Clifton amp Woodland co., general commission merchants. 217 s. Charles Street. No titty nip shipping letters c. Amp w. . Sole agents for e. S. A. Produce Exchange for Baltimore. Geo. Tull amp co., wholesale produce commission merchants 99 Park place 0 new York. References a Aetna National Bank new York Farmers amp merchants National Bank Onley a. Bradstreets and dunes agencies. Selling agents e. S. Produce Exchange Albo Southern produce company Norfolk a. G. Raven bub. Established 1869. Richardson. G. Rivenburg amp co., commission merchants fruit amp produce w poultry calves and eggs 168 Reade Street new York. Selling agents for the Eastern Shore of Virginia produce Exchange and produce Exchange of Marx land. References Irving National Exchange Bank. I of. A. Burton Onley a. And the Trade generally i Penin Sidan. Y., f generally. J shipping no. 153 established 1887. Hutchinson amp co., wholesale commission a fruits and merchants produce. 315 Washington st., shipping no. 1 04 new York. Reference Peoples Safe Deposit and Trust co., Jersey City. Aetna National a Bank new York bradstreets and Dun s mercantile agencies. William s. Ashby with likes Berwanger amp co., clothiers 8, 10 amp 12 e. Baltimore st tailors Baltimore my. Furnishes tax notice. To the tax payers of Accomac county notice in hereby Given that the state tax and county Levy for the year 1911 Are now due and in pursuance of Law we will be at the following named places in said districts at the times herein specified for the purpose of collecting said taxes and levies Viz appointments of a. Lilliston. Keller oct. 4th, nov. 11th, afternoon. Onancock oct. 28th and 31st,nov. 1st and 18th, afternoon. Nashville a nov. 15th, 11 to 4. Onley oct. 16th, nov. 16th, afternoon. Locustville nov. 17th, afternoon. Melfa nov. 14th, afternoon Finney nov. 20th, afternoon. Accomac oct. 2d and 3d, nov. 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th. Appointments of w. Pruitt or. Parksley sept. 30th and nov. 24th and 25th. Temperanceville oct. 30th and 31st, and nov. 27th, 28th, 29th and 30 the. nov. 9th, 10th and 11th. Marsh Market nov. 16th,morning. Saxis nov. 16th, night and 17th, morning. 8anford�?nov. 17th, afternoon and 18th, morning. Hunting Creek nov. 20th, morning. Leemonte nov. 20th, afternoon. Justis Villez nov. 22d, afternoon. Accomac o. Day of every court. If you need buggy or harness Call at new Church and see me before Yon by. I have the largest Stock on hand i Ever carried and am constantly adding to same. Yon will find everything at my place of business in a first class Carriage and saddlery establishment such As whips blankets Robes collars pads foil line of Stock food liniments Healing powders disinfectants clocks watches spectacles Eye glasses also Gem it. Safety razors. A fall line of paints Oil and varnishes both for buggy and House painting. I have a few second hand Bugg ies from $5.00 to $15.00, Call for what Yon want Price is right. G. Covington new Church a. Those failing to pay their taxes before december 1st, 1911, will have 5 per cent added to their tax Bills As the Law directs. All tax payers Are requested to pay before december st and thus save the penalties. Those who have not paid their 1909 and 1910 taxes Are requested to do so at the appointments most convenient for them. A 1910 capitation tax unpaid by november 15th, 1911, will be returned delinquent. Inf 16 of capitation tax for 1911, will be required six months be fore the november election in 1912 order to vote. Yours very truly a. Lilliston treasurer. Pruitt Deputy a a Parksley Marble works manufacturers of Marble and Granite monuments headstones Tad it lets &c., also dealers in Iron Fence. A. Howard p proprietor a Parksley Virginia in the clerks office of the circuit court of the county of Accomac on the 13th Day of october a. D., 1911. Abraham Jones and wife and others plaintiffs against Elsy Jones administrator and others defendants. In Oban Cery. The object of this suit is to partition among the heirs at Law of Elsy Jones the real estate of which she died seized and possessed and in the event that cannot be done to sell said real estate and partition the proceeds. And an affidavit having been made and filed that there Are persons interested in the real estate to be divided or disposed of in this canse whose names Are unknown and who Are made defendants by the general description of parties unknown it is ordered that they do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what is necessary to protect their interests in this suit. And it is further ordered that a copy Hereof be published once a week for four successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published in the county of Accomac and that a copy be posted at the front door of the courthouse of this county on or before the next succeeding Rule Day from the Date Hereof. John d. Grant jr., clerk. A copy Teste John d. Grant jr., o. C. Warner Ames amp Mapp amp Mapp p. Q. In registered Stock for Sale. My fall litters of Berkshire pigs Are now ready for shipment and can furnish pairs or trios not Akin 3 Large gilts will weigh about 150 lbs., very Good individuals one male will weigh 250 to 300 lbs., a Good Type Berkshire with very fancy head. Will furnish registers and ship subject to examination if not satisfactory can be shipped Back to me at my expense. Large Strain barred Plymouth rocks male and female. Also Nice pair Bay mares 5 and 6 years old weighing Between 1 100 and 1,200 pounds each sound and Good workers. A Gray gelding 4 years old sound and Good Driver. Everything in the Best of condition. R. S. Young Onley a. C. S. Waples with we. Waterall amp co., front and Mechanic sta., Camden n. J., manufacturers of combination and Universal mixed paints White Lead roof paints Etc. For Sale by j. Rogers amp bros., Finney Boggs amp co.?. Powell amp Waples Mab Tih Mason co. Rogers bros., Rogers amp Boggs Mella. A. Marsh amp bros., a. G. F. Byrd. Me Songo a. Baltimore office fi14 american bin dim Martin amp Mason co Call attention to their Large Stock of. Sash doors blinds mouldings builders hardware shingles. Laths. Lime Drucks and building material generally. Paints. Oils and painters supplies. We Are prepared to Cut House Bills to order also to manufacture barrel Staves and head of Good Quality. On grist Mill will run every sat urday notwithstanding reports to the contrary. We shall at All times be pleased to show our goods and invite Yon to Call and inspect our Stock before making your purchases and we will save you Money. Martin amp Mason co Harborton. A. R. L. Cotona bricklayer and plasterer Accomac c. H., a. Work done by Day or contract satisfaction guaranteed. And dead taken up and removed to cemetery. See me for Low prices before bargaining with anyone else. Can cancer be cured it can. The record of the Kellam Hospital is without Pagel Lel in history having cured to stay cured permanently without the use of the knife or a Ray Over 90 per cent of the Many hundreds of sufferers from cancer which it has treated during the past fifteen years. We have been endorsed by the Senate and legislature of Virginia. We guarantee our cures. Physicians treated free. Kellam Hospital 11617 West main Street a . Virginia Virginia in the clerks office of the circuit court of the county of Accomac on the 19th Day of october a. D., 1911. William t. Mason of a and another plaintiffs. Against Mary 8. Masons o or a tors and others defendants. In chancery. The object of this suit is to partition and in the event partition cannot be made then to sell All of the real estate of which Mary s. Mason died seized and possessed and to distribute the proceeds thereof among the parties entitled thereto. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendants Winifred Kelly and Maggie Kelly his wife Nellie Wallace and Mary f. Haneon four of the defendants in the above entitled cause Are not residents of the state of Virginia and that All other persons whose names Are unknown and who Are made parties defendants by the general description of parties unknown Are parties unknown it is ordered that they do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what is necessary to protect their interests in this suit. And it is further ordered that a copy Hereof be published once a week for four successive weeks in the a Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published in the county of Accomac and that a copy be posted at the front door of the courthouse of this county on or before the next succeeding Rule Day from the Date Hereof. John d. Grant jr., clerk. A copy Teste John d. Grant jr., o. 0. Mapp amp Mapp p. Q. New York Phila. Amp Norfolk r. R. In Riffett april 30, 1911. Leave a new York n.8 9 00 Philadelphia 1117 a. Wilmington 12 02 p. Baltimore 10 00 South bound Traina. No. 49 no. 37 no. 45 no. 41 no. 47 p. A. P. P. A. 12 38 3 38 8 00 3 u0 5 57 10 00 545 6 57 3 44 653 455 10 44 900 leave Delmar Salisbury Tasley jape Charles did Point Norfolk arrive 9 05 a. P. M., p. P. St 10 45 6 57 10 16 135 3 10 11 01 709 1027 1 48 p. 4 39 109 9 14 615 430 10 28 4 30 800 620 6 30 it 9 05 725 725 North bound trains. No. 44 no. 48 no. 50 no. 80 no. »6 leave . . . . . Norfolk 800 615 800 old Point 8 45 7 15 8 45 Cape Charles 11 05 930 600 1135 Tasley 10 49 7 31 . 112 a. Salisbury 734 135 12 25 942 8 19 Delmar 8 01 200 12 54 1016 858 arrive a. P. A. P. M Wilmington 1122 p. 4 35 405 7 41 Philadelphia 12 08 622 500 826 Baltimore 12 40 6 52 601 9 50 new York n.8. 2 44 805 732 1118 trains 49 and 50 daily. Trains 37, 45, 41, 47, 44, 48, 80 and 16 daily except sunday. B. Cooke r. V. Massey. Raffle manager. Superintendent Twenty years of fair dealing should justify anyone wanting a Tomb or Monument on this Peninsula in writing to a a Laurel del., or seeing our local agents t. G. , Onancock. Pruitt Temperanceville go. Abdell Belle Haven. I. Drum Moid a inv evils cemetery notice persons in Accomac and adjoining counties wishing to Mark the grave of a relative or Friend with a Tablet Tomb or Headstone a Marble or polished Granite can now de so at a very Small outlay As we keep in Stock a Large collection of finished work of modern designs of the Best workmanship and at the very lowest prices. 116 n. Liberty st. Near Lexington also 314 s. Charles st. Gaddess Brothers established seventy five years Baltimore my. Luther t. Lewis Sailmaker at f. C. Lewis store Hunting Creek a. All repair work done 1

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