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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Sep 11 1918, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - September 11, 1918, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Volume xxix. Accomac c. Va., saturday August 14, 1909. Number h. Fletcher jr., Accomac. S. K. Powell Onty cock. Fletcher amp Powell attorneys at Law offices a Accomac c. And Onan cock a. Practice in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. N. B. Wescott. S. Jas. Turlington. Wescott amp tukl1ngton. Attorneys at Law. Offices Accomac c. H., Mappa Burg and fair Oaks a. Practice in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Q. Walter map. J. Brooks Mapp Mapp a Mapp attorneys at Law. Offices Orangeville Keller and Accomac c. H., practice in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Otho p. Mears attorney at Law offices Eastville Northampton county and Accomac court House practices in All courts on to e Eastern Shore of Virginia. John 3. Parsons attorney Ai Law Accomac courthouse a. Will practice in All courts of acco Mac and Northampton counties. Jno. R. And j. Harry Rev attorneys at Law. Offices Accomac c. And Parks Ley. At Accomac c. H., every wednesday. Will practice in All the courts of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Roy d. White attorney at Law offices Parksley and Accomac c. Practices in All courts of acc Mae and Northampton counties. Prompt attest Lou to All business. Ben t. Gunter attorney at Law a Accomac 0. H., va., will practice in All the courts of Accomac and Northampton counties Warner Ames attorney at Law offices Accomac c. And Onancock. At Accomac c. Every wednesday and Friday. A a will practice in All the courts of Accomac and Northampton counties. John e. Nottingham jr., a attorney at Law a Frau town a practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Will he at Eastville and Accomac c. A Quot Eranuy of every court and at East Ville every wednesday. L. Floyd Nook a attorney at Law a Accomac c. H., a. A practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Or. D. A Lilliston dentist. A Accomac court House �? jfflcehoursfrom9a. M. Too p. M. Will he at Parksley every tuesday. Or. W. M. Turlington veterinarian fair Oaks a. Reference past patrons. Can be called by phone Day or night. W. G. Emmett real estate town residences from $1,000 up notary Public Belle have Virginia. Fixed. E. Ruediger a county Surveyor Accomac c. H., a. Thoroughly equipped wit i latest and Best instruments oilers his services to the citizens of Accomac of unto. Will meet All engagements promptly. Paul Dewees plumber steam and hot water fitter Pocomoke City . P. Bell amp co. Druggists Accomac c. a va., agents for Waterman a Ideal Fountain pens. Stock always on hand. Finest line of stationery on Eastern Shore of a. August 17, 18, 19, 20,�?T09. Great interest is manifested. Bet ready. Thousands Are coming additional grand stand room provided. Exhibits wanted. Write for Premium list. Admission -25c. Nights fair grounds opened at night. Big wild West a Robbins on grounds other attractions. Night admission to grounds 10c. Remember place and Date fair grounds Salisbury md., August 17, 18, 19, 20, 1909. Co me. Established in 1862. C 3. Schermerhorn amp son receivers shippers dealers Grain Hay and Mill Yasda linseed meal Cotton seed meal Best Stone Lime in bbl. Virginia Laws complied with. Also distributors of the Purina poultry feeds. 127 and 129 Cheapside near Pratt Street. Baltimore my at last a shoe has been made for tender feet the6lflve�oikejshoe, new s350 sold by by pm so rat a a dealers notice to creditors commissioners office Accomac o. H., va., a july 27th, 1909. To the creditors of William r. Bunting deceased and All others concerned you Are hereby notified that pursuant to decree of court in the suit of Jno. Robt. Core amp wife is. William r. Buntings adm. Metals i have appointed the 18th Day of August next at my said office of All debts and demands against the said decedent or his estate at which time and place Yon Are required to attend and prove your claims. Given under my hand the Day and year first above written. Same a. T. Ross commissioner in chancery. For coloured people Only. To to the Beach. I will take excursion parties to Cedar Island Parramore a Beach hog Island and me Tompkin from or. Colie Harmony a wharf at Wachapreague during this summer at moderate rates. My gasoline launch will accommodate 100 passengers or More and will take them comfortably and expeditiously. Parties wishing my services will Confer with me in person or by mail As to rates Etc. Fred Bayly cold Wachapreague va., May 12, 1909. Jas. W. Broughton. L. Len Lilliston. Broughton amp Lilliston fire Marine Accident plate Glass and life insurance Accomac Central agricultural fair. August 17, 18, 19, 20, 1909. Look who is coming ? everybody is coming to the eleventh annual fair of the coloured people to be held at Tasley Accomac co., a. Why ? it is situated within five minutes walk of the station. The grounds Are being prepared by its officers. Attractions of All kinds Are being secured daily from Philadelphia Richmond and other cities. Special addresses will be delivered each Day of of the fair by some of the Best known orators of the h. Hall a. E. Satchell president. Secretary. Pm mrs it t Don t blame the gook if your bread and pastry is the soggy indigestible misery making kind. Its dollars to doughnuts that the flour is guilty of the offence. Our flour makes Light White delicious bread and pastry always. A poor Luck is unknown where it rules the cooking. It insures Good results because it is uniform in Quality monday tuesday wednesday and every Day in the week the Best. Candidly can you afford to go on using Hap Hazard flour when our mul to sons Amer system puts our Superior product in your Home at less expense a we Cut out the retailers profits. We sell you flour direct at wholesale prices. We will save you All those dollars that the retail dealer has previously pocketed. Try our method. You la never go Back to the old Way. Write us for prices. To comic City i her secret a she told it frankly and was glad that she did. Eagle Mills by Byron h. Kelley. Copyright 1909, by associated literary press Virginia sat Down before the Glass and took Stock of herself in Minuto and critical fashion. When a woman has reached her Twenty eighth year she is either at her worst or her Best and Virginia was at her Best. Her Glass told her that and the faces of her friends of her own age who had faded about her until she was left like the one perfect Flower in a Cluster conspicuous by her brightness. Her Little sister had just announced that or. Bridges had driven up in front of the House and was waiting a to take her driving. But Virginia sat still. She had just been making a Resolution never to go driving Alfh him again and Here he was. She clinched her hands tight. A just this once Quot she pleaded to her a on science. Her eyes met the longing ones in the Glass. A just this once and ill Tell him. I will be honest. His heart Shane to break even if mine she turned to her sister. A Dorothy dear Tell or. Bridges ill be right Down a she said gently. Then she Rose and put on her hat. It did seem so Good to be sitting beside him again if Only it were not for that miserable thing which she had promised herself she would make known to him before the drive was ended. She looked at his face. It was such a Strong Good face. Of it would be bitterly Bard to Tell him he seemed to have something on his mind too he was so grave and silent and whenever he looked at her it was with quiet penetration. Virginia leaned Back against the thick Cushion trying to steady herself. She did not notice that plume had stopped trotting and was walking slowly. But when a hand fell Over hers she started and looked into the eyes of the Man whose face had come suddenly near to hers. A Virginia dear Little girl a she knew what must come after those words but she could not speak. A a Virginia a his eyes held hers a i love you a then he smiled his Swift gentle smile As if her silence had reassured him. That smile seemed to break the spell. Virginia remembered that she Drew her hand from his and began to say something wildly what she did not know 110111 his changed White face stopped her. A Virginia what Are you saying promised you ? i will not believe his Stern voice braced her. A ooh but you must you must a she said. A a i will not believe it. I will not believe that you do. Not care for me that you have led me on just for pastime. It Isnit True is it dear a his voice had softened again. put his Arm about her and Drew her against him until her Cheek touched his. A Tell me All about it a he urged. A i must know it All. There is some mistake somewhere i am sure. Tell me he released her gently and waited. Virginia gathered herself together desperately. �?o111 Tell you everything Arthur a she said. A i promised myself that i would before this drive was ended. I should have told you before Only i could not somehow. I shall begin at the beginning and Tell it All and then you May think what you please of a it happened ten years ago when 1 was about eighteen and Andrew two years older. We had known each other always. lived in that Little Gray House next to ours until his father got into some financial difficulty and lost what property he had. Or. Hall never could get along somehow. I always liked Andrew better than any other boy be Wras so Good hearted and gentle. One night when we were walking Home from Church he asked me to marry Virginia hurried a Little. A it was june and there was Beautiful Moonlight. I had never dreamed of marrying him or anybody then but he looked so handsome and he seemed to much in Earnest that i promised before i thought. Then i was frightened. Because i knew my people would never consent to it. My Mother always said she was afraid Andrew would to just like his father and never amount to anything. So wre decided to keep our engagement a secret. A just after that or. Hall was taken with a great desire to go West. knew he could do something out there. I think he had an idea that Gold nuggets could be picked up like acorns. Anyway he was perfectly crazy to go and he went and took Andrew with him. We wrote Back and Forth pretty steadily for awhile. Andrew did no to like the West very Well and his father was disappointed a but they would have to stay there until they had earned Money enough to get Back Home with. Well i done to know i was in school and there were so Many things to take my time that i guess i grew careless about writing and Andrew seemed to grow just As careless himself. Besides he and his father were constantly on the move. I think they must have travelled the West Over pretty thoroughly. The last time i heard from Andrew was three years ago. said he was still trying to get Rich and talked of going to the Klondike. I answered the letter but perhaps he never got it. A you Are the first person i Ever told this to a she said looking earnestly at Arthur. A i he said quietly. thought he could understand what manner of Man it was that would keep a girl to a foolish Promise in this Way for eleven years. A you really think Virginia that Andrew will come Back a he asked. A yes i really think a and you will marry him if he does Virginia turned very Pale. A you see Virginia a Bridges went on gently a i have some old fashioned notions about these things. Unless you love him you have no business to marry him were you Twenty times promised to him. It would not be fair to him. And it would be most unjust to Virginia never had thought of that. A now ill Tell you what i shall do for i think i have something to say in this matter. I will wait jus Leone More year for Andrew to put in 7i7s appearance just one year not a Day More or less and if he does no to come then i shall take you for myself. Do you understand me. Virginia a she looked at him with a brightening face. But the brightness quickly faded like the Light from a Sunset Cloud. A and if he does come a she gasped. A Why then that a a matter for your own deciding. If you love him enough to marry him. Marry him. But if you done to he smiled a a you a better marry some one you during the rest of the drive Virginia sat trying to realize things. She could not be thankful enough that she had told him and he did not despise her. It was g by the clock when plume trotted Down the Long Street and left Virginia at her own door. She ran into the House Unpi nning her hat As she ran. Her Mother came in from the dining room with a dish in her hand. A Virginia guess who has come while you be been gone a be said. A i done to know a be faltered. A Andrew Vilall would you believe it i thought i knew him when i saw him go by in the bus. Afterwards mrs. Ward came in and told me. Wasny to dressed any better than he was when he went away. I guess he Hasni to brought much Back with him except Liis wife. a a married a Virginia Sank trembling into a chair a so mrs. Ward says. She a been Over to the hotel to see Dorothy danced in from the Kitchen. A Mamma a she bawled a the Tea is boiling Over Quot mrs. Swift hurried out and Virginia her hands pressed to her throbbing heart understood the situation. A few minutes later Arthur Bridges drove up to the Bouse. entered the Library where Virginia sat weeping softly from Joy. A my own sweetheart a he exclaimed As he took her in his arms. A there is no one Between us. Now. Andrew Hall has just come Back with his a i know. Mamma just told me and a and i am so glad Arthur a said at last. On one occasion a Highland minister called upon or. Alexander Whyte of Edinburgh for some financial assistance for the work in the North. Or. Whyte regretted that he could not afford to assist the Highlander but advised him to visit a wealthy Layman in the City. Going to the House of the wealthy Layman the Highlander found him disinclined to give and ungracious in manner. Nettled at his reception the Highlander answered brusquely. Resenting the tone the Rich Man asked a and whom do you take me for a a a fire deserving sinner like myself a came the Quick retort. Returning to or. Whyte he explained the circumstances. A you did not say that a eagerly asked the doctor. A Aye i did Quot replied the other. A Well Well in be been wanting to say a that to him for the last fifteen years Here a a five Pound note for your advertiser. An Independent Miller. A when Frederick built his famous Palace of sans Souci there happened to be a Mill that greatly hampered him in the execution of Bis plans and be asked the Miller for How much he would sell it. The Miller replied that for a Long series of years his family had owned the Mill which had passed from father to son and that he would not sell it for any Price. The King used every solicitation offered to build him a Mill in a better place and pay him besides any sum he might demand but the obstinate Miller still persisted in his determination to preserve the inheritance of his ancestors. Irritated at last by his conduct the King sent for him and said in an angry tone a Why do you refuse to sell your Mill notwithstanding All the advantages i have offered you a the Miller repeated his reasons. A do you know a continued the King a that i could take it without giving you a Penny a a yes a returned the Miller calmly a if it were not for the chamber of Justice at the King was so flattered by this answer which showed that he was incapable of an act of injustice that he dismissed the Miller without further entreaty and changed the plan of his Garden. Teaching horses to jump. There Are three methods used coaxing lunging and driving. There Are three methods of teaching a horse to leap coaxing lunging and driving. In the coaxing method the Young horse is turned into a Small paddock having a Low hedge or hurdle across the Center in Plain View of the Pupil a rider of a Veteran jumper should take him Over the hurdle several times. The Trainer then goes to the opposite Side with a measure of Corn or Oats and Calls the horse shaking up the Grain and pouring it with his hand Back and Forth in the receptacle. The Boundary will soon be cleared and when a few mouthfuls have been eaten the station of the instructor should be at the other Side of the hurdle and the lesson repeated. If this be done daily the hurdle May be gradually heightened. The habit of jumping is thus acquired without those risks which attend a novel performance when a heavy Burden oppresses the strength and whip and Spur distract the attention. The horses body says country life in America is not partially disabled by the imposition of a heavy Load before the Powers Are taxed to the utmost and his capabilities Are unfettered. The second method is termed lunging. A Long rein or Cord is attached to the bit and the animal is exercised in a Circle in which a hurdle has been placed or a shallow ditch dug. A Long lashed whip used Only to keep him in motion or lightly applied at the proper moment will keep him up to his work. Soon the horse will enter into the spirit of the occasion and by unmistakable signs will Manifest his enthusiastic enjoyment of the exercise. The third method driving is exactly what its name implies. At first the obstruction should be slight. Any open space will answer the purpose an Earth or Sod surface or Tan bark being preferable. Long reins a straight bar or snaffle bit a Long whip and patience and perseverance Are required. All tilings considered the driving method is f lie quickest and surest Way of teaching the horse to leap. When he has become somewhat proficient having thoroughly Learned what is required of him. The Saddle May be called into requisition and the practical lessons begun. Almost any Young horse can be taught to leap. Of course his profi Cie icy will depend on the care bestowed on his training and on his general characteristics of wind limb and nerve. An Ordinary cob or Morgan will attain the proficiency of an Irish Hunter but any horse that is used for a Saddler will be of far greater value his owner if he can be taken occasionally for a Cross country ride and put Over ditches and Low obstructions. Ethics and morality. If a woman a husband has been silly enough to take More wine than is Good for him. Morality would Lead her to Send him to bed. Ethics would Lead her to Send him to Coventry. And ethology would probably Lead her to Send him to a penal settlement for inebriated so if a Many a wife throws a Teapot at him As happened recently in the aristocratic neighbourhood in which i live morality would Lead him to go out of the House for an hour or so and give her nerves a Chance. Ethics would probably induce him to go out of the town and write to her from a Garden City that their temperaments were incompatible. What ethology would make him do i hardly dare to Chesterton in illustrated London news. A philosophers fable. Arthur Aull is a Epson Sable for this one a Folly Genius and common sense once went walking and name to a Stream. Genius having his head in the Clouds naturally started to Wade across paying no attention to the depth. The Waters soon went Over his head and he was drowned. Common sense hunted for a Safe Way to get across and finally he found a foot log. As he got out about the Center of the Stream the log swayed and he fell into the water and Sank to Rise no More. Folly stopped at the Bank of the Stream to amuse himself by throwing pebbles into the water and watching the Waves. sat upon the moist cold Bank until he caught a cold which developed into pneumonia of which he soon died. does no to make much difference after All whether you Are a Genius a Sage or a fool. You la get it sooner or later a Exchange. Defying death. There is no use of Reading any More rules about How to live a Long time an old lady 100 years old has eaten new England doughnuts All her Birmingham age Herald. The official Goat. A your wife does no to seem to cart much for that Friend of a no. a the Man i Lay the blame on when in a detained Philadelphia in Ost. Lloyd and Blaine druggists Pocomoke City my. More accurate. The pastor and his wife had called upon a member of the congregation a widow with a Small but exceedingly Lively boy. And were on their Way Home. A Well a a said the preacher a she seems to be a very intelligent woman a and very positive in expressing her a on the contrary Quot said his wife a she struck me As being strongly a negative How a a everything she said to her Little boy began with a a done to Johnny a a a Exchange. Sympathy of the Flowers. More or less credence in still Given in England to the old belief in the sympathy of the vegetable kingdom for human suffering. A i prayed All night Quot writes a Gardener whose employer was very sick a and the Flowers on my window Sill drooped and i said to myself they were dead. But toward morning they picked up and i was sure enough the master was better. And the same thing had happened to the Flowers i had sent to his bedroom. They were dying and they came to life again. And i knew when those Flowers picked up that the master was painters Colic. Mamma what a the matter with fido Tommie of. I was playing with my soldiers and he came in and insisted upon Licking the whole army. A Yonkers statesman. We not Only carry a full line of drugs drug sundries perfumery toilet articles stationery and everything kept in a first class drug store but we also carry a full and Well selected Stock of chinaware and glassware. Dinner sets from $8.00 to $50.00. Chamber sets from $2.50 to $8.00. Parlor lamps $1.50 to $10.00. Clocks $1.00 to $15.00. Pictures framed from 25 cents to $5. You will find our jewelry silverware and Cut Glass department Complete. We will be pleased to have you Call at our store when visiting Pocomoke. Prompt attention Given to mail and Telephone orders. Lloyd amp Blaine Pocomoke City l. J. Byrd general employment agent 604 e. Pratt Street Baltimore my. Card to the Cle chants. I James b. Lingo merchant of secured the Agency for the counties of Accomac and Northam Tofi for the tale to the merchants of the above named counties of the following indispensable remedies especially for horses red White and Blue the greatest condition horse powder on the Market a trial will be most convincing. I also sell to the merchants crafts world renowned distemper and cough cure. I also sell tweeds liniment recommended and used by All the leading horsemen of the country. All orders received from merchants will have our most careful and prompt attention and receive our highest appreciation. Write to me for prices amp a. Address James b. Lingo Pungoteague a. Two farms for rent for year 1910. 1. Taylor farm where Sidney Wessels now resides. 2. Small farm near Drummonds Mill part of Johnson farm. L. Fletcher Scott Accomac a. Public auction of general merchandise. My entire Stock of general merchandise will be sold at Public auction to the highest bidder commencing Friday August 20th, 1909, 10 of clock and continuing saturday and monday until the entire Stock is sold. The Stock consists in part of dry goods notions shoes hats crockery groceries tobacco. Cigars furniture and fixtures amp a. Come and get the bargains while they last. J. F. Lankford Hailwood a. Goods at Cost. All my Stock of goods except groceries consisting of dry goods ready made clothing notions hats and Caps boots and shoes and Many other things too numerous to mention Are for Sale at Cost until next Christmas when i will retire from business. Storehouse also for Sale or rent another year. R. J. Trader Poulson a. The pins. A a ooh. Dear a sighed her husbands wife �?o1 can to find a pin anywhere. I wonder where All the pins go to anyway a a a that a a difficult question to answer a replied his wife a husband a because they Are always pointed in one direction and headed in Chicago news. Take a rest. A Field that has rested gives a Beautiful . Respect for old age. A Jonas did you beat that Rug according to orders a a no so Manthy i just a did no to what a the reason id like to know a a a a cause so Manthy when i got it out on the line there and saw How frittered and feeble it was i did t have the heart to lambaste it. I know i have a shortage of Virtues so Manthy but i want you to know that respect for old age Isnit one of courier. _ for Sale at private contract. House and lot at Keller station. The House has five rooms and two porches Beautiful Shade. Grape Arbor Fig Bushes in full bearing. Barn stables Carriage House 40x44 and also one pair of Morgan inbred Road mares. As i am through carrying u. S. Mail i have no use for them. Geo. E. Bundick Keller a. Looking for business for water works of any kind either wind Mill outfit or gasoline engine outfit with air compression tank or any kind you May desire. Also gasoline engine with feed Mill and Cut off table for sawing and grinding your own stuff prices and terms right and work guaranteed All put into your hands. Apply to by a. Nook Hailwood va., or Bis local agents whose names w appear later

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