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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Sep 11 1907, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - September 11, 1907, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Saccom a if. A s or Cav january 16 097 number 28 druggist t. K. Quinby. To. I a v l-1.,.�offices a Copiaco. I Ivilou i cock will it hons wednesday or d court Days. Part jul a attention to till Inis Luo a a. . I . J. A. Burdiek Blackston Quot. I Bundick a Torii is Al Law Accorne c. A. . R at a it in a ill tin Stute courts. T a a a. W. Isell. Attorney it Luv at Romae o. 11 Vul. In a hurts of acc Piuac to unities. N h. A Wott. I. T. Gunter. Or. A a Gunter. Aiu it Rui is it Law offices Gnu use c. A. Until at Home n. B. Wese. It. Near Mapp Sbur. Practice courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. L. I Ovi it mock. Attorney a Etui notary Public. Aces umut c. A. Vul. We lira tire in a i courts of Asci use and Northampton to undies. Prompt Attenni a All business. .1am is 11. . Us. Attorney at Lxi a Accoline. A. practices in till a lie courts of mul counties. J i .1 mis. Ice it or. Hand at lowest priest. At. It -.v. Fias Ville 3ioth i us Toti a . Vul. Will tier in the courts of Arcolli Lenin. Northampton. . F. Or Rafiu. D. S in Ulick Ai i s. Kinsley i i it silk a in a hugs. Chemicals t0ilei and 1ancy articles. Pine soaps perfumes Patent medicines. Combs Brush a of All kinds flavor aug extracts syringes face powders sponges a Tec a at lowest Ian prescriptions carefully com pounded Day or night. A 3 its it a a 1 s a Al suit so j i Bitis w Accomac c. H. V\., Oire. A la �36 a full line of fancy articles. Drugs Gils paints seeds amp a. Or. Talv a z 3 Call to reformation Riv a habits. a a a l Ufaler i it Tnie f Dot Vail �>i<1 music a he a a a a a a a Tomt a i cml Lii i so a a Lin. A. A nuts a or to a a a a i a. Dis i in it. Utah. Tal. A. To a must is iut la . I a Quot Fig Cali to a Pinata u it Inni a it a Quali iia uits. A id f Ilu Vitili go my. The Icli Vas l Ixia. I a i a Ilio Hong of Tho. I Vii. Sah t a get a us it oar iti or Ivas l a a i Lias Lati. Vinse messianic Leah a lit a Lei. Okie. La us the i Antai it a a certain i Quot anti it. it a i a object near by. I Ull it to . Tange ate it will show you objects fair away. J livid a Una Christ were Belli each in Lii ova Triue he song i Quot Liv tin nos 1 Loi a new of la Ntim anti always i Hiil Narri it Hong David Tutti fully ref a a a toil Ami writ tra a a Aln ily in Wii Ieli All Sui a Rient have so Listl t. T their t Lii ii his Enri Uit a Jire of. I in it. Ii Nyji ins nil t Aleer Ami at i Quot itt Victrie a a a a arts sin Iun inf Oili 1 Laic. 11. Christ. �10 tin s in v. Is Slid inure t s in Ojei l of unholy leg. I Era the i. It. Roue is the Mure Iii Iii la s Lim. Of the Liest bring w cd st e music. Pic Well. A Tori i a -1 win a be a ill lie our s a. Of to ? Ilei n Quot ii count. ,�3 a i i. A i. A. By will lir a e a ? v. A. a a Quot a. Aye is ial Talmai i. Dos. Isa m i it to Luftis. I by Isth. I a Eudock. \.?. Iii i in i Aik Slev my jul Tiloi Eltiy of Encl. Mouth f�0 a a a d1 a 1� Luj. To a a us o o i�?1 a s 05 Van it hip Vii i. I or i. T it a a Viti 7u i a a a Rel re ii rut re a trip i Avi i i. A i to i a a t pm a my �s. I Riarte it g��1 c to to. Y. A .1 a r Liiivi in tin air or Whoso i tin c Urt it. In Init it la a a Ilia a Ini �tj. In. Ili tit u i Ruth mine. Eco i up to r to a a Llufluu. At Illarion the Mam Iii a tile Ifni elitist Ariiiy i a f tin Ihil is a Mill the a i a a r the rectum ii in a. ? a l Lai it t i est if till in fill Lihiic a a. At 1 i h of out a to ii i ill Sille t u. Aa to nuns in Liovvi ring w1-. jewelry regain d �?T5n Short n Tico. I Havi for Salt ii ill i. I lx a a a of a. To a in of Dkthos. B. Leathy a Rcv Dix test �?oueucoek. but be . A. To a la. M i a s. B. I Ari u. Dan tip it. A i a u r i Lack. To h von. V a. In i guv it vhf sni car lots to rho Brm v a in a a Powis work n a Pil i pity Vav Fil 3 . R Poconok oily. Mil. D. Kaniv a wiil be a a Contu a. H. Every a county Survey Oft court Jey. A Parks lev. Account to Coutv a�? otters his services to citizens of a v \ v j comae him . Thoroughly Etui i a Eil with latest j and Best in Strizu uts. A f go v. hl1 i Zafiu Tersoni a woodys and Ftp allow wars. us a it Vry r v a a v j it t a vex. Accomac to. A. Ill Tel Ilkiv Taw Liss. L?�?~,-.u a unti be t a 1 a a a a a sex a v a it a Al i a u Al la a l�?T-Dlli ivys �-1.-Villa Aiue �?n�Ai ii. Tune at a aerate a Rio i i 0�tamilit Sykes. A. It it a a in a. Tori pi lit Lias i a it Iva to i.,�?� a. Noi Lapre a 1. Ijiiyiiu lit i. I a . Els the fill 1? lie ills to. I ii a. Tin Inuul inv a lie a a lyrics. The s l blur i i. A j. I. Tip a a Uii ii to u style of is a a r i Ali Ink i. A Varvi r 1� m 15 a a ii ii j i. I a Oie. Limits 1r tins a Ltd Wie n a. Sing a Saloon. i r life in a Iii h Ilia i Atim is 1a Ntiiii, or Nti r you have relic no at it Yeii it at it roil lib out of it a i t let a Liaise vim. Having Tarvit l Lei ii i Tio i a i a -. Are no their a a i .?,���?ii.- i Aii i f to 0 ill Iriate. The Nffie 11 a , or what text Cali tin Sou of the i Ruuk of. V. Tjlsxx. Proi Krietor. Par Rosin a a of travel Ilik Public so lib in de., Hoird tir class. Horses Feti. The proprietor offers his services p.,. Kornev la Olio. A Mihaiu Reneri. Ift sur me Sarente a in ii a Rvl Wing iti�ichin6s la Himblsr b Cycle and other ��yti Tufik -3. A offi Stunes �ic., pc. I s Anczok. V a. .iv-i. Kopi Liros a Sovil nil Wood. \ a i. Crkv Kuai. Isl to tack Ahkvts. Fire. Brooms if rustics. Cordage. Matches. Axe handles. Axle Wrens. Barrel covers. Baskets blacking. Blank books. Glueing bowls. Churns compasses. Browmi Racks Corn Poppers. Butter wishes ., Caudle Wicks cheese safes. Clothes hamper sic. Coyotl peppers. Coffee Mills our by Combs. Corks. Paste is fati3fts. Fish Hooks and Jiucs, flour backs. Halters. Flasks tia ii Caps Lee Cream freezers horse a arts keepers Ink legs pump burners. Arc. Pulleys. Jim Kierns. Pap boards Jeiuon squeezers. Mats measures Marine a lasses mucilage. Of built 05 cans. Well buckets. Tubs. Sec i �2 South a it react Baltimore. Api. Go to j i r prior e aug Ami l in Utuui e the y Iliiuwil itv a or. 1 i to a dry. Ii. A ii Iii. Quot of if i Bill. A lift la you an uni in wind Lien a Itale Nini a Riis tor Iii a the liar. F is ugly t a Ami saving and warn ii ii Juij a 1 a ill Nii Fok the Phoenix Ai Urance co., of Loudon. Established 1t--As-ijs c ver s$,0iw,000. A _ i. A Best insurance co. Of new Dork. Over ÿTllkwlhk. Cali capital �8,Udu,. always to obtain the a a provide it savings life of new Vork. Ali Comuni ideation will receive our prompt Attentionfuchi i Lisset a Quot tit is. Tiv Osire a a. Eim a jr., bal la have a. Acc Piuac Dou Tyc Virgin a Pil v Ihu Ai. Holt a Painter. All work Trimm Nofil to in to lit i a is a air i a re a to a lit rat times training a specially. Rei3inukr. i Ami retail Deau is iti Ali kinds of f or inquire o a pets Oil Glottis matting stoves refrigerators. Baby a carriages. a to sorts of coid of oitv3r. Wheeli do Yoti in Ira a we to no at ii for. You can Iret Yoiiro Choice ti his a mad a up in the most re i it it Xii it it tract tvs a it talc a a in Fot clips Simiti jewelry. Of the Lute designs. Ivwrviioty i the Eastern Shore Kii aws Itiat Easl. At this Iuie. Means Uiiiiirt at your own Price. \ i i Iii mediate Cash for everything i j i v if 1 it Dollar to an a Tiv Breor a a a sew Here 1 will thank pi,i, of Ilieus i present Bill tor Imirie tiap p a Ament. I must also require Sii Pav uie its t r goods i sell that 1 was continue to give you tiie Tagi iof a Vearlis buying. Your Iuone lit Columbia ave., and us to 023 s un i More Mav than at. Anytime tor Manjeer? Tiey is High a ibid wiil give you ii our Lor it in every Purchase. These arc a act Worth con Baltimore my. Sideling. Souse ww. Ii fusing dec amp son Columbia ave., and nil to Portland by. Cor. Greene st. J d h n a d Ltd i jmj it u a a an City Ulm sub Urti u curs pass the door. Rel s Reet. Lati Anock. A. A locks silvsrwar5, a pc it and eve Yriiiig lifelong aug to the jewelry Trade. Look us up. It will pay you. Represented by s h. Gladding. Clr. To of v n i and ill Quot lie Lui rued ill a i n Nark that song. Is All pm i g Juleli. ? a a a a a ill of tile i in first Ruip the ?. A i lapping Rvin. ?. Seii i v a Liam in r. I to. A lie Sigil Iago the tin j. A is Snik Stisi Tom the it Relie d sinews of ? a a miss its Shell suggested a f a i Iciek of that Ulm a lie n Oral 1 Oil Tufti a cur list i ?. Is la Quot gang of drunkards. 5 oat tune a As Sung at least 4243 Yea �via u. The deluge past. Neali name a a t of the �1. Mid As if disgusted i h i my h Fn Van Nee of water lie Iti it. A Ilbrink Jirol Stagg i d fro Iii f. R All s a a a known Drill?Hanli Alai d to e Cist note of a a coct Lufusi Quot 11 iia Riei v. An aral null or Ltd a. D flu a de a Noah. I aug e. A t of Ink. Eth red each ,_f his son. T it Inil i n tin , it s Vine. Afterwards in a a i i ? a Sixl in g an j Sumii g ti�?� Iko Pippiin Iii Al Liuitt i f v. Hit a Ali v Kail found in the at i a. via.? Achiu. Is wanting and the i. ii Quot ii ? o r it. Galbriel Thirn it a ?1 Fyk Ai i lint the Devil Ball in a .1 in. inh Oil Hull Seine right to ii. Ii a a k Ili Sun Imoneil him to Apt i a i Quot 5i i and said it him a ooh i ? i Why i aft Ikon carried away the Vine Frem in a a a Fleatis Quot or a ii ?1 to Quot i. V i. a. It Geil to nit a a of Liall i l a l it ii Tyr. Said <hilric. A i Ecnscal�?� a ?-1 a ah. Quot Eil in will leave him a b a that Isnotitufli-Cjrit t r said Gaviel. A Well i will take half Quot i a died Inall, a and to Siail take i he riaer.&Quot a a i liar is not so Iii. I Ilive to a it i. -1-Dgabriel. A lit or. St Irav i -.n-thu. thou one. Ell Tiv -.viia? Sli Aii inv Lonill la Oil olo fire until pvo Chi Iris Are gone Thorn Mai Nile r shall be assigned for thy Use�?� a fable that Illa Miralis Jiow tiie Vino has 0 ? i Criari i. and 32 Allied Kings rioting in u a Viii i. Took up the saute a Ebay ii. Nubel was Rei Iderial that drunkard a song v. Lion his v. Ife Beauty fal Aiiigiil. Eiide Barb furn her exp Aniie u to save h r i Osband. Heroin was singing Llirr ring a Hen the daughter of i Odius a a ? in in the Lance Indore him. It. I Bazaar Anil a Oliou it Ai u lords relieve that ? a lie night handwriting Miniie out a i the plastering of the Wall u tin tramp of the besieging Host was heard on the Palace stairs. Aus virus Sang that song Velicu. After seven Days of Carousel lie ordered a hit to come into the presence of the roaring guests without her veil on a january Stury trying to command a tune morning. Oil yes the song of the drunkards is an old song. King Cyrus boast cel that he could drink More Vine than his brother. Drunkenness v As Soi if alarms the that la urges Hail All the vines of the vineyards destroyed. Paul excoriated the corinthians for turning the communion of the lords supper at Church Imo a Carousel. Isaiah mentions the drunkards of Ephraim. So much were the athenians Given to Wassail that a Law was passed giving a Man double punishment for crime while intoxicated a the first punishment for the crime Aud the other for Tho intoxication. Tie crime of Alexander. If a As a staccato passage in that song a Lien Alexander Tho great Arrse from a banquet Aud a Spear through the in Art of slims while putting up the curtains and. Horrified at what was none withdrew tie sword from the dead Liedy Aud attempted to Tako his own life. In the time Al Oliver com wih tin evil a As so great that id Euil i is Scro compelled id Wear what was e Miil a the drunkard s cloak a namely a barrel with one e my of it Kuneki d tint a Mil a in the a a Sposi Vernil. The arms to Irma. Ilm Tigh Bolus at the sides of Lleni or. I to Emuel Johiistn Laviele merry of his own Hiet Ariaey. Of Aid song All i i i Lurie have Joneil in. Among the lil imps eve r Sung was the song of t1at Katys. Again this song of the drunkards is i i a ii Siv a. Tim Bon tags Ami the i i to a and Nilsson and Tom either rend i. Is e h Van Al Anil Diviaio solos Rete Ivi d their thou maids of Ell a bus or Iigbt in Eelisi Unis nine Ai Aili?-1 Mil s of . Six me of i lie e Lilli of Small Means almost Paupe Rizes i hem Seive that they might sit a few evenings under the of Hose Angels Oft so trials 1 paid $7 to hear it Iriny Lind sing when it was not a very easy to afford the $7. Very exp ii j Sive is sue ii Musie hut the fees flies song on i aril is the drunkards song. It costs rain ii Andy. It casts ruin of mind. It i i us rain of soul. In right j Down among the residential streets of j any Eity and you can had once Gicanti fill Ami Lixi Orieus Linini Esteada that were exp Sidni ill Ilis Ini Isie. The lights hav gone uni in Ihu drawing room la pianos have leased the pulsation of la Weir keys the wardrobe Lias lost is last article of appropriate attire. Tile by Max Nisan feast has left nothing but the broken Pigiees or Tho Cru sized chalices. Tin mtg a i Iii Titi in illicit. Titi it tic Jill Asili st Ali Iii in a tin i Iii Tiit of a a Rinkard it in my. To la Neil iwo to Litif i i Rili in pin. Tin Rnm i a Jyh nsiv� a if All music in the a Bijj if Tom drunkards. In is Tho Iii a Iii i r it of let Iii a a or i porn tool Ivo Urilt Hui i Tariff �1 diet Quot ii a Tariff of woo a Tariff of drat i. I evil win to tin knives i f tin Assassiti, cuts tin my of tin wounds of Chi la Itji. Makes my is Irv Nuwt of tin aim Situu a s causes Law a. Roof tin ravines off Tho Ilion ii a it vat i and in Muju most of tin Iron liars of a a a Jenin Sci Aries. It bus its Viand to by on Lle Ili Roaf of tin j aim Rufati a Sulilie. If in in a pm a i r of nations and tin hut Uati tacit re it a i. S a under it anathema. Tin son of tin i drunkards has of a or its Nicrupaiiiinriit tin Tda tik a f i Isains Lii Zeliatt Ray re of i Ivy a try tin rattle of a Gnu in onery a Sej Ifford tin creaking a bar of the de Minitti Wininie tin Erash it if Sliit-Vreeks Ami Ilie Nuran of empires. Tin ��,020. Uuuood which my tests this Emi utry in a year in tiny destruction of or in and Suar and Tho us i a nth of Tom Pau Iwers and t lit invalids and i to Rrimi-Nils Wheeli sin drink causes i it Only a Small part of what is paid for this exp i Sive so Iii of to ii drunkards. A punt is soul of the drunkards is a multitudinous Sumii a not a Solo not n duet not a a Jarfet not a Sext but millions on millions Are this hour soup inti in. Let of not think that hits this lid All to itself. In has pow Erfyl rivals in Tom intoxicants of Oulu r nations Isas Nesh Ami Barrack Ulm Pul que and opium and que non and Mastic and Wedro. Ivory nation bar Bai i As w Ell As civilized has ifs Jet. Intoxicant. This sons of tin drunkards Isi Emli re d in a Hines Era Bian assyrian. Pm is Iii in Xian a Yea All tie Januraucs. All zones join it. No continent would he i in a enough for Tho a kor Nash in if All those who have this a Ihrck to in their hands should stand Side Ly Side a to giant International chorus. Other throngs just learning Tom eight notes of this death Ful music which a already nest red by the orchestras in full voice under the Baquis in full swing. All the. Musi Einus assembled at Dusseldorf or Zierlin or Boston pc Jubilee rendering symphoni���, requiem or grand marches Cf Mendelssohn or vaguer r r civic pin or Plandel were insignificant in numbers As compared with tiie innumerable throngs Host beside Host gallery above gallery who Are now pouring Forth the song a if the drunkards. Trio of salvation. Cars Igi Stiim Linig b a be it bulletin be aril in ngv Stirk on the night of a pre Sieli initial election Eltive a tie now clinic in and tie Choice of the american people wits finally Yummui Coil there were people in the ctr Ceis who Sung rostering mud frivolous songs Lut in the strip Al Cue min. In deep Strong resonant voice marked to the tune of a old hand reel a a a Praise god from whom All Lulfs sings flow Quot and soon ill up and Down i he Street the voices Joneil in tin Dtxeilugy. May a my Speed the Day when the song or re co Aud Iilva Tiomi shall drown with an overwhelming Rorge this mighty song of the drunkards again rejigs of drunkards is a up Slive song. You hear a Nursery refrain Ami right away you think of your childhood Houie Aud Brothers and Sisters with a hour you have played mud Mother Long since gone to rest. You hear a air and you think of the Encampment of 1803, until the still night on the River Bank and the campfires that Sli orc their reflections no Alid Down the Fuees of the regiment. Yon hear an old Church time Aud you arc reminded of the i Vival scenes Auvid which Yea were brought to god. Nothing so brings up isl Oci Vitinu As e. Snug Sung or played upon an instrument mud the drunkards song is full of suggestion. As vein hear in on Street quite late sum night you begin to say to your Styli a i Vunder if lie has u Mother is Lis wife waiting for him will his children be frightened when lie enters the ii ont doer and staggers v. Hooping up the Muir what Chuu Cois Llnore for that Young Man started so Early on the Down Grade in what business will he Succetti How Long before that Man will run through his property i wonder Bow in got so far astray can any influence he wielded to fetch him Back he must have got into bad company. Who led him off Quot so you Solil Quizo nine guess about this Man Elioso voice you hear on Tho Street under Tho Starlight. Generally n Cli Orus. Notice that Iho second Lioun of my text is in the plur us. Not a drunkard a but it would to Dull i work to sing that song solitary and j Ajoue. I is generally a chorus. They Are in groups. On that downward Way there must be companionship. Here and there is a Nikii so mean is Niwaye to Biriuk Sloue but generous men big hearted men drinking at bar or in res Tarraut or in clubhouse feel mortified to Tako the beverage unaccompanied. There must be some one with whom to Click the rim of Tho glasses some ones health to propose some sentiment to Toast. There must to two Ulm Srill better if four and still Bette if six to give zest to tin soil Tif Tini drunkards. Those who have gone Down could mention the Lumc of it least Sliu who helped them Down. Gent rally it is some one who was a Little higher up in social life or in financial resources. Our Friend Felt flattered to have an invitation from our of Superior Sunnio. Each to thank not Only win la he Felt like it. Hut when tin other Felt like it. Neither wanted to seem Lucking ill sociality when lit was invited tin a Hundred Oliou Siirid men every year Aro treated into hell. Ogeth. Or Are Liev i annexed of evil habit to i Basile Learned. Through Wlms Long and 1 difficult Drill one must go to succeed us a elevated and inspiring Singer. Pm uni Abbott among the most eminent win never indulge a together tin y join Ruiu driers Ilut Ever enchanted acid their voice in Tho song of the drunk-1 us Ira of music told nerds. If the one proposes to Stop thu other will not Lei him Stop. When men led Hisviilies and Hptken of the heavenly Joys upon which he had entered no. 1 do Mil think that my Fri my was any More i-Esptiiiiljle for tin Mode of his taking i la Tlen ii Iyjlmitl fever patient in it i ilium is Leqonsille for leaping out of the Fornix Story window. Eat while to a Ere heartbroken about his going away 1 think that Ili Iho saloons to i inso a in heard of ids membership of Eli Urb Miti the tragedy of his do Pur Turc lie became As did the David awl a Lio Christ of my text Tho song of the drunkards. A Smur Andily Learned. Again him song of Hie drunkards is gel her tiny travel toward their doom together they make merry Over hit cowardice or puritanical sentiment of those Cru getting Down they do not want la Weir associates to Turu Hack. Those who turn Hack will a Quot the Schilf and Euri Cuttin of those who keep on and there a ill lie conspiracy to bring them Buck to their old places and their old environment mid so have them Ronez the song of Tho drunkards. There was a tragedy in new York a september f84ii. A until of lunar Velms natural Gills had after arriving from his Homo in England fallen into dissipated hah its and i Iii a film Singer As Well As i in Persona tor entertained Many a barroom group at Newburyport Huston and new York but by tie Grace of god and tie kindness of one Joel Stratton bad Beeli i celled and took Tho platform for Tiu a route and moved vast audiences Levaril a better life. A Oiom "1 a destroy him a said sumo of his old associate and they set a trap for his feet. A Al us tin you do or. It Mali a said Sou a one Oil the Street in now York lie pretended to be an old acquaint Quot Quot Anil said a i suppose you Are so lines now and have Gnu in be so proud had Yon will not drink a Glass of soda wider with an old Quot on a Quot a a said sir. Gough. �?o1 will drink a go. A of Sotyn water with anybody. 1 a. I drink a Glass with Yuu�?� they Werni Lugii clan pliers Street to glm Liam to. T and into a Paleu where Quot list f of Oak a was Akupu Iccil at Tho floor. Alt me delay there was hand cd to him a mass of soda water said to be Flavoured with Raspberry but alas it was rum that flew to Bis brain Aud seut him through the Street All insane Man and weeks passed before lie Gnu to to him of and Hie Pardon of a in Guiti Riuo Church that he Hail joined find i. in Bis wondrous cart or for god and . But All tl0 Quot. Lit and places of Diss ipalion rang Vnli ii ziment Al downfall. All Gie shops and wine cellars it Ann ? i Quot i up with new voice mud Law g a and lies enthusiasm and lies dial m the song of the drunkards. There Lens up in my no Mory one of the Best mud Unllrst friends 1 Ever bad. It had been for 30 years a Cou-1,tent mumber of the Church. I knew j not Tomt at about 21 years of age Jio had followed the sea Ami habits of Brixey had to i a ii fixed upon him. La tit convened to god lie began a now life. Yet it was a 30 years War against the old appetite. Bat about this struggle i know untying until he was dead. While absent during Ziy summer vacation i received a Telegram announcing his death and asking me to come and officiate at his obsequies. I arrived at tie. Moment the service a a As to begin Aud Bud not much time to make inquiries about Bis last hours. In my Leni arks without any a imitations i extolled Lis Virtues while living und spoke of the heavenly raptures into which lie had entered. Afterwards i found the lie Hull died of delirium Kremens in the by Pital because lie was so violent lie Eiiiiii lift be sufficiently restrained in Bis Beautiful inline. He had been s i. To in the Street with violent pains of body and went into Tut apothecary Slon to get Ileal Relief. 80111c-thing Titre Given him set on fire ii is old appetite fur sitting drink Aud. Utterly irresponsible. Lie went from liquor Storo to liquor store until a raving maniac the officers of Tho Law booed him Aud took him to the Hospital where he died. 801110 time after i said to Hie doctor in the Hospital a of Liat did he die a mid the answer was Quot congestion of the i said a doctor i want to know a to Bottom facts for i was his pastor and lie was one of tie Best friends i Ever Bud. Was it delirium Kremens a and the doctor responded did i regret that at his obsequies i bad extol before retiring. Take Ayers pills and you will sleep better and Wake in better condition for tie Days work. Ayers cathartic pills Bave no equal As a pleasant and effectual remedy for constipation bilious Ness sick headache and All liver troubles. They Are sugar coated and so perfectly prepared that the cure without the annoyances experienced in the use of so Many of the pills on the Market. Ask your druggist for Ayers cathartic pills. When other pills wont help you Ayers is the fill that will. Me on Ocean ships deck in answer to my question 1 Quot Lii Tiger Are you hound Quot a slam going to Berlin Aud Paris to study Quot Wlms Quot i said. A after All your world renowned successes in Lundie going to study a then she told me through a hat hardships through what self denials through what almost killing fatigues she had gone in order to to a Singer and that when in her earlier Days n great Teuila r of music had told her there were certain notes she could never reach she said a i will reach them Quot nine through doing nothing else hut practice for five yours Sho did Roach them. Of How Many heroes and heroines of musical achievement there Aro songs which Aro easy to hour but most difficult to Render. Sub eur Handel with a lies oratorio entered a room where a group of musicians bad assembled and said Quot gentlemen you All read Musie Quot they said Quot yes to play in a very Well Quot said Trio great composer. play but Trio performance was so poorly done haul of stopped his Para and said a you play ill Church very Well for we read the lord is Long suffering of great kindness Aud forgiving of iniquity transgression Aud sin. But Yon Shull not play for Me�?� pure music whether lingered 011 an instrument or trilled from human lips is Mast difficult. But one of the easiest songs to learn is Hie song of Tho drunkards. Anybody can learn it. In a 1 it tic while you can touch Tho highest note of conviviality or Tho lowest Noto of besotted less. Begin moderately a sip Here and a sip there. Begin with Claret go on with ale and wind up with Cognac. First Tako the stimulant at a wedding then take it it meals then Tako it Between meals then All the Lime keep your pulse Nandor its Stealthy touch. In six months Tho dullest scholar in this apollyon in music May Baccomo an expert. First it will to sounded in a Hiccough. After awhile it will in heard in a silly Liuha farther on it will by Como a Wilt whoop. Then it will enable you to run up Anil Down Tho five lines of the musical Scalo infernal. Then you will have mastered it the song of Tho drunkard. None too old to Lorna. The most skillful Way is to adopt ii�?T0 modern theory mid give Tho Hutoxi i knew cant to your children saying to yourself Quot Quot they will in after life meet Tho intoxicants everywhere and they must get used to seeing them and tasting them and controlling their that is the Best Way of teaching them the song of Tho drunkards. Keep up that Mode of education and if you have four boys it least three of them will learn Trio drunkards song and lie Down ill 11 drunkards grave and if i Ever Laid a Wager i would a Wager that Tho four a ill lie Down with the Oiler three. Or if Hie education of tie children in this music should lie neglected it is not too late to begin at 21 years of age. Tho Young Man v. Ii find plenty of Young Lii ii who drink. They Are in every Circle 10 be i a l. Surely my boy you Are not a Enn aril and afraid of it surely Yon Are not going to be hindered by sump uary Laws or the Ryuju Slicis of Vruir old father and Mother they Aro behind the times. Take something. Tako it often. Sincof the greatest poets and orators have been notorious Imbi Bers. If von Are to i enter a parlor it makes you Ireve vivacious and Closter Fie italian. If Yon Are to transact business your easterner is Apt to buy More if yen have taken with him a Sherry Cobbler. If Yon Are to make a speech it will give von a Gibber league. Gluck could compose his Best Musie by having his piano taken into the midst of a Meadow and a hoi tic of Champagne placed 011 each Side of him. The earlier you begin to learn t he song of the drunkards Tho easier it is hut none of you is too old to learn. You Cau begin at 50 or co. Under prescription of a doctor for aids to digestion or breaking up of infirmities and close life by rendering the song of the drunkards so Well that All pandemonium a ill encore the perform since Aud want it again and again. Furthermore the last characteristic of tie drunkards song is so tremendous ,-4 that i Cun hardly bring myself to Rae Tion it. The drunkards song is a con Al tenuous slug. Once Start that tune and you keep it up. Y of have known a Hundred men destroyed of Strong drink. Yon cannot Cut Iii five who got fully started on that Road and stopped. The Grace of god can do anything but it docs not do everything. Religion saves some. Temperance societies save some. Tho bowery Mission saves some. The Contr us Mission saves some. But a Hundred thousand who Aro annually slain by Strong drink Are not saved at All. A prolonged amp i have been it u concert Wimch went on for two hours and a half and Many people Gin up anti left because it too Long hut l5 per cent of those who Are singing she drunkards song a ill to the lust Irequi of and the last teat of their hearts keep pm rendering it and Gai lories of Earth and heaven mid hell a ill stay filled with astounded pc tutors. It is such u continuous Ami prolong d song that one feels like making the prayer which a reformed due brute once made a almighty god if it to thy will that Man should suffer whatever Shemeth Good in thy sight impose upon me. Let the bread of affliction be Given me to eat. Take from me the friends of my Confidence. Let the cold lint of poverty be my dwelling place and the wasting hand of disease inflict its painful torments. Let me sow in the whirlwind and reap in the storm. Let those have me in derision who Are Ynn Ngor than l let the passing away of my welfare be like the fleeting of a Clond and the shouts of my enemies Liko the Rushing of a atom when i anticipate Good let evil annoy to. When i look for Light let darkness coins upon to. Let Tho to Crois of death to Ever before to. Do All this hut Suva to merciful god Savo me from Tho Fato of a drunkard amen. �?T1 Yon Sec this Sermon is not so much for euro As for prevention. Stop before you Start if Yon will forgive Tho sole ism. Trio clock of or. Paul s Cathedral struck 13 our Midnight and so saved Tho life of a Sentinel. Tie Soldier was arrested und tried for falling asleep at his Post one Midnight hot to declared that to was awake at Midnight und in proof that to was awake to said that he had heard Tho unusual Ocon Yreneo of to. Clock striking 13 instead of 12. How As laughed to scorn Aud sentenced to death but three or four persons hearing of Tho Case came no in time to swear that they too heard Tho clock strike 13 that sumo Midnight and so thu Many a life was spared. My hearers if you go on until thoroughly learn the drunkard so song perhaps in Tho deep Midnight of your soul there May sound something that will yet effect your moral and eternal Rescue. But it is a risky it is exceptional. Go ahead on that wrong Road und Trio clock will Mora probably Striko Tho 12 that closes your Day of Opportunity Tuliau that it will Striko 13, Tho sound of your deliverance. A few sabbaths ago on Tho Steps of this Charch a Man whom 1 Hud known in other years confronted me. At Tho first glance i saw that to was in Tho fifth Aud last act of tiie tragedy of intemperance. Splendid even in his Puiul Tho same Brilliant Eye and Tho Sarno courtly manners and Tho remains of Tho same intellectual endowments but a wreck. I had seen that Craft when it slowed Tho Waters All sails set and running by True Compass wife and children nine friends Oil Hoard himself commanding in a voyage that lie expected would be glorious putting into prosperous harbours of Eurto and at last putting into tie liar or of heaven. But now a wreck towed along by Low appetites that Ever and unon run him into the Breakers a wreck of Lody a a Reck of mind a wreck of Sou. Quot where is your wife Quot Quot i tin not Knew�?� Quot whore Are your children a a a i do not a where is your god a a i do not that Man is coming to the last Verso of that Long cantata that protracted threnody that terrific song of the drunkards. Turn and live. But if these words lion old come for Yon know the largest audience i reach i never it Quot lit ally i say if these words should Cudc, though at the ends of tie Earth to any fallen Man let me say to him be the exception to Tho general Rule and turn und live while i recall to Yon a set in in England a Here some one said in an inebriated As lie was going out of Church where there was a great Awakening Quot Why Don t you Sigu tie pledge Quot lie answered a i have signed it 20 times and will never sign it a Why then Quot said Tho gentleman talking to him Quot Don t you go up and Kneel at that altar amid those other penitents who took the advice Ami went and Knelt. After awhile a Little girl in rags and soaked with Ilia rain looked in the Church door and some one said a what arc Yuu doing Here Little girl Quot she said a please sir. I heard us my father is Here. Why that is my father no there kneeling Sho went up Aud put Lier arms Aron Iid in r fathers neck Aud said Quot father what am Yon doing Here a and he said a i am asking god to forgive Me�?� said she a if he forgives you a ill we be Happy Waguiu a a yes my Dear�?� Quot will a e have enough to eat again a Quot yes my Dear�?� Quot Aud will you never strike us again a a no my Child�?� a wait Here Quot said she Quot till i go and Call Aud soon Tho child came with the Mother and Tho Mother kneeling beside her husband said Quot save me too save me tools and Tho lord heard the prayers at that altar and one of Tho i happiest Homes in Eug Laud is Tho Home Over which that father and Mother now lovingly preside. So if in tins Sermon i have a irined others against a dissipated life with the fact that so few return after they have once gone astray for Tho of those who would Liko to return i Tell Yon god wants Yon to come Hack every one of you and to come Back now and Munro tenderly Aud lovingly than any Mother Ever lifted a sick child cot of a Cradle and folded it in her arms Aud crooned Over it a Lull Ahly and rocked it to and fro the lord will take you up Aud fold Yon in the arms of pardoning love. There s n what Cne in code mercy like thu Wilein s41 f ? a a there s v Kindma flt i i Lis Jnstice, Wiwi is More than Liberty. Independent order of in Noii America. pm motor Waco. I have no special feeling of Liko or dislike toward a horse. My Sci Imants to a a Ard him Are those i int retain toward a pig or a Donkey or any other us Fol no Ianul. Kur have i Ever understood Why any one should be Lei mod Tho better Man because his affections arc entered upon to horse. Tho object of a Carriage is to my mind the Best that at least Cost adequately fulfils this object. If motors by All Means it us have motors. Last saturday i Betook myself to Westminster Bridge to see the precession of these vehicles on the Way to Brighton. I was disappointed. No Ona yet teems to have grits etl the be Quot that there must be a new in their form. Judging Fruci these in the procession their maker have simply sought to make Tom As l a carriages drawn by horses As possible. Apart from form the lighter out a set to to vibrate greatly. By my Side Monti a talkative lady whose acquaintance i bad not previous by enjoyed. A if the people inside of them were arc am a Sho said Quot they would be Batter before they got half Way to i suggested to her that Tho Petroleum cars smelt unpleasantly. Quot stink a Sho said a is Tho word for Aud it certainly Was�?London truth. There Are a great Many spiders especially among the tropical varieties which have three eyes one 011 each Side of Tho head and the third exactly in the Center of the a forehead. A this Middle or third Eye is always the largest. Tho Book of Job. Written about 1520 b. C., describes very accurately several processes of smelting metals trying to be witty is like trying to be pretty�?fliegende Blatter. Ohm kits elected. The following officers were elected december 25th. Ism for the ensuing term Sydney o. Furniss Shepherd Lee Young K Geo. W. Glenn. Chief ruler Louis. Marshall d. Lloyd Hill r. S n Oali e. Miles treasurer Lee Furniss Crite e. A. Hopkins i. A Iii. Martin 0. G. John w. Prew tir chaplain &Quot Young representative to District tent. District my Tinh. East Virginia District tent will hold its District meeting with Accomac tent on the first Friday in february meeting to commence at 1 o clock 111. The District tent has been invited to be present at night at the 14th annual supper of Accomac tent no 70. All members of East Virginia District tent Are invited to be present at the meeting. Person a ie. Bro. Hart b. Noll of Standfast Tenrhas been appointed a Justice of the peace for Howard county. Or a. M. Dewey. P. Hc. Of the Hagerstown High tent is located in new York City and will assist in organizing a new tent la that City if possible. He wrote Comiel Diug the new death Benefit. Ii. Mitchell As chairman of committee on decorations decorated the american anti Saloon convention Hall with old glory and on the speakers platform the motto in Large letters Quot the Saloon must go a past High chief ruler n. Bunch. H. Secretary. Jas. Ii. Rony and D. U. A. La. Belt and Rev. Hugh t. Stevenson represented tie High tent at the America anti Saloon league held in Washington d. C., december st oth and 10th. Bro. John Welch. D. Of Columbia District is incessant in Bis attendance at the tent a Aud id Fatiga Bie in Bis efforts to keep things on the Boom. Rev. Hugh t. Stevenson. Rof Anacostia tent. No. 13s, was among the visitors at Cai Umack saturday december 12tli. Bro. Azro Goff of Cammack tent has been on the sick list for several weeks. He is making �1 3000 outfit of paraphernalia for haste to the Rescue Tenty Ohio. P. H. R., a Ahouee a As again designated to act us one of the Board of direction of the american anti Saloon league. Bro. S. Coleman our associate editor met with a serious Accident december 12th. Mashing the ungers of Bis right hand. F yyal7 to your own Llu Ute interest Ana buy your building material from us As we guarantee prices to suit the times. We have in Stock rackets blinds bricks Jaime Moid Dincus mantles laths moors Sash shingles and All kinds of building material. Goods shipped to All Points of the Eastern Shore when requested. S. A Martin fit co., Harborton a. A Dollar saved is a Dollar made if so. Write to the my works Laurel dei., Davis life bro., proprietors. For prices on head and foot stones Monument Iron railing and All cemetery work in general and save Money. Davis amp bro., Laurel. Del. Agents a. H. Pruitt Temperance Ville e. J. Winder of Ancock w11. T. Rate old. Belle Haven. Re. Chilton. With David b. 7�,yl0h amp go. Manufacturers Aud dealers in Plain stamped and Japan Ned Al Wahi Hollowwa Fps 26 s. Mimi to sr., Baltimore. My. J

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