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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - September 8, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Cornstalk disease. Luxury for live Stock. Fin Dairy Herd has concerto barn both sanitary and Beautiful. The new live Stock barn on old forge farm in Eastern Pennsylvania is a Fine example of farm architecture As shown by the accompanying illustration from the country gentleman. It includes All modern equipment and sanitary provisions. This Structure is 112 feet in length go feet wide and 40 feet to the eaves. It has a hip roof which gives additional mow space and adds to its appearance. The stable is built with Walls and floor of Concrete and is entirely Given Over to the stables for the cows. A feeding aisle seven feet wide runs through the Center and a Row of swinging stanchions is placed on each Side of this. Each stall is equipped with a feed Box and a covered water trough which has a swinging lid that the cows have Learned to look out for your cattle if you let them run in Fields. When cattle Are allowed to run in talk Fields it frequently happens that a Large per cent die from various causes. A these troubles Are classed under the one terms Cornstalk disease. In some Western Fields where there is a second growth of Cane stalk late in the fall an Early Frost will at times develop in the stalk a deadly Poison i Hydro Yanic acid which kills the animal in a very few minutes after eating it says the Kansas agricultural College. In the last year or two some of our state Experiment stations have been investigating several holds which seem to affect not Only cattle but horses As Well. These holds grow quite abundantly upon Cornstalk Alfalfa and other forage crops. The death of a great number of animals has been traced directly to the feeding of such affected fodder Hay or Corn. These holds however must have a certain amount of moisture for their growth and it has been shown that when the feeds have been properly harvested and sheltered no trouble has resulted. Only in material exposed to the weather allowing the development of these lower forms of Plant life has serious trouble been found. In the treatment of these troubles nothing reliable can be Given As disease usually comes on without any warning and the animal Dies suddenly. Much of the trouble can be avoided by allowing the animals Only a limited amount of the feed or in the stalk Field a few hours Only each Day. It is necessary that plenty of pure water should be Given frequently and enough of other roughage to keep the animals from gorging themselves on the fodder a real up to Date barn. Raise when they need water. Water is forced into each trough through a pipe so that the Supply is always fresh. There is a wide Alley at the rear of each Row of stalls with gutters which May be flushed when the stable is cleaned. The building is Well lighted and ventilated with sixteen windows on each Side and with ventilator flues of Wood opening at the Ridge of the roof As a consequence the building la Cool in summer and warm in Winter and the air is pure at All times. At the front end of the barn Are the milk Cooling and separator rooms which Are entirely separate from the stable. Two Large silos each with a capacity of thirty tons stand at the end of the stable. On this farm Gree if com and the refuse of the Canning factory which includes pea shells vines Corn cobs and husks and so on. Are put up for silage. This makes a very acid mixture but the cows eat it with great relish. City a spoiler for country life. In one of the Many fresh air Homes for the poor children of the great cities about seventy five tenement youngsters Are taken every two weeks during the summer and Given an Opportunity to recuperate m the pure air and on the Good food furnished at the Home. But Many Are not at All satisfied. Recently one of the fresh air youngsters was found crying in bed. He was homesick for the City and complained that he Hadnot seen a fight since he had been in the country. Another homesick City Waif wailed because he Hadnot seen any a a cops and another because it was so quiet he a could no to hear anything but these children unconsciously expressed the Power of social environment and the difficulty of breaking its Bonds. Many have wondered Why thousands of women and girls toil at starvation wages in cities when p there is plenty of work and a Good living for them in the country. These children Tell us Why. A remarkable Hen. The Humble but helpful Hen has been held up to a us of late As the greatest wealth producer of the country the automatic provider of health support and breakfast. It has remained for new York to present this simple minded but industrious Friend of the Farmer in the role of a hired hand. Finding her master we hate to say owners Busy building a Chicken Coop presumably for her occupancy Biddy waited about until the Man in the Case dropped a Nail. Turning to pick it up he found that Biddy had already forestalled him and was standing by the Coop with the Nail in her Bill held ready for driving. Thenceforth until the homely necessary task was done Man and Hen worked in profitable and pleasant Alliance. This is All True too because it was a printed in the artichokes for hogs. Artichokes and pumpkins Are valuable sources of a vegetable feed Supply for Winter. The former can be grown on Hills and Odd Corners which would not otherwise be utilized and in the late fall the hogs can be turned in to do their own harvesting until the ground is Frozen. Pumpkins Are of value in that they May be easily stored until midwinter and fed when the weather does not permit ranging out of doors on the wheat or Rye Fields. King Solomon a mines. They May Hava been the ancient Gold Workings at Rhodesia. Rhodesia that province of British Africa lying Between the Zambezi and the Limpopo Rivers has considerable deposits of Gold. The ancients mined and carried away enormous quantities of the precious Metal but under the scientific mining systems of the present Day their operations will be greatly surpassed. It has been thought that Rhodesia was the ancient land of of bar the land of the mysterious a King Solomon a mines a but this theory is strongly combated by some investigators. The ancient Gold Workings Are the basis of modern Workings. For every ten Bounre Miles of Rhodesia it is stated there was one ancient mine that is their last handclaps. Dana the final meeting of Charles a and Jacob Riis. A i like to think of my last meeting with Charles a. Dana the a old chief Quot As he was always called in the office. In All the years i was. On the Sun i do not think i had spoken with him n half dozen times. When he wanted anything of me personally his orders were vory Brief and to the Point. It was generally something a report to be digested or the Story of some social Experiment which showed me that in his heart he was faithful to his Early 1 love. Lie had been in his youth As everybody knows an enthusiastic reformer a member of tile Brook Fatm Community. But if lie thought i saw he let no sign escape him. He hated Shams. Perhaps i was on trial ail the there Are 75,000 old Workings which i time. If so i believe that he meant How to save pig food. Easy Way to prevent waste and also to keep the shoats clean. Many a time will the pig spill his food All Over the ground. He can be stopped by making a trough similar to the one shown in the drawing. Place an Ordinary trough right in front of the Gate. Take the Gate off its hinges and swing from a Rod at the top so As to swing Over the top of the trough. Means that a stupendous wealth was dug out of the Earth before the Days of Cecil Rhodes. Much of this wealth must have gone to the North and East. It was probably wrought into the Crown of the Queen of Sheba and Al led the coffers of Solomon. / the ancient smelting furnaces Are said still to be of easy recognition. They Are into the the Furnace blowpipe Are made of the finest Granite powder Cement and the nozzles of the blowpipe Are covered with splashes of gel. The linings of the holes Are covered with specks of Gold. When the first lining became worn by Trio heat a fresh lining of Cement of an excellent Quality which has outlasted time was smeared round on top of the old lining. It is said that one can take an old lining split off the layers with a knife and find Gold splashes in abundance. The tools of the ancient workers which have so far been discovered include a Small soapstone Hammer and burnishing stones of water worn Rock to which Gold still adheres. There Are evidences that the ancients carried on an extensive Industry in the manufacture of Gold ornaments and utensils. Normandy nuggets. Is. Food protecting trough. Quot when pouring the swill into the trough the Gate is swung inward and held in place by the Fastener shown. When the trough is full the Gate is swung Back and fastened. The trough itself is made of heavy material and securely fastened by a stake at each end which also prevents the hog from getting into the end when the Gate is swung open. Boil ropes straight. The Best Way to soften Bay Carrier ropes is to boil them in Wood ashes. This is a formula forty years old that has never been known to fail. Put one fourth to one half Bushel in enough water to cover rope say six to ten Pai Fuls according to the size of your Kettle. Boil it until you Are sure that it is thoroughly wet through hang it up to dry and leave it alone until perfectly dry. Then you will have a rope As soft and pliable As a Tow string and one that will give double the service in Wear As one untreated. It will pay any one to try the Experiment. Stones that find their Way into the Mouths of Many people. It is a far cry from a the lonely stretches of the wave kissed Shore to false Teeth but by unexpected paths we often descend abruptly from the Sublime to the utilitarian. Many a Man calmly chewing an a indestructible Steak in America Little dreams that the picturesque coast of Normandy has been sacrificed to provide Bim with molars. Such is the painful fact however. If you walk along the Southern Shore of the English Channel Between Dieppe and Havre you will see men and boys searching for stones of a certain size and shape from a varied collection of rocks which form the to Tell me in that last handshake that he had not found me wanting. It was on the stairs in the Sun office that we met. I was going up he was coming Down going Home to die. He knew it. In me there was no suspicion of the truth when i came upon him at the turn of the stairs stumbling along in a Way very unlike the usual springy step of the old chief. I hardly knew him when he passed but As he turned and held out his hand i saw that it was or. Dana looking somehow older than i had Ever seen him and changed. I took off my hat and we Shook hands. A Well a he said a have you reformed everything to suit you straightened out every Kink in town a a pretty nearly a i said falling into his tone of banter a fall except the Sun office. That is left yet and As bad As a Cha a he laughed. A you come of. We Are ready for you. Come right along a and with another Hearty handshake he was gone. He never saw the Sun office again. It was the Only time he had Ever held out his hand to to after that first meeting of ours when i was a lonely lad nearly thirty years before. That time there was a Dollar in it and i spurned it. This time i like to believe his heart was in it. And i took it gladly and Jacob , a the making of an the land of cheese. Switzerland has the proud Honor of deserving this title. Cheese although an important product of our Dairy farms and a reasonably popular article of diet in the United states has never held quite the position with us Given it in some european countries. English and germans Are far greater Consumers of cheese than we while both Are surpassed by norwegians. But above All Switzerland is the land of Eastern Shore of Virginia produce Exchange. Incorporated january 26. Lamp of Ben t. Gunter. A. Pic path. V a. Burton. President. Secy and treas. Gen. My or. General office a Onley Virginia. Growers Agency for Choice Irish and Sweet potatoes onions berries peas Etc. at All the principal shipping stations and wharves in Accomac and Northampton counties. Oral or a improved grading and packing of goods. Proper distribution on the Vai ports j. Markets. The establishment of hot it me markets and everything that tends to higher p ices for farm products and the better condition of the Farmers. Sib teen years experience. V. A. Stewart with Robt. T. Cochran amp co. Commission merchants. Southern fruits and vegetables. 290 Washington Street tax notice. To the tax Payera of Accomac county notice is hereby Given that the state tax and county Levy for the year 1911 Are now due and in pursuance of Law we will be at the following named place in said districts at the times herein specified for the purpose of collecting said taxes and levies Viz appointments of a. Lillie on. Pungoteague oct. 14th, nov. 4th, afternoon. Belle Haven oct. 30th, afternoon. Painter oct. 6th, afternoon nov. 2d, morning. Keller oct. 4th, nov. 11th, afternoon. Wachapreague oct. 21st, afternoon nov. 3d, afternoon. Harborton oct. 24th and 25th, afternoon and night morning. Onan Cooke oct. 28th and 31st,nov-1st and 18th, afternoon. Savag Eviller nov. 6th, afternoon. Cheboon Essex n. . 10th, afternoon. Oab Hville nov. 15th, 11 to 4 Onley oct. 16th, nov. 16th, afternoon. Locustville nov. 17th, afternoon. Melfa nov. 14th, afternoon. Finney nov. 20th, afternoon. Tangier nov. 8th, 9th add 10th. Accomac oct. 2d and 3d, nov. 27th, 2sth, 29th and 30th. Shipping number 23 references Aetna National Bank n. Dunes and bradstreets. New York. We represent the Eastern Shore of a. Produce Exchange. Clifton amp w Woodland co., goner full commission merchants. 217 s. Charles Street no min add shipping letters a amp w. sole agents for e. S. A. Produce Exchange a for Baltimore. F of a a a make hens producers. The fowls belonging to the average Farmer weigh from three to four pounds. They should weigh from six to eight pounds. The average in lays seventy five eggs a year. She should Lay 150 eggs a year. These gains can be made by careful selection a in and Breeding. T do not kill the laying Hen. X Weed out the no producers. Beach. These Are put into sacks and cheese. On More than one occasion shipped to America where they Are converted into porcelain. The Industry for such is the term used to designate this invigorating occupation has grown to considerable proportions in the past few years. Its simplicity is perhaps its greatest Charm. Having once Learned the kind of Stone you Are looking for All that is required of you is to pick it up. If you do this steadily and uncomplaining by for several hours you will be sure to fill a sack. Then All you have to do is to fling it jauntily Over your shoulder run across the boulders to the superintendent and demand 1 franc. With this wealth in your pocket you can then sit Down and look dreamily Over the water while you allow your imagination full play. You seem to see the stones after a Long voyage across the Atlantic being slowly rescued from their rude state. Bit by bit they Are dragged from their primitive nothingness up to the Heights of twentieth Century porcelain. They Are then shaped polished mounted on a Gold Pivot but Why go into it it is too Bellman. Green stuff Best for cows. The Best dairymen Are now feeding either silage or some Green soiling crops every Day in the year and they find this class of feed cheaper and better than any other kind. Some dry feed should of course go along with the Green feed. Levity in court. Udger you saw the prisoner steal Hll Rheet of music. What happened next witness then he walked out of the store with an abstracted air your transcript. A Diplomat. Little we Llew say a what is a Diplomat pay a Diplomat my son is a person who can prove a Man a liar without calling him tit bits. No great thing is created suddenly any More than a Bunch of grapes or a . Just suited. A a there a Only one objection to these apartments a said the agent of the building. A from a these two windows you can to help seeing everything in the dining rooms of the neighbors on both sides of a a what a the rental a a smilingly asked the portly Dame who was looking for Flat Chicago Tribune. Live Stock notes. Ens Ilage May be fed to sheep but roots Are better and safer. Every quadruped on the place earns his Salt but does it always get it the Best Way to be sure of healthy sheep is to give them Good feed and the Best care you can. Pick out the Best Lamb in the flock to keep or else buy one of some successful breeder of sheep. Because sheep have warm Coats it does not follow that they can be exposed to wet and storms. The Colt should Early be taught the use of the Halter and made to know that his master is his Friend. Five minutes work with a rough cloth on the horses hide after a hard Days work will do him a lot of Good. What we want to do in working a horse for the first time is to a teach it to do things which it never did before. The flock should have Salt constantly before it in the pasture so the sheep can help themselves to it when they crave it Salt is one of the essentials of Success in handling sheep. It is scarcely necessary to suggest that it is Good policy to make a close examination of any newly purchased hogs and be assured that they Are absolutely free from lice before they Are turned Witzl the Ether hogs. The Bright Side. A let us look on the Bright Side a of things. Nothing is Ever As bad As it might a a you re right. Take the Coats that women Wear for instance. They might be made to Button Down it the Chicago record Herald. The ignorant Patriot. A very raw recruit was being put through an examination wherein he proved himself astonishingly ignorant at last after a failure on his part of unusual fragrance the examiner scowled at him and thundered a idiot you want to defend your country and you done Peyjen know where it is a bilious Ness is due to a disordered condition of the stomach. Chamber Tain s tablets Are essentially a stomach Medicine intended especially to act of that Organ to cleanse it strengthen it tone and invigorate it to regular the liver and to banish bilious Ness positively and effectually. For Sale by All dealers. A fit of the blues. It is a hard saying but a the blues May generally be traced to one or both of two horrid qualities greed and laziness. Nine times out of ten the Low spirited person is suffering from Auto toxicant our from too much food taken into the body and too Little attention paid to elimination or to proper exercise. The human mechanism can take care of Only a certain amount of food. After that Point has been passed it seems to turn sullen in its efforts to ignore what it cannot help and although it is a wonderfully conducted chemical Laboratory up to the limit of its own needs it is not at All amiable about working overtime. The result is that All superfluous products sent to it Are permitted to lie round and become poisonous. This Poison is promptly taken up by the blood and carried to All parts of the body including the brain. The brain which needs a plentiful Supply of clean blood to enable it to do its thinking is naturally indignant at finding poor and impure blood supplied to it and although not actually going on strike it refuses to be either pleasant or youths companion. Scottish pearls. A number of people in Scotland make a livelihood by searching for the precious stones which Are occasionally to be found ensconced in the Interior of fresh water mussels. To a lesser extent it is also carried out on some English and Welsh streams but none of these is so prolific in Pearl bearing As the Northern livers. There Are authentic records of scottish pearls be ing found which rivalled any the Orient has produced so far As translucency and lawlessness Are concerned. A writer of the eighteenth Century states that �20,000 was a moderate estimate of the value of pearls then fished annually from scottish Rivers while it is a matter of history that a German. Wild formed a Syndicate of Fishers in 18g5 acquired stones to the value of �12,000 in that year alone. But the Industry is not so remunerative Standard. Greenland is Green. When you were a boy you used to sing a on Greenland a icy Mountain a Well the country is simply a vast nest of Green mountains covered with Snow ice and glaciers. These Are known As live and dead glaciers. The dead glaciers Are a mass of Snow and ice which have accumulated Between Gorges for a million years or More and have become so condensed that you could not penetrate the mass except by a steel Drill. The live glaciers Are those that break off and fall into the Waters and become floating masses of ice often inflicting damage to ships. Where the Sun can strike a spot the Trees which Are of i dense growth but Small Wear the most Beautiful Green. A Atlanta Constitution. Travellers have dwelt upon the functions social and sentimental As Well As astronomical performed by the cheese of Zermatt that remarkable cheese which is so hard that it has to be scraped with a knife or Cleft with an a. A it is said by one authority that the patrician rank of a Swiss family in that part of the confederation is estimated by the age of its cheese and the greater the respect due to or the affection for a guest the older is the cheese set before him. There Are said to be families who own cheese that dates Back to the time of the first French revolution which is served Only on solemn occasions such As christenings weddings or funerals. There Are in each pantry at least As Many cheeses As there Are boys and girls in the family for at the birth of every child a Cli Eose is made which is named after the newcomer and is first Cut into on Liis or her wedding Day on which festive occasion All guests partake of a piece of the grooms and. The brides cheeses in order to secure for them All earthly Thrift and happiness. The rest is served As a Token of Friendly souvenir and Heartfelt mourning after the Tomb has closed Over his or her Munda Fae York Tribune. Geo. W. Tull amp co., wholesale produce commission merchants appointments of w. H. Pruitt or. Parksley sept. 30th and nov. 24th and 25th. New Church oct. 27th and 28th. Temperanceville oct. 30th and 31st, and nov. 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th. Hailwood nov. 1st, afternoon and night. Modes town nov. 2d, afternoon. Hopeton nov. 4th, morning. News town nov. 4th, afternoon. A Argatha nov. 4th, 6 30 to 7 30 p. M. Mears Villez nov. 6th, morning. Poulson nov. 6th, afternoon Horntown nov. 8th, 10 a. M. To p. A Greenbackville nov. 8th, afternoon and night. Wohinc Oteague nov. 9th, 10th and 11th. Marsh Market nov. 16th,morning. Saxie nov. 16th, night and 17th, morning. Sanford nov. 17th, afternoon and 18th, morning. Hunting Creek nov. 20th, morn ing. Leemonte nov. 20th, afternoon. Justis Villez nov. 22d, afternoon. Accomac c. Day of every court. Virginia a id the clerks office of the circuit court of the county of Accomac on the 13th Day of october a. D., 1911. Abraham Jozeb and wife and others plaintiffs against Elsy Jones administrator and others defendants. In chancery. The object of this snit is to partition among the heirs at Law of Elsy Jones the real estate of which she died seized and possessed and in the event that cannot be done to sell said real estate and partition the proceeds. And an affidavit having been mad and filed that there Are persons interested in the real estate to be divided or disposed of in this cause whose names Are unknown and who Are made defendants by the general description of parties unknown it is ordered that they do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what is necessary to protect their interests in this suit. And it is further ordered that a copy Hereof be published once a week for four successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published in the county of Accomac and that a copy be posted at the front door of the courthouse of this county on or before the next succeeding Rule Day from the Date Hereof. A John d. Grant jr., clerk. A copy Hebte John d. Grant Oro. C. Warner Ames amp Mapp amp Mapp p. Q. 95 Park place new York. _ references a Aetna National Bank new York Farmers amp merchants National Bank Onley a. Bradstreets and dunes agents e. 8. Produce Exchange also Southern a produce company. Norfolk a. G. H. Rivenburg. Established 1869. H. Rocha Edbon. G. H. Rivenburg amp co., commission merchants fruit amp produce and dealers in All kinds of poultry calves and eggs 168 ref de Street Selling agents for the Eastern Shore of Virginia produce Exchange and Peninsula. Produce Exchange of Maryland. References Irving National Exchange Bank n. Y., w. A. Burton. Onley a. And the Trade generally. New York. I shipping. No. 153 established 1887. W. Hutchinson amp co., a wholesale commission a fruits and merchants produce. 315 Washington st., shipping no. 1 04 new York. References Peoples Safe Deposit and Trust co., Jersey City. Aetna National Bank new York bradstreets and dunes mercantile agencies. Those failing to pay their taxes before december 1st, 1911, will have 5 per cent added to their tax Bills As the Law directs. All tax payers Are requested to pay before december 1st and thus save the penalties. Those who have not paid their 1909 and 1910 taxes Are requested to do so at the appointments most convenient for them. All 1910 capitation tax unpaid by november 15th, 1911, will be returned delinquent. The payment of capitation tax for 1911, will be required six months be fore the november election in 1912 in order to vote. Yours very truly a. Lilliston treasurer. W. H. Pruitt Deputy a a if you need buggy or harness c. S. Waples with we. Waterall amp co., front and Mechanic sts., Camden n. J., manufacturers of combination and Universal mixed paints White Lead roof paints Etc. For Sale by j. W. Rogers amp bros., Finney. Boggs amp co.�. Powell amp Waples. Matut Mason co., Rogers bros., Rogers amp Boggs. Melfa. A. Marsh amp bros., Chesconessex a. G. F. Byrd me Songo a. Baltimore office r14 pal Mem Virginia in the clerks office of the circuit court of the county of Accomac on the 19th Day of october a. D., 1911. William t. Mason of a and another. Plaintiffs. Against Mary is. Masons curators and others defendants. In chancery. A the object of this suit is to partition and in the event partition cannot be made then to sell All of the real estate of which Mary s. Mason died seized and possessed and to distribute the proceeds thereof among the parties entitled thereto. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendants Winifred Kelly and Maggie Kelly his wife Nellie Wallace and Mary f. Hynson four of the defendants in the above entitled cause Are not residents of the state of Virginia and that All other persons whose names Are unknown and who Are made parties defendants by the general description of parties unknown Are parties unknown it is ordered that they do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what is necessary to protect their interests in this suit. And it is further ordered that a copy Hereof be published once a week Lor four successive weeks in the a Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published in the county of Accomac and that a copy be posted at the front door of the courthouse of this it it unto of or before the next succeeding Rule Day from the Date Hereof. John d. Grant jr., clerk. A copy Teste John d. Grant jr., o. 0. Mapp amp Mapp p q. New York Phila. Amp Norfolk r. R. In i effect april 30, 1911. South bound trains. No. 49 no. 37 no. 45 no. 41 no. 47 p. M. A. M. P. M. P. M. 12 38 3 38 300 Bell with the Wail of a child. A Queerly shaped Gong which occupies a position of Honor in tiie Center of the City of Seoul Korea is said to be one of the largest in the world and is called a the Bell with the Wail of a child in its when first cast1. To i a w l. N h the Bell sounded with a harsh and �,lanket9�?T re Bebe dollars cracked note and the superstitious pm pat8. Fun a ine of Stock food Lim Perot fearing an ill Omen consulted ments Healing powders disinfect with his magicians. These gentlemen Tants clocks watches spectacles Eye glasses also Gem or. Safety razors. A full line of paints Oil and varnishes both for buggy and House painting. Fall at new Church and see me before you buy. I have the largest Stock on hand i Ever carried and am constantly adding to same. You will find everything at my place of business in a first class Carriage and a saddlery establishment such Martin amp Mason co. Fall attention to their Large Stock of. Leave _ new York . 9 �o0 Philadelphia 111�?~ a. M. Wilmington 12 02 p. M. Baltimore 1000 545 6 57 3 44 5 57 653 4 55 a. M. 800 10 00 10 44 900 leave Delmar Salisbury . 3 to 3 10 Tasley 4 39 Cape Charles a i6 old Point 8 u0 Norfolk arrive 9 05 a. M. 10 �5 1101 p. M. 1 09 4 30 6 20 . 10 15 10 27 9 14 10 26 p. M. 1 35 148 4 30 6 20 725 leave North bound trains. A no. 44 no. 48 no. 50 no. 80 no. Id a. M. Am.? m. P. M. A. M. Norfolk 800 6 15 800 old Point 8 45 7 15 8 45 Cape Charles 1105 930 600 1135 . Tasley 10 49 a. M. I 31 1 12 Salisbury 734 135 12 25 942 3 19 Weimar 8 us. 2 00 12 54 10 15 8 59 arrive a. M. P. M. A. M. P. M Wilmington 1122 p. M. 435 4u5 7 41 Philadelphia 12 u8 522 500 826 Baltimore 12 40 a 52 6 01 9 50 new York . 2 44 8u5 732 u 18 held a Long confab and finally stated that the Bell would never sound right until a live child was Given to it. The mass was then melted again and a live baby was thrown into the molten Metal. The Wail of agony uttered by the Little Tot As the Bronze engulfed it seemed to be repeated every time the Bell was tolled and today the koreans still claim that the Wail of a child can be Beard in the voice of the Metal. I have a few second hand buggies from $5.00 to $15.00. Fall for what you want the Price is right. G. W. Covington a a a new Church a. Holy lands. The holy land is a term used especially by christians to designate Palestine As being the scene of the birth ministry and death of Christ but also employed by other religious sects to describe the places sacred to them from association. Thus the Mohammedans speak of Mecca As the holy land it being the Birthplace of Mohammed. The chinese buddhists Call India the holy land because the founder of their religion was born there while the greeks bestow this same title on elis where was situated the Temple of olympian zeus. Cause of her haste. A could you wait on me before the others Quot asked the woman in the drug store. A i am in a great the drug clerk complied and filled her prescription immediately. A thank you so much a she said. A i am afraid that fido will awake before i return and miss express. On the farm. A one could easily guess those City children had a financier for a a Why a a because they Are either in the barnyard speculating about the Stock or gambling in the wheat and Baltimore american. A test of patience. She but How am i to know Yon will be patient and forbearing when we re married he i can put a fourteen and a half standup Collar on a no. 15 shirt without saying a life. Unconstitutional. Mrs. Pinhead you said before we were married that my word should be Law. Or. Pinhead that was before i found out that the Law was bulletin. Sash doors. Blinds mouldings builders hardware. Shingles laths. Lime. Bricks and building material generally paints oils and painters Are prepared to Cut House Bills to order also to manufacture barrel Staves and Heads of Good Quality. Our grist Mill will run every saturday notwithstanding reports to the contrary. We shall at All times be pleased to show our goods and invite you to Call and inspect our Stock before making your purchases and we will save you Money. Martin amp Mason co Harborton a. Want to Exchange one male 1,000 lbs in his teens Buo a Good worker and a three year old general Max Colt broken in double buggy harness can Trot for a pair of Blocky mules 3 to 6 years old Good weight gentle to All farming implements. Black cow peas for Sale. We handle most everything earned by the retail dealer direct from manufacturers. Glad to have a share of your patronage at lowest Price. Harry t. White amp son wholesale grocers brokers and manufacturers agents Mckemie Park. A. Can cancer be cured it can. The record of the Kellam Hospital is without Ellel in history having cured to stay cured permanently without the use of the knife or a Ray Over 90 per cent of the Many hundreds of sufferers from cancer which it has treated during the past fifteen years. We have been endorsed by the Senate and legislature of Virginia. We guarantee our cures. Physicians treated free. Kellam Hospital .1617 West main Street Richmond. Virginia trains 49 and 50 daily. Trains 37, 45, 41, 47, 44, 48, 80 and 46 daily except sunday a. B. Cooke b. V. Massey. Try a manager. Superintended Twenty years of fair dealing should justify anyone wanting a Tomb or Monument on this Peninsula in writing to Laurel del., or seeing our local agents t. G. Kellam Onancock. W. H. Pruitt Temperanceville Geo. A Abdell Belle Haven. I. Dbl Vond Grane Evio cemetery notice. Persons in Accomac and adjoining counties wishing to Mark the grave of a relative or Friend with a Tablet Tomb or Headstone a Marble or polished Granite can now de so at a very Small outlay As we keep in Stock a Large collection of finished work of Modem designs of the Best workmanship and at the very lowest prices. 116 n. Liberty st. Near Lexington also 314 s. Charles st. Gaddess Brothers established seventy five tears. Baltimore my. Luther t. Lewis Sailmaker at f. C. Lewis store Hunting Creek a. All repair work done promptly satisfaction guaranteed

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