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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Sep 4 1907, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - September 4, 1907, Big Stone Gap, Virginia S v i y Vul v Ltd n 1 a a sat Drav january 0. Ludt number 27. P a juin f. Y. A racy liw dices a Collinot. Hund a a a a court Ici i wednesdays and court a ivs. Prompt to ail business. A. . La la Kstrom. J. A. Burdick Acks tos e a by n disk inic i aw. Acc unc o. H., is. Wili Krneti. A a i i ail state court. Till s. W. Fuseli. Luw Eom a c il., a. Practices in i a a courts of a Collisi in Nortu Atu a toil counties. A b. A Scoti. La. T. Hunter. Or. Wscott a g fax of. R. Alt Orneys Iai w. O hers a. Mil imme a n. Wolcott. Near Mapp slur. Practice in do courts a Eastern Shore of Virginia. _ or Floyd Nock. re. Nvvf a a mid notary Pum a Accomac c. A. \ a. Will i in All courts of acco tic an North Hampton counties. Quot prone 11 business. J h Fletcher. Or. Attorney . A a ecotone c. A. in a in All courts of aces a a ate Northampton counties. A Tuo p. Ate ars. Att a lies Iain. E test Vic. county. A. Will .1-. In courts of Arcolli Ami . Stew k. I. A Well. Att Ruev a Luw a a i All courts of a. Ovunc l Northampton counties. T1,11 of a a. A a a \ . j. A acco an . ü., every Weill i 1 a Urt Days. A Truls dus. A. Ans n i Star Iii a a. To cock. A. Will visit second monday fill la 11. 5. A. Us heat i Hellbu Tkv a a a. his tier Liot trs rom a. Ill., to 5 p. Til. Fir. S. B. . Sent list Belle Haven btbtl.1.�  a a work u specially a us. Walter c. Ames dentist a Pulgo Teastie. Vii a Quot a ii Pri red methods of i i till yet for Voi Sakes Accomac c. V., Dhu Ngsi its a full 1 inn of Ifancy Alv ticks drugs oils paints seeds Fec. To n a lowest Price. a in d. Lio i Kcal a in a figs. Chemicals to inti and Pancy articles Fine soaps perfumes Patent medicines Combs Brush s of All kinds Flavouring extracts syringes Quot face powders sponges Etc. A lowest us Prescript icus carefully com pounded Day or night. Inhere Lias Nevi r been a Pituc in history of Man when goods were 1 As Low As they Ere to Day. And we have bought very largely this season much More so than usual direct from tin manufacturers in West for spot Cash in order to meet wants of Trade Rock Bottom Price for All kinds of till i p . To i we d. Frank White a Guniy he Ark Slev. county. offers Liis a vices to citizens of Accomac and Northampton. Thoroughly equipped with latest ,1 Best instruments. A amp tits amp a Surveyor Belle Havko. Accomac co., a. Isl a a Tiyo i or Ai. I i i a 1.0111 toll exact in a a a a a a a a iti a a wlm a a / iiiplet.-. S a a a a. To Romely Tutti be of . Sykes. A. G. A. Go xxx proprietor. Patronage of travelling Public solicited. Boar 1 Brut cd is. Tories fear in he proprietor oilers his services i a notary Buldic. Kelly i Xoi Tragham a Neeal in Suri f. Be a Arents a and dealers Lull Yueg is to owing machines i a Gambier bicycle and other 5 Maks. Tombstones. Dec., amp a. On an cock. A. .1 is. A. Isko Tillton i sox Hailwood Vul gunk a a Isar Tiack a gusts. Fire. Poenix sur Aiice co. Of London. Esth listed &.�?T. Is its Over fire. I my insurance co. Of new York i sets Over . Cash capital s yet,000. J evident savings York communications v. receive our prompt attention. A such its doors. Windows Hutu is mantels White Pine mouldings turned porch columns. Porch Tirui mugs. Shingles. Laths. Hair . Bricks. Cement and a Lull Lineol hardware. Cook. Parlor Mil gasoline stoves. Pit Iii a Stone Well curbing Wall 1 per. Tinware lever setting cultivators harrows. Wheel Barrows. Heel Wood Coal. Agents for Harrison Bros. A cons paints Fie., Fie. Just received a car Load of air tight Wood stoves two sizes. Must go Knock out prices of 4 and 180. Tolian King you for your kind favors of past and soliciting a Coutin dance of same we Are yours. B.?&rks�qi�.t Parks five. A. A is a. In building material we have Cypress shingles and fencing Lite. Shrieks. Ire. In general merchandise our Stock is always full Well selected and in great variety and we carry in addition to above also. Farming implements. Hay flour. Coal Fie. We buy for spot Cali and sell lowest margin of profit. Terra Cotta piping bought by car Load Aud for Sale by us a 10. 12 and 20 inches cheaper than can be bought in City. John w. Rogers amp Bros., Onley a. L00 a to your own a interest sold or Silver. Which do you desire Well no matter you can get your Hoice of me. up in most artistic and attractive styles in watches and j Wilry of tile la designs. Everybody on tin Eastern store lows that l Ash tills time Means i most anything your own Price pay imbue Iwhite Cash for everything Btty. If 1 owe a Dollar to univ Jay i Creon elsewhere 1 will thank in Quot or them to present Bill tor anime a payment. 1 must also require i Palm edits far goods i sell that i. To to give you Advage of my Cash Uylus. Your Money Worth More now than anytime l r Many i High Aud will give Quot von More tor in every air Eliase. These Are facts Worth Eon Jeri big an. Guan Cook via. A Eirv silverware a a bides a everything longing to jewelry Trade. Aril buy your building material from us. As we guarantee prices to suit Tim s we have in Stock Ujj Racku Ujj kinds ,0ricks. mouldings Man lies laths jars sub so to los Aud Al kinds of building material. Goods shipped to All Points of Eastern Shore when requested. S. K. Martin amp co., Harborton a. Notice hotel Ami livery stables for rent 1 Sot. Write for particulars. Good horse and mule potato onion seed big Stem Jersey slip seed for Sale. Offered Ai lowest prices for Cash shingles laths Lime i air. Bricks. Carriages Road carts and All kinds lumber furnished for 11 Well bugs and other purposes upon Short notice. C. White Bloom town a Rev. Or. Talmag2 preaches on Quot from liuc3 to 110 Tot . Tho siry if All time. In u now Wuy ills a. Loop Arturo i my i Irthy arrival vividly us Riund. Tho i Whir Divino. , Jan. this ills nurse of Rev. Or. Tahii.i. The great Story of All time is in a new Way All realm arc Drav. I upon for 111ns-Iraiiim. His text Mas 11 Corin Lii is Vili a Wyo Kuiv tin if our lord Jesus Christ that thoughts was Roeii yet for your Sukes he Laranio that All worlds which on a Colin Winters Uig lit make great glitter Are wit Hunt inhabitants is an Abs Unity. Snow lists Tell is lit Many of lie so worlds ate too hot or too add or too rare i i of Atmos Horo for residence list if not lit for human . They May i a lit for beings Liffor Cut from and Stipe Vior to of solves. To Aro Toltsi tent world of or is changing and b a coniing tit for creatures Liko Liu Viau race and that Mars would do for Imu Taii a tidily with a Little change in Structure of our Turato organs. But that then is a to. ,.t world swung somewhere vast beyond imagination am that to is of universe and Nitro Patlis of and has a population in in incr vast beyond a statistics and appointments of splendor til Quot of. Tivas or pot m or any. 1 to to scribe is be fit Titi As Tho i id is a i Bonito. Ivr Liap some of Tho to Tio Nie Villi lie in big Teli oops have caught a of . . Kuzov. Ing Flint is. To spell with six iu�?T.. And pro Tou Ueo heaven. Tho fling s son. That is where la Rico j sus lived let ecu Turi s ago. He was Kings Sou. Mas Iid holiest e i of eternity Intilli its l ask los War As old Asl d. Noi a Frustaci cd r Kilili us air. A Quot to a tir Ltd Ivr Roll d Down Tho Lack of one of its inhabitants. The i Hail never h n a head ache or a Side ache or Ait ache. There Hail net o n a Funi a in a Itile by of la a old to Iulian Tant. There had in Vor in ail Tho la Titi i toll a veil. R there had never Inu anything of Quot mourn of. R. To to passage millions of years had a a wrinkled or crippled or Quot Lin ii y of its Citi its. All Tho Petitdo Glicr a. To a a i of a a Terita admit s. what Floral Fil d on Trio Nehm s a turd. Us of or Fitial Bloom Anil Ori i Ain intend fruit tur. I a a Onte spirit a other world entered ibid Usk Ixl Quot a vat Assili what is be Quot i a vement what is sorrow what is dentil Quot Trio brightest of re ,&Quot.h would ital failed to give Prtini Licu though to study qut Dou Tomro was Stelio i iti heaven for half an hour. Tito Praia f whom 1 Oak had honors i Naili i Titanec Lauu los such its. Titer pria a Tiai Ormstrini,ver . To. Asho passed to. Street tia inhabit to Tek off for their brows Garlof White lilies and a them in Tho . Houck red any. 1. A Soto to to . Erx Ilif g g Ami bowing in obeisance. La Ufi i of of i High nays he m As a who evoked tile loudest1 a i i Eine. To n Pitt s on . Walking in Loving Lack v lit Quot is i f to Lumi in to Quot flier trims be Lukel Parint Aida big Quot 2u, tin psalmist spoke of Liis vet Swift and m to flaming a As when . Jhu be Stib �1 him. To to k White Palfrey with we Pratico of foot unit Arch of neck Roll of Mimo Atal gleam of by is Only dimly suggested in Apt i y of. Lie was not like other Prim e.-, wailing for Tho lather to Dio and u take throne. Wit. U years ego Altot in Germany made n Taro f r Royal gallery ,.- tit Itig Ino anti. R William on thro Tio Miti Ilici .Wu Prince us Liuva Itig Olla foot i lie step of throne i tin amp. R Vav Illi Ainoi to Rrt picture a l i Utica 1 in 1 said Quot a Quot to tit Quot Price keep his foot Brotto till i leave a us a i Nui Ithon. Already lint to was Tho heavenly Prince Side by a a m Ith tit Quot father. That a circa of Dominion what multitudes of r. Tailors wit us ending round of Loris fill Tho to vow Chini <1 Tho priv i j Rai Quot s. Of All in habit cuts from e Utor of City on of r Hill i Aud cd. A Down to Tho Beach Noni which this to of Ini-1 in Misity oils Billows Prince was acid nov deed favorite. No wonder Layouts to Quot he was but nil Tho diamonds of Tho Earth in Cue a a a pier h. Id All Quot. Ltd aeon thu Earl ii i i Oike Alhambra Gilb r All Pearla of. A�?�.� in one did. In put All v dues of a Arth in coins a Gregaru co i m express his affluence. Yes fit. I Al was right. Solomon Istl in .fd pounds att i in Sitivi r i,0 ."j,,.�?~27 . Hut a Gie. r than std upon is hero. Not Tho Litile Jioji Dro but Tho owner of All tiling -. To d Sci ibo his celestial Kurren things Tio Bible uses till Colori Katlic tag them in Rainbow Over rite throw.d setting them a Tempio window and hoisting 12 of them Tutu a Wall Fumi sniped Jasper a lit Quot base i to spar amethyst in capstone while a a tween Are Green of Emerald and Snow i f Peari Ittel Luo of Iipp Liiro nun yellow of , Gray of a Hryn Prinsi of to f to tic Jacinth. All Lov line is Quot of ,� in foliage a Ltd River and nil and nil in Han Treut Pia Nar sen of gig a mingled with lire As when rite Sua sinks in Tho Mediterranean. All thrill of music instr unit Diral and vocal harps trumpets Dodo Ltd i r. There a .11 be Prince surrounded by those who Hud Tatur to Cir wings Tho velocity of Ini 11 a us of Miles in a is Cerid Hisiu Elf Rich in love Rich in adoration n h in Power Rich in worship Rich in holiness Rich in a fall thu fullness of tile godhead a Cou Trufitt. But Day there was a big disaster 111 a Depm-tm. of g Nils univ Etc. A Atco Failous a world in ruins our planet scene of catastrophe a a Globo swinging out into darkness with mountains and seas and islands ail awful centrifugal of sin seeming to Wor Power Beautiful centripetal of righteousness and Freni n groan reached heaven. Such a sound had never bet u heard there. Plenty of Sweet sounds but never no outcry of agony that one Gre to Hie Prince rese from All.te and starred for rite outer Gate and descended into tiie night of this world. Out of what a Bright Hai air into what a Roult Seal Quot stay with us Quot cried impel after nag 1 and pop ulate after potentate. Quot no a said lie i Riv "1 cannot stay. I inter be Oil for that wreck of a world. I Tun c Stop that groan. 1 Mutt hush that Al i tres. I must fathom that abyss. I must redeem those a pious. Farewell throw i Tun temples bots Elentrio Seraphie tiie Lungi Lic 1 will entitle Back again carrying on my shoulder a to id. Till this is done i cd boost earthly Seiv to lit Tzvi uly a be Clit Matioli and a cat lie p ii to a King s Palace fright to zone of Earth to atmosphere of in bestial radian e. 1 have no time to lose fur Turk a Quot to groan that grows mightier while i wait Farewell Farewell Quot Quot be know Gram of or lord Jesus Thrist. That though he wits Rieli yet for your snakes he i Quot Fame was thu re Over a contrast so overpowering As that he twin la Noonday of in a triste Seel departure Anil mid night of his earthly arrival sure enough tin Ting. Is were out that night in sky and an Espi. In meteor act 1 us escort let All that was from Oil., r worlds and not from this world. Tie Earth Umade no demons ration of e note. If a Quot i in Priori Quot of ibis world sit out a depot cheers resound ted bands play and �1- in pc. But for arrival of this Utt is Outry i Tania f tit. Skies not a Tun i flared net to tip. T flew not a plume fluttered. Ai Lull e mid Post p Mere overhead our a orld.pi in d tar him nothing li.-. R than a barn door. The Rajah of Cashmere sent to Tjai Ett Viet Oriti a Belstead of Earvell a told Ami a i i Llo in that a but 1 lie world had for in Rine. Heaven and Earth Only a litter of Straw. The Crown j. is in Tower of London amount to $5, i ,uu0, but to Leroy .Ttal royally had nowhere p Lay . To l Imp Bow poor Quot m As. Usk Heram i . Ask sle a Literas. Ask Mary task a three Wise Lin n of East who afterwards to Bethlehem. To know How j r m As i a Anniti Quot All records of real Batatu Alt that Oriental country so a what Vineyard or what held be to Naif not Nia. Of. Gage a a be Quot mortgagee if what to lit input m As he i., landlord of Liat i. Use was la of Wiat a v r Aid hint rent not owning is on which if sailed or h of a u which he Rode or Pillow i la m Lliel lie Sli a a he Hail a a Liti b i tale that or a r to Jav Hist in bail to p. Norm a Miracle putting he amount of a.-, As. Be tit in a s Lui Mth Aud having Ita Attl ashore. r Liis in in m in id rushed in to take Alt inventory f g. Oils Ami a Nitro aggregate Watt Lii garments .td morn sle Ping in item by night and Lii Veling in them by tiny bearing on them tin Dost of Highway and saturation of s . Paul in atty text nit Mark when he said a f Titi missionary Prince Quot for your rakes a a Ante por a such oct . The world could Lutr treated him r if Ltd direct. bad ail Trio fur i Akiua big cart Lily or edition c a fit i. A Only a vyv ars a torn when a of Jayy. Tin Minrul arrived in Brindisi Iio a �1 with air Clits and a Cilly column which a la talc a a. Iii. Ii . Sis Uiti Kilt of .iere., and lie Wasa him i a to Wear his triumphal Rob Quot in . The a a Ita l applause for Imp rial butchers hut by o Ting for Tim Prince of peace. Panty Quot i Goldt Chal its for.e favored to drink oat of. Bur our Prince i.iu his lips i Quot bucket of Tho Mill by tin Roadside after lie had 1� go d for a drip to. Jyi or born in another Man s barn a Mil eating another Man s table mid cruising Tho Lake iti another mails frilling smack and buried in another Loans Tomb. Four inspire d nut links wrote his biography and innumerable lives of Christ have a Quot in publish to but he composed his Nuton Graphy in most compressed m a. Lies1, Quot i Tiv trodden win stress poor in estimation of nearly All prosperous classes. They called him Sabbath or alter win Bibber traitor and Rtin Saekow dictionary opprobrium of town cover to cover to spress their detestation. I can think now of Only two Well to do men who spouse his cause Nievod Titus Aud Joseph of atrium thu. His friends for most part were m to. Iti that Cli Luato m Here a plot , or inflammation of Eye i my i sweep Ever and a Tiiu As a Scourge hat become mind Siek i Roplo who Mere anxious to Well and tro Bleil people in Busu family there Mas son one dead or dying. If lie had a purse All m As empty or to would have heard what soldiers did with contents. Poor Pigeon in Dovecot i be Rabbit in its Burrow silkworm in its cocoon 1 in its hive is lad ter provided for better of better sheltered. Aye Hrutun creation Lias a Home of Earth which Christ had not. A poet says Quot ii Windy Days Raven 11.,lilt, like i Skiff not he less a Levi s h s a luvs to on Wom of tin Quot Tiff. If . with Jii Iceni o i r iti Quot Alp ii i Liim is Ream. Tet lie has seme Small we Tel m doubt he Calls Bis Home. A homeless i l Inre. But Tho Crown Prince of till heavenly Dominion Lias less than Raven Ltd than Liui minis for lie was homeless. Sye in history of universe there is no other instance of such coming Down. Who can count Miles from top of throne in Tho Bottom of Tim Moss Cleopatra giving a banquet to Antony took a Pearl Worth $100,000 and dissolved in vinegar Aud swallowed . But when our Prince according to Tho evangelist in his lust hours took vinegar in had been dissolved All i Carlson his heavenly Royalty. Down until there was no other harassment to suffer poor until there was no other pauperism to torture. Billions of dollars spent in wars to destroy men who will furnish statistics of Valuo of that precious blood that was shed to save us Quot be know Grace of our lord Jesus Christ that though to was Rich yet for your Sukes he became Only those who study this text in two places can fully realize its Power Tho holy Laud of Asia minor and Tho holy Laud of heaven. I wish that some Day you might go to theoc Laud and take a drink oat of Jacob s Well and take a sail on Galilee Aud read Tho Sermon on mount Quot while standing on Olivet Aud see wilderness where Christ was tempted Aud be some afternoon on Calvary about 8 o clock hour a which closed crucifixion und sit under to cum ores and by Tho Side of Brooks Attol think and dream and Pray about Tim a a Overly of iti who came our Kouis to save. But you May in denied that Ald so i Civ a Mother continent and in in scones As different As p a Bio we recount As Well we May How a or was our heavenly Prince. Bat in tin. Other holy land we May ail study riches that i Quot lift behind we Iii lie started fur earthly let us bargain to meet Ewelt a Titer Tim dour of la father s mansion or Oil Bank of River a a a i where Rolls from Umb a tlit�., or outside Gate. Jesus got Tim 1/ exchanging that world for i,.&Quot will get by sex Lent aging world that there ital Tenn y a will understand More of m malt is of Graeub of our lord Jesus Christ who Quot though Ito wits Rich yet or your Sukes lit Cavite Ocif for ten five i race Kovero Ipi Garner Rar aiming tiny tin . A words in tin Hui Enugu tin to i find a a or Ami Only word. Itma Wirf n not i Tanun Rita <1 Kindi Icv. My to pfc l w no in in Job in of Tho word. Oui Huu a a cd Mil Niy Nim Fri Ticu ikes Tho i half a a y i. Gnu. is a swing Vilt a i a n to 1� i inti a f All i to Mil ii in who a Hinso to enter . Sang of Whin to wrote Liuva a Fol to that to a wretch like me. Philip Puk in into All ii wrote Terai i. I. U Dirin him a a und i?.� to to a i Ivij with udi la res i Cuil. Kaiui ?�11 lha Cerut a Studi mtr. Lor Sui a Al. Our f John Bunyan so a to or a is a unit d Quot Curtica abounding. A Quot ills till i f Rh. i my saved Quot has been on ii Quot lips of a a dying Christ tuis. Tits i a right when Hing for Tuluii is a into Church diem to a slip he was Keff Quot who Quot a to re was your salvation Quot und Quot us str. In a a la Art mine a Al a a Tut then Tamim r eked a what a Art did you to. Uii imy Quot and Tho Siwwi a was "1 a i a i All 1 to told and he did 1-,.&Quot i la height of Ltd path of . Tie 1 to. of ithe in Ait til of . Tie Grace of Gist or. I Letexier having Wrin. In n Pun Phat i that Jileau to.i King to la King if Seivi him nil i b Teitt r v. V a Quot there is a two Tahiti a 1 want Ulm that i Quot to Grite Quot yes qty bit i mtg lit in users Grace 11 live to Ltd Grace to by Grill la Tuiai of tved Puhi Ioan that saved Lydia that saved dying thief that saved tin Jailer that saved me. Lint . E s of that Grace will not to fully under tend until in ave Breaks upon a Mil. An old sol Chetian who had h Soldi f in one of european wars was Silt and dying in Otto of our american hospitals Liis Otto do sire my As to see Scotland and Liis old Home Atturi on again walk Heather of tin Highlands and hear Tho bagpipes of thu scotch regiments. The night that Tim old scotch a of Iii Rah d a Young Man Iii Newhal reckless but kind hearted got a company of musicians to Connio Ulm Uini r d i sul Dii res win Dow i and among Insl rum tits there was a 1 bagpipe. The instant that musicians 1. A. I2 Quot i Tiu in Liiri a said Quot Iuit s that Oyhat s that Wity s to Quot regiments coming Homo. That s tint Luime yes that a tune. That k god 1 Itsvo got Homo Oulu Emrel Quot Quot Bonnie Scotland and Bounin Doon Quot were in Quot last words he uttered s Quot passe Quot up to Highlands of 1� tier country. And there tire hero hundreds of homesick for heaven Souto be runs you have so Many Imp yet Cut disc Yvita Vistoso , some he Causo you have so Many Aili Nemst homesick very homesick for tiie fatherland of heaven and to Trio that you to hear now is song of free Grace and music that you want to hear when you tile is free Grace and forever before throne of Rod you will sing of Quot Grace of our lord Jesus Christ who though lie was Rich for your Sakes became Tho Coitt Fertitia fact yes yes for your Sake was not on a pleasure excursion that lie came for was All pain. was not on an astronomical exploration for lie knew this world As Well before lie alighted us afterwards. was net 1� cause to was Canp Ellul to come for he volunteered. Mas net ice Raass was easy for lie inn a that would lie Thorn Ulm Spike and hunger and thirst and voc iteration of angry mobs. A aft r your Sukes. A to wipe away your liars to Quot Fig ii your wrongdoing to companionship your loneliness to soothe your sorrows to sit wit i you by tiie new made grave to bind up your or Tuttle in lit Quot ugly Battle m m and bring you Hunt last kindling up mists that fall of your dying vision with sunlight of a glorious morn. Quot fur your Sakes no i will change that. Paul will not care Aud Christ will not cart if i change fur i must get into blessedness of text myself and of i say Quot for our tikes for nil have our tempt i teas and bereavement and conflicts. For our Sukes. To who deserve for our tins to be expatriated into a m orld As much poorer than this than this Earth is poorer Titan heaven. Fur our Sakes. But what a frightful coming Down to take us Giurick Tsiyu up when Artaxerxes was Hunting tire Batis who was attending him showed King a rent in his garments. Tho King said a How shall i mend Quot Quot by giving Tome a said Tiret Titis. Then King gave hint Robe but commanded hint never to Wear As would to inappropriate. But see a startling and comforting fact while our Prince throws off Robe he not City allows us to Wear but commands us o Wear and will become is Well and for Pov erties of our spiritual state we May put of splendours of heavenly Rega Lement. For our Sakes. Of personality of this religion not an abstraction not an Arch under which a ave walk to behold elaborate masonry not an in Castle like that which Tho Empress Elizabeth of Russia Over 100 years ago ordered to be constructed whiter wit i its trowel of crystals cementing tin huge blocks that had bin quarried tro Gnu Frozen Rivers of Tho North but our fathers House with wide Hearth crackling a Hearty Welcome. A religion of warmth and inspiration Aud Light and cheers a nothing to can take into our i arts and bogies Aud business Roche Ion Ittel Joys Anil sorrows. Not an am to nag i i a like Galley pics a ted n l , which required 4,Tea men. Read its draft of water was a a great that cold net come near Shori hut son a thing you can run up any Stream of annoyance but Over shallow. Enrichment now enrichment forever. Did Sturt him. Visiting herself. Novel i a a a a a Cut Isar half a Yum lieu. Camo in tilts w set for Wuka i have just been Reading about Tho h a re endured Ike Eft of living i Liitt to Iii burial vaults of Cappucciu to was la g ver with monks under Church of Santamaria �,11 turmoil and tribe Aticus that , in Rome a explained Tho Matt of thoughtful Mien. A a Liat about them Quot inquired Tho. Man of solemn aspect As if to Felt that to to housework r i up family to ought to say but did a sult a a uru out woman with a set of much care m hat Mas. Ika cd nerves v. Inch Behoved Quot of s said Tho Man of family to avoid a a a Rotti Iii to a san. thoughtful Mien. A you ought to read b came Plain la All concerned that if i. A Kii Piff implies. 1 a cause a to tornii�1 a to. W a Quot. Quot a a in r.d Al sorts of or Aomie. Of. N Trio article. Quot Haven to time Quot replied Man of solemn aspect. Quot besides i Seo enough to mtg a horrible and have to go through enough in that Lino to satisfy to without Reading what other people Quot a hut this is exceptional in porm Tell Man of thoughtful Mien. Quot is said that presents Tho most hideously morbid Spect Aelo in All Europe Trio Man of solemn aspect yawned. A listen Quot said tiie Man of thoughtful Mien stung to Tho Quick by this proof of flagging interest and then to rend a affright and depresses visitors. There May have been a time when tiie sight of us Many grinning skulls and human hones inspired beholders with a religious Quot a of Tho mutability of life but spirit of Tolfa medieval ago Lias Jai std away Ami with has vanished All Shadow of excuse for such terrifying and gloomy scenes is there. A a Man of solemn aspect laugh us scornfully. A a morn trifle a lit said. The Man of thoughtful Mien thereupon trip d to Awe him with Fullow aug extract a Tito stranger is led slowly to four recessed vaults faintly illuminated by lantern come posed of human skulls wreathed Nuiji embellished in Trio must mama r. A Quot Jit x suppose would Havo its of feet upon some people who never tried to Star in High class drama Quot said Tho Man of solemn a steet a but to one who a so a i a Lioon full of deadheads h. In matinee Aud evening performances hardly seems Post. _ Fine Curn Flor. Few dwellers in Tho City Ovon if they enjoy Tho soul satisfying luxury of an of lire new Liuto i Tytko yield to a Miall of Uto a Metic pleasure which is capable of Yio Diug to those who have four to which of Tho Woodland treasures make richest fuel for thu flames and prettiest pictures in coals. Tiny Pitta Cones that full from Trees in autumn and Are now strewing Tho Gre Tuimil make a very Bountiful Firo when Laid Spott burning logs of Tho fire a. R a r on Tho Anthracite in to grate. Tiey Littou to with a Bright steady to an until burned to a glowing Rod Eit. Or each Cone preserving its Shapo and out me und remaining a thing of ii. A try till Cully Falls into Kui Eido Copic fragments. Small branches or twigs of Lichen covered Oak r Hickory also make do rightful to p fuel for Tho open file tiny a a Eui Ittin Many coloured lights and Tho cheery crackling trying in vain to drown Tho singing of Tho 1 a Pixie a or fairy in Tho Wood As Tho legend has hut which Jien Learly soothing sound Odd science attributes to an imprisoned Reo Ord. Spin ii Koyuk ii acis. The present King i f Spain is Alfonso Eul Xvi used cd Vachev was Uit cd by to Tho throne in Tea Yearou his birth 1� a a his Mother being declared Queen Regent. Between 714 Aud 7atl Spain was governed by Emir. Clayo a descendant of Trio gothic Kings was first distinctively Spanish Sovereign Whoso Rulo was acknowledged Over a portion of North about 710. From that time to accession of Tho present Sovereign Spain has had about 180 Kings. This extraordinary null or for that length of time is explained by circumstance that up to Union of Ferd Iutta Aud Isabella m As divided into two uni Sozio Tiu s More Independent Inonu a to cities owing allegiance to different monarchs. What Stuffy in a Ita Nils tells. Pal mists Eay that Long fingers Are a sign of refinement. A Short stubby Harj Gaea a Lack of sensibility a thin thumb rather Small denotes weakness. Strength of character is shown by Trio thumb asserting itself Over other fingers. If thumb carves backward its owner is Homo journal. I Ayers Cherry / costs More than other medi cities. But then cures More . 1 than other medicines. Is most of cheap cough medicines merely palliate y they afford local and Tempo 0 v Rary Relief. Ayers Cherry to Coral does not Patch up or palliate cures. Asthma bronchitis croup i whooping cough a and every other cough will when other a remedies fail yield to l Ayers Cherry pectoral has years of record of 60 a cures. Send Lor a cure books a free. J. 0. Ayer oo., Lowell mass. Iii Moziy Vas to re i to in new ouse As had r. Ignea i Tho on would la acc ossuary la Tiu so duo nerve Patching and that right. A til and was do i Sci to that i lie a Quot Havo r. A Ulm acin.ttg., whatever tint dial and Inconvi. a. A a tight to to tile family. Florov a a 1� tufting Ph� s to visit fit that tin ail. To a j toy too till la to j urn is. There were Fri Alltis would Havo l m dad to entertain Lor fur Situ is a popular Giu that .Ffld in to a a title i re Puii Titius that Slot had tent out Ray to nor take. Quot a Hai to a i a slut tit go a Quot to go away for that which i have in my urn Hui tic if Only i had be Isaac to enjoy no one Amie cd All my Fnu mis has a More iian ii l lu.-.o. Ismanitet that people like to i i vet they say so Anil line a not Aud again. 1 will pay myself a i . A so Sho threw Economy to four winds bad served its Day for new piano was numbered among Tho tilings she not enjoy and she Ord. N in in provisions for expected gut its Mill hired Host Cook Tho could find to prepare food und do Tho chamber work. Then she dressed in her prettiest frocks put All or i of ways and Means resolutely behind in r and Mode herself As charming As a of ibo to Fanti in. Emitting to euro y Sho would have a us. N others had she been guest of strangers. She did no work. Wnuk and family i our a into Tho j in and did their part loyalty. Eho Soi As late a Slot Picas Daud took a guru a walk in mad of making Beds dusting and sweeping. Eke luxuriant d in Stas und lingered a Bath and Over in a toilet. When inclination led. She spent Happy Hunt s i i to or Dippe d into new .k a maxims. Asol ten us she Lik Drode or drove Tab but quiet rut y mils. Always she forced her Thot. A try from Ylns for work which by i Fere her when iter visit should ii a and dwelt upon duly such topics As Ito would Avo discussed with in scuds. was is Happy visit for All. Tho husband nud Childre n had not Only been spared Tho dismal period erf Tho borne inc per s Aboitcc. But they had also had Opportunity to 0 her Best no who had been obit ged by to Tomero limitation of pm Ifranco to Quot rust out Quot in every direction save and Domestic problems. Many a woman 1ms been in Treadmill so Long Sho Lias ceased to cast exp. Taut eyes toward rtfr.l Green pastures. As often a us not site is herself to blame. A Little Mere Resolution a Little less rare for what others think of her housekeeping a Deal less of belief that no Ono can fill iter place and she would fare Best. R. Were More than one woman lives in a family they gain much of brightness in i hopefulness through alternating work with j a a. A Are one doing Tho.i Wen re Ovcihl Ono week and Oiler Tho next week. ought to he stats ibo i every fan to Arrango to secure an Roca ional period Long or Fin .itiwm.ii to forget accustomed cares. Women Vito Quot a thus favored m i a leu oct a a times. _ a tax i a Tan Hue Ihorst. Trio news re aches us by Way of eng Laurl that u Law Lias been passed by parliament of Argentina patting u in of celibacy. To text of Trio enactment has not yet arrived Tho Argentine Consulato nut its general features Are Given in a Lut Doh dispatch. Every unmarried my e lie tween airs of 80 Uttz so years Falls under provisions of Tho jaw. To must pay to state a monthly tax tiie amount of which is determined he circumstances Over which to May or Niue not Havo control. In particularly heinous instance of single blessedness tiie mulch is heavy. Ordinary in celibacy escape Mure easily. There Are a few conditions which May he pleaded in mitigation or Complete abatement of damages. Priests Are not taxed. Tho Law is aimed directly men but both sexes May he made to feel . Of course Tho men Tiro considered chief offenders since in negotiations leading to Matrimony they Tiro supposed to take initiative. Moreover they have ail Money. Bat there Are circumstances in which women May to considered partic eps Crim Iuis accessories before or after to fact. Thus maid or widow who Hui us received tend or of a heart and hand promises suppliant to to a sister to hint must give to a comp Teut court a Good und sufficient Roussou or else pay a Fine of �500. What is worse Tho Fine Money go s to Tho rejected suitor who makes York Herald. Autom Tiu switch stands. Automatic switch stands Tiro pro Nonu cd desirable by Tho new England read masters association but Only those which Havo perfect action Gicu by comparatively recent improvements that is those stands which embody inability to to thrown and locked unless switch Points Are Homo and also Havo positive Aud simultaneous action to tween Tho switch Points and target so that latter gives a never failing indic Ticu of position of Points. Fur Protection of facing switches association endorsed a continuous Metal plate Long enough to reach across track and under Stock rails instead of Tho first pair of slide Platos ordinarily used. This is to have shoulders High enough to engage outside Flange of Stock rails Aud be punched to receive braces. A lip May be turned each end of plate us an additional support to to braces and is in Thor recommended that till facing switches in main line to protected by Home and Distant signals mechanically interlocked nud that in Busy passenger Yards Tho Detector Bur be used. A new York Sun. Independent order of in North America. The objects and Aims. Information of interest to temper Nutce workers Ami those seeking a Refuge from tiie temptations of a onto drink. Jih k More important object of this a association is Mutual Benefit in exercises of Temperance fortitude a Tim Justice securing to its membership sympathy and Relief in times of sickness and distress and in thu event of death decent Observance of necessary funeral obsequies and is based upon and seeks Extension of principles of total abstinence from Ull intoxicating drinks. The order has three subordinate branches Viz primary tents come posed of White male persons Between Ages of 10 and 53 years of age who believe in existence and omnipotence of god Aud Are willing to sign our pledge of total abstinence Are eligible to membership. Persons Over age May become honorary members. Female tents compose a of White females 12 years of age and upwards a Junior Brunch of buys from 12 to 10 years and juvenile tents for children of both sexes Between Ages of 3 and 10 years. Each Branch Lias u service especially adapted. has been found that by working in separate branches of organization there is More Freedom 5 of action than wite Ull Ages Aud sexes Are thrown together. Ewelt Quot Branch of order is represented in higher body and a fostering care is exercised Overall alike. Thus with tiie men Ulm women girls Anil boys All United under out head i. O. Of r. Is As an Lrroy Bistable army moving on to Victory. The order has anti will continue to prove a Blessing to our country not Only in proving an Asylum for reformed drunkard but by inducing sober a Tud religious pare of Community a to unite in securing rising generation a rom tiie evils of intemperance Aud ultimately hand Down to generations yet a Boru benefits of sobriety. Officers Elk ted. The following officers were elected december 23th, ii Quot Lor ensuing term Sydney o. Furniss Shepherd Lee y outta p. C. K Geo. W. Glenn chief ruler Louis f. Marshall let. R. Lloyd p. Hill r. A Noah e. Miles treasurer Lee Furniss Levite e. A. Hopkins i. Gwm. Martin o. G. John w. Drewer chaplain Lee Young representative to District tent. District or kind. East Virginia District tent will hold its District meeting with Accomac tent on late first Friday in february meeting to commence 1 o clock p. M. Rite District tent has been invited to be present night 14th Annua a upper of Accomac Teut no til. All members of East Virginia District. Tent Are invited to be present meeting. Lewis Nock amp co. A dealers in dry goods. Notions boots and shoes Hay Lime bricks Salt and general merchandise. Corn Hay and Mill feed a specially. Special agents for Wanamaker i Brown clothiers. Hallwood a. A Dollar saved is a Dollar made if to. Write to works Laurel del., Davis amp bko., proprietors. For prices on head and foot stones Monument Iron hailing and All cemetery work in general Anil save Money. Davis amp bro., Laurel Dei. Agents a. Pruitt Temperance Ville e. J. Wax Der Onancock we. T. Rayfield. Belie Haven. A w. Chilton ii. With no e. Taylor amp co. Manufacturers Aud dealers in Plain stamped and Japan Ned hollow Ware <6 s. Jalc jul ., Baltimore my. J i yrs i a i

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